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  1. Then why were these things issues back then? There was an entire sports illustrated article about it....back then. Yes.
  2. Anthony Grant's disappearance happening at the same time as Frost's departure is not a coincidence imo.
  3. "I don't tell Tom Osborne how to run the football department," Lancaster County Attorney Gary Lacey says, "and he should stay out of the criminal justice system. He hasn't done that at all."
  4. For all the good Osborne's done and the good qualities he possesses as a person, which are plenty, he really bought into his own hype so much in a way that resulted in too much damage and carnage to others.
  5. Couldn't they play 18 if they played Hawaii?
  6. Sounds great to me. But one is more foundational than the other.
  7. Programs that develop well but don't recruit well still occasionally win conference championships and have top 15 finishes (Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas State, Utah) For examples of programs that recruit well but don't develop well... look at 5-7 Texas A&M this year and 5-7 Texas in 2010.
  8. It was also partly due to Whipp's scheme. The man just has no desire to even try to have an effective run game. Really wasted all of the install of Frost's orbit motion/read option game and had absolutely zero creativity to try and counteract our lack of physicality.
  9. idk man. I'll watch the Iowa win highlights on youtube for years. Don't think I'll be regularly pulling up Mickey's mugshot or Priscilla's instagram posts
  10. He did one of them well when he first got here. People would constantly be posting videos of him talking to military recruits, or town halls, or whoever, and remarking on what a great motivation speaker and inspirational leader he was.
  11. This is, frankly, an absurd and delusional take. If nothing else, Minnesota is a solid, disciplined team and we will rightfully be underdogs in that game. In addition, you have no idea what Colorado will look like next year and Northern Illinois is usually not a terrible program.
  12. semi unrelated but i'd love to see the overlap of how many posters were clamoring for Urban being on record that they don't care about his personal stuff at the expense of winning who are now rightfully condemning Mickey.
  13. huge numbers of us said the same thing about frost. it wasn't true then and it's not true now
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