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  1. But he said 4 years of not getting results. This will be Adrian's 4th year, and the first year he played great and we had good results. So even if he sucks this year, it would still only be 3 years of not getting results, no?
  2. Hopefully there's nothing to be found like this in regards to Osborne.
  3. Really love the analog, art-deco stylization of the TVA. Marvel has been crushing it the last few years leaning into not being afraid to get campy and stylish with its properties (I think Taika Waititi's success doing Thor: Ragnarok was the catalyst to this pivot in a lot of ways), and Owen Wilson and Hiddleston are setting up to have a lot of fun chemistry. How on earth they're able to tell these stories so successfully in isolation while also using them to set up fundamental pieces for other stories years and steps down the line is unfathomable and so neat. But specifically in Lo
  4. I'm a bandwagon fan and I was a little kid when he was here. I know nothing about the guy lol. I actually only found out when I replied to you that he was only here for four years - you make it sound like he was born in an alley in Fremont and adopted by the Osbornes. You seem really mad even after someone posted a video of him complimenting us. When asked about Nebraska being a better seed than should have been sent to Arky: "I agree. And when I saw them pop up I thought, 'why are they sending the Big Ten champion here? It doesn't ma
  5. He hasn't been our coach for 20 years, he doesn't owe Nebraska fans anything and I'm sure he doesn't care or expect Nebraska fans to care about him. It's not like he's from here or has any special ties to us. He played at Arkansas, he was a GA at Arkansas, and he's been a coach lots of other places for close to as long as he was our coach. Who cares? DVH is Arkansas' coach and should only care about himself and Arkansas.
  6. If the top teams are probably (and they probably will) going to dominate and win anyways, at least this way maybe we get some entertaining and electric games before the inevitable boring conclusions?
  7. I agree. Didn't see anything from your players or fans that I took issue with as we surely did or do the same types of things. That type of energy for your side is what makes sports great!
  8. Anyone else feel like there's a potential unintended consequence of this making life even easier for Bama/Clemson/OSU/OU? Could we even see teams intentionally lose to stay out of their conference championships, knowing they'll still get a playoff bid and an extra week of rest? I'm not a fan of cheapening the 'win or you're out' high stakes of the regular season (which has already been cheapened) that makes college football great. But, if it's inevitable, at least this way there's literally no excuse left for pretty much anyone even close to being able to argue they deserved a shot.
  9. Great effort and performance from our team, just had one bad break in a tough environment we outperformed to get to in the first place. Hats off to Arkansas on rising to the occasion and taking advantage of their strenghts. Bolt thus far seems to be the guy, which is really exciting. Although, not to be pessimistic, but I will temper my expectations some. Lots of coaches across different sports have a big 2nd year, then fall back down to earth a little bit. Remember Tim Miles? Impossible to predict if this will be the new normal or an aberration, but I'll enjoy the ride as long as
  10. I think it was just one guy on twitter. Kept responding to one Arky beat writer who tweeted about Hagge flipping off the crowd with the names and photos of his family/girlfriend/etc. Sports makes people act so dumb sometimes.
  11. I love the woo pig suey chant. It's obviously successful at doing what it's supposed to - being annoying and getting under the skin of opponents players/fans. The more we hate it the more they love doing it, which is the sign of any good cheer or tradition. Plus it's unique; better than any of the wal-mart generic brand chants we have.
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