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  1. I haven't looked into it in a decent while, but a handful of years back NASA was experimenting with an electromagnetic engine which, in their own words, was impossible. But they kept testing it and... it kept seeming to work? No thrust, no conservation of momentum, just a bunch of radiation bouncing around and producing movement. Completely breaks our understanding of physics.
  2. The most sensible interpretation of the Paul Pelosi video to me is that he realized this guy was incredibly sick and could probably be manipulated to some degree, and made a choice to try and keep him as calm as possible for as long as possible.
  3. You're doing "being offended" all wrong.
  4. If I'm going to build something, especially related to transit that's deemed necessary, I'd tear down whatever was the most efficient for the goal. Until all the politicking and bureaucracy gets involved. I'm certain that there's been numerous times where the more affluent areas would have made more sense to get rid of for something new, but they're the ones with better representation and more ability to organize.
  5. I've got a lot of thoughts about this but one is that there are plenty of times in our history of urban development where it wasn't low income/crime infested/run down places getting razed to the ground - it was healthy minority middle-class neighborhoods who didn't happen to have the means to organize and fight and be represented in their governments. This video includes some bias and conjecture, but also informative as a starting point: I think often times with issues like this, people fail to explain the distinction between something coming from a racist intent, or something that ends with a racist result. Even if the decisions and people making them aren't innately racist, which most things aren't, if they clearly correlate to disproportionate suffering based on the variable of race, well... we don't need to demonize that but at least need to accept the sobering reality.
  6. I doubt this mystery poster is actually saying there is no antifa, compared to something like antifa being a non-organized decentralized movement, but either way, your pondering about whether or not a twitter username existing means that the thing actually exists in the real world is very funny. Does this twitter account make you wonder if there really is a Lizard Kanye?
  7. I wish I was committing the sin of premarital sex daily
  8. this thread is more entertaining than the actual tweets
  9. It hasn't been "college" football for a long time, way before NIL.
  10. Okay so when you say it has ruined football you mean it has ruined something other than football. There are at least 10,000 D1 football players any given year. This year by far having the most players in the portal ever at 3600, 63% of players are still staying put. Obviously it's chaotic right now, and hopefully we all come back to earth a bit in terms of sensibility with NIL and players not making poor decisions for themselves (Luke McCaffrey), but what's the actual problem here other than "It's not how we used to do it and I don't like it?" If the influx of too much money is the problem, then NIL shouldn't be the thing you point to that "ruined football". The massive media contracts and astronomically ballooning coaching salaries were the first dominos that led us here.
  11. You said it ruined football. What are you referring to when you say football if not the game played on the field?
  12. Weird, I remember seeing the same amount of football in 2022 and it looked like the same football as the several years before it.
  13. Entirely unnecessary but done well enough if they insist they must.
  14. It's incredibly frustrating and disheartening to see pro franchise hold their own cities hostage and operate with absolutely zero care for the city or the fans. A lot of the time it's even in a situation where the stadium they have is still a nice, perfectly adequate and quality stadium. In an ideal world you wouldn't be able to claim the name of a city if you go out and ransom suburban taxpayers to build your stadium 20 miles away from the actual city.
  15. It's not out of the realm of possibilities that you get violated by a posse of rainbow painted unicorns on DMT and then traverse up a pyramid only to find an empty Wendy's bag
  17. "How to Maintain Power 101" includes key lessons about creating an undefined enemy to be afraid of, as fear is the most powerful and easily hijacked emotion we have.
  18. The powerful systems have reached a critical level of understanding/efficiency on what tools work and how to use them to successfully co-opt our deepest instinctual habits and we're hopeless to resist.
  19. Which method has worked the best over the past 10 years?
  20. So not only are the opposed to strengthening the agency which helps enforce fiscal responsibility, they're being fiscally irresponsible in doing so? A rare double self-own.
  21. Crypto is a technology/tool that great utilities and scams can take advantage of. People felt similarly about the .com bubble, and yeah, there were a lot of scams and fools good involved. But we're still on a website that ends in .com 25 years later.
  22. I've always wanted to see an old school coach at the P5 level that teaches power football, and every single time they have less than a yard to go anywhere on the field they just qb sneak it. Every time. Every game. Doesn't matter.
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