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  1. Not really, at least not much of one. They're way more fringe than even 10-15 years ago. Lots of reasons for it imo, but those types of schools are increasingly becoming more progressive bubbles.
  2. First, I don't know how giving a coach 7 years, and NOT firing him after he dares the AD to fire him and he's caught on tape s#!tting all over the fanbase, can be construed as not sticking by a coach and supporting him while he develops. So, I think we have done that. Regardless, re: the bold, for how long? We've given Frost everything he could need for four years and we've gotten almost nowhere. I'm honestly asking because I don't have an opinion on if he should stay or not, but how long is long enough with little to no signs of improvement or upwards trajectory?
  3. I really doubt it. In the absolute best case scenario, Ganz wouldn't have been enough to change the Texas Tech result - that game wasn't just about poor play, that was a Pelini-led mental breakdown. Even if we beat Texas and went to the natty (unlikely), we weren't beating Bama. Just wouldn't have the mental discipline to stay in that game. More likely scenario is even if we beat Texas, we go to the Fiesta Bowl and either Cincy, Boise, TCU or 12-1 Florida would have got in before us.
  4. Who's into the crypto markets and the NFT spaces? What waves are you riding, what alt and s#!t coins have you lost a ton of money on? I just minted a sneaky squirrel on their whitelisted pre-sale...will probably completely lose out on this investment but surely the next one will hit It hasn't propagated yet but excited to see what features it's got. https://opensea.io/assets/0x5ab3919884531dc742422351dbf9ae19b2b49822/19/
  5. This one is absolutely legendary:
  6. Overwhelming majority of colleges have reasonable mixes of political ideologies, especially community colleges, small state schools, private schools, etc. It's only when you start getting into the bigger unis, coastal/urban flagship schools and liberal arts programs etc. that conservative students/faculty start to become much more rare. But a lot of that is their own doing, choosing to demonize higher ed and not attending, then whining about how its all liberal.
  7. Sure...if you ignore all of the proven coaches who went on to fail spectacularly, and ignore the the first timers that don't fit this description That's not an exhaustive list, either. If a specific proven P5 coach is the best candidate, then yeah, go get them. I'm not saying what to do, I'm only saying that previous head coaching experience has no barometer on future success, and that's born out by decades of results all across the cfb landscape. Not all "successful G5 coach with 2 years under his belt" candidates are the same. Not all "built up an under-resourced program" candidates are the same. Not all "elite coordinator at a big time school from an impressive coaching tree" candidates are the same. Bo Pelini and Kirby Smart had very similar resumes before becoming head coaches - if Kirby Smart with his pre-Georgia resume was available this year, you wouldn't want to hire him because it would be repeating the same hiring practices that gave us Bo.
  8. There isn't 100% consensus, and there isn't 99% consensus either. Not 98%, 97%, 96%, etc. There's a diverse history of thought and translations. Almost every dictionary and lexicon you look up has 'carpenter' either as the primary definition or a more specific option to the general "builder/craftsman" one. Sometimes the word in OT and NT passages is generic, sometimes its explicitly a carpenter. Sometimes the word in non-Bible works of 2nd century B.C. to 2nd century A.D. Greek writing is generic, also sometimes explicitly a carpenter. Early Christian authors such as Justin Martyr and Origen of Alexandria, as well as the gnostic gospels and apocryphal writings refer to such things (relating to Jesus) as making yokes and plows, explicitly working with wood, making "implements of husbandry and wooden beds", and so on. The best argument against Jesus as a carpenter is the diversity of experiences present in his parables, but even that is highly interpretive and speculative. Convenient to use a term like "most" which is unprovable and a vague target, but regardless there isn't anything close to consensus and once again you're stating something with zero degree of certainty as a certain fact.
  9. There's no academic consensus on this, so to state it matter of fact isn't accurate. The Greek word translated to carpenter only appears twice in the New Testament (referencing Jesus and his step-father Joseph), but is all over the Old Testament, occasionally being a more generic 'worker' but also occasionally specifically referring to woodworking as distinguished from other craft trades including masonry. https://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.04.0057%3Aentry%3Dte%2Fktwn
  10. This conversation originally (briefly) happened in the Democratic Utopia thread, but at this point it makes more sense here. CNN, and/or Don Lemon, had the idiotic audacity to double down on their mischaracterization of Rogan's use of Ivermectin. Moved the conversation over here because interested in talking about the media element of this rather than Rogan's choices in medicine. I like Russel Brand's take on it overall:
  11. I don't know how this isn't absolutely common knowledge, but having previous head coaching experience is not an indicator of future head coaching success. Dabo Swinney, Bob Stoops, David Shaw, Lincoln Riley, Kirby Smart, Jimbo Fisher at FSU, Mike Gundy, Gary Patterson, Kyle Whittingham, Chris Petersen at Boise, Tom Osborne, Chip Kelly at Oregon....all first time head coaches with zero experience. On the other hand, Rich Rod at Michigan & Arizona, Kevin Sumlin at A&M and Arizona, Tom Herman at Texas, Bert Beilema at Arkansas, Mike Riley, Brady Hoke, Charlie Strong, Tommy Tuberville, Dennis Franchione, Willie Taggart, and others all hired with good head coaching experience, to the tune of miserable results. Obviously there are reverse examples of both of these as well, but just goes to show there is no reliable predictor of being good based on if you have previous head coach experience or not.
  12. "Democrats agreed to scale back a plan for the IRS to try to crack down on tax cheats" "Good, that's a dumb idea" "Trying to catch tax cheats is a dumb idea?" "Nice try on the extrapolation?" ...what?
  13. Can't tell if this is sarcasm or not, but it's not the 60's or 2004 anymore. It's often a red herring argument anytime someone gets punished for something legitimate, but not always. When the bad and alarming version of it happens, it's a social media mob using social pressure to ostracize a person or business from social or professional opportunities based on having the wrong opinion, whether that opinion has anything to do with what they're being canceled from.
  14. Re: flu, don't know whether it *should* be or not, but the explanation for why it isn't is simple in comparison/contrast to COVID. First, the flu vaccine isn't even close to effective - it's a calculated gamble every year to predict which strains will likely dominate, and only ever achieves 40-60% effectiveness. Second, the flu isn't nearly as contagious or as lethal.
  15. Cristobal has Oregon rolling right now, a program easier to recruit to and with a much easier path to championships, and makes almost the same as Frost. Why would he want to come here? He's also from Miami, played for Miami, and coached Miami. He probably doesn't like us at all
  16. If the professor's account is to be believed as being accurate or close to it, it's really a shame. The ideological left is certainly not doing itself any favors in the current climate of their inability to harmoniously co-exist with some innocuous beliefs they don't share.
  17. Frost was a hero of mine as a kid. As a teen and young adult he remained an icon I loved keeping tabs on, listening to him speak, etc. But sadly his era has taken me from 'block out my entire schedule surrounding when the game is' all the way to 'if I'm free I'll watch, if not oh well'. Also took me from, win or lose, rewatching every game, all the way to even if i miss a game entirely, or can only casually watch on my phone while preoccupied with something else, not wanting to ever see it again. It's not all his fault. The decline started Riley's last year, he's had the most bizarro-world circumstances ever happen to him, so on and so forth, but yeah, no real optimism to be found anywhere as of right now.
  18. I never claimed that you've never once said a single critical thing about Fox News. I accused you of being inconsistent. You went out of your way to bring attention to Biden unprompted - the one single time (not a few times, using the search function for the term "tucker" in your post history) you said he wasn't being helpful was in response to, funny enough, @commando shining a light on it.
  19. Fair enough, although 3 out of 130 FPS teams is 2%. Extrapolate that out over the modern era and you have 50 years of precedent for 98-99% of schools firing a coach after four straight losing seasons. Which gets to the larger point that nobody would criticize us for it.
  20. From a perception standpoint, firing a coach with 4 losing seasons who then 'gets over the hump' with progress to a 7-5 season looks far worse than firing a coach after 4 losing seasons. Not saying it's right or rational, but definitely would be tougher PR-wise. Every program in America fires a coach after four straight losing seasons, so there'd be no unrealistic expectations narrative. Stick with him after that, then he starts winning and you fire him because it's not good enough winning? That's tougher.
  21. The way I see it you've got a few choices when something like this happens. It seems your favorite is to be obstinate and/or pedantic. There's a lot of other options, here's just a few: • You could internally reflect on why people so often seem to mischaracterize you, and if any part of that reason is based on your posting. • You could still rightfully point out that someone is mischaracterizing you, but in a lot of different ways that foster open dialogue rather than being the catalyst for back and forth strawmanning for the next 5 pages. • You could easily just keep on scrolling and wait for the substantive response to come later if it does. • You could be a little more consistent in your active decisions on what to highlight (ie, you care enough to shine light on the Pres/First Lady not wearing masks for 5 seconds and spend no energy pointing out how the "political theater" of vaccinated Fox News hosts stoking anti-vaccine sentiment is "not a good look") • This is more of a general point than one specific to commando's post, but you could also realize that you're equally as partisan and biased as the people you argue with all day, and 90% of your interactions in here reflect this: As far as @commando's post, it's a very lazy effort and some degree of "whataboutism" but easy to understand why it makes sense to him and others. As far as the President goes, the odds and some deductive reasoning would presume the most likely scenario was thoughtlessness quickly after getting up from the table after a meal. Lord knows we've all forgotten to put a mask on at least once. But, when you're under a "leader of the free world" level of microscope, gotta do better.
  22. What do the towns have to do with the university's football revenue?
  23. Different than who? Surely not different than Alabama, USC, Texas, Clemson, Penn State, Ohio State, LSU, Michigan, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, Texas A&M, Georgia, Wisconsin and others.
  24. He'd be smart. They should be ranked right now, but regardless so far they've underperformed their expectations on the year. Think ISU fans care? Not really. If Campbell was our coach, just came off a top 10 season in year 5, and then was 2-2 four games through the season there'd be plenty of chatter of how it was a fluke, he's not good enough, who should we hire, in over his head, etc.
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