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  1. I understand how bad Colorado was last year. I also understand that most of that team is gone. Like almost all of that team doesn't exist anymore. And how bad our opponent is doesn't matter if we aren't ready to play. So I think it's you that doesn't understand that how bad Colorado is isn't the only factor at play in whether we'll win or lose.
  2. You guys are fooling yourselves if you think the guy who's website in August 2015 said, is the same guy policy-wise as the guy who in 2023 is saying he will end birthright citizenship. Totally different person policy wise.
  3. 2016 Donald Trump would have never had policy proposals like this.
  4. There's nothing snarky here. It is simple to see you put words in my mouth and were more than happy to participate in whatever snark you think I injected in the first place. Regardless, I'll reiterate that it is refreshing to see two organizations get rewarded for their level-headedness when it seems so many have opted for a short-sighted and dare I say ungrateful position in regards to their personnel decision making. Imagine if the Warriors had fired Steve Kerr after they missed the playoffs in 2020 and 2021.
  5. Well good thing we've never beaten ourselves before and have only ever been beaten by the quality of our opponent.
  6. Here's one, where he wants to make an unconstitutional executive order Trump pledges to end birthright citizenship on first day in office https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/4026334-trump-pledges-to-end-birthright-citizenship-on-first-day-in-office/
  7. My last 100 followers have all been bots using profile pictures of beautiful women with massive titties so could be worse tbh
  8. What's wild is how, like you say, the program is a total s#!t show and has been for several years now, and people still confidently claim knowledge that we will definitely beat anybody.
  9. Don't know when I've ever talked about coaches for you to word vomit all this out about my opinion which you aren't aware of. My opinion of successful coaches is based off of results. Sure, they all failed if a championship is the only metric of success, but if that's the case then 29 out of 30 coaches are failures every year. We've seen a rash of coaches who, shortly after winning championships, or after building franchises into consistent contenders for deep playoff runs and conference titles, get axed with little to zero room for patience. Sounds like those are the decisions being made based off feelings. Overall it's pretty wild that Spoelstra and Malone have a combined 23 years at their respective franchises without having been s#!tcanned yet. Nice to see reason and patience win out with these two teams.
  10. I'll never understand the NBA and the cultural norm of firing successful coaches.
  11. Sorry, forgot this was a messageboard where it's common practice to not ask people questions about their opinions. Honestly my mistake. I've known since I was a little kid that asking someone why they dislike something is actually a very disrespectful act.
  12. He's far from my favorite announcer ever but this is making me laugh. He's the play-by-play guy...what exactly are you expecting from him other than giving the direct details of what's happening?
  13. Current cheapest face value is $400 a ticket to watch some.... bad football.
  14. Ron is against an uneven application of the law? So I'm assuming under his watch we'd see a large uptick in millionaires and billionaires being found guilty of crimes and sentenced to punishments?
  15. Remember that time when Defender had weeks and dozens worth of empassioned, active and heartfelt condemnations of the progressive agenda and how its moral decay (as evidenced by the occasional drag show and trans child and sexually-topical books in libraries) was leading to the ruin of America? Then remember that time when confronted with the evidence of a morally reupgnant and rotten core at the center of the largest Christian organization in the country, and all he had to offer was a single post playing defense using the Bible to say that those people aren't real Christians?
  16. You're definitely right that the conference by and large is much better than it was in 2011. But we've also got some institutionalization in our psyche as a fanbase, not realizing that we're going eight years of absolute garbage player development. We can't regularly beat Purdue or Minnesota or Illinois anymore but it's not only because they got better it's also (mostly) because we got WAY WAY worse. Those teams out-perform their recruiting results. We drastically under-perform ours. If this staff can even break even on output relative to talent we'll be one of the top dogs in the West.
  17. We still get top 25 recruiting classes after 6 losing seasons in a row. We also saw less than a decade ago that a mid-coach with decent development can have a benchmark of 9 wins here. So if we have the right coach who can recruit well (unlike Pelini), and who can develop well (unlike Riley and Frost), why would we not be able to maintain being a top-15 team?
  18. Offensive coordinators are kind of like quarterbacks in that they get too much praise for the good and too much condemnation for the bad. Watson and Bo spent two years in a lab together secretly concocting a Frankenstein WCO/zone-read offense that was absolutely lethal and deadly... until Taylor got hurt and teams figured it out. Then we were dead in the water, ending the season with our runningback as second-string quarterback, scoring the least amount of points of any team that year against A&M, getting stopped multiple time with only a yard or two to gain against OU, and being completely uninterested in the Washington rematch.
  19. I gave Bernie $5 in 2016, and proceeded to get dozens of emails every day following. Never again.
  20. Depends on when/how. If Frost won 6-7 games in year one and then had the same totals all the years after, he wouldn't have lasted any longer. If he won 1-2 more games each season he maybe would have lasted another year. If he won 6-7 in 2022, yes he'd still be here (barring any unforeseen off-the-field factors).
  21. This is pretty dumb, as Elon successfully built and/or revolutionized both electric vehicles and space-bound rocket platforms.
  22. "...to restore its original mission as a beacon for free speech, and even to expose Twitter's past complicity with a government censorship regime..." Pretty rich, given Elon's self-described free speech absolutism, and then explicitly platforming one specific candidate and a host of the space explicitly declaring his support.
  23. It's fantasy to think that Rhule would last 10 years by only doing 'slightly better' than Frost.
  24. Funny you bring this up because I was just thinking about this game as I was reading the OP's post and Rhule's 'run game and defense' mantra. The game you're referencing was 2012 against Penn State, and is, imo, the most 'Nebraska' we've been since Solich got canned. As much fun as it having an Eric Crouch or Taylor Martinez or Adrian Martinez with SCTop10 plays and electric offense, I'm over it. Give me dirty, physical and ugly football that results in wins any day. BTW, here's a compilation of the 22 times Beck ran the toss sweep in that game.
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