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  1. It really seems like "YES!" after a 10 minute delay on a good play is all he says anymore.
  2. Every coach who's ever had a successful career had one place give them a chance before anyone else did. "If Mike Kryzewski was such a great coach in 1975 he would've gotten hired by somewhere better than Army." See how dumb that sounds?
  3. People want to equate it with the Big XII North and that's just not true. The B1G West has been the 3rd best division in college football for most of the last 5-6 years behind the SEC West and B1G East.
  4. I never liked him because I always got the sense he was a grifter coasting off of one single moment when he was 18 years old for the rest of his life. I was glad he was around in a utilitarian sense to help seal the deal with Frost, and he used to actually be a pretty good color guy, but he wore out his welcome about a decade ago.
  5. The west is obviously not comparable to the east, but it's been a strong division. It's just down this year specifically. Last year you had Iowa through Purdue all with 9 wins or better, during the COVID year NW and Iowa finished #10 and #15, and the year before it was #11 Wisconsin, #10 Minnesota and #15 Iowa.
  6. Gina Carano wasn't technically let go - she wasn't currently doing any work for Lucasfilm since Mando had already wrapped shooting, they just decided not to bring her back and then grandstanded about it. But it also wasn't because of those one or two tweets, those were the straw that broke the back at the end of pieces slowly building. Regardless, she's a much better example (though still a bad one, as all celebrities are) of cancel culture than Chappelle is.
  7. Just a few from a quick search session: Will Healey went from FCS Austin Peay to FBS Charlotte and has gone 7-6, 2-4, 5-7, and 1-5 so far this year. Mike Houston had massive success in DII and FCS and has gone 4-8, 3-6, 7-5, and 3-2 at East Carolina. Hal Mumme went from Valdosta State to Kentucky and ended with a 20-26 record in the 90s. Then he did it again going from Southeastern Louisiana to New Mexico State where he went 11-38. Dino Babers has had middling success at Bowling Green and then Syracuse. Same with Willie Fritz. Everett Withers, Mike London, Rich Ellerson, Bobby Johnson are some others
  8. He was obviously trending down. It's surprising that Wisconsin's AD was actually aggressive in this, and that it was so early, but this is essentially their version of firing Solich. Probably done too soon, but would've eventually gotten there either way.
  9. Busch had our guys playing fast and loose and aggressive to great success, especially in the secondary - even when they completed passes we were glued to them. Great to watch. Honestly looked like a completely different ball team - that's how you use a bye week to get right.
  10. Groupthink and mob mentalities have always existed. The efficiency of how successfully the mob is able to dramatically ruin people's livelihoods/privacy/peace is dramatically increased, and that is something we need to figure out how to handle. Shrugging it off as having always been a thing isn't useful. That's like not caring to make cars safer and drivers education better because we've always traveled distances with horses/buggies/etc. Yes we're doing the 'same' things, but the tools have changed and learning how to safely use the tools is the important part.
  11. The ability to gather and coordinate and harass at scale is something new with the emergence of social media, and there are plenty of easy examples to look at to realize it is a real phenomenon that isn't just a meritocracy of consequences.
  12. He didn't turn on his country. He served his country by revealing how the government had turned on its country. And choosing between either having some modicum of freedom for the second half of your life versus being locked away forever for doing the right thing is an easy choice and the same one you and I would make.
  13. Dave Chappelle is still getting $50 million standup special deals. Cancel culture is a real thing that is more prominent on the left (because the left has essentially won the culture wars) but god damn do right-sympathizing folks make it hard to talk about by strawman-ing and overblowing the issue at every turn.
  14. Lance Leipold, who is in his 16th season as a head coach and has shown essentially across three different divisions that he has what it takes to be successful and build a program from ashes, has a body of work that's "too small", but Dave Aranda, four games into year three as a head coach taking over a winning program, is a satisfiable candidate. uh.. ok
  15. ever been critical of the president in your life? how about a boss? your kids' coach or teacher?
  16. You don't have to be good at something to be able to accurately criticize someone doing it.
  17. ...please. Sartling and shameful? Hardly. A little surprising, sure. First, Nebraska is almost entirely white, with less than a 5% population of black folks. Second, we've only had 7 football coaches since the civil rights era, so really not a lot of chances to even try. On that same note a good number of our smaller varsity programs have had the same coaches for decades as well.
  18. Man the beginning of 2010 was fun wasn't it? Looked elite, felt elite, dominating our first few weeks... god that was nice.
  19. That's the best way for us to guarantee that we will continue to struggle - being too chickens#!t scared with PTSD to take a chance. Bob Stoops was an if/maybe for OU. Kirby Smart was an if/maybe for UGA. Saban was an if/maybe for LSU. Dabo was an if/maybe for Clemson. Luke Fickell, Ryan Day, PJ Fleck, Lincoln Riley, the list goes on and on. Except for all the times they aren't in coaching, which is....all the time. Rich Rod at WVU compared to Michigan and everywhere else. Dan Hawkins at Boise and then CU compared to Chris Petersen at Boise and then Washington Mack Brown at Texas compared to Mack Brown at USC Les Miles at Okie State compared to Les Miles at LSU Les Miles at LSU compared to Kansas Charlie Strong at Louisville compared to Texas Bret Bielema at Wisconsin compared to Arkansas Chip Kelly at Oregon compared to UCLA
  20. It definitely is. There is a scenario where if certain journalists start digging that much and enough of them do, and enough of them get ex communicado, that eventually a new normal would emerge with more accountability. But it's pretty unrealistic to expect or ask individuals to be the first ones to do that and fall on their sword.
  21. Of course, it's one factor at play among many, the biggest being how quickly and easily you'll lose access to the spaces that allow you a job.
  22. You can't do that if people explicitly say that it's off the record, though, can you?
  23. I still don't know in what way people think these things should have been reported on. You're a journalist in 2019 who has it on good authority that Frost misses practices. But that good authority won't go on the record? How are you supposed to print that as a story? Printing it without it being sourced and verified is the actual blogger stuff.
  24. Don't know why Campbell gets compared to Riley but doesn't get compared to Les Miles at Okie State or Saban at Michigan State.
  25. Man... you fully went from "we NEED a splash big name bona fide all star head coach because we also NEED top 10 recruiting" to "I'd hire the G5 guy just so we can be weird and get the leftovers" in like 4 days
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