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  1. Riley's one score games: BYU - L Miami - L (OT) (although to be fair we were down 27-3 in that game and had no business even being close) Southern Miss - W Illinois - L (ugly as it gets) Wisconsin - L (gut punch) Northwestern - L Michigan State - W Iowa - L UCLA - W Oregon - W Indiana - W Wisconsin - L Minnesota - W Arkansas State - W Oregon - L Northern Illinois - L Purdue - W Northwestern - L 8-10 overall in one score games, and when you account for the fact that he and his staff just weren't very good coaches, it paints a much different picture than an unshakeable curse.
  2. Lorewarn

    NFL 2023

    How could Matt Rhule do this to them?
  3. Who's the third staff? Riley? He had some excruciating losses but also had a comparable amount of grit-it-out one score wins as well. Pelini was remarkably good in one-score games, so much so that a superstitious person would think we're just regressing to the mean in a painful way.
  4. First question, when you say 'we', who are you talking about? The fans? The athletic department? The coaches? The players? Second question, if us being bad is the result of 'settling' for bad performances, is your premise that the key to being successful is nothing more than just pure will power?
  5. • Without knowing the stats, this seems like the most disciplined and least penalized squad we've had in years and years. Far from perfect, but so many less moments of crucial false starts, PI calls bailing out the opponent on 3rd and long, etc. • The staff routinely showed the ability to figure out what was and wasn't working and make good second half adjustments in games • Not having bowl practices sucks, but the amount of live game reps given to so many young players is a massive aid to the next few years of the program • Honestly didn't even remember what player development looked like before this season. We saw a lot of career-long mid level guys grow into solid and dependable players. • Purdy, put into a really tough position, showed some promising spark of moxy, poise and improvement as a player compared to the chicken with his head cut off performance of last season. • Obviously Tony White has been a revelation and I feel pretty good that he'll still be here for at least another 1-2 years.
  6. The funny part is that if a few more of our one score losses were 2-4 score losses people would probably be more optimistic. The PTSD is real.
  7. Him and Armstrong had a near 50/50 split in a 2 qb system for 9 games that season with Martinez' injury.
  8. Last year we lost a one possession game to a 1-11 team who won zero games in North America, and we also lost a one possession game to a Sun Belt team we paid 1.4 million dollars to play us. This year we haven't been at risk against the payday teams we out talent, and we've found some ways to win some close games that were losses last year. It's year one with a new staff and a roster depleted by injuries and full of reps for young up and comers. We all knew we weren't going to be good, but unless you're determined or traumatized, it's easy to see we're either ahead or worst-case exactly on schedule for the Rhule rebuild project.
  9. And what about HOW we are winning the games we're winning that we are used to seeing only as losses? Think critically about this for two minutes and realize it's not the argument you think it is?
  10. That's just because of his "old man in the church league" eastern european skin
  12. Wayne has also been ranked #1 almost the entire season.
  13. There is a way. Have rules of engagement within your military that don't condone a bombing if the civilian risk is (insert whatever insane number that still seems reasonable in comparison to the actual current ratio) compared to the target, and if you want or need to get specific agents in specific places, send in troops.
  14. In MAGA America in 2020 that same turkey was $150 so...
  15. Going 2nd in overtime isn't conservative, it's strategy (although to be fair, the edge it gives statistically is very small). You're giving yourself knowledge of what you need but you're also giving yourself 4 plays instead of 3.
  16. That's not critical thinking, it's just a baseline observation of fact. Keep going.
  17. Decolonization = genocide? Jeez when did the free speech boner brigade become a bunch of snowflakes?
  18. As anyone with critical thinking and an even somewhat open mind knows, it's at least a little like that.
  19. While we're on the list of Reagan's effects let's not forget that he and Jerry Falwell Sr. successfully co-opted the white religious imagination of America into serving right-wing interests with the genesis of the Moral Majority™‬ which we all know as being very cool and helpful and healthy for our country.
  20. That last tweet is the least surprising thing I could imagine. All of the Palestinians alive today either lived or have recent family memories of living in that land alone and unoccupied, and have seen nothing other than their families being displaced and squeezed and denied movement and autonomy. That's like polling Native Americans in the mid 1800s on what they would prefer between sharing the United States with the Americans or having it all to themselves. Like, no s#!t.
  21. Across the board, nobody is stealing MAGA votes in any big way, but if there's anyone who could actually make a dent it's probably Newsome. Dude is entirely fearless and more than glad to jump into the right wing media ecosystem (and usually to the result of something like going on Hannity and all of Hannity's youtube followers commenting, 'I love Sean but Gavin absolutely schooled him this time'), oozes charisma and is next to impossible to pin down with a 'gotcha' or soundbyte argument. I've learned to never trust anyone that charismatic in a position of power but he's about as good as we've seen in terms of speaking, confidence and likability.
  22. I feel bad in terms of it being a sad situation and you never want to see someone possibly throw their life away in a moment, even unintentionally, but according to the DA, his own testimony says he, "...recognized that Neely wasn’t armed and hadn’t touched anyone, but said he intervened after Neely’s tirade because he considered it threatening", which...well, that seems tantamount to an admission of guilt. Also seems to paint the facts a long ways away from the conjecture-based editorialization of the tweet you shared.
  23. One thing that seems certain is that things that seem inconceivable are definitely conceivable as long as everybody, in assuming there's nothing to worry about, does nothing to make sure.
  24. 1. I didn't say every single 2. I already addressed this. The play you're referencing is an option pass, which worked because the defense bit on the threat of the qb run on the option, which is part of what I was specifically referring to with the qb run game being "responsible for almost every single big chunk play we've had all season". Very clearly and intentionally did not say that every play came on qb runs. Awesome play though.
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