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  1. Guy Chamberlin

    The Trump Economy

    They will take whatever tax breaks and deregulation the President can deliver, but the billionaire boys club has always considered Donald Trump a lightweight and a clown.
  2. Guy Chamberlin

    Look back at Suh and the erroneous Hypesman

    Tommie Frazier's stats didn't exactly jump off the page, not in the Heisman sense, but he was a stone-cold winner. As a Nebraska fan of course I preferred him over Eddie George, but I actually thought the Heisman voters showed Tommie tons of respect by putting him in the #2 spot. Maybe a defensive lineman will never get closer than Suh in 2009. Can't say he was disrespected, really,. Pretty much everyone in college football hailed him as a generational talent. And he came in way ahead of Tim Tebow, so that was nice. Mark Ingram was an underwhelming choice in '09, but I don't have a lot of arguments since then.
  3. Guy Chamberlin

    B10: East vs West Disparity?

    While Nebraska's 2018 schedule was touted and ranked as one of the toughest in the country, it didn't look that way at the end of the season, after the games were actually played. We're told the schedule will get a lot easier next year, but I wouldn't count on that, either. Up year or down, the Big 10 is going to be tougher to get through unscathed than the Big 8 & 12 from years past.
  4. Guy Chamberlin

    Martinez and the QB running game.

    A featured running back was once expected to carry 25 times a game, and nobody considered this a risk to the player, or over-dependence on the play. Dual-threat QBs are often the best athlete on the team, and a dozen carries a game utilizes that threat. Some games more, some games less. The thinking is always that you don't want the QB to get hurt, and yeah, it's a very different team if Martinez goes down. But I'd just as soon he hook slide or slip out of bounds during a running play than take a blindside hit on a pocket pass.
  5. Mods? I can't take this thread seriously unless someone changes the title from "lumpy flatulence" to the proper term "shart"
  6. Guy Chamberlin

    Trump's America

    In fairness, George H.W. Bush had a longstanding mistress and was a notorious groper and grabass of young women who took photos with him. But at least he added the amusing pun "David Cop-a-feel" when doing so. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-george-hw-bush-groping-20171027-story.html
  7. Don't laugh. Scott Frost is one of the hottest coaches in college football, and Bo Pelini's team won just as many games as Frost this season.
  8. Guy Chamberlin

    Trump's America

    It's not that Trump is a dick to other people, it's that he makes big decisions based solely on threats to his ego, which now come from everywhere. He is precisely the guy you don't want in a position of power. Also, he's an idiot.
  9. Guy Chamberlin

    The Angry Violent Right

    If we're being accurate about our Far Left and Far Right comparisons, it's important to note that the Far Left equivalent is the Berkeley City Council and a disorganized contingent of anarchists, and the Far Right equivalent is represented by the President of the United States and the most watched news network in America.
  10. Guy Chamberlin

    Big announcement coming?

    I don't LOL often, but I LOLed.
  11. Guy Chamberlin

    Chinander by the numbers

    Pete Carroll and other NFL coaches also brought in rugby players to teach tackling to their professional football team. Defensive players were getting penalized and ejected for the new targeting and helmet to helmet rules, and because rugby players don't wear helmets, the sport has perfected the technique of violent body tackling. It was always a good technique, but more valuable given the new rules.
  12. Guy Chamberlin

    The Trump Economy

    I guess the point is, they didn't make the tough decisions when they really needed to, they accepted government largesse to make up for it, they created a definition of "profit" that includes an executive/employee compensation ratio literally tenfold what it was a generation ago, and they adhere to the stockholder model of success that generally screws the workers who've been taught to vote for whatever the Jobs Providers want.
  13. According to my friend who is Bill Moos' mistress, next year the Huskers and Hawkeyes will be playing for The Emma Johnson Trophy, a Twitter meme of a bent trumpet.
  14. Guy Chamberlin

    The Trump Economy

    I guess it's just us Trump haters left in here, but this is the endgame I'd hoped the GOP apologists would be forced to recognize: "This year, General Motors received a $514 million tax break as a result of Trump’s tax giveaway to the wealthy. But instead of using that money to raise wages, increase benefits or add more jobs it is doing the exact opposite. "Today, GM announced that it would be laying off nearly 15,000 workers and close plants in Michigan, Ohio and Maryland to 'increase the long-term profit and cash generation' of the company. That is outrageous. "Let’s be clear. GM is not a poor company. It is not going broke. So far this year, GM has made a profit of $6 billion and had enough money to spend $100 million on stock buybacks to enrich its wealthy shareholders. Last year, it gave its CEO a $22 million compensation package – 295 times more than the average GM worker makes. "Under Trump, it has also received $600 million in lucrative federal contracts. Government contracts should be going to companies that create jobs in America, not to businesses that are eliminating them. The corporate greed of General Motors is destroying the social fabric of America." - Bernie Sanders
  15. Guy Chamberlin

    Chinander by the numbers

    I don't remember when Shawn Eichorst got involved in teaching tackling. Refresh me. Seriously, you're going to have to let people voice their concerns about our 4-8 team. Scott Frost doesn't need you to defend this.