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  1. It looks like she was shadowing Frost the weekend of the Illinois game, when Nebraska was 3 - 1 and the big concern was that we didn't beat Illinois bad enough.
  2. But they would prefer an article that goes int MORE detail about those household names Steve Pedersen, Frank Solich, Shawn Eichorst, Bill Callahan, Mike Riley, Bo Pelini and Harvey Perleman?
  3. You're asking for the definitive story on the decline of Husker football, reflecting your personal opinions and a level of detail only a local wonk could love. ESPN preferred the human interest story of prodigal son Scott Frost's second year at the helm. They made the right call. Not sure how you could read that article and think it doesn't address the long football history, the passionate fan base and the relevant expectations on Coach Frost.
  4. The story of Scott Frost's second year at Nebraska was going to be written regardless of the record. That you're dreaming of a 6-3 record that might have been tells a story itself. Do you remember the stories they were writing last year? While Nebraska posted its worst start in 127 years of football, the national press took the angle that Frost had finally righted the ship, and the team that ended the season 4-2 with close losses to Ohio State and Iowa might be the most dangerous 4 - 8 team in America. Nebraska started 2019 as a great story in college football. Scott Frost had come home and was steering the program in the right direction, with his Sophomore QB already on the Heisman lists. If you read the articles and listen to the pundits, the majority are rooting for Nebraska's return to relevance because it's good for college football. Nebraska's just not holding up its end. This reporter walked into the story with the record Nebraska gave her, and reported it accurately. If the Huskers had the 6-3 record you're now pining for, the story wouldn't be hugely different. If polled pre-season, a born and bred Husker fan would have told you that being 6-3 at this point in the schedule was more cause for concern than celebration. There are threads on HuskerBoard to prove this.
  5. A bit off topic, but are you by any chance related to 84HuskerLaw?
  6. Did you guys actually read the article? It's well-written, well researched, fair and honest, and, yeah, having an outside journalist with a non-homer perspective spend a week in Lincoln and talking with Frost, his parents, his mentor, his staff, his former teammates and his current teammates is how you tell this story to the larger college football audience. It also weaves together specific info and perspective that is new to me as a lifelong fan, and I actually walked away from the article feeling better about the future of Nebraska football. The headline might seem like ESPN clickbait: but it's essentially the question posed by our own Jason Peter. Sports journalists can either ignore Nebraska out of pity or irrelevance, or write articles like this. It's pretty much the opposite of fluff.
  7. I still care and I'm still going to watch every game, every play. But two things happened this year: my old college roommates and I used to email each other after every game and through a lot of the off-season to talk Husker football. After this year's Colorado game, we just stopped. No explanation. Then there's all those friends who aren't Husker fans who know I'm a Husker fan. For years and years and years, they would razz me whenever the Huskers lost. Now they don't say anything. It's kinda weird. But I think we'll be better next year, because that's what I always think.
  8. More relevant Mystery Legacy Programs since 2014: Mystery Team #1 13-1 10-3 10-3 7-6 5-7 5-5 Hint: it rhymes with Blorida Blate Mystery Team #2 6-7 5-7 5-7 7-6 10-4 6-3 Hint: it rhymes with Blexas Conclusion: it's hard to win a lot all the time.
  9. Bo would have a recruiting class ranked around #27, and then coach them to become roughly the #27 team in the nation.
  10. Keep in mind that EVERY party and candidate platform is stuffed with lofty ideology that is more aspirational than achievable. You aim high and prepare for the forces of moderation to whittle you down. If you aim high enough, the compromise might still be worth something. Starting at the center is the recipe for defeat. I think the understandable but inaccurate assumption of many Americans is that these Big Left ideas are taxpayer giveaways. They aren't. They're pretty smart investments that could have large returns across the board. Even Big Business could benefit directly from Free Tuition, renewable energy and immigration reform. They'd have to suck it up and endure some regulatory and corporate tax loophole reform, but they've been there before and managed to profit nicely. It's kinda crazy that the Green New Deal doesn't make the list. Almost nothing on the list matters if the climate continues to change at this rate. Gen Z and the Millennials will be asked to live through this, and they are genuinely pissed at the Boomer's priorities.
  11. If the subject is whether I miss Bo Pelini or Mike Riley, my answer would be the same. No. But yeah. I would step in if people were getting misty about Bo. So maybe I wouldn't let the poor guy go. The exact subject at hand would be "it's not surprising Nebraska could have a nice season any time their head coach isn't named Pelini" and that doesn't quite work either.
  12. Wait. What? Even in a parallel unprovable universe, this doesn't make sense.
  13. I know Mike Riley didn't work out at Nebraska, but he remains the winningest coach in OSU history,. He went 6-2 in bowl games at Oregon State, doubling the bowl appearances in the schools' 100+ year history. OSU hasn't gone to a bowl game since Riley left. Pretty sure Beaver fans would take the 8, 9, and 10 win seasons of Riley's modest heyday. Riley isn't missed. Frost will get his chance. Probably should let the poor guy go.
  14. (Psssst! As a spokesman for people from Colorado, you're doing an awful job.)
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