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  1. Well that puts Martinez and Frost in an even odder position. Does Martinez want to go through the hard work and unnecessary academic year to play two more full seasons? With three years as a starter under his belt, does Martinez have any realistic shot at the NFL? And to my original point, McCaffrey was praised for winning a game with modest Martinez-like stats. Then when he lost a game with bad Martinez-like stats, we went back to Martinez. Who was, in fact, the better quarterback. But he also had three years under his belt in Frost's system. We seem to think Martinez
  2. Is that true? Did everyone automatically get a COVID do-over for 2020? Do you have to announce your intention to use that fifth year?
  3. To be fair, the improvements we're asking Martinez to make as a Senior are pretty much the same improvements we'd ask McCaffrey to make as a sophomore.
  4. That Atlantic article also jogged a memory about the post-Charlottesville reaction. At first, Trump failed to repudiate the racist march. Under pressure, he then read a prepared release strongly condemning white supremacism. The next day he was supposed to make a major announcement about infrastructure, perhaps the one issue in America everyone could agree on. That's where Trump went off-page, hijacked his own infrastructure announcement, and made the "good people on both sides" statement. Apparently he hated making the second statement strongly
  5. This is an outstanding list, but if you only have time for one, The Atlantic's historic timeline tells you everything you need to know from the people who knew: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/06/trump-racism-comments/588067/
  6. Here's the deal with Donald Trump. It's narcissism first. Everything else second. If you're Black and willing to say something nice about him, he'll invite you and Kim Kardashian to the Oval Office, or maybe make you an ineffective HUD secretary. If you're a Latino and you say something nice about him, his daughter will hawk your brand of canned beans to the media. If you're a North Korean dictator and you say something nice about him, he'll let you have whatever you want. But if your most loyal base is white and fearful, you'll tell them everyt
  7. I'm mostly speaking to the Goebbels-like brilliance of Make America Great Again. It speaks to a time of uncomplicated White Supremacy, but wraps it in generic nostalgia for a time that didn't really exist. That means people who truly believe they're good people, and take pride in how well they get along with the black lady running the HR department, can encourage a white supremacy movement. They've got nothing against the gays and the blacks and the Hispanics, but they don't want them in their face, or protesting on their street, or crossing their border. Life was simpler when you didn't have
  8. Trump's statement? Sure. I'm trying to be charitable because I'm struggling with people I care about saying horrible things. But the idea of good people being led astray by racists and reactionaries goes to your point. However you want to slice it, they are racists for enabling racists. But are they redeemable? We need to build a political off-ramp that makes it easier.
  9. I actually agreed with Donald Trump's infamous "good people on both sides" statement in the aftermath of Charlottesville. There are many interesting and inspiring cases of former white supremacists and violent rightwing activists renouncing their beliefs and actions and working for change and understanding. One was the Nebraska Ku Klux Klan grand dragon who had his life turned around by the Lincoln Rabbi he'd been threatening. https://www.robertglazer.com/friday-forward/love-hate/ It doesn't mean both sides are right. It means the good people on the bad side still have
  10. Okay. I'll celebrate today. But I usually have this song running in the back of my head.
  11. Looks like Lincoln had twice the number of protestors at its capitol.
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