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  1. Guy Chamberlin

    Trump's Fake Wall Emergency

    It depends on what the emergency gun control action would be -- but it still sounds wrong and creepy. You object because it's a blatant power grab, not because you don't want to set a precedent for your opponent. I think by any metric health care is a bigger crisis right now than immigrants on our southern border, but I can imagine what the federal emergency healthcare crisis response would be. The only thing that freezes us in our tracks is war -- when an American is attacked and boots hit the ground, all parties cede a lot of control to the President. Because of that, I'm concerned our imperial megalomaniac will whip something up as 2020 approaches, and John Bolton is the perfect guy to come up with some really stupid ideas.
  2. Guy Chamberlin

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    While you seem to be hung up on the word "talent," go back and read my actual posts, and tell me what you specifically disagree with.
  3. Guy Chamberlin

    Trump's Fake Wall Emergency

    Obama was notoriously tough on illegal immigrants, at least according to the illegal immigrants themselves, and the Democrats in congress have long allocated billions for increased border security. Meanwhile, many otherwise conservative Republicans have been oddly quiet on the issue, as many highly profitable American industries are reliant on undocumented workers. So there's not a useful scorecard on who has been tough, how it has been successful and what is actually at risk. But a 2,000 mile border wall is both a terrible business proposition and the kind of Big Government over-reach (and cost over-run) conservatives used to decry. The situation is by no measure an emergency, and Donald Trump is "sticking to his guns" two years after getting into office, having lost his Congressional majority, and being told he needs to deliver something to his restless base, having already failed to save America from affordable health care.
  4. Guy Chamberlin

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    So the answer is no, you don't watch football.
  5. Guy Chamberlin

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    Do you actually watch football? Mahomes has only had one season, and it was awesome indeed. Kaepernick led his team to the Super Bowl in his first year as a starter -- with an incredible run through the playoffs -- and an NFC Championship in his second, pretty much redefining what a dual threat quarterback could do in the NFL. He earned ESPN's Breakthrough Athlete of the Year that season, the same year he had the #1 selling jersey in the NFL, well ahead of Payton Manning and Tom Brady. He was a white hot commodity in the NFL. Some people, like you, may have forgotten that. Fewer people know that in that terrible final season, when Kaepernick was a lightening rod and Blaine Gabbert had briefly replaced him, Colin Kaepernick won the Len Eshmont Award — the most inspirational and courageous player as voted by his teammates -- pretty much killing the argument that Kaepernick was a locker room cancer. The more interesting question -- and maybe it's the one you were asking -- is what if the most popular player took a knee at the height of his popularity?
  6. Guy Chamberlin

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    It's pretty common, but if you get caught serious consequences are also common.
  7. Guy Chamberlin

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    Kaepernick turned down the AAF because he had a collusion suit going against the NFL, and the huge drop-off in talent in the AAF would suggest he's accepted his unworthiness for the major leagues. The $20 million was asserting his worth. He knew the AAF couldn't come close. The AAF also went heavy after Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel. You can guess what those three quarterbacks have in common. They also turned down the AAF. It's a good question about Patrick Mahomes, but to be accurate Patrick Mahomes would have to follow up his impressive debut by leading the Chiefs to the Super Bowl next season, and losing a nail-biter. Then Mahomes would have to lead the Chiefs to the AFC Championship the season after that, Then he would come down to Earth a bit the season after that. Then the Chiefs would fire Andy Reid in a front office squabble and lose most of their best talent. Then Mahomes would look like a really average quarterback and all the haters would come out. The inexperienced new coach would then start Blaine Gabbert over Patrick Mahomes, and Patrick Mahomes would fade out of the picture until he started kneeling during the national anthem. Then there would be a huge outcry. Then the coaches would realize that Patrick Mahomes was still better than Blaine Gabbert and let Mahomes finish the regular season, where he actually performs pretty well, all things considered. Then Mahomes would be released to pursue another team, but no one would hire him because of the controversy. But Blaine Gabbert would never be without an NFL contract because apparently his talent outweighs his baggage.
  8. Guy Chamberlin

    What if Nebraska went the Notre Dame route...

    I was kidding about the Plains Conference, although I think the recent Husker teams would have had their hands full with North Dakota State. Come to think of it, they had their hands full with South Dakota State back in 2010, with a healthy Taylor Martinez and Carl Pelini defense.
  9. Guy Chamberlin

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Remember when Riley and Eichorst were in charge, and you were careful not to engage in speculation and finger-pointing when a problem arose? Because I don't.
  10. Guy Chamberlin

    Valentine's Wishes for the Huskers

    Huskers are Red Jayhawks are Blue I like your tight end Let me buy you a brew.
  11. Guy Chamberlin

    What if Nebraska went the Notre Dame route...

    I'm okay culturally all the way to Ohio. Gets a little iffy in Pennsylvania. Then the Big10 loses me in Maryland and Rutgers. Culturally, we have the most in common with the plains states. Can you imagine if Nebraska teamed with Kansas and The Dakota's to form our own football powerhouse?
  12. Guy Chamberlin

    Green New Deal

    I remember when the environmental movement was young, and American Business complained that the hippies didn't understand how the world worked, how industries couldn't afford to retrofit their factories and stay competitive, and how the people would never trade cheaper products for cleaner air. They were pretty much wrong about everything.
  13. Guy Chamberlin

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Since everyone under 18 is a minor, and people over 18 used to be under 18, this new definition of Child Porn is destined to be a complete mess, largely unrelated to the pedophile version of child porn which is far less nuanced. Revenge Porn at least has an anchor in privacy and blackmail, where intent and injury is easier to establish.
  14. Guy Chamberlin

    The Angry Violent Right

    More to the point, he made it easier for people to dismiss legitimate racial attacks.
  15. Guy Chamberlin

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    If you like pictures of women's boobs, may I suggest The Internet?