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  1. If so, the Dems could run Andrew Cuomo and win in a landslide. Maybe. I've actually given up predicting anything.
  2. Yes and no. There's a myth about swing voters and the Democrats keep chasing it, thinking they just need to grab some disgruntled Republicans and independents to put them over the top. Those numbers just aren't there. The much bigger number is the non-voter and pole-sitter -- can you inspire people who think the whole system sucks? But if you really get into the weeds, the 2016 election did turn on a shockingly small number of votes in select counties in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, most likely suburban voters who leaned Dem but didn't like being taken for granted by Hillary Clinton, just didn't like her, or wanted generic change. You'd only need to find a couple hundred thousand people who consider Trump a disappointment, and Joe Biden preferable to Hillary.
  3. It's not exactly gerrymandering , but voter suppression works pretty well for the GOP because the Dems are disproportionately strong with the youth (college) and minority vote, which tend to have geographic clusters and may also have more difficulty meeting increasingly stringent proof of ID demands. Demands, of course, that are almost entirely GOP driven for politically obvious purposes. They can also simply close down polling stations within these geographic clusters. Texas closed down more than a hundred since last election IIRC. It's happening all across the South. Even as populations rise, the number of polling stations decline --- interestingly enough where black and latino numbers are high and GOP led state governments can pull this s#!t. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/02/texas-polling-sites-closures-voting
  4. When a reporter asks the President if he has anything to say to Americans who are scared right now, and the President says "you're a terrible reporter" a seasoned politician and general election opponent simply has to issue a statement to comfort and rally the American people. Like a real wartime President would. Any of us could have written Biden's statement in 10 minutes. It wouldn't have the word Trump in it at all. This should be the easy stuff for Joe.
  5. Also as I recall.....at the 1976 Republican Convention there was talk about making Ronald Reagan Gerald Ford's VP, but selling it more as a Co-Presidency. I don't know how seriously it was taken by the players involved, just that it became Convention chatter.
  6. Yep. Convention speeches have a history of this. The 1964 Goldwater convention made Reagan a (political) star. The 2004 Democratic convention made state senator Obama a star. IIRC Bill Clinton became a star at the 1988 Democratic Convention that nominated the forgettable Michael Dukakis, but at the time Clinton was mocked for going on WAAAAY too long and trying to steal the spotlight. But it's been awhile since sh!t went down at the convention itself.
  7. I can't imagine many people who would pretend to love Bernie, but don't. Publicly supporting Bernie these days comes with a risk -- you're branded a socialist or extremist or simply someone who is willing to let Trump get reelected. The non-Bernie camp was the safe place to be, even if you didn't have a candidate you particularly loved. But you are likely to find folks who said "Blue No Matter Who!" then decided it didn't apply to Bernie Sanders. It could also be great theater because the coronavirus has exposed pretty much everything Bernie Sanders has been saying for 50 years. He sounds more Presidential than Biden in a crisis, and shifted his well-organized and funded campaign to directly help the people affected.
  8. True story: at the 1880 Republican National Convention, John Sherman was one of three candidates in a tightly knit fight for the nomination. Sherman chose James Garfield to give his nominating speech because Garfield was a good speaker and generally respected across the party factions. Garfield was such a good speaker that some delegates thought he'd make a better President than any of them. They cast 35 votes that convention, each one garnering more delegates for Garfield until Garfield won the nomination. He wasn't running and really didn't want the job but became our 20th President. A guy shot him and Garfield would have survived but his doctors were idiots who caused the infections that eventually killed him. This could be an old-school convention if Joe Biden accumulates too much buyer's remorse.
  9. It's easy to take people's words and twist them, edit them, and take out of context to make them seem much worse than they are. But you just don't need to do that with Donald Trump.
  10. Guarantee that kid has never voted, and likely never will.
  11. It's still early, but it appears California's slightly earlier and still flawed Stay In Place mandate may keep its numbers considerably lower than what New York is going through.
  12. Several pastors in the South continue to lead full church services. If you've already bought into "God's Will" you don't need to explain yourself or defend your actions.
  13. Yeah, and the part they insist on missing is where the hundred million sick Americans who don't die will still be getting sick at the same time and grinding the economy to a halt regardless, and when the overwhelmed healthcare system starts killing doctors and piling up bodies like Italy, every other American with a medical condition of any kind -- meaning all of us and our loved ones -- will be vulnerable in a way we've never been before. Also, this is going on worldwide to worldwide economies. The countries who treat this quicker and more seriously will emerge as the economic powerhouse. Also, the part where elitist motherf#&%ers are willing to accept the deaths of the less productive.
  14. I'd like to think there is no crisis too serious to not make fun of the name D!ck Pound.
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