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  1. I guess not. Just seemed a little lonely and I though you might want someone to read and respond.
  2. Well that's the problem. The Republican Party has actually become more successful under Trump. The GOP's positions on healthcare, warfare, funding priorities, corporate welfare, wealth disparity, gay marriage, voter suppression, immigration, social services, etcetera, were already in place well before Trump took office. Maybe some in the Lincoln Project were true moderates and fiscal conservatives, but they were either awfully quiet or 100% complicit in the previous 40 years of the GOPs often wildly hypocritical "small government" movement. If they indeed support Democrats against Republicans on the ballot, that's certainly putting their money where their mouth is, but I think another segment believes Trump is a buffoon who is ruining the Republican brand. To put it another way, if Trump is gone, do they support rescinding what the Republican Party has been doing for years?
  3. But when The Lincoln Project folks speak out, or elected Republicans try to reprimand Trump, they find themselves in a netherworld. The reaction from Republican voters is often scary and vicious; a RINO accusation can lead to a farther rightwing challenger unseating a Republican incumbent. Doesn't seem to work the other way around, when a slightly more moderate Republican wants to distance himself from Trump but maintain conservative credentials. On the other side, while I want to salute these Republicans who stand up and say "enough!" I also have to review their voting record. Given the chance to actually exercise power, they did a lot of horrible and cowardly s#!t before deciding Donald Trump was a line they couldn't cross.
  4. I guess I'm still thrown off by the premise of this thread: God wishing believers knew more about Jesus new covenant, and one person -- you -- stepping in to speak for God. I do think facts and faith can live together, but if you're bringing in the historical record, it also shows that both Testaments have been altered over the years to suit the wishes of the humans who interpret them. Given the many different things people use the Bible to justify, it's hard to say the message is clear.
  5. Hate to be Debbie Downer, but we heard the same thing in 2016 before the people went into their private voting booths and made Donald Trump President. And even a satirist couldn't have scripted how much worse Trump turned out to be. Every day, something truly jaw-dropping. Yet his base barely budges. His numbers actually go up during Impeachment. Does anyone doubt Trump might even get a bump if he calls the National Guard into Minnesota? It's a binary culture war. I think basic decency can still win in November, but I will remain appalled by the tens of millions of Americans who still consider Trump a gift from God, and the large percentage of them who will contest the results in an ongoing paranoid fantasy fueled by the Loser.
  6. Harris, Klobuchar, and Obama himself often seemed more intent on proving how conservative they could be to the conservative power base, rather than pursue the more populist agenda of the folks who elected them.
  7. Well then remove the "chief." which was unnecessarily flippant (but not quite "watch your fukkin' mouth" flippant) and what's so snarky about the reply? There is nothing but speculation in here, including JD Spielman's lack of effort and draftability, and the presumed worthiness of any fresh recruit Scott Frost brings in. It's not a "weird agenda" as Knappl keeps speculating, but a legit concern that the culture still isn't clicking in year three of Frost's tenure, and JD's potential departure feels like part of that . Never said Frost can't turn it around. Didn't "blatantly blame" him for JD. But for the first time I feel we're still a couple years away. Anyone who says they predicted the 2019 season would turn out the way it did is lying. You know what else is a black eye for Nebraska football? Maurice Washington's legal problems and his uncertain future with the team. In no way is it blatantly Scott Frost's fault. It may not be fair at all. But it's still a black eye in the perception of the program. JD's unhappiness here would just add to it. And no, it wouldn't matter as much if the Huskers were winning. Don't for a second assume I"'m not rooting for Frost to succeed.
  8. When your hot girlfriend dumps you, you start bringin' in some ladies and tellin' your friends you're doing better without her. I honestly don't know how sexy Nebraska's new WRs are.
  9. Just as an example, you gave the biggest head case in all of professional football. And the only blame coaches got was giving Antonio Brown another chance to poison a team. In three years of watching JD play for the Huskers, I've never seen anyone question his effort until today.
  10. So.....you're suggesting JD. Spielman wasn't playing hard and didn't care because he wasn't playing for the coach that recruited him. And that one of the other kids could just as easily be the leading receiver in Nebraska football history. This is like finding the flaws in your hot ex-girlfriend after she dumps you.
  11. Fair enough. If JD has lost his passion for football or is concerned about his future health, it will be a sad day for Nebraska football. If he signs with another team for his senior year, it will be a black eye for Nebraska football.
  12. Read your previous post. You have made far more sweeping assumptions about JD's motives and inner monologues than I have.
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