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  1. Wait. Is Archy hinging all this on that Mar-a-Lago meme "You only had one job, Hurricane Ian" ?
  2. I haven't really listened to him or know his gig at all. I just like posting Step Brothers clips.
  3. Okay. That may have been a little harsh. I think Matt Davison is capable of Entertainment 720 level success:
  4. No offense, 1988, but I've written corporate media statements professionally, and you read exactly like an outsider who's been given a script and an agenda.
  5. Sorry, but I'm getting a real Prestige Worldwide vibe from whatever company Matt Davison is putting together.
  6. Sure. But both statements can be true. And why would you make it a small NAIA school for the purposes of comparison? If Mickey Joseph had played at say Kansas State, and immediately gone into coaching, working his way up to become a successful position coach and a successful Assistant Head Coach at a premier LSU program, then came to Nebraska as an assistant, bringing with him some high-grade recruits from his football rich home turf and an overall reputation as a players coach and a recruiting ace, and just for kicks you find out his brother is an NFL head coach with all the connections that affords.........you just might say "Hmmmm. That could work." The fact that he has Husker ties and wants to be here? Why would that not be a plus, given that it's not the determinant? I think you mistake "drooling" for just giving the guy an honest chance if he does at all well in the interim. The assumption that Matt Campbell is preferable isn't something I'd hang my hat on, either.
  7. I think we might look back and realize that the Oklahoma loss was inevitable, Georgia Southern was actually better than Northwestern, and holy s#!t....we really should have beaten Northwestern.
  8. At some point those Jill Biden hit pieces would have to address the first lady and former second lady's long history of continuing to teach at a community college while leading initiatives to support military families and the National Cancer Institute rather than simply dwell in the perks of power. But yes, those stiletto heels definitely take the ex-President's attempts to overthrow Democracy off the board.
  9. Are you f#&%ing serious? DeSantis and the GOP's entire 2024 narrative is to attach Joe Biden to everything from gas prices to global supply chains to the homeless man under your bridge. A news outlet with an established partisan bent merely calls it "the president's wallet" as opposed to "taxpayer money" to illustrate DeSantis' blatant hypocrisy on federal relief, and poor Christina Pushaw throws a fit. If it makes her -- and you -- feel any better, change the Politico lead to "DeSantis has been a critic of the federal government on nearly every policy front. But he sure does like the American taxpayer bailing him out when his state takes the hit."
  10. I always wonder about the behind the scenes outreach to gauge interest and avoid public embarrassment. Wonder if Alberts did any preliminaries last year, and wondering how many coaches (or agents) you could approach while they're still employed mid-season.
  11. I gave him some serious thought! Roy Helu, too. Highly dependable, but maybe not in the "making something out of nothing" category of the others. I can see Rex having more of a Devine Ozigbo career given the same offensive lines. I can see Grant having a better season than anyone since Abdullah.
  12. We gotta put an end to the hindsight. Nebraska hiring Scott Frost in 2017 was a no-brainer. I don't recall anyone fretting he only had 2 years of HC experience. I do recall everyone citing his ability to go from 0-12 to 13-0 in those two years. Other prestigious programs seemed to think his resume was just fine. Isn't it fun when we agree? I will gently push back on Scott's relationship with Nebraska power brokers circa 2021/22. There were loads of built-in caveats when Frost was retained. And after Georgia Southern, those same power brokers apparently had no trouble ponying up $7.6 million to have Scott empty his desk immediately.
  13. I'd still say the comparative difference hangs mostly with the defense. We had a great string of running backs historically, but we also had a great string of offensive lines and that really does make good running backs great, with a few exceptions like Rozier, Ahman and Ameer who could make a lot out of a little. Adrian also had to play from behind A LOT more in his career than those legendary quarterbacks, and you really couldn't maintain that grind it out run game when your opponent kept scoring touchdowns on two minute drives. A lot of our rushing yards came from Adrian on broken plays, not our RBs. Agree that Washington felt special those first two seasons, and really the team should have been able to do pretty well with an Ozigbo, Washington and Greg Bell platoon in 2018, which would have been welcome on plenty of Osborne teams. I think Dedrick Mills and Wan'dale Robinson were legitimate inside/outside threats if they had been used properly -- and even then they had decent per carry averages that would have been welcome on Osborne teams, but went to waste in a team wide meltdown. Also agree that Grant immediately looks that much better than players who came before him. Stat wise, I'm not sure the last time the Huskers had a quarterback, running back, and wide receiver all racking up national rankings at their position. Trick is still being good enough at everything to make it translate to wins. Casey Thompson is in a pretty good position for this particular team: make the quicker decisions* and more accurate throws than Martinez, and let your featured RB be the star of the rushing game. Adrian's RBs rarely, if ever, got 30 carries a game. * sometimes he does stand in the pocket too long, waiting for his guy to get separation. I'm still saying he's a better decision maker who can thread the more difficult throws. I'd like to see him as a Russell Wilson scrambler more than running the designed QB draws given to Adrian.
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