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  1. yeah, historically tough schedule. But if you want us to admit the truth, Nebraska is simply worse than Purdue, Minnesota, and Illinois, coming in dead last in a weak division. Your argument is essentially that we played a lot of teams better than Nebraska.
  2. Do people honestly believe Nebraska could have just DECIDED to run the ball exclusively, impose our will and run out the clock for a win? You didn’t notice that Iowa has a defensive coordinator who was smart enough to scheme against that? smothers had an outstanding yards per attempt passing. Much better than our collective ypa rushing. we are not losing games because we pass too much. It’s well beyond that.
  3. Yep. But that's hardly a trait unique to the Left.
  4. Uhm. Yeah. It was previously posted. That's why you can't run away from it. You do know how a message board works, right?
  5. That Kyle is a nice kid who didn't deserve any of this. Instead, his actions earned him an audience with the ex-President at his Florida estate, all-expenses paid. And that's the nicest way of putting it.
  6. We lack the string theory magic to prove anything. But am I confident that narratives and court decisions would be very different had Kyle Rittenhouse been black? Yes. Very.
  7. Do you believe the narrative President Trump is peddling is more accurate?
  8. Just spitballing here, but if you were an Arizona taxpayer, is there any civil suit you could file against these f#&%ers for wasting your money and insulting your intelligence? Also, it's practically straight up treason.
  9. Yes, Archy, there is an important distinction between "looting" which relies on chaos and random perpetrators, and these kind of heists, which are the work of organized criminal enterprises. It's that very distinction that has allowed the DA to press felony charges against the crew caught executing a smash and grab on Union Square. It definitely got the city's attention when the criminals upgraded from Walgreens to Louis Vuitton.
  10. "And people in your party are mowing down others with their vehicles while at Christmas parades" Jesus. We knew you would try to dance around this. Didn't realize it would be so pathetic.
  11. Now in a world of triggering, false narratives, and political opportunism, why would a former President invite a teenager with Kyle Rittenhouse's resume to spend time with him at his private home?
  12. And some are pretending the situation would be no different if Kyle was Black. But they're lying to themselves.
  13. Taylor had two of his longest and fastest runs as a Junior. I was at that UCLA game, and the play where Taylor was sacked for a safety was inches away from being a 96 yard touchdown. Still would have won that UCLA game if normally reliable Brett Maher hadn't had his worst game as both a kicker and a punter.
  14. I think our worst offensive linemen are also gassed and desperate in the fourth quarter. Still............that streak of game ending drives with no points to show for it means play-calling and decision making have to take some of the heat.
  15. Oh absolutely. While I do believe in things like focus and killer instinct, my best theory for a team like Nebraska losing so much is the weakest link theory. You can do a lot of stuff really well, but if you have just one weak offensive linemen, one weak defensive linemen, and a couple weak members of your secondary, they will get exploited in crunch time. If your QB and playcaller do well for most of the game, but tighten up in crunch time, that's another weak link in an otherwise good team. If you don't have a lot of bench strength, that will also come back to bite you. There's this wild stat that shows Nebraska is #4 in the nation in total yards per play: the combination of offensive yards gained, and defensive yards given. That would appear to be a great metric for total success, and Nebraska ranks one slot ahead of Alabama. Weakest link? We are almost dead last in special teams and turnovers. Maybe Nebraska really is close. Maybe a lot of stuff still needs to happen. I just think they've gotten too used to losing, and that creeps into everything.
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