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  1. Yeah, I live on the West Coast so I hear a lot of the Pac 12 chatter. Used to be that west coasters thought the Pac 12 didn't get enough respect because the East Coast media didn't stay awake to watch their games. Last couple years the local chatter is that the Pac 12 is the weakest of the P5 conferences, and typically looks out-classed in the marquee games against other conferences. I think Utah is an interesting case because it's a cold weather campus in a low population state that's hard to recruit to, but they made a commitment to hard-nosed college football and now find themselves better positioned than USC or UCLA. Meanwhile, Arizona and Arizona State have just dropped off the college football map, struggling against non-con patsies.
  2. Utah is currently ranked #11 and is considered the best team in the conference Colorado belongs to. NIU played them tough. They could well be a better team than Colorado. We had a week to lick our wounds and look for strategies to exploit. That counts for something. But this game was never a gimme. At this point, is any game a gimme?
  3. Guy Chamberlin

    The mindset of my neighbor

    Sometimes pooling your resources to the benefit of all isn't socialism. It's just civilization.
  4. I will be attending my first game at Memorial Stadium since 1982. For that reason alone, this Nebraska team needs to be focused and relentless.
  5. Guy Chamberlin

    Who's OUR guy? Frost's already done this.

    I don't think any of us expected Scott Frost to post the worst start in 125 years of Nebraska football, and finish with the same record that got Mike Riley fired. Maybe you weren't surprised. Can't vouch for your expectations there. But I do recall you saying there was no excuse for Nebraska to lose to Purdue. Ever. And that Husker fans looking for moral victories in losses to unranked opponents only proved how far we've fallen. Just keeping you consistent, ol' chum.
  6. Guy Chamberlin

    Who's OUR guy? Frost's already done this.

    Someday you won't be able to say "Riley sucked" when the subject is the current head coach not delivering what you yourself expected. Let's make that day today.
  7. Guy Chamberlin

    The Bo Pelini Curse

    Morgan's stats shot up when Westerkamp, Moore, and Brandon Riley left. Ozigbo was scheduled to go out quietly as a backup to Bell and Washington. It's always a "next man up" game and the offense is designed to generate both a 1,000 yard receiver and a 1,000 yard rusher, though it's hardly a problem if multiple players share the load. Having a stud quarterback with a year under his belt, a better offensive line and a team buying into the new coach's system should more than make up for the loss of two good players, especially if you trust the new recruiting staff to find more gems than the last one. Or to put it another way, I don't remember anyone thinking the Nebraska offense was due for a drop-off. Pretty much the opposite. (I also think this same offense is perfectly able of doing great things --- like they've already showed --- which is why I think it's still an attitude adjustment situation for both players and coaches)
  8. Guy Chamberlin

    The Bo Pelini Curse

    The team we put on the field in the first half was perfectly capable of winning the game. Are you suggesting that we shouldn't have expected the offense to be better than last year's 4-8 season? I saw a team with no better talent than Nebraska just dig down a little deeper and refuse to lose.
  9. Guy Chamberlin

    The Bo Pelini Curse

    Common thread? Lack of mental toughness. Or more to the point: killer instinct. We've had 20 years of teams who believe in themselves, and their coach, and the Nebraska legacy so they believe they should be in the hunt every year. Which is fine. But when they get punched in the mouth, they fall apart. Or play not to lose. Or take their foot off the opponent's throat. Or you know....fail to make in-game adjustments like the other team. If Nebraska fans now yearn for the coach who consistently left us with a mere four losses, unranked, and irrelevant at the end of the season, then the terrorists have won.
  10. Guy Chamberlin

    The Bo Pelini Curse

    It's funny, because this Colorado game reminded me of Bo's 2012 team losing to UCLA in Pasadena in the second game of the season.
  11. Guy Chamberlin

    P&R Billboard Fun

  12. Guy Chamberlin

    P&R Billboard Fun

    I guess Nebraska Football + Politics & Religion get you this kinda media buy:
  13. Guy Chamberlin

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    I'm not sure about these conclusions. Conventional wisdom and polling prior to the 2016 election showed Donald Trump had huge negatives working against him, and showed him losing in double digits to Hillary Clinton as late as 11 days before the election. The RNC hated him. The Koch Brothers didn't support him. Fox News actively tried to sabotage him in the first debate. Those were the people desperate to win back the White House. But they were over-ruled by average voters, who preferred Trump because they actually hated the current political system and viewed Trump as an outsider. I think those voters understood Trump perfectly well -- at least the character Trump was playing. He was the outsider who would drain the swamp. He was the billionaire who would make them all rich. He was the shoot-from-the-hip guy who drove liberals crazy. And he was speaking the barely coded language of white privilege when he promised to Make America Great Again. I'm sure none of those voters thought they were sacrificing their morals and ethics to get a Republican in the White House. The GOP had jettisoned moral consistency long before this election. If anything, people were desperate for change. That we could have, and perhaps should have had Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders in the general election for President of the U.S. is pretty remarkable. I don't think many people took away the right message from 2016. If you look at the numbers, there's still not a ton of buyers remorse among Trump voters. His base is solid even if defectors get a lot of publicity, and the GOP has figured out that it can run wild with Trump at the helm. The DNC is hoping Trump chaos will make America yearn for the relative comfort of Obama, Hillary, and Biden, but I think people are still hungry for systemic change.
  14. Guy Chamberlin

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    As I mentioned before: I responded to a DNC "Poll" asking what my priorities were for the issues in the 2020 campaign. Given the likelihood that no one would actually read and compile this voter feedback, and that it was merely a fundraising database ploy, I used an obscure email address. The DNC sent an email thanking me for my response. One hour after that email, and every day since they sent it in May, that otherwise empty email box has been filled exclusively with Biden for President fundraising pleas. God I wish those people would get out of the way.
  15. Guy Chamberlin

    New member and a moment we both will never forget

    I try to imagine an impressionable child willingly hanging out on HuskerBoard, and I just can't do it.