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  1. Hey, you were the one who supported funneling immigrants into manageable choke points. Read your own posts, man!
  2. First of all, I don't think we should be choking all immigrants upon arrival. Secondly, I believe you remain a fan of the border wall, which is chock full of symbolic value but by all reasonable projections requires massive government spending now and forever for a very shaky ROI, not to mention existing proof of its 2,000 miles of total vulnerability. It's a sticky problem without a clean solution. I would say Dems and Repubs are probably in closer agreement on this issue than a lot of others, but they are loathe to work together on the logical compromises.
  3. My understanding is that the NDA gave Trump a pseudonym, and he forgot to sign his pseudonym to the document. So he essentially paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 (illegally from campaign funds) and thus had no recourse when she made fun of his deformed penis to the world. I believe his lawyer graduated from what was literally ranked the worst law school in America. But honestly........it feels like I've been reading these "Legal walls closing in on Trump" stories for years and watched the revelations and deadlines come and go. Nothing happens. No consequences. Not even shame among supporters. f I had to bet money, I'd continue to bet on nothing happening.
  4. He was 4 for 4! Seriously, I was having a bit of a joke with the QBR. But the Eagles only managed 269 yards total offense and Hurts didn't look as scary as I thought he'd be. Like I said, I'm bitter.
  5. Purdy had a better QBR than Hurts in that game. Just sayin'
  6. I'm bitter and biased but I really wan't that impressed with the Eagles. They look highly beatable to me.
  7. I drove that road between South Bend and Ashland many times, and always loved that stone house as a landmark.
  8. Back when nobody was debating this stuff, at least 15 years ago, we stumbled onto a PBS documentary on sex and gender, and I was shocked to learn the percentage of newborn babies who had "conflicted" or not clearly defined genitalia, at which point the OB/GYN surgically made the decision for them.
  9. Most famous last words in America: "it could never happen here." Sidebar: Did you know that some rich f#&%ers in Ashland burned down an historical building so they could develop the land for their golf course community?
  10. Got it, thanks for looking. Got it. Thanks for looking.
  11. Reminding anyone entering Planned Parenthood that there are options to the abortion they are about to have, although 90% of Planned Parenthood services have nothing to do with abortion. Sidewalk counseling may also include photos of mangled fetuses. I drive by a Planned Parenthood clinic multiple times a day. Protestors are not infrequent, but ours don't appear to approach visitors directly.
  12. Dude chose that tweet out of millions to post, presumably looking for a reaction. So I gave him one. Because I'm a giving person. Are you actually mansplaining how relaxed I should or shouldn't be?
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