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  1. FFS. I clearly understand what you're saying as reflected in the words I've chosen. I've posted multiple times on multiple threads that I predict a great season for Adrian Martinez. It will be a breakthrough precisely because Adrian's progress had stalled. We can all agree that the supporting talent has been underwhelming (talk about negativity!) but pretty much every college football observer INCLUDING ADRIAN MARTINEZ AND SCOTT FROST AND EVERY PREVIOUS THREAD ON HUSKERBOARD has talked about Adrian regressing after his fearless freshman season, and needing to improve his decision making and tu
  2. I'm definitely an armchair QB, but I also recall Adrian Martinez, Scott Frost and a slew of college football analysts agree that Adrian wasn't making decisions as well as he had his freshman year, and that his confidence may have been shaken a bit. Being replaced by a QB who was even quicker to run the ball probably didn't help. Or maybe it did, to your point about watching only his post-McCaffrey performances. I know this has blown up on another thread, but it really wasn't a contested viewpoint, nor was it tied to the quality of Adrian's supporting cast. Nor was it Adrian-hating
  3. Actually it is. Literally and figuratively. Saying that a lot of things are worse is more negative than saying a single thing is bad. But if you want to shift over to blame-placing, let me see if I understand the argument as currently presented: Scott Frost and Adrian Martinez benefitted from inheriting the NFL-level talent left by Mike Riley (!?!) in 2018, resulting in good QB numbers for Adrian and the offense in general, although Frost wasn't able to improve on Riley's record. Over the course of 3 seasons, the player development and recruiting did no
  4. Saying we are quite bad in a lot of other areas is literally more negative than saying our quarterback development is lacking.
  5. Of course I'm talking about the Olympic judges who haven't been bribed to get the desired result.
  6. I agree. But at the risk of dragging this on.....both you and Mav just cited all the things the Huskers are bad at as a way of excusing the QB play. That's some serious negative nellyism right there. There were also some people pretending Joe Burrow wasn't anything special. Which is silly. So let's do what the Olympic judges do -- throw out the best score and the worst score and take that as the measure.
  7. Nope. I didn't record the games and haven't rewatched them. Can't say for sure whether this happened before or after the McCaffrey starts. I just remember me and my buddy yelling at the screen, and the in-game announcers making the same observation. I don't know how many times it happened before I considered it a trend, but I'm going with at least three. Yeah, the knock on running quarterbacks is that they abandon the pocket too early. Sometimes Adrian did that, too. But the bigger problem with Adrian the last couple years was his in-the-moment decision making, and that could cut
  8. Maybe we should start a thread called "The Least of Our Problems," For the moment it's the QB Room and a majority of the debate is between reasonable and slightly over-heated. Meanwhile, we had a freshman QB being touted for the Heisman who enters his senior season with plenty of legitimate questions posed by legitimate football observers. It's not an internet troll issue. Quarterbacks with better resumes than Martinez get second-guessed constantly. Comes with the position and happens on every team fanboard. I think we should also trust the opinions of Adrian Martinez
  9. I'm thinking about all the plays last year when Adrian is waiting for receivers to get separation, and a huge chunk of field opens up, and everyone in the stands and watching at home and announcing the game can see 20 yards or more for the taking and starts yelling "run!" but Martinez forces the incomplete pass instead. I want to see him get back to the "i'll take whatever you're stupid enough to give me" mode that makes dual threat quarterbacks a threat. That makes the pro-set plays work better, too. Opposing DC have a reason to fear Martinez.
  10. I think it's a 95% mental game with Adrian. The reason I expect a breakout season from him is because he has no other choice. He needs to play like the only quarterback at Nebraska, and he needs to use his dual threat capabilities fearlessly. I actually think ball security is teachable technique and he can practice it without questioning his instincts. The last couple years have not gone well and the coach even replaced him last year. 2021 is found money for both Martinez and Frost. They weren't wrong with their offensive approach in 2018, but they need to fine tune, double-down,
  11. So you're saying....we suck at everything?
  12. You win. Technically. I guess that's all Nebraska55 fan demanded. But part of Adrian's high completion percentage in 2020 came with his lowest yards per attempt, a 7.0 reflecting the conservative offense. His TD:INT ratio went from 10/9 to 4/3, so yay shortened season. Given the 17/8 from his freshman season, that's still trending downward. And of course his QB rating as a Jr. was down from his freshman season, and not much of a bump from his Sophomore year. And Adrian's own coach benched a healthy Adrian for two games last year, convinced Lu
  13. Scott Frost shouldn't be blamed for passing on Joe Burrow. That's pure hindsight. Quarterback development has been a concern given the first three seasons of the Frost era. These two statements get to live together in the same world.
  14. Would being 4-2 with wins over Oklahoma and Michigan State suck that badly?
  15. They s#!t the bed against Illinois, and everyone freaks out. Then they get the Buffalo and Fordham wins, then go into Norman and shock Oklahoma. The pollsters wait a week until they also shock Michigan State on the road before giving the surprising 4-1 Nebraska Cornhuskers their first Top 25 ranking in years. Nebraska celebrates by coming out flat and losing to Northwestern at Memorial Stadium the next week. Bank on it.
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