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  1. Still kinda interesting how many sons follow their fathers into coaching. Including Lubick, obviously.
  2. when guys say they are quitting their profession to spend more time with their family, the kids are usually in their thirties and living in other cities. i don’t buy the family excuse, but I think the stress is real. As fun as football and free food sounds, even great coaches confess to constant high level anxiety. Underneath Tom Osborne’s laidback monotone was a heart that needed a quadruple bypass.
  3. Part of Trump's America First platform was to take a non-interventionist stance on most military ventures: they're expensive, they don't work, they'll hate us anyway. Trump was always clear that he opposed the Iraq Invasion. The man was sometimes right. Ron and Rand Paul also worked this side of the street. Conservatives might like the gun-blazing American show of force that flag-waving patriotism seems to favor, but they can also be lured over to the "f*ck em, let them fight their own stupid wars on the other side of the world" argument. It was the rationale they tried to rally around when Trump abandoned Syria just a few weeks ago, but it will get tested if Trump has further plans for Iran. I think someone in a Mattis role probably talked the f#&%ing moron down from a knee-jerk escalation. Trump has little perspective beyond how any decision or event reflects on him personally. I don't think the base understands or wants to accept that our own military has grave concerns about its Commander in Chief.
  4. And at least for awhile, Iran had the largest percentage of Under 30 population in the world. It's no secret that the conservative think tanks that have shaped Republican foreign policy (often tacitly supported by Dems) has had Iran in its sights for more than 30 years. "All roads lead to Tehran" as they said in one report of the Project for the New American Century. And whether Iraq, Iran, Libya or wherever we encounter unfriendly Islamic leadership, the hope is that this silent majority will rise up and depose the theocracy. A coalition of the intelligentsia, the academics, the secular, the young, the repressed ethnic minorities. In other words, every group these same conservatives want to marginalize and suppress in their own country.
  5. Yeah, the lack of Top 10 opponents would always nick that 83 team's reputation, but the Huskers were so dominant that Nebraska football had become a national story, and the narrative going into that Orange Bowl had us as possibly the best college football team in history. '95 team was probably better across the board, but I'm guessing had Nebraska closed the deal in '83, they'd still be popping up in these discussions.
  6. Wait, does this mean all giddy speculation and conspiracy theories will be automatically moved from the Forum they're in? Because that spells the end of HuskerBoard, people!
  7. Also to the OP, I think it's really true that a single player can turn a program around, or at least take it to a significantly higher level. One of the reasons we expect to see big changes immediately is because it happens with other programs every year. Attitude. Scheme. Playcalling. Player development. And yeah, sometimes a bit of luck and timing. A couple key injuries can screw a lot of things up.
  8. Funny, but if a single play had gone differently, Nebraska 1983 would always be part of this conversation.
  9. Well I believe Devine is still holding onto an NFL job at the moment, and got 12 touches in his last game of the season for Jacksonville. He can probably thank the bit of hype he got from the Shrine Game. Gonna be hard for him to supplant Leonard Fournette.
  10. Okay. Fine. I just remember watching every game and wondering how our DL could possibly get so little penetration.
  11. Only 4% of American males were 6 feet tall at the turn of the century. By 1955 about 20% of the males were 6 feet tall. Only 3% were over 6' 2". If they were great in their day, they were competing against the greatest of their day, but nutrition and medicine has moved relatively fast on the evolutionary scale.
  12. I'm guessing they will dip back in history a bit to grab a Red Grange, Jim Thorpe, Glen Davis, or other sepia-tone legends. None of these guys could hang athletically with the modern player (Jim Brown probably could) but I have no problem including players who popularized the game itself.
  13. Our most experienced players anchored our defensive line -- two Pelini recruits and a heralded Oklahoma State transfer for Frost. They kinda sucked. I don't remember a Husker team getting so little pressure on the quarterback. That included average quarterbacks on unremarkable teams. Experience can be swell, but great talent shines immediately, and cohesiveness can come quickly.
  14. Chip Kelly might have used speed and finesse, but he doesn't get enough credit for being downright ballsy. During Kelly's heyday at Oregon, I watched him play a fairly decent Cal team. I was barely in my seat when Cal had stopped Oregon in the first possession of the game and it was 4th and 3 from the Oregon 35. The Cal team prepares for the the punt, but Oregon lines up like it was just another play. They run a little flair pass, get the first down. March down the field. Score a touchdown. Go for a 2 point conversion. And get it. Oregon leads 8 - 0 in its first possession of the game. If you are afraid of second-guessers, you would never go for it on 4th and 3 in your own territory on the first possession of the game. There's no sane reason to go for a two-point conversion on the game's first touchdown -- other than the belief that you can get it. I was obliged to root for Cal, but that was a ballsy brand of football Oregon played, and I would have loved to be an Oregon fan.
  15. Agree. In the 12 years I've been on Huskerboard "cute" has been used to describe any forward pass.
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