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  1. I understand that Madsen's is being held to a higher standard than Lincoln Public Schools.
  2. we don't often agree, but I think this list of demands would indeed sober up everybody. It would also cancel the season.
  3. Bump. Just because we're stuck in an eternal off-season.
  4. It isn't brain surgery and it's not supposed to be a cash cow. I'll have a couple of my friends look into creating a new site for HuskerBoard followers.
  5. I appreciate your diligence, research and POV, and agree with most of it, but I don't think anecdotal evidence should negate some of the points being made here. COVID deaths and hospitalizations are very low among the 18-34 demographic, and the surge in positive tests remains largely asymptomatic. The problem facing sports is largely the same problem facing bars, restaurants, concerts, churches and conventions -- big groups of people in close continuous contact. Remove the crowd of spectators and test your employees, and a sport could conceivably stay open the same way The Home Depot, Walgreens, Target and hundreds of other essential and non-essential businesses do. Not sure everyone noticed the meat-packing plants, Amazon fulfillment centers and airlines that continue to operate with less scrutiny. Remove young athletes from the danger of playing football, and many will return to the house party and shared substance lifestyle that has fueled much of the post-Memorial Day coronavirus spike. The choices are difficult and the optics are really terrible, but as Undone suggests sooner or later we will have to decide on acceptable risk levels for life under COVID. At this point I can't begrudge anyone arguing for caution, or for trying to find ways to make this work. That's just where we are.
  6. How big of a check would I need to write to cover your monthly nut and not see any ad? I'd be happy to make an exception for ads related to Husker football or even Nebraska itself that appear in the margins and don't affect readability or site performance.
  7. I'm going to start actively undermining every company whose ad pops up on what used to be a simple and pleasant message board. It's an increasingly awful experience that makes me dislike humanity.
  8. Yeah, this just started happening today, and it really is a deal-breaker:
  9. Hey, guy who doesn't read the research but writes until your eyes bleed: Dr. Fauci and pretty much the entire medical community tried to warn and educate American on the common sense practices the upcoming pandemic would bring. But we called even that an over-reaction until the death count started climbing. Putting that on Dr. Fauci is the horses#!t of a Trump apologist. You can keep repeating your facemask timeline all you want, but you have it wrong. The President of the United States undercut his pandemic response team long before the pandemic and got people like you to blame scientists for his own wildly inconsistent and self-serving declarations. Dr. Fauci and pretty much the entire medical community also turned immediately to hydroxycholoroquine because it had been successful treating malaria. The results were promising, inconclusive and in certain situations dangerous. They still are. The doctors never removed hydroxychloroquine from consideration, but they were rightfully concerned that the President was going on TV and declaring it a simple cure. Everything else you wrote is also misleading, but I don't want to make an 84HuskerLaw post out of this.
  10. The epidemiologists have always erred on the side of what it takes to stop the virus itself and left it to policy makers to decide how and what to enforce. If you recall, they've already conceded on "perfect" protection long ago and have simply said social distancing, hand-washing, and even the crappiest cloth facial covering makes a significant difference. But we can't even do that. By most accounts the recent surge comes from Americans deciding to screw this and party. Large, maskless gatherings were always the #1 thing to avoid and in a show of independence America has proved it can ignore science and blame science at the same time. The scientists actually have been announcing good news. There's been a lot of progress on the treatment and preparation front, helping keep hospitalizations and fatalities down even as the cases hit historic highs. New evidence suggests a mutating strain that is even more communicable but less dangerous, so everything is in flux and no answer is going to please everybody. I have noted that many of the folks who want to ditch Dr. Fauci had absolutely no trouble latching onto the people in white lab coats pitching hydroxycholoroquine on the Capitol Steps, backed by their simultaneous belief in demon sperm and alien DNA.
  11. Have you seen it recently? Definitely dated early 70s sci-fi, but that Edward G. Robinson death scene still holds up.
  12. I'm seeing some pretty crappy Game 4s, and some uninspired choices from 2014. I think Branno's the only one to list Nebraska vs. Miami, Game 4, 2014, when Miami came in like the arrogant s#!t-talkers of old and Nebraska gave them a satisfying beat down at Memorial Stadium to go 4-0. How does thrashing Idaho compete with that?
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