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  1. That's why Stephen Miller's Squirrel Boi Army has been trained to attack these electrical systems. Wake up, NDJ.
  2. The power went out at a polling place? Just like it did last week at other polling places? Where the technology being used is a pencil? How often does the power go out in selective buildings on any given day? If this election goes to the Supreme Court, which will be asked to ignore the many, many irregularities that favor Donald Trump, the American experiment is over.
  3. California resident here. Actually those high housing prices are the result of supply & demand as practiced by the free enterprise system you champion. Regardless of regulations and taxes and liberalism, people keep wanting to live here, and because they continue to pay more for the privilege, you gotta figure many of them are pretty successful capitalists. And if you focus on the super-liberal Bay Area, you'll discover the greatest concentration of venture capital in the history of the world. Out in the valleys you'll see the largest agricultural output in America by far. Ask
  4. Protests aren't supposed to make people comfortable.
  5. Are you talking about the culture of the states represented, or the administration of the athletic conference, which suffers collectively under Warren, whose career is likely cooked? Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio have more in common with each other than they do with Texas. Penn State, Maryland, and Rutgers are also latecomers, but Nebraska is the better fit. Michigan isn't quite the same breadbasket state, but Colorado wasn't, and West Virginia isn't either. The Big 10 followed the Pac 12, assuming all the dominos were falling and no one would
  6. It should also be capitalized when starting a sentence.
  7. So you were happy spending less time with your family as long as football honored policemen?
  8. I think the BIg 10 is just as good a cultural fit as a conference that's chock full of Texas, with a side of West Virginia.
  9. BTW, if you thought college football observers have been tough on Nebraska recently, they would be relentless if we limped back to the not-exactly-stellar Big 12. And they'd be right.
  10. Wouldn't "voluntarily cancelling" be what we used to call "forfeiting?"
  11. This is certainly a reasonable way to look at it.
  12. Yeah, the Cowboys weren't allowed to wear the patches honoring fallen officers, and the NFL didn't allow players to wear shoes or patches in support of mental health awareness or breast cancer either. They let them honor owners with patches upon their deaths, but that's about it until the recent protests. But if you find it offensive that a league with 80% Black players changes its mind during a pivotal moment in our nation's history, you may want to make some adjustments yourself. Also, "former" Cowboys fan? What did they do to lose you?
  13. Sadly, you're going to have to give up college football as well. We will try to muddle along without you. https://www.vox.com/2020/6/17/21284501/college-football-race-iowa-george-floyd
  14. A conference where one school controls most of the decisions. And they hate you, too.
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