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  1. Pedro G

    Taj Griffin

    I’m just going by the game highlight video I saw here. Griffin has shown explosiveness besides speed. And he has shown to have quick cutting ability. I see someone who has the potential to be an effective contributor here. No guarantee, it depends on his work ethic, attitude, and ability to quickly learn Frost’s system. Of course he has to come here first.
  2. Pedro G

    Taj Griffin

    Just about everything you said is correct. However, Frost has said several times that OZ gained an extra step of speed. But, yes, his improved explosiveness was more noticeable.
  3. Pedro G

    Taj Griffin

    Maybe he won’t start, but potentially in Frost’s system he could be a decent contributor. But he has to make it here first.
  4. Pedro G

    WR Zavier Betts

    Husker for Cornhusker. Corn for Cornhusker. I have a buddy who calls them the Corn. So I started calling them that, too. It sounded different, and I happen to like it. HS_Coach_C, you could be one of the nicest people around as far as I know, and I’m not offended. Unless you are being humorist — which I will consider as a possibility — it just seemed like a silly reply. But, hey, I don’t know you, so I will keep that in mind and not draw any conclusions. Peace. Husker love.
  5. Pedro G

    WR Zavier Betts

    Oh please, give me a break. Don’t read my posts then if it bothers you so much. Ignore.
  6. Pedro G

    Taj Griffin

    Who knows why it didn’t work out for him at Oregon, unless he didn’t fit into the last two coaches’ systems. But man he looks dangerous, and perhaps with Frost’s system, he would get playing time along with Mills and Washington if he is allowed to play.
  7. Pedro G

    WR Zavier Betts

    Apparently the two Burke High signees and Piper were also all planning to go elsewhere instead of the Corn.
  8. Pedro G

    Good bye Greg Bell

    If he had the same desire and determination that Ozibo did, Bell would have been a much better player. But like many top Jucos and high schoolers, they don’t pan out for various reasons. Edit: Then we had Lamar Jackson, who due to poor coaching and bad development, almost didn’t pan out, but now in Frost’s system, he is looking to have a big senior season.
  9. Pedro G

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    Here is hoping if we still don’t quite match up against teams like Iowa and Wisconsin physically, this happens in year three, and our team speed starts taking a toll on those two opponents. Even starting next season, we may see the end of Iowa’s dominance over us, and in the coming years, we rarely see the Hawkeyes beating us. I also can see the Corn winning more than losing against the Badgers because of Nebraska’s team speed. But of course I am bias, so keep that in mind. GBR!!!
  10. Pedro G

    How’s Miles Jones Doing?

    I haven’t heard his name mentioned. What’s up with him?
  11. Pedro G

    OLB Coach Jovan Dewitt has Throat Cancer

    As a cancer survivor myself, I hope he recovers real soon. No fun at all.
  12. Pedro G

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Let’s let the kid have his day in court. Yes this looks extremely bad and it all could be true, but he is innocent until proven guilty. What else can be said?
  13. Pedro G

    Katerian Legrone's potential at WR

    He is now up to 260 and is testing well this winter, according to Hail Varsity. I expect to see him him on the field some next season. That gives us possibly two athletic TEs in the future when you add Hickman.
  14. We also have Miles Jones. That guy’s HC highlight video looks really good. If he gets healthy, he could also contribute.
  15. Very good pickup. I remember when many predicted that Frost couldn’t bring in home-run threats for his offense here.