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  1. Pedro G

    Defensive Philosophy

    Also Frost in his early assistant coaching years was a DC. I am thinking Northern Iowa, but I am not sure. I would like to think an attacking defense would have more appeal to recruits versus one that is not.
  2. I have nothing bad to say about Milton who has been great at UCF. But I would be worry about his durability in the Big with his size. I would think Frost would be reluctant to run him much, and he didn’t run that often at UCF with Frost.
  3. Pedro G

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Of course I would love to have both, too. I’m just as greedy as you are. Blah Ha!!!
  4. Pedro G


    Ozigbo of course doesn’t have Washington’s acceleration, but for a big guy, he gets going pretty quickly. So I will respectfully disagree on this. Otherwise this is an excellent post.
  5. Pedro G


    With my reasoning, Rozier, had the better college career and Craig was the better pro — he was a star like Green. Craig was the backup for Jarvis Redwine in 1980 — can’t remember if he started when Redwine was injured. He and Rozier were co starters in 1981, kind of like Orduna and Kinney in 1970, and both went over 1,000 yards. In 1982, Craig started the season at FB in front of Rozier — although he played some RB, too. Unfortunately, Craig was not 100 percent due to injury for much of 1982 and was statistically way down. But a healthy Craig could have had a 1,500-plus season in 1982 if he was healthy and was the lone back. I consider he and Rozier very close in talent and ability.
  6. I can see, with the improvements the Huskers have shown, we would bring our fans. But FSU is going backwards, and they may stay home.
  7. Pedro G


    Because of Green’s successful career with the Huskers and the Packers, I will consider him the best back we ever had. However, LP, as far as I am concerned, had the most natural talent.
  8. Pedro G

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    We get a solid commitment from Cropper, we can stop talking about Robinson. Don’t get me wrong. I wish the kid the best at Kentucky.
  9. Pedro G

    ATH Jalen Cropper

    Yes, he sure would. His comment perhaps would help cure the wounds from losing Wandal Robinson.
  10. Pedro G

    What did we learn: Illinois

    I agree 383 yards is unacceptable. What I failed to make clear, huskerfan74, is when hopefully the Corn has a good defense, it may not show statistically as much because of being on the field more. The more snaps our opponents have, the more likely they will get more yards and perhaps a few more scores. I hope I made that clearer.
  11. Pedro G

    What did we learn: Illinois

    Bingo! Your last sentence makes absolute sense. The Corn offense is not geared to eat up clock — quick striking. So yes the defense will be on the field more and give up more yards as a result.
  12. Pedro G

    What did we learn: Illinois

    Let’s give Frost and Chinander time before we jump to conclusions. Frost knows defense. He played safety in the NFL and was a DC in his early coaching days. While Frost got his offense going extremely well in his second season with UCF, perhaps he and Chinander were still in the developmental stage with the D. They were only there for two years, and this is only the first year here in Lincoln. Too early to determine how good or how bad the D will be. I like to think it will be better than worse.
  13. Pedro G

    Do We Win Out?

    I’m just grateful my number one team is N, and we have an innovative head coach with a great offensive mind. I feel good we can get our offense going against IA and to a little lesser extent with MS — yes we could defeat both. If N can force IA into a track meet, they won’t outscore us. I see Iowa with a pretty good D but with an old-fashioned and very uncreative offense. I’m glad Kirk Ferenz is not our coach.
  14. Pedro G

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Very possible it depends if he is more comfortable with the K coaching staff versus N’s.