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  1. So he had a bad game against Tulane. But he and his offense had a big impact in beating OU. That is something he and the N team couldn’t do. He had a big win, Tulane or No Tulane. Considering what went on with Frosty’s teams, KSU obviously has a better coaching staff. If they win more than they lose and make a bowl game that will confirm it. And I suspect that will happen. I would say just be happy for the kid.
  2. It tells you he and his offense was poorly coached at N. He torched OU, and good for him. He is now showing what he can do with a better coached team. I’m very happy for the kid.
  3. I fear there will be more to come. This program is in such as mess. I hope Joseph and Busch can fix some of it, but it will be a long hard road ahead.
  4. Different sport I know, but likely this is not the last coach Trev fires. Fred might end up getting the ax, too. I just don’t see him turning it around.
  5. I agree totally. If Frost is fired, any coach Trev hires outside the program would be a gamble. Might as well hire Joseph, who wouldn’t be any more of a gamble. And seriously Zac Taylor would be out of reach.
  6. Problem is who could they hire. A “good” coach would probably not come here. If Frost is canned, there no more risk hiring Joseph than anyone they could get. Might as well consider him. The coach that a lot of fans wished he would be here just took his team to the Super Bowl and has Joe Burrow. I don’t see him coming where N would be a downgrade.
  7. He’s right that they are not physical. So, for crying out loud, how are they supposed to compete against any of the Big teams? And OU doesn’t look promising. Frost seemed like the perfect hire when he came to Lincoln. But he has been a total bust. New players; same story.
  8. I grew up with Bremser. We liked his enthusiasm and all that. But he had a tendency to be off a couple of yards of the yard line. Of course man, woman and child was a classic. Us Husker fans then also love to hate Bud Wilkenson (sp?). On the Saturday games that showed Nebraska with him in the booth, he seemed to be bias against the Huskers.
  9. That Irvin’s knee is having a flare up is a red flag. That questions whether his knee can hold up for the whole season. Good that N has other backs.
  10. Depending on this season’s success, if this works out with Wipple, and MJ sticks around, I tend to think Mickey would be the next OC. But if this season is a total failure, then who knows what happens all the way around.
  11. Is there a sense among most of us that this year D will be better than last year’s because of a better pass rush? It appears we have a less experience but a very talented secondary and a very talented yet unproven DL, along with a decent LB core. So can Eric and assistances put it all together? Stay tune.
  12. Appears like Belt then won’t see much playing time. You have Alante Brown before him. And with Johnson, sorry Brody.
  13. Yes, I tend to agree about Held. Yet that was Ozibo’s coach his last year. So go figure.
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