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  1. He has said he grow up always wanting to play at Nebraska. However he also wanted to see what else is out there and wouldn’t rule out another school. But still it seems N still has the advantage.
  2. Hopefully when he is allowed to visit, he is blown away. He hasn’t been to Nebraska yet, so the battle for him continues. But, yes, it’s better he is committed than not.
  3. I think all schools’ commitments, specifically those who haven’t visited that school, are on shaky grounds. So I don’t think we are out of it yet with this lockdown. Hopefully a couple of those top Iowa prospects, who have visited N, pull the trigger — I would think they would be more solid commitments versus those near future commitments who haven’t visited.
  4. It’s questionable on how many recent commitments are solid when they have been unable to visit other schools. Thus, if recruiting is opened up again, it wouldn’t surprise me that our coaches start recruiting him again and maybe get a visit. This is not normal times. You have to think we are not out of it. I would be concerned about decommitments happening from prospects who commit to Nebraska right now for the same reason.
  5. We seemed to have successfully invaded Miami of late. Keep it going.
  6. I wish the kid the best. He has suffered from mental illness and depression for the last 6-7 years and wants to be closer to home.
  7. This article indicates we are clearly among his favorite schools. That doesn’t necessarily mean we would beat Iowa for him, but as of right now we are in the running. However, there is no mention of Wisconsin in this article. While it’s expected that we will lose some Iowa prospects to IA, I hate losing recruiting battles to Wisconsin. https://www.omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/plus/huskers-went-years-without-success-recruiting-iowa-but-that-s/article_5ad33174-6803-54ad-af45-547b1db184d3.html?utm_source=WhatCountsEmail&utm_medium=NEWS - Big Red Today HeadlinesActive Big Red Today&utm
  8. I hope Pickering is healthy next season and one of those walk-ons show something. Did Frost ever say what Pickering’s injury is? The reason I brought this up is I never have remembered seeing our kicking game being this bad. Perhaps a decent FG kicker would have won us two more games.
  9. I rather NU get a good FG kicker, unless we have a good walk-on prospect.
  10. Absolutely devastating. According to CBS Sports, he was hit by a freight train.
  11. Sorry I meant to say depleted not deleted.
  12. Nebraska may need them right away. Washington may not come back. It was hard to get a good read on Johnson who didn’t show anything great but that could be from being inexperienced. After Thompkins knee injuries we don’t know if he will be 100 percent. That leaves Mills who appears to be a solid but not a great back, but Ozibo wasn’t either until his senior season. Thus, it’s possible with winter conditioning we may see a better Mills. Plus Robinson may get beat up again by carrying the ball as much as he did last season. So what appears to be a position of good depth could get depleted. I’m g
  13. Wow, read this quote from Greg Smith: “So a little intel here. My sources indicate that Miami flat out lied to Jaiden and told him that Travis Fisher was leaving. That is what caused the panic on his end. A lot of that time on the phone was Frost and Fisher trying to convince him that Fisher was not leaving. It was obviously planned for him to be 'N' because the family had Husker gear on at ceremony.” “Recruiting gets wild, but the Huskers won out here.”
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