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  1. I never paid too much attention to recruiting service rankings. But I now think there is something to it. Wisconsin’s three-star players were no match against OSU’s four and fives. Those big-time Badger running backs can’t do anything against that talented OSU DL. I said I trust Frost in his recruiting evaluations. We may not need to achieve top-five recruiting classes to succeed at the highest level. But I’m thinking average classes within the top 15. Can we achieve that? Time will tell.
  2. Speaking of Osborne, maybe S.F. needs to have a long talk with him and gets some possible feedback. As for the coaches, stability is important. But if this poor play continues this and next season, then, yes, perhaps some coaching changes should be considered. But I think three years would be a fairer assessment rather than two for both the coaches and the players. But T.O. studied psychology. Hopefully he has some thought on what’s going on.
  3. I don’t think adjustments will help. Our D knows what they are doing, but we can’t physically stop it.
  4. I don’t agree comments like I won’t trade him for anyone are arrogant, but I will say he is guilty sometimes before the season in practice of over complimenting players. That is something Osborne was careful not to do, except onetime he did that with the QB (Mike Grant I’m thinking) before Tommie Frazier and who turned out to be a dud like Cody Green. But I still believe he is the right choice, and he needs two or three more recruiting classes to see results. I will keep my figures crossed.
  5. Perhaps you don’t go back as far as I have. I have never see a skilled player as shifty and as quick as Johnny Rodgers was. Not as fast straight away as Robinson, but if he has 80 percent of the shiftiness and quickness of Rodgers, he will be an amazing player.
  6. Agree that if Spielman has surer hands, you put him back there. But, yes, Robinson has the potential to be the most dangerous punt returner since Johnny Rodgers. As far as toughness, I believe in HC he was one of his team’s leading tacklers as a DB. So his toughness doesn’t surprise me that much.
  7. UCF has made Stanford look slow. But they need to get into a Power Five conference, if they want to avoid losing another coach. And they likely get its share of four stars and even a couple of fives.
  8. Absolutely heartbroken! Not!!!
  9. Remember that it will take at least four or five recruiting classes to have a complete team, as Frost said. Youth on offense and lack of depth showed up on defense last Saturday. Problem is when our fast-paced offense sputters, it puts the D on the field a lot more. Yes, for some reason, A-Mart is hesitant more this year. But it doesn’t help that our OL is not producing holes on the inside runs — that would take some pressure off of A-Mart. Plus Mo is not an inside runner, and Mills has failed to find the cutback lanes when available. We may find that the Huskers will need Ronald T to recover quickly — possibly he has the potential to be the best all-round back. Johnson’s size indicates he will not be an inside runner either.
  10. I haven’t read many of the others posts. Our D clearly ran out of gas. They were on the field way too long in the second half because of our sputtering offense. I think perhaps on offense the Huskers got out coached in the second half. But our defense just lost their energy. Two more good recruiting classes before things may start to get rolling. No question depth is a problem right now.
  11. We need to keep scoring. CU is still a dangerous team. Pour it own boys.
  12. If the run game doesn’t work, then N needed to execute the passing game better. It wasn’t just A-Mart missing passes, such as when he overthrew Robinson in the end zone. He failed to find open receivers like Mike Williams on that interception. For whatever reason, he locked in on his intended receivers instead of looking the whole field. A-Mart executes his passes like he normally does, he forces USA to spread out. USA gambled that making Nebraska pass would give the Jaguars a chance to win. And it did work, but easily at the same time, it would had backfired if A-Mart was sharp as usual, even with the OL problems.
  13. All I know is we need Washington, Robinson, Spielman, and Stoll. Mills so far looks as over hyped as Bell. It’s only game one, so we will see. I hope we start seeing better things on offense. Again we saw a lack of production from our other wideouts, including Noa. A-Mart had a bad game, but the WRs not getting open didn’t help. Unfortunately one time A-Mart was under pressure and failed to see a wide-open receiver and threw to the sideline, which was incomplete.
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