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  1. He has a real quick release shooting the ball and quickly gets a good look at the hoop.
  2. I remember there was like 48 seconds left on the clock during the two-point conversion attempt. So whether we tied the game 31-31 or led 32-31, Bernie Kosar would have had enough time to complete a long pass down the field and put Miami into FG range. And our defense that season was at best average if not below that. Thus Miami still would have had a chance to win the game.
  3. Wan’dale is very good, but he is not Rodgers when it comes to making quick cuts and being spectacularly elusive. I can think of a number of WRs who have faster 40 times than Rodgers, but there have been none in Lincoln who have matched Johnny Rodgers’ shiftiness. He was one of a kind. It’s too darn bad that Johnny Rodgers’ son, Terry, got injured so early. He could had been a great player.
  4. Hey Duffy, that’s a very famous first name in the history of MSU football. I am wondering if you are in my generation. I’m 64 myself. One thing older Nebraska fans do remember about Duffy is he recommended one of his assistant coaches for the Husker head coaching job — that would be Bob Devaney.
  5. I wonder about Coach V. Don’t forget A-Mart was nearly 65 percent passing his freshman year. You have to wonder if Coach V put some negative thoughts into A-Mart’s head. Of course I don’t know, but it makes me wonder.
  6. Anyone watch Rutgers vs Michigan? Vedral looks much more accurate than our two. SMH.
  7. Does anyone think our QB coach is also part of the problem? I am just asking if anyone believes this.
  8. We are lucky N didn’t get called for interference on that I believe first down pass.
  9. I worry he will get banged up again like last season. Robinson.
  10. Osborne’s third undefeated NC team in 1997, which was his last year. Solich’s second season in 1999 where the Huskers lost only to Texas but defeated UT in the Big 12 championship game.
  11. I hear you. But like you, who would we get as a coach if Frost does’t turn it around in two or three years? Too bad the Callahan experiment failed. He and his assistant coaches were great recruiters but didn’t show much on the football field. He had one top-10 recruiting class and was on the verge of having another before his last season imploded. If he and his coaching staff could had coached as good as their recruiting, they could have had consistent top-10 recruiting classes or at least top 15. So I am not comparing apples to oranges, that was only three years after the Huskers went to the
  12. All I know is if Frost again starts walk ons at WR, that doesn’t way much about our supposedly young talented receivers. Losing Spielman may bite us more than we think. Hope I am wrong. Let’s hope at least three of these receivers start showing something.
  13. Hail Varsity said they didn’t see any receivers, except for Robinson, that were impressive in this week’s practices.
  14. I remember in a different era, Nebraska had a running back who had surgery on both knees. What is amazing about this story is in 1969, medicine didn’t have many of the advances as of today. But Joe Orduna fully recovered on both his knees, and he was as good as ever in the Huskers first national Championship team of 1970. Frost thought Thompkins was as good as any RB in the country before he got injured. Thus it’s possible he can fully recovered and become an elite back.
  15. I missed the thread above. Might as well move this there.
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