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  1. Oh man you’re one of those… ha. Jk Seriously though, agreed it is a Xmas movie
  2. Did they make a bowl? No Did they lose some games they should have won? Yes Did they ever give up? Hell no! At the end of the day they made the best out of the turd sandwich they were handed by the previous staff. they won back to back B1G games for the first time since 2016 they found a way to win some one score games the defense found ways to shut teams out for entire halves we saw the best quarterback receiver connection in husker history, it was magical (just think what could have been w a decent Oline) We saw a head coach that coached w fire and emotion. THEY BEAT IOWA I know a lot of people talk about they would be happy if none of these players came back. I would love nothing more for them to be back and be the comeback story of 2023. And it saddens me they won’t get a chance at redemption w seniors leaving and players like Palmer leaving. For what it’s worth thank you for leaving it all on the field
  3. Agreed that we need someone that doesn’t let defense be an after thought but after Bush took over our defense did enough to win games for the most part. All the offense had to do was not be a complete dumpster fire. Hell our D did better against Michigan than Ohio state did. Let that marinate for a hot minute. How about Offense offense w a side of Defense and Special teams?
  4. Sure, money is great, but Mikey possesses intangibles others don’t and along with NIL he could recruit a pretty potent squad
  5. Some interesting takes… A) don’t compare Rhule to Mike Riley. Comparing their records is like comparing apples to oranges that aren’t on the same planet. While their records are similar the end result was not. B) There’s a lot Mikey could have done better this season but he DID just beat an Iowa team we have lost 7 straight to in spite of an anemic play caller and offense (with the exception of Casey and Palmer, which are only here because of Mickey I might add) just my 2 cents carry on
  6. I don’t know, Mickey got a top 100 recruit to come here when he had his choice of a lot of great programs.He literally said the only reason he came here was because of Mickey. I think it would be extremely arrogant and stupid for us to part ways with Mickey because we have recruited well in the past without him
  7. Kids picking their noses and eating it while Mickey looks on. Kinda sums up this season. Oh well GBR!
  8. Insanity- doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results In our case thinking Nebraska can hold onto a lead week after week
  9. I saw that too. He freaked out then gave the TD signal. I think he had Palmer lined up man to man on the outside
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