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  1. @Mavric Do you know how much control/interest there'd be to address this? We manage digital campaigns at my work and it's fairly easy for us to stop serving certain types of ads on specific sites, but I have no idea what the protocols would be here.
  2. Yes, they'll definitely have to change it. Our general approach to these situations is to give the user an opportunity to offer an alternative before we change it for them. If they ignore our request or argue it, we'll put them on moderator approval (and not approve any of their comments/activity) until they give us the alternative. 45timesbetterthananempysuit is still on moderator approval since he wouldn't offer an alternative. We contacted HuskerforTrump2020 last week for the change request but they haven't logged in at all since then.
  3. I think that's a fair point. Saying "no" would be a bad look to some unless there was some other cause she would be supporting, so it could have been a little awkward. I doubt Christian intended that though, even if it's a reasonable interpretation. But, at the same time, GU did ask for suggestions publicly. Perhaps this wasn't quite what anyone expected or anticipated, but the door was opened up.
  4. IMO, I don't think a whole heck of a lot of attention (relatively speaking) will be put onto the passing of Christian's father. I'm almost certain it will be mentioned to some capacity. If I were the producer, I'd run a couple mentions or brief segments early in the show and even announce then that GU is wearing a jersey to honor his father. That way, when it comes time for all the fun stuff and game picks, the attention can be fully on that in order to build suspense and excitement. Ultimately, I don't think it's going to be that big of a deal. If I were in Christian's shoes, I think it'd be pretty special for GU to do something like that, but everybody grieves in different ways.
  5. Sensitive? Of the two of us, which one has spent the last few days whining in the board feedback forum? To be honest, I don't really care if people have a difficult time using the Ignore function in conjunction with self-control. Most of us here are adults and shouldn't need to have their hands held in order to act like one. I don't think you really care, either. You continue to show a relative disinterest in contributing to honest, productive conversations around here.
  6. If you want to continue throwing yourself an internet pity party, find somewhere else to do it. Either follow the rules & guidelines we have in place for P&R or find another message board. If you're incapable of making an appropriate decision on your own then we will make it for you.
  7. I have not, but I appreciate the recommendation. I'll have to check it out!
  8. Enhance

    Keto Diet

    Generally speaking, not as much energy and had some issues with consistent/healthy bowel movements. Also started to get some acne popping up on my body which hadn't happened in years. Part of it was just a mental thing, too. My diet mostly consisted of lean proteins and a ton of vegetables while on keto, but the increase in the amount of fats I was eating just didn't make feel healthy even though I was shedding some weight.
  9. Enhance

    Keto Diet

    I wouldn't say much of the dogma around red meat is 'garbage'. It's like a lot of different foods out there - consuming it in excess quantities is probably a bad idea. I only do red meat once a week, if that. I mostly do fish or seafood, turkey and chicken for protein, especially now that I've been muscle building the last few months. Interesting update for my previous keto journey though: I'll probably never do it again. I enjoyed the weight loss results, but there can be negative side effects that result from the removal of whole grains and those types of carbs from the body for an extended period of time. Everybody's different of course, but when I switched to the Mediterranean Diet after the keto, I actually ended up losing more weight.
  10. I think this sort of 'passive' blocking maneuver will be fairly effective, as evidenced by Williams. The key really will be not 'lighting up' the tackler. We will need more data and examples but, so far, it seems like the rule worked as intended and it avoided the injury risk that they're trying to eliminate. And, at the end of it all, the punt return was successful.
  11. Bingo. The offensive line played poorly, some receivers struggled to get open, some receivers did not do a good job helping Adrian extend plays when things broke down, Dedrick Mills didn't read or hit his gaps overly well, turnovers, penalties, and Adrian clearly tried to do too much a few times. There's really no excuse for any of that. I could understand a modicum of it given that it was week one, but that was not a great football team they played. Probably not even a good one at this point. They should've done a much better job executing the game plan that they did have. Perhaps what's most disconcerting to me is that Frost made it seem like this was not the same offense he saw during all of fall camp. So, there are a lot of ways to look at that, and the sky certainly isn't falling. But, I think it's fair for all of us to feel and say that we expected a bit more than we saw. Big kudos to the defense today. Massive improvement from recent years and 14 of the points they gave up came off of turnovers by the offense.
  12. Customer at Lincoln convenience store who shot would-be thief is arrested When I first opened this story, I assumed the shooter was somehow directly involved in some kind of physical altercation when the gun went off, or maybe even shot the perpetrator because they were attacking someone. But, to straight up shoot at their back while they run away? Yikes.
  13. The rumor mill is buzzing that Ozigbo has locked up the 3rd back spot in NO.

    1. suh_fan93


      I just watched their last game and he was getting extra yards after contact and making guys flat out miss and thought to myself that guy definitely deserves to be on an NFL roster.  He looked really good with what he had to work and with his opportunities when given the ball imo.

    2. ColoradoHusk


      I am not sure how much special teams he played at Nebraska, but it helps a guy like him if he can be on coverage teams.  The last few guys on the roster have to be able to contribute on special teams.

  14. Yikes. I didn't expect this rough of a start. I thought he would do fairly well there. They had a composite 18th ranked recruiting class in 2018 and a 40 least year, so they shouldn't have that bad of players.
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