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  1. Enhance

    Kudos to SF

    It depends on what your expectation or definition is of a "power run element." Frost's offense, with the right players and execution, can get tough yards in the run game. It just may not be in a format or scheme people are accustomed to seeing. But, we saw it work against Michigan St. in 2018. The bigger issue, particularly in 2019, was that Nebraska just couldn't find its overall offensive identity and rhythm. It's tough to run the football against most division one defenses, but it's even tougher when the rest of the offense struggles to perform as a cohesive and fluid unit.
  2. Enhance

    Kudos to SF

    I'm not personally getting too caught up in what these staff changes do or don't mean, outside of the hope that it all leads to a better product on the field. We've all seen examples of where staff consistency can be a good or bad thing and we've seen examples of where staff changes can be a good or bad thing. I have an immense amount of confidence in Frost still, but he can only do so much. This staff hasn't quite yet found the right pieces to put a solid product on the field. Hopefully, these changes will be a step in the right direction.
  3. I hope (though doubt) we'll get some additional clarification outside of a "mutual" understanding. The lack of WR development last year was particularly jarring, for whatever the reason. So, I wonder if and how much that played into this agreement.
  4. Hey @Roxy15 - just FYI that I have merged several of your recent joke threads into one super thread in order to clean up the forum a bit. Please update this thread with any new jokes you wish to share. Thanks!
  5. I would never dream of doing something so devious and immoral...
  6. 10% of registered board users in order to bring it to a vote. So, just need 1,208.
  7. (not a signature) This post is not to argue for or against but to provide some background and additional perspective. Rumorville has been an on again/off again forum for many years. It usually resurfaced during major coaching changes or things of a similar impact. It was turned off in 2018 for a few reasons: - It tends to cause quite a few board maintenance and organizational challenges - Many users don't use it, so it's common for items to be discussed in both places without all users realizing it - We field routine questions about whether non-sports items should be in there or their appropriate forum When the mods discussed it last time, we landed on just notating rumored threads with either "rumor" in the subject line or some kind of question mark. We ultimately felt this was the solution that worked best and provided the most flexibility for overall board needs.
  8. That script does have a lot of interesting potential. Overall, I think I would've been more interested in that as a general direction as opposed to what we got. Of course, there isn't near as much fan service happening in that story, so I can't say I'm surprised that it was ultimately shot down. And as the author of that breakdown mentions, a lot of movies can seem great at a high level. Then you start reading the script and they can turn into a dumpster fire. The only thing I wouldn't have liked is another Star Wars movie focusing around a central theme of 'should the Jedi die.' I feel like we beat that narrative to death in The Last Jedi.
  9. I only watched the first few seasons of GoT, but I think it really comes down to the writing and overall pacing. GoT established its rules pretty quickly and did a fairly good job of allowing the viewer to grow into their understanding of the universe. There wasn't much room for misinterpretation or confusion about who the power players were, what timeline everything was happening on, etc. The Witcher didn't really follow this path. It's almost like they expected viewers to have a base understanding of the world, throwing out names of Kings and deadly creatures like we might throw out the names of prominent college football teams. We wanted to say "OK, hold up - who/what are all of these things and why do they matter?" It takes a few too many episodes to get a grasp of that, and even then, it's not a solid one. That's why I agree with @RedDenver in the sense that it was good, but some of those storytelling decisions prevent it from being great.
  10. Fixed it for you. Comments like "can you read" do nothing to advance or help the discussion. Time to tone it down. The truth of the matter is that Burrow was a highly touted QB recruit, but it is wildly unfair to speculate what that would've meant if he had ended up at Nebraska. Maybe he succeeds, maybe he doesn't. Maybe he transfers out after Riley is fired. Maybe Frost recruits him to Nebraska and we win 7 games instead of 5 last year. There are/were far too many variables at play to speculate fairly. Personally, all we can say with absolute certainty is that he has made the right life choices up to this point as far as football is concerned. Absolutely sensational college QB, Heisman winner, and a first round draft pick. I think it's something to admire and be proud of for the kid.
  11. I agree fully, and that's coming from someone who has what I would consider a better than average understanding of the universe. This timeline guide on Reddit is fairly helpful, though: https://www.reddit.com/r/witcher/comments/elazgj/the_witcher_tv_series_timeline_guide/
  12. A pilot program is going to test paying Taco Bell managers $100k salaries in an effort to reduce turnover... forcing millions of Americans to question their life choices.

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      @Xmas32 it also helps that their product isn't a$$. Just sayin.


      I mean if employee retention is what you want and it benefits the bottom line to pay them 2-3 times what you've been doing, fine. But it still isn't going to do much for a Taco Bell type place as far as increasing customers and sales. It might have the effect of lowering their costs tho.

    3. NUance


      I have a feeling that those little 4 oz. Taco Bell soft tacos are soon going to weigh in at about 2 oz.  

    4. Xmas32


      @JJ Husker I agree that Taco Bell's pilot program is probably doomed to fail.  Too many things working against it.

  13. Looking for feedback! I'm planning to apply for an airline credit card/traveler's credit card and I'm currently down to two options - I'm either going to get a general one with Chase Sapphire Preferred Rewards or an airline specific one with Delta Skymiles. But, I'd love to get thoughts/opinions from anyone who travels a lot. Who do you use? Pros/cons? Would you go with a different rewards program now if you could? Thanks!

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    2. teachercd
    3. krc1995


      Went through this myself last month. Is there a set airline that you use? The only thing that’s nice about airline cards is some give you a free bag, priority boarding and other perks that are pretty much hassle free to use. But I chose the Sapphire. It’s a very heavy card. 

    4. Caveman


      I use a Chase Sapphire Preferred and its great. Although if you are considering a Chase Sapphire Preferred, get the Chase Sapphire Reserve instead. It's annual fee is $350 extra per year, but you get $300 each year in travel vouchers, more cash back per expenditures, and free global entry.


      Both cards provide free rental car insurance and insurance for electronic purchases. 

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