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  1. If you could have one routine task done for you all the time, through no effort of your own, what would it be?


    I waffle between shaving or anything to do with dishes. Trimming nails has always been a pain to me, but I don't do that every day.

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    2. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Sex ,sometimes I just want to sleep 

    3. teachercd


      Grocery shopping.  By the way, great question!  Oh, and BJ's...I am not as flexible anymore.

    4. huKSer
  2. If I have to choose one, it's ranch, but I think the types of wings I order are often pretty good without anything additional. I almost never use blue cheese for anything unless it's crumbled and stuffed into a roast.
  3. Very much so. Their content decision making, alongside the callers they pander to, has basically shut me off from them. The second I hear 'Nebrasketball Mike' or 'Joe in Phoneix' I turn off the station. I'll often tune in for segments with Sipple or Nate Clouse but that's about it these days.
  4. See, this is all pretty interesting, and fairly in line with my perspective on it. Local TV stations put a particularly heavy reliance on it. Some MOS stories can be interesting (i.e. if a major construction project is going to impact something negatively) but just asking randos to share their political opinions is... stupid. Like @knapplc said, chances are you're going to rope yourself in to unintelligent rabble. It drives me particularly irate on sports talk shows, including local ones, and it's part of the reason I don't listen to them much anymore. 1620 the Zone's pandering to 'Nebrasketball Mike' (and a bunch of other regulars they shove to the front of the call line in ALL their shows) forces me to just change the station. And then when the host gets into petty fights with the person (like Bahe used to do all the time, not sure if he still does) it's just like... why am I even listening to this nonsense?
  5. I was going to put this in a status update, but figured it might dive too deeply into specific politics, so this is probably the better home. Some people I know have to report on the Trump visit in Iowa this week, and some of them have been relegated to doing 'MOS' interviews as part of the content gathering. (Quick definition for those who don't know - a 'man on the street' interview, particularly in the TV world, is when a reporter randomly asks strangers to interview about a specific topic). So, for instance, some reporters will be tasked with asking random Trump supporters what they think of him being here, why they're supporting him, what hot button issues they're hoping to hear him speak about, etc., etc. I'm sure you've seen these types of things before. They will likely also be responsible for finding random people who want to protest/speak out against Trump. Do you, as a viewer/listener/reader, find these types of interviews valuable? And, as a related topic, do you enjoy when people call into radio talk shows (sports or politics) and share their opinions? I, personally, can't stand them. I feel it's rare someone will actually say something valuable or interesting. But, perhaps my opinion is less popular than I think.
  6. +1. I think you accurately described a lot of reasonable nuance to this situation. Your third paragraph here is particularly poignant because let's be honest - not many 18-year-old kids are well-versed in their rights. I know I certainly wasn't at that age, and I also wasn't black or a division one college football athlete. I can only imagine what was rolling through his mind. Perhaps part of it was 'I better tell the truth and agree to whatever they suggest here so that I don't make my likely punishment any worse.'
  7. I remember we got busted when I was a sophomore in college with alcohol in the dorms. What sucks is that I hadn't even been drinking, but a few of my friends were doing jello shots and tossing a big workout ball around the room. Someone called the RA, university police showed up, forced us to dump the alcohol and then go meet with the building administrator the next week. Needless to say, 25 hours of "community service" later (I went to volleyball matches, helped set up trash cans ahead of time and take them down, so each time counted for like four hours) we were much sneakier about drinking in the dorms. Totally not related to the issue at hand but I know the feels of getting caught with banned stuff in the dorms.
  8. All I know is, at some point in my lifetime, we will probably be able to file this law away comfortably in its rightful place... probably somewhere around the ones that used to allow witch burning.
  9. I don't blame Vettel for being pissed about the 5 second penalty in this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix that cost him the win, and there probably wasn't anything he could do to avoid the situation once it happened, but I feel like people are glossing over the fact that he made a mistake. He wouldn't have been in a position to get penalized if he hadn't lost control of his car. It doesn't really matter if it was the tires or something else - that's racing. People get penalized in sports all the time for stuff they didn't intend to do, but if you do make a mistake, that's kind of on you, Seb.

    1. ZRod


      Yeah, but mistakes are a part of racing, and at a certain point you have to let the race have a natural progression without too much outside influence.


      I see both sides of it. If you are an Indy or NASCAR fan the penalty looks dumb and the incident is just a normal part of racing. If you're an F1 guy, the penalty is technically by the book but a little harsh for a no harm no foul incident. He pinched Hamilton, but it wasn't like he was totally out of control. You should still be able to defend your position safely.

    2. jsneb83


      I couldn't even watch the race because our local ABC station showed the stupid White Sox game.

    3. VectorVictor


      @jsneb83 next time that happens, try the ESPN app. Happens all the time in the DFW area when F1 is on the ABC affiliate and they choose to show something else instead because of...reasons. 


      As for Vettel, I do have a hard time sympathizing with him when he was on the right end of these decisions a couple of times during his run a few years ago. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, you're going to storm around like a petulant child and switch the place markers in front of the cars around?

      This was all because of Vettel's mistake, and I really have a problem with him returning to the racing line when he completely went off the course. He even admitted he saw Hamilton in his mirror on the broadcast, and that admission has to factor in to whether or not one views this as an 'out of control'/racing incident or Vettel trying to get away with something there. 

  10. I love this. Russia's response to HBO's Chernobyl mini series is their own tv series about two fictional characters playing out a theory that there may have been a CIA agent at the plant when the explosion occurred; though, they admit nobody has ever been able to prove that this possible 'servant of the enemy' had anything to do with the explosion. If that's not the most Russian thing you've ever heard... Quote from the story
  11. Enhance

    75 Years Since D-Day

    Dude hit the ground hard for a 97-year-old. What a badass.
  12. Enhance

    75 Years Since D-Day

    Some cool photos from France and the D Day celebration on Omaha.com. (free)
  13. Enhance

    75 Years Since D-Day

    I've read quite a bit about this topic and I remember talking about it a little bit in some college history courses. It's sort of nuanced. - World War II was perhaps the biggest catalyst to establishing America as a global power. Up until this point, the U.S. wasn't really looked at or viewed in this way, but the massive economic and manpower effort to enter the war basically helped catapult America into the power we know it as today. So, it did a lot of positive things for our global perception and how people viewed our contributions. - We live in a America, so we tend to aggrandize our efforts (often unintentionally). - America officially launched itself into the European war on D Day and it was over less than a year later, which I think further buoys the perceived value of our contributions, fair or not. - Some people/countries like to take America's WWII success and use it as a dig or insult, sort of like uh 'oh yeah, of course Americans think they won the war,' or 'of course America thinks they did the most' but it really boils down to bad jokes and stereotyping.
  14. Enhance

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    IMO, what the research does or doesn't say is, at this point, irrelevant to the matter at hand. As are personal opinions about marijuana. The university outlaws what Mo did. The state does not have legalized marijuana. I think we've all done things that were illegal and didn't get caught, but if one does get caught, making indirect or direct excuses for it is lame. It sort of is what it is until the law says otherwise.