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  1. F1 starts again on Sunday. YAY SPORTS!

  2. Honestly haven't picked up anything from Steam though I did see some good deals. I've been wrapped up in COD/Warzone for the last six weeks or so on PC. Doom Eternal was really good FWIW. Didn't have a lot of replayability to me but still enjoyed it.
  3. I got really lazy and took all of my knives to a dude to have him sharpen them.

    1. RedDenver


      I did that for years, and it's a really good option if you don't want to sharpen them yourself.

    2. macroboy


      The Knife Guys in Denver are my go to

    3. dubsker


      My wife has been doing most of the cooking lately, and my time has been a bit short.  I wanted to set her up for success while she learned how to cook and I didn't feel like honing all my knives by hand for a few hours.  Plus, support your local business right now and all that.

  4. I'm inordinately excited about my whet stone that just arrived and sharpening my chef's knife for the first time... ever.

    I'm also thinking about ordering a better knife sometime soon, something like a Damascus steel. Anyone have one of those?

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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      I have been gifted a Shun; chef, boning, and santoku knives over the past several years. I freakin love them. My Dad is the cook in the family, so I bought him a whet stone for Father’s Day last year and it has been quite useful. I was unsure which one to purchase, so I just went with a less expensive one that had solid reviews.

      Side note: If you want to gawk at some fancy Damascus steel and can afford a cool $1,000 knife, check out Muamasi Fire Art. Joe Rogan talked about him briefly on a podcast and he was a judges pick contender who won an episode on Forged in Fire. Went to HS with him and he is a super great guy. https://instagram.com/maumasifirearts?igshid=11lolgktyp3ns

    3. dubsker
    4. RedDenver


      @Enhance I found this youtube channel to be the most useful for learning to sharpen. Just look for the intro or beginner videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOluHMoKJ6CrS0kcybhaThg

  5. I've been pretty fortunate that my mother-in-law has a gym built inside the business she owns - only a couple of us in the family actually use it and usually at different times. So, we haven't worn face masks since no one is around and we wipe down surfaces of equipment we use. Are local gyms requiring masks to be worn at all times?
  6. Agreed. I guess I said 'many cases' but really I just think it comes down to what's necessary. Do we need to preserve every statue of a Confederate Civil War general? No. But, I think there should be honest conversations about what should be done with them as opposed to just destroying them without a second thought. Germany is a fascinating case study on this FWIW. Spent some time studying it in college. Nazism is far more taboo in their culture than the Confederacy has been in ours; but, they're still preserving that history, showing it in museums, teaching it in schools, etc. It's a painful topic to embrace but they eventually embraced it. Germany's first reaction was to just tear down and destroy but they ultimately realized that wasn't the right path to go down.
  7. IMO any statue that needs to be removed should be torn down by the appropriate folks and, in many cases, preserved. I think it's important to be able to go to a museum and see some of these things as opposed to just reading about them in text book. Those visual, intimate experiences always stick with people more than what a textbook can provide, and forgetting history means we're just doomed to repeat it.
  8. I've tried homemade variants of Canes sauce a few times over the years (never with garlic salt).They've all been along these lines but they've never tasted 100% like it; maybe more like 90-95%? I've noticed that I'm acutely aware of the mayo and ketchup flavorings when I make it and that's not something I really pick up on when I eat actual Canes sauce. It could just be because I made it, I know what it's in it, and therefore it's much easier for me to pick up on the different ingredients. I'm not sure. But, homemade versions are still pretty darn good.
  9. I haven't heard of anything, either, but I admittedly stopped paying attention when he entered the transfer portal. Based off everything that's happened in the last ~18 months, I can't see Frost ever taking Mo back. The university provided quite a bit of support to him (moreso than a lot of other universities may have) and then Mo failed to meet whatever standards Frost had in place for him to stay on as a member of the team. That's not to say coaches are perfect, but when 100+ dudes figure out a way to stay on the team, and somebody else doesn't, benefit of the doubt usually goes to the coach.
  10. @knapplc noticed he's showing up on NSP's site, too.
  11. Hey Roxy - just FYI, you need to tag another member using the @ symbol if you wish for them to see content on the board. However, this only works in the body of a post. It does not work in thread titles. Just type the '@' symbol (no quotations) immediately followed by the posters name and then click their name when it pops up. For example: @Xmas32
  12. @Roxy15 I merged some of these threads together since it appeared they were closely related to one another. Please feel free to update an existing topic in these situations to help limit clutter on the board. Thank you!
  13. Hey Roxy! While we appreciate the thought, we want to encourage threads/topics in this sub forum that generate productive conversation and/or introduce board members to new recipes. Most members could probably utilize other resources (i.e. search engines like Google) to track something like this down if they need it.
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