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  1. Yeah some people are getting F'in loony about all of this. Some people even think a shelter-in-place order would mean you couldn't even go for a walk in the neighborhood.
  2. Yeah, I can confirm that "most" are taking it seriously in Nebraska, some people more than necessary. I thought Facebook was already a bit of a cesspool but humanity has proven me wrong. I saw someone go on a lengthy diatribe about how two people playing catch in their yard were violating quarantine and that the local news outlets should be hunting these people down.
  3. They'll never have to buy a beer again if this works out.
  4. To Mr. Stanton's question, look no further than this tweet as to why that piece of information isn't getting more attention. I've known this for months, and I wasn't even closely following coronavirus news until about 4-5 weeks ago. Some elected government officials and leaders don't even know the details of what we're fighting. Few are going to care about the prospects in June when they're just trying to get their minds wrapped around the here and now.
  5. Nobody is being treated any differently. We err on the side of allowing freedom of speech and we're typically not going to reprimand someone for having a perspective or opinion different than your own. This is far too often (and inaccurately) labeled as trolling in this forum. We're also not going to fact check every single claim and/or source that someone posts into the P&R forum. You're welcome to report something if you think it's in violation of a board rule. What I've posted here is not a suggestion. Please keep this thread on topic.
  6. Everybody always thinks they're the logical one seeing both sides of an argument with information provided by reputable sources. The fact that we have to belabor this point constantly in P&R threads is exhausting. Quite a bit of this back and forth is better reserved for the Shed. If some of you don't like what each other have to say, put each other on Ignore and practice some self control. This thread isn't the place for some of these discussions.
  7. I know this is sort of a macabre way of thinking, but I've been wondering if we'll hit a point where the negative impacts the virus is having on the economy trumps (no pun intended) the death toll. Meaning... people sort of hit a level of acceptance that people are going to die and other things need to get back on track. I saw something yesterday that Uber may not make it past August/September if things stay as they are because 70% of their revenue is based of rides and nobody is going anywhere (don't have the source handy). News companies (essential businesses) are furloughing employees to avoid going under because advertisers have pulled back. And last night on KETV, they reported some economists think the unemployment rate could rise as high as 32%. To be clear, I'm NOT advocating for this mentality. It seems more fitting for a movie plot than real life. But I've already heard this viewpoint get expressed from some pockets of the world/country.
  8. Pretty wild that some officials in Texas would use coronavirus as a path to preventing abortions. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-abortion/u-s-judge-stops-texas-from-curbing-abortions-during-coronavirus-crisis-idUSKBN21H3B1
  9. It'd be more accurate to call it editorial journalism, hence the reason I spend very little time listening to those types of things.
  10. This kind of stuff isn't cool either and is best reserved for the Shed.
  11. There are lawn signs all over my neighborhood for a booze delivery company called 'ChugHub,' branded identically to the infamous adult website. I keep wondering how long that little experimental marketing ploy is going to last.
  12. I agree, but to @Landlord's point, the AD posted a $6.6 million profit in 2018 and a $12 million profit in 2019. The somewhat generic statement of a 'several multi-million dollar' hit makes it difficult to put into context, so I think its fair to ask what that really means. Of course, I don't think it takes a mathematical genius to look at the landscape of 2020 and think that turning a profit could be a struggle even for Nebraska. Moos can't just sit back with his fingers crossed. And this is a team coming off three straight losing seasons. I count myself among the group of people who is experiencing some waning interest and I'm not as inclined as I once was to spend money on Nebraska.
  13. FWIW, digital advertising is not exclusively based off of browsing history. Sometimes there's remnant backfill that's serving to anyone anywhere it can just to get impressions. Some agencies may also just be lazily pushing ads to the masses or do some very basic targeting like 'males in area X' or 'males between ages y and z.' Digital advertising can be very sophisticated but not always.
  14. I can't speak to your perspective during the last 4-5 years, but I've seen this done to his face. I've seen reporters directly contradict him in person and not ask open-ended questions. It even happened during the debates. The moderators directly called him out on his BS in front of millions of people. It didn't seem to matter that much then.
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