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  1. I believe Milton thought about it, but I think Frost would've encouraged Milton to stay at UCF for several reasons including how poor it would've looked and that Milton would've needed to sit out a year. It wouldn't have been a good fit.
  2. Enhance

    Brohm gone?

    I think Scott Frost is an apt comparison because of the ties Brohm has to Louisville, but, I also think one could rationalize a couple of other things about the move: Louisville is the better job and Purdue is on a path to finish with a record around where they did last season. Perhaps he feels they still have a long way to go and, if there's going to be a rebuild, it may as well be at a place where he has his heart.
  3. Enhance

    Brohm gone?

  4. Same. It's no offense to them - most of them are nice people. A big part of it is we're one of the youngest couples in the neighborhood (most of the homeowners are 40+ with kids, and I'm almost 30 with no kids) and we don't really want/need social interaction with our neighbors. I feel like many of the technological advancements we enjoy today somewhat limit the desire for neighborly interactions.
  5. Enhance

    Han Solo Spinoff Confirmed

    Just watched this last night. Overall, I found it enjoyable and entertaining, although it felt a little indecisive about what it wanted to be at times. And some of the story was a little disjointed.
  6. The smallest "town" I ever lived in was Lincoln. Collectively, the stupidest drivers I've ever been around. Otherwise, pretty decent place.
  7. Enhance

    Movie Reviews

    Nice! So did we. I found out the Queen Live Aid performance has more than 84 million views. I bet that will shoot up even more now, along with Queen CD/song sales.
  8. Enhance

    Movie Reviews

    Bohemian Rhapsody While at times entertaining, it's largely a victim of its own story. It's almost an insurmountable task to wedge 20 years of information into two and a half hours, so much of the band's/characters' growth feels problematically rushed. The guy they got to play Freddie did OK. He improved as the movie became more serious. The 'performances' and reenactments of their shows were pretty great though, especially as a Queen fan. The Live Aid reenactment was pretty cool.
  9. I'm playing through AC: Odyssey right now. I think it's an improved game from Origins and I'm really enjoying the gameplay/story. One significant thing I don't like - it feels like they're subtly trying to incentivize micro-transactions. The game's current state requires a lot of resources and drachmae (i.e. gold) in order to upgrade your character's gear and ship. You can get this by doing missions and clearing question mark locations around the map but you can spend hours clearing these question marks only to gain enough resources for a couple upgrades. Surprise, surprise: you can buy "Time-Savers" in the Helix Store to avoid the time commitment associated with gathering resources. Fortunately, they've announced that they're going to be lowering the amount of resources necessary for upgrades within the next month or so.
  10. I did a full replay of the series last year but I had never done the Citadel DLC or Leviathan, so those were incredible treats.
  11. Enhance

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    I got you, fam. "If we had armed every toddler within a one mile radius of this shooting, this wouldn't have happened. One of them would've been riding his Big Wheel down the street, strapped, ready to take action." - Probably Trump
  12. Enhance

    The American Press

    We need more Americans to take greater personal responsibility in how and where they get their news. Much of the angst and aggression with the news cycle is often directed at TV media - CNN, Fox, ABC, etc. People are also incredibly enamored with social media. They seem to forget much of what shows up in their timeline is determined by factors out of their control. Of course, entities like the WaPost and NYT land in the crosshairs with regularity, however their print and online formats allow for a wider (and more in-depth) account of local, national, and world news. God forbid somebody, you know, actually went to those websites or print formats and took the time to... read... rather than rely on what shows up in their Twitter timelines or shared around their Facebook feeds. For clarification, I think media outlets need to be better, too. We just all need to be better.
  13. Ohhhhhhh hell yeah. Let me know what you think after you see it. Two Storms is incredible especially if you appreciate the art of filmmaking.
  14. Enhance

    2018 mid-term

    It'd be interesting to know what kind of crossover happened between parties. I've been a registered R in Nebraska my whole adult life but I mostly voted Democrat in the major ballot categories yesterday.