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  1. That's not, Athlon Official, that's Brandon Cavanaugh. The guy is a glorified message board poster who writes a billion articles for clicks, and they don't really say anything.
  2. I would probably take that right now.
  3. My brother's friend has had it twice. Once in early April, and just got it again. Works for a local grocery chain, where he think he got it. I was playing Xbox with him the other day and asked how he's doing. He hasn't been hospitalized or anything, but it certainly isn't a vacation.
  4. I uploaded the predicted standings page from the magazine.
  5. Sam McKewon had a good take on the Iowa Rivalry thing at the end of last weeks Pick Six podcast: https://omny.fm/shows/the-pick-six-podcast-husker-sports-news-and-analys/pick-six-podcast-jd-spielman-transfer-and-the-chan?t=70m29s
  6. I'm assuming Damian Jackson's team won? I wonder if they just gave him a paintbrush and said "go get em" lol.
  7. Athlon posted their online preview.
  8. I got my magazine over the weekend, I'll upload a screenshot of the predictions page soon.
  9. 1420 miles 21hours 3 minutes
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