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  1. The Big Ten under Kevin Warren is more incompetent than the Big 12 was under Dan Beebe. #changemymind

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    2. admo


      He is in over his head for sure.  But he will never cater to the way of Texas.  Ohio State and Michigan?  Maayyybe a little.

    3. BigRedBuster


      Both are/were totally screwed up for different reasons.

    4. swmohusker


      disagree.  Wrong or Right, Warren is at least consistently bad for all teams involved.  Favoritism is unbearable for those not being favored.  

  2. Yeah, guess it really seems like 3 years ago because, well... 2020.
  3. Same. I'd absolutely love a an old fashioned blowout win though. Seems like it's been ages since we've had one of those.
  4. 2020 Game 4 “Expert” Picks: Illinois @ Nebraska ————— CollegeFootballNews.com https://collegefootballnews.com/2020/11/nebraska-vs-illinois-prediction-game-preview Why Illinois Will Win Well there’s the running game. Illinois had a few decent runs here and there, and the passing game worked against Purdue, but against Rutgers the offense finally started to rumble like it’s supposed to with 338 yards on the ground with Chase Brown having a big day, and former star recruit Isaiah Williams going off after getting the chance to make the offense his. Williams only hit
  5. 2020 Game 3 “Expert” Picks: Penn State @ Nebraska ————— CollegeFootballNews.com https://collegefootballnews.com/2020/11/penn-state-vs-nebraska-prediction-game-preview Why Penn State Will Win You are what your record is, but the team is better than 0-3. What’s been the problem? The offensive line has been a big issue, turnover margin was devastating against Indiana and Maryland, and the defense is having a rough time getting off the field. However … The run defense hasn’t been all that bad, the passing game has worked, and the pass rush has been effective. Nebraska? It’
  6. Ignoring the fact that Chattanooga has done a better job of controlling it than Wisconsin... If we're worried about spread, then the Badgers won't be allowed to play for 21 days, right?
  7. Dan Patrick said it in the video clip.
  8. It literally blows my mind that people are upset that Nebraska has tried to have a well thought out plan for the season, with contingencies.
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