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  1. Hey, sounds fun if you're a Robocop fan.
  2. Yes it is August. Yes, this is dumb. No, I don't care. Dec. 26 Quick Lane Nebraska vs. Toledo Big Ten vs. MAC 2:30 p.m. Detroit, Mich. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/bowls/predictions/
  3. I know we suck right now, and aren't gonna get a lot of attention. But I actually enjoy watching other games too, and seeing all the info on the matchups. But ever since the playoff started, ESPN has been so hyper focused on the playoff and "who's in" that it's ruining their product. Like, who the hell cares about "who's in" after Labor day weekend?
  4. Honestly, as someone who used to watch Gameday religously... it's just not the same. I'll still watch it that first weekend, and also flip it on first thing on saturdays because the opening gets me in the mood for the day, but after that.... IDK. I've been watching the Fox show more, because they actually cover more stuff. Also, while the BTN show isn't as "high quality" at least they talk about all the matchups. Gameday is 3 hours long, but only about 30 minutes of it is actually useful. Outside of the picks at the end of the show, the rest of it is all fluff pieces or focused on like 6 teams and the playoff.
  5. Honestly... I'm shocked Iowa isn't ranked. Texas, Miami, USC, A&M????
  6. The 8th on Monday. I can't read a calendar, lol.
  7. @Mavric I'm splitting this into its own topic because FPI is not technically Bill's thing (he does SP+). Article below.
  8. Thats the "on campus" schedule, so the dates for each team being on the show should be a day or so behind that.
  9. They'll be at practice on 08/04/22, and it will air on the B1G Show on Monday, August 9th at 5PM Central. They'll also have a bunch of Nebraska themed programming that day.
  10. I swapped OSU for Michgian. I'm so used to our "balanced" schedule from the Big 10, that have OSU on it is just engrained in my brain.
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