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  1. Now that we have an answer, should we lock this thread up? Or wait until kickoff of the first game.
  2. All of the Big Ten fans right now...
  3. I'm probably waiting on the PS5/Series X since it looks like there is nothing I want for launch, and I'm finally gonna upgrade my sandy bridge machine from 2011! Gonna bring the 1070 over for now, and jump on the 3xxx series when they drop next quarter. I'm just deciding between a 9600K or 10600K 10600k: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/R4fPRk 9600K: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mt2VMc
  4. Guys, I'm really enjoying the Big Ten schadenfreude this week. Going through a whole lot of popcorn while I'm smugly enjoying Nebraska being right.

    1. Loebarth


      Did you just say never has being wrong felt so right? If so, thumbs up :movegoalpost:

  5. Waiting for Desmond Howard to demand that Michigan gets kicked out...
  6. I wonder if the vote last night actually did happen, it leaked before it was announced, and now that everyone is blasting the conference, they're going to "really vote this time" tonight.
  7. It's plausible, but I'd say it's more likely to be caused by college kids in that community throwing parties and acting like college kids.
  8. The conference isn't cancelling because of COVID. The university presidents are scared to death of the players unionizing.
  9. Meanwhile at the Big Ten Headquarters...
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