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  1. Vince R.

    That Talent Question Again

    I think a lot of the improvement we are seeing is guys becoming really comfortable as to what they're being asked. Sometimes it's just that simple. Everyone knows what they have to do on every play, and they aren't thinking anymore.
  2. Vince R.

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    There's a graphic designer who showed the edit Wandale asked him to make last week. It was a Committed to Nebraska edit.. Fishy things most certainly happened.
  3. Vince R.

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    No you're right, but I think from a national perspective, Gates coming here would garner a lot of attention.
  4. Vince R.

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    He would possibly be the headliner if he pulled the trigger here...
  5. Vince R.

    WR Darien Chase [Nebraska Commit]

    I just watched Darien's latest highlight tape, and the first clip showed me everything I needed to see from an athleticism standpoint. His hip movement on that return looks elite. There is no wasted movement. When your hips are as good as Darien's, a 4.6 forty is more than enough to house it. Really looking forward to seeing him in Lincoln.
  6. Vince R.

    S Josh Sanguinetti

    I love this kid's tape. He has tremendous ball skills, and looks to be very instinctive. His forty time doesn't scare me. Think of him as the Xavier Watts of Florida. Once you turn on the tape, your eyes tell you he's plenty fast. Josh looks like a hell of a football players, and we need guys like this.
  7. Vince R.

    Look at this moron right here:

    No crow for me.
  8. Vince R.

    Play Makers

    If they can get to 21-24 points in the first half, watch out is right.
  9. Vince R.

    Play Makers

    200+yards in the first half* . It's not just on Adrian. I know that, but if we are going to sing his praises, then it must be pointed out that our starting QB is hurting us at times. Doesn't mean it will never get better. But so many of those yards need to start happening from the jump, and not in garbage time.
  10. Vince R.

    Play Makers

    There are plenty of playmakers. We leave 200 + yards on the field per game because Adrian fails to see the wide open guy. That's not a dig at the kid either; its just the truth.
  11. Vince R.

    Chinander Defense

    I have no qualms with the D. I think they are further ahead than I expected. Nebraska needs to improve their talent on the line and in the secondary. Once that happens, they will be one of the better Defenses in the conference. Chin's has a tall task this year, and when the O fails to score in the first half during multiple games, it becomes impossible to call a really great game.
  12. Vince R.


    You're right. Did you see that blatant facemask on Gifford? I think the clip is floating around twitter. It was bad.
  13. Vince R.


    Maybe the outcome wouldn't have changed, but an additional 7-10 points would have helped the psyche of our team tremendously. You could remove 14 points off the board for Wisconsin if the proper call was made on them. I don't know how a team gets away with some much hands to the face, and offensive line holding.
  14. Vince R.

    2018 Defense vs. 2007 Defense.

    It's not the Defense. This team is untimely. The offensive stats are inflated. The O going scoreless is what is killing our defense and team. They just need to score a damn TD once in each quarter of the first half. Sorry I know that doesn't answer your question but I don't see this being that bad of a D.
  15. Vince R.

    Good bye Greg Bell

    He HAS BEEN a complete bust. It’s not that he couldn’t have improved. In 4 weeks he went from starter to number 3... Greg was brought in to run away with the job, and showed that he wasn’t good enough to even be the number one. I got to see him in person, and the first thing I noticed is that he needs a lot to go right on the line to make a play. The coaches even expressed their disappointment in a certain aspect of his ability. I don’t know about overreacting or being way off. The proof is in 4 games here at Nebraska. He can ball out somewhere else, but for now, his time on the field here has been very underwhelming.