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  1. Vince R.

    ILB Malik Reed

    His game reminds me of Eric Martin. This kid would play right away because of the value he brings to special teams.
  2. Vince R.

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    It is not race specific, although black players made up a large portion of it. Now just to throw it out there, I am a person of color myself, and see it all throughout my own community. I had to deal with Polynesian, Mexican, White, and Mixed kids as well. It had more to do with where you were from, and not so much with the skin color. We had African American kids on our team who were model citizens and students. With the LP comparison, it's not comparing weed to physical assault, or even revenge porn to physical assault and attempted murder. The fact is that both are self destructive by nature. The odds are higher that in two years, Mo will be a detriment to himself as opposed to getting a college degree. Frost has to be feeling a lot like how Osborne did in the sense of weighing what might happen if Maurice doesn't have Nebraska. When I heard his story, watched him on national television, found out about him being expelled, seeing and hearing about him being very weird at times, finding out that he associates himself with the crips in stockton, the revenge porn, and now this trivial but dumb decision; I have seen this episode before (and on a loop). It's worse when it gets magnified by how talented he is.
  3. Vince R.

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    I am in terms of behavior. Mo cannot be left alone, and will self-destruct if he is. I am not comparing his charges to the same things that LP did.
  4. Vince R.

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    It is so frustrating to see him make a decision like this. I said when he signed that Maurice was going to be one of those kids that had to be micromanaged from the start. I know they purposely roomed him with Cam Taylor because Cam is mature and a terrific role model for Maurice, but It appears that Maurice is self-destructive when he is alone. No matter how legal weed is in CA, you do not put yourself in these situations, especially when you have a serious case looming over your head. Maurice could not afford to have anything like this happen, because he already has a lot of character issues. Having worked in the Long Beach area, this is unfortunately a cultural thing. I don't want to go too much into that, but you can tell these kids that weed will get you kicked out, and it just doesn't process. I can't tell you how many kids I have cussed out for being so weak in that regard. It's ironic that HCSF already has a "Lawrence Phillips" situation on his hands. Maurice is that kind of talent, and he also has similar character flaws. To many, that might be a stretch, but I can assure you it's not.
  5. Get it together Maurice...

    1. In the Deed the Glory

      In the Deed the Glory

      nevermind...found it.  Drug Paraphernelia...smdh

    2. Toe
  6. Vince R.

    OLB Quandarrius Robinson [Alabama Commit]

    According to a 247 writer, Nebraska is out because of distance. Claims a source told him that.
  7. Vince R.

    DT Jamar Sekona

    My gut reaction is that Jamar really likes Nebraska and would love to be apart of the program, but that distance might be holding him back.
  8. Vince R.

    ATH Quin Bright

    I just don't think he's as coveted as he may think he is.
  9. Vince R.

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    There is going to be a handful of guys who emerge just because of the way their bodies develop. I can't wait to see who those guys are.
  10. Vince R.

    RB Sevion Morrison

    LOL damn, to us of course!
  11. Vince R.

    RB Sevion Morrison

    I think he is going to commit after that visit.
  12. Vince R.

    Who's Next?

    Honestly, I have no idea. If they can get a RB, or WR on campus soon, I think they will get a commitment. From there, it will be domino effect because I think Nebraska is only taking two RB's and one Duck- R type. If guys want in, they will have to make a move soon after. Defensively, maybe Blaise Gunnerson, Malik Reed, or Jamar Sekona. I believe Jamar will be a Cornhusker, but distance is the biggest wedge between committing now as opposed to a few months down the road. Some guys already know where they are going based on relationships, but they just need time to dwindle in order to feel that nudge to commit. I hope that makes sense. Nebraska needs to get Marvin Scott on campus. If he commits to V-Tech before the season, they have to get him here for a game. He will flip. At that point, I would focus on Marvin Scott and Sevion Morrison. Two different running styles but physically mature dudes.
  13. This recruiting season is such a whirlwind. I feel like I don't know who to key in on, or who to expect a commitment from. 

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    2. ColoradoHusk


      I think the # of offers tells me a couple things.  Frost is still trying to get the Nebraska name and brand out there to top targets.  Frost and staff give the offers to kids with the goal of fostering relationships with the players, and gaining further knowledge about the player.

    3. BlitzFirst


      I guess what would make me feel better is knowing the # of offers to 2021 and later kids.  If the bulk is there, it makes sense. 

    4. 4skers89


      I saw an offer tweet that referred to us as Huskers instead of Huskies, #Progress.

  14. Vince R.

    RB Keaton Mitchell

    I think Nebraska identified him as someone who is a 5 star in their system. I don't think getting there early is the main reason to offer, but it definitely helps. Nebraska should be a top school for him to sign based on offensive history, like players, and fit.
  15. Vince R.

    RB Sevion Morrison

    It is difficult to see his speed, but you have to follow his feet and see how many yards he's passing in a full stride. He's eating up 5 yards per stride, and runs effortlessly. Those guys are the hardest to gage in game (think Taylor Martinez). He has a tremendous frame, and he wears 28 for a reason. He does have a bit of a similar running style to AP. I really like his film, and I love what he could be in just a year from now.