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  1. This team is going to lose out. I don’t know how you recover from that.
  2. I became a huge fan of his after the first year. I thought he had the least to work with and he adjusted everything seamlessly. Whether that was finding the best positions for players or his recruiting prowess. His defense then was pretty good but the offense is what messed the numbers up because they would turn the ball over on their side of the field. The guy had a Nebraska tattoo artist cover up his Hawkeye tattoo on this left arm lol. I think he's a lifetime, elite D coordinator. Give him a 200k raise and pay up on the assistants also. They are doing a great job.
  3. He definitely did after the first two years and I never understood it. He hasn't proven much at all in D1 to suggest a jump like that. JUCO HC is not the same.
  4. its not so much about whether he got it or not for me. I think it’s close and debatable, but it’s the principal of what he did that bothers me. It’s a judgement call and his was half a yard short which is reasonable because that’s where the ball was when he stepped out. The issue is what happens after his initial spot. You don’t move it twice like that. That looks fishy and egregious. He also didn’t have our view from that angle so to me it looks even more fishy. It didn’t decide the game or anything like that. I just think it looks horrible, and with a bad officiating outing, it’s more than reasonable to question intent.
  5. If you watch the muffed punt, phalen fell on top of it and had possession. The last clip before they went to break showed it. Not a review, nothing.
  6. And it is close right, if he initially would’ve given him a first down, I wouldn’t have argued it. But it’s the fact that his judgement saw it was short by half a yard and he starts moving it up not once, but twice, and it’s on their sideline. Some people are arguing about this with me on Reddit lol but if you apply this same situation near the goal line, that’s the difference in someone scoring or not. And that’s fixing the game. Every play is reviewed so it’s not like the line judge can’t be helped out if they made a bad call.
  7. Is he sure he wants any more attention paid to the officiating?... Many in the program have suggested that there is a possible fix and they have been sending tapes for years. Now as fans, we have something tangible for everyone to see. It was done on their sideline as well so no Nebraska coach or player could see.
  8. When damion Daniels got tackled, they threw that flag for holding. The lead ref over turned the flag and disguised it with a no foul for illegal formation. That’s my gut feeling.
  9. https://twitter.com/scottdugancca/status/1447030478066880516?s=21 I think this opens up a can of worms that will not look good, especially with how this game played out.
  10. I am sure there is at least one who would be an upgrade.
  11. We should raid the transfer portal and get a few. We have that kind of cache on defense now.
  12. It's got to be at DE. Nebraska needs a guy to get sacks, hurries, and cut stop a little more. Hutmacher isn't that type of player. Ruud and the defensive staff are safe in my eyes and quite frankly becoming an elite collections of coaches. But I am not judging based on piss poor performances. I am talking about making that 5-10% jump. The front seven collectively needs just a little more speed. Nebraska has a few guys who are just good enough to make the play they're being asked. We need one or two guys who can add splash to that. One guy they need to reexamine during the offseason is Ty Robinson. He is too good to not be more of a factor. I watch him closely and imo I would start to have him drop weight. Ty at 285 with proper fundamentals should be a monster. At 310, he is lumbering around and tiring out.
  13. The offense has to figure out how to score at least two touchdowns in the first half in every game and I think they win more than they lose. Defensively, we need talent improvement in real specific spots. DE and Middle linebacker. We need a little less stickiness and guys who can dictate the lines with a Damion Daniels type. Nick Heinrich is a good kid and solid. Still, he gives me dedrick young vibes. The kind of guy who is a step late and gets tackles after the first down.
  14. Man, I just think the defense was a little too leaky for my liking. That was not the game to be trending downward.
  15. Based on everything we have seen thus far, Nebraska is the more battle tested team. They have played one more game and have played better opponents. They do match up pretty well, and their strength goes against our weakness. Offensively we are going to present them with more fits than they have seen. Nebraska will negate their pass rush a bit by putting them in conflict most of the game. They will get their plays blitzing but it will bite when they get hit over the top or Adrian breaks one. The option is also going to negate their front quite a bit. I still think they will play pretty good on D and they will have a lot of good moments. Nebraska needs to find victories even in the stalled drives. Eat up clock when you can and find the minutes you can choke down to really limit their scoring opportunities. This inevitably changes the way Michigan will have to call the game and I don't think they want their QB's throwing 30+ against us. This needs to be Nebraska's best game defensively for the year. Stop the run and you will like your chances. I want their young, inexperienced QB's throwing in obvious passing downs. When they do score, no big chunk plays. Make them earn it and use up their whole play sheet, while forcing them to eat up a ton of clock. I like Michigan's team this year, and I rooted for them this past saturday. However, they will not be the best opponent we play this year and we have played one team that is better and one that could easily beat them. Look for Nebraska to try and build off the run game and see if this O-line can be just competent. If it does that, the game changes dramatically. Michigan will not be able to take as many chances knowing Nebraska can score as opposed to Wisconsin. Then let's see who plays better when uncomfortable.
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