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  1. I think Notre Dame would listen to the BIG if they called. They're going to have to join a conference, and historical backlogs seems to be a thing of past. Notre Dame coming to the BIG would solidify that conference. If they go to the ACC, those others schools are operating in SEC country and if one leaves, the ACC is done. Eventually, with the BIG's relationship to the West Coast, I can see them eventually getting CA presence (which would benefit ND). The ACC is in no man's land.
  2. And those teams won many more games.
  3. I have to admit that if I am being honest, with the kind of 22-35 players Nebraska has at the top, I would be disappointed at 7 wins. Say what you want about where we have been, but there is just too much talent now to not achieve 9-10 wins. This is if coaching or development is not the issue. So with that, if they don't, I can't see it ever working. Nebraska has bonafide dudes on both sides of the ball. .500 is sort of a joke but then I completely understand why it's taken so seriously. This is the most astonishing program in this regard. We have to play up to our potential.
  4. Someone said earlier that hiring Ed is the gateway to get Nebraska back in the Big 12. Probably not true, but that would be insane.
  5. I agree with you, but there is too much smoke to ignore the power play stuff. I have been saying for two years that he will not get 7 years or even 5 if he can't have a decent season or two amidst it. But I have to imagine that with the timing, the not getting along, the OU debacle, etc, that there is something going on. It's too abrupt, and no sign points to a NCAA investigation or anything like that, which is typically the go to reason for guys leaving like that. Idk.
  6. And I don't forget about Moos throwing down the 8-9 win statement. Did he set an expectation that he knew Scott would struggle to reach? Man, there are a lot of questions.
  7. I didn't think so either, but I don't think he viewed his legacy being in question because of Scott, and if its true that they didn't get along for years, then I can see him firing him, and hiring the next "can't miss coach" and then sealing his legacy that way. He had a lot of time left.
  8. I am going to assume the notion that this was a power move by Scott. If the relationship was sour, then Moos might have fired Scott next year if they didn't make a bowl or win enough, which I think was way more possible than many believe. I think Scott, Matt, and other higher ups are ensuring Scott's time here, and have already been contacting an AD to come and take this role. He will get paid a lot of money, and be loyal to Scott. It's genius.
  9. Okay but then what happened? Moos hired the guy. Frost wasn't expected to win a natty the first two years. So I doubt Moos is going crazy or rubbing Scott the wrong way, especially if Moos is as hands off as they say.
  10. I think there might be some truth to them not wanting to miss out on the replacement, and it just working out the way it did with the tension. Because the abruptness of it tells me they have their guy.
  11. For many, myself included, I don't think it was that well known. And I am assuming it wasn't like that in the first few years, so then it begs the question of what happened before the OU fiasco?
  12. He is truthfully the prototype LB that Wisconsin seems to churn out every year to the pros. Great length and really good speed. I love it when Nebraska gets good players from Lincoln.
  13. Fair enough, we will see how this shakes out. Luckily none of these players will be needed right away.
  14. Keep him at guard, and he will be fine. He's probaly 6ft 4 1/2 in and not 6ft 6in. He has the tools, and just needs two years in S&C to bring them out. Also, I would say his best attribute is his feet. He's an absolute take for me, and a much better prospect than Frietzche, Yaeger (who is gone), Anderson, Lynn, etc.
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