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  1. The db was scared to cover him
  2. Long legs for a guy shorter than 6ft. You like that because that it usually leads to a player being able to play bigger than they really are. He has really good speed, and has some nice twitch to him. His stop and go is pretty damn good, and you see that in the first clip.
  3. Ian is a really good outside linebacker prospect. You can tell that he has grown into this position from the secondary. At Nebraska, his position will be dependent on how well he can cover and clog up passing lanes. He can do all that. And yes he can get after the QB.
  4. Okay, so Chauncey's tape is very intriguing. His 3 strengths are his route running, footwork, and ball skills. He is very polished for a WR with this rating. He has good enough speed to be lethal with those strengths. Those little things tell me a lot. He is well coached and takes well to it. I really like him.
  5. Easily my favorite player to watch in this class. He has the same build and style of Maurice Washington, but with a little more speed. He will blow up.
  6. Selfishly, I have made comments about young guys needing to develop faster here. Skill guys at Nebraska should only need a year at most to get on the field. Well, the young guys will have no choice but to grow up fast and play. I am kind of excited about it, despite knowing how big of a loss this is. Feels good to be back on the board. Why all the ads tho?
  7. His speed doesn't translate well in pads.
  8. Okay Okay, but look, he was overhyped. I think the staff wanted something more and he revealed quickly that he couldn't do it during the game. I don't know how they learned that so late but it became obvious.
  9. His short time at Nebraska and the lack of interest after.
  10. I agree lol I didn't say anything to the contrary.
  11. Mav, we know not to use small sample sizes as an indicator of ability.
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