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  1. It's the players. One way or another, it falls on them. Coaches will take responsibility because it's the PC thing to do, but in an honest world it's that locker room.
  2. No I don't disagree with you in terms of team projections and high star rankings. I want Nebraska to have a 4 star average every year. But the fluidity of rankings and guys going under the radar dictates rankings so much. Ronald will get a bump just being committed to Nebraska, which tells you how fickle rankings can be. But by large, we agree on the same thing. I just think Ronald is pretty good. I don't see a two star player when I turn on the film.
  3. There is something going on in that state, in that city, and within those walls that simply keeps this program from having balls, and the ability to play under pressure. They are literally playing better when the game is over because they are puss cakes, and cannot play loose. I question the campus environment and what life is like for these players. These issues supersede staffs and rosters. What is happening on that campus that breeds the same mentality; that translates to the exact kind of play on game day? 

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    2. Nebfanatic


      I think we all need to chill out and let Frost do his thing. Really think you are going too deep here. The roster may be turned over but does that translate to wins right away? Not many squads win alot of games with this little help from upperclassman. Attrition has decimated our upperclassmen.

    3. Vince R.

      Vince R.

      @NebfanaticI don't think it has anything to do with the staff. I don't think I am going too deep because I am bringing up a program theme over the last 20 years. There is a difference between talent and will to play. Nebraska should never have a showing like that. The game plans are fine. The schemes are actually good. These players are rewired in a negative way once they move in. The competitive nature, and will to fight is stripped. This program has zero aggression, and has become a counter punch team. Hence why Nebraska is known to playing down to their opponents, or gets shell shocked when WI, tOSU, or Iowa punches first, and the game is over by the second quarter. There is something that is fundamentally broken on that campus, and it has zero to do with S&C, recruiting rankings, scheme, 3-4, spread, Frost, Riley, or Pelini. 

    4. Nebfanatic


      If what you are saying is true then Frost has no hope. Again, I think you are over thinking it. Once Frost gets guys who were winners in HS in here and has a culture top to bottom he wants things will change around here.

  4. You're not so sure about what? If you want, show me on the tape where you see a two star player, and I would love to go over it. But let's be real, you're not watching any tape or making any real prognostication towards Ronald's potential. You're just translating a star ranking to career and team outcome. Trust me, I want 5 stars at every position, but Nebraska needs who they have already, to sack up and get better.
  5. This roster is jaded. Not enough alpha talents and guys who like to punch first. This is the Nebraska program and something Frost has to overcome in those walls. 

  6. Our 3 star commits are identified because of high upside and a will to compete. From a physical standpoint, there is nothing that says "2 star" when watching Ronald's tape. He is also having an excellent senior year.
  7. If they remain suspended throughout the season, I just don't see them coming back. It also must have been really bad. In terms of the team, this may have been the biggest blow of the season. That's crazy to say considering there is no tape of either playing in anything meaningful.
  8. Thank Murph. Like everyone else on here, I just want to contribute the best I can.
  9. Or at the very least, Fully Husked now has ED...
  10. Just started a new a gig and I have been so swamped. What did I miss?
  11. One simple variable might be the way the coaches orchestrate practice. They cross train guys, and do it really fast. That might be setting the development back quite a bit.
  12. If Nebraska can lead the nation in early enrollees somehow, I think they can bridge the gap a little bit. Accelerated development may be a tiny advantage that they can capitalize on. 

  13. If I was compiling summaries from 247 and taking credit for them, I'd be telling the members here that Jackson Bratton is a legit get for us. I am selective for a reason and thats because 98 percent of the time, I really don't know. My most "insider" moments here go back to the 2010-2011 years and thats because I knew and grew up with the CA kids on the roster, Jason Ankrah, and believe it or not was a point of contact for Curtis Carter during his recruitment. I had to speak to Joni Duff to get clearance for that, because Curtis and I hit it off through FB, which was an NCAA violation at the time. I can tell you exactly when the recruiting fell off on that. I worked at a Community College here in SoCal and met a bunch of college coaches, camp directors, and recruiting analysts. If I ever speak about the recruitment of kids, it's because I sent out a text asking someone who is in the know. It's through those contacts that I found out about Frost signing with Nebraska, and that it took a little longer than expected because of a staff hold up with Troy Walters. For the rest of the members on this board, I am sorry for divulging all this stuff, and coming off like a name dropping idiot. I hope you guys understand.
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