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  1. Vince R.

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    This was going to be my second point. It is only a matter of time until Nebraska runs away with that as well. Talent wise, Nebraska is in the top 2-3 of the conference.
  2. Vince R.

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    I don't even think Tyler Johnson is definitively better than JD. He is the better pro-prospect, but JD beats him in overall production in the last two years, and last years stats comparison would have been even closer had JD not gotten hurt. In addition, you add Noa and Wandale. Nebraska just has better overall prospects down the line that if they play to their potential or close to it, they get the nod. Also, despite Stanley having 1,000 yards last year, he wasn't the best fit for the O. Nebraska will be just fine without him.
  3. Vince R.

    OLB Kaden Johnson

    He could be a hell of a TE too.
  4. Vince R.

    RB Frank Brown

    Made his top 5
  5. Vince R.

    Fall Camp Notes

    My bad, suspect is a better word.
  6. Vince R.

    Fall Camp Notes

    He is my favorite player as well. I think pound for pound, he is Nebraska's best talent, and has the ability to be one of the best ever at Nebraska. Mind you, this is a guy who can play RB and WR in the same game. Because of that potential, you want him to max out on it. I am sure he is stressed out, and is struggling to fit in. He might be doing the workouts, but he looks to be skipping meals. And with him, you kind of have to expect something is amiss.
  7. Vince R.

    Fall Camp Notes

    This was Mo last year in fall camp. He is smaller now, and at the very least, the same.
  8. Vince R.

    Fall Camp Notes

    Yeah idk... I think if he is, its a slight difference. Not a years worth of working out difference.
  9. Vince R.

    Fall Camp Notes

    I'm just annoyed that Maurice has somehow lost weight. He needs to eat.
  10. What if I told you that Nebraska's game against tOSU last year had the makings of a convincing win (17-24 pts) favoring the Big Red. I really hope the self inflicting play is behind this program. It would make all the difference. 

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    2. ColoradoHusk


      @Vince R. you can’t selectively say that NU “forced” Ohio State into mistakes, while NU’s mistakes were self-inflicted. It can’t go both ways. Jackson’s INT of Haskins was more of a combination terrible read and terrible throw by Haskins.


      Yes, looking back at the game, NU had chances to win the game. But to say that NU controlled the game and our mistakes were the sole reason we lost is not genuine. Ohio State led for way more time during the game, and had a good chunk of that time leading by 2 scores. That is controlling the game. NU took advantage of Ohio State mistakes to lead at 2 times during the game, but the lead was never more than 1 score, and it was less than 25% of the games.


      Ohio State didn’t seem very interested in playing a 2-win team, and their lack of effort and crispness showed that. Give NU a ton of credit for making it a close game and having an opportunity to win. But to say that NU “should have won” is not a correct statement. 

    3. ColoradoHusk


      Sorry about the multiple posts of the same thing. Yes, NU had an opportunity to beat Ohio State, just like they had an opportunity to win by 17-21 points. Both teams made mistakes and left points on the field. In the end, I think the better team still won, but it was great to see NU hang in and play them down to the wire, with an opportunity to win. 

    4. Vince R.

      Vince R.

      @ColoradoHuskIt's all good. I figured a new comment would come in. I think tOSU was the better team. Still, the opportunity is frustrating, but enlightening to what Nebraska could do. Nebraska out coached them, but execution simply wasn't on par with it. I don't expect that to be the case anymore. We have a ton to look forward to. 

  11. Vince R.

    ILB Rodney Groce, Jr.

    He has a small frame, and appears to be close to being maxed out physically. He is good, but I don't know how well he will translate to BIG football. Alabama is not a committable offer, which is why he is still visiting. He also doesn't appear to be all that strong for being listed at 230 lbs. He is not a take for ILB if you're asking me.
  12. Vince R.

    DT Jamar Sekona [USC Commit]

    Alright alright, I am surprised but happy nonetheless that I was wrong.
  13. Vince R.

    DT Jamar Sekona [USC Commit]

    Maybe we will sneak back into the picture by seasons end. Still, my gathering here, the kid was not willing to leave the state. Let's see what happens from here.
  14. Vince R.

    DT Jamar Sekona [USC Commit]

    I couldn't agree more. I have already considered this as Flipping Season for Nebraska this year. I will also take it a step further and say that Nebraska has to beat tOSU. Not only will it help the team, but it will give Nebraska the tangible evidence that they are missing right now.