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  1. The one aspect that really made me not believe it was the AHC title. That's a title a HC gives his right hand man. Or someone who has busted his a$$ for the program. Held would be the kind of guy to receive that title. You don't just give that to an outsider. If the report would have said WR coach and Passing Game Coordinator then I wouldn't be so abrasive, but something seemed off.
  2. You don't think these dudes are petty? Lol Losing all these pieces will make anyone feel insecure about the future.
  3. He was never offered that job or title. This one reeked of BS from the get go. LSU PR stunt. I don't buy any of it Zieb!
  4. Such a great looking athlete for that position. I do think he is a cornerstone for this class if he commits to us, and that the likelihood of Bollers coming goes up quite a bit.
  5. A really good possession receiver, who could make a living in the red-zone.
  6. These takes are just a little over the top for me. Nebraska blew Minnesota out in 2018. The disparity has more to do with what transpired at Nebraska in 2019 than Minnesota ascending to tremendous heights. It looks to me that the roster turnover, youth, and a regressed QB is what hurt this team. It wasn't too long ago where Minnesota was the youngest team in the country and played bad. If the same Adrian came back, not even an improved version, Nebraska has 8 wins, and we aren't even talking about this huge disparity. Nebraska needs more talent, and for those players to stay. We have been a program that can't seem to have everything together at once. That's recruiting and roster management. I do think this staff can develop (with maybe 2 being iffy), and I actually believe they are bringing the right guys in now. Nebraska didn't have a roster set up for 2019 to take any step forward. True competition is what this program has been longing for and it's about to get it with this 2020 class. The EE's are going to push, and some of the cream might start to rise a little more. In addition, this staff is the first in almost 20 years to fill out it's classes with quality recruits. I am just really tired of this notion because the data suggests that Nebraska is exactly where they should be with what they are working with. Not having one and half classes on this roster is a recipe for disaster. You have to bank on guys like Benhart, Frietche, Banks, Jakeem Green, Casey Rogers, Mossai Newsome, Caleb Tannor, etc to hit now. Nebraska is not even in a position for these guys to be busts. That's how fine of a line this staff has right now. And no offense, but the walk-ons are never going to be collectively good enough to fill in that kind of gap. Ellis and Duval are going to have to be the masterminds right now. This roster needs to see tremendous gains to stay afloat until the cupboards are full and ready to go. And do not get me started on the personality of this football team. The lack of alpha talent is so obvious, and the team is soft. Hell our starting QB isn't a dominant personality, and I think that's an issue. These players still don't pick each other up off the ground, and they seem to be selective on who they celebrate with. The 2019 and 2020 classes will put an end to that. There has been a lot of talk about how close these classes are already. I know I am rambling but I have been off the board for a bit, and I need to get this out.
  7. With some of my family being in Fort Smith and Van Buren, Tulsa and NW Arkansas does feel like the same place. I'm sure he just went with proximity and comfort.
  8. There is actually a lot of truth to this. Most kids know where they want to go after a few phone calls, and school visits. Slusher might just be appeasing his family by picking the better of two close schools. On the other hand, he may end up loving it.
  9. It could've potentially led to missing out on two other OLBs. More could've been said where Scott felt pretty slighted and that Kaden wasn't truly all N. I don't think Scott wants to bring guys in who are like that.
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