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  1. Vince R.

    ATH Seth Malcom

    So many quality offers in Iowa. Would love to get their top players coming here. That would put a fork in their program.
  2. Vince R.

    The Running Back Room

  3. Vince R.

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    I see the same thing but you have to project with him. How does his physical tools translate at the next level? He is big and strong, but he's not explosive. That is what makes me hesitant. I don't think he's a bad prospect. I think he could be an All American Olineman and would love him on that side of the ball. An Oline with elite wrestlers on it would be insane.
  4. Vince R.

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    I would put him at either guard position. He has offensive line written all over him. I do not see much there as a Nose.
  5. Vince R.

    OLB Quandarrius Robinson

    I hope his team can develop a solid DE or two so he can play his natural position of OLB during his last year.
  6. Vince R.

    JUCO WR Omar Manning

    Wiltfong says we are in the thick of things for Omar's recruitment.
  7. Vince R.

    WR Xavier Watts

    You're off to a good start...
  8. Vince R.

    WR Zavier Betts [Nebraska Commit]

    If Betts had a decent QB, the tape would show that it isn't all that close either.
  9. Vince R.

    OLine Work in Progress

    Watch out for Matt Sichterman in the Fall.
  10. Vince R.

    Way Too Early 2019 Depth Chart

    That room is about finding the 4th and 5th guy right now.
  11. Vince R.

    Way Too Early 2019 Depth Chart

    Mike Williams knows the plays. It's just not translating on the field as many would like.
  12. Vince R.

    WR Zavier Betts [Nebraska Commit]

    I cant think of the last time where a borderline 5 star talent goes so under the radar, that his recruitment and eventual commitment seems underwhelming. His grades must have been really bad. Zavier is one of the best prospects to come out of this state in a long time. You can go back a few decades and not find too many that possess the upside and skill he has. I hope he gets everything in order and becomes an all american at Nebraska. A great day for him, the state, and university.
  13. Vince R.

    OT Turner Corcoran [Nebraska Commit]

    No longer considering Ohio State. Says he wants to stay closer to home.
  14. Vince R.

    DT Jamar Sekona

    big time
  15. Vince R.

    OLB Antwaun Powell

    Have you ever wanted to find an example of lazy evaluation by recruiting services? Here is one. I bet most did not even watch his tape. They saw his size compared to the position he played in HS. This is a bonafide high 4 star talent at OLB.