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  1. I really hope not here. Kid is good but we have too many DBs on the roster and committed.
  2. At this point with the portal, senior year injuries are going to lead to a lot of pulled schollies unless the kid is a 4-5 star.
  3. This program really struggles to piece a complimentary roster together. Rhule is going to have to hitch his strategy to the portal just a little bit every year. They need a dynamic running back and good pass first QB. Then two lineman who can start. Anything beyond that will be gravy.
  4. He's a stud. He moves so effortlessly and at that size it is very impressive.
  5. HS tape should look like this from a production standpoint. Other than that, Rex is good. His fundamentals are sound and he has natural fitting instincts. I would take.
  6. In complete agreement here too. Sky is the limit in some cases if they start off hot.
  7. I completely agree. With this roster, the expectation should be a bowl game and the chance to win 7-8 games.
  8. Yes but that one is hard to overcome because it is true.
  9. Other schools are telling recruits that our staff is filled with coaches who have little to no experience, causing players to take a wait and see approach or just commit elsewhere. I think if we start off well or have a good season, they will flip.
  10. oh my. Impressive stature and presence in the pocket. The ball flies out beautifully and he is still so young. Expect him to blow up and if I am Nebraska, this is my guy.
  11. The former for sure. He has room to be reshaped a bit. He reminds me of how Maliek Collins looked coming in as a freshman. He has really good hands and coordination with his feet. He has to fix that arch in his back in his stance. Guys will just take him down with his own momentum if they were to play head up.
  12. Physically, he is very developed.
  13. I did and one of the parts I hated the most are his spin moves on punt returns. That will get him killed in a Nebraska practice against the third team.
  14. Nebraska has no issue attracting WR's and I don't think this staff is going to whiff there.
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