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  1. Vince R.

    LB Nick Henrich [Nebraska Commit]

    My prediction of Nick is that he will benefit tremendously by being an early enrolle. He will put on 20lbs and learn the D quick enough to work into the rotation by Fall.
  2. Vince R.

    LB Nick Henrich [Nebraska Commit]

    Same but I do not expect him to redshirt.
  3. Vince R.

    Who's Next?

    They are looking to load up, and want an insanely competitive environment where guys essentially weed themselves out.
  4. Vince R.

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    This one kind of hurts. Like I feel for the kid because I can sense that he really wants to be here. I have to trust the coaches that they know something that isn't being confirmed.
  5. Vince R.

    Who's Next?

    Yes! Damn, I knew I forgot someone.
  6. Vince R.

    Who's Next?

    WR and a lot of that has to do with the incoming guys getting to play right away. I expect Nance (early enrollee), Chase, and Wandale(50/50) to assume WR roles next year. I also expect Nance to assume a starting role by mid season. The other aspect of this, is that Coach Walters and his ability to develop is going to be put on display this year. If Mike Williams, Jaron Woodyard, and Miles Jones are not ready to play next fall, it will be on Walters. I don't think that will happen, and I believe they will be ready to go. Add JD, Kade, Stoll, Allen, Legrone, and I think Nebraska will be just fine. Plus, Maurice will be the feature offensive player next year, and I say that knowing JD is coming back.
  7. Vince R.

    OLB Brandon Mack [Pittsburgh Commit]

    This guy is in my top 3 for the class going forward.
  8. Vince R.

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    To add to that, they deserve to be 4 stars. Mills should be a high 4 star, while the other two should be in the 5.9 range.
  9. Vince R.

    Who's Next?

    I think Jaylin Bradley is going to leave. With that loss, to go with Devine, Mikale, and Bell leaving early, ideally you would like to bring in at least three guys. So we have Deidrick Mills, Rahmir Johnson, and Ronald Thompkins. So now let's break them down. Mills Two years of eligibility remaining, and had a really good freshman year at GT. He isn't a secret and will generate a lot of buzz when he gets on campus. Mills might not be a two year guy. If he runs for over 1,000 yards next year, the pros will come calling. That Freshman year really helps him in that scenario. Even if he does stay both, you have to recruit a RB alongside him always for balance. Rahmir Johnson Rahmir Johnson is going to be in more of a traditional RB role than people think. He might have instances where he plays the Duck R, but I fully expect him to take handoffs mostly. Also, I think he plays as a Freshman. Rahmir isn't built to be a 25 + carries a game. Ronald Thompkins Ronald is very talented, and has an excellent build for not being that big in stature. Blowing out both knees is a red flag, but a full year with Duval might help with those issues. He is the perfect RS candidate and could blossom tremendously because of it. If he does RS, Mills is either a SR or in the pros, Rahmir is a true Soph, Maurice will be playing his last year (because he's too damn talented to stay all four). Potentially Bringing In John Bivens First thing, he's arguably more talented than the three I just previously mentioned. I have talked a lot about his ability and I think he is elite. So there is that. But what's nice is that you're getting a kid who knows it may be in his best interest to RS, therefore Nebraska gets a very talented kid who is low maintenance in that first year, and balances out the RB room, along with Thompkins. What about Miles Jones and Wandale Robinson? I fully expect to see both go 50/50 as a receiver/rb, but it gradually change as the years go by. Wandale will be more RB, and Miles will go more Wr. Miles is built more like JD, and I think they will gravitate towards that body type. What does this say about the near future of our offense? I think Nebraska is looking to build up its RB room, so they can have more versatility in the flats, and in the option game. I also think they're more comfortable developing pass plays that get RB's involved, as opposed to 4-5 true Wrs. It gives you better opportunities for creative play calls, and less obvious formations. I could be completely wrong in all of this.
  10. Vince R.

    Who's Next?

    No but it has come full circle with him. Nebraska wouldn't entertain him if there wasn't a committable offer on the table. I know he isn't visiting until January, but I think he will commit before that, and the visit will serve as the icing on the cake. And he has already visited before.
  11. Vince R.

    Who's Next?

    John Bivens
  12. Vince R.

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    They are a little disappointed about how everything developed from the minute he got onto campus. There was a lot more that went on with him, that had nothing to do with the injury.
  13. Vince R.

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    He is on the clock. This staff has told him that he has to get it going now.
  14. Vince R.

    RB John Bivens

    I am so glad we are back in the swing of things with John. If he can get his knee to 100%, watch out.
  15. Vince R.

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    Funny you asked, my dad just text me that he was just told at work that he was visiting USC ( I know thats not news to us). I don't know, I'll ask him right now and see if he can get more info on that.