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  1. I like him. He just looks 5ft 9in and not 6ft.
  2. As he should be. If Nebraska were to get he and Meyers, they would be the cornerstone of this class.
  3. It's a valid concern. You watch his tape as a WR and there isn't much twitch or explosion.
  4. I think this is easy to say because of hindsight. Of course I would rather take the proven players. From an ability standpoint, Omar, Betts, Toure, Alante, Martin, Nixon, Grimes, Neville, and Hardy as a collective, surpass the ability of those you listed by a wide margin. Talent doesn't equal productivity but these guys are the best collection of raw talent this program has ever had at that position.
  5. Could be a really good offensive weapon but has the potential to be an elite linebacker. I say but him on D.
  6. When I see all this talent at WR, I just can't help but think how much this is going to help Austin, Travis, and Thomas. TE's are going to earn some money this year.
  7. Explosive, and the kind of 220lbs you want to see. He has room to grow still and he moves so well. This is a 4 star middle linebacker.
  8. He's too big and has bad feet. It's strange to see a kid and say he's too ready made physically but he is. There is no explosion in his hips and looks like a big kid in a weak league.
  9. Wherever he goes, he is going to be a special player.
  10. Victor is an example of great evaluation. Wait until Duval and co. gets ahold of him. He's an elite athlete.
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