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  1. At this point, I am over him being apart of the class. Based on my experience with kids, he is looking for reasons to leave the state.
  2. Nebraska should take all three if they can. The system allows for that. If this D is going to be attacking or have a fourth down lineman, you can have three speed rushers for LBs.
  3. He is sudden and well put together for being a tad under 5ft 11in. I like him a lot.
  4. Fongbomb of him recommitting to the guys in scarlet and cream. Did I mention he would be an elite MLB?
  5. Out of all the hires so far, this is the one I'd say get excited about. He is going to get some dudes now that he's here.
  6. He is in that top tier of young coordinators who were going to get a job anywhere in the country.
  7. Damn. I have met this guy multiple times when he was coming up. He is legit and very well respected in the coaching circle. Also, a huge reason why Syracuse has been good as of late.
  8. I have. Clear as day, link was sent to me and it was up hours after the incident took place.
  9. I am 32 years old. I know what a thirst trap is. But I am trying to explain with some class and in a way that all walks of life and ages can understand. If my wife was posting her a$$ for everyone to see when I was gone working, yeah I'm having speaks with her and telling her to stop. This isn't to victim blame. I am just explaining what I was told because this happened around the same time the incident took place. Mickey screwed up big time.
  10. There is also heavy smoke that he has more than a valid reason for being upset. Now, again this is not a reason to strike or touch woman violently. But apparently (i don't know specifics) it's really bad on her part.
  11. A suggestive picture of her backside in tight pants. And it was a photo concept where her backside was repurposed multiple times in the photo. Making it a collage of her backside in one photo. Highly suggestive.
  12. This is just an effed up situation. Someone told me that if you saw what she posted that day on IG, you can see how this issue may have escalated or what may have caused the issue with her phone. Just walk away Mickey. It wasn't worth it man.
  13. It's the pissing off the crap stains for me. Also, 750.
  14. This entire thing is driving me nuts. I am only saying this to you all to get to........750.
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