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  1. Guy seems made of steel (no pun intended) https://youtu.be/D6hJglXfhkw
  2. Please change your handle to FlairofWhipple
  3. I want the guy replacing him at Pitt https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/09/gogo-offense-brennan-marion-hawaii-innovation-scheme-analysis
  4. Was referring to the pawns who cover this program
  5. Whipple isn't stepping down on his own, though. Seems like they have someone to promote. Doesn't make sense
  6. Who was the first choice for OC? Will we ever know?
  7. With all the insanity of coaches up ending their entrenched teams this"off-season", could it be that Frost is letting him finish out the season until after their bowl? It looks like a meaningless Cure bowl on the 17th, but...I dunno, just grasping at straws here. Otherwise, Ruggiero would be a nice pickup. I don't think he would simply implant his slow RPO here, but adapt something to this personnel and league. Which is exactly how he got the slow RPO to begin with.
  8. Korn seems like the smartest hire. Where are the tweets that implied it was someone coaching last night?
  9. It's clear that Frost is coaching for his job by the fact that they are waiting so long to announce. Implying two things: It's someone with a name and we are going ALL IN on the portal. Like shady level. That's what I convince myself to believe because otherwise, he's given up.
  10. I love the Air Raid, but we don't have any of the personnel to run it.
  11. Don't sell yourself short. You are more of a comedian than Cam is a center. Using his confidence, I look forward to your Netflix special in the new year
  12. This is what all Husker coverage has become. No writers want to alienate themselves. The Moos situation was even worse.
  13. It seems that Adrian was the one with the contentious meeting from putting things together.
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