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  1. Exactly. Add in an explosive Maryland team and Minnesota who thinks it can win, and the schedule gets really tough. Last year had the names, this year has the motivation.
  2. We really need to split with Wisconsin, Ohio State, Purdue, and Iowa. Watching Matt Campbell on Gameday just now reminds you a lot of Frost. Gotta trust the process and it will all work out. But that goes for the coaches, too.
  3. gorp512

    B1G Week 2

    Maryland continues to light it up. The end of the season is shaping up to be 4 super tough games for the Huskers.
  4. gorp512

    What did we learn? (The Rocky Mountain Low Edition)

    They had him at 285 today. He was what, 240/245 as a recruit? Still looks like he has room to grow and he is getting used to his size. Just hope if he ever gets over 300 he maintains his athleticism
  5. gorp512

    What did we learn? (The Rocky Mountain Low Edition)

    All things considered (Moving to a new, difficult position in a complex offense, bulking up, starting after redshirting), Didn't think Jurgens looks THAT bad. His gamesmanship with this project tells you a lot about the kid.
  6. gorp512

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    That and it seems like he is never takes a confident stand on when to slide or run out of bounds. If he's not hurt, playing that way will do it.
  7. gorp512

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    The hesitancy is something he never had before. And when we takes off its that second delay that causes a fumble or him to get lit up. Something is up.
  8. gorp512

    Scott Frost

    This is the story for every single team in the country. You don't need any time to make sound coaching decisions to capitalize on your advantages and the weakness of the other team. Just look at Colorado today. First year coach, none of his players, makes good choices.
  9. gorp512

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    Is Martinez hurt?
  10. gorp512

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    Should have burned more clock at the fumble. More aka any clock
  11. gorp512

    *** Official South Alabama Game Thread ***

    Over/Under 200 yards for Shenault next week?
  12. gorp512

    Big announcement coming?

    Oklahoma spent a similar amount.
  13. gorp512

    Big announcement coming?

    It will probably take at least 2 years?
  14. gorp512

    Big announcement coming?

    What is the timeline on renovations? Seems like something coaches would want to tout during the recruiting process
  15. gorp512


    This is very true. i think it was the Lambeau game that makes it seem so memorable.