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  1. He starts his philosophical musings at the 6:58 mark of this segment
  2. Unsure. I think Frost would actually be Hitler in his analogy. But he started talking about scrambled eggs before he began to elaborate
  3. Hope Woodyard can get some run against his home state team.
  4. Benning's head exploding today. He already equated the culture around the program to Hitler and Nazi Germany in the same breath as calling them runny scrambled eggs (?)
  5. Would a 4-2-5 base defense help at all? Baylor seems to have made a great transition to that formation.
  6. Really hate when the unpaid laborors look out for their own health
  7. As great of an athlete that Can Jurgens is, it takes a bit of a squint to see the projection into a center. Ty Robinson, otoh, physically looks like a monster nose tackle. Was pleasantly surprised at how much he seems to have filled out and hopeful for more gains (gainz?) in winter conditioning.
  8. Didn't hear it, but was Frost's silver lining comment directed right at the defense?
  9. Were we better today than the Illinois game even with a L?
  10. If Penn State can bounce back so fast from what they did, no reason we can't overcome a bully who won 9 games a year and the ice cream man
  11. I'm saying our defense clearly has too many digits to be successful
  12. This same defense put someone with one hand in the NFL..... That's it, someone get the band saw
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