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  1. So, Rhule good hired the AD? That sounds normal.....
  2. https://ramblinwreck.com/staff/j-batt/
  3. Wow Just aim higher (if there was anyone doing the aiming...) Jeremiah Donati Hunter Yurachek Mitch Barnhart
  4. With Rhule, not crazy. Strong likelihood that several position changes may happen. He once changed a QB to fullback
  5. It would be absolutely hilarious if he is filming these everywhere to just sign with Georgia
  6. Rhule's quotes on the McAfee Show were a little too specific regarding freshman commiting with NIL promises. It seems this is the most likely scenario, IMO.
  7. Or Raiola left UGA because of money, found that money at UNL, and McCord 's bag got lighter?
  8. He is a statue. Would really prefer Howard.
  9. Rhule seems to be lifting his players up a bit more than Frost who sent them to the hospital during the first training camp
  10. They are in the "firing coordinators" portion of the head coach transitioning progression. As we know, that usually means he's got max one year left. Media also smells the blood in the water https://twitter.com/PennStateRivals/status/1723456897380962584?t=Z3Wq1eayabUk7g5aUTQ0VQ&s=19
  11. No, but fully expect him to speak to Penn State if he hasn't already. The wheels are falling off in Happy Valley. His best friend is the AD. It's his dream job. Huskers could very well get Cristoballed this off-season
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