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  1. He's still operating at the highest possible level, too. He's gotta have something redeeming about him. Or pictures...
  2. I forgot the :honest question: lead. Maybe he's gonna be great, maybe be won't
  3. Would he be a candidate to be the AD at any other Big Ten school?
  4. He also looks younger than he is. Was going to say would love someone like Danny White, but they are pretty much the same age. So, maybe the guy is it.
  5. Amazing digging. He would be perfect for the job in 15 years
  6. Scott fired Bill and will be hiring the new AD. This isn't hard to figure from how things have happened.
  7. You don't think Frost has done that? I hope he has.
  8. Rice is one of the best universities in the country. The McCaffreys were set for life even before CM was the best RB in the NFL, and Frost is a bit of a hypocrite for saying that players are tampered with as he brings in many transfers himself. This is myopic all around
  9. Does anyone know if the Suh graphics in the weight room change when he changes teams?
  10. It's the only game on the schedule even possible to move. Maybe they can play Buffalo on Friday and Saturday instead.
  11. They wanted an extra home game because the entire lifeblood of the town the University sustains was sucked away by a global pandemic.
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