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  1. Not really. The most successful coaches bring in ideas from everywhere. Notably, Saban, James Franklin, and Coach O take lots of outside influence.
  2. Just mean that while this hire is nice and Dawson did a decent job before, It's not very inspiring given Frost's tendency to stick to who and what he knows. Not a fault, but maybe not a strength, either.
  3. Frost is really comfortable in his comfort zone
  4. He was in Lincoln often at the time. If Moos was around, you like to think he would have found a spot for him.
  5. Ed Oregeron is a madman and recruiting is his favorite thing. Plus one for anyone that keeps up with him. Also hoping for Joseph.
  6. With the pettiness and smug, too cool for school personalities covering the program, you'll know within three weeks. You think Benning would be able to keep that one in?
  7. He seems headed to Tennessee to play with his brother. Was committed there before Jones was let go and he is a legacy. Wouldn't Georgia block that, though? Being in the same conference?
  8. He's been in contact with Miami. They have another very good end in Gregory Rousseau and his stats next year could be even more impressive.
  9. Gonna keep beating the drum for Ed Foley. Best Special Teams coach in the country and not on the field right now.
  10. He was a strange hire from the beginning. Never coached anywhere near the South. He still was able to pull in Top 25 classes in back to back years. He's more confrontational than MR with some of the things he's said. Really great with the playbook and schemes.
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