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  1. Nothing gets the existential dread going like future college football schedules.
  2. gorp512


    This photo that has been floating around in so many articles may be the worst possible picture taken of a coach in history. Mark Mangino aside.
  3. Great may even be an understatement. Rose Bowl win, a playoff appearance, high impact NFL players. All at Michigan State.
  4. This all seems like a worth while effort for some depth and to build relationships into the schools, but no one is winning championships-division, conference, national- because of walk-ons. They are right. The game has changed. Change with it.
  5. One can dream! And this staff always seems to have one or two late push steals in them.
  6. That's understandable, but we usually keep the recruit in the loop with that your type of stuff
  7. So the Huskers just stopped communicating with him? That doesn't sound typical of this staff
  8. Not really. The most successful coaches bring in ideas from everywhere. Notably, Saban, James Franklin, and Coach O take lots of outside influence.
  9. Just mean that while this hire is nice and Dawson did a decent job before, It's not very inspiring given Frost's tendency to stick to who and what he knows. Not a fault, but maybe not a strength, either.
  10. Frost is really comfortable in his comfort zone
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