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  1. So is this really because the staff is full of "Patriots"? This is important to know
  2. Just was wondering if the Oklahoma game is still looking to go on as planned. Totally forgot about Ireland.
  3. Instead of starting another thread, putting this here: Is next year's schedule going on as is? It's hard to imagine a smooth start with schools closed again in the spring, vaccines slower than anticipated, etc.
  4. Can they not bring in an analyst?
  5. With so many recruits taking expected offers with the current state of things, the transfer portal will be very full next year (if this ever ends)
  6. Maybe he anticipates a strong combine showing?
  7. gorp512


    Whatever Benning has against SF goes back to their playing days. He literally hangs out with high school kids and reports on that on the radio.
  8. gorp512


    It wouldn't fly anywhere else in the country and it is amazing that it has lasted as long as it has in NE.
  9. This just isn't true. The Huskers aren't a military school that needs to run a historic system to be successful. 12/14 B1G teams and the vast majority of the successful programs over the last ten years run the spread. It isn't the system as much as the designers of that system.
  10. Chances they all got a bag to come here and were never invested from the beginning?
  11. They aren't terrible, but seemingly used incorrectly and Duval's conditioning program could use some revision (who knows what that looks like right now)
  12. He made a major stride philosophically last year bringing in Lubick. This off-season, is there a former head coach or someone looking for redemption that can come in as an analyst for even more fresh eyes?
  13. He was hanging around Lincoln and seemingly interested when they hired Riley. He can recruit anywhere. But yea, he was basically made for LSU.
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