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  1. It would be very Rhule like to grab Leonhard as DC.
  2. Yea, I just think that's the only one. Assuming he does well here and they still want him. He didn't just go there. He was born and raised in State College.
  3. Yep. He summers at the Jersey shore
  4. He's in Cape May, New Jersey.
  5. Names to watch for staff positions: Defensive Side: Phil Snow, Geoff Collins, Al Golden, Elijah Robinson, Fran Brown Offensive Side: Joe Brady, Glenn Thomas, Adam DiMichelle, Special Teams: Ed Foley
  6. My fault for being unclear. He made a big point about NOT looking for a press conference guy and Rhule is a HUGE press conference guy. An East Coast smooth talker. He's a great coach, as well, but just seems odd
  7. I love Rhule, but what happened to Trev talking about not winning the press conference? Out of everyone available, he's the most polished and biggest press conference guy.
  8. He wasn't coaching. Could he not have been recruiting?
  9. Rhule is a great coach but there is zero reason this shouldn't have been wrapped up weeks ago. Zero We took the only advantage we had by firing Frost early and waited as if we didn't.
  10. Honest question. What is the contract department? If they are on the general counsel of the University, there seems to be little way they would share that with anyone
  11. I hope you are right. Interviewing Deoren on Sunday after a billion days of this thing is not inspiring
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