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  1. Rhule seems to be lifting his players up a bit more than Frost who sent them to the hospital during the first training camp
  2. They are in the "firing coordinators" portion of the head coach transitioning progression. As we know, that usually means he's got max one year left. Media also smells the blood in the water https://twitter.com/PennStateRivals/status/1723456897380962584?t=Z3Wq1eayabUk7g5aUTQ0VQ&s=19
  3. No, but fully expect him to speak to Penn State if he hasn't already. The wheels are falling off in Happy Valley. His best friend is the AD. It's his dream job. Huskers could very well get Cristoballed this off-season
  4. I've thought Rhule was the guy for 8 years and Michigan is very good, but effort and fundamentals have always been a Rhule hallmark, even in those ugly first years. I have no idea what is going on, but this reeks of Chip Kelly in San Francisco.
  5. It's really tough to build an entire program, develop players into professionals, and graduate students in 3 weeks.
  6. Yea, he did a really great job. Has anyone heard from him since he left?
  7. Texas, Illinois. UCF under Frost
  8. Rhule has always had a mobile QB.
  9. His eye for talent puts unrated players into the League. While he was at Temple, he had more active players in the NFL than Utah, Texas Tech, West Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, and Colorado. He said as much as he was introduced. He's looking for athletes more than highly rated players
  10. Rhule is not going to build rosters with an overwhelming amount of high starred players. It's just not how he does it, but the last part is very accurate. And this is something that has evolved after he was hired. He needs to evolve, too.
  11. Sims is going to end the season as a running back
  12. Gerad Christian-Lichtenhan is gigantic.
  13. Money talks. Our 3rd string QB makes more than many starters in the P5
  14. It shouldn't, though. Just look at the other team, it doesn't need to take long
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