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  1. Best wishes to him and his family and hope everything works out on all fronts. He's a baller and will help some team closer to home
  2. A second wave implies the end of the first.
  3. JaMarcus Russell? Nick Foles is tall. But that is a good point. Haarberg just looks like he has a few inches left to grow
  4. So much is always put into the weight players will gain once in the program, but there is no way he is done growing. He can easily be 6'7''-6'8'' before he even enrolls.
  5. Would prefer he go there than stay in the B1G.
  6. This can't be over. Aside from the Huskers, other schools will still be on him.
  7. Maybe he secretly can play both sides of the ball, point guard, and teach humanities.
  8. I'm sure there are others on this board not in NE. Is anyone else in a hotspot with people still ignoring social distancing?
  9. Nearly a billion dollars left on the table in one day in American sports, but OK.
  10. Nothing gets the existential dread going like future college football schedules.
  11. gorp512


    This photo that has been floating around in so many articles may be the worst possible picture taken of a coach in history. Mark Mangino aside.
  12. Great may even be an understatement. Rose Bowl win, a playoff appearance, high impact NFL players. All at Michigan State.
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