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  1. If there was any reason to keep an under qualified, overmatched, poor performing position coach...
  2. Also, https://247sports.com/Player/Richard-Dandridge-46113698/
  3. He spoke about how much he was looking forward to it when he was on Hail Varsity radio a few weeks back
  4. Rhule in town visiting him today. His school is right down the street from Temple, hence the cryptic tweets from Coach today. There is also a Michigan commit, Husker offered monster linebacker at the same school.
  5. Get used to it. This is his style and he said as much on his very first day. It's also exactly what this team needs.
  6. I hate them, too, which is why this sucks. The OC hire is the bigger sting. Incredible offense. May not be long for there, though, at he is apparently a candidate at Purdue.
  7. That was my fault for the wrong threading. Apologies.
  8. Watching players and coaches flock to Deion in Boulder is tough
  9. He's gotta know something about his nephew that the public doesn't. The kid is too good for that not to be a factor
  10. They should have made them, you know, black basketball jerseys.
  11. Fair but he said the same thing at Temple then went to Baylor and then went onto have the #2 defense in the NFL last year. IMO, working in the NFL would be easier for him and he is very much in demand there, too.
  12. He's been trying to get Snow, but Snow isn't sure he's coming back to college/ready to come back at all.
  13. I like Adam and he was on my initial list as possible WR coach, but would have liked a different person in this role. This is the biggest come up on staff yet
  14. That is his house. It matches photos his wife has posted online. He is on the 3400 block
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