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  1. 20 - Rodarius Gregory - RB Random woman with birds nest on her head
  2. 85 - Ryan Gibbons - WR Kelso or Ashton
  3. 70 - Marques Cox - OL Annoying Orange
  4. 29 - Adam Buirge - S Banjo Boy
  5. 93 - Erik Abrell - LS O Face Guy from Office Space
  6. gobiggergoredder

    Genius posters rejoice CornNations shows CU's D adjustments

    Why does there always have to be an adjustment? If you win you made good adjustment and if you lose you made bad/no adjustments? Is it possible to just win or get beat?
  7. gobiggergoredder

    Matt Farniok

    Just want to be on record........ Not a fan of threads where the only purpose is to call out an individual player. Truth be told, I’ve probably been a part of it in a past life. Put it under another O line thread or something about the offense. JMO.
  8. gobiggergoredder

    ***Official USA Look-A-Like Thread***

    7 - Chris Henderson Toad from Super Mario Brothers
  9. gobiggergoredder

    ***Official USA Look-A-Like Thread***

    Tre’veon Hamilton Rabbit Ears Antenna
  10. gobiggergoredder

    ***Official USA Look-A-Like Thread***

    Devin Rockette NYC Rockette
  11. gobiggergoredder

    ***Official USA Look-A-Like Thread***

    Jalin Buie Spooge Mary
  12. gobiggergoredder

    ***Official USA Look-A-Like Thread***

    QB named Cephus QB with Syphilis
  13. gobiggergoredder

    Fall Camp Notes

    I think #2 will be situational, not necessarily talent. McCaffery is going to get his 4 games, but are you going to bring him because AM gets a cramp or has his helmet come off? I doubt it. The only way McCaffery burns the shirt is if AM get's hurt. Depth chart after #1 is meaningless at this point.
  14. gobiggergoredder

    Fall Camp Notes

    @bisonwichesYou're reading too much into it. It's a comment on the tool Diaco, not Chins.