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  1. Pretty sorry way to lose. shot clock violation and put back off no box out.
  2. Highlight film showed him making great plays on several well placed long balls. I wonder how they plan to get him the ball.
  3. I know it's a d-bag comment, but i'll make it anyway. I'm tired of hearing how good Wandale is. He certainly has talent, but so do a lot of people. There isn't one play that stick out to me when I think about it him. Rex has a pile of plays I think of Ameer had a bunch Westy had a handful Even JD recently. Him getting destroyed over the middle play after play (I don't recall the game) I think him leaving is a loss, but I definitely don't think it's the end of the world.
  4. Isn’t POB transferring again? Didn’t Gebbia barely win the the job for OSU?
  5. I need to find the tweet from Steve's Stats. His data set out there that show's he's best first drive quarterback in the country and should win the Heisman. It's the BFDQB Score. His score is 567.243 which is 24.879 ahead of Fields and is only behind Trevor Lawrence at a 592.374.
  6. You just did the grown man equivalent of "Take's one to know one" or "I'm rubber, you're glue"
  7. You can measure what ever you want to prove a point. I'm a Six Sigma Black Belt. You'll just have to trust me on that one. I'm definitely not a stats expert, but I get it. The data proves absolutely nothing in my opinion. WTF is EPA? LM is ahead of 11 QBs on this list. Success rate is hilarious. I have one of those and I don't even have to run it through Minitab. It's called W-L. The interesting thing is that I have to defend my point and you don't. You post a tweet and say "see, he's good".
  8. It's absolutely doesn't https://arbitraryanalytics.com/about/
  9. I get it. To me it's more how this offense is broken. This offense currently lives or does on the scramble IMO. I'm just looking at the comparisons to the other QB's and I wonder how many of AM's "carries" are actually designed runs.
  10. Is a broken play counted as a carry?
  11. yeah sorry. Basically it sounds like they had hoped to get to a December 30th game so they could rest for a few days. Martinez and Wandale are banged up. Vote was left up to positional leaders and there was definitely differing opinions. In general it sounds like the offense didn't want to play. Garret Nelson was interviewed after the game and basically said "let's keep playing football". Callahan made the comment that he wonders if allowing the team to vote "backfired" on Frost. He also said that the Walk-Ons and practice guys don't get to travel and th
  12. Game or no game....I get both takes. Anyone concerned that the team appears to be split on “play” or “no play”? Callahan’s take on KFAB this morning was interesting if even half it was true.
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