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  1. gobiggergoredder

    Bracketology 2019

    They didn’t get in, and they shouldn’t have, with 22 wins last year.
  2. gobiggergoredder

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    He could have fired Miles last year, but the timing wasn't right. They had a great conference season and laid an egg in the conference tourney and NIT. New football and basketball coaches would be too much. He offered him a 1 year extension, which is nothing. Miles had to have a break out year this year and it's more of the same. Next year will be rough for the new coach. Short of some kind of Ricky Vaughn - Major League miracle, he's done.
  3. gobiggergoredder

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    This. No matter who is here, next year is a challenge. Much like 2018 football, I’d rather take the beating with someone else as head coach.
  4. gobiggergoredder

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    It's like saying....give Diaco a chance. He needs to finish out the season and move on.
  5. gobiggergoredder

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    That accomplishes nothing
  6. Not only that.... This program has a history of being underwhelming when they are not a home. Basically, if comes down to them being a bubble team, they will not get selected by the committee.
  7. gobiggergoredder

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Middle?, they should have lost to Penn State and did lose to Rutgers. If these guys give up on the season, the middle might be the best they can do.
  8. Rutgers: #152 in RPI. 326 out of 351 in FG %.
  9. gobiggergoredder

    Mikale Wilbon

    ***Im tapping out*** hopefully he can take Duval to the NFL cause he’s likely done without him. Bradley played last year and didn’t at all this year. Frost must had made him worse.
  10. gobiggergoredder

    Mikale Wilbon

    We saw flashes for 3 years. People can give all the credit world to 6 months of fitness, but it’s more than that. It be ignorant to say S&C didn’t benefit Ozigbo, but contributing the majority of his success to a few months of training is disingenuous. He played in offense with two QBs that allowed Defenses to stack the box. The offense get a legitimate threat at QB and the pressure is relieved. And some much improved coaching. The O Line went from horrid to acceptable. Ozigbo goes from donkey (not my words) to third team all conference 1000 yard rusher. It was always there and some of us saw that. The leadership and QB changes definitely helped. You don’t suck because the organization you work for does. Sometimes youre a product of a broken system.
  11. gobiggergoredder

    Mikale Wilbon

    Or due to getting tackled taking a hand off.
  12. gobiggergoredder

    Mikale Wilbon

    Been getting beat up praising Ozigbo for 3 years. I might need to have rotator cuff surgery.
  13. gobiggergoredder

    Mikale Wilbon

  14. gobiggergoredder

    Mikale Wilbon

    Thank you for telling me my OPINION isn't accurate.
  15. gobiggergoredder

    Mikale Wilbon

    People said Ozigbo was slow, which I still believe is not accurate (my LOS scrimmage comments prove that). Scouts and writers said Burkhead was slow. Did anyone write off Burkhead because he was slow?....most don't. Burkhead, much like Jerry Rice, used their skill set so well that the disadvantage associated with their lack of speed is minimized. I didn't think it was appropriate to write him off because of his speed. Ozigbo is no faster now than he was one year ago. His conditioning improved significantly which allowed him to put together long runs and complete games. He went from flashes of greatness to 60 minutes a week on dependable performance. Moral of the story is to not write someone of because you think they are slow. That was my point, continues to be my point, and always will be my point. I could have picked anyone reference as slow. Maybe I could have picked Kurt Gibson.