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  1. I guess I'm just struggling why people are hesitant to admit how bad a TA led offense was. He was bailed out by his supporting cast. I can only imagine how good they would have been with a QB that could convert consistently. Would I take him over the two we have?....sure. But give me Ameer, Ozigbo, Newby, Jano, Westy, Morgan and Reilly, DPE while we are at it.
  2. Still not sure why you picked one year. That was his story the his entire career. Would I put TA at QB right now?, sure, but I would have taken any of the other 3 QBs listed in the Hail Varsity article. I don't know, maybe? The holes in his game were nearly identical to those of LM and AM. He had an out that allowed to throw a bomb with reasonable accuracy. Enough accuracy that talented WRs could make a play. This offense is limited for the same reason it was with Tommy. It doesn't have a QB that can consistently convert. It doesn't win with e
  3. Care to explain? I can tell you what I see on TA. 16 picks and a 55% completion ratio. That's pretty freaking bad. The only difference in his game is he would launch the ball. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.
  4. Tommy was just like these guys. @TGHuskeris dead on in my opinion. Defenses are doing the exact same thing to Adrian and Luke that they did to Tommy. Load up and make the QB beat us. The only difference is Tommy would launch a prayer several times a game that Stanley or Westy would come down with. I have no idea if we have any receiver talent because I don't even see us able to give them a shot (we can't get them the ball).
  5. It makes sense. I doubt it's just the receivers. They looked Riley soft on Saturday. Someone has to want to play. Next man up. What's happened to Garrett Nelson? He was a savage last year and we constantly heard about his motor and effort. You don't even hear his name. I'm not trying to single him out. More trying to understand if something else is going on in the program.
  6. This is where I’m at. Improved leadership should have made this post Riley squad better. How many times did Frost reference how soft the squad was when he got there. They might not be as soft anymore, but the product is easily as bad as it was before. The lack of progress is embarrassing.
  7. The defense is bad....yes, but they have had no help from the offense all year. I think it could be argued that the D won the Penn State game.
  8. I really do believe he gets a pass for the first two years. He inherited a dumpster fire. However, the overall lack of progress in year 3 is completely on him and his staff. They were man handled today by one of the worst programs in the country. There should be no question that that Nebraska is probably the worst team in the conference. I’d hate to play Penn State again. Frost has no QB and I believe that is a huge factor in the offensive issues. I don’t understand the defensive problems at all. This team gets pushed around and has no swagger. That’s
  9. It’s not about calling plays, it’s about leadership. This program is in a bad place. They need help in a hurry. They need to bring in someone like Joe Moglia (I have no idea what his health situation is) to help Frost. Yesterday.
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