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  1. Buying that car…. Kind of step one of “How to be Broke in 10 years” isn’t it?
  2. Against Illinois there were some pretty terrible calls at the worst time. Yesterday was just a beating. Only thing the officials could of done to help us was some kind of mercy rule.
  3. They can’t score. I think that’s the bigger problem. But it’s hard to choose.
  4. Mast isn’t even trying to get to post. If we don’t get points out of Mast, KT and/or Wilcher we’re toast. Obviously the three ball needs to slow down for NW as well
  5. Holy crap, that’s what I just said to my kid!
  6. I agree with this. The Huskers had a good confidence about them tonight. There were several calls that impacted the game, which is unfortunate. I think a good rebound against NW will go a long way.
  7. That's what everyone says...I don't know. Just repeating what I heard.
  8. Jim Rose said this morning that Michigan may take a run at Chris Klieman.
  9. Rendering is probably the worst thing I ever smelled. I toured a plant one time where there was a lady packing hog brains into a plastic dish. I had to stop and do a second take because I wasn't sure what I was watching. But like you said, you get used to it eventually. And abcesses are gross. It's like a zit that can be softball size or bigger.
  10. I don’t care if he left. I’d take a real strong look at potentially making a run at getting him home.
  11. When this team plays great defense and hits shots they are electric. There were times were the D got a little lazy and allowed tOSU back in it. But overall they played really well. Mast obviously had a great night, but I was really impressed with Wilcher. I also like what Allick is doing. If Allick can score 6-8 points a game it's going to be huge. He's just so athletic and works his a$$ off. He's just so terrible shooting.
  12. I love Crispittos. Was my favorite lunch room item.
  13. Crappy win sure feels better than a crappy loss
  14. He's from Des Moines. Only about 1.5 hours farther to Lincoln than Iowa City.
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