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  1. This kid any good? His numbers on the track are ridiculous. He went 53 in the triple jump. He clearly doesn’t have the size of Coleman from LE but he accelerates far quicker.
  2. I’m with you on this. We lose depth but not big plays.
  3. I already spent 7 hundo on my game tickets…..but I’d probably go to Vegas too.
  4. And I left out the jump ball they called in half a second with a badger laying on top of him.
  5. That called block they changed to a charge was inexcusable. And I’m not a huge Verge fan, that that’s not a T.
  6. I just started watching at half. I’m not much of a “bad official” guy, but this is some of the worst officiating I’ve ever seen.
  7. Craig Smith? I still struggle with them passing on Dana Altman however many years ago.
  8. Got a pretty reliable source saying he’s super talented and even more lazy. See ya!
  9. 8. The QB won’t hang onto the ball and hit receivers on the break.
  10. I went to the Nebraska basketball game at NC State and I was pretty impressed with variety of food they were offering. It didn't appeal to me because I'll eat whatever, but I could see where that could be something people may complain about.
  11. I'd put decks/platforms in at least part of the south stadium. That's where I'd sell the booze. You could have sections that are reserved like a boxes, and other sections for the common folk peasants. The rest of the stadium I'd make the seats wider. Take the capacity down to about 70-75 while improving the atmosphere. Make a gastric bypass candidate section where the seats are 4' wide. Motorized cart access like Walmart. Would also need locations to abandon the carts when you're done.
  12. Yant is a load and avoids contact. It’s tough for me to watch. I want him to be good, but I don’t see it.
  13. She missed two point blank shots. I’m not say that as a knock. She moves so well and she’s going to be a force.
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