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  1. Seems like he knew what he was doing when he picked a staff at Temple and Baylor.
  2. For whatever reason I just don't care about Coleman. He seems like Kardashian. Seems to check all the boxes. I still hope we get him, but he just screams "bust" to me.
  3. Thank you. I thoughts that the way it was, but I definitely wasn’t sure. id like to see them keep Hausmann , which I think the will, but best of luck to the rest.
  4. When you enter transfer portal can Nebraska tell you to take a hike and not allow you back?
  5. Fun to watch. Haven’t said that in a while. Good passing and rebounding.
  6. Because Lukewarm is defending you? Congratulations on your Huskerboard Hereos trophy. Please carry it on the plane.
  7. Good because if it was you failed miserably.
  8. Lukewarm, We can exhaust eachothers takes at nauseum. We don't agree. It's all good. Once that evidence is public, likely via hearing or public charges, then assessments can/should be made.
  9. Something we agree on. Hey Ladies, Mickey’s home!
  10. 1. A high school softball coach that didn't work for the school gets fired. 2. An NFL offensive line coach - Arizona Cardinals (Private Entity) 3. Story said they began their investigation in May and fired him in July 4. charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a fourth-degree felony, and battery 5. Noble appeared in front of a judge at a Sacramento federal court Friday. The appearance lasted 25 minutes, and he was in the custody of the U.S. Marshalls. In the documents, Noble was said to have been in a chat room on the messaging app Kik that was conducted by an undercover federal agent in Florida. The agent noticed a user named “numerounoginger” posted videos of underage age girls performing sexual acts and commented on several posts. 6. charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud The closest to the current situation is The Arizona Cardinals situation. I'm sure there was at least someone confirming the behavior. The rest of the examples have something we have not be given yet.....Evidence which gives you charges. It'll come. But any conclusion drawn upon absolutely zero evidence is lazy and ignorant.
  11. you sir are welcomed to interpret this how ever you see fit. We can beat up Would/should all day long. The fact that anyone is “ok” with firing someone based upon the information we have is troublesome. I will allow you to come to your conclusion without insulting your ability to read. “I imagine” our conclusions are different and that’s ok. The second there is one shred of evidence he’s gone and I’m fine with that. The Hosehead Nacho example is strong, but lacks practicality. Firing someone on an accusation is dangerous no matter how you look at it and the likelihood of it happening with the evidence we have been presented, which is none, is very low. The negative PR at this this point is a result of the accusation. That will change quickly with evidence. Once that transition happens, if indeed it does, it’s a whole new ball game. The irony of this entire discussion is how I’m being called out for the same things several are actually doing. These are hard discussions. The lazy will say one is defending a wife beater. You’re not doing that, but I guarantee that has gone through the minds of several. I took the exact same stance with the two kids the ultimately got kicked off team for rape a few years back. We all need to be advocates for due process and not the angry mob mentality. We live in a ‘bizarro’ world where in the court of Twitterbook you’re guilty until proven innocent. It’s far easier to be outraged than see the process through. Quite frankly, I think it’s scary.
  12. You’re taking this where no one can answer. You may enjoy reading what you just wrote. You asked how I know it’s an accusation, which is hilarious alone, all while illustrating that it is in fact accusation at this point. You alluded he should be fired. With no investigation, evidence or follow up. I work in America. It’s unfortunate that “Due Process” is somehow bizarre. I stand behind what I wrote. If evidence supports he did this, then act. Not until then.
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