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  1. gobiggergoredder

    Defensive Philosophy

    Need players. I know this is a message board, but it’s really that simple. Need more explosive and fast athletes across the board. Defensive depth is also why special teams have been a struggle.
  2. I’ve been pretty skeptical of the high ranking of a Tim Miles coached squad. I will tell you I really liked what I saw yesterday. In my opinion, the play of Heiman and Borchardt is the kind presence Miles’ teams have lack. The team rebounding was great.
  3. gobiggergoredder

    Guy Thomas gone?

    More scholly’s open!
  4. gobiggergoredder


    I’d be surprised if his 40 is much different than it ever was. what you see now is a result of conditioning. He is now able to maintain top speed which he was not previously able to do. Once you reach top speed you immediately begin to lose it. I don’t remember right of hand but I think most top level sprinters are at full speed around 30-40 meters. It’s those would can minimize the fall off who appear to be “faster”. It’s not as much of a break away as it is a fall off for the others.
  5. gobiggergoredder

    Martinez Top-Rated B1G QB This Week

    And when the only play that works is the QB chuck it up and see if a someone can make a play (Kenny Bell or Westy) it's a lot easier to T-off on o line. Martinez play is giving some relief to O-Line.
  6. gobiggergoredder

    Ohio State Post-Game Presser

    Kind of where I’m at. It’s on the same level as “Riley is such as nice guy”. It’s just opposing political coach speak.
  7. gobiggergoredder

    Do We Win Out?

    Is there a chance of bowl if they get to 5?
  8. gobiggergoredder

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    I can’t help but think that regardless of record that this group of seniors won’t be forgotten.
  9. gobiggergoredder

    Special Teams

    Punter is one of the only spots in a program you could literally ask anyone on the team to do. Your punter goes down and you have a tryout. You could find 3-5 kids all day that can kick a worm burner 35 yards.
  10. gobiggergoredder

    Special Teams

    He hasn’t red shirted yet. I feel bad for the kid. He was put in a tough spot when he got here and really never responded. I don’t think you should ever Scholly a punter until they are in the program. PK maybe, but Punter....nope.
  11. Is Defense in Big12 that bad or offenses that good?

    1. brophog


      These offenses are starting to really take hold in the NFL. No one can stop them there, either. 

  12. gobiggergoredder

    Special Teams

    Execution. I liked the call.
  13. gobiggergoredder

    Special Teams

    I think it's totally believable. IMO, good special teams come from team with depth....specifically on Defense. We don't have it. The onside is on it's own. I can't defend that.
  14. gobiggergoredder

    Breaking Up is hard to do - in praise of DiCaprio Bootle

    I know thread is about Bootle, but I gave up on Jackson altogether. I'm interested to see what he will end up being next year. He has made a ton of progress in the last month. Bootle has been strong all year.
  15. gobiggergoredder

    The Running Back Room

    Unless you have Chris Angel mindfreak in the backfield, what do you want the guy to do? Who's going to make a play when they are getting hit in the backfield? It's been the classic counter argument for Ozigbo's strong games.... Yeah, he did good today, but what about ____________________________________? How many times can you possibly do that? I've been torched for 3 years every time I say he's the most complete back on the roster. He's too slow, he's out there because this guy is hurt, he can't cut, he gets caught from behind, he'll be buried on roster when we have depth, he fumbles, he can't block. I will still stand behind my statement from years ago that he hits the LOS as hard and as fast as any back the last 3 years. His legs don't stop and he has a great forward lean. It appears as though the conditioning has helped him break away, but to be fair the entire team has benefited from improved conditioning. Riley absolutely wasted 2 years (sophomore & jr seasons) of this kids career and I'm glad his ability is finally being realized. Frost has hitched his wagon to this kid and people still act like it's some kind of fluke. It'll be good when he graduates so I won't get pissed about Ozigbo threads anymore.