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  1. His film did not jump out either. I just thought he was a big body for the middle as back up. It looks like he is Duval's hands now.
  2. Waiting until the 14th is going to kill me!
  3. I agree, but we have some huge holes in DL, WR & LB depth and the best way to do this is get 5 star players or Jucos and the second is easier. I do not expect this to happen a lot in the future, but we need it now to get to the next level.
  4. I believe that Nouili had a preferred walk-on offer last year.
  5. If you get too many young players, some leave due to playing time. The staff is also trying even out the classes.
  6. Looks like it might actually be happening, which would put the Huskers back in the picture for Dennis.
  7. Pheasants in eastern NE are very few a far between, so Frost being a small town kid this was probably a great time.
  8. He was late to the party in year 1, so getting quality was tougher. And year 2 he was holding back for redshirting.
  9. Lots of short memories. If you do not block, you do not play. Plus, this kid is 5' 11" if he was wearing heals.
  10. Thomas is a DE. Riley will give us depth behind Daniels.
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