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  1. Missed most of the game, but watching the highlights our def. Looked horrible. Cheatum is terrible at help def. And Michigan's size was too much for us.
  2. Can only have some many coaches and we are full!
  3. Just asking, as you are defending from start to finish even though he has no star rating at all!
  4. Gifford's will count toward the 85, but not toward the 2020 25 limit.
  5. It changed to 95 in 1978 and 85 in 1992. Thus, TO for the majority of his coaching career had extra scholarships to give to lower rated NE kids.
  6. Percentage is right, numbers are wrong. He is 9 of 20.
  7. I disagree with giving a HS kicker a scholarship. Its more about numbers and positions of need. Remember we only have 85 scholarships, not the 105 TO had.
  8. I watched the Iowa & Penn St. matches and we have some good wrestlers, but we don't seem as strong and we got gassed easy in a few matches.
  9. Just read an article that said he is going to play LB at Wyoming.
  10. Is he going to punt or play a different position. My nephew took a scholarship from UNO to play def. instead of being a walk-on place kicker. Different time & coaches, but it sounds like you do not know the whole story.
  11. Watched the highlights. That shot by Baker at the end was unreal & lucky.
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