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  1. There absolutely no time to set up a pass beyond 5 yards.
  2. 8 defenders in the box. No one is scared of our ol. Stop the run and we have no time to set up a longer pass play.
  3. I think we will see some younger guys as the season goes on. Frost is not found going to burn redshirts for a year that has several difencies. LB, WR & lack of overall depth.
  4. Riley ran this program into the ground. When weight training is an optional, that is a problem. Culture takes more than 2 years to fix. Plain & simple, we have players who do not care about losing.
  5. I agree. I see barry running into the line and coming back to make the tackle. I applaud him not stopping, but he is out of position on way too many plays.
  6. LBs are weakest part of our Def. I truly believe it will get better and we will have a dominating defense again.
  7. This defense is made for linebackers to read and react. We do not have the guys to run this. Watch JoJo and A. Davis. A. Davis runs by the QB on the zone read, Jo Jo hesitates to make sure the ball is gone. I really like Barry, but sometime he gets caught in the line and takes bad angles.
  8. I will disagree, he is always 5 yards farther back than anyone else. He has good speed to the ball, but too much cushion. Next game, watch and see who they throw at the most.
  9. I too bitch about Jackson, as he plays way to far off the line. You are right on the 3rd, but it appears Barry is out of position again.
  10. There are always 3 star kids that are missed by the services. This is only 2nd full year of recruiting. I too will trust our staff!
  11. A little advice. Quit watching! It will help your heart & your brain!
  12. Do you need some cheese?
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