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  1. Frost was not liked when he was here, due to his arrogance.
  2. Most of the lists have a flaw. Character issues. We seemed to be looking for the next TO or Mr. Rogers!
  3. Chinander was gone, when frost left. He needs to be let go & Mickey needs to find someone who cares
  4. Mickey said it all. Need to go back to basics & take a strong look at the younger guys!
  5. I have no like or dislike. Don't know where you got that. Must be the rumor mill, which you must think is the truth. All I said is that his dad has been & has the avenue to cause issues with whoever the coach is. He gets paid to cause controversy. That is what the media does.
  6. It's not Damien. Its the drama his dad will bring.
  7. No, just knows more than everyone else.
  8. These rumors are crap. I'm not happy with his job, but with all the technology these days, someone surely has to have something recorded. I've seen none. There are lots of speculations, so it must be true. Let the idiots in the media roll, it does not matter as it's in the past.
  9. Reality check. We have good young talent, but have not played well together. This loss will help in the long run!
  10. Hope you are right! Sooner the better.
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