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  1. Too much hero ball in the last 5 minutes. Why should anyone move without the ball griesel will not pass.
  2. Right on. Keita appears to be too passive. Hoping year 2 will be better. Breidenbach has ability, but needs to get stronger. Right now, the game seems to be too fast in the big ten for him.
  3. I agree. Im just saying they are some good pcs., along with Gary. We need an athletic 6'8 - 6'10 guy & a 40% 3 pt. shooter.
  4. Of course, anything new has got to be better than the old.
  5. Lawrence & Dawson are freshman. Good athletic defenders & can score. They need some help. We have too many players that react too slow & are not good athletes.
  6. He had 5 TO last game. He is trying to do too much. He needs to let the game come to him, like the last 2 buckets.
  7. Walker struggles against athletic centers. He needs them white & slow. Too mant TOs the last 2 games.
  8. It might be that he will be back playing again. Not necessarily the Huskers.
  9. I agree as he has played 4 yrs before coming to the Huskers.
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