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  1. Here we go. New football coaches, so let's turn our frustrations to the BB team. 100+ pages are coming
  2. Back to basics In the spring. I think he understands what the pipeline means!
  3. Did you sign up just to complain or give sightful information. I don't see the 2nd
  4. Only 1 position left. Would rather has a st coach
  5. Agree, because the women's team has been in shooting better from long range.
  6. Big 10 womens is no where close to men's in completion. The lady's were playing a sub-par team last night and should have won by double digits. I will give them credit for pulling out the win when the 3 would not fall. The men can not get away with that as the teams are much better.
  7. I agree with having to run. Just trying to figure out the oh is me attitude.
  8. Please explain something. Is Harrell that bad or just thar he is a pass first coordinator? USCs problem this year was Def. Not off.
  9. Did they also tell him he has to learn to waive his arm on kickoffs
  10. At this point, thought you were there last week and maybe the week before.
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