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  1. What! Owners have several bars in the midwest. They have been holding on to the building so the 75 year old bar can remain. I understand they have a buyer who will reopen the bar and keep the name as Barry's.
  2. I didn't take a lot of time looking. The hype is now gone.
  3. All American safety at Oklahoma and played for the broncos before coaching. No other news on this addition.
  4. The need changed once webster decided to coming back
  5. He will not play after college, so he might was well get one more year of being the dirtiest player in the BIG10
  6. Agree, there were so many issues last year on offense it's hard to point at one position group.
  7. My seats are right down the sideline. Martinez has run out of bounds several times, as we have had that discussion in our section as the old timers want him to not run out of bounds. I will say Martinez takes things on himself & tries to do do much when the offense is not moving the ball.
  8. Don't forget a line that will give the WR time to run those routes & the QB time to throw. Also a center that get the ball to the QB
  9. Not sure I agree with that. It was the Husker way. I see QBs and receivers trying to avoid big hits by going down or running out of bounds quite often since Frost got here.
  10. There are lots of pitching coaches who are catchers. Our problem as of later is continually getting behind on the count and batters sitting on the fast ball. Other than this we did well against Illinois. They are a good hitting team and the wind was blowing out.
  11. This was a tough loss. Errors and getting behind batters.
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