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  1. This all the way. Easily the two worst conferences as far as officiating goes.
  2. Maybe he's trying out for the Cardinals?
  3. The snaps to AM threw the offense completely out of rhythm all game, gotta fix that. Defense had a completely different attitude and look compared to last year, loved what I saw from them. Hopefully Pickering gets healthy by next week We have a special freshman in Wan'Dale Robinson My blood pressure doubles during the fall
  4. Ehhhh Mills looks a lot like Greg Bell out there
  5. Tom Osborne is the zodiac killer
  6. Learned that we can win a game based on our defense and special teams Pickering is the blizzard wizard Reed was playing out of his mind today that was fun to see. nice to have a closer like Ozigbo. Wish we played Sparty more often the games always seem to come right down to the wire. Great win on senior day
  7. It was nice playing against Ohio St and coming away from it knowing we have the superior QB
  8. Just read more into it....how do you mess up so bad that you go more than $100,000,000 million in debt?
  9. Went with 4 with the upset against Sparty. Have had a feeling we’d beat them since before the season started
  10. How about the commentators going on about how great Pat Fitzgerald and the facilities at Northwestern are in the 4th quarter while it was a one possession game? That was a super unprofessional broadcast, the Northwestern propaganda was ridiculous
  11. Either Dedrick Young has the weirdest running motion in football or he stutter stepped on his way to the qb
  12. Hey guys did you know ESPN employs people from Northwestern?
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