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  1. Right, but I think he was closer to Held than Walters, so hopefully that helps us out. I'm excited to watch his career continue to unfold here.
  2. Reading really fast, it looked like 510 TD's, 858 TD's, etc. Is the quarantine over yet
  3. I understand that, but I think the current situation is going to make it harder to get back on track than some realize. I hope he gets it figured out.
  4. Are they actually on break or switched to online learning? If they switched to online learning like most schools, that's a shock for a lot of students. They now have almost all of the responsibility and much less support and accountability. Plus, it's not less work for most students or teachers. At least in his situation, I'm sure he's got plenty of people contacting him to hold him accountable and help as needed.
  5. The way our school is doing it, and how many in the state are, will be basing this semester's grade on just the 3rd quarter. That's great for students who did well for the 3rd quarter, not great for those who didn't. However, we decided for students who work really hard during this online learning, we can bump their grades up. We won't be reducing grades for students who slack off this quarter. This basically follows guidance from the state that this is more an enrichment time rather than typical expectations. We are still teaching our students as close to normal as possible, but it is technically not required that they do the work. The longer they go without finding out it's optional, the better.
  6. I actually found it fairly entertaining. For the most part it was pretty good football and the production and announcers did a good job. I'm not sure how I feel about shoving a microphone in every player's face right after they make or miss a play.
  7. This is probably why he waited until now:
  8. Why would someone need a recipe to make a sub sandwich?? (Georgia)
  9. Thread title is a little off. Super Bowl XLIV was ten years ago (super bowl 44) featuring the Saints vs Colts. This year is Super Bowl LIV (54)
  10. I've seen the video. I was just providing stats that are put in by the Scottsbluff coaches themselves. Again, it was one punt...
  11. Stats like this are always fun...
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