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  1. HS_Coach_C

    DE Ty Robinson

    Duval has a little hardware from last year
  2. HS_Coach_C

    *** Michigan State Prediction Contest ***

    Nebraska 31 Michigan State 20 Rushing 184 Passing 227
  3. HS_Coach_C

    Let us Pray...

    A chance to equal our stride,
  4. HS_Coach_C

    Free Runzas for Crowd Noise

    That's because everyone was yelling so loud when they announced it
  5. I think they could get some of the better rec players from around campus and have tougher competition than this. Good confidence booster though.
  6. HS_Coach_C

    Bowl Eligibility

    We don't, but one of the best things for next season would have been all the extra bowl practices. Sitting around thinking isn't as beneficial, or as fun.
  7. HS_Coach_C

    *** Illinois Prediction Contest ***

    Nebraska 56 Illinois 24 Rushing 305 Passing 304
  8. HS_Coach_C

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    I highly doubt he comments on it. They aren't allowed to comment on recruits until they are signed, and if they ask after signing day I'm sure he won't care to address another team's recruit when we'll have 30 of our own top prospects to talk about.
  9. HS_Coach_C

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Exactly. It's like the girl that gets dumped so she starts acting like a psycho to "get back" at the guy, when really all it does is prove that she's a lunatic and he was right to dump her. Let's not be a crazy ex Husker fans...
  10. HS_Coach_C

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Or the person who did the edit knows the alphabet, one of those two.
  11. HS_Coach_C

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    I don't think they'd leave too many IF they can get most of their top targets to sign early. I don't think they'll sign anyone who is a stretch. My bet would be about 3-4 open at most.
  12. HS_Coach_C

    *** Ohio State Prediction Contest ***

    Nebraska 27 Ohio State 52 Rushing 168 Passing 298
  13. HS_Coach_C

    Who's Next?

    Darien Chase, Wandale Robinson, Bryce Benhart...