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  1. Good thread on "herd immunity" from a strictly numbers standpoint. This is from the Mississippi governor and just based on Mississippi, but it applies everywhere. I do think one of the biggest mistakes from the beginning was the misinformation about masks. At the end of February the surgeon general said masks don't help at all and it wasn't until the beginning of April until the CDC said they "may help". Link The WHO didn't recommend them until June Link. This has hurt their credibility and now people don't want to listen. Masks are our best option right now and herd immunity is a terrible plan.
  2. Nice Twitter handle, right @Landlord
  3. Here is my take: If masks work, open everything up and get back to normal, just require masks in all buildings and venues. You can't ask people to do things indefinitely and expect good results. Sure some people are just being stupid, but you're always going to have a few of those.
  4. A little friendly competition
  5. It's possible that licensing had something to do with it and certain schools didn't give their approval.
  6. I guess we finished 6th. Too bad. Fidone and Rollins would be solid though.
  7. Watching his highlights, I'm thinking the rating is fine. His highlights consist mostly of big cushions where the receiver catches it in front of him or bad passes where he doesn't have to do anything. I didn't see a single play where he stood out. This probably means he'll be an all-conference type player.
  8. Crystal ball for N from a Clemson insider, confidence of 8. I assume the Ervin commitment played a role.
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