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  1. This is a nice gain, but it's almost all on Wandale and the play design. The three blockers in front basically get one guy. The receiver blocked for about half a second. Get three blocks by three guys, you double the yards.
  2. Nebraska 38 Purdue 41 Rushing 235 Passing 215
  3. Gotta finish out with 3 straight wins and disciplined play. Get guys excited, get some momentum, keep your recruits. Then at the end of the year it's 1 bad loss to Illinois, an expected loss to Ohio State, 2 shoulda-coulda-woulda losses to teams with excellent defenses. I don't think I'm as down on the team as most after today, but there can't be any letdowns the rest of the way.
  4. Well we didn't work on discipline this week...
  5. I wish we would coach these kids so they can contribute and have good relationships with the team rather than running them off because "they don't get it". Maybe there's more to it, but this stinks.
  6. Nebraska 9 Iowa 45 Rushing 135 Passing 110
  7. O: Brown/Fleming/Betts D: Reimer/JoJo Or at least I hope so, because I think that's a recipe for success.
  8. Nebraska 34 Illinois 24 Rushing 290 Passing 215
  9. Nebraska 17 Penn State 38 Rushing 220 Passing 140
  10. Nebraska 38 Northwestern 20 Rush 260 Pass 240
  11. Nebraska 27 Ohio State 45 Rushing 242 Passing 195
  12. A lot, but none of the guys who have used a redshirt.
  13. I don't see Nebraska doing anything less than a 10 game season, and without the conference, that'll be almost impossible. The main reason they wouldn't is player eligibility. There's no way they play just a few games and waste a year of eligibility for everyone.
  14. Personally I think it's easier to just say Jordan Akins I also think Thomas Fidone will be one of a kind in Scott Frost's offense.
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