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  1. That's not good. Part of me would rather see these guys do some other sports in the off season. Playing a sport year round is a grind and the constant repetitive motions are very hard on the body. Here's to a speedy recovery.
  2. HS_Coach_C

    WR Johnquai Lewis

    Uh... UCF has the most recent national championship in Florida. What are they, chopped liver?
  3. HS_Coach_C

    2020 Final Team Ranking Prediction

    I was going to say #12, but since you did I'll say #13. Great class with some talent, but a little smaller than last year's and we aren't to the point of our recruits getting the autobump like Alabama and Clemson.
  4. HS_Coach_C

    Hoiberg Assistants

  5. HS_Coach_C

    OG Kendal Septs [Houston Commit]

    His number is 77, and I'm guessing he didn't think 77% committed would go over very well
  6. HS_Coach_C

    Recruiting Tangent Thread

    Excellent overview Knapp, appreciate the rundown. +1 for your contributions. Also, thanks to all the posters who are here to share and discuss the Huskers and eyerolls to the trolls.
  7. HS_Coach_C

    Spring Practice Notes

    Right, I feel like that is probably a common occurrence for QB's because it's do or die time and they've gotta take more chances.
  8. HS_Coach_C

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    He'd better not yodel the national anthem...
  9. HS_Coach_C

    **Official 2019 Mariners/Mets Misery Thread**

    Not too shabby. Also, DeGrom's impressive quality start steak ended last night.
  10. Excellent, I appreciate your thoroughness.
  11. Are you sure you got every single OWH article?
  12. HS_Coach_C

    Nebraska High School Players - Class of 2020

    no offer, usually don't make a profile. I love the in state talent, but not if we can get superior athletes with the same work ethic and attitude.
  13. HS_Coach_C

    OLine Work in Progress

    Great. Our run defense is going to suck again.