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  1. HS_Coach_C

    JUCO DT Perrion Winfrey [Oklahoma Commit]

    If we get Hutmacher and Sekona I think we're solid
  2. HS_Coach_C

    Andy Janovich

    When Jano tells the ball to go over the fence, the ball goes over the fence.
  3. HS_Coach_C

    Huskers Hosting Transfer TE

    I was indifferent, but now that he's N, he was obviously way underrated, he's going to be an All-American, and he's definitely a first round draft pick.
  4. HS_Coach_C

    ILB Choe Bryant-Strother

    Not this weekend, 21st-23rd
  5. I think we definitely win more than we lose to NW going forward, but don't be surprised if they remain relevant. Great coaching staff, continuity, excellent facilities, prestige, campus location, etc. They have a much better product than they did even ten years ago.
  6. HS_Coach_C

    MLB 2019 Season

  7. HS_Coach_C

    WR Xavier Watts

    Turner Corcoran doing some peer recruiting. Am I the only one that watches that KB hit multiple times every time it shows up?
  8. HS_Coach_C

    MLB 2019 Season

    Sounds like he's doing well and should make a full recovery. Excellent news.
  9. HS_Coach_C

    2019 NCAA Division 1 Baseball Tournament

    Not bad, not bad...
  10. HS_Coach_C

    Baseball Coach Search

    It's already been confirmed Casey is not coming back at Oregon State next year: Casey decides not to return
  11. HS_Coach_C

    Hoiberg Assistants