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  1. Man, you've gotta think something is up with Walters not visiting the WR's. Is he out interviewing for head coaching jobs? Edit: Maybe Alante Brown is on campus and that's where he's at.
  2. Agreed, and I just edited my post as well. Part of the job, but you're right, not usually a fun part.
  3. Sarcasm? I'd be willing to bet at least Frost and Chinander legitimately enjoyed this one. Edit: In general I agree most coaches hate sucking up to recruits, but in this case it's more in their element.
  4. LJS Held and Frost saw him Saturday. Held and Dewitt will see him again this week.
  5. Awesome 3rd set. Up 2-1 on Mizzou
  6. Hate to see an injury like this. Hope he can succeed in something else.
  7. Also depends on the status of Gaylord, Woodyard, and Washington, plus any transfers.
  8. So Josh Griffis and this kid Keyshawn Green, 4 star OLB) both just decommitted from Florida State. Don't see that we've offered, but McKewon thinks it's one to watch apparently.
  9. Not sure if we're still involved, but...
  10. Yes, but I think almost everyone was already counting those two as gone.
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