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  1. Also of note, Minnesota changed defensive coordinators mid season before turning things around... Not saying we need to do that, but we need to change something.
  2. They didn't pull him for Bunch, they went to the 3's because the game was over.
  3. Nebraska 34 Minnesota 31 Rushing 299 Passing 195
  4. Nebraska 38 Northwestern 17 Rushing 222 Passing 245
  5. Just to be clear, the Baylor writer put in a CB for Manning to Nebraska. When I first read that I assumed the CB was for Baylor.
  6. Nebraska 28 Ohio State 45 Rushing 178 Passing 220
  7. Nebraska 52 Illinois 27 Rushing 258 Passing 288
  8. That snap from Washington State is perfectly legal if it's done in one motion. Here he brings it up and then throws it, which is the problem.
  9. Nebraska 41 Northern Illinois 13 Rush 205 Pass 285
  10. That Wisconsin player could also now seek damages from the University under the same Title IX laws he was prosecuted under. (according to a Title IX conference I went to this summer)
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