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  1. Right, but why make that choice if you actually do still have an option in college. No reason to punish yourself or your family just to prepare for what may happen someday. That's like saying you should move into a nursing home when you're 60 because you need to prepare for being cared for and having a less active lifestyle. Let the kid spend a year close to his family and then see where things lead.
  2. I thought they got rid of the oversign and put a hard cap of 25 new scholarship players per year. I guess I haven't perused the NCAA rulebook lately... Not that it would help any.
  3. So is the 25 new scholarships per year limit only a Big Ten thing? Otherwise how do Alabama and Notre Dame take that many? Can you still count backwards?
  4. But we're limited to 25 new scholarship players per year, including new high school signees, JUCOs, and transfers. Not going to be easy to keep a full roster, but at least we have plenty of walk ons to reward.
  5. Yes and no. I think he did some good things, but when your scheme allows for punters to frolic for first downs multiple times during the year, there might be some blame there as well.
  6. I agree with you for the most part. I guess to me "death of the Duck-R position" sounds like you wouldn't use those type of players at all. I'm all for more power running, bigger receivers, and shifty guys as the change of pace not as the focus.
  7. Eh. I wouldn't completely rule out a Duck-R type receiver. Wandale had a lot of success even if he wasn't used quite right. Lindsey was a Riley recruit. Jones, Woodyard, and Williams were not really Duck-R guys and were all quick gets to fill a class. Spielman had plenty of success here. Fleming flashed potential but supposedly had off field issues. I get it. We haven't had guys stick around, but I wouldn't stop recruiting a FEW of these guys. Just like you wouldn't want a toolbox full of the same tool, you don't want everyone on the team to have the same skill set. We need the big
  8. Disagree. They still missed some plays, but until Miller and then Reimer got hurt, this was arguably the best unit on a solid defense this year. You also had the #4 guy going back and forth with OLB because of depth there. The jump ILB made from last year was definitely the biggest of any position group. The athleticism is still a question, but I think that is improving as well.
  9. I'm pretty sure everyone already left. I've been seeing tweets with players at home with their families.
  10. Boe Wilson grad transferring. Not a surprise. Good luck to him.
  11. Nebraska 17 Rutgers 27 Rushing 165 Passing 185
  12. Those snaps are coming out rolling sideways. I'm not sure I've seen that before. I wonder if that's on purpose. If on target, not a big deal.
  13. Yikes. Couldn't win it either. I know there will be some upsets, but man I hope this isn't a demoralizing season for these guys.
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