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  1. Good for him. They're getting a competitor for sure.
  2. Sad day. I wasn't a huge NBA fan, but I liked watching him.
  3. Potential for an offer this spring if he throws really well (and our top targets commit elsewhere)
  4. The bad first recruiting class was not because he stayed at UCF for the bowl game. The early signing period didn't help him, but even if it had been the typical signing day, it would have been similar. Almost all transition classes for all newly hired coaches end up looking pretty bad. There's just not enough time to look into the kids and develop relationships. There end up being a lot of reaches either on character or ability.
  5. That being the first early signing period also did not help. Most recruits signed only a few weeks after Frost was hired.
  6. Guess we should have called our junior day Elite Junior Day, then the top prospects would have known it was for them.
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