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  1. I would assume with little experience those three are all around 300k each or below. So that leaves about 1 million for support staff if that's included in the 7 million figure originally thrown out.
  2. Could easily just be toying around, but still:
  3. Right but he can't be recruiting or building relationships right now.
  4. There are always a few casualties in a transition class. It also doesn't help that we don't actually have a LB coach here recruiting yet. Plus, he has a chance to go to a playoff team so who can blame him. We'll be fine and I'm excited to see a full recruiting class from this staff next year.
  5. Probably no chance, but he has visited so he must have had a little interest.
  6. You can't put much into transition classes to start with, plus many of these coaches haven't been in the college game this past year so they don't have connections to many kids. Give him some time to build relationships and show something on the field. I think they'll be just fine.
  7. Bummer. Must not like coach Satt or his offense. Maybe need 2 transfer tight ends now.
  8. I hope he's OC and TE coach, with separate OL, RB, WR, and QB/ST coaches. The fact that TE's will usually go with OL or WR makes this much more doable for an OC to handle, plus he's then involved with more position groups. That also then leaves 5 coaches just for defense or help with ST: DL, LB, DB, Edge?, DC
  9. Didn't think this would happen with an offensive coordinator already mentioned. Nice addition if true. Maybe co-OC's?
  10. That's the thing though. The team and fans did wave at the kids, but an Iowa band member tried to stir up hate by saying they didn't. It is a nice tradition, one that Nebraska has taken part in.
  11. Nebraska 27 Oklahoma 34 Passing 279 Rushing 185
  12. Nebraska 45 Georgia Southern 24 Passing 298 Rushing 248
  13. Nebraska 38 North Dakota 20 Passing 345 Rushing 222
  14. Nebraska 34 Northwestern 13 Passing 245 Rushing 205
  15. So I'm curious. Were there any coaches that tweeted after his commitment? The coaches can't comment on a recruit by name so they may or may not have said he could commit.
  16. I've watched him several times and I'm not convinced but I hope he surprises me. GBR
  17. I too am outraged that he's still wearing overalls. Should definitely go with a cutoff and jeans - it's more modern...
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