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  1. #1 UCONN #2-4 Arizona #2-4 Creighton #5-8 Washington State #5-8 Texas Tech #9-12 Boise State #9-12 Colorado State #13-16 Howard #13-16 Grambling
  2. Yes if you consider study hall a period. And many seniors stay the full day to take other classes or work on online college classes.
  3. Our students all take 8 classes plus a study hall at the end of the day. Our seniors usually take 4 classes and then have the afternoons to do college classes, an internship, or work.
  4. They both pitched great, but Christo exceeded expectations, helped set the tone for the weekend, and saved the bullpen on the front end of the series. Overall a great weekend!
  5. In today's transfer portal era, are we sure we want to recruit someone with the last name I Am A Leave a?
  6. At this point Hoiberg should check with a local high school or college to see if he can take the team there to practice. Anything to practice getting out of their comfort zone.
  7. Signed with Washington, but got released from his NLI after the coaching change. Will visit Michigan State, and then appears he'll visit here.
  8. Would be great if Gary got good news and won't miss much time. We'll see though, it looked rough.
  9. They're just saying goodbye. I think it's classy.
  10. He's a grad transfer now so he won't have to sit.
  11. Now I'm confused. It looks like they did on 11/21 and they list him as the #13 overall player here: On3 One must be On3 and the other must be their composite.
  12. They dropped him because of his junior season and other players having great summers.
  13. This isn't recent. It has nothing to do with flipping to Nebraska. He went from #2 to #4 QB and #33 overall in September: On3 changes on 9/18/23
  14. Or Kaelin realizes that there's a good chance Raiola is only a 3 year guy and Kaelin is willing to sit and develop. Plus, as of right now Kaelin could easily be #2 going into next year.
  15. I usually agree with this sentiment, but in this case his brother is on the team. It's at least a reasonable thought that they might check it out.
  16. I really think the Husker men's teams need a psychiatrist (or a better one) to work with the athletes. This is getting ridiculous.
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