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  1. Nebraska 27 Oklahoma 34 Passing 279 Rushing 185
  2. Nebraska 45 Georgia Southern 24 Passing 298 Rushing 248
  3. Nebraska 38 North Dakota 20 Passing 345 Rushing 222
  4. Nebraska 34 Northwestern 13 Passing 245 Rushing 205
  5. So I'm curious. Were there any coaches that tweeted after his commitment? The coaches can't comment on a recruit by name so they may or may not have said he could commit.
  6. I've watched him several times and I'm not convinced but I hope he surprises me. GBR
  7. I too am outraged that he's still wearing overalls. Should definitely go with a cutoff and jeans - it's more modern...
  8. I think he may have meant that in- person recruiting was not allowed due to COVID so the staff literally could not go to Omaha, though apparently it didn't stop other coaches... I agree that the metro recruiting needs to pick up though.
  9. Are you volunteering to drive a bus full of 3rd graders 400 miles from Scottsbluff to Lincoln and back again?
  10. So... the center and the QB? So is everyone just running the wildcat now, or is the QB just throwing the ball into the stands every play?
  11. Not arguing that he shouldn't have fixed things sooner, but a couple things make this less black and white. 1. Undefeated season at UCF got him thinking he knew the best way to do everything. 2. COVID messing with practices, schedules, etc. 3. He tried bringing in new specialists and a new analyst, it just failed miserably.
  12. Probably sick of standing next to the quarterback for 5 seconds after the snap waiting to get blown up.
  13. A multi-year construction project is a bit different than going to a dealership and driving away with a new car in one day.
  14. I think one of the worst things that happened for Frost's development as a coach was UCF's perfect season. It was a great accomplishment, but it got him thinking that everything they did needed to be replicated exactly. One of those things was the pace of practice and just getting more reps in rather than fixing anything the same day. It's unfortunate that it's taken this long to adjust.
  15. 9 inch ceilings will give you EXTRA space? What are you, a mouse?
  16. I would think Busch could also help with a defensive position, right?
  17. It was bad when he started out, yes, but if you think we're the only team that has had trouble with that, you don't watch enough football. Plenty of bad snaps in the conference championship games and NFL games the past couple weeks.
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