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Found 9 results

  1. Player: Christopher Paul, Jr. Hometown: Cordele, Georgia School: Crisp County Position: Outside Linebacker, Inside Linebacker Height: 6-2 Weight: 225 40 Time: Power 5 Offers: Michigan State, Nebraska, TCU, West Virginia Visits: 11/16/19 vs Wisconsin Twitter 247 Composite: #629 Overall; #25 ILB; .8577; Rivals: #20 ILB; 247: #25 ILB; ESPN: Hudl
  2. Player: Henry Lutovsky Hometown: Mount Pleasant, Iowa School: Mount Pleasant Position: Offensive Guard Height: 6-6 Weight: 295 Power 5 Offers: Iowa State, Missouri, Nebraska Visits: 6/21/19 - Friday Night Lights; 9/14/19 vs Northern Illinois; 11/16/19 vs Wisconsin; 11/29/19 vs Iowa Twitter 247 Composite: #502 Overall; #21 OG; .8639; Rivals: #11 OG; 247: #28 OG; ESPN: Hudl
  3. Player: Teddy Prochazka Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska School: Elkhorn South Position: OT Height: 6-8 Weight: 250 40 Time: Offers: Nebraska Visits: 10/27/18 vs. Bethune-Cookman; 11/17/18 vs. Michigan State; 3/30/19 - Jr Day; 4/13/19 - Spring Game; 6/15/19 - Pipeline Camp; 6/21/19 - Friday Night Lights; 9/15/19 vs Northern Illinois; 9/28/19 vs Ohio State; 10/26/19 vs Indiana; 11/16/19 vs Wisconsin; 11/29/19 vs Iowa Twitter 247 Composite: #201 Overall; #25 OT; .9237; Rivals: #57 Overall; #9 OT; 247: #44 OT; ESPN: Hudl
  4. Player: Randolph Kpai Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota School: Washington Position: Outside Linebacker, Inside Linebacker Height: 6-3 Weight: 185 Power 5 Offers: Iowa, Nebraska Visits: 3/30/19 - Jr Day; 4/13/19 - Spring Game; 10/5/19 vs Northwestern Twitter 247 Composite: #169 Overall; #13 OLB; .9328; Rivals: #29 OLB; 247: #73 Overall; #7 OLB; ESPN: Hudl
  5. Player: Matthias Algarin Hometown: Pierz, Minnesota School: Healy Position: Wide Receiver Height: 6-0 Weight: 170 40 Time: Power 5 Offers: Nebraska Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: Rivals: 247: #426 WR; ESPN: Hudl
  6. Player: Jahkeem Green Hometown: Sumter, South Carolina School: Highland Community College Position: Defensive Tackle Height: 6-4 Weight: 300 40 Time: Power 5 Offers: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi State, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee Visits: 3/30/19 - Jr Day; 4/13/19 - Spring Game Twitter 247 Composite: #18 JUCO Overall; #2 JUCO DT; .8900; Rivals: #18 JUCO Overall; 247: #34 JUCO Overall; #5 JUCO DT; ESPN: #6 JUCO Overall; #1 JUCO DT; Hudl
  7. Player: Desmond Bland Hometown: Flossmoor, Illinois School: Arizona Western Position: Offensive Guard Height: 6-4 Weight: 285 40 Time: Offers: Arizona, Iowa State, Louisville, Memphis, Missouri, Nebraska Visits: 6/22/18 - Friday Night Lights Twitter 247 Composite: #13 JUCO Overall; #1 JUCO OG; .8900; Rivals: #12 JUCO Overall; #2 JUCO OT; 247: #16 JUCO Overall; #1 JUCO OG; ESPN: Hudl
  8. Normally, I follow recruiting peripherally, if at all. It's interesting to see, but until they're signed, investing too much in finding out about a kid just isn't my style. Not knocking it, just giving folks an idea of who I am. That being said, while surfing, I found this interesting article. It's written from the perspective of a former head lacrosse coach who now is a volunteer assistant at Denver University. I'm not normally a lacrosse guy either, but I am a college hockey guy, and the site I found the link on is a DU blog that has a lot of hockey coverage. While there are a few specifics to lacrosse, the problems he details really are about any college team sport, and pretty much apply to high profile recruitment in them all. One place he actually talks about a convo with Jim Mora and the way college football recruitment is handled. Just thought people might be interested in the view of a former coach regarding recruitment of college athletes. Here's the link: http://www.tierlacrosse.com/blog/2012/12/7/repeat-after-me-the-verbal-commit-doesnt-mean-sh.html
  9. I guess I'll start with the bad news first. I hadn't seen it anywhere, but Dalton Moats decomitted in August and committed to Coastal Carolina. The good news, however, is Matt Leuty, 3rd baseman from MN committed, confirmed this weekend. Matt Leuty
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