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  1. We’re locked into the fourteenth seed playing Penn State in the first round
  2. Fred said in his press conference yesterday "we could play a great game and lose by 20" so yeah lol
  3. https://theathletic.com/2425060/2021/03/04/college-basketball-picks-michigan-state-michigan-oklahoma-state-baylor-and-more/
  4. https://theathletic.com/2425562/2021/03/04/college-basketball-rankings-illinois/
  5. Yup. I respect our media horde covering the team like they do because they don’t have to but... most don’t know anything about basketball
  6. Fred said at his presser today that he'd welcome back both Thor and Kobe next season and offered praise for each before saying they'd handle it all "at the end of the year" and they've had initial conversations about the decision to return/go with both players
  7. Fred talked about Yvan today at his presser and basically said Andre has eaten his minutes and did say verbatim that Yvan is "the third big in our rotation" right now
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