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  1. Not only did we wind up not getting Savea, we didn’t hold onto Payton either. Sheesh.
  2. Per Sam he’s up to 320. Will get looks at both nose tackle and defensive end
  3. This seems promising with us being 4 weeks to the day from football season returning:
  4. Congratulations to Dalano! Toronto kid returns home
  5. It means absolutely zero that WVU wants to be in the league. Lots of teams want to be in the league. ESPN is litearlly gatekeeping all of these moves. See UConn being blocked in 2011 as an example: Just because you are “good” at football doesn’t mean you’re valuable to a league monetarily. WVU is an absolutely atrocious academic school located in a declining population state with an already small population that brings nowhere near the national or local audience needed to not just meet but grow the existing ACC revenue per school. It’s the same reason Iowa Sta
  6. Going to hurt that much more when they wind up in the American or Mountain West if they’re thinking they’re in the Big Ten
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