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  1. seaofred92

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    fwiw theres some smoke around Musselman to SMU. Apparently he has connections to the Dallas area?
  2. seaofred92

    OT- Med/Pharm Sales

    He's going for it- applying to jobs and whatnot now. I was just curious if anyone had made a similar transition, I don't know diddly squat about this field and don't know how common it is. I do know its very difficult to get in though. If someone had gone down a similar path was going to potentially try to connect them to speak.
  3. seaofred92

    OT- Med/Pharm Sales

    Most definitely- my dad has worked at a Fortune 500 med/pharm sales company for years. The Affordable Care Act I believe also included the restrictions you're referring to on the perks a lot of doctors/hospitals used to get from these guys. Just was curious if anyone's made the transition from the hospital to the sales side and how successful they've been
  4. Close friend of mine went to school to work in the ICU in a rhespitory unit. Has enjoyed it but wants to pivot into Med device/pharmacy sales. Anyone take a similar path here? He says he’d be open to taking an entry level sales role in a company. Just curious how realistic it is to pivot at this point.
  5. Anyone know what the heck happened to this kid?
  6. seaofred92

    2019 Super Six

    I think he has potential to be the best player in the class. Even moreso than Wandale.
  7. seaofred92

    Bracketology 2019

    I mean the metrics were still there for it to be discussed. If you look around at the various bracket sites/bubble watches we were (are) still on them because our numbers are so high. We're not making the dance but it was completely fair conversation based off our NET rating and SOS
  8. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26025764/how-rank-top-seven-conferences-college-basketball So interesting to compare the league this year to last. We really need to pick up a win tonight. If we do, we'll have a legit shot at an at large berth still. For those interested in the rankings: 1. ACC 2. B1G 3. Big 12 4. SEC 5. Big East 6. American 7. PAC 12
  9. Have a weird feeling we win this one for some reason. May take the positive payout on the ML
  10. seaofred92

    2019 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    Yeah but typically they will let kids out of a LOI (meaning the school) if a coaching change occurs. See last year with Xavier Johnson and Kenya Hunter/Pitt
  11. I would just like to note I'm the only one before the game started to say and vote that we were going to win this game. Rest of these guys all voted after the game started/ended