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  1. Prob take some 5’10 kid from New Hampshire instead
  2. Two more buy game opponents locked in- Arkansas-Pine Bluff and Queens (NC). Queens is located in Charlotte and is moving from D2 to D1 this year. The Royals have long been one of the top teams in D2, going 30-4 last year and making it to the third round of the D2 tournament.
  3. I wonder if this will be home or away.. technically our Creighton game was part of this last year and before that we played Seton Hall at home and we played our first two on the road. This is the last year of the challenge either way.
  4. Pretty decent home schedule for us this year assuming we get another high major at home OOC
  5. Not that he would wind up at NU but Ari Wasserman of The Athletic seems to think he would possibly decommit from Ohio State if they sign a QB in the 2023 class.
  6. Awesome get. Was at a wedding over the weekend and didn’t get a chance to post an instant reaction but I think he will be a very good college basketball player. Happy with this one!
  7. Not surprising but still a good thing nonetheless
  8. 100% agree but these kids get a plan in their heads and people in their ears and it’s pretty hard to deviate from that. Assuming the plan all along was for him to go after this year and it would’ve taken something pretty substantial for him to not follow through on it
  9. I will be very curious to see how this draft goes for him. I could see him being taken anywhere from like 25th to late second. It’s really a crap shoot- he’s obviously very talented but needs to add weight and round out his game pretty substantially
  10. Always nice to add another high major player- welcome Emmanuel! Bring that defense with you to Lincoln
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