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  1. seaofred92

    Utah at USC

  2. seaofred92

    New Staff/Player Twitter Handles

    Here you go fam
  3. seaofred92

    Big announcement coming?

    Go USC then
  4. seaofred92

    Big announcement coming?

    Callahan said Gameday in Lincoln is unlikely or an announcement on Gameday is unlikely?
  5. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/hoiberg-huskers-will-have-a-full-pba-for-opening-night/article_38b81347-e41f-5b67-9094-8cc566fd6607.html
  6. seaofred92

    Chances of Gameday at Nebraska for Ohio State

    I didn’t mean it like you guys are going to lose to us. I just meant it more like thats the opportunity we have as a program
  7. seaofred92

    Chances of Gameday at Nebraska for Ohio State

    This game reminds me a lot of the PSU v tOSU night game in 2016 that nobody expected PSU to win. They blocked that FG and won and changed how their program is viewed nationally.
  8. seaofred92

    2021 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    So obviously this past weekend was massive for 2021 UV’s- the next big weekend will be for tOSU in 2 weeks with First Night the night before the game. Do we know how many scholarships we’re planning on for 2021? Seems like the staff isn’t really focused on 2020 names and is going all in on 2021 currently