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  1. seaofred92

    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach

    Top 10: 1. TAMU (Buzz Williams) 2. Nebraska (Fred Hoiberg) 3. Arkansas (Eric Musselman) 4. Alabama (Nate Oats) 5. Michigan (Juwan Howard) 6. Cincinnati (John Brannen) 7. Tulane (Ron Hunter) 8. Virginia Tech (Mike Young) 9. St. John’s (Mike Anderson) 10. Vanderbilt (Jerry Stackhouse)
  2. seaofred92

    2021 C Adama Sonogo

    Player: Adam Sonogo Hometown: Centereach, NY School: Our Savior New American School AAU: Position:Center  Height: 6’9 Weight: 230 Major 7 Offers: Creighton, Oregon, Rutgers, TCU Visits: Twitter: 247 Composite: Rivals: 247: ESPN:  Highlights:
  3. https://megaphone.link/CBS9647672272 Good listen and a point that will hit home at the end of the pod: “would you rather be that ACC or Big Ten team that racks up wins but gets left out of the tournament or a team like Alabama that may not pass a lot of metrics but schedules their way into the NCAA tournament?”
  4. seaofred92

    Lok Wur (2019 Recruit)

    We are out of scholarships unfortunately although we could encourage Thor to move on
  5. seaofred92

    2019-20 Schedule Announcements

    I mean realistically the best team on the non-conference schedule is one of Creighton, USF, or New Mexico State, and there is no guarantee we play either of the latter. I’m pretty disappointed to be honest but I get it given how new the team’s roster is