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  1. I choose bruiser because it is amazing to watch a running back trucking defenders or carrying a pile of people 5 yards before being brought down.
  2. Benhart and now Corcoran. Oline is going to be talented.
  3. Probably lack of big time offers vs overall potential of player.
  4. Would be nice if we could win one of these type of battles. We have done some really good recruiting this year and he would help solidify a defensive backfield that could use some help.
  5. I get what your saying about coaches always using that line to get recruits, but if they can actually see it with their own eyes that has to help sell it. Well, if playing time is the most important part of their decision.
  6. Yeah we'd have to sell our soul to get a chance at this kid.
  7. Thought for sure it was another box jump video when I saw the new post.
  8. I voted defense neutral and offense positive for both cases. Defense has been the biggest question mark for quite a few years so I am in a wait and see approach with that side of the ball. Offense seems like it will be exciting enough to get some talented players interested in the program, but it will take some time to lure in the big dogs. I took a safe response of neutral for recruiting overall, because the sample size is way to small to gauge how confident I am with recruiting at this point in time. I am extremely optimistic, but cautiously reserved at the same time which feels weird.
  9. I feel like they were gone when the staff left. Let's see what happens with coach Frost's gets a chance to recruit his own people.
  10. Going with the hologram theory, how else do you explain the same pose same smile over and over.
  11. Transfer mainly due to the lack of time to install a new offense in time for a very brutal schedule. Tristan looks talented enough to run the offense so perhaps he could push for #1 QB, but I feel like a transfer like Wilson could start day one and be serviceable enough to win some games. Time will tell.
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