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  1. His hands tell me a different story.
  2. Getting a serious saved by the bell vibe from that background
  3. This guys should have been a QB with a name like that.
  4. I choose bruiser because it is amazing to watch a running back trucking defenders or carrying a pile of people 5 yards before being brought down.
  5. Benhart and now Corcoran. Oline is going to be talented.
  6. Probably lack of big time offers vs overall potential of player.
  7. Would be nice if we could win one of these type of battles. We have done some really good recruiting this year and he would help solidify a defensive backfield that could use some help.
  8. I get what your saying about coaches always using that line to get recruits, but if they can actually see it with their own eyes that has to help sell it. Well, if playing time is the most important part of their decision.
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