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  1. HUSKER 37

    Need Some "Family" Advice

    Thanks for sharing this Landlord...I've often wondered what I'd do if someone came up to me with a similar situation.. I've lost so much time with my Son..We shared custody (I got every other weekend) but it seemed to make me bi-polar ...I'd be so giddy at work on the Fridays Before picking him up and then after dropping him off, my mind would keep replaying ''1000 ways to die''. After a few years, I thought he'd be better off if I wasn't a part of his life...so we stopped having him come over. If it were you in your Dad's situation, would you want your Son to make contact? I know it's probably impossible for you to answer that because of differing situations and environments involved between you and your dad, but the older you get, you learn how much more family means to you...I'd at least stalk him.
  2. I don't usually notice actors, but Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Anniston were the first that came to mind...Maybe William H. Macy
  3. HUSKER 37

    The Funny Picture Thread

    All while watching ''Dr Pimple Popper''
  4. HUSKER 37

    The Funny Picture Thread

    Thanks for posting this..(I was thinking about chancing it by posting it myself)..I tried sharing it on a facebook husker site, but it got deleted after a guy shamed me for making fun of the ''Dunlop Front Butt''. Even before I got a chance to mention Mark Mangino or the really boring halftime show by the fella with too many tats)..
  5. HUSKER 37

    Discontent in the AD?

    A moos walks into a bar...
  6. Wow!! So many fat guys...and not nearly enough girl cousins
  7. HUSKER 37

    Dog People

    have you tried the terrible towel? might work if he's an old Steelers fan I'm now wonderin if the pill will fit in a straw, you could blow it in his slightly opened mouf..or at least fit the tip of the pill in the straw, place on the back of the tongue where the bitter recepting taste buds probably are..(in human tongue maps, anyway), close mouth and rub...then run away.
  8. HUSKER 37

    Dog People

    My ex used to have me give her cats their pills...Usually, I could get them to open their mouths by doing the ''Herbie Husker 'OK' death grip'' on their jaw hinges... Sorta like this..
  9. HUSKER 37

    Dog People

    Thanks..She was so sweet to everyone
  10. HUSKER 37

    Dog People

    Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it...You get so attached to them...Shasta died this morning after 15 and a half glorious years of being my best friend..I'll miss you little girl.
  11. HUSKER 37

    Worst Recruiting Class in Husker History

    Usually, I do...These guys put me in the mood to listen to Country Dick Montana of the Beat Farmers for some strange reason.
  12. HUSKER 37

    Worst Recruiting Class in Husker History

    I am sooo tempted to seek them out...I'm guessing since I've never heard of them, they're either Rap/HH, Pop, or Country...I feel like I'd let my Teenager down if I actually snuck one by him and liked them...He's tried so hard to protect me from the crap some of his friends like...I don't trust you guys.
  13. I blame their mothers.. Looks like they cut up a perfectly good net, too...Shouldn't that be a net violation? I just hope the white board in Nebraska's locker room didn't have any crude drawings of a chainsaw cleverly disguised as a blow dryer..