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  1. Having never been North of Broken Bow...Except that one trip with my parental units to see Mt. Rushmore. I looked this up on YT..
  2. Ha! Has there ever been a band that has more "fake concerts" put on by fans more than Kiss fans? They love doing that! Milli Vanilli?
  3. Whatever happened to the Return of the Unity Council?
  4. Dayng! Sorry, I hadn't heard about this...And starting to wonder if I should scrub my browsing History.
  5. I've read that a bunch of conspiracy theorists believe it was an inside job.
  6. Man I hated them when I was a teenager (on that 70's show?)...My Own Teenager hates them almost as much now.. Three of my Cousins even threw a few fake concerts at the Local City Auditorium to one of their albums, But I told them I actually played my instrument. I was so happy when Kiss caved and did a Disco song later that year.
  7. The ''Rock Legends'' on AXS have usually been good..Finally saw the one on Marvin Gaye again last week...
  8. Rickey Gervais on some award show I accidently turned to.
  9. ''Loving'' LSUeax as much as I have over the years, I hope they hire him again...I only remember him as CO-DC with a better Brent Venables at Oklahoma and overseeing his older brother Carl at DONU...Our Defense seemed to drop after Carl was forced out and Beaux losing any desire to recruit, which is part of the job.. Nebraska Football: How Bo Pelini Can Scheme Around Weaknesses on Defense I enjoyed his rants at first even though I got razzed at work, but he was a cancer with his ''Us against the fans...er...World'' thing. And again...Was pretty much braindead once he got pissed.
  10. Because everyone matures at the same rate.
  11. Some bad calls would render him non-functional for the rest of the game.
  12. But did they have any impressive wins while playing only the 22nd toughest schedule? Maybe beating a pair of 8-4 teams (FSU and Washington)? The opening win against Penn State who went on to finish 5-6? Or even the Rose win against the Huskers who didn't even play in the conference championship game?
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