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  1. suh_fan93

    2019 AP Preseason Top 25

    Oh yeah. You can always count on that good ol' SEC bias.
  2. suh_fan93

    2019 AP Preseason Top 25

  3. suh_fan93

    ***Official 2019 College Football Thread***

    Officially official I suppose
  4. suh_fan93

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    Any other photos or just that one so far? At first glance I thought it was a Penn St uni. Nvm Not blown away by the uni but then again I never really am when it comes to any teams alt uniforms. 2017 for me easily.
  5. suh_fan93

    Huskers in the NFL - 2019

  6. suh_fan93

    NFL 2019

  7. suh_fan93

    WR William Nixon [Nebraska Commit]

    Rivals.com 2020 Top Wide Receivers
  8. suh_fan93

    QB Logan Smothers [Nebraska Commit]

    Rivals.com 2020 Dual-threat quarterback
  9. suh_fan93

    MLB 2019 Season