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  1. The kicker from the Ravens just hit a 66 yard field goal. It hit the bottom pipe and bounced up and it went in. Longest kick in nfl history.
  2. This was a frustrating loss. As bad as the o line played they actually played better in the 2nd half and we were still very much in the ball game. But wouldn't you know it. 2 turnovers, special teams gives up a score. Other issues. I am super proud of our defense.
  3. Ok so the o line has actually played a lot better this half.
  4. A couple of nice plays by Morrison there. Looks like he lost his footing even on both.
  5. We needed one in the field position game. Nice job Cerni.
  6. Kenneth Walker III with 37 yards rushing so far tonight. Good job Husker D.
  7. Great job Martinez. Heck of a first half so far for him too. We're tied.
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