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  1. suh_fan93

    What if Nebraska went the Notre Dame route...

    I have read before that Notre Dame has made like over 100 million since inking their deal with NBC back in 1991. They actually have a pretty good set up financially being independent. They still play 4 or 5 ACC teams every year even though they're not a member of the conference yet they don't have to split any bowl money payouts with the other schools in the conference or anyone for that matter. It all goes to them. Also having every single game televised by NBC since 91 has given the university constant exposure which from what I read had led to an increase in enrollment besides giving them not just national exposure but global exposure. In addition they also get money from the ACC/ESPN TV package deal they're involved in. They're set up actually is pretty good for not being associated with a P5 conference from both a financial as well as overall exposure standpoint. I like the Huskers in the B1G and honestly I don't feel like we have accomplished what every fan has wanted ever since we joined and that is to compete for conference championships. Getting out of the Big 12 was the best move the university could have made financially, academically and of course athletically. I'm very happy we're in the B1G and it's definitely better overall for Nebraska.
  2. suh_fan93

    2018-2019 NBA

  3. suh_fan93

    2018-2019 NBA

  4. suh_fan93

    Tannor, Alioth Cited for Misdemeanor Theft

    Hopefully we get this kind of stuff out of our system now.
  5. suh_fan93

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I don't know much about actual police station protocol but wouldn't a call to detectives there be taped possibly? This story is getting crazy.
  6. Definitely a league of second chances.
  7. suh_fan93

    NFL 2019