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  1. Yet you continually stalk and respond to my 'arguments that are weak sauce'. You were saying about weak sauce? Hmmmmmdeeeerp
  2. Even a 1 game difference can make all the difference. Again small sample size. It probably doesn't matter anyway who's playing back there this year. I still don't see the harm in seeing what or how he might respond if HH or Sims are still fumbling and bumbling. Also thanks for the 'Warning' Mavric!!! LUUUUULZ
  3. Small sample size. Purdy has played 'some' but if you compare how Sims and HH have started off it's a wash.
  4. I say throw him in there. I mean that's basically what Rhule and Satterfield are doing now. Give him a series. Who knows. I don't think he'd make much of a positive difference either honestly but at the same time it's not actually that absurd of a thought.
  5. It's just funny watching Husker fans going ape $# over the whole UM thing. You can definitely tell it's another down year for Nebraska. Kinda sad when you think about it...
  6. Yes and I'm so glad he has as large of a sample size as our other two really good quarterbacks. Derp...
  7. Lulz At this rate I'd try 3rd, 4th or 5th string QB it's that bad. Way better than Kool-Aid world I know that for sure...
  8. Good thing I haven't seen HH or Sims play me thinks. Wait.
  9. So is Chubba Purdy basically unable to walk or throw????? Is he still injured?!????
  10. Wouldn't it be funny if other schools actually get exposed. Doubtful since no one else besides Michigan is cheating though so rest easy salties! LULZ
  11. Didn't see the match. Dang Nebraska NET wouldn't let me access due to not living in NE I'm assuming. Once again it looks like they were able to deliver after NW had tied it 2-2. Thought we would sweep this one again but happy to see them dig deep and not let NW sneak into Lincoln and get a win.
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