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  1. suh_fan93

    Other College Football Recruiting News

    Dabo and his staff can cruit.
  2. suh_fan93

    Huskers in 2019....

    Ziggy had a lot to do with this but have to give credit to the o line as well. As for now I really hope the rb situation clears itself up sooner than later.
  3. suh_fan93

    MLB 2019 Season

  4. suh_fan93

    MLB 2019 Season

    Yeah definitely not a bad turnaround. Not so much today though. Darvish gives up back to back homers in the 1st and lasts 5 innings. 6-0 loss to Greinke and the Dbacks. Long season but at least the Cubs are top 5 in hits, runs, RBI's and home runs so they have the offense.
  5. suh_fan93

    MLB 2019 Season

  6. Finally was able to 'keep' watching GOT. I'm still in season one but have made it to ep 7. It's not the most exciting thing I've watched by any stretch but I like it. Definitely took a while for me anyway to get somewhat interesting. I know people say it does get better the more you watch.
  7. suh_fan93

    Martinez for Heisman

    The fact that Nebraska actually has a player that's in the Heisman conversation is awesome imo. Just one more thing that will get people talking or noticing Nebraska more. Recruits as well. I say bring it on.
  8. suh_fan93

    Hoiberg Assistants

  9. suh_fan93

    Martinez for Heisman