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  1. Thanks @Toe I think I got it. I was trying to use the "other media" tab then "insert image from url" but it would freeze up in pink like another poster said. So the last gif I just downloaded and saved to my images then posted as a file. It seems to work.
  2. The human animal can't handle boredom. It's probably the most destructive mindset we face because it leads to a whole host of bad choices. It's why people dwaddle around on Facebook, Twitter, here, etc. It's why people get pulled into the Qanon nonsense. Drama is at least a stimulation. People would rather be there than bored. So, the next four years will be anything but boring. The drama queens will make sure of that.
  3. Hey remember that holding call back in the Ohio State game??
  4. I would not. It's nepotism and a bad look on top of it all. It's how the Hunter Biden laptop s#!t show was cooked up. It will be used as ammunition for your opponents at some point in time, no matter how clean you operate. Hard no. If your kids are qualified for a top administration job they'll do fine without your help while you're in office. If you're elected president, the country takes precedence over whether or not your kids are appointed to your administration. I'm not sure why ethics are so hard to understand.
  5. I have this uneasy feeling that right now we're in the calm before the storm as far as our democracy is concerned. The forces that propped up and enabled this narcissist are still active. My prediction when he was first elected was that tanks would roll...in our own country. How close were we to that happening? I'm also concerned about friends and even moreso family I have that follow this psycho. The old saying birds of a feather, flock together has real meaning. If one can't see through this s#!t, are they equally as f#&%ed up? Let's just hope in the end th
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/23/politics/michigan-certify-election-results-monday/index.html
  7. https://gfycat.com/pepperyadeptaldabratortoise Yeah that doesn't work
  8. At this point Jurgens isn't going to learn how to shotgun snap. That's something that he would have become at least passable by now if he was going to get it. I'd move him to guard. He's got the feet to be great there but he's as big of a liability as we have on offense at center. If they want to keep him there then move under center but that doesn't fit with what they are trying to do.
  9. Lol... now even the editor of the National Review is growing concerned about this s#!t show.
  10. Remember that model that came out at the start of this pandemic that showed 1 to 2 million deaths were possible if we did nothing? The one that the right blew off as fake science hyperbole? Well, we're on our way. Happy Holidays
  11. They're eating their own. No way a party cannot implode like this. The problem is whether it takes down our democracy with it. Are there any legit attorneys, scientists, military officers, intelligence officials, doctors, etc that still identify as Republicans?
  12. The quitters have infiltrated a recruit's thread now? You all can think it but what good does it do the program to actively state recruits should play elsewhere?
  13. You're in a thread discussing how you'd fix the problem. You've been pretty good at shooting down ideas so far. How about contributing and throwing out a few of your own?
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