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  1. We have the tools. We just don't have the intelligence to do it.
  2. Ok, specifically what I said in my post. To clarify, the democratic institution of free and fair elections. He's clearly carrying out a disinformation campaign in order to justify overturning future elections. Do you agree or not agree that this is the case? If not, why not? If so, how do you see a solution out of this looming constitutional crisis?
  3. Obviously I can't stand the guy. He's a whiny, petulant wannabe dictator. But I digress. I'm really curious to hear from you whether or not you think he and his followers are damaging not only the Republican Party but our democratic institutions? His continual refusal to accept the 2020 results and flat out lying, to this day, that our election was compromised is a textbook disinformation campaign to sew doubt and justify nullifying the next election. Include the harassment of election officials and the placement of Trump loyalists in those positions and future fair elections are in peril. That's dangerous to all of us, including those who support this effort. You know this We all ought to be fighting against this effort but it seems a large majority of Republicans are good with it and the Democrats are impotent as usual.
  4. I believe it. That's why we're at 700,000 dead in the US.
  5. I think we all would like to know that. But informants are not agents. They're not held to the agency's standards. You deal with some really dirty people in intelligence. If an informant went rogue and instigated others that doesn't mean the FBI was complicit. Or of course it could have been Trump loyalists in the FBI that were involved.
  6. To your original post, what was the conspiracy theory? Simply that the FBI had an informant within the ranks of the Proud Boys? Who shot that down as just a conspiracy theory? Because I never saw anyone here dispute that if it was ever even brought up. I've seen conspiracy theories saying it was an FBI inside job. I'm assuming that's not what you are referring to.
  7. The mob pulls a hit. The FBI has mob informants. @Redux blames the FBI for said hit.
  8. I don't know. For years the Blackshirts were awol. I love watching good defense and right now they're pretty salty. Besides you're going to miss the upset over Harbaugh. This season isn't over. That is unless the team is full of quitters too but I haven't seen that yet.
  9. It was a conspiracy theory to think the FBI had cultivated informants within the Proud Boys and other white supremacists terrorist groups? I guess I missed that.
  10. If he still wins six he's not going anywhere. Five and we'll see. And this has nothing to do with what I think. It has to do with what Alberts will do. If we win six while knocking off a Wisconsin, Michigan, or Iowa. Frost will most definitely be here next year. The debate on whether he should or not, I'm staying out of
  11. That's why I said "we've been stuck on losing small". Everyone knows Frost is coaching for his job. Frost knows he is. That's why I asked, can he win enough close games coming up? I think the D will steal a couple. They're playing that good. No sunshine pump here. I'm just seeing an experienced nearly elite level defense playing their hearts out. That usually translates to wins. If it doesn't, Frost is either out or sitting on a sizzling griddle heading into next year.
  12. Not sure where I said anything contrary to what you said but go on.
  13. Nobody is going to roll this team with this defense. It's playing as well as any we've had in decades. The comical beat downs aren't happening with this D. Klatt said it best last week. Turning a program around goes like this: Lose big Lose small Win small Win big We're stuck on lose small. Can Frost win small enough over the next two months to save his job? I see it happening. With this defense we're going to beat one or two of the teams we counted as loses.
  14. Flashbacks of Sooner Magic. Great game D Soldier on to the next game
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