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  1. Magadonians supporting Trump's knobbing of Kim Jong Un. I guess he's saying "taking our country back does start with congratulating North Korea's murderous dictator"
  2. Love the old school unis and of course Rich Glover
  3. One of the best runs of all time
  4. Uh oh. Blinken might have hurt Putin's feels. Now we have to worry....again... that Putty might nuke us all.
  5. Another day. Another Truth by the unquestioned leader of the GOP knobbing a murderous totalitarian.
  6. I wonder if Ronna's pledge to support the eventual candidate includes even those sitting in prison for fraud, inciting an insurrection, or espionage? Seems like solid strategy
  7. Someone ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ still lives in his Zero Hedge bubble and is good with right wing disinformation because it pays the bills
  8. Meh...what's a top secret document that has gone missing on a potential attack on Iran that the Saudi's would pay dearly for really worth to our national security?
  9. But the libs are ushering in society's moral decay.
  10. Remember that frothy Twitter Files conspiracy theory that tried to prove the government was suppressing free speech in an effort to interfere with the 2020 election? To prove it Musk hand selected a only few journalists to review the files the likes of Matt Taibbi? Turns out it was just another right-wing disinformation op. I don't know but it seems if you've been fooled time and time again you'd eventually wise up but maybe there's a certain comfort living in a world of angry make believe
  11. What's it's say about the Republican brain trust that a "82 year mumbling mushbrain" just triggered all of MAGAdom by punking said brain trust in the debt ceiling negotiations? You just create yet another strawman. You see that, right?
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