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  1. We had to know the Jan 6th committee had corroboration, the receipts, to Hutchinson's testimony. We also knew the right-wing disinformation machine would be cranked up disputing her assertion, wrongly, knowing facts don't matter to the cult.
  2. So that's where all the board Trumpists have been.
  3. Seems like a peach to get to know. Medieval, Taliban wannabee.
  4. Is this the video you're referring to? Did you mean to say "unfortunately, the incident wasn't on audio"?
  5. We all knew the Trumpists latest disinformation campaign would fall flat as they always do. I don't think the Jan 6th committee would have pursued the testimony about Trump grabbing the wheel without receipts.
  6. And here's your answer Lindsey, you wormy wishy-washy f#&%.
  7. This might as well go in this thread since why not?
  8. He almost makes me wish Billy Sims hadn't fumbled.
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