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  1. Pretty much your entire posting history from supporting voter suppression laws, supporting Trump who literally tried to, and continues to try to, overturn democracy, Trump sycophants who supported Trump's attempts to overturn democracy, your wanting the likes of Cheney to move on rather than investigate Jan 6th, your support of this boondoggle in Arizona, your claiming the US is not a democracy, and on and on. The plausible deniability card does fly here. So now that's clear are your saying that the "results" of this "audit" will not end up in violence, or at the minimum end up wi
  2. I don't know, democracy sure is taking it on the chin by your ilks disinformation campaign. Right out of the autocrats' playbook. But since you're not big on democracy I'm not surprised you don't care.
  3. Uh oh.... reinstatement has been pushed off until at least December but please buy tix
  4. Too much sciency stuff in his resume. Probably part of the Deep State
  5. So your personal information has gone to some right wing cabin in Montana? "What's the harm?".
  6. Maybe, but if it was much higher than half the population had it, then if you throw in vaccinations, we should be reaching the ever elusive "herd immunity' level especially if some of the research holds that reinfection rates are very low. That doesn't seem to be happening yet so either infection rates weren't that high or reinfection is a thing.
  7. Even if it's 99% and half the country came down with Covid that puts the total deaths at 1,750,000.
  8. I live in a county with around 30% vaccination rate. Currently experiencing what looks like the start of another surge. Yet I keep hearing this bulls#!t about a 99.9% survival rate which is a lie. Then it changes to 99% which if true (I doubt it) is horrible. Quit out-thinking it and get the vaccine. Even if you don't tell your Trump bros.
  9. Well at least they died before the Bill Gates nanobots got 'em. So there's that.
  10. That was with Chrome. Just switched to Firefox to avoid it
  11. How about fixing this??? It's been going on for weeks
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