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  1. @Archy1221playing the tried and true, albeit wornout and entirely predictable, Trumpist card of accuse the other side of doing what you are in fact doing.
  2. Twitter had a policy against allowing hacked materials to be posted due to the s#!t show of 2016. Twitter was told by law enforcement that the laptop was hacked. Twitter made the decision not to allow information about the laptop to be posted on Twitter even though a lot of that was already posted everywhere else and yet it still didn't change the election results. Did Twitter make a mistake? We would only be able to judge that in hindsight. Would it have mattered? No. The reason the right-wingers are frothing is because they wanted to use this to sway the election the way the Hillary's emails did in 2016. It didn't work so they're butt hurt. On top of that they're using it to once again try to turn people's attention from their cult leader's attempt to terminate the Constitution. Archy is doing what he does. Carry their water.
  3. Telling that Steve Bannon's lackeys are triggered that their October surprise flatlined bigly. Like no other surprise has flatlined in our history. Even more telling is that they've not utter even one word of condemnation about their Leader's insistence that we terminate the Constitution and reinstate him into office. It's almost like their trying to desperately to change the focus.
  4. ^^^ https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/the-grayzone/ So far left it almost right
  5. Is Rep. Joyce on this board? His dodging questions sound familiar. He literally said he'd support Trump if he won the nomination. I'd say unbelievable but by now is anyone surprised Republicans would back a candidate that not only said he'd terminate the Constitution but tried to do just that before?
  6. It's already been explained in this thread but reading is hard for MAGA when instead they'd much rather turn into another frothy conspiracy theory that ultimately falls flat.
  7. The cult is out in force saying Trump didn't call for dissolution of the Constitution. What??? Like was he just throwing out a hypothetical situation to have an academic discussion with the constitutional scholars that frequent Truth Social? Lol Of course they are conveniently forgetting that he's not in any way asking a hypothetical "what if there was election fraud?" That's easily refuted by his countless tweets and truths claiming election fraud. Trying to figure out how anyone can read this in the context of his two and half year assault on our election integrity and come away with anything other than he's calling for the dissolution of the Constitution is mind numbing.
  8. Dude is proving to be every bit the unhinged fascist loving loon that Trump is.
  9. Over a day this tweet is still up and she's still on Twitter. Going well
  10. Good to see our country still has a sense of humor while the former president is actively calling for violent revolution. I don't know. I think we have it pretty good here as opposed to other former democracies no matter how flawed like say... Myanmar
  11. Also, I'm not diminishing the need for excellent quarterback play especially in today's game but if I had to choose between great line play with average QB play vs average line play with great QB play I'll take the former every time. But I'm also Run the Damn Ball guy.
  12. Terry Luck in 1975 before Ferragamo took over. 1977 through 1980 with Randy Garcia, Tom Sorley, Jeff Quinn He went four years, went 38-10 and was in the hunt for the national championship a couple of times until late in the season. I'd take that now in a heartbeat.
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