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  1. That's not the point. The case was made that Nebraska could not attract competitive talent. We can as our recruiting classes have shown (see your example). What's been holding Nebraska back has not been that nobody wants to play here. It's been develop and coaching. I have faith Frost will get that done. Will we win more natties? That's up to the football gods but, really, we need to focus on winning the west. We're actually in a great position because the other schools have nothing on us in this division. Win the west and you have a puncher's chance. Win it often enough are your odds increase exponentially.
  2. Yes, and when you realize you have recruiting challenges you use ingenuity. You zig when they zag. If you believe you can't recruiting straight up in most situations you recruit a different talent. Think a guy like Aaron Taylor. https://www.huskermax.com/interviews/aarontaylor.html
  3. Let's just be glad you're not in a leadership role for this program because with this mindset of quitting we'd have a self fulfilling prophecy on our hands. I'm sure Frost doesn't see anything you listed as insurmountable or he wouldn't have come here. He knows how special this place is. It has so much going for it and you've failed to mention any of those things. Because you're either not a person who tries to overcome hurdles and see only the negatives in a situation or you're an Iowa fan.
  4. So explain Frost's recruiting classes. It all boils down to coaching despite your quitters mentality.
  5. Exactly. The whole notion that Frost isn't trying to develop a power game is asinine
  6. What a dumb take. When you come up with something other than a troll post, that'll be a fluke.
  7. Love the unis. Impossible to play sissy football in those, gray facemasks and all
  8. Landed on the other side of the world in time to catch the end of the game on ESPN gamecast. It looked like we played tough and rallied. Then I went to the game thread. Holy hell.... In a nutshell what did I miss? Frost sucks??? Martinez is worse than that??? Chin needs to go?? Burn it all down?? We should of never shown up because we had no chance??? Is that about right?
  9. Stop. We're in mid-hissy fit mode....lol
  10. I learned I'm on Huskerboard and see ads for Ohio State swag
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