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  1. You're quitting already?
  2. Good Lord the amount of backseat driving and whining in this thread is incredible. We have football. It's like you all are golfers or something.
  3. Maybe something like, "if I'm reelected and you didn't do as I asked you'll be hand digging a gas pipeline in the gulags of North Dakota with nothing but a daily bowl of gruel and a thin pair of Carhartts"...???
  4. You're reading the data wrong. It's not showing that people died of other causes and covid just happened to be along for the ride. That's an flawed interpretation. The hospital is filling out the cause of death... pneumonia..check...caused by covid...check. That falls then into the 94% who had comorbidity. Are there cases of people having pneumonia from other causes the they contract covid sure? Sure, but how that gets separated out of the data is impossible to determine now. This really is why excess deaths plays a role but even that isn't a perfect analysis. Where did you ever come up pneumonia can't be induced from a covid infection? It certainly can be. I'll just leave it at that. This isn't going to go anywhere anyway.
  5. It is pretty maddening. And in the end is making our individual decisions tough to make.
  6. I don't think it's new information or changes anything. With almost any disease, it's a complex that kills, whether factors were present before or in some cases covid induced after contracting. So it's not surprising that 94% are listed that way.
  7. Again, that's not what it means. It's how the death certificate was filled out. That number is "covid only" as written on the death certificate. If you have a manageable condition, diabetes, etc, and covid kills you, you probably will be listed with a comorbidity and thus not fall into the 10,000 death category. In fact, it appears you could be without a pre-existing condition, then contract covid, die from covid induced respiratory failure for instance, and the cause of death would not be listed as "covid only". It could be listed as both. It depends on how the death certificate is filled out. This matters because people are now running around thinking the lethality is far less than it is. That's not what this data shows.
  8. It's not saying 6% were an "actual covid death", it's saying the death certificate listed covid as the sole cause of death. If covid caused respiratory failure then the certificate most likely would list both respiratory failure AND covid as the cause of death and in this situation this death would not fall into the 6% stat. If someone has diabetes which is being managed and yet contracts covid and gets kicked over, then most likely this would fall into the 94% that died with a comorbidity, even though they would have continued to live a functioning life for the foreseeable future. Now people are running with this and immediately playing the conspiracy card.
  9. He said he doubts it'll be 98% effective, not that he doubts an effective vaccine will be developed.
  10. They're not wearing a mask because they're ignorant, love to piss and moan, and couldn't give a s#!t about other human beings.
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