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  1. Is Red Ron standing on a box or is that just the lifts in his cowboys or both?
  2. Per capital, which is the only way to compare stats from different population levels, is a concept which is evidently hard for some posters to grasp.
  3. Of course that's not in anyway in reference to what I was getting at such as the actually Nazis that I posted above. So what should we refer to them as? Very good people? Ironic that they guys bristling about pc speak want to soften the term for those posting content that has advertisers fleeing X.
  4. Just so we can keep our eye on the ball here's one without Desantis in it. Morals for thee but not for we I guess "wife, Bridget Ziegler, is the co-founder of Moms For Liberty, an organization that treats LGBTQ people, especially Trans people, like they are sexual predators. They were in a bisexual threesome relationship and the husband is accused of sexually predator behavior."
  5. You really never knew that there is a load of neo-nazi content on Twitter with ads then getting mixed up into those threads? You never really considered that maybe at least some of the people that are posting their canceled subscriptions to Disney might be somehow sympathetic to those type of posts? Do you have a better term for what I just posted above other than what it is...Nazi content? Should we soften the term? f#&% that. Call it out.
  6. This is the type of garbage that Musk allows on Twitter and has advertisers fleeing including Disney. Pretty vile stuff from legit neo-nazis. Not sure why anyone would deny this is going on unless they've been stuck in their right-wing rabbit hole but here are the receipts. Also not sure why anyone can't connect the dots that most people who would be triggered by advertisers wanting to get out are at a minimum sympathetic to these messages.
  7. Think it through. You can do it. I have faith.
  8. Wait.. Nazis watch Disney?
  9. What's with the edge tab constantly popping up on the bottom of the screen? If that wasn't annoying enough now this taking up half the screen
  10. Here's video of the petulant child in full narcissistic meltdown replete with the typical blaming others for his own f ups. Where have we seen that behavior before? I mean sure blame advertisers for not wanting to have their ads in neo-nazi threads.
  11. So it's now confirmed: Antifa tourists who just so happened to also be FBI agents dress in Trump regalia did it. They did it to stop the peaceful transfer of power from Trump to Biden because they're part of the liberal Deep State
  12. Purdy definitely resembles Ganz who was actually a turnover machine especially in his first three games when he threw 7 picks. Nine in the first four games. I can see Purdy turning into a pretty serviceable QB over the next few years. You can see he had the wits about him to just throw it away a few times. Those two fumbles and the final pick though. Hopefully those go away with more reps.
  13. Finished dead last in fumbles lost, turnovers and second to last in turnover margin and yet the defense finished 17th in scoring defense. That points to heart and a culture change as much as anything. I never saw any quit. The defense was swarming and tackling much better this year even though they seemed to have been gassed and so missed some key tackles late in the year. There's a lot of young talent on D and if you're going to build that's the best place to start.
  14. You don't have to dig much deeper than the abyssal turnover margin to see the main culprit to this year's season. Get that even close to just bad, not horrendous, and we'd have exceeded everyone's expectations no matter how ugly it would have been.
  15. Thank you sir. May I have another
  16. This is the way. It's a pretty lucrative gig really
  17. More total yards than Iowa Won third down efficiency Blocked two field goal attempts Lost turnover battle.....again Chalk up another L
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