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  1. Checkmate. POTUS playing chess while MAGA kicks over their checkers board
  2. Still yammering on, yelling at the clouds, not reading any of the articles that question the rigor of the study that purportedly "put's a nail in the coffin of mask mandates" all to make political "gotcha points" is really the quintessential symptom. Whereas someone more balanced might say "hmmm...ok. Let's see what others in the field say, that's see if more rigorous studies come out, let's not go all in on a study that has been shown, clearly to have it's limitations, even by the authors". No, better to just dig the heels in because it's too debasing to see one's self over it's skiis on some random, anonymous internet forum. It's a self fulfilling prophecy by the right to refuse to comply because of "muh freedums" then spout off about it with the first inkling of the practice not being 100% effective.
  3. Like clockwork it arrives and by all means continues to prove that the study in question was not read and if it was was, not understood. Double down to avoid ever admitting being out of it's element. A hallmark symptom. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1254560/leading-causes-of-death-in-the-us-average-number-daily/
  4. The amount of vitriol all the way up to death threats that legit virologists, epidemiologists, and public health officials received over the past three years is easy to see in real time by looking at the timeline on some of their Twitter feeds. If anti-vax, anti-masker, and anti any mitigation steps wackos had their way we'd jump back 200 years when our life expectancy was 35 years. It absolutely does not bode well for the next time a coronavirus jumps species to humans or whatever else will inevitably come our way. But as long as there's political hay to be made by the likes of our next President, Desantis, they will continue to seek "advice" from the crazies like the dermatologist Covid advisor he has that wants to put Fauci in front of a firing squad.
  5. How could a rookie even come up with the idea of strengthening intelligence defenses when he's not interested in doing his job of reading and digesting his daily briefings but instead rage tweeting on the toilet about the latest perceived grievance? But of course that'll be flipped back onto his subordinates. "The Buck Stops Here"...lol
  6. The projection.... it's always a dead giveaway.
  7. The Biden administration has offered to show the Trump administration just where the Trump administration failed to even realize that Chinese balloons were afloat, overhead. "Wait..... what balloons?". https://www.politico.com/news/2023/02/05/trump-officials-deny-chinese-spy-balloons-00081257
  8. Not even hiding it now. But Hunter Biden's laptop.
  9. Just to put a bow tie on how ridiculous the assertion is....
  10. Yep @Archy1221didn't read nor understand it
  11. A long thread that I don't expect @Archy1221to read nor understand.
  12. It's also funny when a poster doesn't understand that holidays, like "Happy Donald Trump Jr. Finally Learned How To Spell 'Balloon' At Age 45 Day", should actually be capitalized. I mean, if you're doing the grammar thingy. Nice dunk though
  13. You mean like this totally normal, well adjusted post?
  14. So in order to believe the right-wing talking points being floated today in Balloongate, we'd have to believe Biden blew off the advice of the military and intelligence community and said "hey here's a better idea.... let's let it float all the way across the United States collecting intelligence and then once it gets to Myrtle Beach we'll shoot it down". Because??? I guess Hunter Biden's laptop??? That or they don't really back the men and women in uniform.
  15. Now that the right-wing talking points are starting to crystalize around Balloongate, how long until Board Gaslightyear chimes in and follows suit?
  16. This is a difficult rage crop to grow but damned if they aren't trying.
  17. That's an extra two lines he just couldn't pass up
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