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  1. To me, few things are as insulting as someone straight up lying to you and then thinking you're dumb enough to believe it. Like there is no way you could sniff out their superior craftiness.
  2. I really figured that it would involve her husband waving his junk at underage girls again. That's Christian-like.
  3. The thread title needs to be changed to, "Time for Weird Christians"
  4. Maybe one of the board spin doctors will chime in here because I'm still trying to figure this out. So the FBI planted declassified documents that Trump knew were declassified even though the FBI planted them. I mean he was bellowing that none of his people were present during said planting of documents so through some mental mind warp he knew they were declassified, by him, right? Then if the FBI had only asked nicely he would have given them the planted docs that he couldn't have had since they had yet to be planted yet. Or did Trump telepathically declassify them after they were planted and after he became just an ordinary citizen again like the rest of us?
  5. The cult members here haven't budged. Maybe they've feigned enlightenment by backing Desantis but that's going from the frying pan into the fire.
  6. Ok so now maybe some of the docs, planted by the FBI, are classified. I'm pretty sure this defense of the moment will pass by morning once it's kicked around by his legal team a bit more.
  7. How is that even a rage crop?
  8. Trump declassified the docs then the FBI planted them? Interesting
  9. So now the take is the FBI planted declassified documents? Hmmm....that makes sense.
  10. This didn't age well and that was only earlier today. Then Garland held his press conference.
  11. Meh, he was just keeping the docs for a defense from future witch hunts. I'm trying to wrap my head around this. You're a patriot if you display fealty to Donald Trump but if you turn on him for putting all of our national security at risk you're a traitor. Is that right?
  12. In case you missed Garland's statement. Are we still thinking he's sitting on all of this?
  13. +7 years in the hole b!^@h. Plenty of time to think about how Breitbart News, The Blaze, The Gateway Pundit, and your cult leader led you astray.
  14. We knew more was going to come out and this why trying to soft-pedal what Trump did and instead blame the FBI for being the meanies was a stupid idea. Painting Trump as the innocent absent minded oaf who needed the documents to defend himself from further persecution is a wet behind the ears take. Occam's Razor:. He's a crook.
  15. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2022/08/11/george-conway-lindsey-graham-gop-trump-fbi-ac360-intv-vpx.cnn
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