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  1. Bro you panicked and jumped out of the foxhole a week ago. It was just getting roomy in here and you want back in??? f#&% that. We'll handle it.
  2. Oh look. Another "Fire Frost!!!" thread.
  3. I can get behind this. Trumpists.... don't vote. It's useless. Especially since the crafty Dems stole the last election from you and yet they're somehow too dimwitted to figure out how to pass legislation. Anyway, stay home and sulk. It's for the best
  4. Who'd have ever thought Johnny Stanton would be playing fullback in the NFL?
  5. This. He's a southern boy. Talk about a fish out of water. He'd jump at the first opportunity to move back to south.
  6. That's not really how it would work. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/biden-banks-600-dollar-irs/
  7. I just looked and the rationale for supporting the ouster of Cheney on this board was that she wasn't messaging for the Party effectively enough since she was so focused on Jan 6. Now Stefanik's election fraud lies are evidently ok. It's pretty amazing, and discouraging, that the "messaging" of the Party is more important than getting down to the bottom of what spurred on a coup attempt, an assault on democracy, and whether or not a sitting president was involved. Priorities I guess.
  8. I've always contended Cheney knows more than we think she does. She's connected. No way she shipwrecked her political career without having a bullet in the chamber. I'd have to scroll back to through the threads but I think there was at least one Trumpists here that said she was bad for the Party because she wouldn't move on and that the Party was in the right to clip her wings. It's that brainwashed element of the Party that will never come to their senses, no matter what comes out of this investigation.
  9. Ok, not sure what that has to do with a game prediction though.
  10. We come out fresh, healed up and pissed off and hand Purdue their hat. Or David Bell goes off and we lose another close one. If it's a blowout loss this whole place will burn down Huskers by 10
  11. ^^° This.... C'mon @Stone Cold if my 85 year old mom can watch every play or every game dressed from head to toe in red you can hang in there. Until last week's debacle the games have been great. Yeah we lost but you jump now you might miss an upset or two. Besides you want a futile fan existence, try being a Lions fan.
  12. Why? Because they're against running up huge deficits...oh wait.
  13. Vultures bent on killing more people. Sadly ironic for the mouthpiece of the "pro-life" party
  14. I'm actually shocked he doesn't want to get down to why and how Antifa stormed the Capitol that day.
  15. Yes Possibly but this isn't the last 4-5 years. Have you not seen a D playing much better than in recent years? You have but I get it. It's kick and scream and hissy fit time. I wasn't at practice. Any idiot would have been wary of a let down. If you weren't, well.... If you want to know why not give him a call. Did you expect him to say "man we're bushed. We're going to get rolled"?
  16. I went back and watched the first half yesterday. You could see a team that was worn down. Whether mentally, physically, or both I'm not sure. This was especially evident on defense where the massive Minnesota line was just pushing our d-line wherever they wanted. We basically had no legs It also showed in the fact that we looked slower on D than we had in previous games which lead directly to numerous missed tackles which continually extended drives for Minnesota. We were a half step late and were left trying to arm tackle. Whether we came out flat or just worn out is up for debate but if this team doesn't quit, with some rest, I'd expect to a much better effort by our defense against Purdue. The problem will be containing David Bell. If our safeties bite on the run like they did against the Gophers it could be another long day.
  17. What does this mean? He has a meeting with his boss and walks away only wanting to cash a paycheck? What are you saying is going on in those meetings that demoralizes a guy so much he'd give up all pride and just go through the motions?
  18. It's not a cult. No really this isn't cultish at all.
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