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  1. TGHusker

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    I do like the idea of NW being in our POD as the NU/NW games have been close and competitive for the most part and also there is a 'respect' factor with them. Iowa - even though they had our number the last couple of years, I'm still not sold on them as a real rival - they seem to be like Colorado a 'wantabe NU rival'.
  2. TGHusker

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    I'm thinking in you POD arrangement, Wisc has the easiest pod - really only NW as a competitor. I think the west pod is the toughest - 3 good competitive teams (assumption is Nebraska will be back to being Nebraska of pre-2002 or even the Nebraska of Bo and BCs best years) while the other 2 pods have 2 competitive teams.
  3. TGHusker

    Green New Deal

    same is true about abortion and immigration - engage instead of evade. GOP have been good at evading.
  4. TGHusker

    Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    Where the GOP went wrong is in making tax cuts a continued economic policy. There is a point of diminishing returns and and even beyond that hurt. Too much tax can be a wet blanket on growth, while too little taxation either stifles needed spending or runs up huge deficits as we never cut needed spending - we always find more "needs' to spend money on. As noted in my post above the deficits are out of control now - we haven't gotten the Reagan years growth but the tax cuts remain and spending has increased. Even during the Reagan years there were targeted tax increases. In the same way that it would be almost blasphemy for a Dem to say they were Pro-border wall, it is blasphemy for a GOPer to say they are pro-tax. Our partisan ways throw all reason out the window.
  5. TGHusker

    Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    Deficits are out of control - thanks to the tax cuts and increased spending. Trump is doing what he does best - bankruptcy. https://thehill.com/policy/finance/448220-may-deficit-surges-to-208b-42-percent-higher-than-last-year
  6. TGHusker

    Green New Deal

    GOP is offering the GREEN REAL DEAL. Many (ok some) in the GOP coming to their senses on this issue and are trying to support conservative measures to fight climate change. I think in reality they hear the footsteps of voters concerned with this issue heading towards the Dem camp - esp the younger generations. https://www.wsj.com/articles/some-republican-lawmakers-break-with-party-on-climate-change-11560337010
  7. TGHusker

    The Better America of our Dreams

    Speaking of the Know Nothing Party It sounds eerily familiar to the group in the White House https://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h140.html
  8. TGHusker

    The Better America of our Dreams

    Why is that Evangelicals use birth control. Some don't but I would guess most do. You might be thinking of the 'morning after pill' perhaps.
  9. TGHusker

    The Better America of our Dreams

    The Know Nothing Party (literally speaking) http://www.ohiohistorycentral.org/w/Know-Nothing_Party
  10. TGHusker

    The Better America of our Dreams

    Truly amazing. I just now saw this.
  11. TGHusker

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    Good move. I do hope OU and KS move into the conf. Good for basketball to have Kansas in - plus gives us a sure win in football!!(or so one would assume). OU in football would make the conf championship a bit harder to obtain wt OU and OSUt being the big bullies to get through. Hopefully we'll be up to the challenge and much improved when OU joins.
  12. TGHusker

    The Democrat Utopia

    How do these guys get voted in Got to partisan politics at the max and ignorant voters.
  13. TGHusker

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    So another texas school ruined the opportunity for a chunk of the Big 8 to move to the Big 10. texas ruins everything it touches. I would have liked having those schools in our Division.
  14. TGHusker

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    This is why Trump is 'scarier' than Nixon. While flawed, Nixon had some sense of responsibility to the country and he had some shame. Trump feels only responsibility towards himself, preserving his brand and his legacy and he knows no shame - never had to ask God for forgiveness you might remember. Nixon left out of 'duty to the nation'. He could have stayed and fight for his name but I think he knew it was a losing cause. Yes, it kept him from being impeached but it also kept the country out of a lot of turmoil and after Vietnam, we didn't need any more turmoil. It would have been a very, very difficult time for the country to suffer through an impeachment. . Trump on the other hand, is standing on false courage. He can say he won't leave because he knows the Senate won't convict him of anything while it is under GOP control. Turn the tables and let him face a Dem control House and Senate like Nixon did, and we'd see how courageous he will be. If the Dems turn the Senate and keep the House - Old brave heart may turn into chicken little. Imagine the tweet storms. Besides, how many wives and businesses has Trump left behind