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  1. https://www.axios.com/trump-lawyers-biden-election-victory-debf79bc-750b-457b-a736-789b501d62a7.html https://www.axios.com/trump-election-premeditated-lie-ebaf4a1f-46bf-4c37-ba0d-3ed5536ef537.html #2&3 in the series. See the #3 in post above
  2. Axioms is doing a series on how the Trump post election effort went off the rails. #3 tells how the crazy people took over https://www.axios.com/trump-off-the-rails-descent-into-madness-fd169833-9052-473d-87f5-7a1a4ffffb8f.html
  3. So the ?? Is has Sasse finally seen the light or is putting his finger to the wind. You guys in NE know him better than I but I think he said some spot on things in his oped. Yes as @BlitzFirst said no need to make it a religious issue except to say Q is a quasi religion. Sasse can make his argument stand on purely political reasons
  4. Ben Sasse is spot on with his oped. He does a very good job of telling us how the GOP got to where it is and how to get it back to respectability He discusses the role of Q, social media etc. well worth the read https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/01/conspiracy-theories-will-doom-republican-party/617707/
  5. This cult will end like all cults end. In dissolution broken dreams and broken lives. Some will die in their soul and some will physically die because of their actions on behalf of the cult. Broken relationships and broken families. This article talks of the heart ache family members have when they have to turn in family to the FBI. In doing so they hope being held accountable will release their family member from the grips of the cult https://www.chron.com/news/article/Pushed-to-the-edge-by-the-Capitol-riot-people-15876080.php
  6. Unfortunately, an Americanized Evangelical Christianity that often is at conflict wt how the Gospel is presented else where and also by much of Christianity in America. The Evangelical 'wing' just seems to have the loudest megaphone. I also saw the Graham post and my reaction was
  7. Perhaps his way to get his 'cult army' into DC for more havoc. Speaking of Q is saying Trump spoke to them in Morse code when he was 'condemning' the riots. https://www.the-sun.com/news/2141492/qanon-supporters-trump-morse-code-message-video/
  8. A double wammy - A Trump Cultist and a Q'anon Cultist. She's quitting her job to live in a fantasy world.
  9. Interesting - I've never looked into these old threads - a lot of stuff in the HB attic to explore Including this post - a poll on who people wanted for coach after Solich was fired. Well be got Bo a few years later.
  10. Kind of ironic - a fire fighter who would / could use a fire extinguisher properly to save lives, uses one to injure lives. Trump has turned normal people into angry monsters. Trump has made this country very sick. So a friend turned him in. I wonder if the friend was there too or just was able to identify him.
  11. Trump having a difficult time getting a legal team together to defend his impeachment. Interesting article - too many lawyers have enough integrity to not be involved wt him. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/trump-struggles-to-build-legal-team-as-impeachment-trial-nears-1.1548702
  12. The only identity that matters is "WINNER' If we can just do that all will be well.
  13. A true experience I had with capital security: Back in 1998 I and a couple of friends from work were in DC for a company meeting. We went to the capital but it was too late for tours. It was already dark - in December but not real late. So we just walked around the capital. We were able to get up close and we could look into the Speaker's office. We could see the pictures. No one bothered us as we walked around, got on a ledge to look in and then walk back to our cars. In fact one of the capital 'guards' pointed out a couple of things to us before we did the walk around. We were just 3
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