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  1. I'd vote for Larry. Of course Trump will say that he has Yuge better hair that Hogan. That will be his campaign against Hogan.
  2. I think he is trying to get the evangelical voter back after throwing them under the bus recently Trump is such a 'family values' type of guy.
  3. Trump in even more hot water - talking out of both sides of your mouth will get you in trouble. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-in-even-more-legal-hot-water-after-lying-to-judge/ar-AA16WYgx?ocid=entnewsntp&cvid=75fb68affb084b2da956a9e26065490e
  4. Mav you are right. I must have been in a bad mood when I wrote it and another post about coaches not visiting Sam Foltz's parents. I'll put my back on. Thanks for the 'rebuke' - I needed it.
  5. This is a great article about Malachi Coleman. While I was reading it someone must have been cutting up some onions or something I didn't know his full story - he and his sister being abandoned by his mom after their dad died in a car accident and then being in the foster care system together for years. Yet, he has turned that trauma into a way to serve others. Amazing young man. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/ncaa-college-football-recruiting-top247-national-signing-day-nil-malachi-coleman-nebraska-203956914/
  6. That is true. Shameful may be a bit harsh. Disappointing perhaps is a better word.
  7. Sometimes I wonder if the 'former staff' with all of their previous Husker connects as QB, line backer, etc just took Nebraska kids for granted. In their arrogance they may have thought, we were great back then and the recruits will just flock to our greatness. Who knows. But there is no excuse. They say a convert has more zeal and enthusiasm than an old time believer. Well that is the case wt Rhule and company - a lot of passion, zeal and drive for all things Nebraska.
  8. According to this article, he was the first Husker coach to visit since Sam died. Which is shameful. https://www.si.com/college/nebraska/football/husker-dan-ed-foley-the-nebraska-energizer-bunny
  9. Sounds like he eats cow sh$t because he knows what he going to get.
  10. Yes, and Georgia is about to lay the hammer on Trump. I hope the NY DA, Georgia and the DOJ (2x - Document issue and J6 issue) all hit trump at the same time and he can roll up into that fetal position like Jim Bakker did so long ago. https://news.yahoo.com/details-trumps-attempt-overturn-defeat-110556082.html
  11. Great interview wt Dominic - I'm Hoping his son comes here.
  12. I agree. Get TCU or Baylor or Houston. Maybe A&M is peeved enough that Texas joined the sec
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