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  1. What a perfect ending. This is great. I'm going to share this wt my KSU buddy at work. He's in a panic mode - just like KSU is in the video
  2. I "Amen" your points. I would add that legal immigration needs to actually increase. We need more skilled immigrants not fewer. Our population is growing older and birth rates are growing lower - we need immigrants, as we always have, to sustain out growth.
  3. You got that right. I thought about listening and then thought - Why ruin a perfectly good day?
  4. If you haven't gotten vaccinated - get vaccinated for the sake of everyone else. If you want to maintain your "liberty" not to get vaccinate - then go live in isolation some place where you can't affect the lives of those around you. It isn't all about you. My liberty stops at the door of my neighbor if it negatively affects their health and welfare. https://www.axios.com/fauci-delta-variant-covid-d1c0d550-6624-417d-bde6-33c8f56deaba.html
  5. Meadows talking like Trump is the shadow president or a presidency in waiting. The insanity that has taken over this party would be so if it weren't so
  6. if that is the case, and if Norte Dame is locked into the ACC. Then we have the great options of Kansas, ISU, Pitt, Syracuse
  7. Forgive me - I have overlooked the great leadership of one Kevin Warren who has accomplished Yuge things (of very little importance to the football field that pays most of the bills) He has exceeded everyone's expectations (specifically those of his mother, father, siblings and first grade teacher) and will guide this great ship (specifically the Good Ship Lollypop )through the uncharted waters of expansion as he did wt Covid (specifically off and on, mixed signals, with unclear communication, showing bias against NU) . Therefore, we have nothing to fear but fear itself (and the Big 10 becom
  8. IF there is any truth to the above, then Kevin, ASleepatthewheel, Warren better wake up and go after the top 6 Pac 12 schools. If the Big 10 doesn't act - it throws a life line to the Big 12 and it removes all possibility of gaining even footage with the SEC. Warren should be talking to USC, UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, Washington, & Colorado. Wrap up the west coast viewership. Let the Big 12 merge wt AZ, ASU, Cal, Org State, Utah, WSU
  9. This is where cult membership gets you - being mocked by a national publication So, hey, it's August — is Trump being "reinstated" as president or what? (msn.com)
  10. This is one way to rebuild the Pipeline. Get the OL right this year and keep adding to it and that will set the tone for the offense for years to come.
  11. USC makes a lot of sense. It would be nice to get A&M. Open up recruiting in Texas and southern Cal. Big 10 needs to go bold -add Norte Dame with those two and add 1 or 3 more PAC 12 to get to 20 or 4 without A&M which is doubtful to leave the SEC unless they are REALLY PISSED. The PAC 12 schools need more exposure in different time zones if they hope to be a play off team and more importantly cash in on the media payouts which is driving expansion
  12. Kind of think that would leave us out in the cold. Nebraska's brand isn't exactly hot right now.
  13. Big 10 is at 14 schools now add UCLA, USC, Stanford, Cal - that gets the Big 10 to 18 - 3 pods of 6 which seems awkward Add ND and Colorado or Oregon gets us to 20 - 4 pods of 5 IF FSU and Clemson end up going to the SEC, it seems that this would but pressure on Norte Dame to get off of the fence. The ACC wtout 2 heavy weights will seem like less of a conference. Miami and Va Tech would be the top 2 football schools going forward in the ACC. Merging wt the 'glamor' schools of the Pac 12 brings in a huge media market plus leaves the door open for ND riv
  14. If that happens, the Big 10 needs to go after ND and USC, UCLA, Stanford or Oregon or Colorado This move by FSU might force ND's hand. Maybe they would consider the more stable Big 10. Would they want to stay in a ACC conference void of FSU & Clemson - the 2 premier names in the conference?? This website is thinking a 20 team SEC wt Ok State and WV in the mix https://www.outkick.com/outkick-360-crew-breaks-down-sec-super-conference-proposal/
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