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  1. Houston Chronicle endorses Amy for Pres. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Amy-Klobuchar-Democrat-primary-election-2020-potus-15060430.php#photo-16115766
  2. They are all swamp creatures. Protecting each other. Trump disdains any authority figure other than himself and that appears to be true of Inspection Generals -
  3. This is why my vote is either Biden or Amy. I'll vote for Warren also - actually I'm not voting for Trump so the Dems could put Dudley Doright on the ticket and I'll vote for the candidate. But the bigger picture is that the candidate must win those states you note above. I don't understand Wisc above as they kicked Walker out of office in 2018. Biden needs to get his act together. His pooooor performance is hurting the Dems chances. If Biden heads the ticket he needs a very capable VP choice.
  4. Bernie, leads the traditional candidates (non-self funding) in money going into this important stretch. Warren got a boast from the debate. We'll see who will drop out of the race after super Tuesday. https://www.wsj.com/articles/democratic-presidential-candidates-ended-january-short-on-cash-11582281001
  5. Very interesting article. - esp the 2 strategies at the end. A Cruz/Rubio ticket announcement may have stopped Trump's run.
  6. Now trump is dictating who should not have been on the jury. The guy is a control freak. Expect a pardon. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-says-roger-stone-has-very-good-chance-exoneration-hours-n1140046
  7. yes, if Warren drops - Sanders will be the nominee. Her best hope is a brokered convention I think. The main stream dems will push for anyone but Bernie and may settle on a candidate that may be palatable to his followers - like Warren. I think that is part of the reason, besides the push back she received after her rise to the top, she has somewhat moderated her health care plan. I think she wants to play to the middle somewhat without letting go of the left. Let's face it - if the Dems go to round 2 or 3 at the convention it is because: 1. Biden will be proven to be senile by then 2. They will see Bernie as not electable. By then Trump & his Russian friends will be well on their way to cast Bernie as a communist. 3. Pete - will fade and seen as not experienced enough. Trump bots will be trashing Pete's love life by then as well in order to inflame religious passion against him. 4. No way the Dems nominate Bloom - they can't go after corrupt trump if they have corrupt Bloom as nominee So that leaves us wt Liz and Amy. While I like Amy (if I were a voting Dem in a Dem primary) - Liz may be the candidate that would still excite the Bernie base (If they don't all just carry their ball home in a huff after Bernie fails to win the nomination) and with a moderate VP - she could pull in some Indep and GOPers who don't like Trump. At the same time, I can see Amy as a compromise candidate - appealing to the moderates, younger than Biden, older and more experienced than Pete, and with an open personality to pull in Bernie supporters and appealing to GOPers and independents. (In the background noise is the sound of Hillary wishing for a brokered convention so she can sweep in as the white knight to save the party)
  8. Article about Pete and how he comes across as a know it all https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/why-pete-buttigieg-will-never-become-president-124441
  9. So what do the local papers and commentators say about Amy? Is she supported strongly there in Minn?
  10. A Liz/Amy ticket would be interesting. Bernie/Liz may scare some people but it would be consistent. I don't think Liz is done yet but Nev and SC are big tests. She has to do well in both states to stop the floodgates opening for Bernie. The next debate is crucial for her as well. I wonder what Bloom will do to prepare for the next debate as he didn't appear to have any prep for this first one. What a disaster - glad for it. I never realized what kind of sleaze ball he was until I saw him on stage last night.
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/man-arrested-threatening-kill-schiff-schumer-over-impeachment-215709808.html
  12. I watched the full debate last night and found it pretty entertaining to say the least. My take on it: 1. Bloomberg is an arrogant snob who seems to think he can buy the election. He appears to be as much of a slime ball as Trump but with perhaps better business skills and voices more compassionate policies NOW that he is running for Pres. He is however still a slime ball and should not be anywhere near the WH. As Liz Warren said after the debate, he needs to get out of the race, check his ego, and just donate his money to help defeat Trump. 2. Mayor Pete - or should I say Perfect Plastic Pete. I think Amy nailed him by saying we can't all be as perfect as him with all of his memorized platitudes and talking points. Pete is like the little barking dog who is standing behind his bull dog buddy. Pete attacks everyone out of a pious attitude but has no substantial experience to back up his worthiness for the job. Anyone can be a critic, few can be real movers and shakers -getting things done. He was the mayor of a city that is the same size as one of Tulsa's bedroom communities - big whoop. 3. Liz Warren - at first I thought she was trying too hard. Trying to over exert herself. She pointed out the flaws of everyone on stage- repeatedly. But she kind of redeemed her self with her hard attacks on Bloom which were spot on. She also came to Amy's defense when Pete unfairly attacked her and the moderator asked an unfair question. She set herself apart from Bernie. In the end I was back to neutral with her performance. 4. Uncle Joe - Biden was in and out. I'm thinking he is at the mental state where he is just too old for all of this. Not sure how he'd do one on one against trump. When he did talk, he had decent things to say but he just faded in an out. He didn't act like a front runner. 5. Sanders - Bernie was Bernie - I was not convinced about his strategy to pay for his health care plan. I still question his ability to beat Trump. 6. Amy - I think she was the most 'likeable' person on the stage. Of course this isn't a personality test. I did think she did a good job in defending her positions when attacked. She tried to present herself as a doer who got things done and as a uniter - an anti-trump in that regard. i think she had a good debate. If I had a vote in the Nevada primary it would be for Amy or Biden.
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