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  1. TGHusker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Knapp you failed to mention the deep conspiracy and scandalous act by Obama that just about did under our republic. It drove a wedge deep into the heart of the electorate when Obama................................................................................................................................................. wore that tan suit . Blue or black is the only acceptable attire in the WH and he broke that sacred tradition. GOP Rep Peter King took it especially hard and noted how nonresidential it was.
  2. TGHusker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    He opened the door you know.
  3. TGHusker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    If that isn't collusion - the bar is too high. Sure isn't by happen chance.
  4. Ann Coulter would vote for Bernie if.... https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/04/18/coulter_i_could_vote_for_bernie_sanders_if_he_returned_to_original_immigration_position.html
  5. TGHusker

    Will There be War wt N Korea next 4 years

    Well color me surprised - and knock me over wt a feather, You mean to tell me NK wasn't abiding by the Kim/Trump handshake?
  6. TGHusker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    You are going to put us all in a hypnotic state with that thing Stress is not an excuse for wrong action.
  7. Wish it was someone more substantial (KASICH!) - but anyone who can CALL Trump out for what he is during the primaries is a good thing.
  8. TGHusker

    Trump-endorsed news sources

    You have to play the full clip to get what he was talking to. I believe a news reporter said Pete was her 'Chicken Soup of the Soul'. I heard the full clip aired on the radio this morning.
  9. TGHusker

    Trump and the Press

    So Fox tries to be a bit balance by having the Sanders Town Hall. How does the president react that his favorite news source what all sides of a story represented by giving Sanders a forum to speak? snow flake https://www.mediaite.com/trump/trump-opens-fire-on-fox-news-for-crazy-bernie-town-hall-bret-baier-was-so-smiley-and-nice/
  10. TGHusker

    Weird Time for Christians

    Evan nailed it again.
  11. We'll start this thread (seems like just yesterday we were doing 2018) with this post. Alabama GOP voters my be doubling down on dumb. Roy Moore once again leads the GOP in early primary polling of likely candidates. So I wonder what will come out of the closet this time around. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/elections/poll-roy-moore-leads-republican-field-challenge-doug-jones-n995021
  12. TGHusker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Proof of the bold - GOP failure to repeal ACA or have a replacement in place - despite all of the rhetoric to the contrary. They campaigned on repeal and replace - easy to do when they didn't think Trump would win and therefore would not have to back up their promise with action. But when Trump won, I think the Repub Congressmen knew they had to put up or shut up and they found ways not to get it passed. First they were relying on the SC to do their dirty work pre-Trump - when that didn't happen they never presented a cohesive plan that could be passed. I think they (GOP leadership - not the more conservative wing) were perfectly content to keep the ACA in place. Their original screams of being cut out of the process in 2010 was good campaign red meet - but they could have contributed and improved the bill but they never wanted to give Obama a victory.
  13. TGHusker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Excellent post
  14. TGHusker

    S&P reached a record high in January

    My investment broker expects a recession in 2020 - 2021 at latest ... but then again a lot of people are expecting that. He still thinks a lot of the fundamentals are OK - but that graph gives me pause. I'm not a Wall Street investment tycoon and I don't play one on TV either (like a certain president) but this bull run can't continual forever.
  15. TGHusker

    S&P reached a record high in January

    Another 2008 coming??