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  1. I didn't see the debate. This article notes that Mayor Pete came out pretty well in the debate https://www.indystar.com/story/news/politics/elections/2019/10/15/democratic-debate-here-indystars-live-blog-pete-buttigiegs-october-debate-performance/3977809002/?amp_js_v=0.1&usqp=mq331AQCKAE=
  2. What I am saying is that having a consistent scheme on O and D without all of the coaching changes (either HC or Coordinators) and recruiting to that scheme and developing, executing will pay dividends long term. I don't care if it is a copy of the 90s D&O or not. (Wisc offense borrows from our 90s power running and pipeline OL- so I don't give them credit except the wisdom to copy what worked at Nebraska). I do think we need to get back to the take no captives, full steam ahead, tough minded D we had back then. I think Scott can tweak the O to have elements of the 90s and mix in his newer stuff.
  3. At this stage- why are we back to fundamentals? 7 games in and we are talking fundamentals. Sounds like guys haven't been buying in or expected an easy ride thus not paying attention.
  4. Yes, It amazes me that scholarship players need this kind of talk. They are 'getting paid' to do a job and to do it right. The OL is still talking technique after all of these games. Baffles my mind.
  5. So any details on what he said
  6. This is my big concern - if we are out of the discussion wt high school kids in general, we are really out of the discussion with those that matter - high value recruits. Kids aspire to be a part of something that is successful, cool, etc. NU hasn't made its case yet to be a part of that discussion. I praise those high value recruits who made the decision, by faith in this staff, to come here but we need more than just a few. We also need consistency in offensive and defensive philosophy - to recruit towards that philosophy, train and develop towards it, and execute accordingly. Perhaps after 4 years of consistent SF philosophy implementation & coaching we will see it played out on the field.
  7. This article shows the devastation brought on by Trump's 'gut' decision. It is a strong indictment of a president who has no understanding of the world or worse who is in the pocket of Russia who benefits from his crazy decisions. This also shows that we have too much power in one person's hands to wage war or to alter war. Trump has yes people around him who don't challenge his 'gut decisions'. It seems to me that incompetence is a impeachable offense. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/trump-followed-his-gut-on-syria-calamity-came-fast/ar-AAILbg6
  8. By the way - who foots the bill for this? Do the people behind this game pay the schools for sending their teams to Ireland. It will be an expensive trip - games in Happy Valley don't seem so far away any longer.
  9. or recruit all of those fine Irish football players. Opps wrong football.
  10. Hopefully we will have a few more Wandales. As we look at OSU and the other elite teams, they have several Wandale type players which forces horrific match up problems for the D. I was hoping the Wandale, JD, Mo trifecta would cause those kinds of match up issues but thus far it has been dud like outside of a few spectacular plays here an there.
  11. Since that fateful 2001 cold November day in Colorado, the Husker program has been trying to get back to relevance. Some of us drank the kool-aid and thought Scott Frost could repeat his UCF magic here in year 2. Obviously there is more to fix than many of us could imagine. So, when do you think we will be 'BACK" to relevance and by relevance I mean winning the Big 10 championship. We've won division championships in the Big 12 and Big 10 West but those did not bring us BACK. My thinking 2022. I originally was thinking 2021 - 4 years under Frost. However, the 2021 schedule is brutal - OU, MSU, Michigan, Wisc & Ohio State(why did they all of a sudden become our crossover rival - we play them a zillion times and Rutgers, Maryland rarely. But I digress). I also think 2022 because we need not only solid OL/DL starters but backups as well. We may have the skilled players that we need on the roster by then, but it is having deep lines that will eventually help us to turn the tide. I think it may take that long to develop that type of experience and depth - to recreate the pipeline. Also, we have a good red shirt class currently. By 2022 they will have a strong impact on our team's performance. By 2022 the Mike Riley influence will be gone- this team will be fully Frost's with only his recruits and the culture of hard work will have been fully ingrained into the players and the program. The 2022 schedule is more manageable than 2021(of course we said the same about this year's schedule). We have OU at home, Rutgers replaces Ohio State, Indiana replaces MSU. We do have Mich and Wisc away.
  12. Trump the great negotiator https://www.axios.com/trump-erdogan-turkey-syria-invasion-bluff-fc761d8f-e33b-473b-8ece-d0b8b3a51f26.html
  13. So sad, we now have to outsource for pictures of our navy
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