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  1. Pretty scary stuff to think of these guys in charge of the House
  2. Yes, we need all the help we can get
  3. So many moving parts now. I sure hope we don’t lose Fish & Becton now - 2 of our best coaches
  4. Let’s just go for it Here is some more nonsense to get us there Takeaways A new study found that people who ate mushrooms were less likely to have depression. Researchers believe it's due to the essential antioxidant ergothioneine, which must be obtained exclusively through dietary sources. Further research is needed to establish a clear link between mushroom consumption and improved mental health.
  5. Hold on to your hat and pop corn. Looks like things are about to get interesting.
  6. Well I do hope you are right. Maybe Frost surprises us with other quality guys like Joseph. We got OL, ST and RB coaches to announce. Maybe Synder is in play for ST??
  7. I think the LB group as a whole played the most consistently and were the strength of the team. Actually, I feel good about all 3 levels in regards to coaching. My biggest concern is the lack of a true pass rusher upfront. So, I don't know if Tuioti didn't have the players to work with or if the 3-4 just makes it difficult to be consistently good at that task.
  8. And if it is Korn, what is preventing the announcement? I figured we'd have an announcement after this weekend if not on Sunday.
  9. Not sure what I would think of a Harrell hire. I don't know enough about him- basically what is in this article https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/if-youre-interested-in-nebraskas-oc-search-its-a-good-idea-to-watch-football-this/article_84895934-5624-5a15-8dce-ee168bb7e084.html
  10. Yes - I agree. That is my main concern. If you get pressure on the QB, you take pressure off of the cover guys.
  11. As we all know, the defense under Chin has improved each of his 4 years and has proven to be the strength of the team- the strongest leg on the 3 legged stool of D, O, ST. We are losing our super seniors, CTB, and Daniels - all huge losses. Hopefully we gain back Will Honas back to the linebacking crew - which will figure to be the strength of the D - again. With these losses, it is imperative that Frost fix ST and that the O improve red zone scoring. So, what concerns do you the most going into next season with our D. I have listed the following: Lack of a Rush End producing sacks/QB hurries Interior Line Play: Loss of Daniels at Defensive Tackle Linebacker play DB Play - replacing multi-year starters Overall Run Game Overall Passing Game
  12. Or Frost becomes a hot commodity (which would mean success finally arrived in Lincoln). But if he does, I think he would stay as he has a deeper association wt Nebraska than some of the coaches who jumped ship this year.
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