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  1. Speaking of Mr Ed and you were: Fun fact: Ed is buried about 60 miles from my house - Tahlequah, Okla https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/mister-eds-grave I hope you are right on the other. In my gut I think so. But I don't want Bernie voters to sit on it in Fl, Mich, Wisc, PA - I want this to be a major defeat of trump and all that he stands for.
  2. I guess we should forgive Bernie for getting angry every time someone asked him "How are you going to pay for this?" Maybe Congress needs to call a healthcare emergency to get MFA enacted after Trump is defeated in Nov.
  3. yep that was the question. You are probably right - that as a private organization the Dem party could choose its path. But if it isn't Bernie, there will be hell to pay and trump may get re-elected.
  4. I know this statement would surprise people on this forum 4 years ago, but I now think the USA is at a place where it needs more progressive legislation. Old world conservatism is not the policy position that will work any longer for America (probably never did- since FDR we've had a mix of private/govt progressive policies. Even Reagan was more of a moderate than a hard core conservative- despite his many jokes about big govt) The old conservative mantra "let the private sector take care of it" will not work. The idea of very small govt is a thing of the past. The country has gotten much more diverse and we've matured (or are maturing through the eyes of its young people) to realize that there are real needs that need to be address and we cannot sweep them under the rug any longer. Maybe as a conservative I can hope for more efficient govt which should be the goal of conservatives and liberals as efficiencies enables more programs to be funded.
  5. That brings up the odd situation: What are the chances of him stepping aside after the nomination and before the election and allowing the VP to be the one who takes on Trump. I'm not sure what the procedure would be post nomination pre election.
  6. Just like 2016 - two very flawed candidates Like you said, Biden looses all moral high ground in this discussion if true. I hope the Dems are able to draft someone else - Cuomo perhaps. I don't know enough about his policies which is secondary at this time to the primary role of removing Trump from office, but he's got to be more capable at this time to lead then Biden. I was hoping one of the younger Dems would have broken through. Booker, Amy, Harris, or even Warren (not so much younger but a fresh face).
  7. Peggy Noonan wrote a great book about Reagan titled "When Character was King" - What GWB said in this clip reminded me of that book. We don't have to agree on policy to reflect character, good will towards others, and decency and grace. GWB did so. How far we have fallen to the current Cheeto in the WH. There is no way trump could have spoken those words. 1. He isn't capable of such grace 2. It would have taken the spotlight off of him. The GOP has taken on the personality of the offender in chief and it no longer deserves to be the party of the WH or the Senate.
  8. So does anyone think there is enough here to upend Biden's nomination? Is there a concerted effort by a particular group that would cause this to come to light at this time - Trump/Russian, Bernie's team, ?? or is it just that now that Biden is nearer to the nomination, the story starts to get traction in the media.
  9. Biden thinks it is 'sporty' to touch inappropriately
  10. A story about the one GOPer in the house who voted against the relief bill had this interesting exchange: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-massie-factbox/mr-no-meet-the-u-s-congressman-who-might-delay-the-coronavirus-bill-idUSKBN21E26K
  11. I think we go bowling - If AM is back to his 1st season form or better. I think the run game will be better wt a better OL and more horses in the stable. WR - should improve with the new recruits but we need JD back for sure. Defense - I hope our DL gels together - we'll need them badly to improve. DBs will be the strength of the D I think.
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