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  1. I ate at Culver’s for the first time last summer. Great burger and shake. There are none in Tulsa
  2. Speaking of a little 'batty'. Kettle calling the pot black there.
  3. Haley now 2nd in NH. DeSantis falling like a rock. Christie has reached a ceiling. https://www.anselm.edu/about/anselmian-hub/news/new-poll-saint-anselm-college-survey-center-shows-nikki-haley-surging-ahead-ron-desantis-donald-trump-maintains-his-frontrunner-status-new-hampshire-republican-presidential-primary
  4. Enlightening article. One could argue that he did indeed inherit a losing team but he also inherited a team with talent as BC was a good recruiter. One of the points against Bo was that he wasn't a good recruiter. Regardless, I'd love to see 9 wins again. In today's environment and in the Big 10 of 2024 and beyond, 9 wins will be a big accomplishment. The hubris of the fan base along with the arrogance of the AD at the time chased off a winning coach and we fell into the abyss.
  5. Man - that is one old thread. Dead threads like this need to be kept 'dead'! I only recognized @admo from all of those old posts.
  6. Great fun fact! Poor Lions.
  7. And politics in broken in this country with that outcome. Why 2 parties can't come up with better candidates. Years ago - growing up days and young adult years - it seemed like both parties had several very well qualified candidates running each cycle. Not so much anymore
  8. Have you heard the latest about the JFK assassination??...
  9. But then those killer salesmen would have to introduce Ma and Pa to Bo. I wonder how many recruits' parents might have been interested in Nebraska but not with Bo as their son's mentor?
  10. So, why does Teddy P remain 2nd on the chart at LT? I know he's recovering - I thought he WAS RECOVED from his injury. He's been playing snaps and it seems like we need someone other than Corcoran at that position. Any insights? Regarding Sims/Haarberg - Need to see if Sims has been cured of his turnover jitters. As @presidentjlh says he needs reps too. We need to get out of this game with as few injuries as possible so that we can make a run to getting into a bowl game. Personally, the way HH has been playing, I prefer him in the game. We'll see how Sims handles the pressure of a big time opponent in a big time atmosphere.
  11. Jason Madden DB Buzz Light Year Buzz - Home Alone
  12. Jack Grusser WR For the 2nd time this season: Alfred E Neuman
  13. His dad won't fire him - As long as Iowa is happy wt average Dad, Brian will remain. A nice family business there.
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