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  1. TGHusker

    The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    Could Trump dump Pence for Haley? This article note it may be a possibility. Trump no longer needs Pence as a tie in to the evangelical vote (so sad) and he needs help with suburban women voters. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/16/us/politics/mike-pence-trump-administration.html
  2. TGHusker

    Weird Time for Christians

  3. TGHusker

    The Republican Utopia

    Pretty amazing what bad policy can do - time for all domestic soy processors to buy at big discounts.
  4. TGHusker

    The Republican Utopia

    When we look for shadows behind every person, we have to do some amazing twisting in our words and actions. For a party that needs a bigger tent, they are in the process of blowing up the tent themselves - I guess this would make them terrorist towards themselves.
  5. TGHusker

    The Better America of our Dreams

    more likely a Kasich/Beto or Kasich/Hickenlooper
  6. TGHusker

    The Better America of our Dreams

    Good for them - speaking of Cruz and Beto. Nice seeing the civility Hey, maybe they were really meeting to discuss a Unity Ticket in 2020
  7. TGHusker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    This story and the slim ball acting AG need a few of these - And the slim ball McConnel opposing protecting Mueller a few of these
  8. TGHusker

    Weird Time for Christians

    Understatement of the year.
  9. TGHusker

    Weird Time for Christians

    Regarding the bold. Actually we need his help and that is what faith is all about. Recognizing our need for what Christ did on the cross and humbling ourselves to be dependent (needing his help) for salvation. It isn't about boring lives or exciting lives it is about humility and dependence vs pride and independence (not needing his help). "God exalts the humble and puts down the proud." As a former Catholic myself, I understand the uncertainty of not having it all figured out. I love my Catholic heritage however, it wasn't until I opened up the Bible myself and read it that I understood the 'assurance of salvation' that comes with believing the Gospel and placing my total faith, not in my works (when would enough good works and Hail Mary prayers be enough??) but in the finished work of what Christ did on the cross. Once we are 'in faith', that faith will motivate us to the good works of faith (prayers, service to others, participating in the sacraments from a right heart, etc) A quick google of "Assurance of Salvation" brings up many links - here are a few https://billygraham.org/story/how-to-be-sure-of-your-salvation/ https://www.openbible.info/topics/assurance_of_salvation https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/the-agonizing-problem-of-the-assurance-of-salvation https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-library/48-20/the-christians-assurance-of-salvation
  10. TGHusker

    Here To Explain: Illinois

    Yep - the exact play I was thinking of - that and the surprise trap to the fullback. (Remember that one Miami??) Can't get enough of this video
  11. TGHusker

    Here To Explain: Illinois

    Also - wish we had the ability to play again some of those 0-6 games - now that our O is playing great and the D is starting to gel... somewhat. I guess that gives us something to look forward to next year.
  12. TGHusker

    Here To Explain: Illinois

    Great play. Just reminds me of how Tom threw so many wrinkles in base running plays back in the day. Very fun to watch. Also, Ziggy's new speed really shows on this play.
  13. TGHusker

    Trump Foreign Policy

    France responds to baby Trump ------ can we PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE get an adult in the WH. https://www.yahoo.com/news/france-fires-back-trumps-lack-common-decency-132904457.html
  14. While I believe Frost beats all in his prime and now - I picked Frost in his prime For the "Right Now" I went wt a surprise: Mark Dantonio --- If looks could kill, he'd win. He always looks mad and has a scrawl. So he wins wt a deadly stare down
  15. TGHusker

    Weird Time for Christians

    Then it is better to abort all of us from the beginning and then there will be none of us ... end of the discussion, human kind and sadly most of all HB. However..... It is better to have loved and failed then to never have loved at all. Interpretation - Love involves free choice. God chooses to love us. His 'bet' is that we will also love. If one believes in damnation (most end up in hell), or limited damnation(only the hitler types end up in hell ), or universalism (all get saved because of Christ's sacrificial death) it doesn't negate God's desire to display his love to all - young, middle age and old.