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  1. I just hear Rush say Barr was courageous to sound alarm against the deep state. He said Barr is fighting the interest of those who want to unelect Trump but also over turn Brixit, open boarders world wide, etc, etc. The GOP has become nothing but one big conspiracy, fear driven entity. It is in a totally different universe - outside of reality. When they cannot see the obvious infractions of Trump in Ukraine (not to mention all of the Trump/Russia stuff Knapp brings up in the post above) and his obvious Obstruction of Congress, it is clear they are in a brainwashed cult. All of this fear mongering and conspiracy talk is cult like.
  2. Here is a very interesting article. Should we take the old Middle East and Old Testiment Biblical approach to debt forgiveness in our society - a jubilee - forgiveness of debt? Several of the Dem presidential candidates believe there should be debt forgiveness for school loans. Bernie believes their should be debt forgiveness for medical bills. Others, in the article, bring up mortgage debt forgiveness for upside down home owners. Others propose 'equity based' home financing and also 'equity based student financing' in this article. There are those in the article that argue that debt forgiveness would actually help the economy. My only question is - what about those organizations to whom the debt is owed?? How are they 'made whole' and not hurt by such an exercise? Back when I was much younger, we practiced a sort of jubilee on the farm - the diverted acres program (prior to 1973 I believe). Yes that was a govt program to keep corn, oats, etc prices up but it also gave the soil a 'rest'. We didn't deplete the soil year in and year out with the same crop. Now we cultivate every acre possible but counter the over use wt massive amounts of chemicals, etc. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/5-000-old-plan-erase-100000406.html Some Quotes:
  3. Well, the best way to shut them up is to become competitive ourselves again. The Big 10 needs a heavy counterweight to OSU - one that can consistently challenge and defeat them in the CCG and/or during the season. Yes, we have good ranked teams during the year but OSU has been the consistent dominant player. We don't want to be the Big 1 little 13 conference. Like the Big 8 was the Big 2, little 6.
  4. Michigan will get clobbered. I would like to see Indiana beat Tenn. I'm thinking Minni loses to Auburn - The OSU / Clemson game should be very interesting. If OSU's D rises up, then I think they can win. Clemson is in a weak conference and I'd like to see an end to their 28 game streak. PSU / Memphis will be interesting but I think PSU will prevail. I haven't been impressed wt USC so I think Iowa will prevail even though they beat my favorite 5-7 team by a last second FG. Wake Forest beating MSU - could happen and it wouldn't be a surprise.
  5. The world and specifically our NATO friends as witnessed last week. I think the world looks at us under Trump as more of a than as a The Democratic world leaders want us to return to respectability and consistent leadership.
  6. In the vacuum of leadership, false leaders step forward.
  7. I guess he doesn't like being on the other end of the 'bully' stick.
  8. Hopefully in a jail cell - NYSD should jump on him the minute he steps out of the white house after he is no longer president.
  9. Good analogy of a bad situation. Dems "hated" Reagan, GOP hated Clinton, Dems hated GWB, GOP hated Obama, Dems hate Trump - I guess we should have made Jimmy Carter King I use 'hated' as an exaggeration. Actually this time around the hate is turned back on all others by Trump and his followers. While it is true everyone was shocked by the election and most of us had doubts about Trump's ability, I think the true hate has been generated by Trump, his policies and his more alt right followers. Yes, there is hate going towards him as well. I think we see something different than what we saw prior to Obama. Wt Regan, Clinton and with GWB it was more of a hate like my team vs your team - we hate Iowa for example. But starting wt Obama and now wt Trump there has been a deeper type of hatred that has entered in. I think the alt right is the cause of it. I genuinely don't think San Fran Nan hates Trump I think as as I heard a Maryland Dem congressman say on NPR this morning that they have pity on him while they (Congress) have to uphold their constitutional duty to address wrong doing in the admin. That is a big difference - pity vs hate.
  10. Yep - I would expect trouble. If Trump survives impeachment, which he will because of the GOP senators, he will be all the more embolden in 2020. He will drive more division in this country. If he then loses the election all h@ll will break out.
  11. We may have conflicts again this year in the process. According to this article, there is a chance we could see the super delegates being the king makers at the convention. https://www.wsj.com/articles/get-ready-for-a-contested-convention-11575505023
  12. You might elaborate more. If I read your quote correctly - we have a circle of lies within the Trump camp.
  13. Again we have to go back to the characteristics of a cult. Facts are meaningless. Facts become meaningless when the cult leader shouts out 'fake news' all the time. This develops the alt-universe that the Trump diehards are in. Conspiracy theories have to be created to protect 'their facts' and bogey men (deep state) created to have an enemy to rally against. I realllllllly hate to see what 4 more years of Trump would do for our country. He has already destroyed the party I've been registered in for my full adult life and I'm old now. But even worse - much worse - he is destroying any civility in politics, destroying the credibility of the press, brain washing the minds of countless individuals.
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