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  1. I think it has more to do with facing stiffer defenses
  2. One would think that if it is any college coach, they would be announced by now I light of the recruiting / portal season that is upon us. Even if it is someone playing for the NC, the announcement could be made, and we could still make allowances for them to continue coaching for their former school. If it is a NFL guy, maybe there are some contractual hurdles to overcome Regardless, we need a full staff hit the recruiting trail in full stride.
  3. Yes, I figured it was all of those guys.
  4. So sad and disappointing to hear.
  5. So are you saying that Osborne not only looked the other way in regards to some of our 1990s troublemakers but also helped to coverup any issue?
  6. The portal works both ways. I hope Rhule & staff have the pull to replace departing players with an upgrade. Regardless though, I really hope he is able to pull Coleman(recruit not tranfer of course), Hausmann back into the fold and keep AJ happy. My thinking is that wt Rhule's greater emphasis on the run game & an improved line AJ might be happy to stay
  7. No tackle practice for one. Soft spring games for another
  8. Need to name a hot WR coach to bring some of these guys back into the fold - can't lose DeCodest for sure - best name since I M Hipp
  9. Agree. Get one of the great younger DC guys in here and use Snow as a mentor if at all possible.
  10. Maybe Rhule's words on being a tough, hard working, physical team turned off some. Sounds like they had it pretty cushy under Frost - and it showed on the field. If they don't have the mentality that Rhule demands, then "Goodbye"
  11. Well, we need a LB coach also - so he fits the bill. He would be a great get. A Saban disciple and worked extensively wt Kirby Smart at Bama an now Georgia. He has had no prior experience wt Rhule, so that may be the strike against him coming here. Hopefully Rhule is willing to take an 'outsider' as well. Glenn Schumann (born March 29, 1990) is an American football coach who is currently the co-defensive coordinator and inside linebackers coach at the University of Georgia. He previously served as assistant coach at the University of Alabama from 2008 to 2015. See more
  12. Good summary article on the staff that has been picked thus far. It notes that the DC, LB, WR and OL coaches are still pending - wt QB coach nearly done. It gives a summary of each coach. https://www.si.com/college/nebraska/football/matt-rhule-makes-first-six-staff-hires-nebraska-football
  13. what did she post? Regardless - he should have stepped away.
  14. In watching film of his Baylor games and also Carolina games, he puts a premium on getting to the QB and containment. Those outside rushers have a big part in his D strategy. Maybe we can develop another Gregory or two.
  15. I like the improvement we are seeing on the staff. Some guys who really respect Nebraska and its history and have some experience under their belts.
  16. Coach O --- maybe if Aranda was named HC.
  17. We have the OC thread going. I thought I'd start a thread just for the DC once named and related Defensive coaching news. Any rumblings today on who may become the new DC. Snow??. I would like to see us get Robinson from A&M on the staff. Not sure if he is at the DC level talent yet. I imagine all of the pieces need to be in place by Friday as the door opens up to recruiting next week. Now that MJ is out of the picture, there may be more $$s available to lure in the top defense coaches who agree with HCMATT's philosophy.
  18. Yes, I didn't see that connect until now. We sure don't want another Mike Riley. Rhule won't be - I am confident of that. Maybe just HCMATT
  19. Yes, I got to imagine him being pretty pumped about it.
  20. Good interview with HCMR regarding what Nebraska has to offer recruits, why he wants 'His" guys on staff, and how they will build each player - from the walk on player to the 5 star player. 3 quotes below. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/football/the-value-of-my-guys-as-assistant-coaches-nebraskas-matt-rhule-explains/article_0740415f-9c0f-50fb-8bd6-94422d18ccc2.html
  21. Fresh start for Rhule across the board. I think current players as well as future players- recruits or transfers- will be able to see that this is a sad private family issue and not a school or Rhule issue. Trev acted quickly to suspend MJ and there is no cover up. Rhule’s staff will need to act quickly to build relationships to retain the current recruits.
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