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  1. Biden support is slipping. If things continue, I expect the GOP to take back the house and senate. That will doom him for the remainder of his term. Trump, if he wants to, will become a lock for the nomination and potentially the WH. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/21/bidens-support-fading-fast-as-cnbc-survey-finds-concerns-on-the-economy-covid-and-inflation.html
  2. Exactly and I wonder how many Senators and Reps could be found guilty of collusion if the truth got out. This wasn't just a Trump thing - he had plenty of help planning it and support coaxing out the rioters. The whole GOP act of opposing & delaying the validation of the electors was all apart of it.
  3. Whose priorities - Putin's perhaps.
  4. Kiffin would be interesting and I think provoke recruiting interest as well. But why would he leave the SEC Royal Football Kingdom?
  5. So what's the health issues wt Richt? I've always like him. He was basically one play away from playing and most likely winning the NC at Georgia one year.
  6. So if he is blown away by App St - who is your # 2 guy?
  7. Exactly. Those are the trump cultists who refuse to look at truth and easily believe a lie.
  8. Sounds a bit livelier than the purified water I get at Aldi!! Thanks
  9. I thought here was only one mediator between God and man. (1Timothy 2:5-6)
  10. I agree with BRB on this one. There are things we don't like about every admin but radicalization is something different. Lee Atwater and then later the Contract for America under Newt set the party off on a new direction - opposition at all costs. I wouldn't say all of the party became radical - John McCain was the nominee in 2008 but the radical side forced Palin on him. Romney wasn't radical as the far right didn't support him - thus he lost in 2012. OK got to ask - What is Elk Creeks?? Must be a native Nebraska thing which I'm not.
  11. I think the GOP started to 'radicalize' in 1988 with Lee Atwater running GHWB's campaign.
  12. Better to retreat into the end zone for a safety
  13. GOP turned away from common sense to trumpism.
  14. It comes across as another excuse as to why they didn't win. When you don't want to take the responsibility for the loss as a coach, blame it on something else - which in the end is the result of his coaching - not having another QB ready
  15. No longer cheap seats in the nose bleed section - now cheap stadium
  16. Hedley - you are everywhere. Do you have 10 guys posting on your behalf Maybe you are a secret troll farm. I've never seen anyone move so fast from one thread to another and respond intelligently to posts.
  17. No surprise here. Another prosecutor and another criminal investigation of Trump Inc https://dnyuz.com/2021/10/20/trump-organization-already-under-indictment-faces-new-criminal-inquiry/
  18. Go get him LIz. Trump will rue the day he got on Liz Cheney's bad side. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/577515-cheney-bannon-refusal-to-cooperate-suggests-trump-personally-involved-in
  19. CAn't disagree wt the reply below. Where is our # 2 QB after all of these years?
  20. And we find WRs with supposedly less talent, getting more reps/catches/touches than Manning, Betts, and Toure. I believe that was the case against Minne. I don't understand the WR rotation either.
  21. Update is needed and correction to my post above. Nebraska cut Schwartz loose after he suggested he'd like to make more trips: https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/three-out-decommits-all-conference-huskers-and-nu-coaches-on-the-road
  22. For you Chadwell fans, here is a interesting article about Coastal Carolina https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/coastal-carolina-is-proving-that-its-magical-2020-season-was-no-fluke/ar-AAPJQYh?ocid=entnewsntp
  23. Just what I was thinking! How like this team to lose against the other 3 and jumping over the 'this close' to pull off a huge upset.
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