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  1. Yes, I thought they looked pretty small myself.
  2. Do we really think Ukraine tried to attack the Kremlin wt a drone? Seems to be a stretch for me as it would only provoke a huge response from Moscow. Seems to me the risk /reward was out of balance. Risk of retaliation and risk of not succeeding out weighed the possibility of success. If successful the reward would have been high but also a reason for escalation. Seems like a false flag opportunity / operation by the Russians. But I could be wrong and maybe Ukraine was sending a message prior to their big offensive. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2023/05/03/russia-says-shot-down-ukrainian-drones-targeting-putin-a81024
  3. Well,, Okla is a very, very Red state. That is how he has the job he has.
  4. That is why I say, the 2 parties have switched. The GOP has become the old southern' Democratic party in so many ways. A party of fear, intimidation and segregation - from the new minorities crossing the southern boarder. And yes, 1968 was a disaster. I believe the worst year in our history outside of the civil war years and the great depression & WW2 years.
  5. Doesn't quite look the same. I understand the pic below has been photoshopped a little but you get the idea.
  6. Name alone doesn't make him qualified. His anti-vax campaign calls into question his judgement. With that being said, we did have a president who thought ingesting bleach would kill the virus. I guess that is true - kill the host would kill the virus alright. Presidents playing doctor or medical expert hasn't worked out so well in the past. There is probably a more qualified Kennedy waiting in the wings. Joe P Kennedy lll. Former Mass. 4th district congressman.
  7. Here is my take on that short video. 1. Yes, Trump is an idiot. China caused the pandemic just to get trump out of office so he claims. That is a Narcistic, all about me statement, that poops out of his mouth so often. He also said you can see 'little lines from space' - the satellite image of body bags all around the lab. He continues to talk like a 3rd grader - sorry to offend 3rd graders. 2. Mark Levin doing the interview- this is my real take: Levin is a very smart guy. I used to listen to him regularly back in the day. He knows history, politics, culture, law like few on the radio. He is probably the smartest guy on the conservative talk show circuit. He can articulate and frame an argument better than most. I say this not because I agree with him - I no longer agree with much of what he says -- but because he's proven it through his years of talk radio, his involvement in the Reagan administration, his legal work, and the many books that he has written. This is my observation: A. Levin, as a Reagan republican, came out strongly against Trump in 2015. He saw trump for who he was - an opportunist and someone not good for the country B. During the primary season, Levin favored other candidates C. Once Trump was nominated, being the partisan hack that he accuses all Dems as being, he gets in line to support Trump- as does Lindsey, Ted, Marco and all of the other vanquished foes except Gov Kasich who kept his integrity. D. Levin along with Hannity know it's more about the money and ratings than principle. Thus, pretty much all of conservative talk media sold their soul to trump and the MAGA crowd to keep the gravy train going - facts & damage to the country be d$%med. E. The depth of this sellout is evident in this video - a very smart guy interviewing a very dumb (embarrassing so) former president and taking it all in without confronting trump on the facts but pitching slow ball softballs at him. F. Proof positive: Conservative talk media cannot be trusted. It has always been about the ratings and not the principles. G. Money - the lust for it, indeed, is the root of all evil. People sell their integrity for a part of the pie.
  8. So what is the sorry about E. Johnson - Mr Minnesota player of the year running back. Was he out wt injury this spring? If not, has he had no impact on the RB room?
  9. I thought he would become Nebraska's next great back. He will be great but I guess someplace else. NUTS
  10. Yes there is no reason not to think this regardless of our last 8 years. We have the resources and now I believe the coach to get us in the playoffs each year. Once in you never know what can happen if the team is playing well
  11. Judge Alito believes he knows who leaked the Dobbs draft but doesn't have enough confirming information to speak out and name the person who leaked the draft. https://www.wsj.com/articles/justice-samuel-alito-this-made-us-targets-of-assassination-dobbs-leak-abortion-court-74624ef9
  12. I'll stop making fun of Colorado now! I hope that is the case. I have more confidence in him than the other 2 .
  13. Sims .... far distance...P & H.
  14. Got to hope there is a another running QB who we can pick up in the portal that is better than our #2 and #3 options. While I was surprised by the news, I'm not shocked. Casey wants to find a better path into the NFL and Sims was going to be the starter. BTW what was the 'bet' that @admo made?
  15. Regarding the OP - So, we would have been in a division with Alabama & LSU all of these years. I think we would have been deep down the picking order. At least during the Bo years we were in the discussion for the West Division in the Big 10 (imagine being regularly 9-4 - seems like a dream). I think we are closer to Wisc, Iowa, Minny and NW - upper Midwest culture than the southern culture. I'm happy being in one of the 2 top conferences. Perhaps under Rhule we will eventually have national relevance again and we can be a regular participant in the expanded playoff.
  16. And Iowa doesn't have an AG identity You can smell agriculture when you cross the boarder N-S-E or W. But maybe not the 'hard working' part??
  17. No way do I want to weather that storm (of course I won't have a choice if it were to occur). Trump 2.0 would be a disaster beyond comprehension for our country. As he said in his announcement speech, he is on a retribution, revenge tour. He is a man incapable of thinking of what is good for the nation long term. If Biden is re-elected, we most likely end up with Harris or a repeat of the Woodward Wilson situation in which his wife was essentially the acting president (100 years ago - does history repeat itself?) Harris would be a disaster in my book. No way should she be near the WH as VP but we have what we have. I'd rather have Bernie, E Warren if we were to jump that far left - they at least have some political sense and savviness. So long and short - I'm not going to accept the inevitable. Maybe Gov Hogan or Liz Cheney teams up with one of the moderate Dem Senators or Governors. Yes, I know - Liz normally would not be considered a moderate but in today's climate maybe so on the GOP side. This lists some moderate GOP members https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/definition-moderate-scrambled-current-gop/story?id=92564006 HOWEVER, anyone in office currently would be committing political suicide within their party if they jumped on a Unity Party ticket. But, maybe one would rise up and be a stateman/woman and put the country ahead of party. Some ideas: Some Mod Dem Governors: Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro , Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D), and Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey (D) Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D), North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards https://www.forbes.com/sites/patrickgleason/2021/11/23/moderate-democratic-governors-reveal-bipartisan-path-not-taken-by-joe-biden/?sh=11a97be485f7 https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2023/01/31/moderate-democratic-governors-are-having-boomlet/ These Dem Senators are listed on the ModSquad website Tom Carper, Bob Casey, Martin Heinrich, Tim Kaine, Joe Manchin, Chris Murphy, Gary Peters, Jacky Rosen, Jon Testor, Mark Warner https://www.moderatedemocrats.org/candidates/
  18. Depends on if the Never Trump GOP contingent grows prior to the election. Their policy states that if they don't see a viable path to winning, they won't be endorsing a ticket. If they see that both Trump and Biden are weakened nationally, then they will see that as an open door to go ahead.
  19. I thought "No Labels" deserved a thread of their own. They may (hopefully) become a force in the 2024 election cycle. So, we can track their work on this thread separate from the 2024 Presidential thread. In the 2024 Presidential thread, I mentioned Peggy Noonan's recent OPED. She mentions the centralist group "No Labels" as working behind the scenes to get a 3rd party candidate on all state ballots. Joe Liberman, Gov Larry Hogan , Dr Benjamin Chavis, John Hope Bryan are national co-chairmen or vice chair. I hope they can come up with a non-partisan ticket in 2024. About the group. https://www.nolabels.org/why Their strategy for 2024 https://2024.nolabels.org/ https://www.action.nolabels.org/articles/9-labels-2024-insurance-project-faq
  20. Maybe Peggy Noonam is wishful thinking out loud here but she doesn't see Trump v Biden being a sure thing. Let's hope she is right. I for one hope there is a strong 3rd party alternative or someone emerges from the dark within one of these parties. She mentions the centralist group "No Labels" as working behind the scene to get a 3rd party candidate on all state ballots. Joe Liberman, Gov Larry Hogan , Dr Benjamin Chavis, John Hope Bryan are national co-chairmen for vice chair. I hope they can come up with a non-partisan ticket in 2024. About the group. https://www.nolabels.org/why Their strategy for 2024 https://2024.nolabels.org/ Peggy's OPED: https://www.wsj.com/articles/biden-vs-trump-dont-be-so-sure-rfk-third-party-rematch-2024-election-independents-bea741f2 I agree with this 100%: And this: Her reason for the OPED:
  21. I agree. We have trump legal whiplash fatigue - one bombshell turns out to be less than a sparker Why the guy isn't behind bars by now is very frustrating
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