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  1. Every single cult member needs to hear that with some tag line stating asking how much do they really value their soul??
  2. Amazing, Here is another Oklahoman who is doing the same and basically reflected my reasons above. As a teacher, she is probably more articulate than myself. Glad to see it printed in the OKC paper. Original article https://www.oklahoman.com/story/opinion/columns/2024/06/07/donald-trump-oklahoma-opinion-switching-from-republican-party/74006121007/ Quote: Why I can no longer in good conscience have an R next to my name Lisa Lawrence Guest columnist I made the switch today (Thursday). I logged in to Oklahoma.gov and switched my party affiliation. I have been a Republican all of my voting life, and I live in a red state. Although I haven’t voted for a Republican for president in 12 years, I have remained a registered Republican until today for the sake of the primaries. With the current state of Oklahoma politics, primaries are essentially the only way to have a voice in our elections. I gave that up today and registered as an Independent because I can no longer in good conscience have an R next to my name. Donald Trump took over the Republican Party by emboldening people based on who they hate and what they fear. He has brought out the very worst in us collectively — January 6th was unthinkable, but it is just one of the many new lows we have reached since Trump emerged on the political scene. Trump followers don’t deny that he spoke of grabbing women by their genitals. They excuse it. Trump followers don’t condemn him for inciting racists and telling the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” They endorse it with their silence and their votes. If they are following the 10 Commandments, Christians who support Trump hold their children to a higher standard than they hold their presidential candidate. Trump supporters typically claim to be patriots, but continue to support an egotistical man whose self-serving actions tear at the very fabric of American Democracy. In the beginning, some prominent Republicans spoke out against Trump, but since then far too many have fallen in line. Whether bullied into submission, won over by a lust for power, or suffering Stockholm syndrome, they line up to spout off for cameras and curry Trump’s favor. In 2015, Lindsey Graham tweeted: “If we nominate Trump we will get destroyed…and we will deserve it.” On January 6, Lindsey ended his speech on the Senate floor as follows: “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are lawfully elected and will become the President and the Vice President of the United States on January the 20th.” Accepting Trump as the Republican primary front runner in the fall of 2023, Lindsey backtracked, not only fueling false “stolen election” claims but suggesting that Trump may be entitled to immunity for his actions. On Fox News Sunday in February 2016, Marco Rubio said: "I don't care if I have to get in my pickup truck and drive around the country like I did when I ran for the Senate, Donald Trump will never be the nominee of the party of Lincoln and Reagan." Opinion:In Trump vs. Biden, vote for the best presidential candidate. Our future depends on it. In 2024, following a year-long “MAGA makeover,” he’s positioned himself on the shortlist of Trump running mates. In 2016, J.D. Vance described himself as a “never Trump guy” and contemplated voting for Hillary Clinton, calling Trump “noxious” and “reprehensible.” Last week, he was another vice president candidate, attending Trump’s trial in a matching tie and denigrating our justice system by comparing it to those of Cuba and Russia. Of Trump’s actions on January 6th, Mitch McConnell described “a disgraceful, disgraceful dereliction of duty,” and went on to say, “there's no question — none — that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. No question about it.” In March 2024, he endorsed Trump’s presidential campaign. These are a mere sampling of the outright hypocrisy of today’s Republican Party. The behavior of these men is just one of many reasons to remove the R next to your name in 2024. It’s easy, and it is necessary for those of us who truly understand what Trump represents. Tulsan Lisa Lawrence has been a lifelong Republican. She's a wife, mom, new grandmother and a retired Oklahoma teacher. end quote
  3. Listening to it and reading the words: What a scumbag. So much for the 'military party'. GOP under Trump: No longer the Law enforcement party No longer the military party No longer the anti-dictator/authoritarian party No longer the financially responsible party No longer the constitution party No longer the hard on crime party No longer SANE No longer my party!
  4. Agree on both points. Ranked voting in state elections as well.
  5. I expect this - but one after another, after another, after another
  6. I expect 'The Bridge" to be blown up soon - this time beyond repair.
  7. Yes, until someone of significance within a party breaks away, I think we just end up with spoilers. If for example the rumored McCain/Liberman ticket was formed in 2008 it could have broken the 2 party strangle hold if they had gone independent. Perhaps the No Labels group will get it done but doubtful -if they couldn't do it this year, with 2 terrible major party candidates on the ballot, I doubt in 2028 they will be able to do so as that will be a wide open primary on both sides. Liz Cheeney for all of her stop trump talk hasn't provided any kind of leadership in creating a path forward for independent minded voters.
  8. Drone warfare makes everything sitting ducks. I didn't see any soldiers running so I wonder if they were just sitting and waiting for the inevitable
  9. While I have not voted straight party since the 2012 election (Romney for president) and have never voted for Trump, I had remained a registered GOP voter. My thinking was - I can vote in the GOP primary in Okla and at least make a difference there with my primary vote. I've been a registered GOP voter since 1974 (starting in S. Dak). This was a hard decision as I always hoped the GOP would 'reform itself'. But trump's take over of the RNC recently showed me that it was not reformation on the docket but radicalization. Well GOP NO MORE! The last straw was receiving a fund raising letter from the RNC with 'PRESIDENT TRUMP' as the emphasis throughout. The outside looked like it came directly from Trump's campaign (his campaign and the RNC are now one and the same unlike former GOP nominees). I do not want to be associated in any way shape or form to a party that endorses a convicted felon, sexual abuser, insurrectionist, and business fraudster. There is no longer a distinction between the RNC the party and Trump the candidate. Thinking I could make a difference in the GOP primary has become a mute point. We have a state primary coming up for state senate plus some other seats and each candidate is trying to out trump each other. I cannot make a difference with my vote if all candidates are misfits and/or cult members. That is what it has become in Oklahoma. US Senate, US House, and major state offices are now being sought by people who can prove that they have the most trumpian bonafides. A sane moderate voter cannot make a difference in that atmosphere. Therefore, I officially changed my registration to independent and I felt the shackles on my conscience fall off. In Okla I can vote in the Dem primary as an independent (so which party is for voter rights?) and make a difference there. Even if the GOP reforms itself, I probably will not consider changing back - fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me. I don't want to be associated with the shame of the current GOP. The GOP had some truly great presidents - the big 3 being Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Reagan. In its current state, I see no greatness on the horizon. May the former 'Grand" Old Party rest in peace. The Trump party has taken its place. John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Hallelujah and Amen
  10. Truly a criminal enterprise and yet the GOP says butttt Hillary. Buttt Joe. Butttt Hunter. Criminals surround themselves with criminals. He is corrupt and he corrupts all things he touches. The GOP is the latest organization corrupted by Trump. Trump is the felon on the top as Ari notes.
  11. Agreed - of course living in Okla most people here were Trump voters in 2020. So hard to find a new one.
  12. You didn't change my mind. I've been saying this all along. I don't see how trump gains new voters unless the illness of being dumb, gullible, and cultish is catchable. But perhaps, as @Dr. Strangelove is saying - the greater danger is Biden losing votes and not trump gaining votes
  13. Yes butttttt - are those voters going to Trump? - I don't think so. Has trump tapped into a new voter group that he didn't have in 2020 - I don't think so. I can see Biden losing if a significant # of voters sit on their hands or go with RFK. But I think Trump will lose voters to RFK also. I just can't see 2020 Biden voters going to Trump this time around. With that said, the Biden camp needs to be more aggressive in addressing the concerns about the economy & the boarder which I think are 2 of the biggest issues out there. He tried to do something about the boarder this week - time will tell if it registers with the voters. He needs to highlight how he drug the economy out of the abyss after covid and how he plans to bring down the costs of groceries, mortgage rates - the 2 issues that people are feeling the most.
  14. Some pretty high expectations for Nebraska in the media world. Let's check back in after the 1st 8 games. If we can win 6 out of the 8 then I'll get on the train. If we win the first 7 games and we are not decimated by OSU then there is real reason for the hype. Win the first 7 and get blown out by OSU like we did against Michigan last year .. then not so much.
  15. I guess he wants to find out who he can con the most money from
  16. Another reason for Biden to win is that justice will never be served if Trump is reelected. https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/4707359-trump-die-in-prison-reelection-new-york-georgia-2020-election-interference/
  17. Bannon to jail https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/justice-department/court-hears-arguments-whether-steve-bannon-begin-prison-sentence-rcna155209
  18. This 'news source' says the 7 below are being considered by Trump for BP. Few surprises here. All have kissed the ring. Funny thing, I though it would be seven women as Trump said he'd chose a woman this time around. I guess that idea got brushed aside by a "stormy" wind. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13500319/Donald-Trump-VP-vice-president-possible-candidates.html
  19. David Frum hits the nail squarely on the head. And each dictator firstly took over a political party which would become his propaganda machine. That is what the GOP is today.
  20. Trump, without opposition, gets only 85% of the vote in NM primary I hope all of these anti Trump primary votes translate into a vote for Biden in Nov https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/4704470-nikki-haley-chris-christie-donald-trump-new-mexico-primary-results/
  21. The website has since changed but I like these comments: Bill McKibben getting a little ahead of themselves with the dictatorship thing Jacqueline Williams I guess that means that we should be preparing for rooftop rescues from the GOP National Convention. Which makes sense to me. MelissaJPeltier How metaphorical.
  22. Sounds like the Old Testament Year of Jubilee - where all debt was forgiven. I think our nation needs a 'reset'. In some ways Covid was an environment reset - less human activity created cleaner air and animals came out of hiding. The Jubilee year – occurring after every seventh Sabbath year, thus, every 50 years – is an economic, cultural, environmental and communal reset, when the land and people rest, and all those who are in slavery are set free to return to their communities.
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