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  1. And the GOP leadership is endorsing the trump candidate not in reality. Does you all you need to know about the GOP.
  2. It would be maddening to see ND go to SEC. I got to think the USC, UCLA, ND, OR, Wash, Stanford makes the best fit for B1G 10 since USC/UCLA are already in. If not Stanford, then WSU (to preserve the UW/WSU link) or KU (if you want basketball) or UNC. Or forget about UW/WSU(let them join the SEC and spend for air travel) and bring Stanford (for ND's sake), KU, UNC, ND - added to USC/UCLA.
  3. Good thing the B1G isn't reliant on stadium revenue to make this all work.
  4. I hope he can unseat Lee. I started out liking Lee years ago but he ended up joining the wacky train.
  5. Hey wait a minute, I graduated from SDSU
  6. Garland don't go weak on us now. The country needs you now.. While you should be on the SC, there may be a greater service you can provide to your country. Stop the fascistic attempt to overtake our govt.
  7. Man, how difficult was it for Cheney to have to be standing up there with that group. She is a giant in the presence of mice. The sane vs the insane. The knowledgeable vs the brainless.
  8. KETTLE/BLACK McConnell must have been sleeping through the Trump years. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/mcconnell-slams-biden-for-acting-below-the-dignity-of-the-president/ss-AAZ3aof?ocid=entnewsntp&cvid=30316d87b47046b9baa968a18fa524b0
  9. Liz hinted at this in her speech. At the end, she made note about how most of the world is run by men and how that isn't working out so well. (Time for a female president perhaps) She encouraged young women to follow Hutchinson's example and courage and get involved.
  10. Yes so very sad. As a life long GOPer I didn't think I'd ever say this: we really need the Dems to step up, get their act together by moderating some what, to save this country from what I fear will be a radical GOP congress. They also need to get better candidates for 2024- not the same old ancient bones.
  11. Yes that is true. The Dems may see it as an easy pickup and withhold their support for Cheney. However, the GOP out numbers the Dems in registration by a huge margin. 198k to 45k out of a total voter registration of 281k when other parties & independents are added in. So therefore she would need a huge # of Dems, a large contingent of never Trump GOPers to swing this her way - or an act of God! The GOP pretty much has the seat locked up regardless who wins the primary. The Dems may have a choice to make regarding the lessor of 2 evils. https://sos.wyo.gov/Elections/Docs/VRStats/2022/22JuneVR_stats.pdf
  12. This shows you the state of GOP politics. Liz Cheney is down in the polls by 30 points in Wy. The Trump endorsed candidate, who can't bring herself to say that Trump lost, is ahead. Cheney, a life long faithful, Constitution loving, conservative Republican with integrity is down to a Cult Member. Let that sink in. If Trump were to get elected in 2024 he would have all of his endorsed cult members in congress to do his bidding. This is how a tyrant takes control. I hope enough Dems cross over and vote for Cheney in Wy. If she loses can she rise from the ashes of defeat and become the Joan of Arc and save the GOP and possibly our nation from a 2024 Trump takeover. We'll see what script history writes for itself and her role in the story. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/truth-matters-liz-cheney-lambasts-trump-backed-rival-in-wyoming-debate/ar-AAZ4FRe?ocid=entnewsntp&cvid=4ecd3e5c7e2e4e44a590e50b7181ee16
  13. I was thinking the same thing. Frost has got to make hay while he can. So that begs the question: Do we have a coaching staff "worthy" or capable of the new B1G I think we have the facilities, fan support and admin backing to be competitive and eventually win - yes even win in this monster conference. If we have expectations to eventually win a NC we have to start with our conference. Winning the B1G will be tantamount to winning a semi-final game in the round of 4. We still have 'a coach in training' and if there aren't vast improvements this year and next, NU will have to swing for the fences to find a NFL caliber type coach to compete in this league and win it. Time for Choosing: Are we content wt being middle of the pack (assuming we'll rise from the bottom this year) and allow the other 'blue bloods", USC, OSU, MIch & ND, battle for the top, or do we aim for the top ?
  14. They would be on everyone’s home coming schedule if football was independent
  15. Yes some on the radio said that the CDC may be the next target
  16. Living in Oklahoma, there has been a lot of disappointment over the 2020 McGirt ruling which stated that all crimes committed on tribal land or by or against tribal members were for the tribal and federal authorities. This threw a lot of 'settled' cases back into federal court to be re-tried. My understanding is that today's ruling was to allow state officials to be able to prosecute non-tribal members who commit crimes on tribal lands. Prior to McGirt, the state courts handled most of the case load.
  17. And rightly so. This committee has been pretty amazing thus far. If GOP leadership was smart (they aint) they would be starting the Cheney for president campaign right now while this is hot and drop the loser who took them to the dance.
  18. He is the White House attorney - for the institution --- not for the president himself - not a personal attorney Big difference.
  19. Going back in history, this is an interesting development if true. I often wonder how accurate these British papers are but for what it is worth, they call this an Exclusive news item. I could support this ticket. Imagine Kasich as VP instead of Harris. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10961071/President-Biden-considered-John-Kasich-Republican-running-mate-2020.html .
  20. Good actor but a poor political commentator Sounds like he is deep into the Cult.
  21. Yep. It is a tricky ride. The best time would have been in the Jimmy Carter years when the Dems ruled Congress - but back then- the parties were somewhat civil towards each other and thought of the best for the nation.
  22. And if the GOP takes over the Senate in the midterms - say good by to this change for a decade.
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