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  1. ^^^That still doesnt mean you don't/shouldn't take highly-rated DBs every year.
  2. He will need to get stronger before he plays, especially being in the B1G.
  3. Your first part is a subject of debate. I know a few S&C coaches and guys that have been lifting and doing dietary stuff for a long long time and they will consume anywhere from 100 to 150 grams of protein up to an hour after they get done lifting. I usually never go off a calories but off of macros but I can tell you 12 oz steak is roughly 950 calories. A cup of brown rice is 250. And an 8 oz potatoes roughly 225. I completely agree with your last part.
  4. It actually isnt hard to consume 2500 in a sitting, especially if you're a top-notch athlete. You can consume 2-12oz steaks, a baked sweet potato and a cup or two of brown rice and you are at your 2500 mark. Hell, Im not a top notch athlete and I can eat that much.
  5. This isnt the first time it happened. They went fishing on his OV and Nash absolutely loved it. Scott is an avid hunter and loves to fish also. Nash is the exact same way. Im guessing Frost said they were coming to visit and Nash mentioned that he was going hunting and probably asked them if they want to join. You would be amazed at how many kids come to Nebraska to play football that have never went hunting or fishing and it becomes a staple in their lives.
  6. Its a done deal. Great hire IMO.
  7. FSU will be on the upward with them hiring Norvell from Memphis. He has been a favorite coach of mine for a while. I lobbied for him to come here when Riley and Frost got hired.
  8. Our Oline and Dline need to work on upper body more. We are weak in that department. Our flexibility is crap also.
  9. Look at Oregon running all those trick plays. 

    1. 4skers89


      LOL.  Herbert has a better mastery of trick plays than McCaffrey, IMO.  But seriously, watching the speed the players from both teams play makes me think our players are going at about 80%.  I don't know if it's a lack of depth or something else but it seems like we play at a 800m pace instead of a sprint.

    2. teachercd


      Well...one team looks fast.

    3. 4skers89


      IDK, the Utes were flying around on defense.  They are kind of getting embarrassed though.

  10. Looks like ASU might be the landing spot.
  11. I seen that. They are also trying to flip Jermaine Burton from LSU and there is definite smoke there. I have seen that they might take 5 WRs in this class and only have 2 committed right now. The other 3 would be Smith, Burton and Fleming.
  12. He played a majority of the year at RB but his speed is unbelieveable. Would be a tremendous get. Georgia fans don't like that he decommitted.
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