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  1. Just what we need, another project QB.
  2. This makes my heart hurt. What a great man.
  3. This post should lead all +1's just on the fact that NUance posted. Great to see someone from the time of sensible posting.
  4. Since 2015, Bo is our biggest loss. Never should have been fired.
  5. Or he redshirts this year and contends for the starting spot next year.
  6. Our team played in that tourney and a buddy of mine said AM called a foul on a girl that we were playing and she told him that he should just stick with football. My buddy said that they were great with all the kids and the fans.
  7. Knuckles is kinda struggling right now.
  8. His family isnt from this state so why should he consider us? Just because they live in Omaha?
  9. Lets not act all high and mighty towards some of the teams on their lists. Every one of them has had better records then us the last 3 years. Winning and trajectory matters to these kids. That is something that we have been preaching and havent followed through with and the kids are noticing.
  10. Who spent 3 of their years with Riley.
  11. Garret Grice leaving the state makes my heart hurt.
  12. I will play devils advocate here. Frost's best offensive season was due to Riley's Pro-Style guys. We had already started moving to a 3-4 under Riley because of Diaco. Weight room stuff does have some leeway but they were still lifting, not just up to Epley standards( long story). Winning culture? Last I checked, Riley had a better winning % in his first 3 years. I already know the excuse that will come up for this. OL recruiting. Again, Frost's best year was with guys that were coached for 3 years by Riley and he had a veteran
  13. He has had a decent track record up to this point but 2022 has 5 legit D1 prospects in this state and there is a very good chance that we only get 1 (Hausmann) of them and that is still up in the air. Frost needs to start winning or more in-state kids will be looking to go else where. That is one of the reasons why the current kids arent very interested.
  14. Other then the cupboard being somewhat bare, what mess did Frost inherit from Riley? I always see this excuse but I dont think it holds much weight.
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