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  1. I think you misunderstood what I was getting at or we are agee to an extent. We took Haarberg (project) over a top 5 QB this year because the latter wasn't much of a runner. We need a QB that can make throws consistently instead of rushing it 20+ times a game IMO. Another thing with AM is that he completely missed his SR year in HS because of a shoulder injury he got during his JR year.
  2. This years QB recruiting is prime example. Let's take another project QB instead of putting our time into the high 4* legacy kid that will likely go USC or Miami. He wasn't a true DT but said he could run if needed.
  3. If Frost wants the team to get back to the mentality of the 90's then he needs to start holding them accountable like they done in the 90's. This team plays soft because they have no repercussions. Im also tired of the "culture" excuse. It is year 3 and your "culture" should be all over this team if you are truely pushing it.
  4. Different week, same bulls#!t said.
  5. It's a known fact that it takes at least 4-5 years to fully understand Chins defense and to play it at a high level. We still have a couple more years.
  6. This would fix a lot of our offensive issues.
  7. Both teams had starting freshman QBs. They looked like veterans at times and lost at times but they could sling to ball all around. I also want to add that the "depth" issue is a poor excuse. We have depth but it is young and talented. If we are going to take an a$$ kicking like yesterday, then use the younger talented kids and have a legit excuse for the loss.
  8. Bama scored 2 TDs yesterday out of the I. Clemson, ND and Georgia have ran out of it this year. A majority of the teams use it for short yardage and goal line offenses. Again, it doesn't need to be our sole offense but we do/should have it as a part of our plan. We ran it a couple times against OSU and haven't seen it since. That isn't exactly being a part of our game.
  9. A majority of the top teams have it as a part of their game plan. We do not need it to be the staple of our offense but it would be pretty damn handy to be able to run it when needed.
  10. I agree. It would allow him to see other things during practice and perhaps get things fixed when they should be. Another is to quite recruiting these "projects" at QB and trying to turn them into something they most likely wont become and go out and recruit a legit QB.
  11. Get out of here with that s#!t...Miles would coach circles around Frost.
  12. We need more walk-ons. They show more heart.
  13. Greg Austin should be one of the first to go.
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