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  1. Its a standing row machine that can be used for pressing also depending on the placements of the plates.
  2. I have friends in the S&C field that seem to share the same speculation. It could be coincidence but it seems like an awful lot of our freshmen coming in seem to have knee and shoulder problems after being here for a couple months.
  3. We do heavy circuit training with minimal rest. I don't like it because it doesn't allow the incoming freshman to adapt to the required lifting we are asking. A lot of these kids coming in are not used to the rigors of this kind of training and are not strong enough to be doing heavy circuit sets or even circuit sets at all. They need to have a different training program for the incoming kids and let them get stronger and allow them to work on any weak points or unbalances they may have.
  4. I do like his film. He his very aggressive and has no issue coming up to make tackles but I do agree that this one kinda scratches the head a little.
  5. Hate to say it but I think the weight training is a big reason for the ACL issues.
  6. Heard Alante Brown tore his ACL also. Just a rumor for now.
  7. Miller had offers from the whole B1G, including tOSU and us. He had offers from OU, Oregon, USC and some SEC schools as well. He was the Oline MVP at The Opening in San Francisco in '19. The kid is a very good get for us.
  8. Im a fan of Thrower also. Keep an eye on Deshauwn Alleyne also. Ruud and Chins have been in contact with him a lot lately.
  9. Norvell might just end up in my wheelhouse after a few drinks.
  10. I booked a trip 2 years ago to head up and fish the Columbia with my son but had to cancel it at the last minute due to a death of a close relative. I am hoping to book it again sometime in the near future. One of my next trips will be to Cabo and do some Marlin fishing. They catch a lot of Dorados and Rooster fish down there which would be fun also.
  11. My son and I went to Lake Texoma last year and done some striper fishing with Anthony's Guide Service. Our 3 day trip with fishing and lodging cost around $1500 total. We caught our limit everyday.
  12. I wouldnt sleep on Banks. They will get him on the field this year. They thought about burning his RS last year but figured it wouldnt be worth it, same as Benhart. Banks will take over for Jaimes next year but has practiced at LG also. I wouldnt be surprised to see Piper as the starting LG sometime during the season. I think Corcoran will RS and take over at LG and Piper will switch to RG.
  13. He "transferred" to American-Heritage for a reason and his recruitment will go up because of it. Has speed to burn from the sounds of it.
  14. There could be some truth to this. Lots of smoke about Lewis decommitting from Tennessee and them offer Paul to replace him. Lewis is also looking at transferring back to MNW possibly.
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