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  1. Stumpy1

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    I agree with this. I do like the addition of Harvell as hitting coach though. He was one of the guys that Aggies wanted to replace Bolt with.
  2. Stumpy1

    OT Teddy Prochazka

    He will be a top 5 OT next year...
  3. Stumpy1

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    Meh hire...
  4. We're getting closer to being like the 90s
  5. Stumpy1

    Baseball Coach Search

    Jim Rose put out a tweet yesterday that said if Moos gets the guy he is talking to about coaching Husker baseball, we will be the happiest place on Earth.
  6. Do women fart when they pee? 

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    2. CheeseHusker


      One of those open secrets you dare not speak of.


    3. Toe
    4. man eating mastodon
  7. Stumpy1

    75 Years Since D-Day

    Honestly, It is because the war was going to end very badly for the British and their earlier allies before the US got involved. Churchill constantly begged Roosevelt for help, asking for weapons and anything else we could provide, because he even knew it wasn't going to end well for them.
  8. Stumpy1

    RB Sevion Morrison

    OU just landed 1 of their top backs on their board and are no longer interested in Sevion. Things could change but it sounds like we are in the driver's seat here.
  9. Stumpy1

    B1G Printing Money

    Yep and it has ramped up talk on OU boards about possibly and wanting to leave for greener pastures.
  10. Stumpy1

    JD Spielman Concussion

    The eye roll is great on this...
  11. Stumpy1

    RB Sevion Morrison

    OU will be offering soon and it will complicate things.
  12. Stumpy1

    The Running Back Room

    I will add Thompkins to the underrated status also. Before his first knee injury, he was hearing from LSU, Bama and Georgia along with others. They backed off at first but started talking to him again when his season started last year. When he committed to us, SEC fans were glad because they didn't want to face him in the coming years. That is how highly he was thought of before his second knee injury.
  13. Stumpy1

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    The mother of this player is VERY demanding and is a pain to deal with according to the coach. She told my wife that the mom wrote her a 4 page letter about how horrible she is as a coach and what she needs to do to better the team.
  14. Stumpy1

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    I have a good story about this. My wife coaches HS volleyball and during conference meetings, a coach from another team, who has a Husker commit on it, was telling my wife how horrible her parents are to deal with. Well earlier in the year, Coach Cook came to watch and the mom requested a sit down meeting with him to discuss her daughter and whats best for her. He declined it and I guess it pissed the mom off and she asked why not. Cook said there is nothing to talk about and told the mom to worry about cooking spaghetti dinners and let him worry about her daughter.