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  1. Stumpy1

    LB Garrett Snodgrass [Nebraska Commit]

    Glen Snodgrass is a hell of a coach. He is involved with every aspect of York football from the pee-wees on up to high school. He has the pee-wee program run the same offense as the high school so they are used to it by junior high.
  2. Stumpy1

    LB Seth Coleman [Illinois Commit]

    Well considering that he isnt rated by 2 services, they havent seen anything yet.
  3. Stumpy1

    Call your shot: How many wins left?

  4. Stumpy1

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    Its not insane and it does happen. I know a lot of people that don't give a s#!t about Husker football and yet they have watched every game just to watch Frost fail. They make sure to let me know after every game about our golden boy. Im sure when we start winning, it will change.
  5. Stumpy1

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    An 0-6 Nebraska...Frost was the golden boy last year and people will be more likely to tune in to watch him fail.
  6. Tommie is a dips#!t...
  7. Stumpy1

    Let Us Pray

    Faith and honor held high
  8. Stumpy1

    DE Lloyd Summerall III

    Stupid riddles are stupid...
  9. Stumpy1

    Beaver tampering(not the good kind)

    Nothing but lies...
  10. Stumpy1

    2019 Walk-On Class

    My son is friends with Riley and played football with him. Riley has some growing up to do but has all the tools to be pretty good. He is a skinnier 280 and can move very well. He runs the 400 in track, for the fun of it, along with throwing shot and discus. He is also a really good wrestler. He is a 400lb bench kid and around a 450 squat. As far as my growing up comment. He is usually good for a personal foul every other game because he loses his cool. He is an intense kid when playing.
  11. Laura Rutledge is sure easy on the eyes. 

  12. Stumpy1

    Hot Sauces

    Got a bottle of homemade sauce from a guy here in town that is wonderful.
  13. Stumpy1

    Beaver tampering(not the good kind)

    Disappointed in thread title...that is was something else...sad face
  14. Stumpy1

    It’s All Hypothetical.

    Well s#!t...Matty has turned into an Iowa fan.