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  1. Stumpy1

    Breon Dixon

    He has been spot on before on things. I see no reason for a source. The timing makes perfect sense. He didn't do what was asked of him this spring and it was that way throughout last year.
  2. Been listening to FFDP covers. Godsmack's Under your Scars is a good tune also.
  3. Good to see you keeping it alive...2nd day bump for me. Cheers!!!
  4. Stumpy1

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    No...that is like saying I work for the government which I do not. MW "works" for NU which is governed by the NCAA. The NCAA does not pay for his tuition or gives him money.
  5. I take a few weeks off and this thread almost slips to page 2...hurts the feelers
  6. Stumpy1

    The Running Back Room

    I plead my pants earlier...verb or noun?
  7. Stumpy1

    Big announcement coming?

    Moos quote : If you're going to run with the big dogs, don't pee like a puppy. This guy gets it and hopefully he gets everything done that he wants to accomplish.
  8. Stumpy1

    Hoiberg Introductory Presser

    His wife eyeballed Frost and said " Take the job Fred"
  9. Stumpy1

    Big announcement coming?

    Gerry Dinardo said Iowa, tOSU, MSU, PSU, Mich have the best football facilities in the B1G. This was before Illinois, NW and Minny done upgrades for football. He said we are even with Wisconsin when it comes to football facilities.
  10. Stumpy1

    Hoiberg Assistants

    You must not have witnessed Nebraska football in the 90's...
  11. Stumpy1

    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach

    Sampson is top of the board for Arkansas. They are pushing hard for him and some are saying its a done deal.
  12. Stumpy1

    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach

    Thad Matta is interviewing for the Bama job. This could be a blessing for us.
  13. Stumpy1

    Nebraska Wrestling

    125 - Moisey went 0-2 BBQ 141 - Red lost to Yianni in 2nd round and is in the wrestle backs 157 - Berger is in the quarters and will face Early (ODU) 165 - White is in the quarters and will face Joseph (PSU). 174 - Labriola scored an upset and is in the quarters and will face Lewis (Mizz) 184 - Venz lost in the 2nd round and is in the wrestle backs 197 - Schultz lost in the 2nd round and is in the wrestle backs 285 - Jensen lost his 1st round match but won his 1st match in wrestle backs.
  14. I use a quote that I picked up from Redux's Uncle years ago when I worked with him. "Where were you on that one dips#!t"