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  1. Oh for sure. He was a stud last year running the ball and is a pretty damn good LB also. I bet they have him shadowing Haarberg most of the game.
  2. St. Paul was one of the pre-season favorites for C1 after last year where they finished in the top 4 for C2. Their only loss last year was to Oakland-Craig, who was the C2 Champs. Pierce was the state runner-up last year after losing to Wahoo in the finals and they look to be just as good this year.
  3. The KC vs St. Paul game will show us how good Haarberg is. This is a top 10 match up and should be a good one.
  4. Moral victories are the best...
  5. STA would be a smaller Class A school in Nebraska with an enrollment of 950 students in grades 9-12th. The NSAA changed the enrollment rules last spring for Class A. It is now 850 or more student from 9th-11th grade. I have no idea why they went with a 3 year window instead of the 4 year like it has been. That is why we are seeing some former Class B schools in Nebraska bumped up to Class A. For comparison, Westside has a 9th-12th enrollment of 1945 students for the '20-21 school year.
  6. Aquinas is so good that they have won 1 state championship EVER in football.
  7. Reading some message boards from the ACC and SEC. It sounds like both conferences have reached out to Nebraska and a couple other B1G teams about possibly playing this year.
  8. Yep...The B1G and Pac12 are scissoring the hell out of each other right now.
  9. Im in...let's not be dips#!ts cause it's a different school. I am sure all the schools are thinking the same.
  10. Yep... when you're the first of the Power 5 to cancel, then you're a joke of a conference. The Pac just cancelled also but waited for the B1G to do it first. The Big 12 actually moved games up to start football earlier. The SEC is looking to do the same.
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