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  1. We are HORRIBLY out of shape for a wrestling team.
  2. Becton: He has some moves. Frost: great movement for a bigger kid. Ruud: This is bulls#!t!!!
  3. CBs will start rolling in after this weekend.
  4. Verduzco was in CA this week and stopped to see AJ.
  5. He is allowed to compete because didn't use up all his allotted time for collegiate athletics. Student athletes get 10 semesters to compete and Farmer had only used 9, which allows him to wrestle for a semester.
  6. Stumpy1


    Lubick > Joseph... Joseph has only been a P5 coach since 2016 with 1 yr. being a RB coach for Louisiana Tech and the other 3 as LSU's WR coach. Lubick has been a P5 coach for 23 years with 19 years of being a WR coach along with being an OC for 4 years. The only reason Joseph is a hot name in Husker nation right now is because he is a Husker alum on a team that just had one of the best seasons in college football.
  7. And Venz with the let down. We seem to wrestle stupid when we go against good teams.
  8. And he decided to lay around on the bottom for 3 mins.
  9. Hate to say it but this will be an a$$ kicking.
  10. Stumpy1

    Kudos to SF

    Jay Boulware, OU's RB and ST coach, is expected to get the job at Texas. This could bode well with us on possibly getting Snyder here.
  11. Stumpy1


    He was a pretty damn good recruiter for Washington. All the players he recruited are either RsFr or TrFr currently. He had 1 player he recruited transfer and the name might sound familiar to Husker folks, QB Colson Yankoff. Here is who he landed for Washington. 2018: Spiker - .9703 4* Yankoff - .9564 4* ( transferred to UCLA ) Osborne - .9180 4* Lowe - .9094 4* 2019: McDuffie - .9442 4* Turner - .9007 4* Davis - .8796 3*
  12. Stumpy1


    Yep...Chins was also apart of that Oregon staff as the OLB coach. This is definitely about relationships and location.
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