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  1. I will trust what his coach says over what some "expert" says...
  2. Wrong on KJ. Hanc is way more in touch then you realize. KJ is FAR from a N lean.
  3. He is this year's Desmond Tisdol. Auburn will be the team to beat if they miss out on some of the higher guys on their board.
  4. It really isn't hard to sell them if you list them decently. I never had an issue selling mine and I more then doubled my money on every one that I sold. There are a few people here where I live that are asking outrageous prices for their houses and they can't figure out why they aren't selling.
  5. It would have to be a pretty small town ( <300 ) for it to be close. I live in a town of around 2500 and the going rent here is $500/month on average. It has changed so much over the last few years that I wished I would have kept all my rentals.
  6. I was told he is this years version of Nash. A kid they absolutely wanted. Mav's last paragraph hit the nail on the head.
  7. Dickerson and Ford are their top choices for their position but Paul is the guy they wanted more. Im just relaying what was told to me last night. Was also told we might have an EE player leaving. They are working hard on him to stay.
  8. He was the top player on our defensive board. Very good get...
  9. So what...He is still a great coach and a class act.
  10. If none of our RS.Fr or Tr.Fr are an option to contribute because of "lack of experience" or "not big enough", then we are recruiting the wrong players.
  11. Arguably the best S&C coach (Scott Cochran) in college football left to take an on-field coaching position at Georgia. Gumps turn around and hire Indiana's S&C coach. Big shoes to fill...
  12. Watts was never coming to N. He had no intention too.
  13. Miami fans think he will be N...
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