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  1. He is a pretty good BBall player also.
  2. Yep...take a page from Saban on this
  3. So basically we are going to finish 4-8 again.
  4. I love going to stadiums period. I have been to many for games and to some as I was going through the town and stopped to see. The one to me that rivaled Memorial for a game experience was Kyle Field for an A&M game. It was awesome. The whole stadium never sat down and it rocked the whole time.
  5. The beer... In honesty, it is a very clean stadium with a great look. I love stadiums that sit below ground. To me, it seems like it makes it easier to enter and exit from. The looks of the stadium matched the surrounding campus buildings and made it look like it belonged. I will say that the atmosphere at Memorial is WAY WAY WAY WAY better and that Minnesota's entrance is BORING but they do have some good things going that I liked. They have a "sideline" reporter that would give info on things during TV timeouts, plus she was easy on the eyes. I did like the "This is how we Row" song. The crowd got into it and the lady in front of us looked like she was humping the guard rail while she rowed her boat.
  6. So have ours except for Jaimes.
  7. That could be said about everyone we recruit. Im not a big fan of saving a player so you can have him for the future. If the player is good enough to play and can help you win, you play him. I will add to this...we have a few freshman that could honestly help us right now and they have been brought up in conversations. Rahmir Johnson is probably one of the fastest guys on the team and we want to save him. We have a stud freshman safety that is the most athletic out of all our DBs and we are saving him. Benhart is a manchild and could honestly do no worse then Farniok but we want to save him. There are a few others but I wont continue with this cause it wont do any good.
  8. I agree...it still shows that you can win with younger players starting on the line. I see no reason why Benhart shouldnt start next year along with a couple other youngins.
  9. He is a Sr transfer. He is the sixth man and rotates at 3 different positions.
  10. OU has 4 sophomores and a freshman starting for them.
  11. At this point, who gives a s#!t about saving shirts. If the player can help and give even a tenth more effort, then play him. I posted in another thread the starting Olines from most of the top 10 and they are littered with underclassmen. No reason we cant do the same.
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