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  1. This is a 3 team race between Michigan, Miami and us. Have heard that we are the odds-on favorite right now but that could change if Miami has a couple others go off their board.
  2. The fact that he came here to visit and workout for the coaches is big IMO.
  3. We need to hit the transfer portal hard and get some power.
  4. This kid has run a 10.5 in a couple meets this year and actually comes from a football state. Lloyd was a track first guy and was our biggest HR threat last year at 160 and will be this year also. I would be perfectly fine with his commitment.
  5. He has an OV set to Miami on that day.
  6. Supposedly the B1G isn't all that interested in Clemson. I have heard FSU, Miami and UNC are the current top targets and they are still hoping for ND. The thoughts on ND is if they bring in Miami and FSU along with USC that it might persuade them to finally join.
  7. My son and I played Iron Horse last week and the course was in great shape and was a lot of fun. I was told Quarry Oaks expects to be completed by September but won't be taking reservations till Spring 2025.
  8. Sounds like another visit here is in the works.
  9. Clemson is right behind them but will likely be heading to the SEC. Look for FSU, Miami, UNC and one of UVA or ND to join the B1G when the ACC crumbles.
  10. Mater Dei let their HC go who was a big Husker fan and hired Long Beach Poly's coach. We have recruited a couple players from LBP in recent years so hopefully that helps us at Mater Dei also.
  11. Dislocated knee from the sounds of it. Will be back in 6-8 weeks.
  12. This was Dylan Rioala’s guy he wanted at TE.
  13. Yep…I was told last night that DR is definitely ahead of the other QBs.
  14. Being a bit dramatic on the QB rushing. We had 847 combined rushing yards from the 3 QBs and had 1300 yards combined from the RBs and WRs. HH led the team with 477 yards on 120 carries while Grant had 413 yards on 104 carries and EJ had 411 yards on 90 carries. Grant and EJ's combined had almost as many rushing yards as all 3 QBs.
  15. Our RB room isn't as bad as what some think. RJ and EJ have proven to be serviceable and could actually be every down guys if needed. Ervin just needs to catch a break and stay healthy. Ives and Dante are young but have TONS of potential and just need some game reps. We essentially have everyone back from last year minus Grant and we were 2nd in the B1G in rushing.
  16. People also need to realize that these times ran in camps are without pads and in near perfect conditions.
  17. The foundation on the south side can’t handle an upper deck and that is why they haven’t expanded up.
  18. I thought it was a good read.
  19. I think it's a pretty well known fact that the Athletic Department gives the Academic Department money to make up for short comings. Now take away some money from the Academic Department and the Athletic Department will more than likely make up said difference which can put a hinder in projects.
  20. Sounds like there is some smoke with Michael Benson from Coastal Carolina becoming our next President.
  21. Who will get hired first, a new AD or University President? We have gone 7 months without any word on a new President and if we follow the same with an AD, we might not have one by the end of football season.
  22. I guess I am confused on WHY the players decided to set-up Scroggins and Love. Was there some internal beef between Scroggins and the others on the team?
  23. We really need to be better at riding guys out. We seem to give up the easy escape and it usually comes back to bite us in the a$$. I would also like to see some of our guys be more aggressive on their feet.
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