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  1. We actually have top 10 NIL money collectively according to some people that put the data together. The only deal is we don't put a majority towards 1-2 players.
  2. I would skip on Sanders and take this kid instead.
  3. And now we are losing to teams that Pelini beat regularly. Would still take ugly losses and 9 win seasons over this s#!t show.
  4. The "talent" argument is complete Bulls#!t.
  5. I agree 100% but he DOES NOT help the situation.
  6. Yes, really!!! Our WR routes are s#!t. Our QB play is s#!t. His play calling is s#!t. He is s#!t.
  7. Time for Iowa to march down the field for a game winning FG.
  8. If he does leave, it would be a huge surprise and something he kept to himself.
  9. Competent OCs don't throw the ball on 2nd and 8 when up 14-0 and you are getting 4-5 yards a carry.
  10. Defense also played like s#!t. Missed tackles and s#!t blitzing.
  11. It was the bulls#!t clock management that cost us. We burnt WAY to much time on getting plays in and not using TOs
  12. Satterfield NEEDS to go. He is the weak link on the O side of the ball.
  13. If Rhule doesn't get rid of Satterfield then he needs to go. No more excuses.
  14. Campbell has more work to do with our guys. We are WEAK.
  15. If Rhule doesn't change OC, then he needs to go. This is beyond pathetic.
  16. Starting to get our a$$ handed to us. Gonna be a 42-14 game.
  17. Maybe Rhule needs to take the A&M job. That was s#!tty coaching.
  18. Our "blitzing" is a joke. We aren't getting creative.
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