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  1. Has anyone fished the Verdigre Creek for trout? I will be up in that area next weekend and thought about giving it a try.
  2. I guess I don’t understand how they do not like his measurable‘s now but they seemed to like them back in June when he visited and then allowed him to commit.
  3. Dropping a kid because he wants to take a couple more trips to make sure of his decision is pretty damn stupid.
  4. He is tied to the football program as the AD of Football.
  5. I wish we could win nothing of significance.
  6. Yes it would. He is one of the favorites for the USC job.
  7. Did I miss the stats on AM after this game? Haven’t seen them yet.
  8. I would be okay on keeping Frost if he gutted his offensive staff and S&C.
  9. He was probably our best all around recruit also. Better hurry and go find a 2* to replace him.
  10. You do know that they all met this morning, right?
  11. He pissed off some very big donors for KSU. He was set to marry one of their daughters and ended up cheating on her right before their wedding. KSU brass was told if he ever returned that KSU would lose their biggest donors. This came from a guy that has been a decent donor and season ticket holder for all the sports at KSU for the last 15+ years.
  12. Another loss, another excuse. This one falls on Frost.
  13. Even though he starts to move doesn't mean that he can't still throw the football. He had plenty of time to get rid of it before getting to the EZ.
  14. And we replace Duvall with Jerry Schmidt from Texas A&M.
  15. Tucker is very much in play for LSU as is Aranda. The name I keep seeing brought up that is somewhat a head scratcher is Fleck.
  16. Herman is a really good QB coach. Have Lubick coach WRs which he has done for years. I would also like to see a new O-line coach along with a new S&C coach.
  17. I sure hope the guys are well rested and fired up after the bye week because they have yet to win the game directly following a bye week while Frost has been here. In 2018, we played Bethune-Cookman during our bye week due to the Akron game getting cancelled. In 2019, we lost to Indiana 31-38 following our first bye week and then lost to Wisconsin 21-37 following the second bye week of the season. In 2020, we did not have a scheduled bye week but Wisconsin cancelled our game mid-week giving us plenty of time to prepare for NW, which we lost 13-21. I am hoping this extra time gives the players and coaches some time to reflect on things along with getting some s#!t worked out.
  18. It's amazing what happens when you work for a coach like Saban. He seems to be able to take these "troubled" coaches and kind of make them new again.
  19. That is the difference between a Winner’s mentality and a Loser’s mentality.
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