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  1. As far as I’m concerned, any player that is associated with the Frost regime and doesn’t want to work, they can leave. Rhule has proven that he can take low rated guys and put them in the NFL.
  2. That’s what it sounds like he might come here for.
  3. You probably been carrying around a pair of these all day also…right?
  4. Doesn't surprise me with Kubik not coming back for another year.
  5. How about we just lock all the threads pertaining to MJ and this incident until ALL the facts come out. This would allow most to have civil discussions about the other things going on with Husker football, like other assistant hirings and recruiting.
  6. I was kind of curious on his thoughts about the new facility. I bet Campbell shed a tear once he saw what he will be getting with the new weightroom being built.
  7. It's a combination of the HC, position coach and the S&C staff getting together and coming up with what they want but Rhule has the overall say.
  8. I'm guessing Raiola didn't get to teach his style of Oline play due to what Whipple and Frost wanted. He very well could turn out to be a great coach if his teachings match up to what Rhule is looking for.
  9. Duval and Ellis were let go by Trev, not Rhule.
  10. Must be a decent recruiter. He got a 4* QB commit last year and has another one this year.
  11. And look at how many players he had drafted between Temple and Baylor. I’m guessing they are great developers first and recruiters second.
  12. Ran a 10.8 100 as a Jr. This was an Evan Cooper offer. Sounds like he started doing some homework when Rhule first got contacted about the job.
  13. Robinson was the one who recruited him to TAMU. Might be a sign that Robinson is coming?
  14. Moffitt is “retired” since not being retained by Kelly but wants to coach again. Schmidt is literally one of the best and he is actually a Nebraska native.
  15. She is a singer? I thought she played one of the gals on the show Friends.
  16. Jerry Schmidt or Tommy Moffitt would be my fist call.
  17. Not sure if this would play into keeping MJ but this is how Rhule thinks when it comes to WR recruiting. Rhule often argues with his receiver coach about positional preference. Some coaches prefer change of direction and fluidity at receiver; Rhule is straight speed. “We never sit there on defense and go: “’Oh no, how are we going to cover this guy? He’s got such good change of direction.’ We say, ‘This guy scares us because he might run past us.’”
  18. I grew up in the sandhills.
  19. I think some are missing the joke.
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