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  1. I'm curious how they come up with the numbers to begin with. I know a lot of companies had layoffs due to covid and now that the economy has somewhat rebounded, do the jobs that previously existed become "jobs created"? To me, "jobs created" is a job that did not exist but does now. Am I way off base here?
  2. The timing for Miami couldn't have been any better. Welcome to the B1G!!!
  3. Mater Dei's new HC is a big Husker fan. He has been their DC for a couple years but always wore a blackshirts hat while coaching. It is definitely a school that we should hit hard.
  4. Flores is the better all around QB. He has a stronger arm and has better mobility.
  5. Everyone blames Riley for the S&C program issues but it was Epley that caused the problems. He made life very difficult for Philipp and Riley when it came to the S&C program.
  6. Sounds like a waste of time considering Class C and D don't start till tomorrow.
  7. I could see the B1G taking Miami, UNC, ND or GT and Virginia, (FSU could be a possibility also), to get us to 20 and not adding Washington and Oregon. The ACC is NOT happy with the money situation and some of the teams have already spoke out about it. According to some Miami alums I talked to a couple weeks ago, Miami has already been in talks with the B1G.
  8. Rumor has it that Miami has been in talks with the B1G already. This is coming from some guys I talked to in Miami a couple weeks ago.
  9. This... The delay on Washington and Oregon joining is the B1G doesn't want to be completely responsible for breaking up the Pac12, which is funny considering that we took 2 of the top teams from them already. I think they want the Big 12 to put the final nail in the coffin.
  10. Oregon, Washington 'Vetted' And 'Cleared' To Join The Big Ten According To New Report – OutKick Sounds like things could be moving forward even with Warren gone now. Personally, I would like to see us get some ACC schools instead.
  11. I met Jacori Teemer last week while on vacation. My son was wearing a Husker Wrestling shirt and he came up and introduced himself and mentioned that he wrestled Robb this year. He had a good laugh when my son asked him to sign his Husker shirt which he did.
  12. Aydin Breland is visiting this weekend with Baker. Aydin Breland, Mater Dei, Defensive Line (247sports.com)
  13. This guy is back on the market. No longer going to USC.
  14. Pay attention to Darius Curry out of Long Beach Poly also. He hasn't been offered yet but the coaches have been in contact.
  15. USC has upped their recruitment of Elijah Brown because they know DR isn't going there.
  16. Now we know what caveman looks like. LOL
  17. I know it’s a cliché, but some of these fouls are iffy. But I’m not quite sure what kind of offense we’re also running.
  18. I wouldn't be surprised if Lauridsen isn't at 133 next year. He wrestled 132 for part of the year before dropping down to 126.
  19. Robb deserved to lose that. He didn’t wrestle smart at all. Should have pushed the pace against a Tr. Freshman.
  20. He was good to go until he got a slight tear in the other knee. It wasn’t even close to as bad as the first one but while he was out, they went back into the first knee and cleaned some stuff up. He could have actually been back for the start of the year if they didn’t work on both knees. He was cleared to play after the OU game.
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