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  1. That's not how a west coast offense works... There is not a lot of power running. It's mostly passing. Hence, what I believe why Riley's system fell off at ore st. It wasn't the talent. It's easy to defend against once you see it. I think Riley will have 2-3 successful years here then fall off like Callahan. So we will essentially be back at square one again. His success will be based off Pelini's recruits.
  2. I guess I'm wondering why everyone is upbeat about this? This is what Bill Callahan implemented and everyone hated it. A simple google search shows air coryell is a clever name for "west coast offense"......... "There are two similar but distinct offensive strategic systems which are commonly referred to as "West Coast offenses". Originally the term referred to the Air Coryell system popularized by Don Coryell, but, following a journalistic error, it now more commonly refers to the offensive system popularized by Bill Walsh, characterized by short, horizontal passing routes in lieu of running plays to "stretch out" defenses, opening up the potential for long runs or long passes." "Callahan’s offense was a West-Coast scheme, shorter, timing routes and a different philosophy. The Cowboys’ offense is based on the Don Coryell system and a number tree with a more intermediate and vertical passing game." Do we want this again?
  3. Titanfall on PC son. Better control scheme, and better graphics! And no, XBL retail is 59.99. http://www.amazon.co...=dp_ob_title_vg Why anyone would buy XBL on amazon is beyond me.
  4. Has anyone here been at the reigns of a BCS program and tried to play offense or defense with a game on the line?
  5. I'd still give up my pay to see this non sense end.
  6. Still not passed... I'll check back in a week and see what's going on with it. With the holidays coming up I bet it doesn't get passed until after the first of the year.
  7. So many young guys trying to fulfill hard core teams of the past....... It's quite sad some people forget this aspect.
  8. To many people won't see positives out of this negative. The Offense is banged up. With a healthy O line we win this one.
  9. Who says we are out and down? Last year going into this game in the fourth quarter we were down by ten. If we cut the turnovers out we still have a shot in the second half. No need to be Debbie downers and arm chair quarterbacks quite yet.
  10. And yet we all still forget these people can't even pass a Farm Bill. We should just keep it shutdown until they can pass actual Legislation without bickering. I'll take my shutdown lumps if they'd just start acting like adults.
  11. Ive been playing BF4 and CoD Ghosts. Still the same issue with FPS....Italian servers are less then desireable(sp). I feel like I am not going to compete when I get back to the States(hopefully in a few months).
  12. If players read these boards, does anyone take into account of what they post and how it affects players? I know this is a late post and maybe shouldn't be posted on game day, however, I live in italy and my time is may not be good. I would like to hear opinions though. It may have been discussed earlier. With everything going on now though, I'd like to hear what you all think though.
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