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    Been a Husker fan since I was a little kid. I remember watching my favorite QB's and always idolizing Brooke Barringer, Tommy Frazier and Scott Frost. I will always support my team, through the thick and thin. GO BIG RED!
  1. Exactly, and I wouldn't think boosters would think twice about "donating" to get Frost the money. The thing with Frost though, he isn't selfish... by that, I mean he is going to make sure his staff is also going to make what he thinks they are worth. NU will be footing out a bill for Frost and his assistants if they want him to come. I mean really, they have it, even without the boosters.
  2. Reason I am a Husker fan. It goes deeper than just being born and raised in Nebraska (Omaha). Even deeper than having rabid family that I have that would, sometimes, feel like it was louder in our house than the actual stadium. From the cheers of first downs to touch downs, to the "What the F#$KS" and screams when things didn't go the way they were meant to. For me, it was growing up hearing about Henry Micheal Tingelhoff, AKA Mick Tingelhoff. I wanted to grow up to be the next Tingelhoff to step on that field, but not as a Center, as a QB or RB. We can all dream right?! Anyway, I always heard of his accolades at Nebraska, followed by his amazing career at Minnesota! I remember having Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners... and all the way up to 2015... it was... "How in the hell is this man not in the NFL HOF yet!?" Sure, there might be some bias there, but on the other hand, he was an incredible player. I guess (I don't remember) I had met him at a family holiday when I was younger. How I wish I would've remembered. So that is what instilled it... then there was the eye opening players that helped solidify my love and passion. Watching my favorite QB's who I emulated in the back yard. Berringer, Frazzzzzier, and Scott Frost! I was a spoiled child watching all those wins, championships and pure domination on both sides of the ball. While I will always remember those, and have my expectations high... I also know how to realize that those days, are called "those days". Will they ever come back around? Maybe never like it did (60-3 run). But I do believe, with the right coach and money, we can bring a championship back to Nebraska. Until this happens, I will always support Nebraska, but I won't expect anything less than what can do. I will remain a realist and know it won't be anytime soon, but screw it, it's fun to drink the koolaid sometimes and think you have a chance to make a good run at your division and conference!
  3. I believe Ozigbo to be the better back. With what I saw last year, and this first game. Therefore, Ozigbo should be the starter, and get the most carries, followed by Bryant and Newby battling it out for what he doesn't get. We've got 3 doable backs, all bring different styles to the table, so no reason to overwork one guy.
  4. It is really hard to really judge a kid off his first game, because they will make mistakes, get burned, get the coverages/reads wrong. I will take game 3 in more consideration on how he really is. First two with film, he should be decently improved. His athleticism clearly shows though. Definitely going to be a great player, in my opinion.
  5. This is the longest two weeks ever, come on 9/3!!!!

  6. Over. 25 on the year O/U: Williams has 4 DUI's by end of season.
  7. Degine Ozigbo, 27 yard run because Newby is overrated.
  8. I am glad to see Coach Bray got an extension. I said it since day one, if this program goes in the right direction, this would be the guy I want to take over for Riley. WONDERFUL and talented coach. Williams, he is great too, and hopefully we will see some more improvement out of our WR's!
  9. I see no reason why we can't win the West. If we don't, I will lose all hope for this program until Eichorst and Riley are gone. Northwestern, they are Northwestern. No one knows how good they will be, and they find ways to win. Illinois, not a great team. Should be a win, unlike last season. We will be better. Indiana is going to be a much different team, without Sudfeld. This could be a win, but also a loss. Purdue, I don't see being a threat, if this staff can remember what a team's weakness is and stick to it. Wisconsin losing their DC, is huge, because they were mediocre at best this season, and they lose a lot as well. Ohio Sate- I am counting this as a loss, and probably will the the largest point deficit in Riley's tenure here, until I see something otherwise. Minnesota, lets face it, they aren't what they were two years ago. Maryland- Come on, should be a win. Iowa- Losses a lot. Overrated this will be a win in Iowa City. Seriously, I see one loss, two possibly in Conference play. Our opponents could have 2+ losses, with their schedules. Iowa, once again, has the easiest, and could be our biggest threat. I haven't been impressed with anyone in the West last season, outside of Northwestern's Power 5 school wins in the non conference schedule. I see us going into conference play 2-1, ending the season at 9-3. 8-4 at worst. Again, I could be VERY wrong, like I was this last season.
  10. For many folks this probably sounds cold hearted. I assure you it is not. I had a brother that hung himself 25 years ago. That man couldn't outrun his demons either. At least now he is at peace. Same with Lawrence, he's finally at peace. It doesn't sound cold at all. He couldn't get away from his demons, plain and simple. No excuse for what he did, but this man was beyond troubled mentally.
  11. This man can finally rest easy demon free. I will always remember him by what he did on the field, and the great man he was to his friends and family, when he was able to live without his demons. RIP Husker
  12. What I love most about Beer:30, it doesn't change time until you are done! Lol.

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I'll drink to that.

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