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  1. First, I sorta doubt if we'd consider going after this guy at this late stage. That said, I'm pleased anytime we sign a Samoan and wish we had a dozen or so more on the team. ================== Second, @Red Five: What in the holy hell is that about?? That's just nasty. lol
  2. Here's another possibility: Mickey Joseph: "Man, if I made just a little bit more salary I could afford to buy that new fishing boat I've been looking at. Then I'd take all you guys on an awesome weekend fishing trip on the gulf this spring." Scott Frost: "No problem. I'll get you some more LSU coin."
  3. 2021 Vette. This might be the most beautiful car ever made in America.
  4. Sorry Teach, but I have a problem with it. Because it's not fair to the teams who do follow those dumb a$$ rules. I have no idea whether UNL follows the rules or pays cash. (If we did pay cash, we sure didn't get our money's worth the past couple of years.)
  5. Lucky Charms. They're magically delicious! Golden Grahams are pretty good too. But they're not magically delicious.
  6. How many more do we sign on NSD?  Who's most likely to sign?  


    1. Mavric


      Two max but most likely one - save the other for a transfer.


      WR or DL is most likely.

    2. GSG


      I heard we're only signing kickers

    3. Decked


      We have a WR visiting tomorrow from Alabama, former Ole Miss commit. Haven't seen much else from the 2020 cycle. 

  7. Thanks for running this pool for all us donkeys. Hee haw!
  8. Agreed. But it started out before Pelini. I lay the blame squarely on the king of ego, Steve Pederson. Pederson promised not to let Nebraska gravitate towards mediocrity. But he stepped on the gas instead of the brakes. Bill Callahan wasn't the answer Pederson thought he'd be. Callahan came in and tore everything down in an attempt to start from scratch. But he never got it going. Instead of making Solich the scapegoat and s#!tcanning everything, Pederson should have helped Solich tweak the program to get back to where we were. /jmho
  9. A couple more that I'd suggest: Biggest disappointment: Miami Hurricanes. Went 6-7 with losses to 3-9 Ga Tech and FIU. They sucked just as bad as they used to in the pre-Schnellenberger years. Exceeded Expectations: Virginia Cavaliers. Went 9-5. Would have finished in the top 20, except they got screwed in the bowl selection. Somehow got match with #9 Florida. (f#&%ing SEC always gets favorable bowl selections.)
  10. After reading this whole thread I just got one thing to say. They're relevant to me right now.
  11. I think your Sarcasm-O-Meter is on the fritz. Just sayin..
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