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  1. Wow! That's only about 10 inches off the world record. Which was set about a week ago.
  2. Former Michigan State staffer Curtis Blackwell suing university detectives for up to $5 million Updated Sep 30, 2019; Posted Sep 27, 2019 LINK ===================================================================== This is an article from last fall about the Curtis Blackwell lawsuit against Sparty. The lawsuit that brought Dantonio's recruiting violations and perjury to light. Blackwell was in charge of Sparty's recruiting for the last four years. I'd be willing to bet that he has a lot of dirt on Dantonio and Michigan State. This dumpster fire gonna burn a while. lulz
  3. Yeah, that's nice and all. But by returning production they're only looking at the skill positions. Oh wait, our whole O-line is back. Never mind.
  4. Projecting college football's Top 10 offenses in 2020 By BRAD CRAWFORD Feb 19, 2:02 PM www.247sports.com 1. ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE 2. OKLAHOMA SOONERS 3. OHIO STATE BUCKEYES 4. CLEMSON TIGERS 5. LSU TIGERS 6. MINNESOTA GOPHERS 7. TEXAS LONGHORNS 8. NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS 9. USC TROJANS 10. NEBRASKA HUSKERS Can the Huskers field one of the nation's most high-powered offenses this fall after their second consecutive disappointing campaign under Scott Frost? If there's a time to get things fixed, it's now, says Huskers247 insider Michael Bruntz. Giveaways were an issue that plagued Nebraska's offense last season and need to be corrected with a core of veterans back. "Nebraska returns almost all its production on offense in 2020, but the group needs to be much better in the coming season," Bruntz says about Nebraska's chances this fall. "That’s especially true at the quarterback position where two-year starter Adrian Martinez battled injury and inconsistency last season as a sophomore." LINK ============================================================================================= There you have it. Projected to a be a top ten offense in the nation. Mmmkay. I guess it could happen. lol
  5. At the time he left I also thought he had good intentions. But then within a few months of Riley being at Oregon State three pretty decent players bailed out to join him ( Tristan Gebbia, WR Tyjon Lindsey and LB Avery Roberts). It's pretty clear that he actively recruited them to follow him to OSU. You might ask, "Did he owe us any allegiance--given we fired him?" Well, this came at a time when we were paying him a little over $2 million per year in buy-out money. So, yeah. For that kind of coin you'd think he could have kept our best interests in mind. Or at least not screwed us over. Riley isn't as nice a guy as what he appears to be in press conferences. He'l like an evil Mr. Rogers (of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood).
  6. How many Husker football plays are so famous they have a name that people remember them by?


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. deedsker


      I believe the two plays against colorado got summed up as the Kick & Pick.

    3. swmohusker


      Unfamous Jet Sweep

    4. deedsker


      The 2 (missed) point conversion, Penn St "catch", and David's ball.

  7. Does the L streak end tomorrow? Does dad beat son's team? I kinda doubt it. But you just never know. GBR!
  8. French Soccer Player Suspended Five Years for Biting Opponent’s Penis By DAN GARTLAND www.si.com 2 HOURS AGO Five years might be light. A soccer referee issues a red card, with his back to the camera An amateur soccer player in France has been suspended for five years for biting an opponent’s penis during a fight on the pitch. <snip> The victim was forced to go to the emergency room, where he received a dozen stitches to close the wound and was deemed unfit to work for four days. LINK ================================================================================= Yikes! A dozen stiches on his penis. Better hope he doesn't get "excited" before the stitches are taken out.
  9. Report: Photo submitted from recruit's mother suggests Mark Dantonio lied about committing NCAA violations DUSTIN SCHUTTE | 16 HOURS AGO An ongoing lawsuit levied against Michigan State and Dantonio by former staffer Curtis Blackwell has brought to light the possibility of the program committing NCAA violations during the recruiting process. While those claims been denied by Dantonio and his attorneys, the recent photo evidence disputes the denial. <snip> Dantonio also claimed that Blackwell may have accompanied him on recruiting visits, but did not enter the homes of those recruits. Blackwell’s attorneys said the former head coach’s deposition “may constitute perjury.” LINK ==================================================================================== This article explains a few details about the ongoing dumpster fire that is Michigan State football.
  10. Had to go back and see if anyone picked Broderick Thomas. I think you're the only one. His talent level might not be up there with Suh. But I'd say it's closer than most realize. He was the 6th overall pick in the NFL draft. That, and The Sandman would fill in nicely at a position of need, OLB.
  11. Redshirts who could help Nebraska in 2020 ByMICHAEL BRUNTZ Feb 14, 1:07 PM DEFENSIVE TACKLE TY ROBINSON The former four-star recruit didn’t dip a toe in his first extended collegiate action last season, manning the defensive line in Nebraska’s game against Wisconsin. The 6-foot-6 315-pounder will be part of the group expected to come in and fill the shoes of departed senior Darrion Daniels. Nebraska defensive line coach Tony Tuioti believes that Robinson has the quickness to play anywhere on the line, but it’s likely at the nose spot where Robinson will make his mark in 2020. LINK ==================================================== Looking forward to seeing more of these guys on the field this year. Like Bryce Benhart at OT. And DT Keem Green too.
  12. 'We Were Hoodwinked': Inside the Final Hours of Mel Tucker as Colorado's Head Coach ROSS DELLINGER AND PAT FORDEFEB 16, 2020 The night he took the Michigan State job, Mel Tucker was affirming his commitment to Colorado boosters and fans, who are now left frustrated and angry. “I swear to God after the event I said, ‘There is something going on.’ His eyes were not … it was almost like he wasn’t telling the truth. It was bizarre.” An hour later, Tucker struck a deal with Michigan State to be its new coach. LINK“ ======================================================== . .
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