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  1. Could Nebrasketball cause Covid-19?? I feel that way every time I watch a game.
  2. Today is Husker Day on ESPN.  LINK

  3. Once we've brought back the diamond formation I hope we'll also implement the "Only Call Plays That Work" strategy!
  4. It's clear China is under-reporting. By a lot. This NY Times article says China's official death toll is 3,322. Other sources estimate it's north of 40,000. LINK That said, even though China was the one who opened Pandora's box, they've done a decent job of containing it--once they realized the potential to become a pandemic.
  5. Yeah, I don't have an issue with it either. And it's not like we had a choice last year. I'm not trying to bash Miles, but the cupboard was pretty bare when Hoiberg took over. Nebrasketball pretty much sucked this year. But imagine what would have happened if Hoiberg hadn't overhauled our roster with transfers.
  6. Does anyone actually know the mortality rates? I've heard everything from 0.5% to 3.0%. A google of the topic reveals sources saying we're overestimating the death rate, and others saying we're underestimating it. This WebMD article based on a Lancet study appears to be the most authoritative. LINK They say 1.38%. overall, and provide a breakout of cases requiring hospitalization by age group (the graphic above). Edit: Here's an article on why death rates from various sources and countries differ: LINK
  7. Got to hand it to Hoiberg. He's all over the transfer portal. Basically, it's how we recruit now. lol

    1. NUance


      RIP Bill WIthers.  

    2. GSG
    3. NUance


      Here: LINK  is a collection of Withers' seven top hits.   I've been listening to it at work this morning.  

  9. This obscure play isn't as flashy as the Fumble Roosky or other trick plays. It's more of an innovative wrinkle than a trick play. Nonetheless it's one of my favorites. I wonder why we don't use it more often?
  10. NUance

    We're #1

    Both of these are great points. And I agree! But in all that back and forth above no one bothered to discuss these basic issues. Basic issues not even mentioned. Here is a decent article about the profitability of Husker athletics. LINK But I have some qualms about top level articles like this. Profitability can be tricky to pin down. What budget pays for facilities? For retirement? For medical? If a member of the athletic staff teaches a class how are his expenses split between athletics/academics? Did the accountants consider imputed interest on cash flows? (There are probably a hundred other such questions.) The accounting decisions made in handling these issues are why it's so easy to manipulate profit/loss numbers. The one issue that also wasn't mentioned in this thread is how the big boosters likely controlled the agenda. I suspect there were a number of big boosters who held the AD's feet to the fire by saying they wouldn't donate anything if Riley remained at the helm. Do I know this for sure? No. But that's the way the world works. The people who control the purse strings call the shots. And if it looked like our booster revenue was going to tank due to Riley's incompetence, well then, he gone. Thanks for playing along, fellows. lol
  11. NUance

    We're #1

    Okay, so you're saying that donors gave just as much as they'd planned on giving—then agreed to give an extra amount to fund the Riley buyout. As I said above, if that is what actually happened, unlikely as it is, then you are correct.
  12. NUance

    We're #1

    You are not answering a question because you are not able to. You argue like a little kid who says the same thing over and over without making any points. Have you no logic?
  13. NUance

    We're #1

    I'm not sure whether you don't understand the point I was making, or you are just arguing for the sake of argument. Answer me this: If regular donors shifted their donations away from the athletic dept to Riley's buyout, who would make up the difference? Who? (Hint: It rhymes with "Ax Slayers".) Or perhaps you think the people who funded Riley's buyout were one-time givers who would not have otherwise donated to DONU. Is that what you think? Which of those two scenarios was it? Or can you think of another source of funding for Riley's buyout? I'm not sure how to explain it differently.
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