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  1. The media has been reporting the people with reactions to the Johnson & Johnson covid vaccine nearly every day for the past month. It was reported on NBC Nightly News again just yesterday. But the numbers don't seem to indicate a problem, imho. 8 million people have received the J&J vaccine. Six have had problems with blood clotting. One died. One person out of 8 million. WTF?? There would probably be more than six negative reactions if 8 million people received a placebo injection. But the media just keeps ringing the alarm bells. I wonder how many
  2. If it wasn't for the riots and threat of more riots, this probably would have been the verdict.
  3. Heh, a Class C1 quarterback being recruited to FBS. For some reason Scott Frost didn't hold that against him.
  4. Unforgiven Rainman Gladiator None of them would be in my personal top ten though.
  5. Football and soccer would be great sports to film with a drone. But I guess you'd need a no fly zone to avoid passes and punts.
  6. They should have posted a Tweet immediately after that one showing her trying to walk across the room.
  7. Jordan Burroughs: My Life Legacy and Pursuit on www.Peacocktv.com. It's free! An excellent documentary on Jordan Burroughs
  8. Yeah, I was just going by the B10 standings. LINK But last season was so screwed up with so many games missed, there's a lot of uncertainty about how things played out.
  9. This decision is unfortunate. Predictable, but unfortunate. LeGrone is a slimebag and sexual predator. In a KETV article from last year it sounds like LeGrone was researching what the penalty would be if he got caught lying to police about what happened. LINK
  10. Not the worst just because we beat them. Penn State and Rutgers were both pretty solid teams last year. Around the middle of the B10. (Which is surprising for Rutgers.)
  11. Why did we maintain U.S. military bases in Europe and Japan after WWII ended? Why do we have them there today? Is Afghanistan less strategically important?
  12. Bush2: 2001-2008 Obama: 2009-2016 Trump: 2017-2020 There's a lot of misinformation in the media about which POTUS was in office during the Afghanistan troop build-ups. The chart above might be helpful.
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