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  1. NUance

    Let Us Pray

    The battles we go through life,
  2. Oh I remember. You were about 6 inches taller than I thought you'd be. And you were wearing less denim than I expected. lulz
  3. I was there for that drizzly day, Rileyesque clusterf#&%. It was the first Husker game I took my son to. We gave up two TDs in the 4th quarter to lose by a point. Gave up a 50 yard pass with less than a minute to go. And then the Illini scored with just a few seconds on the clock. What a terrible game. /shakes head. Oh yeah, I can't remember where we ate. I've done my best to block that day out of my memory. So I got nothing for this thread.
  4. NUance


    Holy s#!t!! I spent my first three years at UNL trying my best to seduce and debauch women!
  5. NUance

    Bo Pelini positive achievements

    Just think of what Bo's career would have been if he'd been able to keep cool under pressure. His temper and thuggish antics cost him recruits, probably cost him games, and ultimately cost him his job. If you could combine the friendly demeanor of the clueless Mike Riley with the defensive coaching savvy of Pelini you'd have a helluva coach. I don't think Bo was a bad guy. He just couldn't control the demon that was his temper. He still can't. /jmho
  6. NUance

    Find five more wins on our schedule

    The percentages shown are odd for this type of survey. They don't show the percentage voting for each win. They simply add to 100%. Heh.
  7. NUance


    The gist of the article: Michigan State football players molested college girls. Michigan State kicked the football players off the team and made a scapegoat out of recruiting director Curtis Blackwell. Blackwell filed a wrongful termination lawsuit alleging that Dantonio insisted on signing the football players despite warnings from Blackwell and others. Prediction: Michigan State boosters will give Curtis Blackwell a bushel basket full of money. The scandal goes away. Everyone lives happily ever after--except for the girls who got molested.
  8. ____________________Lovie Smith______________________________Toilet Brush_____
  9. NUance

    Locks of the week!

    Florida -14.5 over Tenn Arkansas -20.5 over San Jose St. Boise -8.5 over Air Force
  10. NUance

    *** Illinois Prediction Contest ***

    Huskers 35 Illini 28 rushing 175 passing 225
  11. NUance

    The Sliding Illini

    It didn't land on Ramirez's head. link Illinois will never be our rival.