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  1. I just can't believe how many of you think it's perfectly fine for a guy to bail out on his teammates, his coaches and his fans because he missed winning the starting job by a hair's breadth.  It makes me realize how little I have in common with you.  And frankly, I'm glad I have very little in common with you.  Good day, sirs. 

  2. I'm glad he was willing to compete. But I wish he wouldn''t have sold everyone out when he missed winning the starting job by a hair's breadth. As for timing, back in January if the staff knew he was going bail out if he didn't win the starting job, do you think they would have encouraged him to stay? Would anyone on the team have wanted him to stay if he had told them he'd bail if he didn't get the nod to start? Would the fans have wanted him to stay?
  3. No, no he didn't. Like Gebbia, Frost left after his coach got fired and the new coach came in with a different scheme. Unlike Gebbia, Frost transferred in January. He did not cost his team a scholarship, and then bail out when he didn't get named the starter. That's way different. If Tristan had left back in January we could have recruited another QB. As it is, he bailed out and left us short handed because *he* wasn't named the starter. That's a selfish, self centered way of going about things, if you ask me. But it seems like a lot of you in this thread see nothing wrong with it.
  4. Did you read all of what I wrote? Here: Heh, it didn't occur to me that you'd think I did not realize Mike Riley got fired last year. Let me rephrase my post: ====================================== But at least you included my whole quote in your post above. A response that cut off the last part—"And Frost didn't burn a scholarship when he left"—to be clever and change the meaning of the post, well, that would be the kind of thing a deceptive little douchebag would do. If you know what I mean.
  5. Frost had to sit out for a year, right?
  6. Well, I guess that's your version of what a commitment means. Gebbia could have left in January and everything would have been fine. He could have found a new school to compete at, and NU could have found another QB for the roster. But that's not what he did. He chose to compete for the starting job at Nebraska. And when he didn't get the starting job, he bailed out on his teammates. I'm sure Tristian Gebbia is talented, a hard worker and a real nice guy. But the way he handled this is just wrong in my way of thinking.
  7. That's a lot of leaps of faith just to justify some kid bailing out on his team.
  8. Just curious. Are you a junior high kid?
  9. Walsh last two years at Stanford he went 4-7 then 3-7-1. Call it what you want, but his golden boy image from his previous tenure had worn off after two losing seasons.
  10. Hypothetical. Because SF didn't do what I outlined in the post above. But if he had (hypothetical) would that mean it's okay for people to act that way today?
  11. I appear bad because I think people should live up to their word and honor their commitments? Because I think it's wrong to bail out on your teammates on the eve of the first game just because you don't win the starting position? Well, I can't help what other people's opinions are. Only my own.
  12. Different situation. The coach who recruited him, Bill Walsh, got fired. And Frost didn't burn a scholarship when he left. He transferred in January. But what if Scott Frost had done exactly what Tristian Gebbia is doing? What if he had bailed out on the eve of Stanford's season because he didn't get named the starter? Would those hypothetical actions by Scott Frost 20 years ago make it right to act like that today. No, it wouldn't.
  13. Actually I haven't. I've only left jobs when they didn't come through with what they promised. Unfortunately there are a lot of people around who don't live up to their word. Even when they have teammates depending on them. But your comparison fails. If an employee leaves the company can simply go out and hire another employee. The Huskers can't do that. The rest of the team will just have to carry on with one empty scholarship slot.
  14. What if the decision on whether or not to transfer has to do with something other than TG's dreams? He committed to play for us. In return we gave him one of our 85 scholarship slots. We can't get that scholarship back for 2018. It's burned. That, and there's a whole roster full of teammates depending on him being on the team. But now all that's left is an empty locker with Tristan Gebbia's name on it. And an empty scholarship. It's too bad that he didn't win the starting job. But when you commit to a team and have teammates depending on you, you can't just pick up and leave if things don't go exactly the right way for you. Now we'll be razor thin at the QB position for the year. And we have a wasted scholarship that could have gone to some other player who would have been loyal to his team. I can't understand why so many people in this thread are arguing that it's okay for TG to leave. Have you never been on a team before? Haven't you ever had teammates depending on you?