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  1. Miami Ohio (-30.5) over Akron No Carolina St. (+1.5) over Georgia Tech Nebraska (-4.5) over Maryland
  2. Better. Pretty much every coach since Osborne has had a *good* coaching pedigree. Well, maybe not Riley. Frost though has phenomenal coaching experience--given his age. I mean, it would be difficult for a 44 year old man to have better experience leading up to this job than he has had. Despite the stellar experience we are 4-6 in Frost year two, sitting on a four game L-streak. The reason I feel better about Frost than those who followed Osborne is Frost's recruiting. Oh, I don't think the aggregate level of skill in his first two classes is a whole lot better than his predecessors. But Scott is recruiting quality linemen. On both sides of the ball. We've lacked big guy recruiting for a long time now--of course with a handful of notable exceptions. Like Ndamukong Suh (and a small handful of others). You just can't compete in the Big Ten with an O-line more well suited for the Mac. Frost is changing that. But I think it's gonna take a couple more years until some of these guys start coming on-line to see the impact of his recruiting. /gets off soapbox. puffs on a Jobey with a bit of MacBarrens
  3. Yeah, makes you wonder where we'd be if we had stuck with Frank. Props to Frank for reaching this milestone in the MAC.
  4. I Want to Hold Your Wife's Hand Queer Eye of the Tiger Endless Love Musket
  5. For one thing we'll have the longest losing streak in the Big Ten at five games. (Unless Sparty craps the bed against Rutgers.)
  6. Huskers 49 Terps 38 rush 250 pass 250
  7. This bodes well for the future. It all starts up front. On both sides of the ball. We have guys coming off redshirt next year, and incoming recruits as well, who will help out in the future. That might be the best thing Scott Frost is doing that Riley let slip: recruiting the big guys.
  8. I guess I'm getting used to this.  This loss wasn't as bad as the CU loss.  Or the tOSU loss.  Or the Minny loss.  The Indiana loss sucked.  And Purdue, ugh!  But this one  today, it only mildly sucks.  *sigh*  


    1. ZRod


      Because we know who this team is right now. Nobody expected them to win. They're not going to surprise us, but they can win the last 2 games.

  9. Zippity-do-dah!   Down the field!

  10. I wonder if the extension is for $5 million per year? (Which is what he's getting now.) If so, it's not a bad move by the university. I mean, Frost is our guy. Good or bad he will be our HC until his contract is up. And $5 million in 2025-26 is less than $5 million today. Especially if inflation picks up a bit, which is likely.
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