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  1. I get a couple things from this. 1. Frost has been really close to getting this team into the win column and competing. In a rebuild you usually lose close before you start to win close and so on. 2. At some point you have to turn the corner and not only win these games, but win the games you're supposed to. If you never do that, number one doesn't really matter.
  2. Would love to have Domann back for another year, but if he continues his play for a few more games I bet he could go into the combine and find himself as a mid round pick. Jaimes would honestly be good to have back, but I imagine he heads for the NFL and I don't blame him. I think our younger talent in the backfield and at TE will likely step up to the level of or exceed the existing players there.
  3. A great example of what Milton coming to NU would do is how Joe Burrow got the Bengals into playoff contention this year.
  4. Bringing in Milton affects AM and at least one of Luke and Milton. Maybe in your best case you convince Luke to stay and switch positions, but I just don't know if that happens. However, people seem to be assuming that Milton can come back and be even 70%, 80%, 90% plus of his former self. While maybe he has recovered physically the mental side is a whole different game. There is a laundry list of players who have major injuries that aren't even as bad as his and never return to even a shadow of their former self. The kid had to seriously face potential amputation, you don't just get over that
  5. He had some really solid looking runs on Friday so I hope they give him more touches this weekend. Honestly we are so beat up at that position we need someone to emerge and he has looked the closest so far.
  6. The Northwestern game is really the outlier for AM and the reason he was benched, but NW is the 10th ranked defense right now and the loss to MSU is probably more about the 4 turnovers than the defense being bad. Wish we'd seen AM sooner in the Illinois game for sure.
  7. High ankle sprains are notorious for lingering too. Lots of seemingly mild stuff that can keep players out especially if he doesn't know the playbook great yet. Betts doesn't know the playbook well, but he's obviously explosive so you get him out there. If Manning is slowed by an injury and playbook issues no reason to dress him.
  8. Was he a Frost recruit or just a holdover from Riley recruiting him and Frost honored the commitment?
  9. Pretty sure the rule is that live ball fouls are offsetting. So, let's say you have offensive holding and defensive PI, they are both live ball fouls and they offset. Same if you have 2 offensive and 1 defenseive penalty etc. In the examples you mention, those aren't penalties causing another penalty. They are some sort of not illegal action, blocking for example, causing the penalty. I can't think of any case where a penalty that causes another penalty would negate the second penalty.
  10. Rahmir had some good looking runs on Friday. I hope he builds on that this week against a weaker defense and hopefully Thompkins comes back healthy too and we build a strong run game. If that happens this offense could really get moving.
  11. I don't think anyone would argue that Williams didn't commit PI on that. The point is it's a pretty obvious OPI and it doesn't matter if Williams was already fouling him or not it should have been called on both and been offsetting.
  12. @Mavric thanks for posting these from Chaz! I follow him on Twitter, but I miss a lot of these. It's nice to get a breakdown on these in here.
  13. Weren't a lot of people predicting this? Kids were committing early and trying to make sure they had spots and then it was expected there would be lots of decommitments and kids moving around later.
  14. There's definitely validity to that, but I think we've all seen at least one or two just blatant holds on TV. I can't see how the refs miss all of those.
  15. If Luke decides to leave and wants a shot at QB I don't think he goes P5. NU was one of if not the only team that was giving him a legit shot at being a QB anyway. Some team might say they'd give him a shot and then just try to move him to another position.
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