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  1. WyoHusker56

    OT Jimmy Fritzsche

    Ya I did ha keep getting them switched in my head!
  2. WyoHusker56

    OT Jimmy Fritzsche

    I guess to me this feels like the perfect year to take projects. Next year we'll have two juniors with starting experience and then Benhart is likely to contribute early. There has to be at least one other guy on the roster the staff likes. So, why not take a couple projects and if they pan out in two years great and if not you've likely already recruited someone better.
  3. WyoHusker56

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    I know when want Robinson so kids flipping to Alabama is good, but doesn't it seem weird we're rooting for more talented kids to go to Bama so that we get the kid they'd end up not wanting?
  4. WyoHusker56

    Big announcement coming?

    Football complex is way too small. I vote football skyscraper with penthouse suites for every player! Let's see who out recruits us then!
  5. WyoHusker56

    Re-bump Scott Frost Mega Thread

    I miss all the crazy speculation I read almost every page last year! I'm not sure what I'm going to obsess about this off season without the Mega thread. Maybe recruiting.
  6. WyoHusker56

    Huskers in 2019....

    I think some guys are underestimating the second year jump that's possible. I know the schedule in Riley's second year was pretty easy but the team honestly improved under him in year 2. I bet we'll be seeing guys talk about how they can play faster because they don't have to think about plays. Plus, with the scheme basics becoming second nature Frost and Chin can add wrinkles to make their scheme's more effective. This will make a huge difference. The S&C is going to lead to big changes as well. Yes guys can make changes in one off season, but Duvall was building the muscle and conditioning foundations this year. I think we'll see guys make huge jumps with a second off season. No of this means we're going to win 10+ for sure next year, but the potential is there. I think 8 or 9 and a chance at the conference championship is a real possibility.
  7. WyoHusker56

    Class of 2019 In-Home Visits

    Nice! I think in homes have as much of an impact as officials honestly.
  8. WyoHusker56

    What did we learn: Iowa edition?

    I learned that this team still has fight in them and it'll pay dividends next year. This game could have quickly turned into a debacle and they kept it close. The culture Frost is instilling is obvious in these fights we just played a bit too flat for too much of the game today to win. I have to admit this game deflated my hopes for next year a bit. I still think we'll be improved and have a good season. However this game makes it feel like we have a lot of holes to fill to beat Wisconsin and Iowa or maybe even Purdue and Northwestern next year.
  9. WyoHusker56

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Right! Now I have to be grumpy until tonight, ha.
  10. WyoHusker56

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Fair enough I'm just being grumpy.
  11. WyoHusker56

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Gotcha, I'm no defense coordinator so I don't know on scheme. Just felt like things should be tighter but I'll be patient for future talent!
  12. WyoHusker56

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    Fair enough I'm probably just being grumpy.
  13. WyoHusker56

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    As far as need more talent or failure in scheme?
  14. WyoHusker56

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    A 3-7 team beating a 6-4 team after the season we've had it makes total sense to celebrate. A 7-4 team beating a 4-7 team that they had on the ropes and probably should have blown out, celebrate sure. They acted like they beat a 11-0 team to get into the conference championship though. Iowa thought they had a chance at the championship game and they stormed the field for a win that means very little.
  15. WyoHusker56

    *** Official Iowa Game Thread ***

    I have been quiet on Chin all year and I'm still not saying fire him, but we've gotta do better on 3 and 4th downs. I know his defense is zone based but you have to have an answer and not be playing 10 yards off on a 4th and 8. The defense needs a lot more talent, but that's a fundamental failure on the scheme.