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  1. We had approximately zero guys who could run a route and make a catch like that last year. I just drank a cup of koolaid.
  2. Maybe he can get his GED? Or maybe he is finishing high school online while also enrolled in college and can practice? No idea.
  3. I liked the we have to go out and prove things we haven't done enough of that talk. Hopefully they team takes on a we need to prove ourselves attitude. That'd be good.
  4. Then the board would be up in arms about how Frost won't share anything, he doesn't know what's going on, it's just coach speak, why won't he be honest, etc. There is nothing Frost could say that would be a win for him right now. He'll be attacked regardless.
  5. Didn't I see or hear somewhere that the players who voted to skip the bowl have sense left the program anyways? Maybe I made that up, but if it's true that would be the culture working itself out.
  6. I'd take Tommy's era of offensive stats sure, but in no world would I replace AM with Tommy. You drop AM into the talent Tommy had and AM probably breaks every QB record NU has.
  7. But when every big school has boosters funneling $20k to the players then it comes down to the facilities again. Also, I bet if Miami wanted new facilities this guy would get out his check book again. These boosters don't hesitate to throw money at the schools and players. Not to mention who's to say this guy wasn't already giving this money and now he's just doing it legally.
  8. Ya 2018 was still good, but like you said a lot of that was still Frosts team. Heupel's teams just trended downhill from there. It's not like they got bad, but they were never as good. And I agree on the QB play. I also wonder though if some of the QB looked so good because of the play around them. Those teams had great RBs, TEs, WRs, and lines. Mariota and Milton were great, but the players around them were too. Martinez's ceiling is probably close to those two, but he has to reach it for us to have that sort of season.
  9. The fact that Heupel took over that team and made it worse every year speaks a lot to what Frost did too. Frost took a good team, made it great and then Heupel took it over and had success early, but has never replicated what Frost did. In this case Frost took over an awful team and now he needs to make it average (lot harder than it seems) before he can make it good then great. I'll admit I want Frost to succeed because of who he is, but I think we need to give him at least two more years unless things just fall off the rails this year. Everything is in place this year to make a j
  10. I've worked in digital marketing and done a lot of influencer campaigns and such for the last 7 years and these early sponsorships are so hilarious. Though the early influencer marketing attempts were the same and it has really settled in now. All these kids are just grabbing a quick buck and good for them. I now know what Gopuffs is! ha
  11. Ya usually, state taxes say you have to live there or have to have earned the money in the state. So, if you play a game in the state and are paid for that you get taxed. However, if you sign a deal for your NIL and sign deals in your home state then you aren't getting taxed for going to play elsewhere as it isn't tied to the game. Also, I doubt most state officials/legislatures are going to want to see kids in their state getting hit with crazy tax bills. That'd be a PR nightmare they'd fix quickly.
  12. I genuinely have no idea, is Callahan the one who ranks the kids? Or is he more of a journalist and they have guys behind the scenes with legitimate experience who evaluate the kids. There has to be tons of former college players, coaches, etc. that want a gig like that, but without being a journalist.
  13. Honestly, it feels like kind of a lazy attempt on a logo. Cam's "juice" logo was way cooler and original.
  14. Typical that AD is let go in concert with the disastrous seasons and not randomly in the middle of the summer though too. Had Moos "retired" within a month of football season then I'd follow here, but this seems very unrelated to sports performance. Especially considering the recent Baseball success.
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