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  1. WyoHusker56

    Cam Jurgens NOT injured again

    Did he have pins or screws put in after his last break? Maybe he had those removed and the boot is for recovery?
  2. WyoHusker56

    Huskers Hosting Transfer TE

    In an interview I was reading he said he was one of those Nebraska kids who grew up dreaming of playing for the Huskers. I'll take more kids with that dedication!
  3. Who hired the over zealous RA in the University Suites. Good grief.
  4. WyoHusker56

    Milto vs Martinez Year 2 Improvement

    If you add a TD and remove a TD in each game last year the record becomes 10-1-1 which the tie against Purdue would have been decided. So ya that improvement could make a huge difference! Ha
  5. WyoHusker56

    JD Spielman Concussion

    By today's definition of concussion I'd guess those times you got your "bell rung" were concussions. I have to go through concussion training each year as a ref and it doesn't take much anymore. Even being dazed after a hit is enough that they want them sent off to be evaluated. When I played you had to be unconcious for a concussion and now that's a pretty severe concussion.
  6. WyoHusker56

    CJ Smith Enters Transfer Portal

    The speed at which Frost and co had to put together the 2018 class and the early signing day doesn't help in all this either. Most of these kids barely got one visit before they were committing and signing. Could be home sickness, writing on the wall, not geling like you thought you would who knows.
  7. WyoHusker56

    All hail the transfer portal....

    I feel like this is why kids shouldn't be able to just freely transfer whenever they want to.
  8. WyoHusker56

    Predicted First Loss for Each B1G Team

    We already did! Red beat white 24-13 on April 13th
  9. WyoHusker56

    Fox moving top game to 11am slot

    I'm mountain time and I usually watch it before bed. Never see the whole game but it was nice when I had a newborn last fall that didn't want to sleep, ha!
  10. WyoHusker56

    Injury Reports Coming to College Football?

    I'm willing to bet that like 75% of starters are "possible" halfway through the year. That's how coaches will get around it. Every bruise makes a player possible.
  11. WyoHusker56

    Cam’Ron Jones Enters Transfer Portal

    If he's struggling academically why is he transferring? Or is he going to JUCO? Transferring because you aren't getting the grades seems weird to me.
  12. WyoHusker56

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    Easy fix in the summer. It's a repitition thing to learn how to hit your thing in the same spot every time. I'm confident he'll have it down by the opener.
  13. WyoHusker56

    WR Zavier Betts [Nebraska Commit]

    I'm thinking he just didn't announce them. He tweeted a Purdue offer on Jan 28th 2018 after getting Iowa State, Minnesota and Iowa. Then he tweeted like 2 more times and retweeted a handful. Either he hasn't had an offer in over a year or he's not announcing them.
  14. WyoHusker56

    Spring Practice Notes

    Shoulder to hip, wrap, elevate and drive for 5 is great in a controlled practice. Have you ever played football? That's not how it's happen 95% of the time. Should you teach that? Yes. Is it going to happen in a live scenario like this probably not. If you watch that video Jackson cuts back up field to make the tackle. He's not coming head on with the guy. There is no way that he can wrap and elevate when they are both moving upfield. I know you don't teach guys to tackle like this, but the point is he did the best he could in this single scenario to out a shoulder on the hip and drive the guy out if bounds. On the next play he could have hit the guy with a perfect form tackle you have no idea. So to use this single play and say he hasn't improved is nonsense.
  15. WyoHusker56

    Spring Practice Notes

    Not fair to judge Jackson based on this cell phone video taken from way back. His history is what it is we all know that, but you can't look at this one video and totally condemn him. Maybe this was his first poor tackle of the drill. The running back bounced way outside maybe Jackson was letting up so he didn't smash him into teammates that are right there. He also is clearly coming from behind the running back and fighting to get his head in front instead of horse collaring the guy. To bash him off this one video with zero context is unfair and the reason we don't get more media availability. The point of this is Jackson went head to head with his blocker and beat him who cares if that is a redshirt middle schooler he did what he was supposed to. Commend the guy for practicing hard and work with him on his technique. Saying his tackling continues to SUCK when you haven't seen anything besides this one video is bull.