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  1. Martinez accounted for 144 rushing attempts (most on the team), we allowed 28 sacks (not all AM) and then you add in QB hits that were not sacks or rushing attempts. AM got hit A LOT. More than any other skill player on the team. Unfortunately, that's ultimately going to result in an injury sooner or later. It's amazing he was only hit as much as he was. We need to fix the OL and improve our run game next year to take some abuse off AM to help avoid injury. That will help a lot.
  2. Yikes, the 2.5 year suspension/appeal/trying to transfer schools is about to be the least of these guys worries.
  3. Think it might be cool if they both get one. I have to give my home state a little love, ha.
  4. Can't blame him. He likely won't get a scholarship here with our secondary depth, but he showed well enough this year I'd think a smaller school would give him one.
  5. Well in my world I don't blame the victim. In your world you do so I'll stay in my world.
  6. It doesn't matter what the context is. When you suggest that she put herself in a bad position or didn't leave or whatever it's implying she shares some blame. The only thing that matters is she said she didn't want to do whatever. No other context or action matter.
  7. I think it's safe to say that if Mo wasn't a knuckle head we win at least one more and go bowling.
  8. It's even worse because of the timing. Noa likely didn't get moved fully outside until Hunt was suspended at the end of camp. That might explain why he came on more as the season went on vs having an off season at the position.
  9. This is called victim shaming. She doesn't have to leave, she doesn't have to be restrained or threatened or do any of that s#!t. This is on the same line as saying she wore those clothes so she was asking for it. She made it clear before she even came over that she didn't want to do anything and they violated that it really doesn't matter what actions she did or didn't take. It's not her fault in the slightest and implying so is stupid.
  10. I've been a pretty vocal AM supporter so I'm obviously in the AM will improve camp. He definitely slid back a bit this year (not to the horrific forgot how to play football level some posters think), but I think some things exacerbated it too. Early in the season we couldn't snap the ball, block a middle schooler or run the ball. So, early on I think his confidence was shaken and that's hard to fix in season I think an off season will help. Once the rest of the offense started to come around AM was injured and I think still second guessing things. Again an off season should help. Another major thing is that AM led the team in carries this year and missed two full games. That's insane even in this offense. He took on the wear of a RB as a QB plus sacks, hits, etc. It obviously took a toll leading to a left shoulder injury and a knee injury that we know about. I have no doubt he could have had a right shoulder, rib, or other lower extremity injuries too. Finally I think the off season hype and requirements got to him a bit. Did anyone see the article from Hail Varsity where she followed AM around for a day? He was being pulled into interviews, classes, practice, etc with like no down time. With all the off season hype he was obviously in high demand at a level he didn't see as a freshmen. I think an off season with less demands and having a chip on his shoulder will bring back the QB who had Heisman hype in the off season. I also could see the defense improving. We lose our three DL, two LBs and best corner, but I think they can be replaced without a huge drop off. Obviously Stille returns, but Ty, Green and Damion looked good when they were in this year plus Rogers and Wildeman were serviceable. I think another off season keeps our DL good. At LB, Mo is a loss, but we return Miller and Honas who were basically starters. Alex Davis is replaceable in my opinion with Nelson, JoJo and other young guys. LJ is a loss, but Braxton Clark looked good and we return a health Williams, Cam, Dismuke, Bootle plus a host of young guys people are high on. Plus to say we lose our best defensive players is a stretch. JoJo and Cam were two of our best and they return. If anything we lose some experience, but I don't see them as irreplaceable players.
  11. Maybe this has to do with what Frost and co have mentioned about not wanting a kid to commit until they're fully committed sort of thing. These kids still have visits planned or whatever so the staff is telling them to wait to commit until they're 100% or something.
  12. I get that experience can be hard to replace and I'm not saying that we will, but you have the consider the following. We lost Darrion for stretches of various games and Damion, Ty and Green seemed to fill in pretty well. Another off season and they can hopefully replace him at least with rotation. One Khalil/Carlos is replaced by a senior Stille who was already a costarter. Also, we went games without Khalil and Carlos and I don't remember a major drop off. Braxton Clark filled in well at CB and gets another off season plus a hopefully healthy Cam and Williams allows him to play mostly corner along with Bootle to replace LJ. So, I think their is experienced depth on the team as well to replace those 4. We do lose experience at LB, but it's mostly just one. I love Barry and the heart and fire he played with in his career, but he probably isn't irreplaceable. We get back both Honas and Miller who played together often when Barry was off the field. I don't think many would argue that losing Alex Davis is hard to replace as Nelson has a year of experience and another off season to do just that. We definitely lose experience and some possible NFL guys, but I think we have some experienced depth and talent to help minimize the impact of losing guys.
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