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  1. I am excited to see what the Pokes can do this year with Chambers and Williams back this year. This is great, haha.
  2. If it gets us the extra bowl practices for this team to keep improving I don't care how we get there, ha.
  3. He is listed as OR so he's really tied for 2nd string behind the starter. Brand new school and brand new playbook it's not fair to judge him vs kids who have been in the system for years. I'd expect him to rise as the season goes on, but if he doesn't that'll be interesting. However, I do agree that arguably our top offensive weapon last year transferring schools and being listed as an OR 2nd stringer shows that our talent level is not at a place it needs to be. If our best offensive weapon last year is a backup on TCU then our talent issues are bad. I still think JD is better than
  4. Ya that one doesn't seem encouraging. This is where the B1G only playing conference and having the rapid tests was a good move. Everyone is on the same page.
  5. When you have a list of running backs like that the odds are the next one can be the same. We need to find a way to finally stop Wisconsin's running game and I'm gonna assume Berger will be just as good until I'm shown otherwise, ha.
  6. He redshirted his first year with injury and was moved to OL. So, last year he was a redshirt frosh. Also, you are correct that this year is technically a freebie so he could extend his eligibility another year, but he'd already be a 4 year starter and if he is that good we'll likely lose him to the NFL.
  7. It'd be great to see Tannor make a big leap pass rushing this year and become a major impact.
  8. I believe he was responding to the perimeter blocking being improved and Manning's first clip in that video is him pancaking a DB. Something we never saw on the perimeter game last year. Also, our pass pro could improve this year based on better scheming/execution on offense. Say for example our perimeter blocking is better and our swings/screens force teams to stay honest and defend those. So, they leave fewer guys in the box which opens up our run game which brings up the safeties who have to respect the play action now. Then boom Manning goes over the top on a play action becaus
  9. Even if Frost is calling plays I still think Lubbick will have a big influence on the offense. He'll be big in Frost's ear from up in the booth which will make an impact. I don't know how much it changes the philosophy necessarily but I think we'll see some impact.
  10. So if you think NU is going 1-7 or 2-6 or worse are you just assuming they haven't improved at all in the off season? I mean there is a chance this team has gotten bigger, faster, stronger and more experienced and they can be more competitive than last year.
  11. Agree with a lot of this. Looking back at Pelini years we put a fair amount of guys in the NFL. However his last couple recruiting classes fell down a bit and then the talent drain under Riley and during the transition was brutal. I think the escalation of his behavior started to hurt his recruiting on the end. I mean guys seem him explode on the sidelines at players and that doesn't help.
  12. He's already done more than Monte Ball did for the Broncos. If Gordon fails then I don't want another Wisconsin running back ha.
  13. If these other conferences keep having postponement/cancellation issues and the B1G's protocols work and they play games relatively unscathed they are going to come out smelling like a rose. The funny thing is if they had just communicated well during the month after cancelling things it probably never would have gotten so bad publicly and they'd look genius for waiting for science to catch up to playing safe.
  14. I really hope he can turn things around and find success. Whether he ever plays football again who knows, but I hope the kid finds some guidance and support and can stay on the straight and narrow.
  15. I can't find it now, but I thought I read something yesterday where another AD sort of left the door open to it down the road depending on local conditions. It might have been Iowa's, but I can't seem to find the article or tweet I read.
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