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  1. Maybe they'll play the season, but everyone just has to stay 6 feet apart. So, on offense we just surround the QB and no one can pass through to get to him and DBs 6 feet from WR all the time should lead to pretty good passing. It'll remove any defense weakness we might have so just who can score the most points. In order to tackle you just surround the ball carrier until they go out of bounds.
  2. Didn't really cross my mind, but I see this. He probably could have been a 4-6 round pick at tackle. Strong season this year and he could jump into the top 3 I'd bet.
  3. Gerry Gdowski? I don't actually know I used Google.
  4. Now we know what Frost and Co have been selling on the recruiting trail to these highly rated kids and I like it a lot!
  5. If being a Freshmen All American is not playing very well in his two years, than I just give up.
  6. Really hoping our kicking woes don't carry over into 2020...
  7. Speculation on 247 and I saw it on Facebook as well that Pickering is medically retiring this year. That'd explain on the kicker pickups as well.
  8. Ah yes, let's bring in Kurt Warner and also Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Steve Young, John Elway and Dan Marino. Might as well have these guys hear from as many different sources as possible so they are all confused on what is the best. What team in the country brings in former players who have no affiliation except a son on the team and no understanding of what the scheme asks of players for "help"? Warner doesn't know what Frost wants of his QBs so there isn't a lot of help he could provide outside of being a motivational speaker. This just looks dumb.
  9. Holy cow, if AM was "bad" last year than people need to watch more football. He was definitely average, he definitely didn't live up to the talent we saw as a freshmen and he certainly had some bad plays/decisions. However, I don't think he was all around "bad" at all.
  10. Agree. If his dad took over North Dakota State or a team that actually competed in FCS maybe I could see it. This is a team that hasn't been good and it's gonna take Ed sometime to turn it around. I don't see this making any sense unless he just really wanted to play for his dad.
  11. ^^^This. I didn't think our offense was quite as bad as a lot of people thought last year. Our RZ offense was absolutely terrible though. If you improve that even to to like 85% which still isn't top 50 I bet we win 1-2 more games last year. Hoping that Vokolek, Manning, Betts and better OL play improve this a lot.
  12. How does that compare to other programs? Seems like a total mess and explains the last couple years.
  13. I don't see this. Some of Adrian's best play last year was when the team was behind and under a lot of pressure. He started as a true freshmen after missing his senior year in HS which is a lot of pressure. You could say he struggled under the pressure of the preseason hype, but I don't think it was a pressure thing honestly.
  14. Let's not get too carried away by calling that playing. They showed up to a playoff game.
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