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  1. We should shut the program down it'll never be fixed. /s
  2. I'm very confident Scott doesn't wish that. When in his life has Frost backed away from a challenge? This isn't the first time he's come home and faced adversity and he knew that. Also, had Nebraska not been an option he was going to take another P5 opportunity.
  3. He definitely seems active and involved in it. I'm curious to see how this plays out.
  4. I read it wrong and didn't realize those signings were the last two years should have dawned on me that was a huge OL haul for one class, ha. I agree 3-4 4* and up guys is possible. Agree with your thoughts on pulling in 3* to supplement 4* and filling them in if they develop as well. Some parts of recruiting are getting depth guys as well. Your class of 20 guys are not all going to be starters some will fill in on special teams or as depth as well.
  5. That's great for Oklahoma, but pretend you're an 18 year old and Nebraska offers you and so does Nebraska and you want to play for NC are you really going to pick NU regardless of what they say and offer? Nebraska in the next few years is not going to sign a 5* four 4* and three 3* regardless of what we want. You don't think Frost is trying to sign classes like that? Of course he is, but those kids aren't coming so he has to get kids he has the opportunity to develop. I don't know why people on this board seem to think that the staff is just ignoring higher talent. They're not. Those kids are not coming to a 4-8 team plain and simple whether you're the best freaking recruiter in the country. They have better options. So, in the meantime we have to get the high rated kids we can and fill out a class with kids to develop to win games and prove to those high rated kids that Nebraska is worth attending to win. I point out the lack of talent on the OL now because that's what Riley left. If 4 years from now our OL is still total garbage I can look back and say it's Frost's fault for not getting better kids here. The OL talent issue is not because of Frost it is still plain and simple a Riley problem. A kid like Benhart is rarely going to come in and be able to play against two, three or four year starts in the B1G. The line will take more time to fix. Meanwhile the one Frost recruit on the OL has progressed this season into probably our best OL at the moment.
  6. Ha convenient you mention Benhart at the bottom there. Benhart is higher rated than any of OU's current players. Corcoran who is coming in this year is even higher than that and one of the top OT in the country. So in back to back classes Frost will have brought in two players that are rated even higher than OU's. Nebraska is not going to land more than 1 or 2 four star lineman in most classes regardless. The fact we already have two high four stars coming in will be huge. Plus a lot of those other guys are rated lower in part because of the need to gain size and strength in college not because they can't play. Fritzsche picked us over Clemson.
  7. Oklahoma OL as prospects LT .89 - 4* LG .90 - 4* C .89 - 4* RG .95 - 4* RT .89 - 4* Nebraska OL as prospects LT .87 - 3* LG .76 -2* (walk on) C .92 - 4* (tight end) RG .85 - 3* RT .89 - 4* (widely regarded as G prospect) The two players we're replacing as prospects. Jerald Foster .89 - 4* Tanner Farmer .90 - 4* If only there was some deference between these two scenarios... Also of note, only one of these players was recruited by Frost in his transition class.
  8. He started a thread "Let It Die" and it basically says we need to get rid of the sellout streak to get rid of the football teams demons. So, I was giving him grief about it.
  9. I'm hoping it's one of those games where the team just plays out of their mind and we upset them. I agree it's an uphill climb though.
  10. I think this is more true than people realize. A lot of these kids were freak athletes at their schools and got by on pure athleticism and talent alone. In college, you're going up against every other freak athlete and talented kid in the country plus kids who take that to a whole new level. It becomes much more about perfect technique, work ethic, desire, etc. when you get to college. Some of these kids probably have never worked at the level they need to now because they didn't have to for success before. I also think that's why Frost and co talk about bringing kids in from winning programs because they understand what it takes to win championships at the high school level.
  11. This discussion of Pelini years is making me think of how similar this year has been to several Pelini years I went back and looked at 2013 for example. Barely beat inferior out of conference opponent - check Dominate out of conference opponent and everyone chugs koolaid - check Blowout loss in prime time - check Barely beat inferior in conference opponent - check Head scratching loss to decent, but not great in conference opponent - check I feel like this team could come out of the bye week with a new sense of pride and win 4 of the next 5. I also feel like this team could come out of the bye week and have not fixed anything and instead barely scrap by to bowl eligibility. Seems like Bo years felt like that more often than not too.
  12. That's interesting. It does seem like it was working, but what did that outside help offer that our coaches couldn't? Seems weird, but something changed pretty drastically this week.
  13. So, you're thinking Smart gets fired this year or we can pay him enough as DC to quit his HC gig? Joe Brady would probably actually be a fantastic hire based on LSU this year.
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