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  1. I know people will be frustrated with Manning if he's limited or makes mistakes, but I don't think people realize how deep routed this sort of thing can be mentally. There's more than one freak athlete who couldn't overcome mental hurdles to live up to their potential. I'm hoping they get him some catches and really build his confidence up for the season.
  2. I have YouTube TV and I have watched stuff on the Fox Sports app a bunch in the past. My guess is you should be able to go that route. It drives me nuts when they do this stuff.
  3. Looks like everyone answered your radio question so I'll just throw out some ideas if you want to try and watch it on your phone. Sign up for a free trial of something like YouTube TV or HULU plus live TV, I think both offer a 7 day free trial. You can download the app and watch the game on your phone that way. Then cancel it after the game!
  4. That's fair I probably read too much into it. Honestly, watching the whole thing though Frost seems fine and focused until they get to the covid testing/vaccination stuff and they kept pestering him after he said he thinks it's private for the kids. That's where he seems to get irritated and then cut it off quickly after that.
  5. No surprise from Mitch Sherman, but he said something about it could be "something or nothing." Sam said it was "brisk and blunt." I saw someone else say something about it being a "frosty" interview. Then the comments one everything are full of people fighting about what it means. All the comments from media I have seen make it into more of something than I thought it was. People being mad and fighting is just referring to random internet fans.
  6. Mad probably isn't the right way to characterize it, but they all want to make it out to be some big thing.
  7. Media and I've seen lots of other comments online. Not necessarily this board though I'm sure there's some.
  8. Frost finally did whatever everyone always says he should do and didn't do any coach speak or talk about good practices or provide any quotes and now everyone is mad that Frost was short and seemed angry. It's almost as if Frost can't win no matter how he handles press conferences...
  9. I'm in the same camp I really never had a major issue with it. Many people on here have said this and Frost knows it too that NU really needs to start the season strong. Our schedule was a conference game against Illinois, Buffalo (who looked very strong earlier this year) and then at Oklahoma and Michigan State. Not only did we only have one early season recruiting opportunity, but that's a brute of a start to the year before going into a tough conference schedule. If there was an opportunity to add more home games and teams that are easier to beat so this team can gel why is that a bad thing? Sure you can argue it looks like you're scared and whatever, but there are a lot more reasons it makes sense than not.
  10. I mean sometimes schools intentionally leak stuff. That's basically how Sipple makes a living he's their "leak" mouth piece. But ya in general leaks like this are from unhappy people.
  11. This is all starting to feel more and more like someone or some group of people inside the athletic administration are unhappy with Frost and Alberts and are leaking things. I mean to drum up the OU stuff again right before the first game just screams conspiracy. The NCAA investigation has likely been going on for months and it gets leaked right before the game. Someone is unhappy and they are doing this on purpose.
  12. This is my thought. No matter what your being questioned for you want a lawyer. They are there to tell you when you don't have to answer questions etc. It's way too easy to accidentally incriminate yourself with confusing legal jargon.
  13. This would seem to suggest the only thing that is under investigation is the improper analyst use and explains why Frost said the workouts were legal. Being investigated (or self reporting) improper analyst use is a pretty minor deal in the world of NCAA scandals.
  14. Ya let's not act like Ronnie is just finding out about this today. I believe they said Nebraska is self reporting to the NCAA and I am sure this has been in the works for a while. It just got leaked to the media today and we're still in off season mode so the local guys are running with it.
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