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  1. Don't put all your eggs in the herd immunity basket... https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/06/immunity-to-coronavirus-is-fragile-and-short-lived-expert-warns.html
  2. I'm really losing faith that we get a fall season and I have no idea what I am going to do with my life without football in the fall. That's like the only reason I like fall.
  3. 2018 AM in my mind has a ceiling of All-American for sure and possibly Heisman winner. 2019 AM is 2nd team All Conference or maybe even lose your starting job. The key is going to be what 2020 and 2021 AM looks like. I lean towards him getting back to 2018 form and being a legit national playmaker, but I think it all comes down to him and his ability to focus on and use his skills to the highest ability.
  4. We're 8 weeks out from the season, so couldn't Newsome possibly still play? Not sure how bad the break is, but it seems like that's usually a 6-8 week recovery and then a few weeks to get in shape and up to speed and he's ready for B1G play.
  5. The rankings/ratings are going to be messed up most likely compared to other years. I think the only way it really impacts coaches decisions/internal rankings is if high school seasons don't happen and kids who mature late can't show off how they are coming on. That's probably where kids end up at lower levels than they would have otherwise. It'll mostly hurt those kids as the ones who have already been evaluated are known.
  6. Am I seeing it right that the only other teams not on this list are Maryland and Rutgers who are awful and didn't join until 2014? That really speaks to our awful talent level the last decade.
  7. The key here isn't going to be initial infections it's going to be ongoing infections as the season progresses. If cases stay low we're looking good. If cases start spiking that spells trouble. The college programs who have had to suspend voluntary workouts because case numbers are jumping after they start working out is troubling for a season happening.
  8. Hospitals in Arizona, Florida, and Texas are starting to hit ICU and bed capacities and are pushing into surge capacity already with no signs of the spread slowing. Deaths lag cases by about two weeks so, we'll likely see the death rate start to tick up over the next weeks. It already has in those three worst hit states. Hopefully it won't go up as much as it did at first because we have better treatment and medicines now, but there is concerns about the amount of medications already. The CDC warned today that testing capacity is starting to be stretched. The goal was to protect the healthcare system and buy time to learn more about the virus and treatment options. Then once you slow the spread keep common sense protection in place like protecting the vulnerable, contact tracing and wearing masks. That's what every other developed country did and continues to do successfully. Flatten the curve, protect the vulnerable, contact trace, wear a mask and go about your life. That's why they have sports in Europe and are continuing to open. I never saw a single expert say stop the spread completely. In fact, most said as we reopen yes spread will continue and may increase, but if we wear masks, test/contact trace and socially distance the spread won't get out of hand and we can go on about our lives with minor inconveniences. Instead, everyone decided the hell with it and disregarded all reopening guidelines and now things are spreading so quickly it's impossible to contact trace, testing capacity is running out, hospitals are filling up and we are running out of time to stop it without drastic measures again. You're already seeing businesses close on their own, governments close them and people saying the heck with it and staying home. Gasoline usage dropped 4% week over week as people make their own decisions to stay home.
  9. It was also reported that he was the first player back on campus after they sent them home. So, that'd sort of suggest he's super motivated.
  10. I actually think the US is reporting less accurately than we are. Many states have rolled back their reporting data recently and not increased it. Also, yes they did have spikes 3 weeks before us, but look at the trends we are going higher and higher and they are going lower if we were just 3 weeks behind we'd be trending down. 3 weeks from now we'll be at an even higher daily case count and they'll be way lower.
  11. They all were testing at a higher per capita rate at the beginning. Currently, we are slightly behind or even with most of them. Also, their positive rate is decreasing while ours is increasing. So, still we are doing worse.
  12. Assuming it was my posts comparing us to other countries, but you can look at it however you want and we still suck compared to them. Other countries have effectively curtailed their outbreaks so population really has no effect. Germany has a population of 80 million and has roughly 600 cases per day. So, our population is 4.5 times theirs and we have 40,000 cases per day or 66 times theirs. Break it down by capita, per 1,000 people, per 100,000 people, total numbers however you want the US is among the worst when it comes to deaths and infections. Also, all the countries I compared us too are either trending lower in daily case count or are roughly the same while we are increasing exponentially.
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