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  1. I think you're right on the natural fit for these guys. However, if they make a good transition to inside the thought of guys like Greene or Mauga-Clements on the interior of your defense is awesome for us and scary for other teams.
  2. Husker Fans: Fire assistant coaches! They aren't developing, recruiting and are clearly not qualified for the job! (Huskers fire OC and replace him with OC who has P5 OC experience at top program, recognized as tireless recruiter and excellent WR developer who took a year off coaching which is very common for top coaches to do). Husker Fans: Frost is clearly just hiring his friends so they are a yes men. He probably fired Walters because he wasn't enough of a yes man. Why didn't we hire the former Husker who until this year hasn't been mentioned as a candidate for top jobs or ever had any P5 OC experience? Pretty underwhelmed with this.
  3. Oh I see, I wasn't understanding a difference between the 25 and 85, but I see your point. That's super confusing!
  4. I still thought that because of the blueshirt Gifford doesn't count as a scholarship until the 2021 class. Is that not right?
  5. Elvis Dummervil's height never held him back
  6. I've seen the yes man comment from several people and I really don't get it. When you have worked with and respect someone's opinion you are way more likely to listen to them. He hired Lubick last year to consult for him and I doubt he paid him to just be like yup coach I think what you're doing is working. If Frost brings in someone like Joseph, who he has never worked with, and he starts telling him how wrong he is doing things most people would react brashly to that unless they knew they needed a change. Lubick can come in and say look coach you're going at it this way and and I think we need to look at it differently. Frost is going to respect that coming from a guy he coached with and likely already respects a lot.
  7. Not to mention that Lubick knows Frost's scheme inside and out. Yes what LSU ran with Brady this year is similar to Frost's and Joseph would have adjusted, but Lubick knows what Frost wants to do and will help elevate it. No matter what fans think the offense under Frost isn't going to change drastically in the next year or two. It's his bread and butter.
  8. Frost has called and will likely call plays the entire time he is coach. I keep seeing people mention play calling and such with the new OC. It isn't going to change anything Frost is the play caller the same way Tom was. Also, bringing in a "clone" was really the only option. In your third year you aren't going to suddenly change offensive schemes no matter how many Husker fans want the FB back. We've seen how disastrous third year scheme changes can be...
  9. You're less impressed with the guy who is known as a great recruiter and WR coach with Power 5 OC experience than a guy who's only been a position coach? Not saying Mickey would be a bad hire, but Lubick is at least on par.
  10. Is it amicable/Walters has another job or are they just dumping him? Walter's Twitter is still NU.
  11. I have absolutely no inside information, but with Baylor having a HC now and LSU needing some assistants, etc. There is still a lot of potential for guys to shift and move around.
  12. At this point, we've gone in circles so many times I think I've convinced myself we aren't even hiring to replace Dewitt. That way I'll be pleasantly surprised and excited regardless of what we do.
  13. I bet the LSU compliance office is having a nightmare of a week with the smoking/money/etc.
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