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  1. Smothers has been on campus for a year and we've seen extremely limited practice video of him. There is no way to expect he'd be a savior. Haarberg is a true freshmen again no way to expect he's a savior. How many coaching staffs are recruiting and developing guys into saviors by their redshirt freshman year? So those two can't even realistically be judged. McCaffrey was a miss but that's 1 out of 4. Martinez has another year to show what he can do before you can say this staff didn't develop him well.
  2. This sounds more like media and fans anointing the newest recruit as the savior every year and then doing it again the next year and disparaging the other guy to promote the savior. We did it with Martinez, McCaffrey, Smothers, Haarberg, seems like a trend in over hyped expectations and not recruiting/development issues.
  3. I think people forget that Brown was a QB until he switched to WR in prep and then had last year. He's still learning the position. Nixon has played the position and is a coach's kid so there is a good chance that if he's healthy he can jump Brown. I still think Brown plays and flashes a few times this year.
  4. My guess is better off than the last three years, but in today's game your ceiling with an option attack is probably 8-9 wins and bowl games. You're never getting past the tOSUs with even the best option team.
  5. Sure, but this is not one of those. It's stupid to you, but to these kids whose lives revolve around social media and their following it might be one of the coolest things they can do. Ultimately, what goes on these kids jerseys should be more about what they want than about your convenience of knowing who it is. Every school publishes a roster with numbers so you can go look up any player whenever you want.
  6. I'm trying really hard to not drink the koolaid and get my hopes up this year and just take it as it comes. There was a lot of stuff to be excited about in the throws and catches in that video. Obviously it's a highlight, but still.
  7. Unless you're getting Trevor Lawrence every QB is going to come in with the expectation of development. There are very few if any true freshmen QBs who can unseat an returning starter.
  8. Where did I say they weren't trying to get better players? The post I quoted acted like Frost has only taken projects which isn't true. I guarantee if they could have gotten a better QB this year they would have. Frost and staff have said the same exact thing about recruiting over players on the team.
  9. I think it's more fair to say that Nebraksa has recruited 2 non projects and 2 projects. AM wasn't a project QB and neither was Smothers. He had legitimate interest from across the country, but committed to Frost and shut down his recruitment. McCaffrey was a project at QB, but after taking AM the year before it was likely to go that way and he was great player. Haarberg is a project QB, but when he committed we had three 4 stars on the roster at QB so it was likely to be a project year anyhow.
  10. So, do we tar and feather these seven or chase them out of town with pitchforks?
  11. Draft eligible Huskers continue to be pretty underwhelming talent wise. When that changes they probably win more games.
  12. I guess maybe I've hit apathy at this point because I kind of don't care...
  13. That's sort of what I took away too. He doesn't sound like someone who was interested in being part of the culture solution. We tried, didn't work, I left before the season was over.
  14. I'll take a player who hears he could be drafted, but instead decides to go work his tail off to show he's better than that. We can use as many players on the team with that mentality as we can get.
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