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  1. Throw Dem Bones

    ATH Javion Hunt

    Either, he intentionally spelt it Nebraksa or his autocorrect is broken...
  2. Throw Dem Bones

    All hail the transfer portal....

    We’re getting our practice with lawsuits this offseason.. c’mon over Chris, we’d love to have you
  3. Throw Dem Bones

    RB John Bivens

    Having Bivens as a walk-on back up plan could be huge if we can’t get Mills on campus. Hope this is right!
  4. Throw Dem Bones

    ATH Jimmy Holiday

    Any idea on what position we’re recruiting him at? Or what he projects to play at the next level?
  5. Throw Dem Bones

    TE Tommy Christakos

    He's pointing at what he will have to suck in order to get into Princeton...
  6. Throw Dem Bones

    Huskers And The 2019 NFL Draft

    56 years.. One helluva run
  7. Throw Dem Bones

    Huskers And The 2019 NFL Draft

    Regardless of the kids Pelini brought in, there’s no doubt that the “coaching” Riley provided was abysmal.. It was so bad they completely shut down the AAF because of it
  8. Throw Dem Bones

    Huskers And The 2019 NFL Draft

    C’mon Pats... take Stanley
  9. Throw Dem Bones

    RB Marvin Scott III

    Marvin Harrison Jr is my favorite Marvin.. just barely beat out Marvin the Martian
  10. Throw Dem Bones

    OT Reece Atteberry

    And Pola-Gates... And Ty Robinson.. And Caleb Tannor... And Adrian Martinez... And Jackson Hannah... And... do I need to continue? We’ve gone head to head with big time programs and won on the recruiting trail many times despite being 4-8 for consecutive seasons. No, we haven’t gone head to head for a 5 star kid yet so if that’s what you’re referring to then sure we won’t win many of those. I think the staff has picked their battles with the Bama’s, OSU’s, OU and Clemson’s of the world and we’ve had pretty darn good success when we have. We’ve gotten talented hard working kids that fit what Frost is trying to do here
  11. Throw Dem Bones

    JUCO Recruiting

    That’s close but it actually means the FSCC coach is N on sending all his best talent to Nebraska!
  12. Throw Dem Bones

    OG Kendal Septs [Houston Commit]

    Hahaha 177% wow... that’s gotta be a first
  13. Throw Dem Bones

    WR Xavier Watts

    I’m actually very concerned with ND and Watts. Grew up loving the school and from what I hear has good relationships with their coaching staff
  14. Throw Dem Bones

    *** 2021 Recruiting ***

    Gotta get the pipeline on track! Plus we will lose many upper class guys at the end of next year
  15. Throw Dem Bones

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    2020 O-line.. Jaimes, Nutmasher, Jurgens, Farniok and Benhart