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  1. Throw Dem Bones

    DE Ty Robinson

    Any update here on how his visit went?
  2. Throw Dem Bones

    DE Lloyd Summerall III

    CAvanaugh is a drunk tweeter. As Herm Edwards would say, "DON'T PRESS SEND!"
  3. Throw Dem Bones

    OT Bryce Benhart [Nebraska Commit]

    I know recruiting services have a tough job to evaluate thousands of players to give accurate grades but how on earth does Rivals have Benhart as a 5.7 3*... I know that is a fringe 4* but come on, you're going to tell me this kid is just a fringe 3-4 star!?
  4. Throw Dem Bones

    DE Ty Robinson

    ... Get out of here with that nonsense. There's a special place in hell for people like that and it's called Oregon State
  5. Throw Dem Bones

    Guy Thomas gone?

    I was thinking the same thing...
  6. Throw Dem Bones

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    I’m with you on that but it’s always concerning that he’s visiting. Really want this kid so I hope he sticks.
  7. Throw Dem Bones

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

  8. Throw Dem Bones

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    Interesting news here... Florida St offered Bland and he seems interested. Said he definitely plans to visit Tallahassee. Coach for FSU is the same coach that was recruiting him out of high school. Article on 24/7 Frost and Co. need to keep a close eye on this one..
  9. Throw Dem Bones

    JUCO LB Victor Viramontes

    Offered as a OLB and he is open to giving up QB at this point in his career. Chinander heading this one up and must like his defensive potential after playing qb for 3 years.. I’d imagine he’ll enjoy delivering hits vs receiving them
  10. Throw Dem Bones

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    Idk, I'd say ask Bookie.... (sure he committed but he didn't sign)
  11. Throw Dem Bones

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Our fan base does have some crazy fans and the comments made can easily be turning into "we have the most passionate fans in the country. Our fans and alumni alike will take care of you forever if you play football here. The people on twitter were just shocked and upset since they truly felt you were part of the Husker family." blah blah blah I don't think this is over at all. Nebraska and others will keep pushing up til he signs.. Maybe have a Jean-Baptiste situation work in our favor... Plus, if any school has a capable recruiter they will point out Kentucky will lose 14 of 22 starters and 6-8 are projected NFL draft picks. This Kentucky team is going to be in rebuild mode after this season. Sure you can start there but you have a coach that won't know how to use your talents and you'll be on a mediocre team in the SEC. No matter where he goes, I don't think it'll be Kentucky.
  12. Throw Dem Bones

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    F this camera person
  13. Throw Dem Bones

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Is the coach committing someplace? shut up already!
  14. Throw Dem Bones

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    I'm sure it's in here someplace but does anyone know what time is he committing today?
  15. Throw Dem Bones

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    IMO, the pressure from his family/gf is the reason he will choose Kentucky TODAY. He is a kid on the rise and he will continue to be recruited by us and other schools all the way up to the moment he signs. This is like the CFP ranking's that came out Tuesday, sure they show you were you stand but in the grand scheme of things they don't mean a whole lot. The one theme for Wandale is he is always talking about FIT and how important it is for him to be utilized correctly to maximize his potential which Kentucky most definitely will NOT do. Just look at the offense they run now and Stoops coaching history. We may lose out to Kentucky today but my fear is I don't want to face him at Ohio St.. If we continue to get better and better, and show improvement in games, I find it hard to believe he won't end up at Nebraska or someplace other than Kentucky (unless they do the unthinkable and beat UGA then go to the SEC champ game and compete with Bama).