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  1. Throw Dem Bones

    CB Henry Gray [Nebraska Commit]

    I'm not a VIP to 247 but Wilt and Shaefer put in CB's today and I am almost 100% sure they're for N since we now have 14% of the CB's.. This Slusher - Gray combo would be legit!
  2. Throw Dem Bones

    CB Myles Slusher [Oregon Commit]

    It's not Held but Chins did give the kid a finger point... So I'm sure it's only a matter of time until he officially flips
  3. Throw Dem Bones

    HuskerBoard has a new Owner ...

    Yeah I must say the change of 15 posts per page then having an ad on every single page I click on is a bit annoying and frustrating. I love this site and everyone apart of it but the ads are so frequent that I don’t visit here as much or as long as usual.. tbh I don’t even know what the ads are for since I’m furiously trying to find and click that f**king X so I can see the bottom quarter of my screen
  4. Throw Dem Bones

    CB Avante Dickerson

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/lettermenrow.com/ohio-state-football-recruiting/ohio-state-buckeyes-football-running-back-2020-will-be-fine-avante-dickerson/amp/ Ohio St seems to be building a relationship here. Obviously with top 100 talent we will have to fight off every top school out there. With this kid, I do feel on the field progress will be important to keep him in state.
  5. Throw Dem Bones

    RB Sevion Morrison [Nebraska Commit]

    Regardless of what times we find that he ran, I must say the production he had speaks for itself.. on top of that, does anyone really think Frost and Held are recruiting slow RB’s? I trust the numbers and the staff on this one
  6. Throw Dem Bones

    OLB Kaden Johnson

    Can anyone say (if you’re allowed) which game he’s visiting for? Sorry, not a subscriber
  7. Throw Dem Bones

    RB Marvin Scott III [Nebraska Commit]

    Interesting... with Scott and Morrison are we taking both if they want N? Or is it first come first serve for one of these guys?
  8. Throw Dem Bones

    OLB Kaden Johnson

    It also gives us time to show on the field improvement and get him and his family out here for an OV. Really hope we can snag this kid
  9. Throw Dem Bones

    S Chris Thompson, Jr. [Auburn Commit]

    .......... or those SEC money bags are hard to say no to lol Kentucky tried it with Wan’Dale and Auburn is trying it here. Not saying money is 100% involved but if you’re heavily leaning toward a school, and you lead everyone in the country on to think you’re going to that school, then you make a surprise commitment to a different school.. The kid will eventually flip (like Wan’Dale did) or there’s something real enticing making you reconsider Just my thoughts of course
  10. Throw Dem Bones

    RB Frank Brown

    For those that don’t want to watch... Nebraska, Houston, Utah, Arkansas and Arizona
  11. Throw Dem Bones

    WR Ajou Ajou [Clemson Commit]

    Oh get over yourself, I wished him the best in a previous post. I’m not saying he will never see the field but I just don’t think he will be impact player at Clemson. IMO he will be a solid depth player at “WR U”. Right now, Clemson will have a much better chance to bring in some other 5 star WR’s which will make him cracking the depth chart tough. I could be wrong and do hope the best for the kid.
  12. Throw Dem Bones

    WR Ajou Ajou [Clemson Commit]

    He may not play for championships but he sure will be on the sideline for 1 or 2
  13. Throw Dem Bones

    WR Ajou Ajou [Clemson Commit]

    Good luck to you Ajou
  14. Throw Dem Bones

    WR Xavier Watts [Notre Dame Commit]

    Officially ND
  15. Throw Dem Bones

    WR Xavier Watts [Notre Dame Commit]

    ND boards say there's buzz he already committed to N... I'll backpedal quickly on my comments above lol