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  1. 5 star Zach Evans from TCU is in the portal. Maybe (long shot) we have a chance if we sign the TCU RB coach
  2. I feel like we are going to add a QB via transfer… any names we’re pursuing or visiting? Seems quiet on this front but an almost certainty we add to the qb room
  3. I’ve been out of the loop for a while.. quite the year! I’ve only been paying attention here and there with this class but one thing I noticed was the level/ ranking of recruit this class. I know stars aren’t everything but am I missing something? Are we in on some bigger fish I haven’t noticed yet? Just seems like a lot of .85 range dudes appreciate any education on this class!
  4. I mean, this one seems like a done deal with Oregon but any chance we are able to pull this one out? We been trying to make a move here?
  5. Crab cakes and football! THAT’S WHAT MARYLAND DOES!!!!
  6. I know he’s not from this class but don’t forget about Cam Taylor-Britt...
  7. If we lose him to Minnesota that’s a bad look. I’m alright if he goes to an elite power 5 school but conference rival!? Please no
  8. It reminds me a lot of what I used to do in NCAA football lol I would offer as many kids as possible and see if I gain any interest. If not, oh well, time to move on. In reality I think it's the same way. Frost and co cast that wide net and see who might actually be interested in Nebraska, see who they gain traction with and build relationships from there. Because of the geographical location I would say these offers benefit us more than anything. It's the same thing in sales, the more calls you make the better chance you have to find people interested in what you're selling and then actually make a big sale.
  9. Just go to the first page and rate the topic as a one star... Idk if it prevents this dude from creating topics again but damn I hope so... Yup, couldn't agree more. He's a big guy playing B class ball in Nebraska (no offense) and he doesn't even stand out... yeah I'm sure the OP will remind me about the 79 yard punt uphill in snow with 45 mph wind in his face blah blah blah... He's not scholly talent, he might be a hard worker and he clearly chose to go to Wyoming to walk on instead of Nebraska to walk on... OP if you're mad we didn't push harder for Harsh to walk on then you clearly don't realize that our coaches aren't going to go out of their way for walk on kids. If there's mutual interest then sure we'll push for kids to come to NU but please everyone let this thread die. OP hasn't made any valid points about this kid other than he kicked one ball really far in the championship and he played really hard in that game as well..
  10. You clearly have some personal connection to the kid, the HS or something because you are way too up in arms about this.. You keep bringing up the state title and Harsh carrying the team. That’s great! He’s a big kid that plays tough. With his size he has the ability to use that to his advantage in Nebraska class B which explains the solid running numbers. He is not a QB especially at the college level, I don’t care what his coaches say. He didn’t do anything overly impressive on the defensive side of the ball either. He has fight and size and moderate athleticism. (Just because he had a monster punt doesn’t make him a freak athlete) I hope he does well at Wyoming. I hope he proves me and all the others wrong. Maybe he’s a late bloomer. Maybe we can just let this topic die because he’s not coming to Nebraska (by his choice), not some Danny Woodhead (true miss) and he is NOT the next Jim Thorpe.... PS - you can be mad at past staffs for their walk on and recruitment of Nebraska but you’re f#&%ing off your rocker if you think Frost and this staff aren’t doing an incredible job at working the state for scholly and walk on kids. Thanks for the entertainment, back to our regularly scheduled recruiting program...
  11. Held gave him the finger! Haven’t seen his tape but I’ll trust a Held finger
  12. It wouldn't be a bad hire at all for a WR coach. Pro guys love him and work with him in the off-season. He seems to connect well with college/ HS kids too. I wouldn't be shocked to see us promote Held to OC/ RB coach and then hire a WR coach.
  13. Where's that damn eye roll emote when you need it! And even without confirming your sources, that's a safe assumption. That's why there was all this smoke and mirrors with an offensive analyst/ assistant position opening the past week or two so we can talk with Joseph and Helfrich (and others) about coaching at NU.
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