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  1. ^ Classy exit. Best of luck to him.
  2. Not trying to be a smart a$$, but you don't do what he did statistically (TD's, completion %, total yards) without some serious talent. In listening to talking heads, he grasped the scheme quickly and can process incredibly fast. I still think a lot of his success was Joe Brady. Having a scheme designed around your talents didn't hurt. Neither did the talent around him. It will interesting watching how he does next year. See if he was a product of a perfect storm at LSU. His statistics were significantly better in 2019 than 2018. Looked like a completely different guy playing QB statistically.... Games/Attempts/Completions/Comp %/Yrsd attempt/Ave yards attempt/TD's/INT's/QB rating. *2018 LSU SEC JR QB 13 219 379 57.8 2894 7.6 7.9 16 5 133.2 *2019 LSU SEC SR QB 15 402 527 76.3 5671 10.8 12.5 60 6 202.0 Joe Brady factor looks pretty positive.
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/joe-brady-reportedly-leaving-lsu-to-join-panthers-as-offensive-coordinator-on-matt-rhules-staff/ Coming to my Carolina Panthers. Looking forward to seeing what he can do as OC....
  4. I agree. My comment was aimed that in NU's current state, they would not have done this well. The class Frost and Co ust pulled was amazing considering how we ended the season. It will take longer than expected, but we are heading in the right direction. NU has gotten a lot of press. Simmons recruited to NU then got stolen by Clemson. Burrow wanted to come to Nebraska and showing Clemson's 1st NC against NU in 1981......Bad press better than no press!
  5. Thank you. Sad, but true. As mentioned a lot, look at the supporting cast of both....I do love the way Clemson uses Simons though. He is a baller. And a game changer.
  6. Thanks! Hoping he gets well quick. I know the staff has/had high hopes for him.
  7. Shoulder or knee? I can't remember.
  8. I agree. Just pointing out that with the 87 scholarships, a lot of those numbers are walk-ons. Not trying to throw shade on them or diminish what they are doing.
  9. I was thinking Jason Garrett. Saw the new Giants HC was interested in interviewing him for OC..Was also surprised Ron Rivera got scooped up so quick. Seems like a genuinely nice guy. Glad to see him land.
  10. Talking with a buddy today about this very thing. Unless you completely screw the pooch as a coach in the NFL, the buddy system seems to work out pretty well. Might not be another HC position, but someone will hire you on as some type of coach.
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