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  1. More like a major concern that in year 3 we still do not disguise coverage....Wish we could disguise it to create the mistakes by the QB....The old show them one thing and do another. Time to pull out whatever rabbits we have in our proverbial hat.... Who are their backups? We are getting thin...
  2. Here is an acronym that is applicable in a lot of arenas...OODA Observe Orient Decide Act The key is to process faster than your adversary can react. Kind of being a "fast blinker" and it's not just for the QB... https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2014/10/16/6986819/chip-kelly-revolutionized-nfl-ooda-loop-eagles-profile-bio https://www.athleticadvantage.com.au/2018/09/06/the-ooda-loop/
  3. Wasn't it Purdue that said they knew they'd score when they saw how we lined up and would get the TD....I think you are on to something. They do seem to make their first step in a direction that at times is not where the play is going.
  4. The guy who has a track rcord with QB's ie recruit/develop success if Frost. Unsure how much influence Verduzco has on them at NU vs Milton at UCF.....IMHO, I would like to see less of his "mad scientist" approach. Wouldn't bother me if Frost parted ways. That is one position I have seen zero growth from. Sadly RB is probably the next with no growth. next man up is year two of Wan'dale come get a beat down.....
  5. I'm hoping we come out in a 5 man front. Let the DB's go man. Force them to pass. Put 11 guys in the box. You know adjust to take away their strengths....Won't happen, but a guy can dream.... I'd love to see also see us come out in 2 back sets the entire game. We have no passing threat so make this a clock control smash mouth physical game. See who breaks first. Tell the staff on both sides this game is an audition for next season. Pass or fail.
  6. He wasn't in the same vein as the others mentioned IMHO.
  7. No facts other than opinion, if you are Frost's "guy" you seem to get more "opportunities"....Mo Washington comes to mind last year. Bell in 2018....Cam continuing to start....Maybe this is players perception as well.....Neither Gebbia, O'Brien were Frost guys....I think Noah followed Frost....Verduzco has outlived his worth at NU IMHO. Again pure speculation just trying to figure out how we got to where we are....
  8. can't disagree with the bolded. I said before, build an O for a street fight....The B1G is a physical, smash mouth league. Build an O with the mentality of hammer meet nail.
  9. I have bagged on Chin a lot. However, the reality is that we are 1-3 not because of the O, but in spite if it. The only win is squarely because of Chin....IMHO, if we played more (almost every down) in press coverage, it would help us tremendously. Slow down the receiver, mess up the timing routes, don't let them get into a back pedaling DB on a blocking route etc....Worked well for Sanders. Knock them down, off their route or out of bounds.....DB's need to be freed up to play physical at the LOS.
  10. Coaching makes a world of difference. Some teams have much better staffs. Remember in 2008 when NU beat Clemson with Dabo at the helm (Jan 2009)....Clemson went one way and we went the other....
  11. You are honestly not concerned with any of this? None of it? These are not the comments of a team that has turned the corner, established a winning culture...This team is grabbing at straws trying to figure out WTH is going on and how to fix it. Sadly, I do not think they even know where to start or what is the cause. It's gotta keep Frost up at night.
  12. Translation. We are going to be Iowa and they are going to try and be something different than the week before or the week before that, but basically we will push them around and beat their a$$ in the trenches....And run the ball. Early and often and letting them know up front because they can't and won't stop it...
  13. Reading this thread and others, this team and staff is a complete unmitigated disaster. Finally practicing hard. Serious.....this time......Toughest practice. Focused. WTH is going on. There has got to be a disconnect, lack of buy in, lack of trust between players and coaches....No way does a team 3 years in have these issues if they are on the same page.
  14. What Marvin Sanders could do with these guys playing bump and run...........3rd and 8? Chin has them play off 12 yards.....Don't want to get burned deep....And sadly, the D is the only reason we have a win.....
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