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  1. Well, if we are going to look at AM, we need to look at the supporting cast. Oz-last 1000 yard rusher JD-another receiving threat Farmer Foster Despite the record, that was Frost's best O since he has been here. His QB and other coaches kids. Not to mention, guys who hadn't spent years with the gurus on the O staff. The D struggled. IIRC, that 2018 team scored the most of any of Frosts teams. 5 one score losses...... Side note, I am really ecited to see how AM does at KSU.
  2. I have been a fan a long time. Never even noticed it. I guess when you are looking, you can always find something. All I saw was some fat AF fingers. But that's just me.
  3. This for sure. Stanley Morgan Jr is the only 1000 yrd receiver in schools history IIRC. One. Our red zone could have benefited greatly using AA and Vok.....The O had a lot of issues last year. The main reason we have an all new crew but Beckton.
  4. Looking at what Beck did while at NU and what he has done elsewhere was and is pretty impressive. I really think losing Carl and Marvin hurt Bo quite a bit. I also think his rather inexperienced staff hurt him as well. Not a lot of experience to bounce ideas off of or a deep well to drink from. Even though Bo toted his share and then some of beat downs, I'd love to get some of those 9/10 win seasons back for sure. TBH, I would have been very happy had he been offered the job as OC. I agree with about Beck and his issues, it wasn't his scheme per se, but his in game adjustments or lack there of that really hurt. Side note, while he was still at NU, I was eating at a local spot in NC and had on Husker T-shirt. Girl behind the counter asks if I lived there/ was a fan and I said yes. She said her uncle was a coach there and said it was Tim Beck. I said next time you talk to him, please ask him to run more option. She laughed and said she was sure a lot of people think that.
  5. I'm thinking the same thing. 3rd round seems reasonable for sure. You can't teach size. And he has it. You don't get the B1G TE for nothing. Looking at the TE's the B1G has and has put in the league. But again, I'm biased.
  6. With the B1G accolades, why was he not invited to the NFL combine. I thought he did a great job for NU this year. I thought he'd be a lock for the NFL. Maybe that's just my homer fan glasses.
  7. That OL is the stick that stirs the drink. They just seem to consistently just wash, rinse and repeat. Do a great job of developing the talent they do have. Be interested if they get Williams, will they use his mobility first and passing second. Reminds me of when they got Russell Wilson. Hoping Raiola will bring some of that OL mentality to NU. Was really hoping more out of Austin with his Husker ties...Also hoping that all pieces if the O staff will share a same common vision that has all of the parts pulling in the same direction where each position group complements the other.
  8. Thanks. I was back and forth between windows. Now you make it look even worse. LOL. I'm still 4-8/5-7. As you mentioned this is "better" and maybe it's because it is "easier", but sure not where I thought we'd be in year 5. Looking at a 2 game improvement at 507 and our best record since 2019 under Frost. 1-8 in conference last year. Best has been 3 conference wins since he's been here. SMH....
  9. My bad, Indiana. My comment wasn't aimed at you, but people think it will be easier. The 2 cupcakes and neither Rutgers or Indiana are gimmes. We are 0-4 against Iowa and Wiskey. 0-2 against Michigan. OU will be solid with Venables at the helm. 1-3 against Purdue, 2-2 against Illinois, 2-2 against NW, 1-0 against Indiana and 1-0 against Rutgers. Unsure if we have beat a team with a winning record since 2018. I just don't see anything in the pst 4 years that makes me think anything will be easy or easier for NU moving forward next year. 2023? Absolutely. Next year, just too many questions. QB, Center, NT, scheme, cohesiveness of team. I'm hoping that with ST play and the new O staff we make some improvements where it counts and that's in the win column. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  10. I won't sugar coat it, We suck. 4 losing seasons with each worse than the season before. So we were close in 2021. But not where it matters. In the W/L column. Frost made needed changes (2 years late IMO), got a good staff put together and has cobbled together a decent class for sure. Hope this season it clicks and we can go bowling and Frost uses this season to start a long history ending in the greatest coach in NU history.
  11. Same. OOC sure, but the other teams not so much. Rutgers and Maryland are not gimmes....Where are our 6 wins? That's why I think Frost in 2023 has nothing to do with our W/L record.
  12. Is Clifford still there? He must be like 40 by now. Kinda like when Kerry Meier was at KU
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