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  1. The wire is worth the watch. Jack Ryan season 1 was better than season 2 IMHO. Still entertaining. I heard The Americans is very good...
  2. I think this is where a lot of fans are......So if we don't perform this year, what is the excuse? Schedule? The Rona? No JD? I really have no idea. Just tired of being less than average....I am hoping Austin and Lubick will make things happen on O....
  3. A winning season, bowling and a signature win (as you mentioned) would be HUGE. I think it would prove to the kids that the "system", "methodology" etc is working....It'd show the fans as well... .If we could find a way to win those close games (even splitting last years 2-4 record) we would've gone bowling....Eventually we will figure it out right?????????
  4. Hell, I am nervous about SDSU. It took AA to beat McNeese St........ As to the back 5 being brutal, IIRC they all finished top 15 last year....That's pretty rough. Even without the rankings, I haven't seen NU do anything yet to make me think we can beat those teams yet.
  5. I am really hoping that with Austin as the run game coordinator, we will see a much improved run game. Hoping that and the OL will be able to pound on teams much more so than in previous years.....Really hoping JD is back.
  6. I'd have to agree with you there. Maybe Lubick will find a way to get our TE's involved. they could tremendously help in the red zone.
  7. Not much else football related. Some good comments about our chances. Most agree with the fans that if don't have it locked up by Halloween, it could be year 4 without a bowl.....Most do mention losing 4 games by a TD or less......Several mention their opinions are based on JD returning....And healthy AM 1.0 return.... Personally, that schedule is rough. Throw in a new DL, huge questions at WR, one proven RB etc and it could get rough. I am thinking 5-7......I did like this little comment. Have to agree... If the Huskers can pull six wins out of that schedule, with that roster, Frost should be a Big Ten Coach of the Year candidate. I like this one as well....... But if they do, they will have absolutely earned any bid they get. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/nebraska-football-will-cornhuskers-make-bowl-2020 This season will test he character and mettle of this staff and team.... Thoughts?
  8. Not an alarmist, but I HOPE we do not lift the travel restrictions or whatever POTUS wants to do as early as one week from now.....Let's keep to closures, hope the stimulus passes and we can truly mitigate this. IMHO, non-expert opinion, looking at the incredibly mobile and fluid population we have, I do not think trying to only regulate "hot spots" will work. But that's just me.
  9. Talked to a neighbor the other day.....Coronavirus came up. Happens he is a research scientist that studies respiratory virus. Works at our local (prominent hospital). Says we are not doing much to flatten the curve. Thinks things are worse off than they appear to "prevent panic". Thinks we should do a nationwide lockdown. Says hand washing and social distancing are the key. Doesn't see a lot of that save for the cities going into lockdown........Had a neighbor just lose both parents in CT in a matter of days to Covid. It is a MFer....Plain and simple. People need to listen to the CDC. Gas, grocery and doctors and that's it.....NC Gov just cancelled school (K-12) until May 15....All colleges/universities on line only.....Bars/Restaurants already closed. Weds tattoo parlors, sweepstakes, movie theatres , nail salons, hair salons etc..... Stay well Huskerboard. Help those who need it. Be human... And if I am wrong, who cares. I spend more quality time with the fam, get back to basics, be a better human......
  10. Muchas gracias. Sh!t gets old. Coronavirus doesn't see politics.....
  11. I refuse to drink the kool-aid this season, but I am liking everything I am reading coming from Austin and Lubick. I know the scheme will be the same, but I expect it to "look like" nothing we have seen yet.
  12. NC not a lot of social distancing.......Lowes/Home Depot packed.....Restaurants are closed for take out only. Gambling is illegal, but we have "sweepstakes" businesses (video poker/fish games) that are PACKED out (illegal gambling)......Hoping people understand we are in the mitigation phase and half a$$ed trying won't get it done....
  13. A LONG article, but puts forth a lot of great information. Personally, I feel that we are being bombarded and getting information overload. Hard to decipher facts from intent........Once the frenzy starts, it's hard to stop it. Then you have the poltics being thrown in.........Your article does put things in a "calmer" less "panicked" perspective.....
  14. Here is a scary article...... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8132575/How-does-pace-coronavirus-outbreak-compare-China.html
  15. Here is a list of free streaming (extended trials) from USA Today. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/tv/2020/03/18/coronavirus-free-tv-movies-stream-you-quarantine-home/5074254002/ All Peloton content is free for 90 days. No CC required. https://www.onepeloton.com/app More workout videos https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-free-online-workout-gyms-live-stream-classes-during-outbreak/
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