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  1. If we can't recruit what we "want" then develop what we "can". It's that simple. Development has been pitiful on much of the O side of the ball. I'll add recruiting misses and injuries didn't help.
  2. I'd have to think roids. Maybe an opiate for some pain. Can't imagine herb would get a full year. Sucks that if it was legit meds from Germany, there couldn't be some grace shown. A year is severe IMO. but then again, I do not know what the circumstances were. Can we please bring Frank back on staff, even as a consultant, and break the curse.
  3. Honestly, I truly hope he has great success. Dude gave his all for the program. Would love to finally see him get his redemption season....
  4. Sadly, I said this at the end of last year. I don't think him staying has anything to do the W-L record. Too many built in excuses. New staff, new scheme, a lot of new faces. Inexperienced OL coach. Lost our leading WR/TE/QB/DL/DB's etc....Then throw in the team trying to gel......I know the schedule "looks easier", but there 5 "should be" wins, but unsure where the 6th will come from. If it was about the W-L record Frost should have never been kept. As @walksalonementioned, if it was anyone but Frost, he'd already be gone. In a normal world, 6-6 and a bowl should have been expressed by Trev as the minimum in order to continue into 2023.
  5. Read LSU wanted him as LB. Will they keep him as a safety or create a position for him on D. Looks to be a great get. I really don't like Bama at all, but you can't argue Saban and Co can identify talent and develop it. Fish seems to be able to develop his room for sure.
  6. Any idea if it will be available on one of the streaming services?
  7. And we are still seeing the results of lack of development and misses for sure. Hard to make up ground when each year we seem to start from scratch.
  8. Matty balled out. One of the best open field tacklers I can remember. Didn't he have lke 9 INT's against OU?
  9. With our previous 4 seasons as a reference, going 1-3 would be an improvement. At that makes me puke to even type that. 1-3 as "winning"....
  10. Did not live up to the hype. I am hoping that with another year he will be able to read and react. Never thought of him as even in the conversation to replace JoJo...
  11. That team had some DUDES. No doubt.
  12. Sh!t. Typing from iPad on that one. Should have been "His success on the field will be hard if not impossible TO REPLACE in the first year without him. Dude is irreplaceable.
  13. JoJo was a DUDE. His success on the field will be hard if not impossible in the first year without him. IIRC, they created a position specifically for JoJo. Much like Bo with Haag IIRC.
  14. With all of the talent coming out of the state of Texas, they have woefully underperformed. With all of that homegrown talent, they should be in the conversation most years. There's no doubt that to win, "blue chip" players will make up the bilk of your roster. But Texas shows that coaching also counts.
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