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  1. lo country

    Riley and Eichorst are off the books.

    Good for NU. Glad he never has to be associated with NU any longer.
  2. No doubt about the bolded part. Three HC's and as many coordinators, position coaches etc....A testament to the seniors who have persevered and continued to put in work every day. They have led from the front and have helped get something started here. Kudos to the staff for flipping the culture, getting the buy in and for the first time in years have the NU train going in the same direction. Future looks bright.
  3. lo country

    Defensive Philosophy

    To add, outside of Mo, we are really lacking at LB. We don't have a true starting NT for a 3-4. No average + edge rusher etc.....A great O and sh!tty D don't have to go hand in hand......We can have an explosive up tempo O and a shut down D. Watching the games, many times our D has made mistakes in the execution of said scheme. ie missed tackle, over pursues, bite on fakes etc....The bright side is no denying we have improved as the season has progressed. We are recruiting talent and looking at the Juco route for contributors....Not to say I'm sold on Chin, but it's year one.......I like what Frost has done so far.
  4. lo country

    Here To Explain: Illinois

    Haha. I think with it was like 40%! Without it, no real passing game!
  5. lo country

    Here To Explain: Illinois

    Tommie did that like a boss IMHO. What a great play. The complexities in the simplistic...TO was a genius. Frost shows great promise.
  6. lo country

    Michigan State Week Pressers

    Well now it's not anonymous........Great. How can we continue to post about people doing the rolling eyes and now the sad face if the people who do them own up... Since this is now the new norm, I just anonymously laugh faced your comment.
  7. lo country

    What did we learn: Illinois

    Honest question. Why is running an uptempo offense automatically equate to a defense that is subpar? Why is it people think we can't have a quick strike, high octane O AND a solid top 20 defense? I am lost as we can't have both. I understand that a quick strike O puts the D back on quicker, but can't they same be said for Chins "TO" D.......Getting a stop is getting a stop. If the key to our O is getting the ball as much as it can, wouldn't it also ring true to have a D that gets that ball back quicker through TO's (INT/Fumble), punts or whatever means possible.........Clemson (with Watson) had a pretty quick strike O and a lock down D.... For full disclosure, I'm not sold on Chin, BUT we don't have a huge snapshot of his abilities as a DC given time to recruit and get his players and scheme going. IIRC, we now have more TFL, INT's, PBU and fumbles than all of last year. I'm too lazy to look, but I'm guessing in any season of Riley's tenure. This was with Riley's players and the addition of Neal. Look at the success of Frost's O with his #1 get in AM. And development of the others.....(We also had more "talent" to begin with) Chin took over an 0-12 team with Frost and had them undefeated with Frost in year 2. Not bad. I still think we need a top 20 D to win a NC. Statistics tend to show this. Chin has been a DC for 3 years....Basically rebuilding programs at each stop. Talent is on the way. S&C is gaining. Culture is changing. One huge area that would get us much better is the kids playing sound assignment football. Hold your gap, set the edge (IIRC Chin teaches to keep the skill guys to your inside), don't bite on every head bob, pump fake, bait and switch etc.....Oh and tackle.....As we move forward and start getting depth, I think you start seeing guys riding the pine who can't grasp the basics. We are also running a 3-4 without a "true" NT, and LB play that to date, hasn't been stellar. The D will be much better with the addition of Honas (IMO), JoJo with another year and Mo back. Throw in Daniels in better shape at NT and we look completely different. (In reality, defensively I'm unsure how many guys on D were really recruited for a 3-4 on the roster) Recruit an average to better than average edge rusher and we look different...... Day by day........
  8. lo country

    Nebraska v Michigan State: 11 am on FOX

    I'll have what you're having! We have always played them tough. In the past, we've had their number. There defense if playing very well. BUT we have scored over 30 points per game our last 5 outings.....Offensively, we can score. To date, we have shown we are finally not just a one dimensional team. Shut down the one, risk the other. We have had better luck, IMHO, when we get Oz going. I truly think our D will stop their O one more time than they stop ours. Don't think they are built to win in a shoot out. GBR!
  9. lo country

    New member

    Welcome to the board! A great board with some great folks.
  10. lo country

    What did we learn: Illinois

    Here is a good article on UCF's D in 2017 and comparing a few previous years........Not really sure how to relate it to NU as I haven't seen comparable metrics. They got a ton of TO's and gave up 1.71 points per offensive possession. Unsure what we are currently giving up..... We need an infusion of talent for sure. The guys also have to play sound fundamental techniques. Don't over run the play, set the edge, stay home etc....Oh and when you are in a position to tackle, tackle or at least grab a hold of the guy. S&C has improved as evidenced by individual improvements, but the comparisons were against their own numbers. Not compared to the same position group at Clemson, Bama, UM, OU etc.....Change is evident. It is continuing. We need (pointing thumb) to remember how horrible we were under Riley. Aside from Martinez, Washington and Neal (maybe TE's) are there any new guys contributing on a regular basis? I also think Frost is smart enough to realize the D will need to improve in most areas. Day by day. https://www.blackandgoldbanneret.com/2018/6/19/17970746/how-good-was-ucf-s-defense-in-2017
  11. lo country

    What did we learn: Illinois

    Agree. The staff sees the need and is addressing it. This offense will start to recruit itself for sure.....Defensively, I think kids will want to come here to have the possibility to play immediately. We still have a roster of true fresh who are still learning, still in the S&C and are still freshman.....
  12. lo country

    What did we learn: Illinois

    Our offense is going to be deadly-Just need to continue to recruit well and continue to develop. Frost has impressed as he continues to evolve as a play caller. Has learned to eat clock when needed. (Although I questioned the 5 straight incomplete passes prior to TD by Stoll) POY to Oz. He has silently plodded away day in and day out. Finally has gotten his chance to step into the light. And he has shined bright. Morgan/Spielman-Great again OL-Is improving. Still struggles at times, bit outside of Bama and Clemson, who doesn't. The D- Watching today with a "more critical eye". We are lacking in talent, BUT many times guys were in position, but missed plays. Hold your gap, set the edge, keep the RB/WR to your inside shoulder. Break down to tackle. Don't bite on the PA, the head bob, the fake, misdirection etc....Players do, but our entire D seems to..............That's not scheme. That's players. As it relates to talent. 3 of our LB commits are 3 of the 18 finalists for the HS Butkus award....That's talent. Several lack the "nose for the ball" (talent/instinct). We need an above average edge rusher (talent). We need a dominant NT (talent and S&C). We are recruiting towards a better D. Reality is points don't matter, but final D rankings do. Statistically, the NC's are top 20. Usually top 10..... To add, Honas back next year. Dixon another year. Bootle, JoJO, Cam, Miller etc will all be much improved next year as well... The brutal and raw honesty and emotion are so welcomed. From the honest coach speak, the hugging players on the side, the we need talent etc...... Day by day........
  13. lo country

    1,000 Yard Receiver Watch

    If only we had a bowl game to give them all 3 more.....
  14. lo country

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    I honestly think we might have.