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  1. So watching Miami Hurricanes last night, it got me wondering about the addition of Lubick as OC. How will, if any different the Huskers will look. Miami picked up Gus Malzahn disciple Rhett Lashlee as OC and it shows.....Herbstreit said that his trade mark is not taking his foot off the gas. Again it showed. I also liked this quote: Lashlee told the media on Monday that “you throw the ball to score but you run the ball to win” Also talked about getting the ball out quicker to have the OL not pass block as long. Made me think of Verduzco's philosophy of a quick blinker. Someone who can see the field and get rid pf the ball. I bring this all up to wonder if NU on O will look any different under Lubick than it did under Walters. I know Frost is the OC, but will Lubick have a bigger role? Will he actually be the OC or in name only? Will he give the QB less "reads" to play faster and keep the D on their heels. Play calling the past two years hasn't been stellar at times. Is this the year NU finally has an offense capable of scoring form anywhere on the field. Do we actually have success in the screens, quicks outs etc....The ability to get tough yards in the trenches reliably....
  2. NU will surprise this year. Covid did something that Frost and Co couldn't do. This train is now pulling 100% in the same direction. His stance through this has solidified the team, state and fan base. We want to be respected? Start winning. Beat the big boys. We will be a different team this year. Listening to Urb heap accolades on Day and OSU for single handedly saving the season and leading the charge would make me put this game in red. The raze tour starts then. Set em up and shut em down.....NU is getting not one ounce of respect from the talking heads. In what they did to get the B1G to play and as an after thought in this conference. (Respect is earned not given) Time to earn it.
  3. Why the hell not. Might be the only Husker games we get all year. 1-0 baby!
  4. I don't know TBH. I would assume guys who transfer could apply to get a waiver to play this year. Just a guess though.
  5. All the schools in Fl are playing.....Makes you wonder if the B1G's mismanagement just gave the other conferences a lot of great transfers....
  6. None. We are playing. We aren't. We voted. Maybe we didn't. We are looking at a Spring schedule, er I mean a late start in November. We followed the best med advise. It was flawed.....I think the B1G had no plan at all. Didn't read the audience and wasn't ready for the back lash.....
  7. A positive in a current depressing start to football 2020....
  8. It's not football, but it's NU! IMHO, this would be a great thing to do on social media. Get famous Huskers, celebrities, fans etc to do this "carpool karaoke". Get some great exposure.
  9. Occam's razor right here.......The B1G (whom ever ultimately made the decision) failed miserably. I don't think "they" had any intention to play or a plan.....It was a massive failure across the board......I am unsure if some true "college towns" will survive without football. Look at schools cutting sports, cutting salaries, furloughing employees.....And they haven't even missed the season yet.....
  10. Doesn't change the fact it was a complete mismanaged 5 months with no plan in place.....
  11. Moveon has over 186,000 The WH has 90 now! Come on Husker Nation!
  12. Did this one. What the hell, I'll sign the one up top also!
  13. I like it. Thanks for posting it. There has been so much information/misinformation and out right lies how can you really listen to or get sound advise....Base the decision on the protocols to "check" the risks.....Not on opinion. Throw in your son is a walk on SR.....One more year of tuition.......
  14. I'm sick of politics. Can we move this to the political forum. I'm inundated enough.....Thanks
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