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  1. @MavricThanks for posting. Some good stuff. Nice battles. Benhart appears to be a beast.
  2. Looking at those old pics, we need to bring back the white wrist and finger tape. Nothing says bad a$$ line the white cloth tape on each knuckle and around your wrists and hands.....And neck rolls...Maybe are new throwback could also be half shirts.
  3. The actual quote.... “I’m hoping the Big Ten has to modify their system for us,” Frost said confidently, resulting in a loud cheer from the group of current and former players and NU administration. Bottom line, for better or worse, Frost was hoping that the B1G would have to "modify" "adjust""change" "alter" "adjust" etc their respective "system" "structure""organization" "method" "technique" etc........It is what it is. Had he been successful, we would all love the quote. As it is, we are 12-20 and no one has adjusted anything. Other than to get us on their schedule.....I'
  4. Interesting read concerning 5 walk-ons whose dad's were Huskers. They are all high on Frost and the direction of the program. The two grown men — on the same Nebraska teams in 1995 and 1996 — talked about old times. Then Booker delivered a good-natured jab: When are the Huskers coming back? “He gave a stern answer like, ‘This is our year,'” Booker said. “I was like, ‘Good, because my son is coming.’ Frost has confidence in the team and we have confidence in him. We’re going to go to war with Frost.” https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/recruiting/sons-of-huskers-becom
  5. I think was why Frost was available after the UF interest. They wanted Frost, but not his staff. In year 4 we are long on potential, but short on results. I'll be the first to admit I bagged on Chin, but whatever he is doing is starting to work. We have experienced leadership at all 3 levels and more importantly depth......I never thought heading into year 4, Frost would be 12-20. We would have lost our top offensive weapon 2 years in a row, no WR depth again, no RB depth again, and no experienced QB...... It's going to be hard to get better when we continually have
  6. I had honestly forgotten some of them. I thought my choices were solid and then read some others....We truly suck. And have....Blowout losses, losses to schools decimated by injury, covid, etc....And you have to ask, have we even hit bottom yet. We seem to be in free fall. The D is improving, but the O has gotten worse in each of Frost's years.....2021 be better? Here's to hoping we get it turned around.....And after years of poor play, 6-6 and bowl would seem like we won the NC. And that's pathetic. But it's a step. And I'll take it.
  7. BYU in 2015.....Hail Mary....Lost home opening winning streak IIRC. The entire college football world knew what I knew when I googled our new HC. Dude sucked. And we have never recovered.... I've got to say Minnie 2020 was one......They were down to volunteers who practiced for about 3 days and beat us....... Illinois 2020
  8. Honest question. Is the lack of him getting any interest indicative of us "missing" on a player. Not a good evaluation or thinking that we could take a "great" athlete and turn him into that diamond in the rough...
  9. Isn't this what Ed Reed does at Miami? He is on staff in the position of "Chief of Staff"....
  10. I approve of this message. Wonder why we don't use a TE as a HB. Perhaps we did and I missed it. Seems a great way to get more of our most talented (and deepest) position group on the field. Run 12/13 personnel and have one go to an HB.....Use what we have. Not what we want. I also like the idea of a true FB. Something primal about that position....
  11. Not too high on SUH or Lavonte. Maybe I am reading it wrong....Unsure how the actually measure. But thought both would have higher point totals...
  12. Lighten up Francis.......You forgot the smiley face in your quote.........And to date, stronger and faster hasn't translated into wins under Frost......
  13. Like to see Tony, Fish and Ruud get some incentive base or salary increase. Really thought the DL would have takena step back, but didn't. IMO, The ILB's played the best they have since Frost's arrival. The DB's are one area that continue to play well and are probably the deepest and most experienced roster spot on the team. The D, while not a top 20 unit, has steadily improved each year. If they could just start even breaking even on TO's......
  14. Imagine that Husker Power with Oregon speed! I knew it was bad, but seeing it laid out like that we truly struggle with their running game. Take out the 2012 (game 1) and they were at 7.5 yards per carry. Thx for putting that together.
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