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  1. Get him 100%. Like you said, why risk further possibly long term issues.
  2. Noa not in pads today either....Neither was Henrich....Damn we beat up.
  3. If we beat Maryland, we beat Iowa.....I expect to see the O actually put together a solid 4 quarters of play. The D with an infusion of youth does better. Chin will call these next two games as though his job depends on it. I am optimistic that we see a NU team take the field that we have not yet seen this season. From players (like last week) to scheme and play calling on both sides......
  4. I liked Frank. Thought he needed to let go of some staff to save his job (which he did) and thought he deserved more time. I also think had Carl Crawford come, it might have been different......Hind sight I guess.....
  5. He has quietly and professionally put together an incredible career at NU. He keeps his head down and works. A great asset to this team.
  6. Can't disagree with a thing....Any D would look much better with a serviceable pass rusher. And I am with you. Doesn't even have to be great or all B1G....just serviceable and the D looks much better.
  7. Any idea what the points were in those wins for the B1G teams. Interesting to see how we rate on yards/point vs those with the winning percentages.
  8. Wow. Big plays or bust........Someone else had posted the average points scored per yard and NU again is under performing on that front as well. Our O has the inability to close the deal and our D gives up too many points. Obvious statement. That can't all be on the "lack of talent". You don't buck those percentages without breakdown all around......How to you honestly fix it? Based on yardage alone it appears we have the talent to get them. Why can't we push it in?
  9. Really good positives in there. Besides the BS sideline penalty, I can’t even remember what the other one was. Mills rushing for 188, against the number 2 D, is nothing to laugh at either. I think this was the most total yards their D gave up all year. Maybe 2nd to OSU......TE’s got involved, Noa with 3 grabs...... A lot of new guys seeing some playing time. Trying to build some depth. We have a ways to go. Both players and staff, but we will get there. Gonna take longer than expected (speaking for myself) as I figured 2021 we’d be good to go, but next year looks brutal.
  10. Frost has said that Chin runs the D and he looks at film. Frost needs to realize he is the HC and oversee the team like he is....He can’t parcel out responsibilities to other guys and only be concerned about his area of expertise. He has to trust his guys, but steer the ship as well.....I think his presser was telling saying if the D could hold teams to less than 30.....
  11. I watched OU last night come back down from 25. J Herd stepped up like a boss, (during a 3 TO night) and played like a man possessed. Lincoln Reilly Road him (his legs and arm) to the biggest come from behind victory for OU in history....I say this for 2 reasons. You ride the hot hand. Period. For whatever reason that was Wan’dale until injury (IMHO he and Mills are not inter changeable). And I say this as Mills was running like his a$$ was on fire and his hair was catching. Frost should have let him get more than 5 touches that 2nd half. Yes we were down 2 scores, but that was 30 minutes Mills could’ve run and run and run......
  12. They played with Riley. I know they were recruited by Bo. The narrative is that he was weak, created a weak culture, no accountability etc......My point being, I'd love to have had those 4 guys this year.
  13. Gotta agree with both of you( @PaulCrewe). Do I think our O will improve next year? Yes. I honestly thought it would be better this year.....This staff, like all others, needs to play with the cards it's been dealt. Other coaches and teams across the country appear to be doing that and doing it well. It bugs me that we blame Riley for all the woes/culture/lack of talent etc...., But IMHO, the reason the O is struggling is the loss of 4 Riley guys......I'd be tired, as a player, of continually being talked to about culture and lack of buy in/athleticism. I'll be the first to call out myself for calling out players..... What is the staff doing to combat this? Willing to change play calling to "protect" the O and D? Better manage the RS's. Use the 4 games to get them experience? I look at the Wisky game yesterday. Mills goes beast mode for 188 and only gets 5 touches in the 2nd. I know we were playing from behind, but 30 minutes is enough time to lean on your bell cow. Let him do what he had done the first half....Help the LB's so the ILB is not asked to cover a WR or RB across the field. What has frustrated me forever is the recent OC's Beck/Lang's?Wats would "stop themselves" instead of making the D stop them. At the end of the day, I need to remind myself Frost is in year 4 as a HC....Ruud in year 1....Chin in year 4 as DC etc....And I might be wrong, but would think the B1G is more difficult to navigate than the AAC. Just gonna take time.
  14. Me. @Mavric showed where other schools that are doing well are at. It's a way to gauge where we are at in comparisons to where we want to be. Just another metric to look at...........
  15. Appreciate it @Mavric I wanted to see how "close" we are with our recruiter rankings to the other teams that are doing well.
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