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  1. Here is a good article. At first glance of Auburn's ST last year opponents KO and PR returns were rough. 2018 was better, but this article speaks to some issues that we have/had....Here is an excerpt showing some "adjustments and analysis". One thing I thought Frost had said at the start was "if you don't want to play on ST's, you won't start"...Alluding to the best athletes would play AND be on ST. Didn't/hasn't appeared to be the case. I am ASSuming being 1 deep in every spot sure hasn't helped.... Like I've said before, surely we can't be worse. Something was clearly off with Auburn’s punt coverage unit, and the team addressed that after the Tulane game. Siposs wasn’t matching the height of his punts with the distance, slightly affecting the hangtime of his punts, while the coverage unit missed some key tackles as well. Siposs has since adjusted, and the coverage group also benefited from the return of speedster Anthony Schwartz, who is used as a gunner on punt coverage and has the ability to close out on punts to help prevent returns. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2019/10/assessing-auburns-special-teams-at-midseason.html
  2. I know he is an analyst, but what actual coach will he be working with?
  3. I have tempered optimism.....Surely we won't be worse......Special teams can't be worse (I have no idea who the coach is so I might eat these words), a healthy AM with other guys right behind, "better" receiver group (on paper) etc.... I am concrened about the losses on the DL....and LJax at CB. I also think that Frost letting staff go has sent a message (direct or inferred) that expectations are high and staff and starters will be held to it.....The distraction of Mo being gone should help as well.
  4. Nice pump up video for sure. AM did look a little slimmer. Could also be from not really lifting for a few months with the surgeries (IIRC knee and shoulder?)
  5. Not a current player on the roster, but Daniel Bullocks is the San Fran safeties coach....I mean he was a Husker......
  6. Barrow had a rather average 2018. Bring in Joe Brady and game around his skill set and dudes all everything. Optimistically, maybe AM has the same jump with Lubick as OC...I know he isn't the passing game QB, but maybe his experience and working with receivers etc translates to improvement. And the QB room is loaded with potential for sure.
  7. Man, I have got to start using the sarcasm emoji!
  8. The most scientific metric to determine the S&C of a team is the "eye ball" test. To date, we are looking better than we have in the past, but as you mentioned, not looking like a team that will make a run for the conference. Again, to get a roster full of those guys will take a lot of S&C, recruiting "ready" kids and keeping those we get.....
  9. This. Commitment should mean something.......Or as mentioned above, "recruited" to fill a gap....."back fill" a schollie etc...
  10. Or the most focused, best chemistry, hardest we have worked etc.....
  11. 4-8 at worst. 6-6 at best. Anything better than that will be great. Gotta go bowling...This is a team that has suffered 3 losing seasons.....They need to learn to win. I do not think that will happen over night. IIRC, our final 5 games are against teams that finished in the top 15 in 2019...That's a murderers row for sure.
  12. Bolievers and the Boleavers.........
  13. Not to mention 4-3 against Purdue since joining the B1G.....Sadly, regardless of perception, at the end of the day the scoreboard doesn't lie........We have a lot of work to do. Wins is what matters. And roght now, we have been on the short end of winning......
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