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  1. Thanks for posting. Completely different than a quick tweet
  2. TBH, not a good look. Especially from a coach with our record......Better to be silent than open up your mouth and let the talking heads run wild with it.....IIRC Walsh left and Frost transferred after so not exactly the same as Luke's situation.
  3. I'm cautiously optimistic for one reason. He was a 5* kid on a team with 5* kids. Not getting much playing time isn't as concerning coming from OSU as say a 5* kid transferring from a low tier power 5 school that couldn't crack the roster. ie from Maryland to NU. Even though we are closer to Maryland than OSU and that hurts....
  4. Here is an article concerning AM and his TO woes and where he ranks. It’s not good. We are going to need MUCH better ball security from him this season to get to 6 wins IMHO. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-martinez-gets-rough-review-from-analyst-and-nus-fisher-promises-nothing/article_b1e9415d-10b2-5116-9645-26169cae2531.amp.html
  5. Not about AM at all. Just pointing out that even with all world production at QB, Mahomes lost those games......meaning nothing more than I posted. Football is a team sport. In those losses, other guys failed......It will take the NU O, at all levels and positions to succeed. NEVER thought AM was ever close or could be close to those numbers.......Wasn't about AM at all TBH.....Just stating the obvious. And @Mavricpost shows that. Football is a team sport. Your assumption I was trying to compare AM to Mahomes.
  6. Great example that this game is a team sport.....734 yards/5 TDs and still lose.......Damn And that's what worries me the most. We are long on potential on O and really short on proven guys.....
  7. Dude plays a lot more physical than his weight would suggest. Looks aggressive and not afraid to come in a lay the wood.
  8. That's why we need depth. They will miss a half here and there for targeting.
  9. I'll be the first to admit that I thought he was horrible year 1. Then as the season(s) progressed, I realized that he and the D were not at fault, but the O did nothing to hold up their end of the bargain. And it's still that way. The culture seems to have taken hold, development of players seems be getting done and that entire side of the ball regarding the staff seems to be better IMO. Statistically they have improved each year. I'll take that and the eyeball test to say they are getting things turned around. Would still feel better about this season as a whole if Honas was going to play
  10. Hard to disagree with anything you said. TBH, I agree with all of it. I'd feel better about the offense with a healthy Fidone and on defense with a healthy Honas. I think the D will be top 50 as we have some legit guys at all 3 levels. The OL, has experience, potential and some depth. As does the DL. AM has yet to stay healthy. IMO, this was do to lack of a true #1 RB from the jump. Each season one has "emerged", but never really grabbed a hold at the start. It's really simplistic, but ultimately the O will go how AM goes. Insert obligatory-Yes, it all starts up front comment. If he
  11. I'm going with Manning on the eye test alone. Dude looks like he should live in the end zone.
  12. I'm going 6. Not wanting to set myself up for disappointment. Id rather be surprised with a better record.
  13. Six wins and get to a bowl (and preferably win). It has been so long since I have seen a complete 4 quarters of NU football that includes good at the basics ie blocking, penalties, TO's etc...I am tired of waiting so I will judge the Huskers simply by the W-L column. I could care less if the W's come from teams more mistake prone, snake bit, lesser coaching, the refs give us all the breaks, their all everything player can't go, incompetent clock management, new staff, lack of experience etc.....I could care less if we "look better", "play smarter", "try harder", "make less mistakes" etc and
  14. I think he has some name cache in the B1G. That will help. He won in the B1G and can recruit in a lot of the same places he did while at Wisconsin. Knowing the B1G will help as well. I also think the SEC West is a lot tougher than the B1G West. Wisky and Iowa then who? Bama, Auburn, LSU...... I just hope that we beat them.......
  15. I think he will do well there. And that's worrisome.
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