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  1. lo country

    Defensive Play

    Good to see that him passing the "eye ball" test is backed up by data... I agree. he needs a Black Shirt.
  2. lo country

    Interesting defensive stat we are top 5 nationally

    Here is the quote from Frost about TOP: A caller to the show asked Frost if there's a specific point where he worries the defense has been out there too long because the offense is going at such a pace. "Really, I think the problem lies when the offense is out on the field and don't score. If we're not on the field very long, we're not giving the defense time to rest and we don't come away with any points, then it becomes an issue," Frost said. "If we're on the field and score fast, you wouldn't trade that for any other result. "We got to be smart about it. I think it hurt us at the end of one game this year – leaving our defense out that long. We got to be a more efficient offense. Pick our spots with tempo. But we still need to call what we need to call on offense to give ourselves the best chance to score. Because at the end of the game, the score means more than time of possession." https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Nebraska-Huskers-coach-Scott-Frost-on-Adrian-Martinez-before-Big-Ten-game-against-Illinois-135822637/
  3. Reading an article on how we match up with Illinois came across this statistic through 3 games for the D: 238: Number of plays the Blackshirts have defended through three games (79.3 per game), more than all but four Division I teams out of 130. That is a crazy amount of plays. Easy to see that fatigue truly played apart in that game against CU. Interesting to see what Frost and Co do moving forward. Read that Frost had mentioned trying to help the D out, but getting points was more important. If we don't score is when it becomes an issue.
  4. lo country

    Find five more wins on our schedule

    Here's an article from Sip with an interview with Matt Millen. Kind of sums up the questions posed by the OP about our remaining wins this season. A couple of good points: Millen (correctly) thinks Nebraska winning the West is a long shot for a variety of reasons, including: Although Nebraska has explosive playmakers on offense, it could use one or two more of them, he said. Although Husker sophomore quarterback Adrian Martinez rebounded from a bad performance in Week 1, Millen senses his coaches are being somewhat cautious in how they use Martinez for fear an injury could derail the train. (Maybe Martinez "looks different" because he is being "used differently) Although the defense has improved, he said, it's still not where Nebraska ultimately wants it to rise. Although the team is well-coached, he sees an overall lack of consistency. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-millen-says-frost-needs-a-few-more/article_0e043892-2b19-541c-a345-7d36b330e446.amp.html
  5. lo country

    Find five more wins on our schedule

    Illinois - Win Ohio State - Loss Northwestern - Win Minnesota - Win Indiana - Win Purdue - Loss Wisconsin - Loss Maryland - Win Iowa - Loss I'm trying to be realistic. NIU we finally saw as close to a complete game as I have seen in years. Offense, defense and ST's showed up for all 4 quarters. If we play like that, I can see more wins. But then I go back to the first two games. I'm stepping away from the Kool-Aid bar and reading some of the pressers. We are a young team, inexperienced at key spots and have seen teams do things in each of our first 3 things that the staff hadn't prepared for. We still lack some experience to adjust on the fly to the degree we, and Frost would like. It's still too early to get a read on teams, just like it's hard to get a true read on us......NIU was a huge step in the right direction. Beating Illinois soundly will really increase the confidence of this team. And confidence is a good thing going into conference play. That CU loss in 2001 destroyed the program. The CU lost in 2019 might be the game we look back on as the one that re-built this program....
  6. lo country

    Cannot overlook Illinois

    A lot on the line Sat night. 900th win, Frost's first road win.....
  7. lo country

    Cannot overlook Illinois

    I think it's a very smart move. One play or formation that DC's see and think about before they play us. With different plays off the set.
  8. lo country

    Cannot overlook Illinois

    Two things, the fact we need a thread for this tells us all a lot about the program. The last being, as already posted, SURELY this team is not even remotely thinking they can over look any team on the schedule......IMHO, they will be locked on. I'd throw everything out in this game to put some incredibly exotic stuff on film for B1G DC's to wonder about. Some formations with Mo, Wan'dale and Mills on the field at the same time. 4 TE's. I'd even thrown in Luke as a WR or have some end around where he looks to throw......For three games now, I've read teams came out in looks we didn't expect, time to let the B1G start to have to do some work on us as well. Then for OC's, throw in some 5 man fronts with the Daniel's, Davis brothers and Ben or Alex. Do a series where the DL stands up like Bo against MSU. Again, throw it all on film.... We are not at the point where we can "hide something" until a "big game". We need all the real world practice we can get.
  9. lo country

    Illinois Week Pressers

    Said Bando and AJ Forbes taking reps at tackle this week as well. Be nice if we didn't need Jaimes or Cam this weekend....heal up 100% before OSU. Be great to be 100% across the board.
  10. lo country

    Possible Bowl Game Destinations

    FIFY I expected to go 8-4 this season. Lucky breaks 9-3. (4-8 is a hard tuen around in the B1G) CU was a hard loss. A lot more questions than answers. After 3 losing seasons in 4 years, I'll take a bowl. Any bowl. Extra practices, another national tv game and "proof" that the program is improving. I still think we can shock some people as NIU seemed to have us trending upwards. Continue against Illinois and see what happens.
  11. lo country

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    I think it also puts the D in a disadvantage to not make their pre-snap adjustments on blitzes and screens. Last year, we seemed more efficient and went at a quicker pace. Can easily be revisionist history or as others noted, maybe more of the playbookis being used. Perhaps against NIO, we pared down the playbook. I seemed to remember TO had a limited number of actual "plays", but ran them from a host of formations that made it appears as though we had a lot of different plays.
  12. lo country

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    I saw that and wondered if it the staff trying to help Martinez/OL make the right or "better" reads/line calls...
  13. lo country

    Defensive Play

    Not bad company. Just looking at the first two on the list, we played the following ranked rushing offense, 38, 80, 124. Mich St 34, 97, 99 Wisky 101 and 76 (play Michigan this weekend) Ohio ST 61, 110, 111 As Wisky and Michigan St are pretty much the barometer for solid DL, we are not bad. Considering they are usually at the top and we are, usually not....I would see us trending upward as guys continue to play together, get more reps etc.....We are not exactly an "established DL". Yet Best hope Mills and Co continue to improve....
  14. lo country

    Offensive Play

    Hmmmm. Did he elaborate why? How does that effect our offensive game plan? What specific looks? I am assuming the delayed blitzes/stunts meant to confuse the OL.. I'd take that as a compliment to how our O went 4-2 down the stretch
  15. lo country

    Offensive Play

    I'm glad that Frost is following this thread and addressing my concerns! Like @FTW and @Undone Are we capable of getting those tough yards when tough yards are needed? Good article and a glimmer of hope/incite below. Good comments by Held... Speaks to having a plan to get tough yards, but appears it don't really work until NIU (not that I saw them try a lot the first 2 games ie commitment to run between tackles) I asked Held during the week if this running game is sequential, if Frost is sometimes fine with a 3-yard gain up the gut because that specific play at that specific time isn’t about gaining 15 yards, it’s about setting something else up later? “The 3-yard gains, if it’s in the first quarter, we want those as we keep pounding and pounding it, to become 7, 8, 9, 10-yard plays. Being more physical early on and then that wear and tear over time, with our tempo, we hope those become bigger plays as the game goes on. That’s what it was for 100 years around here. You might run the fullback for 3 yards but then in the fourth quarter that fullback same play was 30 yards, and that’s what we’ve got to get to.” Those words were bouncing around inside my head Saturday night when the Huskers opened a fourth-quarter drive at their own 1, ran up the middle for 3 yards on first down, ran up the middle again for 3 yards on second down, then gashed NIU for 11 yards up the middle on third and another 11 yards up the middle on the very next play. Rest of article here and worth the read. Shows the maturing vision of Mills https://hailvarsity.com/s/7749/nebraskas-ground-game-looks-closer-to-taking-off