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  1. To add on the D. They are legit. For all intensive purposes they have shut down to potent P5 top 20 teams offenses in back to back weeks. IMHO, they stepped it up a notch or two last nite.
  2. I had to read that a few times when I first read the article. Might be why they scored them low. They allowed like 125% of passes to be caught.....
  3. Wasn't calling out a lack of, but more of kudos to their professionalism. I'm sure sitting there and having witnessed their historic (and it was) effort against MSU result in yet another boneheaded loss they wanted to explode....
  4. I figured I'd just throw them both in the same thread. I look at some of the grades and wonder how they figure them out, while others appear spot on. They show what we all saw. The OL gets beat like a stolen drum..... https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/pff-snap-counts-and-grades-for-nebraska-s-offense-vs-michigan-state The tackle play continues to be the biggest setback of the offense. Bryce Benhart scored a 0.0 in pass protection, as he allowed 12 total pressures, including three sacks. Also looking at the grades of Toure, Manning and Betts (targets and catches) they should rarely if ever leave the field. With Allen and Vokolek, 12 personnel would be my base....... https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/pff-snap-counts-and-grades-for-nebraska-s-defense-vs-michigan-state Nick Henrich, Garrett Nelson, and Luke Reimer combined for 13 STOP tackles, six coming from Reimer. Nelson was NU's most effective pass rusher with a team-high five pressures (four QB hurries, one sack). Staff has done a great job in getting a defense built to stop the run. Need to work on pass D, but 183 yards isn't bad......And we shut them down completely in the 2nd hald which makes this loss so hard to swallow.....
  5. It is that simple. Throw 2 million/year to Herman to be OC/QB coach. Throw Chadwell that kind of money as well for the same position. He currently makes $850k.....Or to be HC.....If he wont come offer his Co-OC/QB coach Willy Korn (who also does ST's)
  6. No doubt. With his vaunted offensive resume, I truly thought we'd see the O carrying the defense. I thought I would see improvement year to year. Yes AM holds every record (he is also a 4 year starter). Yes we put up Madden like numbers at times, but he wasn't hired to set statistical records at NU. He was hired to get us wins. Plain and simple. And that ain't happening. I watched the presser with JoJo and Nelson. No idea how they kept their composure and didn't rip the OL a new a hole.
  7. Take away the OL issues. If we have a QB who continually makes mistakes I'd say it's on him. But when crap breaks down the due shines....He is great at improv. He has talent and abilities. Maybe the problem is the guy on the staff that has yet to show he can develop a D1 P5 QB......With a good QB coach how many of these mistakes could go away. I'd take AM and let Verduzco go. See how he plays next year.
  8. Enjoy the game. Turn off the phone, don't check this board. Enjoy it!
  9. A lot won't agree, but going for OT I saw a coach that needs to learn to coach to win. He coached to not lose. And has for 4 years. I think we are currently 14-23....Frost is 5-15 in one score games. He coaches to not lose.....That's on him. 5-15.......
  10. I hear you. BUT it's year 4 of no marked improvement (except the defense) in the category that matters. Wins. Frost is entering Bill Jennings territory as the worst coach in NU history.
  11. Anybody see a common denominator in our year 4 RB rotation? I know the OL is horrible at best, but sometimes it's Occam's razor. Held......I have not seen one stay long enough to develop or I see a guy who steps up to simply be put on a milk carton. All the BS they spew and we still can't develop or recruit that bell cow RB....Held
  12. Year 4 same mistakes. I said in another thread I can care less about "how we looked" or what playstation stats we had....We lost. And continue to do so. We have been in these games in spite of our inept offense and coaching decisions because of the defense. Chin has been coaching since 2018 like his job depended on it. And it shows. NU currently sits at 105 in Red Zone production...The one area Frost was known for (offense) is the weak link. I could see NU trying to save face and give him the Solich option with a list of coaches who need to go. Sooner than later. No way he stays, or should, if the offensive staff remains. I'd also put the caveat that he hires guys who are proven at developing guys and knows the B1G. Chin is building a D that can be dominant. Built to stop B1G teams. It has taken 4 years (and still improving). The O, particularly OL and RB continues to disappoint.
  13. Very true about WV. Watching Illinois makes our loss look worse....The D passes the eyeball test for sure and has held up their end of the bargain thus far this year.
  14. This is part of a hidden problem for sure. As is stands, Nebraska has not been bowling in 4 years. That is roughly 40-50 practices that NU has missed. The first season to miss was under Riley and the rest have been under Frost. Regardless of our record now, that is still close to 3 spring/fall practices that NU missed. Time to evaluate young/new talent. Time to develop talent, teach scheme etc.....There are so many bowls now that roughly half of the FBS goes....So look at how many more practices are opponents get. We are almost 1.5 additional years "behind" a lot of teams for missing the extra practices..... Today winning cures a lot of ills, but even some kids that won't get offers to go to Bama, Clemson, OSU et al will choose some schools over NU because they can go bowling....And we haven't. Not once under Frost.
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