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  1. He just carried the weight of a grown man like a baby....Pretty impressive. Great flexibility as well....
  2. I will continue as the norm. I like the anonymity of not always having to stop and speak!
  3. I thought of AA also.....Then as you said you look at that list and wonder if he only would have started at Maryland or Rutgers.... Lack of talent or development, we are behind for sure. Day by Day.........
  4. No real surprise here. No Huskers listed.....More proof we have a ways to go to compete. Slowly. Day by Day....... https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/life-in-the-red/ohio-state-dominates-btns-all-decade-team-no-huskers-selected/article_ef9ec7c4-7891-5ad8-bbe0-43497c82931d.amp.html
  5. My county in NC specifically got mentioned last week by Dr Birx as a spot to watch.....Not a great way to make the news........Hospital (nationally recognized is doing well). We were going to open phase 3 about 2 weeks ago, but adjusted to a phase 2.5 (still in phase 2). Gov just ordered mandatory masks when social distance not applicable, but law enforcement won't enforce. I wear a mask, don't mind. Be a better human and all that. Went out today (Home Depot and Wal Mart) and saw about 99% of folks were masked up. Masks might not work(I think they do), but people are wearing them like they will.
  6. Great idea. Be great to live chat about an old game in the game day thread. As @FrantzHardySwag said, I might do the same thing. Tail gate some great games.
  7. NO doesn't use Hill as a "true" 2nd QB IMHO. He is great in his "specialist" role. I think Luke could fit that until (if he does) become the starting QB some time in his QB career. He would be an extra option DC's would have to plan for. Even if he never touches the ball. And I like that. Find a way to get your play makers on the field.
  8. I'm to the point that channels need to just plan to fill the season with previous great games and just football period. I'd love to watch (biased) the complete 94-95 season of the Huskers play out again on tv...UT vs USC, Game of the Century etc...As a fan, I'd love to watch other teams greatest games as well. Just put some form of college ball on....
  9. My main take away was that there is no way to singularly focus on only the "football" aspect without realizing all the other encounters that simply can't be controlled. If the goal is a 100% safe football (sports in general) season I do not see how it can be done. Even being vigilant, people are still getting it.....
  10. Very true. It's not science in this regard. Wear a mask......It's really that simple IMHO. Even if it only dropped the cases by 20%..... And just a common sense argument, if masks don't work, why does a dental hygienist wear them (negates the sterile surgical room argument), doctors wear them, first responders etc......
  11. One problem I saw was Fl advised not to ask if they had participated in protests. Also as you noted, privacy is a bog concern. Who I was with, what I was doing, where was I at etc.....
  12. I agree. I am not a sheep. I am an ardent supporter of our Constitution.....I wear a mask. It doesn't hurt me. It might or might not help (too much politicizing to know anymore), but I do think that it helps....If we want football wear a mask in the stadium. It's out doors (cuts exposure) and mask just helps.....We tried no masks (again misinformation) and got the whole country shutdown....Let's try wearing masks and see what happens.....They are not 100% effective unless wearing an SCBA so herd immunity will still take place....Although we still get colds, flu, strep throat etc.......
  13. Frost makes a really good pint regarding Covid and football. To paraphrase, we need to change our mindset about sports and Covid. Covid is here regardless if we play football or not. We can keep the athletes as a safe as possible, but they will still attend school, attend parties, embark on "life" etc....There's no way to live in a bubble. To say that testing will prevent an athlete from getting covid is dishonest....He makes some valid points....All of it in the link below. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-if-college-football-is-to-be-played-frost-believes-change-of-mindset/article_197ed922-d7a1-58f1-8236-720586b89919.amp.html
  14. I'm thinking we see the best AM yet this year. Healthy Better "potential" at the skill positions OL should be a strength Competition makes all the QB's better I still like Austin's comments as the run game coordinator If we don't have football.........
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