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  1. Husker_Power

    Mike Riley, Ore State Assistant HC .... or not

    Seems legit...look at some of the executives. https://aaf.com/team/
  2. Husker_Power

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    whoa, this might be a busy weekend!
  3. Husker_Power

    JUCO CB Kenneth George, Jr.

    So...he was committed?
  4. Husker_Power

    Tyjon Lindsey

  5. Husker_Power

    New Board

    ^yes, I do.
  6. Husker_Power

    Assistants-who do we want?

  7. Husker_Power

    New season is nect for this GBR

    Welcome back TT. I'm sad that you had to stop TAR because of dumb SEC. I am hoping for a 9-10 win for us.
  8. Husker_Power

    Chances of dropping Adidas after our contract is up?

    I know some schools send alums football apparel, not sure if it's a school thing or a brand thing; gotta wonder if this will come into play with all gear coming.