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  1. Probably talking about showing that Nebraska kids can play and that people will notice, outside of Nebraska...putting them on more of a "global" map, relatively speaking.
  2. He should really do a better job of watching his Stepp
  3. Rumor is that Stepp has a broken bone in his foot and is out for the spring
  4. I believe it was more he want's the right big that is athletic. Not getting a big just to have one. Needs to be able to do a little bit of everything, which it sounds like Kojnets can do.
  5. I agree. Unfortunately, living in omaha, I hear a lot of that. They all seem to think it’s just a local thing.
  6. Good luck using it. App is hot garbage and is real bad right now bc everyone is trying to watch Kong vs. Godzilla so it's so slow it's unusable.
  7. Agreed and he sure as hell wouldn't have been the number one overall pick
  8. Can we please put the stupid argument that MN had to play that game with a bunch of scrubs to rest? Fleck put that narrative out there and it has been proven flat out false.
  9. Must be Riley guys not working out
  10. Agreed. I'm just saying I wouldn't turn a Rondale type talent
  11. Give me a Rondale Moore type all day
  12. That’s an understatement. Indiana whiffed on just about everyone they actually wanted. Pretty sure this was their last pick and not a pick they would’ve chosen if they could’ve got anyone else.
  13. Pretty cool. I wonder if we'll see Jack walk-on as well. Can't imagine we'd use a scholly for him. I'm sure Fred knows that would be better served elsewhere and can afford to pay for him if he wants to come here.
  14. So, you guise like...recipes?

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Perhaps disturbingly way too much.....

    3. NUance


      Like recipes?  To eat, yes.  To read, no.   

    4. RedSavage


      @NUancewell you better learn to like them.  This is all part of the master plan to transition to RecipeBoard.

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