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  1. RedSavage

    Maher sets Cowboys record

    That's one of the better reasons I've heard
  2. RedSavage

    Maher sets Cowboys record

    Haha but it's a somewhat popular opinion. Just curious why people think that.
  3. RedSavage

    Maher sets Cowboys record

    Meh. I've seen people's reasoning about that and while I kinda see where they are coming from, I don't really get why some people make it such a big deal. Most sports fans have a favorite player growing up and many will own that players jersey. Suddenly you become older and now you have to stop having a favorite player(s) or risk being a creep or "looking funny" if you buy their jersey? I don't see it. What about jerseys on grown men for other sports that they don't play? Or is it just football? For the record, I own one jersey, which I bought while I was in college and he was too (Rex Burkhead), that I haven't worn in years, so I'm not that jersey guy wearing them out a bunch but I still don't get the angst over it.
  4. RedSavage

    Maher sets Cowboys record

    Because it's the cowboys
  5. RedSavage

    2018-2019 Season Notes

    This was his best game of the year by a large margin. He shot MUCH better than he has the rest of the year. Makes a huge difference when you go 6/7 from 3 and 9/12 from 2.
  6. RedSavage

    McGriff Leaves Program

    What the.... Maybe wasn't happy about the switch to LB? Oh well, best of luck
  7. RedSavage

    DT Jayson Jones [Alabama Commit]

    Or the Nebraska CornHuskies
  8. Hmm. Interesting. The music was on point and definitely helped with crowd energy pretty much the whole game. Can't say I always feel that way at the football games.
  9. That was a fun game. The vault was rockin. They need to get whoever plays the music there to dj at the football games.
  10. RedSavage

    Offensive Identity

    Michigan looked like they were running the Nebraska offense for about the last 10 minutes of their game against Northwestern the other night. But yes, normally they look much, much better.
  11. Buttttt, and hear me out here, have you tried Cheerios?
  12. I completely agree with this. I’ve been saying since Craig Smith left that Miles doesn’t know how to run an offense. It’s pretty obvious, I just think a lot of times his teams win in spite of him.
  13. OU would be cool. For the love of everything holy, please keep Texas far, far away.
  14. RedSavage

    Merry +1 MAS 2018

    I agree. And on that note