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  1. Yea, that's a good point. I would much rather one of the younger guys get the reps if he's truly hit his ceiling. I think Clark will be CB. Really want to see what NPG can do at safety and if he can be the player we all thought he could when he signed. The only knock on Farmer was he looked a little slow but don't have a lot to go off of.
  2. I'm not sold on Dismuke but I still think this past season was the best he's had. Maybe there's still some room for growth.
  3. Yesterday and today on PC, I’ve gone to the site and it says the page isn’t working “http error 431”. It works fine on my phone and I cleared cookies and all that yesterday and the site started working for me again but then I get the same error message today. It could just be my computer but it’s never done this before.
  4. This is a steaming hot trash pile of a take
  5. This made me think about the odd connection between us and the Steeler's lack of a running game...
  6. Screw Alabama.  So sick of seeing them win every year.  It makes CFB so much more lame since no one can pretty much even come close.

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    2. RedSavage


      I like the idea but they struggle with the thought of even switching to 8 right now.  "Its too many games".

    3. jaws


      @RedSavage Drop a regular season game then. Also, top G5 team should automatically get in with an 8 team playoff. 


      Make this a real NCAA playoff. 

    4. RedSavage


      @jaws, agreed.  The remaining 3 are at large bids.  No more UCF situations.

  7. Or, Wandale is going to go to another school and do really well and all this downplaying of him being good but not great and us not missing him that much is going to be completely wrong. We'll see. Stepp is supposedly N but finalizing transcripts
  8. No kidding. I think the kid is all Nebraska and don't think this happens if his mom doesn't have health issues.
  9. Ah the old Mike Riley approach
  10. That year Bo took over ST, was the best ST we've seen in a long, long, time. Both before and after
  11. Gotcha. Wasn’t sure if that’s where you were going with it or not. It does seem a little low
  12. Aren't they recorded as two separate statistics? Sacks don't count as TFLs I don't believe
  13. He had 8.5 TFL and 6 Sacks as a senior so I'd say he did alright in HS at least
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