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  1. Agreed. Hard to say. Maybe he just decided the wear and tear wasn't worth it, especially if he wasn't going to go somewhere worthwhile and have a career after college. My guess is he tested the waters and when no one bit, he decided to call it quits.
  2. Injuries may have played a factor
  3. Yea, I misread it. Feel like it was poorly worded. Some articles like this one read it as I did: https://www.nbcsports.com/northwest/oregon-ducks/scott-frost-isnt-producing-nebraska-and-his-seat-warming
  4. There was an article on 24/7 that he committed to us but it's since been deleted
  5. So much for that "National search". Didn't exactly expect a big name hire or anything but this is pretty underwhelming, IMO. Not sure never having been an AD of a football program and navigating through the Summit league makes him a qualified candidate for a major P5 AD job.
  6. Signed one REALLY good recruit. Let's not act like a bunch of the other guys Hoiberg has signed are going to be a bunch of scrubs. He's put together a hell of a class.
  7. Same here. It started again the same time for me as when you referenced.
  8. Good point. Never thought about it like that before.
  9. Couple of other familiar names on there...Vince Marrow (screw him) and Ted Gilmore
  10. The money has always been significant but this takes it to another level IMO. I'm not opposed to the players getting their fair share but personally, college is so much better than pro sports and the closer it gets to that, the more disinterested I become. It's the whole mega deals thing that has me concerned more than anything.
  11. You think they were paying players $2M and this won't carry over to other sports like football?
  12. Pretty much everything that happens with the fb team elicits a knee jerk reaction though, sooo
  13. He should commit on Mondsday instead. I'll show myself out.
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