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  1. RedSavage

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    That would have had more to do with the team than the idea, at least for me. I like the idea and it has nothing to do with Frost being the coach.
  2. RedSavage

    Fall Camp Notes

    Some good stuff today: -Jurgens back to 100% -Frost had a say in the alternates and wants a home and away version https://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/husker-practice-report-aug-cam-jurgens-at-no-center-no/article_7cd976aa-bb8b-521e-b68b-83bfddf4d6af.html
  3. RedSavage

    QB Logan Smothers [Nebraska Commit]

    Wut? It was his first game of the season. How many did he throw last night?
  4. Pierson-el tearing it up for the raiders in preseason tonight

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      I'm really hoping he makes the cut. Legit talent.

    2. RedSavage


      Me too.  Not even a Raiders fan but rooting for him.  

  5. RedSavage

    Fall Camp Notes

    That'd make for an interesting depth chart But I get what you're saying. I'm sure the severity/length of AM's injury *knock on wood* would have an impact as well.
  6. RedSavage

    Fall Camp Notes

    I saw the quote about bunch which is intriguing but I just have a hard time believing he'll beat out the other two. Yea, I forgot to add that little tidbit in as well. Definitely throws another wrench into it.
  7. RedSavage

    Fall Camp Notes

    I don't envy making that decision. I think McCaffrey is probably the better option, especially because of where his ceiling is but Vedral has been so loyal to this staff that I think they'll have a hard time pushing him down the depth chart as well. And I do think Vedral would be a pretty solid backup it's just hard to pass up McCaffrey's athleticism.
  8. RedSavage

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    We make one of the New Year's Six bowls (Non-CFP)
  9. RedSavage

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    It's 2019 so I feel okay saying it's given me some pleasure as well.
  10. RedSavage

    Huskers in 2019....

    No I’m speculating and could be wrong but I still think gameday takes priority over pretty much everything. Think they get their pick of the litter. I’m on my phone or I’d link it but look at the national pundits predictions for who gets gameday this season. I’m not alone in thinking this.
  11. RedSavage

    Huskers in 2019....

    They don’t but if gameday wants to go to a certain school fox and whoever else takes a backseat to that
  12. RedSavage

    Huskers in 2019....

    I think gameday would get priority
  13. RedSavage

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2019

    Can we do a poll to see if anyone is opposed to the money idea and how much? $10 or $20? We can all Venmo or paypal @Mavric (or whoever wants to be in charge of it) before the draft to make sure everyone pays?
  14. RedSavage

    The wait is almost over

  15. RedSavage

    Fall Camp Notes