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  1. I think he's really undersized is a big part of the problem
  2. I'm sure the shirt isn't doing him any favors but Frost lookin thicc and more like Frosty the snowman here
  3. I would agree that he wasn't at the top of the list but I don't think he's even a remotely good coach. And not picked up by anyone since.
  4. I agree the execution has been lacking but I couldn't disagree more about Lubick. Dude has no business being an OC.
  5. Best show on TV right now. I keep forgetting I need to watch the new season. It took them long enough to come out with it.
  6. Three inches is a lot! I don't think it was the offense in general so much as it was costly turnovers, not being able to make FG's, etc. All that has sure made it seem like we've regressed.
  7. I was 100% not expecting that. I guess that's one way to kick off a season
  8. It may not be Whipple's fault but to not even really contact an instate player with what could be some pretty good college talent, seems pretty inexcusable. At least show SOME interest.
  9. That or we actually do have some serious NIL money
  10. Haha Agreed. I know a good chunk of it is true but I also don’t know how much is embellished and such. I think he actually might have been from what I’ve heard…
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