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  1. That is not thought to be the case. Pyfrom is likely going to Mizzou.
  2. So one of my friends bought the tickets from the university before they sold out. I was looking at buying an extra for someone else wanting to come after the fact. The tickets say "GA" but they have assigned seat numbers. My question is, are seats actually assigned, in which case, I really can't buy an extra ticket bc it won't be by us? That's not typically how GA works for most events so I'm a little confused....
  3. Regardless of ranking, I think this will end up being one of the better classes we've signed in a long time
  4. Honestly if we don't go at least 6-6, I'll be disappointed. Idc that we have a new coach. New coaches come in and have immediate success all the time. There are definitely six wins on the schedule.
  5. I've said this before but at what point do we call some of these what they are in reaches? It may not be Braylen or even all of these unranked players we're going after, I'm sure some of them will be good players but I can guarantee if Frost was recruiting these same guys people would be losing their s#!t.
  6. Sounds like we moved on from him, not the other way around.
  7. Yes. It’s tiresome watching things for entertainment and for instance, there has to be a gay couple, that literally serve no purpose and actually in fact detract from the movie/show but HAVE to be in there bc god forbid they weren’t included in something. That would be true hatred.
  8. You said "not just done for the lulz or gay innuendos or jokes". There are numerous shows/movies where they just have to have a gay couple, regardless of if it supports the plotline and is certainly not for laughs. Same with having a person of color, etc. I have no problem with any of those things but please have it serve a purpose to the plot. Often times it does not, it just gets interjected into there bc that's the "woke af" society we live in.
  9. Wut That's a very large percentage of shows and movies now a days. It's actually way overdone IMO. I'm fine with some of it but not every damn show/movie has to be woke af, often times at the expense of the storyline.
  10. Who pissed in this CO fans cheerios this morning? I suppose I'd lash out too if my team looked like they haven't even graduated high school.
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