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  1. RedSavage

    Breon Dixon

    Personally I have no problem with the coaches cutting dead weight if this is true. It’s disappointing it worked out this way but I believe they’re giving everyone a fair shake and if players don’t want to be here or give the effort the coaches are asking for, GTFO. Now if they’re cutting guys that have done everything right so to speak, that’s a different story.
  2. RedSavage

    QB Transfers

    Yea, maybe they could go 3-9!
  3. What if Alan Bosley didn't give up his starting spot to Petey?
  4. What if happy Gilmore was a professional hockey player?
  5. RedSavage

    Hoiberg Assistants

    You mean our other asst coach...?
  6. My guess is second to last episode (think he's too big of a character and the whitewalkers are too big of a plot line to take out earlier) and then they wrap up who gets the throne in the finale
  7. This would be an inexcusable loss. K state is awful.
  8. RedSavage

    JUCO DT Jahkeem Green [Nebraska Commit]

    I pretty much agree with this. I don't think they recruited this guy to sit.
  9. You’re not wrong but I don’t necessarily agree either. Some guys have reached a lot of their potential and it makes sense for them to go to the nba. Roby is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s nba caliber but the kid is not even close to nba ready. I guess it all comes down to is it worth it to get that guaranteed money and go play in the d league after a year or stay another year, up your game and try and make a career out of it.
  10. RedSavage

    Pet Peeves

    The worst!
  11. RedSavage

    Pet Peeves

    Someone (in this instance a co-worker) who sits there and tries to clear their throat every 30 seconds for minutes on end.
  12. Golf is just better with good Tiger

  13. RedSavage

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    To continue the speculation, I wonder if there's a "fake narrative" that this staff doesn't recruit the most high character guys, that will do well on and off the field and that the staff cares more about winning? There has been some of those questions around a few of the guys this staff has recruited.
  14. RedSavage

    Other College Football Recruiting News

    For sure. That would be ridiculous. Has any team ever done that before?