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  1. *Googles: "All star melons"*
  2. I get what you're saying but I disagree. It would be different if Frost didn't enjoy hunting. I'm sure having to go with Nash was a huge burden. They probably should've just sat around the fire at Nash's house and talked for hours instead.
  3. Kavas is awful on d but this this kid looks like he weighs about 100lbs
  4. That’s what I’m worried about. Sure he can shoot but the b1g will eat him for breakfast.
  5. I know nothing about this kid but I'm not sure I want another Diaco coached player anywhere near this team... Edit: Husker In Wisc beat me to it
  6. I agree and that's exactly why to me it only makes sense we found someone better. Either that or there was a reallllyyyy good reason for us to sour on him. I don't see any way in a less than 24 hr time frame he goes from being excited to commit to "Ask the coach. I don't have nothing to say". That to me sounds like he's salty and we pulled the offer.
  7. Interestingly enough, it looks like the 2014 and this years defense would be fairly comparable: 2014: Yards Per Play: 5.37 Yards Per Game: 383.7 2019: Yards Per Play: 5.61 Yards Per Game: 388.8
  8. Yea they do...a legacy of rape culture.
  9. Think there's a lot of truth to this. My guess is we just found someone better.
  10. Really like what we’re seeing from the coaches on the crootin trail. Seems like we could be gaining some real momentum to finish up this class quite nicely and that this season doesn’t seem to be having too much of a negative impact, which is nice.
  11. Yes. That would be an awful decision. That's a lateral move, AT BEST and that's being very generous.
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