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  1. *Checks current roster and looks at Jucos playing time* We can sign a bunch of Juco players that will practically never see the field!
  2. It depends on if this team has packed it in yet or not. I think we'll know pretty damn well after Purdue.
  3. Crypto is fun...until it isn't. Like last week, when I'd held NU coin for like 5 days and it did nothing, so I dumped it and then it proceeded to go up 400% the next day. Or when crypto suddenly decides to go down 30% bc China does China things.
  4. True. I guess I slightly question how much of that is to his credit or more Chins.
  5. Nothing against him but what has he done to deserve to be retained? As has been said, a dedicated ST coach would be much more useful.
  6. Pretty sure Coastal Carolina and App state would both beat us

    1. admo


      Maybe, it is possible. 


      I think there are about 20 teams that could beat the Huskers. 


      But I also believe the Huskers could beat the other 100+ teams.


      The problem is, they beat their selves.


  7. This. Which is why the HO guys are full of s#!t. Trying to pump sunshine in a downpour
  8. Trading one turnover machine for another? Hard pass Not to mention, rattler is a hideous gigantic douche
  9. Realistic, idk. But we should throw every dollar we have at Luke Fickell
  10. You guys ever think about what this team could be with competent coaching?
  11. I was at this game as well as the Miami game. The only other game I've been to where the stadium was like that, was the Oregon game back in 2016.
  12. Not really. I keep hoping we have some and they haven't really been made public knowledge as this staff has had some bigger commits kind of come out of nowhere in the past but I think that's pretty wishful thinking.
  13. So it was speculated Betts was hurt coming into the game - was that true since he was seen once, fumbled and then not again? And what about Omar, did he get hurt during the game? Seemed like he didn't play again after his big reception.
  14. Supposedly he’s done for the year
  15. Not only that, we’ve been mocked like crazy for bringing it up and making a big deal out of it
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