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  1. What kind of witchcraft is this update.  0/5 stars.  Would not recommend.

    1. obert1


      lost my unread content on my phone, not sure what happened my mobile site is awful now

  2. While I miss being able to beat a bunch of patsies pretty handily most of the time like Bo did (minus some games like McNeese state), he also had A LOT of blowout losses and if we're being honest, not the toughest schedule most of the time. Like @Enhancesaid, I'd put him about a 5 or 6 as a head coach. Pretty damn average.
  3. I was a pretty big fan of Ozigbo but I think Mills will be much better. I expect he will be top 3 in the B1G for rushing.
  4. What a whirlwind of emotions I’m sure today has been for Scott. Scott’s dad, Larry Frost, has passed away. Prayers to Scott’s family. RIP. omaha.com/news/local/larry-frost-father-of-nebraska-football-coach-scott-frost-passes-away/article_82d0a65e-8c77-5822-a8d7-84d6f0576309.amp.html
  5. Really just an extreme hypothetical based on the kind of luck our football team seems to have. But what if the B1G only plays like 5-6 games? Not like there's a chance for makeup games.
  6. Me too...but that would be some NU luck right there
  7. This will be the one year NU wins the B1G...and the B1G won't be eligible for the CFP
  8. That's the lot immediately north of the stadium. I'm not sure what it is during the week but on gamedays you have to have a parking pass to park there (ticket holder parking). Have tailgated there many a Saturday.
  9. Hmmm, couldn't get their s#!t together, again? I'm shocked I tell you, shocked!
  10. Carl's only interested in one kind of ball and it isn't bochi ball
  11. Wtf. I don’t get why we can’t hang on to these guys. I get one or two maybe but this is ridiculous
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