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  1. You serious, Clark? Aside from maybe a couple teams, the PAC-12 is garbage most years. This. You look at the past 10 years and the B1G is 36-31 against the PAC-12
  2. I'm not so sure of this. I'm too lazy to double check honestly but I'm not sure Reilly brought in guys that had a winning mentality and were consistently on winning teams in HS. That is something that i've noticed Frost and co. have been doing. They're recruiting guys that know how to win.
  3. God I hope so. Hixson is like Cole Conrad 2.0.
  4. Idk, I’ve been drinking. I wouldn’t trade it but this is rough. Just curious if anyone else would.
  5. Would you trade the run and success we had in the 90s for some semblance of relevance the past 20 years? Id create a poll but don’t know how from my phone
  6. Why does it seem like teams score on the opening drive of every game
  7. Still a little concerning that no one else is really showing legit interest
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