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  1. RedSavage

    Your Fortune for Today

    Peter, Michael and Jack know a thing or two about women. But when it comes to babies, they're all wet.
  2. So Nebraska paid a company in CO $28 million to come up with our new tourism slogan of "Honestly, it's not for everyone"


    Edit:  They only paid $450,000 (still too much).  Radio told me fake news

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    2. TAKODA


      @GSG I like it as well. +1


      Hits home to the majority, well, many, OK some, oh sh*t, a few. 

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      The scary part is that somebody accepted it and decided to use it as the slogan. Should've refused it and not paid a dime until they came up with something acceptable.

    4. TAKODA


      Wow, I just read Knapp’s status update, and saw his comment on this. So a re-read it. I am getting old, I thought when I initially read it, it stated 


      “Honesty” not Honestly.


      In other words: Honesty - it's not for everyone


      That is why my reply above was made, yikes. I need glasses obviously:wacko:

  3. Wonder if he would have been able to come back and play this year after the injury or if he was out the year anyways and that's what prompted the move Ohio State DE Nick Bosa leaving school to concentrate on draft
  4. RedSavage

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    Williams has been getting beat all day
  5. RedSavage

    2018 Season Record

    I started this season drinking kool-aid from a fire hose. Now I really don't know what to expect. I do think we'll win at least 2.
  6. RedSavage

    Bracketology 2019

    I don't think he's that far off with 8 teams. I'll be surprised if it's less than 6. I think the B1G will be much improved from last year and revert back to the norm of being one of the better conferences
  7. RedSavage

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Sure did
  8. RedSavage

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Yep, I would do the same. You don't basically get told you suck at your job, get canned and not be left with a salty taste in your mouth. Now making big bucks would make it a lot easier to stomach but I know I still wouldn't be happy about it.
  9. RedSavage

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Oregon St. "tampered" So is it "possible" or did it actually happen?
  10. RedSavage

    Good bye Greg Bell

    If you get fired from somewhere, are you typically going to say good things or bad things about said place? This has happened in the past with coaches and I wouldn't say it was generally positive or just "chit-chat". Kaz is a real good example.
  11. RedSavage

    It’s All Hypothetical.

    At least you waited until after noon to start hittin the sauce this time
  12. RedSavage

    Where We Speak Less-than-Fondly of Former Coaches

    We need a healthy balance of good coaching and a reasonable amount of talent to go with it, something that we've sorely lacked under our past 2 DC's.
  13. RedSavage

    Where We Speak Less-than-Fondly of Former Coaches

    Wait, I'm confused...are you actually trying to defend Diaco right now? And before you point to what he did at Notre Lame, those teams were loaded with talent which covered up his coaching deficiencies
  14. RedSavage

    Dark Web

    I have not but I've read some really, really messed up stuff about some of what's on there (tor).