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    2. teachercd


      That is how it will start, I would imagine.  Get the medical part passed and go from there.


      People are morons...I don't blame the casino people for not even trying anymore...that should have passed 20 years ago.  Good lord, one well run casino could take care of so much s#!t.

    3. C N Red

      C N Red

      Gambling is a must IMO. It would do so much for infrastructure, healthcare, schools,public assistance, etc. How in the f#&% can these idiots not see it???

    4. ZRod


      P and R is leaking again.

  1. Carl Day 1...and don't look in the trunk
  2. Really hoping he goes with. Carl in Baton Rouge...yes please
  3. But f#&% all the f#&%ing fairweather fans
  4. To the people who don't think this was that great of a hire, who outside of Mickey Joseph or Helfrich would you have liked to get the job?
  5. Was just going to post this. The games against us should not have even been close IMO.
  6. I think it was. Or maybe it wasn't "official" but it was pretty well known
  7. Mcquitty makes some sense. Pickering does not.
  8. This is the first I'm hearing of this. Big if true
  9. I've heard Mickey Joseph is a candidate
  10. Yea we will see. Could be a coincidence but 2 of Brees' best seasons happened while Brady was there.
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