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  1. Ulty

    Top Gun: Maverick

    I wonder if Maverick ended up taking a few years off to fly cargo planes full of rubber dog $h!t out of Hong Kong before coming back.
  2. Ulty

    Dismuke & Stovall cited by police

    Who are you arguing with?
  3. Ulty

    Trump is Racist

    I'm in a job where if people do or say inappropriate things - it often gets reported to me to address it. So I frequently have meetings with people to look them in the eye and diplomatically and respectfully tell them to STFU, without actually using those words. I enjoy it.
  4. Ulty

    Trump is Racist

    Although I think a lot of us can sympathize with @Scarlet Overkill´╗┐ when it comes to listening to other people's unsolicited political rants, I think most of us would also agree that shouting STFU in the workplace is not the appropriate way to handle it. It was a funny anecdote though. No, I don't think you would want to work in a place where that kind of behavior is commonplace though.
  5. Ulty

    Trump is Racist

    That all makes sense. We've all had friends and family who we disagree with and decide not to bring up the topic, especially politics. But Trump brings a different brand of political thought, based on reprehensible racism and vulgarity. I remember this post you made a few months ago because I agreed with it whole-heartedly: Other peoples' relationships are none of my business, and I don't want to instigate any domestic spats, but I can't help but wonder how the notion below can be reconciled with simply deciding not to talk about it? I mean, if I disagree with my spouse about how tax dollars should be spent or a variety of other political issues, we can set it aside and live with it. But, I couldn't be in a relationship with a stupid, hypocritical, racist psychopath. Racism is a deal breaker. This is genuine intrigue, I hope I'm not stepping out of bounds for asking such a question.
  6. Hey, @Dewiz, what's your take on Trump's racism? Just curious.
  7. Ulty

    The 1st TD - The 1st D game changer

    I hope it's the bomb to Spielman, and he gets established early as the dominant threat he is. You know, all offseason, we have been talking about the running back situation, Martinez's Heisman campaign, the O-Line, concerns about the D, etc... but there has not really been a lot of talk about Spielman. He's a game changer, and aside from Martinez, our most dangerous and dominant player.
  8. Ulty

    Tommy Armstrong

    Tommy generated more emotional responses for me as a Husker fan than any player since our glory days... The 99 yard touchdown throw. The Oregon win. Crying on the sideline during the Sam Foltz tribute. And especially when he got stretchered out of that Ohio State game, and then walked back into the stadium to join his teammates.
  9. Ulty

    Democratic Debates

    Swalwell was a bit of a jackass.
  10. Ulty

    Democratic Debates

    Chuck Todd was definitely the worst part of the debates. Not the right person at all to manage this kind of situation.
  11. Ulty

    Democratic Debates

    I agree that would be more ideal in terms of getting more substantial answers and better conversation flow. ...but watching 4 or 5 of these debates over the course of a week or two, and then doing it again next month? Ugh. It was hard enough to sit through two of these. And I am a guy who finds these sorts of things very important. More casual voters, and especially those with limited free time, are going to miss out on a lot. It's difficult for a candidate in a crowded field to get their message heard, and I'm not sure if the networks have a good answer to give everyone adequate exposure in an efficient manner. Watching 3 and a half hours of debate this week was the most TV I've watched since football season. It was exhausting. Important, yes, but exhausting.
  12. Except for the top 5 recruiting class, this guy sounds like OSU's Frank Solich.
  13. Ulty

    Democratic Debates

    I thought Kamala Harris was by far the most impressive last night.