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  1. Ulty

    Trump-endorsed news sources

    This belongs in the Lou Dobbs lookalike thread:
  2. Ulty

    Trump's America

    Wasn't sure which Trump thread to put this in, but I just discovered this gif and had to put it somewhere:
  3. You can probably do it by hand with the hacksaw, but doing it cleanly in a straight line would be the real trick. Not sure what kind of wood it is, but you would have to be careful with splintering it and would probably want to sand the edges when you are done. If you have access to a table saw or circular saw, that would do it faster and better. If nothing else, you can probably take it to Home Depot and have them cut it for you. They usually charge a very small amount per cut for lumber.
  4. Also, did anyone else think Yang's gimmick simply comes across as an attempt to bribe people for their votes? His whole shtick makes me very uncomfortable.
  5. Ulty

    Can a lowly Vol fan please be a Husker?

    This has been an awesome and inspiring story over the past couple of weeks, and I even think the shirt looks pretty cool. But now I'm starting to have questions... So, the kids gets bullied for his homemade shirt. Teachers notice, UT becomes aware, and they send him a bunch of cool swag. That right there is awesome. A great gesture and a good outcome for the kid. Then they take his design and make a real shirt for sale, with proceeds going to anti-bullying efforts. That is remarkable; above and beyond. Fantastic job by UT. That would have been a great end to the story. But now he gets a scholarship offer...what? I hope this doesn't make me sound like a dick, but they've already done the right thing, a great thing even, but does this seem to anyone else like piling on? A disproportionate response at this point? What's next, he gets to coach the team?
  6. Good points. You're right, coming from a different time is no excuse, but it also helps to understand where his mind is. I mean, everyone has their own biases that we may not even be aware of, but Biden needs to do a better of job of identifying and facing his biases. I get a sense from Biden (and a lot of what came from the civil rights era of the 60s and 70s) that there was a lot of "white knight syndrome" toward minorities, a desire to rescue them, which while trying to be helpful, also does not create equality. If he thinks he is a hero to save minorities, he still essentially puts himself on a different level than everyone else. You can't move forward if you are still stuck in the past. I still think Biden's lead in the polls is based on little more than name recognition, and his connection with the Obama administration. Hopefully as we get closer to the primaries, voters will understand that electing Biden does not bring Obama back. We can't go back to that past.
  7. That's his biggest problem. I don't think he's racist at all, but he has done all of his work in an era much different from today, and he hasn't really mastered the proper way to talk about these things. I don't necessarily mean being "politically correct" all the time, but the nature of the dialogue and the language we use when it comes to race and civil rights is a hell of a lot different than it was in the 70s. Hell, he even stated that Obama was articulate for a black man back before the 08 election. He's prone to stumbling over his words and making stupid gaffes anyway, and so when he talks about serious social issues, even though he has a lot of actual experience with that kind of work back in the day, he still sounds like an idiot. For civil rights and other social issues, the words we use are important, and if you can't talk about these things without saying something stupid or unintentionally offensive, than you are not capable of being the leader we need.
  8. What color? Plain? Peanut? If it was the pretzel kind, those are the bomb.
  9. Ulty


    Fair enough, good post. So here's a tougher question: is there a way to achieve that level of unity now, without a terrible disaster? Is there a way to achieve a more inclusive since of unity?
  10. Ulty


    That is absolutely valid. Yesterday was another moment to remember and honor, but also an opportunity to learn. This is one of the important takeaways from that day, and recognizing some of the ugliness that rose out of that day does not need to be divisive. It should inspire us as Americans to do better and be better. When we think about 9/11 and then look around today, we should think about how the world changed in that moment and how things have otherwise changed since then, and how we should work to make positive change. I am often "that guy" as well, so I hope its okay that I jump in. I don't think ZRod was trying to "split" the "positive of unity." He was shining light on reality, and the reality is that there were and continue to be political and social consequences from 9/11. Unity borne out of fear and despair is not true unity. If we want to talk about unity and actually achieve it, what do we need to do? How have we fallen short? It is a very worthy topic of conversation, and we can honor the sacrifices of that day by having that conversation. Can you elaborate on what you mean by this? There are a lot of interwoven subjects here, I'm not sure which direction to go.
  11. Ulty

    Totally useless information

    From the "Hate Symbol Database" Okay Hand Gesture A common hand gesture that a 4chan trolling campaign claimed in 2017 had been appropriated as a symbol meaning "white power." Used by many on the right--not just extremists--for the purpose of trolling liberals, the symbol eventually came to be used by actual white supremacists as well. Caution must be used in evaluating instances of this symbol's use. (edit: I hope it is understood that this is a joke. I highly doubt that @I am I's family is a bunch of white supremacists)
  12. Ulty

    The mindset of my neighbor

    Yeah, I think it is safe to say that he would be eager for an opportunity to fight. Last fall, our neighborhood had an issue with mail getting stolen out of mailboxes. There was a pattern of behavior around town, and a few arrests were finally made. While it was still going on, the neighborhood group was messaging each other about how to protect your mail, get lockable mailboxes, take stuff to the post office, etc. My neighbor was on the group talking about staking out the neighborhood at night with his guns so he could catch and confront the perps, and he was looking for volunteers to join him.
  13. Ulty

    The mindset of my neighbor

    Well, I am his liberal neighbor. But we've never talked about politics at all. The house on the other side of his is rented by a few college students from China. We live in a red part of Ohio but in a college town, so we have a fair number of presumably liberal college professors on our street. He is actually more kind and fair to his Chinese neighbors than some of our more liberal neighbors, judging by the gossip that I read on the neighborhood messenger group. Like I said, we get along well. We have talked some about his military service (combat paratrooper in Irag and Afghanistan, three purple hearts), which I truly respect and admire. Certainly no hate from me. We have otherwise avoided any other talk about guns, politics, or anything else. Our interactions have always been friendly and jovial. Despite our differences, I would trust him in a pinch, and hope he would think the same of me. My kids and a couple of his kids play in the backyard together sometimes. But my children have told me that his kids are not allowed to mingle with Hillary voters (context: we had a Hillary sign in our yard in 2016, but this family moved into the neighborhood in 2017. The kids may have seen the sign in our garage at some point, or perhaps the one and only time the daughter was over to play dolls with my daughter, she might have seen an autographed picture of the Obamas in my son's room). So I know he has spoken to at least one librul neighbor (me) who has shown nothing but friendliness to him. But it is disturbing to see such a reference to liberal neighbors in his Facebook post.
  14. Ulty

    The mindset of my neighbor

    Under the same Facebook post above, a friend had engaged in discussion: I am friends with many folks in our neighborhood, and there is also one of those FB messenger groups where the neighborhood women exchange gossip, and I have never once heard anyone express any issues with his flag. I certainly don't have a problem with it. In fact, I have associated with liberals for most of my adult life and have never heard anyone, anywhere, complain about someone flying an American flag. He and I actually get along quite well, by the way, albeit only occasional small talk and handshakes. So I wanted to post about it here, just food for thought. How does someone develop these kinds of thoughts, and how many people out in America actually think this way?