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  1. Can we please stop with this BS? Certain segments of the population have been crowing about a 98% survival rate for the past year and a half. While factually accurate, this minimizes the fact that a 1 or 2% mortality rate is absolutely horrific. What if I told you that car crashes had a 98% survival rate? Are you opposed to seatbelt laws? Or DUI laws?
  2. What is even more unbelievable than your whimsical anecdotes is that you purport to be a man of faith and even preach about things like grace and mercy, yet you refuse to protect the health and safety of your community (let alone protecting your own health), recklessly and happily put vulnerable people at risk, and mock those of us who are concerned about the well-being of others. What would Jesus do? Not this. Your post is disgraceful to anyone who actually strives to "love thy neighbor."
  3. Cincy, UCF, and BYU will never have a conference road game that is within a reasonable driving distance (except West Virginia for Cincinnati). That doesn't matter much to the fan bases because UCF and Cincy don't really have fans anyway. But it is going to suck for the athletes who have to travel.
  4. ohhh...Dabo has hard some hard times at Clemson, has he?
  5. LOL, everyone is already so checked out that no one is even correcting this! Sure, we won last year! Everything is fine guys!
  6. I just want my kids to understand what good Nebraska football looks like. My kids are 12 and 10 and they have never seen it.
  7. Ah yes, white camo. To commemorate our proud military history of fighting in snow. Never forget!
  8. My favorite MCU movies have been the light-hearted ones (Spiderman, Ant Man, Guardians, Ragnorak), so my only concern is that this trailer makes it look kind of dark and somber. However, the MCU writers and producers have generally done such a good job combining humor and character development into their stories that the foreboding trailer does not really worry me that much.
  9. I was about to say that I too have had a rough couple weeks at work, but when it came time to give a couple training presentations today, I pasted on a smile and turned on the charm anyway, and I would expect Frost to do the same. However, I didn't see anything that bad in the clip of Frost's presser. We don't really expect to get a lot of useful info from these things do we? Ever? In fact, this one seemed very Osborne-esque in its dryness and boring delivery. The only difference is winning. So let's win some damn games and not worry about the presser.
  10. I've been having difficulty getting as excited as I normally would, but without consciously intending to do it, I stocked up on bratwurst and beer yesterday and now feel a little less trepidatious about the approaching season.
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