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  1. There is nothing in any of these quotes that give me any confidence in anything these coaches are doing right now.
  2. I learned that Wisconsin week will turn out to be the highlight of our season.
  3. Jeezus f##king christ, Penn State. Out of any school in the country, you should permanently be on high alert for anything relating to compliance/Title IX/mandatory reporting and/or any sort of misconduct, especially within the football program. If there is any shred of truth to this story, those motherf##kers need the harshest of penalties.
  4. Saying that there is not enough evidence to conclude that he is inaccurate, is not the same as claiming he is accurate. It's more of an "inconclusive" angle.
  5. The DBs were there too but broke back inside once the back got the ball. If LM had kept it, they would have pursued the other way. McCaffrey might have gotten a gain similar to Scott's, but the first down was unlikely.
  6. Yeah, some of the catchphrases are getting tiresome. Our school sends out multiple emails a week that still say some variation of "we're all in this together!" Ugh. But constant reinforcement is an effective form of communication. That's why advertising works. That's why so many people believe the obvious lies of politicians if they just keep repeating the lie over and over. So yes, we need to keep up the message of "follow the science." But if you don't like that one, there are others. How about "listen to the experts" or "don't be a selfish a$$hole."
  7. Ugh...so much damage to undo, so little time. Seeing that Covid and the enivironment are basically national (and global) emergencies, there needs to be action taken and a strong agenda immediately. The other stuff on the list are all priorities to some extent, but if the Senate is going to block any significant legislation, I voted for reviewing and rolling back Trump's EOs (and Biden might have to govern via EO for a while if he doesn't have Senate support). Long term, I voted for election reform and healthcare. Seeing the threats against democracy itself this year...t
  8. What? He has coached 26 games at Nebraska and lost 17 of them. He is quite accustomed to being punched in the mouth, and so are the fans. He has had plenty of time of come up with a plan. We can’t pretend like we are suddenly at some sort of revelatory starting point.
  9. He's likely to be more unhinged and more dangerous during his 2 and a half months of being a lame duck than he has ever been. Hopefully the surviving GOP who do not need him anymore will no longer kowtow to him, but I don't know.
  10. Yep, stopping the count now is not in Trump's best interest, but neither is continuing the count. His objective now is (and has always been) to sow chaos.
  11. I don't know either, but it was likely related to the color of his skin and his strange name.
  12. I heard that Trump filed a lawsuit against Huskerboard to stop counting posts.
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