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  1. oh man...I forgot all about Chad May. What a freaking pansy a$$.
  2. Can't wait for the right-wing talking points tomorrow, about how this guy's testimony somehow proved Joe Biden's guilt.
  3. Poll: Republicans see Trump as a ‘person of faith’ ... more so than Mitt Romney, Mike Pence and others https://www.deseret.com/2023/9/26/23891360/trump-biden-man-of-faith-religious-mitt-romney-vivek-ramaswamy
  4. Whoa, now. I hate CU more than most and hope they lose every game and shut the hell up...but there is no need to celebrate a kid being injured.
  5. I predict that MSU and Tucker will ultimately negotiate a settlement. He definitely royally f#cked up, but his attorneys might have a smidgen of a contractual argument that neither party will want to drag out in court. Tucker will then lay low for a couple of quiet years and resurface as a coach at some religious school in the south.
  6. I mean, he sent his son to play for Mike Riley...so, yeah.
  7. Mel Tucker changed his story, misled investigator in Michigan State sexual harassment case https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/investigations/2023/09/22/michigan-state-mel-tucker-false-claims-sexual-harassment/70922038007/
  8. I don't know where that term came from, but I think about it every single time I actually carry a loaf of bread, and it makes me self-conscious about how I am carrying it.
  9. Too easy, I'll let someone else answer. I used to work at a school where the same poet once said something over 100 years ago about the campus being beautiful, and the school has been milking it as a marketing slogan ever since then.
  10. We'll agree on that. Dealing with other kids' parents is the worst. All right everyone, if this conversation has run its course...stay gold.
  11. 8th grade? You should read about Anne Frank!
  12. Fair enough. I love the movie and the book, by the way. And different teachers teach it in different ways. Suppose there was a discussion after every chapter. Dally's relationship with Cherry is not the main theme of the book, but it is one of the smaller themes. A discussion about this particular scene would not be unreasonable if a teacher thought it was important, or if a student had a question about it, it might generate discussion. Or we could all move on because there are more important things happening. It's all fair, and perfectly appropriate for the teacher to make the decision re: how to handle it. In the controversy around this Anne Frank book, do we know how much the teacher focused on that particular page about the menstruation and the breasts? Or did a snowflake parent see it and decide to raise hell based on this one page out of context? You and I would probably both agree that if the teacher planned a whole lesson around that page, it was probably not the most appropriate use of class time (although not worthy of a firing or banning).
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