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  1. Ulty

    MLB 2019 Season

    There have been seven games in which they have allowed 5+ homers, which is the most times in a season that has happened in the AL.
  2. Ulty

    Immigration Ban

    Yes, people are often much more complex under the surface. But if my wife got deported, and I still support the politician who is in favor of, or responsible for, that act, that wouldn't make me complex. It would make me an a$$h@!e.
  3. Ulty

    Huskers in 2019....

    I remember so much optimism on Huskerboard and from the general fanbase at the beginning of each year during the Callahan, Pelini, and Riley years, even when we should have known better. Now we have Frost, a favorable schedule, and nearly everything on the upswing, yet many are pushing away the kool-aid, tempering their expectations, and hedging their predictions. I get it. Years of mediocrity and failed expectations have made us cynical. I felt that way in Pelini's last couple of years and didn't think that Nebraska could ever possibly be back to where we once were. This isn't a finished product, there are no guarantees, and if Scott Frost can't bring us back, maybe no one can. But if something amazing is going to happen with the future of this program, we are going to start seeing it emerge this year. The time for optimism is now.
  4. Ulty

    Huskers in 2019....

    Which is why it will be so sweet when we win 10 games en route to a division title. Nebraska's return to relevance this year will be a compelling and attention-grabbing story across the country.
  5. Ulty

    Pet Peeves

    I seem to hear the "seen" nonsense a lot more out here in southern Ohio than I did when I lived in Nebraska. Whenever I hear it, I automatically make assumptions about the education level of the person who utters it. Now what about the people who pronounce "wash" as "warsh?" Where the hell is that damn R coming from?
  6. Ulty

    B1G Printing Money

    Fair points, but the biggest problem with this post is F#%K TEXAS
  7. Good post, but just a caveat to the bolded: the manner in which people get busted does matter. Ends don't always justify the means. Accused have rights, we have due process, we have 4th amendment protections, "fruit of the poisonous tree" arguments, and so forth. That is all constitutional stuff and foundational to our entire justice system. That is why Mueller worked so hard to do things by the book, and why the backlash from Trump and his ilk throughout the whole ordeal was so disgusting, because they are the ones who disregard the Constitution and insert chaos into the justice system.
  8. I'm not the metalhead that I once was in my teenage years, but I have a good deal of respect for Slipknot. This new song was great for my workout this morning:
  9. Ulty

    Trump's America

    Maybe Trump saw Gene Simmons' role as a lawyer in "Extract" and wants to use him to negotiate some sort of deal with Iran. "I will remove these sanctions right now if you slam your testicles in that door."
  10. Ulty

    *** 2021 Recruiting ***

    That makes me feel fricking old. I’m the same age as Bobby Newcombe, we had a class together as freshmen.
  11. Ulty

    Huskers Land Grad Transfer WR From Cal

    Warner had solid numbers for a walk-on when the top of the depth chart included two studs like Morgan and Spielman. No one is counting on Kade Warner to put the team on his back. No need to bag on the kid. He did more than a lot of other unproven guys. Hoping those other guys and the newcomers step up and make some plays this year.
  12. Ulty

    S Major Burns

    If he comes to Nebraska, he won't have to put up with Hawkeye's and Trapper John's crap anymore.
  13. Ulty

    Re-bump Scott Frost Mega Thread

    I was at that Big 12 championship game and remember that block in real time. That was one of those "holy $h!t did you see that" moments that immediately confirmed that we were going to beat the hell out of TAMU that day.
  14. Ulty

    The Running Back Room

    If Mo and Mills are unavailable, it is good that the first game is against a very weak opponent so the remaining RBs can have some live tryouts in game conditions. I hope the game is in hand early so we can experiment with getting everyone plenty of quality rushing reps if the depth chart is still in disarray at that point.
  15. Ulty


    This is very confusing. Moiraine is now a black man with titles of both offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator.