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  1. Poor Zac is probably going to get mostly negative attention once he takes over that horrible franchise. But he does deserve more kudos for what he did at NU.
  2. Ulty

    Worst Call Ever In A Husker Game

    Agree with most of the posts in this thread: The KSU facemask has always been the most obvious to me since everyone in the entire stadium saw it. I mean, some things can be questionable judgment calls, but it could not be more obvious. Inexplicable not to call that. I truly felt like NU would have scored on that drive and won the game. Agree on PSU and FSU being most costly: If replay existed in 1982 and 1993 NU would have two more national championships. The entire TAMU game in totality was the biggest hose job I've ever seen. The other bad calls can be attributed to refs making stupid mistakes. But that TAMU game was a travesty that cannot have been unintentional.
  3. Ulty

    Trump's America

    Well, how they got here is of critical importance in this debate.
  4. Ulty

    Trump's America

    Now that you are thinking about return on investment, give some critical thought to the wall and what that ROI might look like.
  5. Ulty

    Trump's America

    What are the stats on this? How much does "taking advantage of American generosity" and running from court hearings cost the American economy. Is it a crisis? An emergency?
  6. Ulty

    Trump's America

    I heard that they're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. But some, I assume, are good people.
  7. Ulty

    Bunch transferring

    That will be awkward. How many meaningful practice reps can he expect to get as a guy who has already expressed a desire to transfer?
  8. Ulty

    NFL 2018

    Zac Taylor was one of the few bright spots of the Callahan era. This is kind of cool, actually. Who would have thought 14 years ago that one day Zac would be Callahan's head coach?
  9. Ulty

    Trump's America

    A written SOTU address from Trump? Just collect all of his tweets from the past year. That would perfectly encapsulate the dismal state of the union right now, and any other speech from Trump would not contain any new, accurate info anyway.
  10. Sorry Roxy, not trying to be mean, and no one is attacking you. But you have a tendency to start numerous threads with titles that are not at all descriptive of the subject matter. Additionally, many threads can be better suited as a post in an ongoing thread so it can be part of the conversation with other posters who are already discussing the same topic. Imagine opening up Huskerboard and every thread was titled "What is your opinion on this?" or "going to do this" or "OMG you won't believe this!"... The board would be unusable because no one would know what the specific topics are. As Moiraine mentioned, this is an issue of message board etiquette. You come off as a very nice person, so I am quite sure your lapses of etiquette are unintentional. So I thought it would be a good idea to bring it to your attention so you are aware. I thought this would help you and help the board. It is not a personal attack by any means. I figure you would not want to be rude to others, even on accident, so it is fair to bring this up to you in order to improve the quality of discussion and help keep the board somewhat organized and user-friendly.
  11. Here is my opinion on this: 1. Your thread titles need to be more descriptive so people can tell what your subject matter is. 2. This post can easily go into one of the many recruiting threads that already exist on this board, since it is a recruiting topic. Last week you created multiple threads about the NFL playoffs that could have gone in the existing NFL playoff instead of creating an entirely new thread based on a couple of fleeting thoughts. Basic etiquette. 3. Offering a seventh grader a scholarship is a publicity gimmick as much as anything else and is not binding. Why does it make a difference if you are a woman?
  12. Ulty

    Mikale Wilbon

    Everyone was wrong about a lot of things. Even those of us who were rooting for Ozigbo did not expect him to have the season he had. No one expected Bell to be a bust. No one expected to go 4-8. We are all going to be wrong about a lot of things with the 2019 season as well. BUT, in this thread and especially in the "Running Back room" thread, a lot of people seemed especially eager to bury Ozigbo on the depth chart and discount positive things that were said about him. Even without his stellar senior year, his work and reliability (compared to the rest of the craptastic running game during the Riley era) deserved better treatment than what he was getting in pre-season talk on HB. I imagine that all Ozigbo had to do to motivate himself up before each practice last fall was read Mavric's posts.
  13. Ulty

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Was he also pushing his tongue into his cheek while he made those stroking motions?
  14. The top 8 of the list are shoo-ins for sure. No brainers. The next 8 are iffy, but possibly warrant inclusion. - Washington and Auburn simply are not at the level of the other 16 on this list. - I would disqualify Penn St, because without Paterno that program is nothing, and Paterno can burn in hell. - The others are all up there in terms of total # of wins, and bowl wins and appearances. Tennessee and Georgia don't have the same championship hardware as the others but lots of wins. - Florida, FSU, Miami, LSU, and Clemson all have multiple national championships spanning multiple coaches, but they don't have the same historical pedigree as the top 8. They are a solid second-tier historically. More of a new-money vs old-money sort of deal.