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  1. While it would not be surprising at all the Putin has something he is holding over Trump as blackmail, I would think it would have to be something bigger and worse than the pee tapes. In comparison to every horrible thing that has already been proven about Trump, a tape of him watching prostitutes pee would hardly be a scandal at all. If his blatant racism, gassing peaceful protesters, his pu$$y grabbing, locking children in cages, Stormy Daniels, his treason, and other abuses of power have already been exposed, who gives a crap about a pee tape? Whatever Putin has on him must be yuge and bigly.
  2. Your random anecdote of dubious veracity has convinced me to never wear a mask. FREEDOM!!!
  3. Yep. Before the Ohio primaries, I had ads pop up on Youtube about some Ohio house race in which the ad accused the Dem candidate of being in league with AOC's "socialist agenda." The only reason for her name to be brought up in an Ohio race, just like Oklahoma, is that she is indeed the boogeyman!
  4. Fredo? He can't help but throw out random ethnic slurs whenever he gets a chance.
  5. I am hoping that a Biden presidency will be very much about stopping the bleeding from the Trump presidency and smoothing things over, while the rest of the Democratic establishment (with control of both houses, hopefully) plants the seeds for a progressive agenda and positions the next generation of Democratic candidates to step up when Biden is done. But of course that would require strategic thinking on the Dems part, which I know is a bit much to ask for.
  6. Honestly, this is how a lot of xenophobia starts. You didn't actually intend to disparage an entire country or an entire class of people, but look at the words you used. The laziness you used to make this statement should not be taken lightly, comments like that can be hurtful. Painting with a broad brush like that leads to stereotypes, and if you were in a position of authority (or a parent), it can breed xenophobia and racism. I know this is just a message board, but we need to be careful with our words and our actions.
  7. If I were GOP leadership, I would definitely blame misspelled thread titles on Hillary or Obama. Otherwise, I would not quite know how to answer the first two questions. I always tell my kids that it is never too late to do the right thing, but in GOP's case, I don't know how they didn't see the writing on the wall during the last 4 years. Did they think any of this Trumpism was actually going to be good for the country and sustainable for the long term? Obviously they should pick choices 2-5 now (in question #1), but most of them will pick choice number one, and either way, they can all f#$k off.
  8. I've started to enjoy wearing a mask to the grocery store. It provides a little bit of anonymity, and I can likewise pretend not to recognize other people. I hate running into people I know at the grocery store, so now I have some cover.
  9. Yeah, even if the incident was unintentional or misunderstood or there was no incident at all, it still opened up a wound. It is a wound that is very much real. It is not so much about a piece of rope or any single incident but about the big picture of racism, especially being the only black man in a sport that has embraced the confederate flag until now. I hope all of the other drivers and fans who stood in support when the noose incident came out can double down on their support now.
  10. This may be right, but I think if anyone is good enough to compete for the two-deep and/or can meaningfully contribute in more than five games in any way this year, redshirts need to be cast aside. Gotta pull out all the stops to not have another losing season.
  11. Those "clues" are the very reason why Trump supporters are Trump supporters.
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