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  1. Vote for HB's favorite musical artist. It is down to the Final Four and the votes are tight so far!



  2. Wait a minute, is this the way it works in recruiting? You have to talk to a kid 4-5 days a week in order to show interest? If anyone tried to talk to me that often I would block them. I would hate that job.
  3. It's an interesting choice. Pink Floyd and Prince both have phenomenal bodies of work and are influential in different ways. I'll say this about Prince: he was an underrated musical virtuoso, probably one of the best guitar players ever, but he is not specifically known for his guitar work. He covered multiple genres: pop, rock, r&B, he just really couldn't be pigeonholed. He was supremely amazing talent and an artist in every sense of the word. The symbol-for-a-name thing, and the androgyny and sexuality just add further intrigue as a personality. There is no one like him. One of the best ever. Now, Pink Floyd? Incredible artists and musicians in their own right, and I simply like them better.
  4. Now it is down to four. Who is your favorite?
  5. F#ck https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/18/politics/ruth-bader-ginsburg-dead/index.html
  6. Will your favorite musical artist make the Final Four? Vote now!


    1. Ulty


      This tournament has been fun, but I hate hustling everyone with these annoying status updates. Can't wait until it's over.

  7. The hardest choice for me is Queen vs Rush. They are both two of my faves. I'll give the edge to Queen right now, probably based on the strength of the movie last year (or 2 years ago?). After that came out, my wife started playing Queen nonstop at our house for weeks, and now my young kids picked up on it and turned into classic rock fans because of it. When my daughter was a baby and up crying in the middle of the night, it turned out that this Rush video would always calm her for some reason. Great song.
  8. It is down to 9. Thanks to a tie between the Beatles and Foos, and me not having the patience for another tiebreaker, they both move on. Keep voting for HB's favorite musical artist!
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