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  1. I also saw an interview he did with Colbert last month, in which he gave a pretty impressive answer about his relative youth:
  2. I've been impressed with what I've heard from him as well. I also think it is awesome that he is openly gay, yet no one is really talking about that. That's a good sign that, to the left anyway, one's sexual orientation is not a huge source of controversy. If he gains momentum and more attention, I wonder how the right wingers are going to handle that.
  3. It is an offensive and misogynistic term, period. It doesn't carry the same weight as perhaps the n-word or the f-word, but it is a belittling term against women nonetheless. That you are going to such great efforts to minimize it is telling. You may or may not be a misogynist yourself, but you throw all of your political support behind a man who is very demonstratively a misogynist. And you trying to turn it back around on those who point it out is, shall we say, deplorable. And using the defense that you have a female doctor and female attorney is on par with saying you can't be racist because you have a black friend. Don't talk to us about mischaracterizing who you are - you are the one who has made the choice to support a vile human being and you are the one who made the choice to show your a$$ to us by bursting onto this message board with vitriol, lies, and inflammatory rhetoric.
  4. Because he's a white supremacist and a serial sexual assaulter/misogynist?
  5. Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Big Lebowski, Back to the Future, and the original Star Wars trilogy are all full of lines that I quote quite frequently. Can’t even name just one line, there are so many. Good call on Dodgeball too.
  6. You know how when people say "LOL" online, they are just saying that and not really laughing out loud. Well, seeing this thread title from this guy literally made me LOL. So thanks for that this morning. Then reading the phrase "common sense MAGA conservative" really blew my mind. However, if you are seriously interested in reasonable discussion, can you start by answering a few questions yourself? 1. What does "Make America Great Again" mean to you? 2. What values do conservatives and/or the Republican party currently stand for? 3. What are some of your personal values? 4. Since you used the word "diversity" here, what does that word mean to you - not only in terms of political thought, as well as cultural, ethnic, racial, socio-economic (etc) diversity? For decades, conservatives and Republicans stood for (or at least claimed to stand for) fiscal responsibility, family values, and personal accountability. Trump's brand of politics does not embody any of those values, and when the party allowed Trump to walk right in and take over, most conservative politicians stopped even pretending to care about those values. Trump supporters are hitching their wagon to a racist, a narcissist, a compulsive liar, a philanderer, and if not a proven criminal himself, at least someone who surrounds himself with criminals and corruption. He eschews the advice of experts, he eschews science, he eschews all traditional decorum and dignity, he throws tantrums on social media, he mocks and belittles anyone who does not identify with him. What about that comes across as common sense or conservative? Nothing that I've said here has anything to do with actual conservative policy, either. There is plenty of room for policy discussion among reasonable people who disagree. And a lot of that has happened on this board. But most of us, including the conservatives on this board who actively participate, realize that this president is a dangerous lunatic. It would be nice to get back to actual conservatives who want to address real issues in a civilized way, but Trump and his supporters have changed the nature of discourse.
  7. Ulty


    Yet you never hear the liberal MSM talk about Moiraine's ties to Russia. #lockherup
  8. or someone can get a little more creative and hold up a sign like this: RHYMES WITH
  9. If someone receiving welfare assistance already is ineligible for the UBI benefits, or if it replaces these programs, then who is UBI designed to help? It doesn't sound like a program that is meant to pull people out of poverty, and if it doesn't do that, what's the point?
  10. Ulty

    A man you can bait with a Tweet

    We don't need an armchair diagnosis to know that Trump is mentally unfit to hold the Presidency.