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  1. The findings of their "investigation" are really the only reasonable outcome that anyone could expect, and the recommendations are appropriate (pasted below). There was no way there would be evidence to show racist intent, unless they had a history of such nonsense on social media. So essentially, everything we had been discussing about this case is still correct, the kids here were being immature and ignorant and need to be educated on proper behavior. I put "investigation" in quotes in the paragraph above because this investigation was really only conducted for PR purposes. Since we all know there would be no way to prove intent in this case (and honestly no one ever, ever admits to being racist), an actual investigation was essentially unnecessary. The recommendations are reasonable and would have been the same even if they handled it all informally and internally. Listen kids, try to not be an idiot on TV. Even if you do something that unintentionally might be viewed as racist, you can find yourself in the center of some ugliness you don't want to be a part of. Especially if you are a military cadet, try to act in public with a little bit of dignity and class.
  2. Haha, I thought you were just making a joke, not that it was an actual article!
  3. It sounds like Dewitt has been having... ...a devil of a time on the recruiting trail.
  4. Yeah... but they've already been found guilty by UNL's Title IX investigation. Not the same standard of proof as a criminal case, but to a certain extent they already have been proven guilty, and are still facing some more serious charges. Anything is possible, I suppose, but you don't need to feel too bad.
  5. The GOP would lambast Jesus as a radical liberal terrorist from a $h!thole country who needs to go back where he came from. Trump would host a rally, mocking him for being so skinny and encouraging Pontius Pilate to rough him up a little.
  6. Since this thread is primarily about the two guys who were kicked off the team for horrendous sexual misconduct and not really about the transfer portal in general (even thought the thread title does not specify), it doesn't feel right including Isaiah Stalbird's transfer in this thread. Stalbird overcame a lot of personal/family adversity just to get where he is, then worked his tail off to get playing time as a walk-on before finally landing at a school where he will hopefully get an opportunity to shine. His story is quite the opposite of Hunt and Legrone. I just felt that needed to be stressed. Hope he is successful.
  7. Thanks for clarifying a few things, Mr. Watts. Best of luck to your son at ND!
  8. Watched chapter 7 last night - I thought it was pretty good. The lead up getting to this point has been kind of clumsy, but now they are starting to tie the pieces back together. My kids both shouted at the TV at the end of the episode, so that counts for something in terms of cliffhangers and entertainment value. Carl Weathers' acting performance though - seems like he is reading off cue cards that only have three words on each card.
  9. He was a really good poster. Does anyone know why he stopped coming here?
  10. I looked up this guy since he is in Ohio so I will have an opportunity to vote against him if he is on the ballot in 2022...but looking at his website, he probably won't even make it to the final ballot. Every page of his site is hawking "Cult45 MAGA" hats. He's a nutter - but also fairly representative of many Trumpers.
  11. It seems like what you really mean is not the number of folks in elected positions, but rather the effectiveness, competence, and collegiality of them. If that is the case, then I wholeheartedly agree.
  12. More than a couple! But then they need to be replaced.
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