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  1. Ulty

    Weird Time for Christians

    I don't mean to offend anyone, but the fact that you all are discussing the nuances of when babies are and aren't sent to eternal hell seems whackadoo crazy.
  2. Ulty

    Defensive Philosophy

    The only way to have a Suh-like defense is to have a Suh-like player. Suggesting that the coaches aren't striving for a better defense is just silly. Also: the OP's avatar looks like a duck wearing headphones. Now you won't be able to un-see it.
  3. The positive changes are obvious. This past off-season was one of the most hyped I can remember, although the beginning of the season led to a deflated feeling the upward trajectory is very steep now, these guys just need to sustain the momentum. I'm going to be as excited in the upcoming offseason as I was this year. I see double-digit wins. Bank on it.
  4. Ulty

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    WTF. Most racists at least try to encode their language somewhat. This guy throws it right out there. Makes it easier to identify at least - I wonder how the people of Kansas will respond to this?
  5. Ulty

    Will our democracy survive Trump?

    If someone says something that is racist, it should be called out. Donald Trump himself would have been banned from this board long ago because of the racist rhetoric he uses. And if not for that, the insults he uses. I agree that you should take it as a very serious topic. In fact, we should talk about it more.
  6. Ulty

    Will our democracy survive Trump?

    Yeah, I knew that picture didn't add anything constructive to the conversation, but i found it amusing. Sorry!
  7. About that, I think Frost can hold his own. Watch this clip:
  8. I can see a chess match in this game with Scott Frost trying to identify a hole in MSU's run defense. With the weather and all, I can picture Nebraska's offense having quite a few three & outs, and struggling with the run all day, getting just enough first downs in the air to keep the game together. But at some point, after getting stuffed all day, I predict that someone is going to bust through with a long run to finally break MSU. Is it going to be Ozigbo? Washington? Martinez? I don't know, but I believe that Frost's offensive creativity is going to find that opportunity late in the game, and one of those guys is going to rip it.
  9. I rarely have time to sit down and watch basketball, and over the last few years, literally every single time I have turned on a Husker game (only a few occasions, mind you), even against teams that aren't so great, they play like total crap from the moment I turn it on. So I saw one of the posts above indicating a small lead at halftime but poor shooting, but I turned on the game anyway with about 8 minutes remaining. What I saw was very refreshing to see - it was a kind of dominance from Nebraska basketball over a decent program, a style of basketball that I frankly did not recognize from a team wearing the Husker jersey. It's a very good feeling. Now can they keep playing like this for the next 4 and a half months?
  10. Ulty

    Will our democracy survive Trump?

    Wait, are you casually equating war, the Depression, and corruption with the civil rights movement?
  11. Ulty

    Bracketology 2019

    Given our history with the tournament and annual disappointments, it is absolutely hard to believe. All these lofty projections make me very uncomfortable since Nebrasketball has yet to earn a damn thing.
  12. Ulty

    CFB Coaching Carousel 2018-2019

    Well they can kiss his a$$ out the f***ing door. Cause the day is coming.
  13. Ulty

    New member