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  1. Are they going to put a cap on number of teams from the same conference? 5 teams from the SEC in a 12 team playoff would be a load of crap.
  2. Apologies for derailing the thread, but these look like two little kids trying on suits so they can be ring bearers in their aunt's wedding.
  3. Ok, so we swapped out the SELA game in November for an FCS opponent early in season. This seems okay: we have a chance to start 3-0 and work out some hiccups before the OU game, and get another home game and recruiting visits when the weather is warm and we all still have hope for the season. Plus now we have two bye weeks late in the season. Not bad.
  4. These are great to toss in some buffalo sauce or any other hot wing sauce.
  5. It's the spring game. No one learned a damn thing!
  6. Brendan Jaimes goes to the Chargers in the 5th round.
  7. Ulty


    His salary multiplies several times overnight, and even if he fails after 3-4 years of raking it in, he can simply get another MAC job or coordinator job making no worse than his previous salary.
  8. I'm as disillusioned and pessimistic as anyone after 4 straight losing seasons and never rising to the hype, but the truth is we have rarely gotten steamrolled. A large part of the frustration is that we have had so many close losses every year where we just couldn't close the deal. 12 of our 20 losses under Frost have been by 8 points or less. Those are all games that could have been decided by a single play. It's not a matter of getting "steamrolled" by Iowa or Wisconsin or any of the other crappy teams that we should have beaten. It's about fixing mistakes and getting our $h!t
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