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  1. Watching a bit of this during lunch. The GOP attorney asking questions, Stephen Castor, is god-awful. From his rambling, nonsensical questions all the way to his body language and voice, he does not seem very competent. Just saw a graphic that he was the lead investigator in the Benghazi investigations. No wonder the GOP whiffed on that. But compared to the other attorneys that have come and gone through Trump's circles and the DOJ, he is probably still the best they've got.
  2. I admire Matt Gaetz's ability to somehow stand out amongst a crowd of morons.
  3. Yes, it has been miserable. Extremely miserable. If I could find a word to rhyme with miserable I would write a little poem for you to express how miserable it has been. But nothing else rhymes with miserable.
  4. I've lived in Colorado, Nebraska, and Ohio, and I will say that your opinion is off. I dislike Ohio State and pretty much all Ohio sports teams, but most of the people are fine. You on the other hand, seem way more high-strung and angsty than anyone I ever met when I lived in Denver.
  5. yeah, I'm pretty much checked out too. My only entertainment related to Husker football for the foreseeable future is looking at ads and recipes on Huskerboard.
  6. What if they also threw in sexual misconduct charges on top of it all? They could just play video of his own words, and line up the 25 women who have accused him.
  7. +1 for writing a post with fewer than 500 words
  8. Dumbass sixth graders are trying to grab this guy high around the waist?
  9. Ulty

    OG Kendal Septs

    So it turns out that a 177% commitment is less than total.
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