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  1. Ya know...it's a really cool feeling, liberating actually, when you stop giving a $h!t about what other people do or how other people identify. If someone is disgusted or confused because they see a transgender person, that's their own f*&king problem. If you (not you specifically JJ, but y'all in general) don't worry about what is in someone's pants or in their bedroom if it doesn't impact you, then you might find life more pleasant. Even if you can't understand or accept the messy complications of gender dynamics, it's not harming anyone just to leave them alone. And most transgender folks and others in the LGBTQ+ community are reasonable people and just want to live their lives (sure some can be unreasonable, but that goes in all communities). So you can still be an uncaring prick but yet be cool at the same time, right? It's when people (I'll go ahead and say Republicans, mostly) go out of their way to marginalize or demean these folks and try to regulate/legislate the sexual activities and bodies of others that it becomes a problem. That's where the fight is.
  2. Huh. These are actually some very fascinating articles. If someone were to read these articles with a preconceived notion of outrage and disgust, they will likely walk away from these articles with even more outrage and disgust. However, starting from a place of open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity, a reader will come away with a better understanding of these concepts and more knowledge (and likely even more questions). These are all very valid and reasonable questions and comments about age dynamics and norms in our society. Drinking age, retirement age, and other age-related statuses are determined by lawmakers and companies, often using statistical data, sometimes possibly arbitrary. This would be an interesting discussion, maybe someone here can do some research to enlighten us about how these age thresholds were determined, and there can be a separate thread about it. But of course none of this is at all germane to the topic of gender identity.
  3. I'm not sure if this is even a serious question, but I'll play along. Age and gender identity are completely different things. Apples and oranges. Age is a number based on a date which you are born. It is a concrete data point. We all progress in age in a linear fashion every single day (unless you are Benjamin Button). Having said that, ageism is a very real thing, and people often make assumptions about someone else's age based on stereotypes that may or may not be true. There are legal protections against age discrimination for this reason. But, you can't factually say you are a different age than you actually are. Now, even if you believe that sex is an either/or scenario (even biological sex is not a black and white issue, there are several different chromosome combinations), sex is different than gender. That is the first thing that people often have trouble grasping. Sex assigned at birth is a physical/biological thing. Gender (including who you personally identify, and how you express that identity) is a social construct, often based on traditional norms and expectations. What science are you talking about? Biology? As I mentioned above, biologically there are a variety of chromosomal combinations, not just XX and XY, and some people are born with hormones and internal plumbing that does not match their external hardware. The biology is not as simple as you think it is. Additionally, there is a whole field of social science that explores the concepts of gender dynamics and sexuality. Our understanding of it is continually evolving. So yeah, the science does support the notion of a spectrum of gender identities. Nope. There are a lot of species that have been known to change their sex. There are a lot of species that engage in homosexual activities. Nature is pretty wild. Who has been telling you these things?
  4. This is where a lot of people are, but not everyone is as honest about it as you. But the truth is, a lot of this information is new, and uncomfortable, and quickly evolving. We all make mistakes when it comes to gendering and pronouns, and even having the capacity to understand. I work in a DEI field, and it is hard for me to keep up, so it is going to naturally be difficult for folks who live and work in other walks of life. I took a Safe Zone training in 2018 (a training program to encourage inclusivity and awareness of LGBTQ+ issues), and then took it again last month, and a lot of the concepts, terms, and language have already changed. I try to be very intentional with my language but in a conversation with our school's LGBTQ Coordinator a couple weeks ago I said "guys" in reference to a group of people. I called myself on it, and we both laughed because it was an unintentional mistake. She admitted that she still uses the wrong language at times too, and it is her job. It happens. We just need to be willing to learn and grow as humans, and realize that we all make mistakes and nobody is perfect. Excellent post.
  5. Sexuality, gender identity, sexual orienation, romantic attraction, and gender expression all exist on a spectrum, and none of them are as simple as male/female. A lot of these things are difficult to grasp for those of us (which to say almost all of us) who grew up understanding these concepts as a simple dichotomy. But the world is more nuanced and complicated than that. It takes a willingness to try to understand society and your fellow human to really open up to these ideas.
  6. Do you remember what Jimmy the Greek said? Racism is built upon applying crude stereotypes toward an entire population. You're throwing around stereotypes about black athletes so casually, then using your stereotype to draw some gross conclusions about both whites and blacks.
  7. Wow! This is old school Jimmy the Greek type of racism. Jesus.
  8. Hold up, this calls for a few questions... Who told him this? Who conducts this grading? How does the point system work? Where can we find this data? Please explain this. This is inflammatory stuff that needs some critical thinking, and evidence, to go along with it. I couldn't find a listing of NCAA track & field coaches, so I looked up the individual Big Ten schools (hardly a representative sample of the entire college landscape, I know). Of the 13 men's programs (couldn't find a men's team for Northwestern), some of which had the women's and men's team under the same head coach, I found two black men, one black woman, one white woman, and nine white men. I'm sure (I hope) the assistant pools are more diverse, and a broader look at more schools at various divisions may give different data...but are white coaches really being discriminated against?
  9. A 6-6 record is where the program needs to be?
  10. They showed this same footage (although parts of it in a slightly different order) in the second post-credits clip after NWH.
  11. I did, but it was a month after it came out, during a daytime matinee, so there wasn't much of a crowd. I always thought it was weird to clap at a movie, but the excitement and energy from the hardcore fans this weekend was honestly kind of cool. Especially since I haven't been in a theater for nearly 2 years.
  12. I saw it over the weekend: our theater must have been filled with a lot of hardcore fans, there were no less than four times that the crowd applauded and cheered during the movie. I've never been to any movie where that has happened before. I am frequently amazed and impressed by Marvel's ability to cleverly write and produce movies with so many characters woven in to the story and so much stuff going on, without having it feel like a bloated disaster (like the other Spider-Man 3, for example). I don't know how they keep pulling it off.
  13. So if Nebraska plays against Adrian's KSU team in a bowl game next year, which team commits the most errors in the last two minutes of the game? Kidding aside, remember when Russell Wilson was kind of okay at NC State but then had an amazing transfer year at Wisconsin? I can see AM doing something similar if he has a good supporting cast around him at KSU.
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