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  1. Be patient. He is probably starting with “how to file a lossoot” on Google, and I don’t imagine he is a fast typer.
  2. It's been a while since I've seen Reservoir Dogs...was that the insecure character who constantly felt the need to seek praise from the other characters because of a prediction he once made?
  3. What was her exact quote? I’m sure it must have been especially egregious in order to draw your outrage, especially since you are on record in this forum denying that Trump has ever said anything racist.
  4. I don't have a strong preference for anyone in particular, but in terms of results as a coach, I don't see a huge difference between Rhule, Aranda, or Bill O'Brien. Aranda took over Baylor from Rhule, and in his first year went 2-7 with a team that had been 11-3 the year before. Aranda had been hired very late (late January), and it turned out to be the Covid year. But the very next year, Aranda took Baylor to their best season in school history. Prior to that Rhule took over from Jim Grobe who had gone 7-6 in an interim year, and went 1-11 in his first year. That was during a pretty horrific scandal at Baylor, but the dropoff in the first season is at least comparable to what Aranda did a couple years later. Two years later, Rhule's results at Baylor were impressive, but it took him two years to recover, compared to Aranda taking one year. Rhule was also pulling the school out of a much larger dumpster fire. Someone mentioned way back on page f*ck-all that Aranda was not as good as Rhule because of Aranda's dip in his first year. But I have a hard time seeing either one of them as being substantially better than the other. Bill O'Brien also kept a school afloat during scandal, similar to Rhule. But Penn State's scandal was even worse (they should have gotten the death penalty, in my opinion). In his two seasons there, he had winning records, without suffering the staggering dip that Rhule did when he took over. O'Brien also had a much better record than Rhule as an NFL coach (not that necessarily means anything compared to college coaching). I don't know that any of these guys are the answer at Nebraska, but their coaching results don't seem all that different. I just find it odd that some people are so vehemently opposed to one of them or so strongly in favor of another.
  5. A couple other items: "Uses clever catchphrases" and "Able to avoid sexual temptation".
  6. I would believe this. I believe this too. I work in higher ed, I am quite familiar with the culture of academia. I'm also familiar with FIRE. But I'm still confused about the point you are trying to make. Are you making claims here about censorship? First amendment? Or social norms? The scenario with your father does not appear to be a 1st Amendment issue. As far as the cake baker in Colorado, if this is the case you are referring to, the SCOTUS ruling was not based on free speech or free expression. While college campuses do undoubtedly swing more liberal, conservative faculty and students are not subject to widespread oppression by administrators or laws because of their views. When people say offensive things on campus, they tend to get publicly called out, but that is not what censorship is. On the other hand, academic freedom actually is currently under attack by legislatures and boards across the country who are seeking to prevent teachers from discussing things like race and abortion. That IS censorship.
  7. You aren't completely off base, but just last year, two successful coaches at all-time top 5 institutions were poached away by other schools. Money talks (yeah, there were probably other factors at play as well, but come on, it's the money more than anything). If Oklahoma and Notre Dame can be stepping stones, then nothing is off the table.
  8. Do you actually have examples of this happening at colleges and universities, or is this simply more hyperbolic hand-wringing over "cancel culture"? As a matter of fact, faculty members ARE being warned/threatened to limit their speech, but it is predominantly coming from right-wing lawmakers and administrations. Florida is an example. Idaho is an example. Any state that is looking to ban "controversial topics" in the classroom is an example. But those are different examples than what Fox seems to be worried about.
  9. Ah, a blonde haired Husker hero from our glory days, finally returning to Nebraska to save us! Better keep the booze and cheerleaders away from him.
  10. People being afraid of social repercussions has nothing to do with free speech. The fact that people are free to say whatever the hell they want, but then whoever is listening can say whatever the hell they want in response, is what free speech is. FIRE typically ranks schools for free speech issues based on policy language, public statements, and such. I'm not clicking your Fox News link, but if they are measuring free speech concerns by students who are afraid of social repercussions, then it is pretty weak reporting. Also, this is untrue. People filter themselves less than ever, and say stupid and offensive $h!t out in the open more than we have seen in a long, long time. But people are also getting called out more often for their BS (yes, a lot of the call-outs are hypersensitive and irrational as well, but free speech).
  11. Meh...this guy is oversimplifying it. If being closer to recruits, having lower expectations, and having an easier schedule equates to a better job than Nebraska, you could say the same about every ACC school, every school in Texas, and every school in California. Our brand name and financial resources still mean a hell of a lot.
  12. But I already got this sweet tattoo!
  13. Dammit, I saw another new post in this thread and thought there would be an actual coaching update. DAMN YOU TO HELL JJ!
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