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  1. Randy Gregory 1st team Maliek Collins 2nd team Nate Gerry 2nd team These are the only 3 players on defense in the past 5 years that have gotten all-conference honors on defense. How do you have a great defense when you only have 3 players over a 5 year period gaining any all-conference honors?
  2. You don't need a team full of blue-chip players to be successful. You do, however, need a few All-conference players, and when was the last defensive 1st team all-conference player at Nebraska? Or even 2nd team? Nate Gerry? (I honestly, don't know)
  3. As someone requested earlier in the thread to switch schemes up. Chin did this on the last drive. He switched to a Dime or Nickel defense. And in doing so Mo Barry comes out on that defense. That is why. Can't complain about him not switching up schemes, and then complain about him not playing the best defenders. Some schemes require different personal. And that is Nebraska's biggest problem right now. The Jimmies and Joes are not even close to the level they need to be to make the X's and O's even remotely work.
  4. You guys realize this is Bunch at QB right?
  5. soup

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Ok let’s try this another way. Here Rd are the two things we know: 1. Frost was semi encouraged about the injury 2. AM was seen after the game chatting with fans, taking pictures and interacting with them 3. He has ice on his knee what conclusions can we draw from these three facts? he definitely tore his ACL and the training staff is not telling him and the head coach he might have torn his acl but the head coach is encouraged by the fact he has lost his only starting qb for the year or he strained his knee and will be out a week or two at most ehat would you say?
  6. soup

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    That might be true but do you think the only decent qb that Nebraska has would even be put in a situation where he could ruin his knee? I’m assuming that the training staff is treating this with the utmost caution. And you don’t let the starting qb do what he is doing if there is even a thought that he has ligament damage
  7. soup

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    He wouldn’t be walking around without crutches. Hanging with fans if he tore his acl
  8. soup

    Fall-out from Cancellation

    The bowl eligibility issue is not an issue. If Nebraska only wins 5 they will go bowling. Last year FSU had this exact situation. Game cancelled because of weather and only won 5 and they went to a bowl game. Not to mention our own team has gotten in with 5 wins. Of course, just win 6+ and don’t worry about it.
  9. soup

    Devaney gone?

    FYI - if you read the article he has not been at North Stadium for over two weeks. He was let go quite a while ago. Nobody bothered to ask anyone if he was fired until recently.
  10. soup

    Challenges to a robust walk-on program in 2017

    FYI - the walk on program for the last ten years has had around 50 walkons on the roster. Riley just this season had 135 total athletes on the team, and not all 85 scholarships were filled, so that is 50 plus walkons this year.
  11. soup

    Challenges to a robust walk-on program in 2017

    Personally, I think the 130-140 range is more than enough athletes for a football team. That goes about 6 deep at each position (assuming all positions are equal, which they are not, but you get the point) 4 deep of scholarship players, and 2 walkons at each position.
  12. soup

    Challenges to a robust walk-on program in 2017

    The Title IX implications are the biggest obstacle at the moment. For every male athlete at the university which includes walk-ons. There has to be an equivalent female athlete. So if they add 20 more walk-ons to bring the roster up to 155 from the 135. (which is already 50 walk-ons!!!). They would need to find room for 20 more female athletes somewhere in the university. It isn't just as simple as we'll take 85 walk-ons in addition to the 85 scholarship players and the walk-on program is Fixed!!
  13. soup

    Frost on Jim Rome

    CliffNotes for those that can't listen at the moment?
  14. Not going to make excuses, but put yourself in their shoes. How much effort would you give at your current job, if you knew you were without a doubt going to be fired in 2 months, and then collect 2 years worth of pay after getting fired? I'm guessing not much effort would be given. There is a reason we didn't hear about a lot of these problems until this year from this staff.
  15. soup

    Assistants Announced

    After the NIU lose, and subsequent firing of the coaching staffs "cover" Why put forth the effort, knowing that you are going to be fired at the end of the year. Sure you can do it for the kids, and to a certain extent, that happened. If Eichorst wasn't fired until after say the Minnesota game, I think this whole season would have looked a little bit different. It would have been a 5-7 or even a 6-6 season. (NW game for sure would have swung the other way) I do feel however those things progressed exactly by design though. There was a reason that Eichorst was fired early on because Bounds and Green knew that would tank the rest of the season and make what has transpired the past couple of weeks much easier to make happen. Bottom line, I can't fault the previous coaching staff for not really giving a rip the rest of the season when they knew they were out. They were a lame duck coaching staff for 9 weeks of the season.