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  1. I'm one of those that am ok with keeping Frost for another year. Because, while the situation wasn't to the point of a K-State style rebuild when Snyder got there. It was a lot closer to that, than a Alabama style rebuild when Saban got there. And I guess if some people can't see the s#!t show that was the Husker athletic department and football office, then I guess we are also doomed, because we will never fix the root cause of the issue, and we will be "average" for ever. This year might be the first year that things are truly actually getting fixed in the AD's office, and in the football offices.
  2. I’ll pile on the stupidity. Let’s burn it all down again. Level memorial stadium. Disband the football team and everyone sucks their thumbs for 5 years. and if you think that is dumb. Just wait until some of you get your wishes at the end of the season.
  3. At this point the defense is going to have to score to win this game.
  4. These announcers are pretty bad at this point.
  5. 8 straight weeks of play. bye week upcoming fall break 11 am game 3 out of the past 4 against top 10 teams away game smacked in the mouth on first drive several 50/50 calls going against them a lot of reasons a mentally weak team will lose this game the question is do they allow that to define them in the 2nd half or come out and play like they did the last 4 games. we will see
  6. Agreed on the one situation. (And the OP mentioned that in his post. Where is the line at for squashing rumors and exposing legitimate bad things?) but in this case I’m talking about the Martinez rumors from last year when he was benched.
  7. Don’t forget Noa pola gates is waiting in the wings. The kid was damn good coming out of high school but needed to learn how to play instead of just run fast and hit people hard.
  8. I actually did read it and I thank the OP for putting the time and effort in to writing it. The premise is an interesting one. And one that I could agree with. I think that should be the basis of the discussion instead coach a sucks and coach b ruined our world. because that was not the point of the article. as for the point. It is interesting that it seems like the rumors have died down a bit. Remember all the chaos last year with Players getting volleyball players pregnant and the such. I don’t believe any of that was true. Or this year with Scott’s martial status. Not to mention Scott’s demeanor since Trev became AD. It is night and day different. tl;dr it’s a good write up about how rumors can hurt a program and if folks would read it they would understand it’s not another rehashing of “who ruined Nebraska football”
  9. If they do that, and then go to a bowl game and smash another team to end the year 8-5. Yes 24th or 25th. That is also assuming that the 4 current top 10 teams stay in the top 10-15 at the end of the year. We would basically have 4 out of 5 losses to top 10-15 teams. But if none of that specific stuff happens, then no.
  10. The Big ten this year is what we always say the SEC is. A bunch of above average teams that play against each other and all the while their rankings keep increasing because of the perceived "toughness" of the league.
  11. Pretty crazy to see Iowa at #13. and us at #22. It's amazing what an easy schedule will get you and what a difficult schedule will get you. I mean we are almost the same ranking of team, yet they sit in the Top 5 in the polls and undefeated and we sit at 3-4 wondering if we are going to make a bowl game this year.
  12. As for this part. The one thing we really don't know is what support Scott actually had in the Athletic Department. Trev might be looking at it. "Well, of course he had issues it was road block after road block to get what he needed to be successful" So Trev, might just be hitting the reset button. Similar to what Scott did recently with the team. "We are starting fresh with 3 - 2 game seasons" I have no idea if that is the case, but there is always two sides to every story, and then there is the truth. We might know both sides, but we don't know the truth.
  13. This team winning out is more likely than losing every game by 3+ TDs in embarrassing fashion. Of course reality will be somewhere in between.
  14. I'm not sure anyone with an objective bone in their body, or having been in a leadership role at all. Can look at this situation as of today 10/12/21 and go. "yep, he needs to be fired" The only way it happens is if there is a 2007 off the rails collapse for the 2nd half of the season. But I just don't see that happening.
  15. They win this game and then follow it up losing to NW at home next week. Because that's how they roll.
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