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  1. Again. We are bringing in talented guys, I won't question that. But saying we have recruited "better at all positions since the 90s" is not a factual statement. If you are talking the highest 3 year average recruiting ranking since the 90s, still not right. Cally averaged #16 from 05-07, and #17 from 04-06. We would have to have a top 10 class this year for that to be true. If you are talking highest rated player at each position since the 90s, that is not true. They haven't brought in a RB rated close to Lucky or Green. They haven't brought in a DT rated close to Suh. They haven't brought in a DB rated better than Lamar Jackson. They haven't brought in a WR rated better than Tyjon Lindsay.
  2. Yes, those 2 and a couple others are great gets. But I believe your words were “recruiting better at all positions since the 90s”. So where’s the proof on that?
  3. The best metaphor I have heard regarding Nebraska football in the last 18 years is that we have a gun pointed at our foot and an unlimited supply of bullets.
  4. Lol. Do you have any proof to back this up?
  5. Thanks Bo and Tim!



    1. ZRod


      We had a bit of a bust that year for QBs...

  6. How does Lawrence Phillips know it’s football season? He saw Frost on his pumpkin.
  7. The weather does remind me of the old "Frost on his pumpkin" joke...
  8. Its in your newspaper Gophers strength and conditioning coach Dan Nichol poured ice water on the players as they ran out for practice Tuesday, letting the cubes drip down their bare backs underneath their jerseys for most of the session. The receivers and quarterbacks dipped their hands into ice buckets before each series. The players handled frozen footballs, wet footballs. Gophers coach P.J. Fleck pumped up the air conditioning in the indoor facility, dropping the temperature as low as possible to around the high 50s. Basically, the Gophers did everything short of renting a snow machine and giant fans to prepare the team for a potentially chilly game this weekend at TCF Bank Stadium.
  9. Yes. Frost said he was suspended in the presser after the game.
  10. Sound like the gophers are preparing as if the game will be on Hoth. Using frozen footballs, having qb/rb/wr dip their hands in ice water before drills, and pouring ice water down the players backs.
  11. It will be out of the west. So it will be blowing from the open end of the stadium to the closed end.
  12. If the wind is an excuse for no deep shots, then be prepared for no deep shot this weekend. Forecast is 20 mph wind with guts to 35.
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