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  1. This is amazing. Saban needs to be getting $15M imo.
  2. Stats aside, the experience Whipple would bring is invaluable. He has been around the block (including being a D1 head coach) and can help to mentor Frost.
  3. Whipple's ranks in scoring offense: 2014 UMass #78 27.3 ppg 2015 UMass #108 22.2 ppg 2016 UMass #110 23.3 ppg 2017 UMass #47 30.6 ppg 2018 UMass #35 32.8 ppg 2019 Pitt #112 21.2 ppg 2020 Pitt #58 29.0 ppg 2021Pitt #3 43.0 ppg 2021 is clearly an outlier. He's had as many offenses rank in >100 in scoring offense as he has had in the top 50.
  4. That year was great. But he also led the #98 and #106 offenses at Pitt.
  5. If he's the guy, color me unimpressed with his recent resume. Based on yards per play, below are his NCAA ranks from UMass and Pitt: 2014 UMass #56 5.75 ypp 2015 UMass #84 5.41 ypp 2016 UMass #94 5.33 ypp 2017 UMass #43 6.00 ypp 2018 UMass #16 6.40 ypp 2019 Pitt #106 5.18 ypp 2020 Pitt #98 5.13 ypp 2021 Pitt #22 6.45 ypp In 8 years he's had 2 top 30 offenses and 3 offenses ranked above #90.
  6. That guy pushing us to run the flexbone was.
  7. I am going to stand up a bit for Sherman. Sherman never specifically said that AM and SF were butting heads. Here are the paragraphs in his article that talk about the Frost/player dynamics: Second, this guy is completely overstating Sherman's tweet about the Toure comment on Smothers. Some people are just looking for things to get angry about. Here is Mitch's tweet: Here is Sherman's next tweet after people got their panties in a wad: And lastly, Sherman didn't misquote "Toure with the sole intention of getting more bites to click on his article." because there IS NO ARTICLE TO CLICK ON.
  8. A) CSU is in Ft Collins, not Colorado Springs. Air Force is in Colorado Springs, so go ahead and start rumors that we are targeting one of their coaches. B) Jay Norvell was hired by CSU yeserday
  9. With the report of Harrell (a QB/OC coach), I am curious how we add a ST coach. It would require us to either a) move Beckton to RB coach and have Joseph coach WR/TE or b) get rid of a defensive coach.
  10. Eyes may say one thing, his results say another. 57-86. 2 winning seasons out of 12.
  11. That his brother played at Nebraska and he is the uncle of a 5 star QB recruit.
  12. Raiola is the Bears assistant OL coach, not their OL coach (that's Juan Castillo), so I am not sure how much credit/blame he has towards their line this year. If you are hiring Raiola know that he has never really recruited before. He's been an intern at Hawaii in 2014, grad asst at Notre Dame in 2015-16, and OL coach at Aurora University (D-3) in 2017.
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