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  1. Fire up the “not done with staff changes” rumor mill again. Offensive Quality Control coach in DFW recruiting. So who’s not on the road?
  2. Carl didn’t just marry a booster’s daughter. He had an affair with a mega booster’s daughter in law (who had kids with the booster’s son) and basically the booster told NU either Carl goes or my $$$ goes.
  3. Minny has opened at home on a Thursday the last handful of years, so this isn’t a big surprise.
  4. Did Chin find Cav’s “guide to tweeting recruits” laying around the office?
  5. Once it got out that they were actively trying to replace him they had no choice but to release the news.
  6. True. Lets just make a thread for every new tweet on the subject.
  7. This couldn't have been put in any of the other 3 threads dealing with coaching changes?
  8. Frost and Chinander are supposedly touring Iowa today.
  9. Winter sucks.  I need to move to the south.

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    2. Decoy73


      Then summer will suck. 

    3. Decked


      Been looking at Florida myself. I cannot imagine being anywhere north of NE KS. Even in SE KS it’s so much less snow & about five degrees warmer. 

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Everyone is different but I'd much prefer dealing with a few months of brutal cold and snow to the heat and unbearable humidity in many southern locales. The lucky folks in Nebraska get to deal with both :lol:


      I think January gets on everybody's nerves...

  10. I'll be surprised if the Frost barnstorm through Iowa happens today. The whole state is under some type of winter weather warning.
  11. So Texas is after Snyder as a full time TE/ST coach and we are trying to hire him as an analyst? I mean if he’s offed the jobs at both places this is a no brainer for him, unless we are going to pay an analyst $400k.
  12. We’re going no special teams this year. Go for it every 4th down and all 2 pt conversions. Leave the base D in on 4th down and no punt returners.
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