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  1. Mizzou is hiring someone named Eliah Drinkwitz as their head coach and paying him $4m/year.

  2. Today I am getting an ad for female underwear that I can personalize with my picture all over it.  WTF?

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    2. Redux
    3. 308_Husker


      What in the name of Google have you been searching?


      Sign me up, by the way

    4. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Wait, that’s a good Christmas gift. Which ad is that?

  3. It is surprising to me. But digging into the numbers we caused 9 turnovers in the 3 non-conference games (3/game) and then 12 turnovers in conference play (1.3/game). And I believe we went 6 games in a row in the middle of the season without recovering a fumble. And the difference between 2018 and 2019 was 1 additional turnover (21 vs 20).
  4. It’s a sunk cost by the time the season rolls around. And that $120 for a pair of tickets ends up costing at least double after accounting for parking, concessions, pre and/or post game trips to the railyard or downtown. So you are actually “saving” yourself money by eating the tickets.
  5. It's never good if a Paula Lavigne (Husker grad btw) report has your name in it.
  6. Chinander's brand of football is to blame for the defensive showing
  7. Pour a little scalding hot nacho cheese out.  Downtown Lincoln Amigo’s is closing.

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    2. teachercd


      And the union has a ton of places to eat now compared to back in the day.

    3. ColoradoHusk


      I also think Amigo's was hurt when people started being smart and not driving home drunk from the bars.  That meant less people stopping at Amigo's on their way home, and having their Uber take them right home.


      Amigo's isn't great, but the food brings back nostalgic memories.  The OP of the scalding bucket of cheese was spot on.  That had to be the hottest substance known to man.

    4. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      Romeo's was always better anyways.

  8. Good history of Islander walkons over the past few years in Foltz and Fife.
  9. Here is the 247 listing of the transfer portal. You can filter on OL. https://247sports.com/Season/2020-Football/TransferPortal/ Minnesota has someone we could grab in the trade for JD (I kid, I kid)
  10. Casey Rogers went to one as well.
  11. Minnesota has their best season in a generation and can only pull the one of the top 5 players in the state.
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