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  1. Coleman is a very talented and raw athlete. His stars were earned from camps, not from actual high school game film. Many thought he projected better at Edge than a WR as well. He didn't even dominate at the HS level as a WR, so it is absurd to expect him to step up a level and contribute this year. Add in that he didn't enroll early and he was behind the 8 ball. Jaiden Doss was the freshman all set to see a lot of time on the field, but broke his hand during fall camp. I'm not sure if he is cleared yet or not, but I would expect to see him in at least the last 4 games if healthy.
  2. We’re 121st in turnover margin. The more things change, the more they stay the same…
  3. I don’t think selling beer at games is going to cause thousands of fans to decide to show up (and pay $12 for a Bud Light) who otherwise would stay home. I would think alcohol is more of a revenue generator from concession sales than ticket sales.
  4. Not picking on you specifically, but people have been posting this exact same thing for 10 years. And guess what? People still get excited every August and watch the games. And then come here and b!^@h that NU football is over and they’ll never watch again.
  5. Alcohol will not be allowed at FB games until TO is in his final resting place.
  6. For those of us that have been wishing for Teddy at LT, he looked just like Corcoran (or maybe worse???). Yikes…
  7. I kinda watched the game from my flu/covid/rsv haze. We looked completely out talented on both sides of the ball. Good news I’d that our next 4 games are against bad teams as well.
  8. I'd argue a mistake was made in adding the 600 level on East Stadium 10 years ago (suites and club level were fine). Ever since then we have been trying to reduce capacity. From 1972 to 2005 announced attendance was around 76k. Getting back to that range sounds fine to me.
  9. I want to say Washington 1991. I remember it being a night game and happening in the north stadium. Pretty sure it was a 5 yarder for delay of game. Here is the full game on YouTube if you want to do some research
  10. Memorial Stadium is the 24th largest stadium in the world. Kinda crazy when you think about it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_stadiums_by_capacity Going down to 80k would still have it in the top 40ish.
  11. 8 years ago some schlub posted this:
  12. I randomly stopped at the original Culver’s in podunk Wisconsin a couple years ago on a youth soccer trip Didn’t realize it until my boy read a sign on the wall stating that fact.
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