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  1. Yant would have to get to third string or so to get any significant playing time. Morrison is always hurt & Johnson just flat out isn’t very good unless he’s going in a straight line. Gonna have to beat out Ervin.
  2. I would laugh but this is so factual it hurts
  3. Seems like a lose, lose scenario. Happened too fast to think about it. A lot of people will blame the cop but if you try and stab someone with the intent to harm & or kill you should know that you may forfeit your own life in the process. Who knows if a taser would’ve taken her down immediately or fast enough for the victim to not get stabbed. By the time the barbs get there it might’ve been too late. Especially reacting to such events in a split second...At the end of the day..shouldn’t have tried to stab someone. Seems like the only reason this case is even relevant is b
  4. Hickman is down to 205 now too. Rip.
  5. I think it’s been increasing for a while now
  6. He’s already been a national recruit. Coaches were on him early.
  7. Still have a shot if he comes to visit
  8. Ah. I knew I was missing someone! Yes Stille will start. Stille, Daniels, & Ty Rob.
  9. Junior college ranks have dried up for them without Snyder. Grab your in state players + some from Texas & load up with the portal. Pretty innovative...we’ll see how it goes. Hard to manage a roster that way me thinks but
  10. Brown hardly played and did next to nothing last year. Nixon will be a better player. Trust me. Brown will get there but doesn’t have the football instincts like Nixon. A healthy Nixon would’ve played the most out of all the true freshman last year.
  11. He won’t start over a healthy Stepp & Scott (IMO). Gonna be a good player down the road though.
  12. Nixon is better than brown. falck will continue to start
  13. QB: Martinez, Smothers, HH RB: Stepp, Scott, Ervin, Yant WR: Toure, Nixon, Brown WR: Falck/Manning, Hickman WR: Martin, Betts, Liewer TE: Allen, Vokolek, Fidone LT: Corcoran, Banks, Prochazka LG: Piper/Bando, Nouili/Miller C: Jurgens, Hixon RG: Banks/Schiterman, Nouili/Miller RT: Benhart, Nouili, Miller, Fritzsche DE: Ty Rob, Rogers NT: Daniels, Riley, Black, & Stille on 3rd downs DE: Stille, Thomas, Rogers OLB: JoJo, Wright, Gifford ILB: Honas, Kolarevic ILB: Reimer, Henrich OLB: Nelson, Payne/
  14. I gotta be honest..this has a lot of head scratchers
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