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  1. Feel like he is going to have a monster senior season and get bumped to an 88-89 on 247 if he has a senior season
  2. Only thing we have going for us is that he’s from KC
  3. Should be an interesting development if Costelli or Henrich Haarberg becomes the QB of this class.
  4. Short, fast, and from Miami *Scott Frost has entered the chat*
  5. Borrowed the same gif you used on 247? -1
  6. This post is more informed than several of the last ones
  7. The experts all thought Watts was ND bound? Fong changed his from N to ND due to an incorrect source if I remember right. Experts aren’t immune from mistakes but they use inside knowledge to make these predictions
  8. Only 25%? I would venture to say about 50/50
  9. I like how everyone in this thread puts in a new differing opinion that contradicts what the experts say
  10. A list of who we landed during his tenure that impacts the roster as we see now this spring: 2018: Woodyard, Hunt, Jones, Williams, McGriff, Watt All of them busts. 2019: Chase, Houston, Nance, and Wan’Dale 2020: Brown (on campus) Not on campus: Betts, Fleming, Nixon, and Manning Of both the 2018 & 2019 class only one guy has actually been relevant. The Junior College experiment was a flop. Everyone else transferred, was booted, or never made it from 2018. Chase has left the team to be closer to home. Wan’Dale is a stud. I think it’s safe to say that Walter’s was fired for a reason.
  11. Pretty true but Walters didn’t exactly light the world on fire either. Thats another -3 for scholarships down this spring in the WR core.
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