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  1. Decked

    2019 Walk-On Class

    Add another one in Brayden Miller
  2. Decked

    OLB Steven Parker

    This would be a HUGE win
  3. Decked

    OLB Dylan Jordan

    So much for us not recruiting him anymore
  4. Decked

    WR Demariyon Houston

    Wow..that would be a huge snag
  5. Decked

    DE Michael Lockhart

    Really hope that means we snag the JUCO guy and bring in Graham and maybe look for a grad transfer
  6. Decked

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    He was never really on the board to begin with
  7. He’s already signed according to quite a few sources such as the paid ASU 247 site. They think he’s manufactured some interest as schools aren’t allowed to recruit signed players.
  8. Decked

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Don’t believe he has an offer yet
  9. Decked

    OLB Dylan Jordan

    Think the staff really wants Parker and Jordan may be the #2 option along with the JUCO OLB this weekend. Parker seems like the hardest snag of the 3 IMO.
  10. Decked


    Hurts, Fields, Martell, Johnson, Tennessee starting OT. Just a few names over the last few days
  11. Decked


    This may already be one of the best years for transfers as far as talent goes in a long time if not the best ever and the season just ended.
  12. Decked


    Good to know we value morals as well as winning!
  13. Decked

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    I think we get Jordan, Pola-Mao, Pola-Gates, and DJ James and call it. Bland does not sign.
  14. Decked


    That was horrid to read. I hope he never sets foot on campus.