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  1. Tons of Vandy CBs including Fong. Seemed all the steam was towards our direction. Would assume he is no longer an option and they are hopeful that Dickerson is gonna flip.
  2. How is it possible that in 2020 you can still end up with a tie game...in football..

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    2. Enhance


      @funhusker I'm sure that plays a big role in only how long the overall game is structured (particularly for advertising). But, I think they could still probably make some alternative work out if it was something quick and definitive like free kicks or something.

    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      There should be 1 sudden death OT period, then if they tie, they tie.  Sometimes nobody deserves to win.

    4. VectorVictor


      Or why not just tack on an extra 15 minutes and play it out completely. If they're still tied, add another 15 minutes. Rinse, repeat. 


      If they're not going to adopt the college rules (or some variation of them) to give each team a shot, then just make it an open quarter. 

  3. I know it was an awful game but LSU will be a lot better. They lost a load of talent to the NFL + opt outs + Stingley is hospitalized (non-covid). They will get a helluva lot better towards the end of the year. They just didn’t deserve to be rated that high to begin with.
  4. Bo knows how to get smoked by the air raid attack.
  5. Pre injury Thompkins was a five star running back playing at one of the best schools in the country. Offers from anybody who is anybody. We’ll never know with all these knee injuries.
  6. I will happily bet against anyone in this camp that is down on Johnson. Mentally and from a size aspect he really was held back last year. Look for that to change. He’s got legit speed.
  7. It’s a shame because Thompkins pre injury is the most talented of anyone in that room. Let’s hope he stays healthy but one more knee injury and he should probably hang up the cleats. That being said: I hope he kicks a$$. Johnson at number 4 seems a bit odd to me. One year of playing + S&C and he will be ready to go. Mills Johnson Thompkins if healthy Scott III Morrison No offense to Brody Belt but thank god he isn’t playing. Too small to be that slow.
  8. Now that this is 2020..I feel like Nash Hutmacher’s dad would post something like this
  9. I’m really not sure why you guys think that a true freshman is gonna light up the stat sheet as a 3-4 nose. I question some of your takes on here . Of course the substance is minimal but that game he held his own given the circumstances.
  10. Some of you guys are insane. Dickerson is by far and away the best athlete on his team and it ain’t close. This would be a great pick up.
  11. So we get a grad transfer WR for two years? Good deal.
  12. Robinson will likely play all over the field. Same with Keem.
  13. I don’t agree that they don’t stay. This is exclusively a south FL thing right now and wasn’t happening pre-pandemic except for that first class where they had less than a month to grab some guys. Man that was a bad class.
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