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  1. I imagine we land 2/3 of Sanders/Ruggeroli. Dylan Riley the Boise State RB is slated to visit as well. I don’t get the take on Sanders. We have so many DBs the last two cycles. Brings us to 29. leaves us with no DL in this class. Wonder if they go after a portal DT.
  2. This one is still visiting next weekend.
  3. Correct. Marcus Washington will also try and get a waiver. Likely back: Rahmir, Washington, Benhart, Gifford Mystery: Bullock for sure back: Ty, Nash. Out: Gunnerson (for sure) & probably Sims
  4. A little insider joke that whenever they say something the opposite is usually true
  5. +1. That offense will score a lot of points but your defense will see a lot of plays due to the explosiveness. And TOP. Late in the year you are going to have a lot of depth issues. Especially in the B1G. FYI this is the post I was referencing. Wasn’t sure if I could straight up post that or not.
  6. Him and Nate Clouse should start reporting on the weather
  7. FYI a premium screenshot was leaked just now from on3. One of their writers saying essentially White was contacted but they at this time will likely be going another direction from what they heard this morning. Last night 11/29 both 247 and on3 on the USC sites had writers stating they were likely set to hire Tony White. Feels like recruiting.
  8. A lot more smoke coming out of this. Not looking good. Man that would suck!
  9. It’s a VIP only thread titled update on the defensive coordinator search or something. It is from one of their writers not a random guy. Take that for what you will.
  10. Tony White trending in the wrong direction for the good guys on the USC 247 site per their insider writers.
  11. Believe he was being linked to us by 1620 the zone.
  12. #33 overall in QBR. A lot of turnovers this past year (12 picks)…Very fitting lol. Believe he would he on his fourth OC per that Huskers talk account.
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