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  1. I’ll just keep the crusty pants for the games. Seems that’s the only time good things come our way.
  2. Misread the direction of the post. Disregard!
  3. Niche is putting defensive backs on their butt in the end zone
  4. Playing favorites & half the room didn’t even know what route to run.
  5. He’s been hurt this year too (Hickman) It’s hard to make chicken salad with chicken s#!t. Mickey may be a great coach..but giving him guys who are FCS level players and trying to make them power 5 level receivers is a tough order
  6. Castaneda is gonna be healthy for game one
  7. Unfortunately He’s better than Liewer for sure.
  8. If Liewer plays another snap I will lose it
  9. TE portal was pretty meh. A lot of guys are back healthy it seems as well.
  10. Less Belt/Liewer on the field is a good thing. Better production last year on the field than Betts. Washington has a lot of potential. Losing Betts is probably why we are after this one.
  11. All that for my favorite team to try and break .500.
  12. Goods was also scheduled to visit until he got told otherwise
  13. Potentially as soon as this week. Went very well. Couldn’t get a read on favorites. No visit set with the JUCO guy as of yet. You’re likely correct that if he visits/sets a visit we are out of the Wynn sweepstakes.
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