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  1. If we don’t get Avante I would like us to nab a safety from the portal with a few years to play
  2. Insiders think he has them at one on 247. Also said it is “close to the vest”
  3. You can go tour the campus yourself. No official visits or talking to the staff face to face.
  4. With how big the transfer portal is now Id be fine with just taking another 1-2 transfers.
  5. Was in Eugene this weekend. I think Oregon has just as good of a shot to win as N. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he goes there.
  6. There is no way this team is less talented at WR than last year. Young, injured, & distracted (in the case of Omar Manning) perhaps. But not less talented.
  7. I’m glad they are at least stating they will make changes. But a lot of this stuff needed to be done after last year. Hope it’s not too little too late.
  8. Toure + Stepp and maybe one other transfer will help spark the offense a lot. We really, really need a spring and summer for max development.
  9. Levi Falck: 13 receptions for 122 yards Alante Brown: 3 receptions for 41 yards Oliver Martin: 5 receptions for 63 yards Not only are they not Mo Purfiy or Stan....They aren’t even close. Zavier Betts actually had 131 (the most out of any WR returning..I’m not even joking) and he got 45 of them on that one play. We had 0 downfield threat. Austin Allen was probably our best downfield threat last year. The TEs and WRs last year had a combined 5 touchdowns through the air. 5.
  10. Didn’t exactly sound like someone who was leaving or that Frost wanted him to move positions
  11. Wan’Dale didn’t have any decision in that. That was his dad and his trainer. Both of them are kinda sus dudes.
  12. That’s what we are afraid of
  13. Man some of the short/intermediate accuracy on the right is no bueno. I guess I’m shocked on the deep balls. Not that he can’t make them but it seemed there was little opportunity this year. Again, due to a few factors IMO. One of those being we had almost 0 deep threats.
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