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  1. Decked


    Man it seems like we’ve had a crazy amount of injuries/knee surgeries to our team
  2. Stoll, Allen, Rafdal, Vokolek, Hickman and MAYBE Legrone it’s no wonder why we don’t need a TE in this class
  3. Holy hell. We must really be pretty bad.
  4. Mel Tucker is gonna pull in a lot of good prospects out of Colorado here pretty soon.

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    2. Waldo


      I thought a true rebuild took 5 years tho 

    3. NUance


      Yeah, I been watching the Buffs from afar every since the Husker game.  CU was looking pretty good back in Sept.  at 3-1.  Then they forgot how to win.  Dropped five in a row.  Now they suck.  LOL   I don't follow their recruiting.  

    4. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      Good point, Waldo. Because someone made an offhand comment on a message board, it must be fact to live life by.

  5. Thought I saw that Wiltfong had an earlier prediction today to N. Switched it tonight to Mississippi State.
  6. Just saw it. Have to wonder if it was misinformation or he switched again..
  7. Wonder what everyone is going to say if he commits again. Lot of "he doesn't fit the system" or "too slow, not the body type for the Big".
  8. I think they are honestly just looking for a hybrid speedy guy to use on obvious passing situations or against a quicker team that operates out of the spread
  9. Hope this isn’t another Will Jackson situation
  10. He wouldn’t be visiting Vandy if that was the case. At least one would think.
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