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  1. Guess not. BYU bound.
  2. Feel like this is one of those posts someone digs up a few years later and goes wow bet this guy wishes he never posted that
  3. Is this his sixth visit now? Mom is here. Came yesterday.
  4. You have to kick the tires here. Nebraska is recruiting tons of OL. Mater Dei is also a school where it would be nice for the coaches to leave a good impression.
  5. Sorry fellas but this caliber of talent we have never really landed. Aaron Green I would say is the exception. Maybe Bookie for a brief period? Always fall short. Joseph Lewis, Bookie, Andrus Peat, Owa, etc. Need to get things rolling before we can actually have a chance at guys like this.
  6. Let’s see if he actually visits first. No chance without. We are down.
  7. this is correct. It is a tool. And I have also done that. definitely much better off.
  8. It is entertaining. Maybe not in a good way. But it is something. IMO it has always been riddled with hate speech if we are being honest.
  9. Twitter has always been a cesspool. I have since dabbled with muting certain words such as “Woke”, “Trans”, & “Trump”. Makes for a much more enjoyable experience. Given non of that is from Elon. I think the increase in parody/meme accounts is pretty funny. The newest one is the AOC parody account.
  10. They are real! She told me she would send a picture for just 99.99!
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