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  1. Decked

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    Offense needs to score or at least give the D a breather or we may lose this game
  2. Decked

    What did we learn South Alabama?

    Went back and watched some of the game. Mills has no field vision at all.
  3. Dismuke better be ready. Viska is gonna eat his lunch if that matchup comes on a deep route
  4. I blame this all on Beth Mowins and the other horrible announcer who didn’t know half our players names.
  5. This game isn’t over
  6. WTH was that tackle?
  7. No more Sun Belt teams plz
  8. If we get the ball again..Vedral. Please
  9. This is astonishing.
  10. Martinez is playing awful.
  11. Is this how it feels to be Sparty?
  12. Holy turnovers Batman
  13. Viska Shenault. Might need to rename him to Vodka. Because we may need some next week.
  14. I don’t believe in the Alex Davis hype. Pass rush has been pretty hit or miss. Just like this game!
  15. No pass rush. We can’t just rush 3 with basically 3 DTs