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  1. Tate Wildeman working with the OLB group a lot
  2. Was out and had a sling on yesterday during practice
  3. Some posters on here might explode too if you catch my drift
  4. Must..keep..anti..Kool-aid stance that he is known for….f#&% OHH YEAH
  5. I already hate conference reshuffling and the season hasn’t even started. Rumors coming out that Clemson/FSU want to head to the SEC. I sure as hell don’t wanna play Pac-12 teams either. The business side has destroyed what college ball used to be about. Without the rivalries/tradition you just have a crap version of the NFL.
  6. As soon as Clemson came into the picture Kanak was gone. Package deals almost never work out. Would still love to grab this one.
  7. Left w/o offer. Side note: This class is pretty bad. 2023 cycle can’t come soon enough. Need to win..now.
  8. Official committed to Stanford. This would’ve been a good get.
  9. FWIW: no way this guy is 305. I think 265-275. Needs a lot of work in the weight room. I know Luto is a big kid but he makes him look like a freshman in high school standing next to him.
  10. Got crystal balls for both Memphis & Missouri today
  11. He’s N Hard for me to get excited about this one.
  12. Just remember fellas..if she ain’t 280 she ain’t a lady.
  13. Another reach It was obvious watching him come here to play OLB he was not gonna be able to play in space
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