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  1. Decked

    WR Xavier Watts

    Wilt CB to ND as well.
  2. Wow. You would have to try and not get a 2.5 in some community colleges. (This from a guy with a diagnosed learning disorder)
  3. Decked

    Cam’Ron Jones Enters Transfer Portal

    Seemed he couldn’t get it together academically. Of all the recent transfers..this one is the one people should be upset about. Kid was talented.
  4. Decked

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    If I were a betting man..I’d go Husker red here. Think we have a fair lead especially after the last visit.
  5. Decked

    OT Roger Rosengarten

    This one isn’t a shocker. We’ll still get a few good ones however. Wish we could raid Colorado this year.
  6. Decked

    Quayshon Alexander to Transfer

    Cleaning house.
  7. Decked

    DT Jeffrey M'ba [Virginia Commit]

    A thought occurs here: Get this guy and Piper can start out at OG. Happy with Daniels, Green, and M’ba holding down the nose for next year. Anytime you have the ability to add quality size and athleticism on the OL/DL you take it.
  8. Decked

    OT Reece Atteberry

    He’s a strong OSU lean according to all the experts on 247. No pessimism needed. He won’t be coming here unless something drastic happens.
  9. Decked

    OT Reece Atteberry

    Unfortunate that he won’t be coming here pending a miracle
  10. Decked

    S Bryson Washington

    Jones for sure has grade issues.
  11. D line depth continues to grow..nice!
  12. Decked

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    Smothers is criminally underrated. I think he gets bumped up to a four star while Betts becomes either a low 4 (he’s too high IMO), or a high 3.
  13. Decked

    *** 2020 Recruiting ***

    Heard this on several different boards/posts/twitter now...a “BIG” surprise as a twitter poster claims