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  1. Who’s the big 12 transfer visiting this weekend? Front page of N 247 board
  2. Much better coaches on the market. The husker ties thing is old.
  3. I was thinking the same thing.
  4. Good question. I wonder if Busch is just gonna be the head GA & they don’t grab a dedicated coach *runs*
  5. Yeah, we have to do better than that. Couldn’t even beat out a dude at Akron. Come on now.
  6. Haven’t heard a peep about a RB coach either. I think both he & Busch get promoted
  7. Need to restock the middle with a big dude like this
  8. He’s no Kool-aid Mckinstry but he will do.
  9. Brock purdy’s little brother. Transfer QB from FSU.
  10. If Mitch Sherman disappeared from the writer verse and chose another career all our eyes would benefit. Boo this man!!
  11. Was this the one that is Michigan bound?
  12. I have bad things to tell you about Nebraska He is not. The article even said that.
  13. If it’s Graham..yuck. Goodbye Scottie.
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