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  1. That is what it says in the 24/7 profile
  2. I’d say it is rather good for us. It was posted right after some pictures Brecht put up from his visit.
  3. Him and Fidone doing some jawing on Twitter about playing together
  4. Shocking...nobody wants an unproven 3rd or 4th string player. Seems like a lot more people should consider transferring down to the FCS or DII level. The portal also counts walk-ons correct?
  5. Would be pretty nice to add him & Snyder. Heck of a new haul staff wise if that happens!
  6. Both are good things. No use in wasting spring snaps.
  7. This should be a ban worthy post
  8. BOOM. Frost not afraid to make some upgrades
  9. I have no problem stealing from K-State -Someone from Kansas
  10. New thread: Red Five is out on rumorville.
  11. you’re telling me that you don’t enjoy three different theads of pure speculation? Lame
  12. The 247 crew said today on a podcast that Mickey Joseph was indeed contacted by Nebraska. For sure they will nab 2 other analysts then. One for special teams & and one offensive analyst. FWIW: They said that Helfrich had multiple options. Don’t think there’s anything more to it than that.
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