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  1. Newsome a bigger blow on ST than CB as is. Need to get Nadab Joseph. Nixon another blow for in the WR room. Need to keep Wan’Dale at WR only/gadget plays in space out the backfield to lessen the beating on him. It’s hard to see us fielding a good WR core with the limited depth that we have.
  2. On his insta story. Happened a few weeks ago
  3. Who’s saying they have to stop eating meat? Also...is it wrong to hold health officials in China to a higher standard with the bar being as low as it is in regards to food safety and the amount of diseases that come from China?
  4. I do not fault the average Chinese citizen just trying to live life. Certainly they need to change practices such as the wet market, food production practices, and human rights violations, etc (comes from above). however, if the rest of the world rounded up the Chinese government and dropped them into a volcano the world would be better off. Could have elaborated but lazy.
  5. Correct. But I’m also the same person that would pay more for a phone made anywhere else & would use it till drops. I don’t have this phone by choice. I did laugh at that one though
  6. DL* you’re thinking of Niko Cooper
  7. Kinda seems like a no duh moment..of course we want something good to happen such as a flip and then whine when we lose someone. No need to even analyze that further.
  8. People who are sounding the alarm right now haven’t a clue what’s going on. Just wait.
  9. 247 members sure think so
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