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  1. I’ve been to more KU games in the last five years than Nebraska games. It’s a plausible theory really.
  2. Go to A&M and you will see a coaching change during your time there as well. Jimbo is numbered.
  3. Besides Grant & Allen everyone else is below average. Borderline bad.
  4. 22 points, 16, 10, & 10 against people with a pulse. Might nullify bad defensive play.
  5. I wish current names popped up with formerly ___ under it or beside it. Half the time I don’t know who is who anymore
  6. I for one said to look out for him in the summer. Maybe not this week but I can recall quite a few people saying at least in the recruiting threads he would be a factor and may not redshirt. I predicted he wasn’t gonna redshirt. Not sure why as an adult man/woman you need that much validation from a random guy on a message board either. Benhart can sit.
  7. f#&% Rudy. Nebraska had teams full of similar stories with better players.
  8. That’s just all me buddy. A W will do that to you.
  9. Remember when I told some of you idiots that it was better to cult that dolt chinander asap. LIGMA BALLS
  10. Good thing this season means literally nothing lol. I really didn’t think we would win another game all year after GSU.
  11. Are you f#&%ing kidding me? pu&&y a$$ refs
  12. Yant is only good if he has 3-4 yards of dirt in front. No bueno Need to tackle
  13. Finally got my stream up. Looks like we are starting to s#!t the bed?

  15. I know what you meant! Was joking that I believe both will be members soon. Needed Mo today
  16. The big ten west is a s#!t show. Looked like minny was gonna turn the corner.
  17. I think we lose by two touchdowns. Let’s see how many changes they made or rather now those changes will look in a game setting Which of those future big teams are you referencing?
  18. I got it. We get Mike Grundy at HC. Lane Kiffin at OC. Aranda at DC. Bring back a cloned younger Bill Snyder as special teams coach. 

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