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  1. Potentially as soon as this week. Went very well. Couldn’t get a read on favorites. No visit set with the JUCO guy as of yet. You’re likely correct that if he visits/sets a visit we are out of the Wynn sweepstakes.
  2. Feels like we finally have a half decent staff and they only get one year. Frost has only himself to blame but damn. Even the recruiting department has made strides.
  3. Fish seems to be able to develop the three star guys pretty well. Some of the four stars did not really pan out. Especially the Florida guys & anyone that plays safety. Has definitely loaded up the room again.
  4. From Mickey’s hometown & was also recruited to LSU by him & Busch
  5. Most of the national guys are a little better. They dont put info in unless they feel decently confident
  6. We shall see. Would really like to get him. Believe it was a GT writer and not a national guy for the prediction.
  7. Color me a little nervous for next week with Sweden/Finland applying for NATO membership
  8. That’s a sneakily good pickup. Hoping he gets a shot at playing time. The less Farmer the better IMO.
  9. The only people who say stars don’t matter are the fan bases of those schools not winning championships. Iowa & Wisconsin are the exceptions and not the norm.
  10. Wow no PSU. They were the CB favorite.
  11. Taken a lot of flyers and that’s why we are in this position
  12. And about 12 more busts on top of that
  13. I thought he and the Bama safety were already in town. Please god let this one be the exception then. JUCO recruiting under Frost has been a waste of time.
  14. Think we definitely did. Wonder if he’s a back up plan or maybe we like him better.
  15. Looks like we may not be as confident with Wynn. Offered a JUCO DT.
  16. Thompson potentially, Boomschini, Bleekrode, Mathis, Williams could be a potential good player. One of Brown/Hill may not be second rounder material but quite good. I think Purdy is a better backup than Smothers at this point last year. I would argue the receiver room if they add Washington from Texas is getting 3 serviceable players with Castenada & Palmer. Less Belt/Liewer situations. Better as a unit than last year. Not all of these guys are immediate starters some will be depth guys. We needed the depth especially in the DL, OL, & WR rooms. I think a lot of these positions could be purely upgraded by having better coaches and similar quality talent as last year.
  17. We shall see. I feel pretty confident that if both get on campus & we have the room they will be N. Brown being hurt has nothing to do with us recruiting Williams as he is a safety. Williams is also a long term guy to stabilize losses in losing high school guys to the portal for 3 years under this staff. And he’s a good ball player.
  18. We have two special teams guys in Bleekrode & Boomschini. Devin Drew at .82 is a bad rating by 247 sports. Those are three starters. You’re focused on the wrong thing.
  19. Reimer missed a few too many tackles at times. He’s very aggressive. Henrich got exposed a ton in coverage. Kolarevic is not a power five linebacker
  20. Fellas I hate to break it to you but this one was never going to happen
  21. NCAA gonna axe themselves. Schools just gonna tell them goodbye
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