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  1. As soon as he came over they were improved. I’ll give credit to both. He should 100% be relieved of his special teams duties however. But that is on Frost.
  2. What? Do you remember how awful our OLB core was before he took over?? They have become much, much better. DeWitt was horrible
  3. Dawson? Maybe fired from special teams duties but that was Frost’s fault to begin with
  4. We are four years in. We have a should be senior QB & a fifth year loaded defense & we are 3-5. Including a loss to an average Minnesota team who was down to their 3rd string RB & a pitiful Illinois team in ease. Some parts may improve next year and some will take a step backwards. This team will never get going on all cylinders with Frost at the helm. Looking at probably winning one more game the rest of the season. Maybe two if we are improved. I’ll wait it out until the door is shown after the end of next season.
  5. There is no way we are getting a coach like him. We are gonna have to settle for an up and coming coordinator. The position is no longer a relevant one.
  6. Take Held and replace him with a better & former RB coach already on staff. Obviously Austin & Verdu should be gone. Even then. This won’t matter. He’s probably gonna get fired here in the next 1-2 years no matter what. Just delaying the inevitable.
  7. This program and class is a dumpster fire. Resembles the coaching staff.
  8. “Progress!!” Pepperidge farms remembers
  9. There is almost none. This class is basically gonna be some JUCO guys/developmental 3 stars & fill the rest with the portal
  10. If we go 3-5 can it with the we are getting better crap. That’s all Im saying. Im at a steady holding state currently.
  11. I’m not happy but at least content from yesterday. However, If we don’t beat Minnesota can the moral victory s#!t & and we are getting better crap it’s time for Frost to clear his desk.
  12. Moral victories stopped meaning s#!t to me once I realize nobody good cares about them
  13. Moral victory scoreboard is now equal to the win column
  14. It’s really hard to watch these emotional rollercoaster games. We all know they are gonna lose beforehand. We just invent new ways to f#&% s#!t up. I mean yeah but second half N was pretty good.
  15. I hate this program. We all deserve financial compensation.
  16. Just picked on Kolarevic that drive. Dude ain’t good. Nelson had that
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