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  1. We along with some other schools have been talking to Alabama transfer LB Ben Davis
  2. I get the joke but Oklahoma’s offense is going to drop about 40-50 points on our defense next year while we score 14-17.
  3. They never even really bought it after his freshman year. Wan’Dale’s trainer and family never wanted him here in the first place
  4. No doubt. Some of the classes brought in have been FCS level talented. 2021 guys like Brown, Betts, Manning, & Nixon need to turn that trend around. And stay around. Can’t have your two best players transfer at wideout multiple years in a row.
  5. Was Frost focused on Wan’Dale because of his own errors or because Wan’Dale was the only WR with a pulse? This offense is so badly begging for a guy like Betts or Manning to step up. So frustrating.
  6. Gross. I think I would rather just wait until after spring and see what happens.
  7. Sucks. We had been talking to him. Not sure how much but contact was made.
  8. Coming out of Louisville message board posts
  9. Ott would’ve played at DE. Pretty productive player when he wasn’t hurt. Bazata I wouldn’t have taken.
  10. Damn Louisville stole two WRs committed to Nebraska. First Fitzpatrick and now Luke
  11. Not wrong. This one was never gonna happen
  12. It isn’t always an omaha thing but those are rarities. FYI Williams would’ve agone to N if the transition would’ve been faster. Wanted to stay loyal to Wisky. Not crooted by Riley. I’m just saying it occurs more more often in omaha kids relative to the rest of the state. They don’t care about Nebraska football you have to really, really put fourth a ton of effort to get them interested. Most of the time the rest of the state dreams about putting on the N. Riley will join them in signing out of state. I think we get Helms & Hausmann. Helms will be a fight. Oklahoma is gonna push r
  13. I think omaha kids especially loathe living in Nebraska/Midwest. It’s something in the age group of teens-young 20 year olds. A lot of kids don’t wanna stay in the Midwest. I just think in Omaha they especially think that way.
  14. Cold + boring or lack of stuff to do. A lot of kids grow up and wanna move to LA or just out of the Midwest in general.
  15. Omaha kids have even historically not been as infatuated with the program as the rest of the state. It’s the hardest pull from anywhere in the state. Oregon, Iowa, Wisconsin, & ND have invaded. You will not catch me making excuses for this staff. But you simply aren’t correct here. If I recall correctly I am pretty sure Devon Jackson isnt from Nebraska either.
  16. Ask any kid from Omaha and they will tell you how horrible it is. They all want to get out.
  17. You said nobody wants to play for a s#!t program. I just proved you wrong. Both in state and out of state. However the players leaving is an issue & the coaching has lacked anything to be inspired about
  18. Pretty sure we finished higher than both Missouri and Arizona State in rankings and have continually added top 25 classes. Some of you guys have no clue. The recruiting has been fine. The coaching has sucked a$$.
  19. I mean Missouri and Arizona State are in there This is about weather/fun & getting out of the state of Nebraska because Omaha is horrible
  20. You never want to lose in-state guys but there is just not much interest from a lot of in-state players. Gotta win. And even then..I’m not sure we grab them. Omaha kids do not care about Nebraska as a state or football. They just all wanna get out.
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