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  1. Obviously everyone knows GSG poops his pants. These things we all know.
  2. I think that one is pretty obvious. That transition class was terrible.
  3. Hosted by a guy who more than likely will not be here after spring Rooting for Weber State here
  4. I think part of it was we were just so sick & tired of seeing Benhart with the penalties & just horrid play lol
  5. It was the Michigan game which helped him rise amongst fans mainly
  6. Pretty sawed off if he is a true DL
  7. I don’t disagree but so did Tyreke Johnson. Solid team and solid high school rating doesn’t translate to success. Need to see it.
  8. There is no way they don’t expect some kind of WR exodus
  9. Hood has yet to see the field. Rouse has actually produced and produced very early. Hard to say.
  10. Nice depth piece that bridges the gap between the age of our tackles/incoming class. Because there is nobody behind them.
  11. Super late entry and he may be already wrapped up.
  12. Not sure there are really any other suitors
  13. He definitely is gonna need some time to do a body recomp.
  14. We just gonna take every Georgia player out there or what?
  15. It’s okay to ask questions. This a free board meant to exchange information & ideas about Husker football. We will all live.
  16. Believe he was committed to MSU before then.
  17. I unfortunately agree. Until he proves he can I am hesitant.
  18. Whoever is mentally/physically healthy.
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