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  1. Could you imagine the s#!t show that would result in posting the actual testing numbers of players? Fans would be complaining about how they can lift more and run faster than 90 percent of the roster.
  2. Ok tough guy if jd earns his degree and gave 3 great season to nebraska what else does he owe you?
  3. The JD rumors really dont make any sense if its true that he cant graduate in time. Couple that with receivers like betts and manning coming in he could actually move to the slot more instead of having to play on the outside. That being said if he could graduate by the start of the season i wouldn't blame him for leaving he's one of the best players in the conference and has never been on a good team before.
  4. It always confuses me when i hear Nebraska fans say the national media or the big 10 doesn't respect Nebraska when the off-season is filed with articles like this every year.
  5. Imagine all the wars we can fight on behalf of saudi arabia with an extra 450 billion dollars.
  6. Seems like a weird move by williams. He's been killing it at Oregon and USC's coach is going to be fired sooner rather than later.
  7. Completely forgot about him. I don't remember ever seeing him catch a pass for asu.
  8. I'm very interested to see jow the offensive line plays this year. There should be some young guys pushing the older guys from the previous regime and he has an additional title as run game coordinator.
  9. The democrats will find a way to screw it up.
  10. So all we have to do is build a bunch of second place trophies along the walls path and they won't be able to build it.
  11. Hopefully if any of those guys want out of their LOIs msu will let them.
  12. Do you think any of those guys that signed in December maybe would have not signed if they knew he was going to quit? It sucks for the unsigned guys and those that enrolled early.
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