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  1. Wanted to say gunnerson on defense but his injury history scares me a bit. Greene i think has a chance to make a big impact on special teams.
  2. “We’ll see what they can do when I’m f------ gone.” he wasn't wrong.
  3. Are the practices they were supposed to get in the spring just lost or do they get to make them up in the summer?
  4. Nebraska linebackers did a good job staying 6 ft away from ball carriers last season.
  5. You might want to stop following recruiting.
  6. Not sure why this is a big deal. Frost said something that in hindsight looked dumb he got roasted in a clip that was a few seconds long. End of story. I highly doubt Burrow or Frost has lost any sleep about it. Burrow especially, it would of cost him a truck load of money had he transferred here.
  7. I think jackson played safety in highschool and came to Nebraska because riley promised him they would turn him into a corner.
  8. Burrow is probably thrilled he didn't end up at Nebraska.
  9. The idea of trickle down economics is great give huge tax breaks to big business and they in return will use that money in a way that creates jobs. But that's assuming big business gives a s#!t about american workers and wont just give themselves bigger bonuses and move production overseas.
  10. He sounds like a kid giving a book report on a book he didn't read.
  11. This is the worst speech i have ever seen.
  12. Could they postpone it for the summer? That would allow incoming freshmen to go through both "spring" practice and fall camp.
  13. Its a big difference especially with a young team like Nebraska. Those bowl practices are huge.
  14. Run the ball guy has got to love this. No more pass happy cute run the ball 60% of the time offense when you don't have any receivers.
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