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  1. LumberJackSker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Whats the over/under for how many days it takes for the unredacted report to be leaked?
  2. LumberJackSker

    TE Tommy Christakos

    I know.
  3. LumberJackSker

    How many Huskers will transfer?

    How many need to leave and by when do they have to leave? If i remember correctly they're over the 85 scholarship limit by a few.
  4. LumberJackSker

    Trump's America

    But he f#&%ed a pornstar while his 3rd wife was at home with their newborn baby. Comments like Bachmann's blow my mind. If obama would have been accused of 1% of the s#!t trump has done evangelicals would have s#!t their pants.
  5. LumberJackSker

    TE Tommy Christakos

    We should go after his qb also.
  6. LumberJackSker

    The 2020 Presidential Election - PRE Primaries

    If anything if kasich ran as an independent it would split the Republican vote and make it more likely a Democrat would win.
  7. LumberJackSker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I dont get why everyone keeps feeding the troll.
  8. LumberJackSker

    Trump's Fake Wall Emergency

    But trump says he knows more than the generals so no big deal
  9. LumberJackSker

    Dems Rebuild

    And how would a wall stop this? Almost all of come through in vehicles at border crossings.
  10. LumberJackSker

    Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    You could've just said what you meant by recent history because your claim doesn't match the data provided.
  11. LumberJackSker

    Spring Practice Notes

    I wonder if alex davis is really with the first team or if this is because tannor was out.
  12. LumberJackSker

    Gun Control

    Virginia tech
  13. LumberJackSker

    Additional Targeting Penalty?

    100% this and it drives me crazy that its almost never brought up. If a 220 pound rb runs untouched throw the first two levels of the defense and trucks a defensive back by stick the crown of his helmet in his face mask that should absolutely be a penalty if this was about fairness and safety.
  14. LumberJackSker

    Trump Foreign Policy

    I'm getting tired of all this winning
  15. LumberJackSker

    Trump Foreign Policy

    So north korea keeps its nukes and the sanctions stay in place. Other than a promise not to test fire missiles has anything actually changed? Seems like a big pr win for the DPRK. Also i hope things dont escalate in Kashmir. I can't imagine trump trying to negotiate a truce between two nuclear armed nations.