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  1. No and i never said i did. I was referring to that one example from that article.
  2. That's not at all what i said. There's a difference between doing something publicly and doing it privately.
  3. I would say there's a big difference between what mcbride did here and getting up in front of the media after every loss and saying its not you its your untalented players.
  4. Personally the reason i don't give chin the benefit of the doubt i give frost is I've seen frost run elite offenses at oregon and ucf. I've never seen chin do that. At ucf the best teams in the conference put up a lot of yards and points on his defense and that has continued here. The difference is teams like Iowa, Wisconsin and the big boys in the east have the defense to slow down a frost offense even when they get more pieces in place. In my amateur opinion trying to win games 49-45 is not a good idea. I hope I'm wrong about chin and next year with his recruits on the field there's a huge turn around. But i hate the crap i read every week in the game thread about if a guy was a riley recruit he's just a lost cause and can't even be taught to have gap disciple or wrap up when going for a tackle.
  5. Domann is one of the best players on this defense but for every splash play he makes he misses 2 or 3 tackles because he like most players on defense just lunge at the ball carrier. He's good but if it were possible to coach riley recruits he could be great.
  6. The bar they have set for chin is very low. Giving up over 300 rushing yards and 200 yards at 8 ypc to taylor is a good thing.
  7. Where the defense ranks has no impact on chin because its all the players fault.
  8. His defense at ucf forced a lot of turnovers but gave up a lot of yards and points. I dont believe that expecting to win games 40-35 is a good idea in the big ten. There's going to be several games a year where nebraska runs into defenses that are some of the nations best and Nebraska's offense wont be able to bail chin out.
  9. Ok. You said the team passes more than it runs the ball and that isn't true.
  10. Its like people dont even watch the game. If you want to complain about the offense there's plenty to complain about like how nebraska had 3 drives deep into Wisconsin territory result in zero points. Saying we pass more than we run just simply isnt true.
  11. Ok. You still have to try and mix it up occasionally. If you run it every time even a dc as inept as chin could figure out what your doing.
  12. Great tackle 19. I hope the incoming freshman are already great tacklers since that isn't chins job to fix.
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