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  1. LumberJackSker

    Chances of Gameday at Nebraska for Ohio State

    Thanks Utah. Now the blackshirts need to curb stomp Illinois so they can wear those fancy uniforms at night vs OSU.
  2. LumberJackSker

    Utah at USC

    And about a minute after a typed that another late hit.
  3. LumberJackSker

    Utah at USC

    USC looks talented but has no discipline. Late hits, taunting and a bunch of penalties. 21-17
  4. LumberJackSker

    Utah at USC

    21-10 usc
  5. LumberJackSker

    Chances of Gameday at Nebraska for Ohio State

    I don't think Game Day will be in Lincoln only that it would be good thing if it was.
  6. LumberJackSker

    Trump Foreign Policy

    Damn Gabbard, tell us how you really feel. But seriously this is ridiculous i can understand using what ever fleet is already stationed there as a deterrent for iran to seize more oil tankers but if the two biggest state sponsors of terrorism want to shoot at each other we shouldn't get involved. We sell saudi Arabia billions of dollars worth of the best american jets and tanks money can buy they can take care of themselves.
  7. LumberJackSker

    Chances of Gameday at Nebraska for Ohio State

    Since the game is already a nationally televised night game why not want Gameday in Lincoln? Its nothing but good exposure for Nebraska before a game that honestly Nebraska is overmatched in. If the game isn't an upset or even close at least Nebraska gets some nice segments about its history, they mention the greatest fans and the sellout streak maybe they show how the city is more than just corn fields. Its a win for Nebraska if it comes to town.
  8. LumberJackSker

    Illinois Depth Chart

    Stoll and Noa each need to get at least 3-4 catches a game.
  9. LumberJackSker

    Trump Foreign Policy

    Saudi Arabia spends the third most on defense and the US has to protect their oil? I guess all the smart bombs and fighter jets the US sells them are only for bombing starving and sick civilians in Yemen.
  10. LumberJackSker

    OLB Jared Ivey

    Must have a great gpa.
  11. LumberJackSker

    CB Braxton Clark [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Played most of the 4th quarter. Good to see the backups get in there.
  12. LumberJackSker

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    Barry and Honas is the best combo at middle backer. Whenever Miller is in there the defense just doesn't seem to play as well.
  13. LumberJackSker

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    I cant believe NIUs coach used to be a running back
  14. LumberJackSker

    *** Official Northern Illinois Game Thread ***

    Is the Fox rules expert guy ever actually right? I swear he's wrong every time