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  1. That would be a HUGE leap. The defense has gotten better over 3 season but i cant imagine that big of a jump considering Nebraska still doesn't have a pass rusher and has a bad tendency of giving up 200 yards on the ground (yes i now this years rush defense was a lot better than the previous 2).
  2. Is there an fcs qb we could land?
  3. Aaron Williams never played? You sure?
  4. The people that have been positively identified should be charged with felony murder. What if i told you they were antifa in disguise would that change your opinion?
  5. I'm guessing breaking into a federal building is a felony. In the act of doing that a police officer was beat to death.
  6. Every rioter who breached the barricades and entered the capital building should be charged with felony murder.
  7. Every rioter/terrorist that breached the barricades should be charged with felony murder.
  8. Who's Frost going to run between the tackles if Robinson leaves?
  9. Guys even if he leaves its not a big deal. Just like when speilman left its better if he doesn't want to be here for him to leave before he becomes a locker room cancer. Plus it just gives the young promising receivers who did nothing this year or Warner who might someday play like a captain to step up. I mean it all worked out fine when speilman left.
  10. I think he runs away. He'll hide out in Russia and have his own tv show.
  11. That's pathetic. I've never seen the US treat terrorist with such kindness.
  12. They should be treated as traitors and dislodged by any means necessary.
  13. I thought schools could block a release since they've made the transfer portal?
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