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  1. I hope it was worded badly. Seems weird to have Frost fighting to have a season and then hear a coach say the effort from the staff wasn't there.
  2. Its one thing if he said our scheme sucked and we're revamping it, but to say the effort wasn't there is pathetic.
  3. Honest question if Nebraska's win-loss record continues to suck but they rank well in the SP+ would you be content with losing records going forward?
  4. Tahj Washington is another transfer receiver. Put up good numbers as a freshman at Memphis.
  5. Who needs lucky wins when you can have a moral victory by playing 1.5 good quarters of football verse ohio state?
  6. With all the money the athletic department lost due to covid and all that guaranteed money in frost contract Frost isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  7. I voted no. I think the defense will be good but not elite enough to carry this team to a bowl game. I just dont see where the offense is supposed to come from, there's not really a proven play maker on offense that take over a game. The farther we get from martinez freshman year the more obvious it is that had more to do with morgan, speilman and ozigbo than him. 4 or 5 wins with 2 or 3 frustrating losses.
  8. Maybe. Or being interviewed by the local media in front of a Nebraska banner at that schools pro day he's being a little more cordial. Wouldn't do him any good to rock the boat in front of nfl scouts.
  9. Is the rumor that frost single handedly tried to cancel the ou game? It makes more sense that he could've gone around the AD directly to the chancellor to get the game canceled or had the chancellor pressure the AD to do what Frost wants.
  10. This should do wonders for the teams confidences the week of the OU game. Imagine hearing some rah-rah speech from your coach knowing he tried to get out of the game.
  11. How hasn't the athletic department released a statement yet? Or did i miss it?
  12. Maybe this has come up already i cant remember. Is next season still another year 0 for frost? If it is what does it matter if Oklahoma hangs 100 on the frosted flakes?
  13. Frost got blown out by Illinois last season.
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