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  1. LumberJackSker

    Trump's Fake Wall Emergency

    Can you imagine the kicking and screaming temper tantrum people on the right would be throwing if obama would have stolen money from the military for a bulls#!t project that wouldn't solve a problem
  2. LumberJackSker

    The Democrat Utopia

    I'm still waiting for her to speak out about the numerous oppressive regimes in the middle east that are 100x worse than Israel. Maybe she has and i just haven't heard about it but i dont think she likes the fact that there is a jewish state.
  3. LumberJackSker

    Poll: Abortion legality belief spectrum

    Thats a good question i don't remember it being framed like that when i was in school. If it was a public school i guess i would just want the curriculum to cover the facts like what the law covers and not for the teacher to paint it one way or the other. I'm honestly not sure how its covered at a Catholic school or any school with a religious affiliation.
  4. LumberJackSker

    Poll: Abortion legality belief spectrum

    Could you just skip to the gotcha thing you have to say
  5. LumberJackSker

    Poll: Abortion legality belief spectrum

    I'm sure it varies from country to country but a bill has to pass through some sort of legislative branch of their government. And the law was probably proposed to address some problem that as a society they think needs fixing
  6. LumberJackSker

    Poll: Abortion legality belief spectrum

    I don't think being religious is a bad thing and I've seen it do great things for people. I guess the only problem i have is when it comes to issues like abortion or even gay marriage it seems like people try to force their views on people.
  7. LumberJackSker

    Poll: Abortion legality belief spectrum

    Is it through religious beliefs?
  8. LumberJackSker

    Poll: Abortion legality belief spectrum

    So how did people know what the right thing to do was before modern faiths? And its not like religion has fixed bad behavior. Most of the worst atrocities committed by people were done in the name of god. I'm not religious and dont have a problem with people that are most people i know are. But i dont like it when people try to force their beliefs on me.
  9. LumberJackSker

    Poll: Abortion legality belief spectrum

    So without religion society wouldn't be able to tell what acts were bad?
  10. LumberJackSker

    The Republican Utopia

    Because pete Davidson made a joke and a bunch of right wing snow flakes threw a tantrum. He's going to be untouchable.
  11. LumberJackSker

    OLB Steven Parker [Kansas - Signed LOI]

    He's a 4 star at a position of need. Not exactly a reach.
  12. LumberJackSker

    The Democrat Utopia

  13. LumberJackSker

    Big announcement coming?

    I'm curious to see what they do in terms of renovations. I dont think they will go the route that some schools do with barber shops and movie theaters because certain fans would throw a tantrum.
  14. LumberJackSker

    Trump Foreign Policy

    Can't we just bribe a handful of Venezuelan generals to execute a coup set up a military junta and sell us oil at a discount.