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  1. Its not gonna happen but if it did it would be hilarious to see what cry baby desmond howard's reaction would be if we played. Sip better watch out I'm sure Howard will Demand he is fired for suggesting this.
  2. Wisconsin should add some walkons with negative covid tests
  3. If i remember correctly if 5% of a team tests positive the game is canceled. Is that just the 85 scholarship guys or the whole roster?
  4. I hope it was just wilson and farniok be over matched by guys that are a lot better than anyone else they'll play the rest of the year but neither had a great day. It seemed like every time they mention farniok he is either getting called for a hold or giving up a sack.
  5. I had no expectations that this game would be close....But if your receivers arent getting open and making plays when your offense relies on chunk plays to be successful then your receivers didn't play well. Warner is a team captain walkon or not the dude has to do something. Also thanks for these post mavric.
  6. Sorry frost but all the receivers not named Wan'dale Robinson played bad.
  7. I'm really interested in the next 3 game i think they'll tell us how good or bad chin's defense is this year. If Nebraska's strategy against teams is to have the defensive backs so far away you are letting the receivers catch it and then hoping for a big hit to jar it loose then we'll probably see what we saw today all season a lot of completions and safeties getting ejected.
  8. If defensive backs aren't allowed to knocked the ball loose after a receiver catches it then playing your dbs 10 yards off the line and letting them catch it is not going to make stops. The young scholarship receivers must be revolving doors when it comes to blocking if those walkons are even making a travel roster. Also i know The players voted on who the captains are but Farniok and Warner have to make plays if they keep their captain status.
  9. Martinez will never learn. Just take the the first down or a worst your inches away. Instead he does dumb s#!t like this.
  10. Ohio State receivers fall down and still make plays
  11. The walk on starting receivers need to do something or put the young guys in.
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