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  1. LumberJackSker

    Healthcare Reform

    I get that its frustrating for hard working people see some obese person on a rascal scutter chugging 2 liters of rc cola and know that their tax dollars go to paying that persons medical bills. But in my experience that's not the majority of people on government insurance.
  2. LumberJackSker

    Healthcare Reform

    Thanks. Once you get on medicare/medicaid they are pretty good about paying for things. My 30k infusion is covered thankfully. Before when i was on private insurance certain things weren't and thats when i ran up debt not a crippling amount but thousands of dollars. I'm lucky compared to people who need transplants or experimental drugs that are hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  3. LumberJackSker

    Healthcare Reform

    I was wondering when the "freeloaders" would be brought up. When i was in my last year of college i got very sick and they found out i had 2 different incurable autoimmune diseases. By the time the figured out was wrong there was irreversible damage and my health will keep getting worse forever. For anyone who thinks its easy to get on government benefits its not I was denied twice and had to get a lawyer and it still took over a year. Not everything is covered including the some of the best meds. I'm not rolling in cash either like so many on the right think. Its not some life of luxury. I don't know how many people are abusing the system and I'm sure it's to many but each one of my infusions i get cost $30,000 dollars and i doubt it cost what ever drug company that makes it $30,000 a dose.
  4. LumberJackSker

    challenge for trump supporters

    You guys do know that trump's base doesn't care about this kind of stuff right? All they care about is that he makes liberals mad. He could crash the economy, praise confederate loving neo nazis and suck off every dictator on earth, but as long as he sticks it to everyone left of the far right they don't care. No amount of engagement with them will change their minds there not rational conservatives or even conservatives there just a$$ hats that are pumped to have someone just like them in the white house.
  5. LumberJackSker

    What does a realistic successful season look like this year?

    Just beat Wisconsin, Iowa and finish with a winning record.
  6. LumberJackSker

    Fall Camp Pressers

    I'm really interested to see how good alex davis is this year. He only had like 5 tackles in 4 starts last year but it seems the coaches are all high on him.
  7. LumberJackSker

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Minnesota (Game 7) **

    Interesting. Thats impressive for a guy who hasn't played that much qb compared to most.
  8. LumberJackSker

    Gun Control

    It must be all that dope the kids are smoking
  9. LumberJackSker

    Gun Control

    It doesn't matter where Hollywood is just look at the box office reports for movies all the bad violent action movies make as much if not more internationally.
  10. LumberJackSker

    Gun Control

    I don't think any reasonable person thinks there is a gun control law that will flip a magic switch and all these attacks will stop but something has to be done to keep these kind of guns out of the hands of crazy/violent people.
  11. LumberJackSker

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    I think he was crying right before this and that's why he has the sniffles. They told him he had to condemn his confederate loving neo nazi friends and he threw a crying fit like a toddler.
  12. LumberJackSker

    The Angry Violent Right

    Can you imagine if just one of these mass shootings over the years had been done by a member of antifa. The Republicans would have declared them a terrorists organization and rounded up all the members and sent them to gitmo.
  13. LumberJackSker

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Minnesota (Game 7) **

    Who do you have? I doubt Mccafery is ready after only really starting one year aa a high school qb and i would hope someone is better than Bunch.
  14. LumberJackSker

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    Is the news afraid to call these guys terrorists? There's no difference between this guy or the shoe bomber or the moron in nyc that could make propane explode yet mass shooters are almost never called terrorists. Stop using their names and giving them the attention they want call them terrorists because that's what they are.
  15. LumberJackSker

    DT Jamar Sekona [USC Commit]

    I never said we had. You said we need the best kids in the Midwest. To do that Nebraska would have to get more talent from kc and st Louis.