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  1. I don’t know if this has been discussed before but it occurred to me that apparently the media had a set time they were to announce Scott Frost had accepted the NU job. According to the Lars Anderson tweet it was 4 o’clock/3 central. This would have given him plenty of time to tell his players (I think). Unfortunately the game went into Double Overtime and messed up the timing, and ESPN had to do the ESPN thing and leak the information with complete disregard for both parties. Oh, well. What’s done is done and we’ve moved on. On another note, didn’t nice guy Riley steal a couple of recruits from Oregon State when he took the NU job? Wasn’t Tyrin Ferguson committed to the Beavers? Matt Snyder?
  3. Seeing as it’s been 8 hours since the last post, the dear old Megathread just might be locked soon, so here’s my final goodbye to this magnificent Megathread. Seeing the videos of Scott Frost and all those former players and all this talk of “Scott Frost and the boys” reminds me of something. GIVE US A SHOUTOUT, LINCOLN!!!... The Boys are back in town. All is well.
  4. It was all so surreal last night. I don't think it'll actually hit me until he's at the podium today.
  5. While I completely understand the concerns of the naysayers out there, and agree we need to give our next coach (Scott Frost) ample time to actually start winning again, there hasn’t been much to hope for this season and Scott Frost gives us that hope. So...in case this Megathread gets locked this weekend, “May the Horn of Helm Hammerhand Sound in the deep...one last time.” Gandalf=Scott Frost Orcs=The B1G (We’re coming for you).
  6. Mr. Bimbo, the man who lives in my finger, told me that Kirk Herbstreit’s arse is wrong.
  7. Nope, don’t have the Matt Cassel one, but I’ve seen it. Besides, I don’t want to breach the “9.77 MB” attachment limit too soon.
  8. Hello Huskerboard, yet another new member posting for the first time here. This Scott Frost Megathread has been a great recruiting tool for you guys, hasn't it? I remember 3 years ago when Pelini was axed, and how anxious I was during the coaching search. I had hoped we would have tried to go after Frost then, but instead, when I woke up the Thursday after the firing, my reaction was this... I'm grateful to this thread for somewhat quelling my anxiousness a bit these past few weeks. I'm much more confident that our new administrators will get it right this time and bring Scott Frost home, so that my reaction, come Sunday or Monday, will be this instead... GO BIG RED!!!
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