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  1. All I'm going to say on the matter is that I disagree with you and this assertion.
  2. It's going to get downright nasty in the Old Market. Police are converging on The Hive to protect it.
  3. A little louder for those in the back, please.
  4. I know we're focused on the ****ty aspects of this, but I find it equally important to highlight the positives, as in the above. BTW, for those active on Twitter, Rex Chapman is a surprisingly great follow.
  5. To be fair, most clips make Hixson look bad.
  6. I bet that guy is a whiner, though.
  7. Both Omaha and Lincoln are on a curfew for 72 hours, starting tonight at 8. 

    1. Moiraine


      Like, we can't go out for 72 hours? What if I need toilet paper?

    2. Moiraine


      Ok thank God I have time to get TP.

      The state of emergency will last 72 hours. The curfew will be in effect from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. No one is allowed in public places with exceptions of those using transit, people going to businesses and recreational activities.

    3. The Dude
  8. Obama established something similar to this, but Trump got rid of it. https://www.governing.com/topics/public-justice-safety/lc-sessions-justice-police-reforms-trump-doj-milwaukee.html
  9. Do you understand the imbalance of power and responsibility between the two groups? The obvious would be "don't let racists ****bags be police officers", but that's beyond the scope of my influence. At the base level, in regards to the systemic problems of police brutality? Police officers should be required to go through much, much, much more de-escalation training than what they currently do. Start there, and let's get serious about race as a society.
  10. We've had ample opportunities as a society, but the "George Floyd type problems" haven't been fixed in over 200 years.
  11. I feel like we've circled back to the theme
  12. I will totally accept that some of the national news outlets subscribe to this method. There are a litany of stories coming out about reporters trying to do an honest job and getting attacked, unprovoked, for it.
  13. The Old Market in Omaha is nuts tonight. 

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