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  1. Step 1: click on the down arrow next to your profile name in the top right hand corner of the board. Step 2: click on "Ignored Users" Step 3: In the box under "Add New User to Ignore List", type whomever you want to ignore. In this case, I'll type "Tom Brokejaw". Step 4: When their name pops up, click on it. Step 5: Click the boxes indicating content you wish to ignore. In this case, I will click "Posts", "Messages", "Signature" and "Mentions" Step 6: Click on the box that says "Add User" Step 7: Voila! You are done!
  2. I always look at things like this (and POTUS thinking that WWII ended in 1918) as job security.
  3. Yep. Cancelling the season and blaming Covid is a way to cover up what essentially would be a lock-out.
  4. I would bet all of the money in my pockets against all the money in your pockets that the thing pivoting talk of cancelling the season is less to do with Covid-19, and much, much more to do with the push for college athletes to unionize.
  5. Yea, I don't know; it's an interesting question to ask. Given the wide variety of severity that this hits with, coupled with the seeming lack of herd immunity, it's probably hard to tell. It should have been done when the country shut down in March; we would not be anywhere near the position we are currently in.
  6. No offense was taken, I just wanted to focus on that particular argument.
  7. "Beaten" and "In Control" are two wildly different concepts that you are conflating here. It's absolutely possible to control the spread of this virus with steps that have already been implemented worldwide (steps that a lot of Americans have self-righteously scoffed at): masks, social distancing, and self-limiting where you go and when you go there. This, coupled with testing and quarantining helps prevent the spread of the virus. It will not be "beaten" until a vaccine is in large-scale distribution and whatever sort of herd immunity takes hold; that is probably still a year away.
  8. You extrapolated to an argument that I wasn't making, though. "Under control" =/= "eliminated"; that won't come into play until we have a vaccine and the ability to build up whatever herd immunity we can. However, other countries, such as the UK, Germany and France, have gotten their outbreaks under control to the point where much of their societies have returned to a semblance of "normal", which we are very much nowhere near. I wholeheartedly agree with your second and third paragraphs, though. We are dangerously short-sighted with this at the moment, to the point where, if you want Husker basketball, you'd better hope legit, logical steps get taken now, or we're going to be having this same type of conversation in mid-November.
  9. The US is currently at 7.6%; locally, Omaha is over 11% and Nebraska as a whole is over 9%.
  10. If people had worn masks all summer, we would have this under control. EDIT: Laugh it up, fuzzball, but you know I'm right.
  11. Given the response by local, state and national governments, football not being played was a foregone conclusion in June. At this point, we need to start worrying about basketball.
  12. Couple this with a bubble, and its the best shot they've got.
  13. Put them in two centralized locations; AFC in one and NFC in another. AFC gets Fridays and Sundays, NFC gets Saturdays and Mondays, through the playoffs. Move the bubble to Tampa for the Super Bowl.
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