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  1. If he's not bringing his nephew, then what even are we doing?
  2. An OG Legend of Zelda reference: take all my +1s.
  3. The 16th ranked YPG at UMass isn't impressive?
  4. I'm going to go ahead and call you uncultured for not being able to recognize a Varsity Blues quote when you see one.
  5. "Jesus name, Frost, what are you doing?! What kind of formation you pullin?!?" "It's a secret" "Oh, it's a secret? Your dummy Os can't run a simple draw, and you got secret formations? S**t for brains, this ain't no f***ing sandlot!"
  6. "Twitch Plays Nebraska Football"
  7. He's an O-line coach too, so running game coordinator would be in play.
  8. I'd be on board with Anae coming for both the OC and OL roles; it'd free up a spot for a ST coordinator (as long as Frost takes QBs), and Virginia's offense was ridiculously good this year comparative to the talent level they have (and against the SOS they played).
  9. If anything, we should be given leeway as a fanbase to throw any heavy objects around us at people who downplay the importance of special teams.
  10. And he didn't go to Nebraska, which kind of pushes his resume to the bottom of the pile.
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