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  1. He'll remain on the football radio calls at least through the rest of the season, but to say this isn't a shock would be an understatement. Part of me wonders just what percentage this is his decision.
  2. This is a Key & Peele sketch, right?
  3. Not gonna like, should've stuck with "Lorenzo Von Matterhorn".
  4. I'm 1000% for accountability, even for the QB, but this reeked of the Cody Green playbook, and set the entire team up to fail.
  5. To me, that makes more of a difference if Leipold were, say, in his mid 60s. He's only 58, though.
  6. Here's a question: why DeBoer and not Leipold?
  7. This is my order as well, unless Lane is in play. If Lane's in play, then... CHOO CHOO MOTHERf#&%ERS.
  8. It cannot be discounted nor overstated just how much Leipold has won, virtually everywhere he's been.
  9. I thought we just fired Frost, though? J/k...
  10. I finally caught it for the first time at the end of August; mine was incredibly mild, though. I got a booster at the end of July that I think helped mitigate it. Hope you get better soon!
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