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  1. Some are already trying to pin it on video games.... SMDH.
  2. I was mostly referring to the man in the Governor's mansion and how he's got his fingers seemingly everywhere in Nebraska politics, but this checks out too.
  3. Interesting article with a factual premise....but it misses the mark a bit on placing the blame for why politics in Nebraska has transformed over the last ~decade.
  4. Which district are you running in?
  5. And that's the rub; there are a couple real easy options to implement to mitigate this issue, but the Ricketts clan won't allow it.
  6. I imagine there will be a continued obsession with property taxes, and the ruiniation of the state legislature.
  7. Compared to Pillen, he's a moderate in a state that used to pride itself on being moderate.
  8. Sadly, the guy that beat him isn't much better.
  9. He played up the former Cornhusker football player angle real nicely. It's a shame Lindstrom didn't do the same.
  10. It'd interest me to know when and why Nebraskans decided that Pete Ricketts and his ilk were good enough to lead the state.
  11. Gotta be in the 7 figures; large enough to make Thanksgiving dinners with his uncle awkward.
  12. It's pretty hard breaking away from a cult, though.
  13. So can we get our money back on our O-line coach now? I'm not sure how returns and/or exchanges work in this particular establishment.
  14. Somewhere, Alanis Morissette's ears just started burning.
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