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  1. You misspelled "Zac Taylor".
  2. I've seen him catch a lot of errant, off-target snaps; he might have the best hands on the team.
  3. Mask mandates gonna make a bigger comeback than the '93 Bills.
  4. Be honest: how drunk were you when you posted this?
  5. Wins are not a QB stat, they are a team stat.
  6. Yea, I think we're mostly on the same page here; it just needs restating for some. (Bulls in 6, BTW)
  7. What it comes down to is anyone trying to blame Frost for picking Martinez over Joe Burrow is invoking a heavy dose of revisionist history in an attempt to make a cheap point. Coming off of 2018, no one, dare I say not even LSU's coaching staff, knew what Burrow would do in 2019 (to the point where he wasn't on any preseason All-SEC team), and it's very easy (and mostly accurate) to say that a large part of his record setting season (season, not career) boils down to the historic amount of support he had around him. If Joe Burrow comes to Nebraska, he's not "Joe Burrow". There's n
  8. Was this the same LSU team that literally had half the amount of players drafted in 2021 as they did in 2020? Some teams are pretty special.
  9. Now give Adrian 2 first round WRs, a first round RB and LSU'S O-line, and visa versa for Burrow.
  10. As per every time we've had it, it's important to remember that Nebraska Joe Burrow would not = LSU Joe Burrow.
  11. Yes, he's already graduated HS; he was slated to graduate in December, but moved it up and finished over the summer.
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