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  1. It counts as a win because they are a division foe; they shouldn't be rewarded with a potential division title for ****ing up and not being able to keep their house in order.
  2. When life gives you lemons, leave your misguided supporters in sub-freezing weather for hours in a pandemic.
  3. There's a metaphor to be found here; can any Trump voter help out with it?
  4. Some of us have a little more time than others, seeing as we're taking this pandemic seriously.
  5. You've had two weeks, and this is the only response you can come up with?
  6. What in the absolute **** is this nonsense?
  7. You cannot judge much from this game due to the gigantic discrepancy in talent, other than to say the team played hard, shot itself in the foot a few times, and the Big Ten is a corrupt institution.
  8. You'd have more of a point if it was Big Ten refs throwing flags on UCF a few years ago.
  9. Ya'll, it's year 3, and you haven't gotten used to the idea that Frost's teams tend to be undisciplined?
  10. Well, the salt got good and high in this thread, didn't it?
  11. He's going to do that to a lot of teams this year; we pick our poison and try and keep up with them.
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