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  1. If Grant doesn't get his sh*t figured out, I'm fine moving on from him. Hill really hasn't fit in anywhere since he got here, but I was hoping that was a Frost thing and not a Hill thing. Not terribly surprised at Hickman; he was a tweener that really couldn't find a position (or keep weight on to help him find a position). Sort of surprised at Carnie; I thought he had a lot of potential, and was the next guy coming down the road in terms of home-grown TEs.
  2. Agreed, and as long as they aren't a direct rival to Nebraska.
  3. There's the Nebrasketball we all know and tolerate. 

    1. admo


      Crappy game vs Minn..  overall they did exceed my expectations.  Although it wasn't a high bar to reach.

  4. Schaefer is as likely to change his prediction to Georgia as he is to increase his confidence; just depends on which radio station he's on at the moment.
  5. ....we're recruiting 12 year olds now?
  6. From Bigger and Blacker in 1999 (NSFW - language):
  7. Someone's a Chris Rock fan.
  8. This. If Raiola comes here, he's taking the first snap.
  9. Is this your crystal ball prediction? What level of confidence?
  10. It's Schaefer; he'll probably change it in a week.
  11. This is where they called the hold (ignore the commentary by the tweeter in question):
  12. Before the season, a LOT of people thought KC was going to take a step back due to the Hill trade, and the improvements the Raiders, Chargers and Broncos made.
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