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  1. We need to update the poll, but I'm betting LSU here.
  2. Just pulled him up and he's still showing as 4 stars
  3. Oh, Ekeler. I wonder if he's still got that Will Compton tattoo.
  4. You can't get injured if you're on the sideline.
  5. I sincerely hope that this is the case, or s#!t is going to hit the fan.
  6. Someone come collect their sock, please.
  7. Which would/could absolve people in the program from knowing that it was going on, as horrible as that sounds to type.
  8. So, I guess the question now is: who knew what, and when. If the coaching staff and AD knew about the older allegations, and still allowed them to participate on the team, this is going to get really bad really quickly.
  9. Ultimately, it's a no-win situation for Adrian. He could win the job outright in both Spring and Fall camps, but the same birds that have been chirping all season will come back with the "Frost handed him the job" narrative, and at the very first sign of any sort of problem, will begin crowing again like they did this season.
  10. By entering this thread, I'm contractually obligated to +1 this, though I'm lodging a complaint with HR.
  11. It's episodic at this point; loosely connected with an overarching plot. And, as the end of the episode last week showed, our Big Bad might be showing up this week.
  12. Your first statement and your second statement won't mesh well next season.
  13. This looks IMMENSELY better than the reboot that came out a few years ago.
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