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  1. He'll remain on the football radio calls at least through the rest of the season, but to say this isn't a shock would be an understatement. Part of me wonders just what percentage this is his decision.
  2. This is a Key & Peele sketch, right?
  3. Not gonna like, should've stuck with "Lorenzo Von Matterhorn".
  4. I'm 1000% for accountability, even for the QB, but this reeked of the Cody Green playbook, and set the entire team up to fail.
  5. To me, that makes more of a difference if Leipold were, say, in his mid 60s. He's only 58, though.
  6. Here's a question: why DeBoer and not Leipold?
  7. This is my order as well, unless Lane is in play. If Lane's in play, then... CHOO CHOO MOTHERf#&%ERS.
  8. It cannot be discounted nor overstated just how much Leipold has won, virtually everywhere he's been.
  9. I thought we just fired Frost, though? J/k...
  10. I finally caught it for the first time at the end of August; mine was incredibly mild, though. I got a booster at the end of July that I think helped mitigate it. Hope you get better soon!
  11. Shoot, I knew I forgot someone. Thank you!
  12. Low key, MJ and Busch should probably be the only two retained.
  13. Without getting too much into P/R territory, it's the same "blame the messenger, not the message" mindset that permeates a large subset of our culture today.
  14. Word is that some highly influencial boosters (and a certain someone whose name rhymes with "Mom Cosnorne") stepped in and prevented Green from allowing Trev to drop the hammer. The first three games of the year went a long ways towards showing these certain peoples the light, and a few of these boosters came up with the cash to get rid of him ASAP.
  15. For those belaboring all the stories coming out about Frost's tenure as HC, and wanting to move on, it's important to understand not only that something failed, but also why it failed.
  16. Word 'round the campfire is that Trev tried to, but was stopped by a number of entites within the power structure of the university.
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