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  1. And the rebuttal to that is "Those have always translated to high levels of play when those players transition to college ball /s".
  2. The rebuttal to this is "as high schoolers, against high school competition, yes".
  3. Fred could have 5 official visits, a bag full of money, the kid's favorite pizza and the A Team from Shakers, the odds are heavily against Sallis coming to Nebraska.
  4. Random question: are football tickets subject to sales tax?

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      I've never seen a sales tax line on my ticket invoices from the University.  Unless they are rolling it into the price on their side (i.e., tickets sell for $60 but they already included the tax in that amount).

  5. You aren't wrong, but in this situation, posting history can lend credibility; i.e. I'm much more likely to lend credence to that type of a post coming from you than @hunter49, because I know your habits and (whether or not I agree with it) understand that you participate in discussions in good faith, which I don't think this post in particular is an example of.
  6. If Mav is correct, then the bolded doesn't really help his "not loving the game". Solid 14th post.
  7. As a board, can we cobble together 4.5 million and buy this house? We can throw tailgates there for Maryland games: 


    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Seems like a no-brainer to me. Only $43k per year in taxes. I’d definitely want them to throw in the baby grand piano and see if a couple more fireplaces could be added though. I think Huskerboard deserves more than a lousy 10 fireplaces.

  8. Best to assume that he's gone until he proves us otherwise. Good luck to the kid.
  9. I've got an unfortunate suspicion that he might be the next Avery Anderson.
  10. It's kind of a gray area in terms of being a cover, but I absolutely love this version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" from George Harrison's HoF induction (come for the song, stay for Prince destroying everyone's faces):
  11. That chance was real enough that Osborne and Perlman acted on the opportunity to move. They were in the know at the time, and even if you don't trust Perlman, most people believe that Osborne truly has the University's best interests at heart. Well, some of us (and this isn't meant to put words in your mouth) care about the actual university, too.
  12. Hindsight is also 20/20. No one, other than maybe the ADs at OU and UT had any idea how much life was still in the Big 12 at the time, and had they gone to the Pac 12 (as was thisclose to happening: https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/oklahoma-was-within-30-minutes-of-leaving-for-the-pac-10-in-2010/), then Nebraska would have been stuck holding the bag in what essentially would have been a Group of 5 conference with no money, little academic prestige and no chance at making what would become the playoff.
  13. I disgree 1000%. The Big Ten is light years ahead of the Big Twelve in terms of cohesion, respect and output. Also, it was an absolute no-brainer at the time the decision was made, not only from an AD standpoint, but from a University standpoint as well.
  14. I'm all for firing Frost and hiring this monkey. I'll even buy him a case of whatever his drink of choice is.
  15. Blackshirt masks should be on the back of every seat for every game.
  16. Given that the expectation is that there will be a second wave in fall, I doubt it, but who knows at this point?
  17. I think that, by necessity, if we're going to have a good season, it's got to be Benhart. Tanner's coaching wrestling at Concordia now
  18. I love this idea. The student section is in an awful place anyways.
  19. Came to say "Sound of Silence'" by Disturbed; their cover of "Land of Confusion" is better than the original, too. I prefer the Prince version of "Nothing Compares 2 U", though. There are a few no-brainers, like "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix, and "Knockin on Heaven's Door" by GnR. One that I think gets overlooked is "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley:
  20. It's looking like ISU is going to hold games with about 50% capacity in their stadium. I'm expecting Nebraska to be somewhere along the same lines.
  21. Common sense tells me that this will happen too, but I also though Hillary would win in 2016, so what the hell do I know?
  22. I feel that if Memorial Day makes you feel that patriotic, you should know better than to say "Happy" Memorial Day, but I digress.
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