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  1. Yea...not much need for an actual TE in 8 man football.
  2. That TV money isn't going anywhere, though, at least through supposedly when construction will finish. It does put a bit more onus on the program to start winning and fast, though.
  3. I don't disagree, but a cool-a$$ stadium to play in doesn't hurt, and South Stadium has needed a renovation for decades.
  4. Cdog923

    NFL 2023

    I'd argue that the top tier in the NFL is larger than its been in years. SF, Philly, Dallas and even Detroit could win the NFC, and the AFC is a gauntlet; KC, Cincy, Miami, Buffalo and even Baltimore could win it. Also, Gannon is going to get fired for not tanking for Caleb Williams.
  5. Considering how badly Amazon screwed up the Lord of the Rings books, Peter Jackson did a fantastic job of sticking to Tolkien's storyline.
  6. You have over 62,000 posts; a majority of them good-to-great. This might be your masterpiece.
  7. If Haarberg figures out his mechanics, he could be a really solid QB. Dude's got to figure out how to keep his passes from sailing, though.
  8. Cdog923

    NFL 2023

    The Chiefs/Dolphins game in November is going to be very interesting, if everyone is healthy. Miami is hitting on all cylinders right now on offense, but KC's defense (especially the secondary) is much improved this year, and only getting better. EDIT: since some scruffy looking nerf herder's got laughs today, here's KC's defensive stats. YPG: 6th PYPG: 6th RYPG: 11th PPG: 4th If we want to get in the weeds, we can, but thus far, it's a much improved unit.
  9. Relative SOS rankings: Minnesota: 45th Colorado: 3rd Northern Illinois: 114th Louisiana Tech: 119th
  10. 1. Is Teddy not completely healthy? There's no reason for Corcoran to start over a healthy Teddy. 2. I have no idea how this offense is going to move the ball against Michigan.
  11. I thought it was going to be a one-off for the volleyball match, but it's cool they are integrating it more regularly. They were probably able to pay for it with Steve Pederson's leftover fireworks budget.
  12. Flores would be great to have around right about now. How many has he dropped this season?
  13. This is pretty much where I'm at as well. Sims is the better athlete, but his costly mistakes are what even him out with HH. If HH fixes some of his mechanics (shorten his stance, transfers his weight better, etc), he'll pull ahead.
  14. There's something to be said about comparing apples to apples in this situation; Sims has two starts against P5 competition, while Haarberg's start was against a G5 school. But one of them is better than the other at this point in time.
  15. There are reasons for that, though.
  16. Are you watching how each one of them goes about it? One is more refined than the other, for certain.
  17. Oh, Haarberg is a far better decision maker; his mechanics just have to be ironed out a bit.
  18. Sims: 34 yards Haarberg: 33 yards
  19. Eh, not really. Sims has more zip on his downfield throws, mostly because his mechanics are a bit better than Haarberg's are at this point in time.
  20. It's all footwork from what I've seen; he needs a better transition of power from his legs and hips on those deep throws. Anything low trajectory, across the middle of the field or closer to the LOS has generally been good; his TD throw to Fidone was a good throw; that's because he can power those throws with just his arm. Anything deeper down the field is a crapshoot.
  21. If he could throw it further than 20 yards down field without it being a game of 500, I'd be much more comfortable with him starting.
  22. It's actually fairly even in terms of stats: Sims has 4 more passing attempts and 9 more rushing attempts. I haven't broken film down by any means to be able to determine how many of those runs are designed vs. scrambles, but to the naked eye, it seems like more of Haarberg's rushing attempts are designed.
  23. If Sims starts, I'd be real interested in seeing if they run the same offense they ran this past weekend with Haarberg.
  24. It's very, very good. Especially if you've seen Rebels and Clone Wars.
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