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  1. You know what destroys democracy? Normalizing the bull**** we've seen from Trump for the last 4 years.
  2. No they wouldn't have, because Trump would have done the exact same thing to Warren/Sanders/Harris/etc: drive the discussion into the lowest depths of intellect and discourse in an attempt to drag whomever was on the opposite side into the pit of mud and **** that he thrives in.
  3. The revisionist history of this fanbase is something I absolutely love. /s
  4. At its core concept, that's just not true.
  5. $750, eh? That's federal Pound Me In The a$$ prison-level there.
  6. The Stats nerd in me is loving this.
  7. I groused about Prince and Pink Floyd last round, but this is really the correct answer; there isn't a bad choice in the bunch.
  8. With the rumors that I'm wondering if that's where it'll end at.
  9. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: basically, the Avengers films and the solo movies/series that tie into them.
  10. Some prior knowledge of the 12 year, 22+ movie MCU will be needed.
  11. This is by the team that does the movies, not the TV shows; they know what they're doing. There are a number of plots that they are (seemingly) adapting from the comics, but the overarching plotline is going to revolve around Wanda having an existential crisis after the death of Vision, defeat of Thanos, and recovering from being erased from existence for 5 years.
  12. I know there was some discussion in the last thread about blurred lines between "favorite" and "best", and if that's still an issue for the Final Four, then there is no planet in the Multiverse where Pink Floyd is better than Prince.
  13. The trippier this gets, the better (and I think it has the potential to go off the deep end). Couple this with the rumor that and Marvel might be ready to fully explore just how strong the Scarlet Witch can be. EDIT: another possible spoiler
  14. It's almost as if it's a "Favorites" tournament and not a "Best" tournament...
  15. In terms of her situation, being the VP to Joe Biden is more advantageous than being a Supreme Court Justice.
  16. "We wanted this, and we got it. Now, let's run a train through these motherf#&%ers".
  17. If Collins, Murkowski, Romney and Grassley hold to their word, that's 51
  18. Unless 4 Republicans manage to find their spines, we are so, so very f#&%ed.
  19. Yep....Queen vs. Rush is incredibly hard. I have liked Queen for longer; they get my vote.
  20. You're in the same age bracket as my nephew; old enough to be a fan, but young enough to have missed out on all the good stuff. And you're right; this is probably the most unified we've been as a program since 1997, with a small caveat to 2008.
  21. Warms my heart to see Rush and Queen pitching shutouts.
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