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  1. It was f#&%ing dusty as hell in my house when I watched episode 3.
  2. Bumping this because I forced (get it) myself to rewatch this, and it's almost the perfect ecapsulation/representation of the Prequel Trilogy: shaky writing pushing forward a tenuous story, anchored by Ewan McGregor's really great performace as Obi Wan.
  3. Finally getting into Yellowstone and...it's ok? I didn't know I'd have to suspend this much disbelief over a show about a cattle ranch in Montana, but it's got its decent parts.
  4. 3 things: 1. BACK TO THE SUPER BOWL, BABY! 2. Thank goodness there are two weeks between the CCGs and the SB; the Chiefs are the walking wounded. 3. The Kelce Brothers' podcast should be super interesting the next couple of weeks.
  5. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it.
  6. It's a preposterous idea, because it would never work.
  7. ...he's not from Georgia? Ok, I suppose.
  8. I have no problem being Georgia North.
  9. NNNNNOOOOPPPPPEEEE. Better hit that "Undo" button.
  10. More red meat for the masses, but this one is pretty easy.
  11. That was the NES; Zelda is a Nintendo exclusive.
  12. **** that guy; all my homies hate National Rivals guy.
  13. And even if the FB is featured, I'd bet it's more of an H-Back type of position.
  14. Some of you are going to need to call your doctor 4 hours after you read this.
  15. For me, Rhule gets the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.
  16. HCMR hired a HS coach for a position at Baylor, and the guy is now the HC at Texas Tech. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joey_McGuire
  17. No, because when people start calling him Scotty, it's going to be even more confusing.
  18. There's a better chance of next year being a long year than there is it being a good year.
  19. I always deferred back to the fact that a lot of pros liked working with him in the offseason, so there at least has to be some higher level of teaching acumen there.
  20. Mike Leach passed away last night. 

    1. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      One of my favorite coaches, his interviews were epic 

    2. admo


      Leach was a highly intelligent coach.....   but also, an original human being that did things in his own way, which happened to be viewed differently in other's opinions and views...... 


      He was a great person, and so GREAT for the sport.  He will be forever loved and missed.


      RIP Coach 

    3. ZRod


      Craig James is involved in this some how.

  21. I've heard a certain old friend, one associated with Savage Professionalism, might be in the running for the WR position.
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