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  1. "Twitch Plays Nebraska Football"
  2. He's an O-line coach too, so running game coordinator would be in play.
  3. I'd be on board with Anae coming for both the OC and OL roles; it'd free up a spot for a ST coordinator (as long as Frost takes QBs), and Virginia's offense was ridiculously good this year comparative to the talent level they have (and against the SOS they played).
  4. If anything, we should be given leeway as a fanbase to throw any heavy objects around us at people who downplay the importance of special teams.
  5. And he didn't go to Nebraska, which kind of pushes his resume to the bottom of the pile.
  6. They have an opening with Thompson leaving, and his GF plays soccer there.
  7. If a couple of you want to have a discussion about Adrian Martinez's character, I'll be your Huckleberry.
  8. One of the top 5 people to ever put on a uniform at Nebraska. I hope he has an immense amount of success wherever he lands (coughKSUcough), but this was best for both parties involved.
  9. An important question: is @knapplc doing Santa Hat Avatars this year?
  10. That'd rank in the top 10 for scoring defense in the country.
  11. Scott Frost points the finger and not the thumb.
  12. There needs to be a new, legit, sports channel to cut into some of ESPN's market share.
  13. Yes, because what we actually need is another thread about new coaches and transfers.
  14. You aren't wrong; they desperately need someone who can consistently get to the QB on their own.
  15. A couple things to remember: - Chins has consistently improved his side of the ball. YPG has decreased from 433 in 2018 to 389 in 2019 and 336 this season; PPG has decreased from 31.3 in 2018 to 27.8 in 2019 22.7 in 2021 (I've thrown out 2020 as an outlier). This against the 3rd rated SOS in the country this season. - This is a question of economics just as much as performance: if you want to keep someone who is clearly improving at his job, you have to pay him market value. Statistically speaking, Nebraska and Illinois had very similar defenses this year (despite Illinois having the 30th ranked SOS and Nebraska, again, the 3rd). Illinois's D-coordinator just got bumped to over $1 million a year; Chins is at $800,000. If you want to keep the man, you gotta pay the man, and just about everyone on this board (and I'd say a vast majority of the fanbase) has done a 180 on Chins and staff this season.
  16. The thing is, his original defensive philosophy was to do this exact thing; the 2017 UCF D caused 2.5 turnovers a game, where this D caused 1.1 TOs a game. What's the reason for this? To me, it's the shift in philosophy that Chins has had to do because the offense isn't pulling its weight like it should be. The D has to cover the Os collective a$$ much more frequently and often at Nebraska, not allowing for the attacking, chance-taking D they could run at UCF.
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