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  1. I hear what you are saying...but NU should not be losing to Purdue at home.
  2. I kind of agree with this and I know it is not popular to say it but this team should have 2 losses right now. Not 7 or whatever it is. Which makes these next two games (against typical middle of the road, oh wow another 7 win season, teams) so important.
  3. I always feel like (somebody's watching me...and I get no privacy) NU seems to beat MSU especially when MSU is favored or ranked higher.
  4. I don't even know what I would chat about..."Hey...nice lawn" Ok
  5. I hardly ever talk to my neighbors. We are hardly ever out at the same time but even if we are we just say "hi"
  6. teachercd

    Nebraska v Michigan State: 11 am on FOX

    I wonder how the Iron N account gets passed down.
  7. The lincoln streets, parking, and students don't help with the driving in Lincoln. That place is a s#!t show
  8. I would imagine that selling a home in those small towns is a pain in the a$$.
  9. Bigger fake basketball move...

    1.  Eurostep

    2.  Jump stop

    3.  Moving Screen

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    2. GSG


      I did some researching on the "origin of the jump stop." A few of the officiating websites stated that the traveling rules have been pretty much intact since inception and that the jump stop is part of the original rule (two feet landing at the same time) :dunno 

    3. Mavric


      It depends on what you are calling a jump stop.  What it is supposed to be is catching the ball in the air then landing on both feet.  If you are saying they are catching it with one foot on the ground then jumping and coming down on both feet, that is technically not a travel.  That is a legal play per the rule book and always has been.  The catch is that you don't have a pivot foot in that scenario - you have to keep both feet on the ground where they are or jump and release the ball in the air.  If you do that an then pivot, then it is a travel.

    4. wiuhusker


      If you want to watch someone who has mastered the art of when to pick up a basketball watch Harden. All of his moves look like travels but he has it timed perfectly that his "1st Step" is also at the same time he picks the ball up. Then what most people consider as steps 2 and 3 are actually 1 and 2 and this is why he is so hard to guard. 

  10. You doods that grew up in a small town...how "look the other way" is the issue of teen drinking?
  11. In a town that small did you have a bar/food joint?