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  1. Dude, great call on the McDonald's increase! Just had a student tell me today "I will never work for minimum wage again, it is just so easy to get so much more" She works at a Crumbles, which is a cookie place...makes 20 an hour (that is with tips)
  2. So right now, for the stuff you all purchase on the regular...what have you noticed as the biggest price increase? Not counting gas.
  3. 100% chance that person next to you in the urinal that day is telling a story about you "So this woman, who was clearly identifying as a man, was in the pisser...)hahahaha
  4. Most underrated of the 80's type movie...3 O'Clock High. Close second would be Can't Buy Me Love
  5. Man, I don't think the D's can run Harris, can they? Newsom is interesting.
  6. The Big Ten SHOULD do this but who knows what they will do.
  7. Some people would freak out on you just for that.
  8. Woman tricks rich man who has the perfect life into giving it all away for pretty much no reason.
  9. Hahhahaha! Oh my god, I saw that movie in the theater! I am crying!
  10. You son of a b!^@h! Hahaha The "new" thing that the firemen do at thee fancy station near me, after they park their brand new trucks...they walk in the parking lot, like they were old mall walkers. They just, walk. Here is the Gretna fire station. And again, these guys should take every cent that we, the taxpayers, areee dumb enough to give them.
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