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  1. It was here, maybe I read it wrong. I was sort of just skimming. Maybe it means IF they create it one for Decepticon's virus. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2021/12/08/will-omicron-change-what-fully-vaccinated-means-biontech-ceo-says-full-vaccine-regimen-against-variant-is-3-doses-not-2/?sh=2a4fcd9675e3
  2. I think it is 3 new shots on top of the first Covid vax? Not sure though. And I don't know how spaced out the 3 new ones would be.
  3. Sounds like a guys name from Mad Men "Guys, this is d!(k Whipple, he will be handling the new soda account"
  4. Think he will be able to handle the cold?
  5. Good! Drill and drill deep. Get me some 1.89 gas prices! This will be me
  6. "Hey team, I know I got you up super early this morning but it is because of how much I love you and how deeply I care for you...also...if any of you want to transfer to Miami that is where I will be!"
  7. Yeah, bad move unless it is a ton more scratch or he just hates Reno (like everyone else)
  8. Sam getting an erection as he is about to write a 6,000 word research paper on some dude.
  9. My guess is no one has been "offered" yet, even if they have been offered. Also, Frost knows this set of hires is going to decide his fate. Dude is probably freaking out. So is Matt Davison, he knows his gravy train is tied to this! Choo-choo
  10. The good news...Michigan has no PG this year (at least right now).
  11. The only silver lining I can think of is that the division is weak...sadly so is NU
  12. Isn't that amazing? When NU went to the big ten they joined a conference that is filled with punchlines...and now NU is one of them.
  13. Good news...the west is horrible Bad news...NU is losing a lot of players Good news...the west is really horrible.
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