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  1. teachercd

    Dismuke & Stovall cited by police

    That dude plays like 50% of his games high... You could say he plays above the rim he is so high.
  2. teachercd

    Dismuke & Stovall cited by police

    Hahaha! Dude, the NBA has more dudes smoking pot than any league by far and those guys are performing just fine.
  3. teachercd

    DT Nash Hutmacher [Nebraska Commit]

    Talk about true Nash fashion. No excuses at all just work...Nash being Nash. Polar Bear.
  4. teachercd

    Dismuke & Stovall cited by police

    If I was a cop in a college town it would really take a$$h@!eish behavior for me to give tickets for most of this stuff... Lots of warnings. And I don't mean just for players I mean for college students in general.
  5. teachercd

    Dismuke & Stovall cited by police

    You know what this really makes me think about...how me and my friends didn't get in more "trouble" in college. I think I know one of my friends that got busted drinking in the dorms and had to take a class.
  6. I agree...it is the players (or agents) job to get them the best deal...not for the heads of the sport to give them the best deal. Just like it is with every other business in the world. I have a buddy that was telling me how his wife and her co-worker made a sweet deal...there were 3 of them working in this office, one left and the position was going to be filled...well the other two went and chatted up HR and said "Don't fill the position, we will take on the work of that third lady and just give us her salary" well the company was happy to do it...but if they did ask for it and push for it, they would not have got it.
  7. teachercd

    OLB Kaden Johnson

    Totally agree...I would compare it to a job. You get an offer you accept it...You are starting in 2 weeks and next thing you know a better offer comes along...more money, closer commute, whatever...what do you do? I am under contract for my job...but there a a few places I would leave my place for...even if I am still under contract. It makes me sick to think about possibly doing that but in the long run it would be best for me.
  8. Nick Bahe is leaving 1620?

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    2. ColoradoHusk


      I wonder if 1620 may leave the time slot vacant for the time being because I wonder how much longer Severe will be at OWH.  While, I think his OWH does pretty well, the OWH is cutting costs all over the place.  Severe has even hinted at that he wonders how much longer he will have a job at the OWH.


      If Severe becomes available after this coming football season, 1620 may come calling.

    3. teachercd


      I still see Vrz tring to get it or Danny Woodhead.

    4. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Yeah I have started listening to Severe more during my lunch break in the past year. While I follow Husker hoops and CBB news, I don’t have a credible leg to stand on when it comes to Xs and Os and appreciated his CBB opinions. After that, listening to Bahe was more frustrating than enjoyable, he contradicts himself so much

  9. teachercd

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    Amen! Those are they type of games where NU needs to get up early...
  10. teachercd

    OLB Kaden Johnson

    Sure...so commit and still look around. That is what I would do.
  11. My site has NU -7.5 at Col...that is a decent sized difference. I think vs Iowa, NU is -3 on my site. Win total still sitting at 8.5 (-115)
  12. teachercd

    DT Nash Hutmacher [Nebraska Commit]

    Oh yeah, I saw that...on some RT...his Dad had a big huge tweet about it.
  13. Oh yeah...in fact he was even "kicked out" by the refs/umps...again it happened to be one of those days where not a single other person had a cell phone with them.