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  1. Interesting...I hope he can adjust, at ASU he had 5 star talent all around him. Won't be the same at NU.* *I am not talking about the players...wink
  2. Were there really a brand new pile of bricks that all of a sudden just appeared on a street corner in a riot/looting hot spot? With no construction sites around at all? I just saw that tweeted by someone running for Congress that I have never heard of, it had video and everything. Angela Stanton King.
  3. It is a post board...it might as well be Highlander...there can only be one!
  4. Pretty sure board rules prohibit calling out other posters.
  5. What items were left behind when you moved into your house?

    Paint cans

    Extra carpet

    Like 3 brooms

    Tons of mason jars

    and a drawer of cutlery 

    1. HUSKERherc


      Paint cans, old cleaning supplies, cheap shelving, brown recluse spiders

    2. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      An old post style bed frame from way back in the day and a huge cast iron generator that they used to power the house  with before rural power lines were a thing. Pretty cool

    3. GSG


      Paint cans and toilet brushes in each bathroom

  6. Usually when you see just one "big" offer and then an NU offer and like 10 lame offers, I think that the big offer is fake...but this kid has like 10 big a$$ offers.
  7. Those of you saying that people are not going out are probably not going out yourselves, right? So, how would you know? My gym opened back up and has been packed...the park by my house has been busy with kids playing. Workouts for sports have started back up at schools...and I think fake-legion ball starts tomorrow. Again, I am not a freedom fighter and I don't think my rights are being F'ed with at all, but people are out all over here in Omaha.
  8. Oh man, I heard about that but didn't think it was legit. That is nuts.
  9. Nah, people need to be held responsible for their own actions. That cop was/is an [email protected]!e.
  10. So, do you think the more rioting and looting that you do the more you are showing support for Floyd? Like...if I take a 70 inch TV instead of a 45 inch TV...am I a bigger activist? Hahaha
  11. So...the looting and rioting needs to stop, fast, because this will backfire and eventually people will not be sympathetic...and it will impact votes.
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