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  1. Dudes at the gym that wear that oxygen restriction masks are boning out over this! Also, could you imagine being ARod...Sitting at home, chilling out...watching old games you played in...maybe watching some Shark Tank episodes you were in...trying to not let J-Lo put on any of her lame songs or horrible movies...then all of a sudden calls?? He probably looked at his phone and saw it was Trump and rolled his eyes.
  2. Seems like this is negative for the hospital not the doctor...He will just get another sweet gig in 2 seconds...
  3. Bernie is nuts and there is not a single person on this site that doesn't think you should work for your money... But...I would take every free penny Bernie would give us...so would all of us.
  4. I guess someone on their "deathbed" was given that chlorine drug and lived. I am guessing it was not the fishtank kind.
  5. I don't think it is rape...I think it is like assault?
  6. Come on...of course your place should go out of business! No one should be compensated for the goods or services they offer! If I am hungry and skipped lunch...Burger King should be required by law to feed me as many Whoppers as I can eat! #FreeStuff
  7. The numbers are really staggering for the Netherlands...which really shocks me...because it is the greatest place in the world with the most amazing healthcare system in the world. Hmmm
  8. Are any of you in a factory/production type job? Is it hard/easy to switch over what you are making?
  9. New research out shows that men and women are disproportionately affected by the virus. Not a single case in the other 57 genders! The last two posts were just jokes that I saw...please just laugh, it is okay.
  10. Your best "quitting a job" story?  Mine...I worked for Lincoln Trap and Skeet...I think they hired me the same day I went in for the "interview" . I worked the entire day, a Saturday, I think.  I was supposed to come back the next day and just never did...It was HORRIBLE.  The shooters were dicks.

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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Not a good story but when I first moved to Omaha I started working at The Market Basket and finished a shift and quit without another job lined up. I cannot say any good things about how that place operated.

      Their chicken salad is/was actually turkey salad because it was cheaper and the public couldn’t tell with how they prepped the poultry.

    3. ColoradoHusk


      I don't have any crazy quitting stories, but I did have a funny "firing" story (Teach knows this story).  I was doing some temp accounting work for a company which makes candles outside Chicago (think Yankee Candle, but not quite as successful).  My "boss" was a douchy guy who had an earring and thought he was hot s#!t because he was the lead accounting/finance guy at this place.  After being there 2-3, and not getting much work to do, the guy let me go on a Friday morning.  He said he was mad at me for not asking to do more work, even though I thought that his job was to give me stuff to work on.  On my way home, the temp company called me and they were upset with me.  They said the "boss" called me lazy and I stole a bunch of candles from their warehouse.  I changed my name of my fantasy baseball team to Lazy Candle Stealer that season.

    4. NUance


      I had a job once where my mentor was supposed to get me up to speed on some tasks.  I'd had a similar job for nearly 3 years so it wasn't like I was starting at ground zero.  But the mentor would have me do the same task over and over, making a few small changes each time.  Sometimes keeping me there until 8:00 or 9:00 pm doing this crap because he'd make more money putting in the extra hours.  I kept the revisions for a couple of tasks, and showed our boss what he'd been doing.  You could see that the second revision was substantially the same as the seventh revision.  I did this because I knew s#!t would hit the fan when they tallied up my meager work throughput.  Sure enough, a couple weeks later the boss called me into his office.  He told me that I wasn't getting enough work done, so I'd have to put in more hours.  I told him that not only was I not going to put in more hours, but I wasn't going to put in any hours.  I quit right there on the spot.   (I landed a job at a much better place about three weeks later.)    


      Several years later I worked for a company that could have sent a great deal of work to that first place.  Needless to say, they never got a nickel's worth of business from us, or from any company I've worked for since.  

  11. I can't see anyway he gets reelected. Vegas has him at -140, so clearly they think he is the favorite.
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