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  1. Yeah but who wouldn't take that job? I mean, even the most holy of the posteres here would take that. It is not his fault he was offered that job and that money.
  2. Maybe, not to be super lame and boring but IU runs way different stuff than RU, so when you watch that film of NU vs IU the RU coaches won't see a ton of similar formations from IU that they would be running this Friday. So you are basically trying to see how the team you are playing is going to line up (you hope) vs the sets you run on offense. RU won't see a ton of that from the IU game. Like in the clip, Lane knew from seeing how Mizzo lined up to things (on film) that this play was going for 6 IF Mizzo came out lined up the same way they had in film prep.
  3. Ahhhh, see he did not clarify!
  4. I think this is probably pretty true. If MJ had played college ball at Our Lady of the Worthless Miracle, some small NAIA school...no fans would be drooling over him.
  5. Wait...so USC and LSU got their SECOND choices...who just happen to be coaches that have won big games and made it to the CFB playoff? I am thinking that Callahan might be just a little bit wrong on that one.
  6. Finally said it? I have been saying it for a long time! Uggggg!
  7. That is funny! They have done a bad job winning but because of that the student game day culture is not at all about the game. The campus has a huge Greek life and they rent out the bars on game day, so they open up like 2 hours early for the houses that rent it out and they all party...then no one wants to leave to watch, what is usually, a bad team. And it is just far enough from Chicago that fans that live there are not making the drive.
  8. Illini alums bought 1000 tickets and are giving them away for free today...for their homecoming game this weekend against Iowa. That is awesome that they did that but sort of sad that they have to do that.
  9. I am sure it is a huge deal to them. To everyone else, it is funny. I half expected to see them pull out a 45 pound olympic weight.
  10. Is this possibly the biggest sports scandal ever? I heard ESPN is planning a 30 for 30 on it. It just sucks to see these amazing athletes dishonor the game. What is next, gluing on more things on a deers head so you can get a 10 pointer? Think how many girls were lined up to get with that dude...until they found out about this scandal.
  11. It is really cool to see. One of my friends was our HS golf MVP for like 3 years and coaches golf. I was with him the day he shot a 63 at Blueberry Oaks in IL, which was the course record, might still be. But it was just different.
  12. Thank you! The West is basically like the bad guys in Gi Joe or the old Batman TV show...They suck.
  13. They hated Paul...this is a cheap way to get Jim for the year and see if he is really "they guy" or not. Smart move.
  14. One of the first comments, some people are still so scared of Bo! Ryan Schmitz @RyanSchmitz2 ยท 3h Replying to @kevinsjuts and @1011_News Get home outta here. Hes exactly like Bo. We don't need that kinda stuff on our sideline do we?
  15. I feel like this game would be a lock if it was in Lincoln, who know how the team will be on the road. I suppose the good news is even with a big crowd it still won't be that big and probably not all that loud.
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