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  1. YES! They were doing all they could to not go back. Now, it sort of is a sticky situation because if you are a huge covid bro and mask lover, you sort of have to take their side BUT it was pretty clear that a lot of them just did not want to go back to the classroom. I heard stories that some were even double dipping, teaching at another district while still teaching for CPS. I did just get contacted by a Chicago Public School recruiter. They have a list of 12 pronouns that I can pick from!
  2. CPS Union is strong and bloated. NY might be the only stronger teacher union out there.
  3. This series was free money for gamblers that were not Mav fans.
  4. Facebook? That is for old people, of course it is going to skew the way it does. Have you met or talked to anyone under 40 in the last 10 years? No one uses facebook anymore. In order of popularity TikTok Insta Snap Twitter FB is still around because of old people and because some people still use it to sign in for s#!t.
  5. Yep! Social media is dominated by D's and Liberals and it is not even close. What happens is that D's and Liberals OBSESS over what non-D's and Non-Liberals are posting so they constantly post on opposing view points (The Howard Stern Effect, people that hate him listen longer to see what he will say next)
  6. I guess a new application they created fixes mistakes at the fastest rate ever... And Northwestern is now offering a MBAI! Masters of business artificial intelligence!
  7. I mentioned Duolingo about a month ago and it is on fire… it has one of the fastest growing artificial intelligence applications out there… It should double or maybe triple this year
  8. I am going to make these today I think. I have not done them yet but I am going to toss down the pepperoni first, then cheese right over it, let it melt, pizza sauce and then the tortilla shell. ,
  9. As big and popular as Phish is...I am not sure if I have ever heard one of their songs.
  10. YES!!! Joined the club! NICE Hash brown omelets are great! I did some Philly Cheesesteaks yesterday for a friend and kids. I bought the cheap Quick Steak packages, 3 of them. Chopped up peppers and onions had those getting cooked up on the side. Then I use the Blackstone Philly Cheesesteak seasoning and topped it off with cheesewiz
  11. So that means, in, Texas, the guy will be tried for abortion too.
  12. How big of a get is this guy? Any idea? His offer list seems pretty solid!
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