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  1. So is the thinking that if things stay exactly the same as they are right...that there will be games played? Here in Omaha the fall seasons are currently still on.
  2. Yeah, I agree. I think you are also going to see a big shift in attitudes from a lot of higher ed people that are now actually starting to accept the fact that sports pay for their 6 figure salary to "teach" 12 hours a week. I was just telling my friend that I saw that in the store.
  3. Hope they don't check my tax records...I don't even know where a Goodwill is but I sure donate a lot of crap to them!
  4. Little off topic...but does anyone know some good personal workout routines? Thanks!
  5. If it was me and they called my bluff, I would play still.
  6. It is also sad how many people don't know 7/11 or White Hen.
  7. Exactly, none of it is hard but the a$$h@!es make it hard.
  8. Ha...Amen! Look, if I was a coach, I would want it all...if I was a player I would want it all.
  9. The players should try to get everything that they can...and the schools/conferences should try to keep as much as they can. If I was a player and I could squeeze my school/conference for some green, I would do it.
  10. You know, I am not sure. I think they are still doing signups and taking a wait and see approach.
  11. Yeah, I could see that. We already changed from 100% to 50-50 and we are "ready" to go all online.
  12. Get ready... This will be all over the country in a few weeks...
  13. Anyone rewatch 24, and if so, how did it hold up the second time around?

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    2. teachercd


      I hardly remember the first season or two.  I feel like the only ones I remember were with President Palmer.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I understand. Yes Mr. President.

    4. teachercd


      "Jack, I am gonna need you to kill your family and then kill yourself" . 


      "Yes Mr. President"

  14. Yeah, it seems like that makes the most sense.
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