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  1. More media bias, clearly this was just an article about a girl getting dumped but the headline tells a different story. https://nypost.com/2023/02/01/dismembered-human-penis-found-at-alabama-gas-station/?utm_source=NYPTwitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_medium=SocialFlow
  2. Soooo sick of people marginalizing the yodeling community.
  3. NU got what it wanted, they packed it in and forced a bad 3 point shooting team to shoot a ton of 3's. That is what kept it close and it was a smart game plan. NU just doesn't have the juice to get into the 70's.
  4. How about a 65 year old bison...I have to imagine that means social security and some wildlife protection funds!
  5. Yep! Agreed, the more choices we present to kids the better. Faith, sex, gender love, listening, prayer, age, marriage, etc. There is nothing wrong with opening up discussions on topics that can be difficult.
  6. I mean, I call it a penis but most people would not.
  7. That is funny! I don't blame him! But man, good luck getting a house there now! That place is blowing up with big a$$ homes, as you know.
  8. Yep, we tell our students that if you are in the bathroom to do exactly what she described. Thanks gun lovers!
  9. Huskers seem to be fading a bit. Illini are long but streaky, -13.5 is a big number.
  10. Yep! Even if your intentions are the best...that is not the time nor place.
  11. This is pretty cool. I could not/would not give 100% of my NIL away.
  12. I agree with them teaching all that stuff. I even listed out all the things they should let kids explore. They should even be allowed and encouraged to teach children that it is okay to not "listen" to everything that their parents say and think learn to think for themselves. We agree! So, take a chill pill and relax
  13. You are assuming he was looking for a reaction. And you gave it to him. And of course I am mansplaining.
  14. Well...the glove did not fit! There was NO WAY that a super strong pro football player could have killed people with a glove that was just slightly too small.
  15. Dude just posted a tweet, with no commentary at all. Relax bro...hahaha With that said, if we can (and we should) offer this, we should offer up things like picking your age, sexuality, marriage to anyone/anything religion, prayer...you name it, we should offer up the chance for kids to discuss and take part in it. Learning and talking about 'it" is the key to better understanding.
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