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  1. teachercd

    RB Marcellus Moore

    Oh yeah, I remember that now! I played East. St Louis twice in HS...both times in the playoffs.
  2. teachercd

    RB Marcellus Moore

    Yeah, I was 6A when I played out there years ago...that was the biggest at the time... Had no idea they made the state title game recently, that is impressive. IHSA football playoffs are no joke
  3. teachercd

    Discontent in the AD?

    Stark!!! @ColoradoHusk
  4. teachercd

    RB Marcellus Moore

    Burbs play really good football...plainfield from what I remember is not really known as ever being that good but maybe that has changed.
  5. Post a name that you think sounds like it is from the 80's.  I will start...Blaine 

    1. TonyStalloni


      Almost any J name. Jason, Jarrod, etc

    2. GSG



    3. Redux
  6. teachercd

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    I can picture him looking at his pager and seeing the old "911" from one of his recruiting contacts.
  7. Man, I watched most of season 1 but then I sort of just forgot about it.
  8. teachercd

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Cheating is all over the place in CBB...shoot 90% of the asst coaches that are hired are hired for their (cheating) connections. I bet every assistant on Miles staff has two phones...
  9. teachercd

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Just if they got caught?
  10. teachercd

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    Man...she is getting hammered now on Twitter...
  11. teachercd

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    Yep...this is bad pick up game 101... You act crazy, loud and insult the girls...thinking it will get them interested.
  12. teachercd

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    That is funny!
  13. teachercd

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    I would say it was Huggy...but those guys are the same coaching tree. But yeah Frank got them going again.
  14. teachercd

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Shoot, no kidding...sometimes you gotta pay just to TALK to certain recruits.
  15. teachercd

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    UCLA might go after Muss... Gottfried is good because he can cheat...I personally am all for that. The NCAA rules are not my moral compass and I would rather have the team I like be good and then have 'vacate wins" later instead of never being good.