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  1. It is amazing that people think it is a "trouble" to take a cold shower OR just use a wet cloth to clean themselves. Or that they flush a piss. It is not a trouble and water is not going away.... But...if you are flushing, or taking a shower that is not cold or using your dishwater when it is not totally full for watering your lawn or washing your car Or letting the water run AT ALL...you are the problem and you hate H20
  2. Trouble? Yikes...sounds like you are not a believer! I love cold showers It makes me feel alive I hate being the shower more than 60 seconds, it is a waste of time. I hate water bills, why pay for something that I can control. Why do you not do it? Why do you hate your kids?
  3. I have not flushed a piss in 10 years. I have not take a warm shower since 2011. My showers never last over 60 seconds. I do not brush my choppers with water, I use mouthwash. I do the s#!t you guys claim to do...but don't.
  4. So you admit you are part of the huge problem, right? Why do you not take cold showers? So, just skip showers and clean yourself with a wet rag? Do you flush after a piss, anywhere, ever? I have 5 grand kids.
  5. Yep and 4/6 work in of have worked in the H20 industry, and they will never run out of drinkable water. And also, if you are dead and don't believe in a god...it doesn't matter, right? Not you, but a lot of posters. But you still take long showers, you water your lawn, you let the water run while brushing your teeth, you flush after peeing for no reason, you let the water get warm before getting in the shower. You are the problem, right? Don't answer, we know the answer. So, I am okay with this just because I think soldiers should just be "soldiers" and that is it.
  6. Amen! Ha! And at the time...like right when you get in that car...it seems like THE BEST IDEA EVER!
  7. I don't really even notice...like, I watch shows to "not think", but to just zone out. The only show I notice it with is Brownish, but even though it is a 30 minute current issues commercial I don't really care because it is entertaining.
  8. You will have drinkable water during your entire life.
  9. That’s fine! I will continue to not worry about it and it will be fine.
  10. Imagine thinking you were doing something smart or brave that day...now you go spend 8 years in the can. Idiots.
  11. Horrible Look, I get it, you love anything D...that is awesome. But our water supply is never going to have a real issue in your lifetime and you know it and you don't care about it for real, neither do I. So...my advice...stop.
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