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  1. I got another one, pork chops. In the frying pan, in oil, breaded. And my grandmothers pierogies, potato and cheese or bacon. Dip it in some sour cream, my god.
  2. Bummer! I work with a lady that went full vegan, like over night.
  3. "So I have this idea that no one in golf has EVER thought of, because I am so much smarter, I am going to swing really hard"
  4. Do you ever notice how much meatloaf you can eat? Like, it is not just one slice. It is a lot.
  5. With transferring being so easy now, you really also don't need to worry about "next year" as much.
  6. I got a friend that works at Neuqua Valley, dude has it made. And my niece and nephew will be attending there soon. When I lived there I think there was only two Naperville HS's. I was in Downers Grove, so I grew up on the "wrong side of the tracks" compared to those rich kids!
  7. I will start, I miss (now, at the time I hated it) my mom making meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy and some corn. Of course, had to put ketchup on the meatloaf.
  8. Naperville! Great school district. Ang growing huge!
  9. Ohhhh, west burbs, big school? I am guessing...Geneva or Wheaton
  10. Is she in a nice district? Being a GC in a nice district is like a dream gig.
  11. Illinois, all teachers, students and staff have to be masked up. f#&%ing red states. (Can't wait for 25 replies to this obvious joke)
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