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  1. Yep! The sky box owner UPS/FedEx their booze during the week. It arrives at the box and it left right inside the door (maybe outside the door, I can't remember) and that owner either stops up on Friday and puts it all in the fridge/cabinets or they just do it early Saturday morning. About they only thing the staff even says is "make sure it is in a red cup"
  2. teachercd

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I think that will only help her and make her more popular.
  3. BB started to get stupid FAST...but that last episode was maybe one of the lamest things I have seen...it was hard to watch.
  4. So...did GOT or Walking Dead get worse? Also...why are people joking up the last episode of Breaking Bad as the most amazing last episode ever? They fast forwarded more in that show than GOT...They turned Walter into MacGyver...and a dude that was dying from cancer drives from NH to NM? I am perfectly healthy, younger than him...and I can't drive from Omaha to KC without it being a f#&%ing drag.
  5. Might be the second TO flatlines.
  6. Ahead of the curve would have been doing this 10 years ago... It is clearly going to happen and we all know exactly when...we also know that it will make money.
  7. Betting lines are officially out on my site.  Huskers are favored in every game by OSU.

  8. teachercd


    Ummmm.. No sending a note asking if you "likes you LIKES you"...no making fun of her first...no calling and hanging up when she answers...no driving by her house over and over? f#&%ing amatures.
  9. teachercd


    Just think of it as posting and you are hoping for more +1's, trophies, haha-faces and smiley-faces and less frowny faces. Only...it is real life and clearly your advancement at your work depends on it...so you know...exactly the same level of importance.
  10. teachercd

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    Guys...HIS DADDY READS THIS SITE! Stop it!
  11. teachercd

    The Running Back Room

    I guess...but the grades can't be reported by anyone other than the player. So...it is really all what the player wants to say or not say.
  12. Since they liked using the fast forward button...they should have fast forwarded 25 years...and Jamie's kid never died...turns out the kid was born in that rubble and was now ready to take over...
  13. So if you hated the ending of Game of Thrones...How would you have ended it to make it better?

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    2. huKSer


      Bobby Ewing in a shower

    3. RedDenver


      I was fine with where they decided to take the plot. But everything was so rushed that it seemed like nothing but getting to the next major plot point mattered. It was especially jarring for a show that was built on slow developing plotlines. They just needed to take more time with the last 2 seasons. And they needed to give the Night King a motivation or personality or something to be interesting in some way.

    4. VectorVictor


      Right as Bran is being floated as the new King...I would have had Bob Newhart wake up in bed, but it was next to his wife Joanna Loudon, and he starts talking about how his indigestion came back. Larry, Daryl, and Darryl come barging in to the bedroom thinking a burglar was breaking in and hit Dick Loudon (nee Bob) over the head with a frying pan. 


      Then Bob wakes up again, this time next to his wife Emily (Suzanne Pleshette), and he tells Emily about his dream. Emily tells her that's the last time he's watching Inception again. Bob starts to ask a question about the ending, only for Emily to hit him over the head with a frying pan. 


      Go to immediate black. 



  14. Sounds like a lot of you felt the last episode was a bit...sullied?
  15. Here is what I love the most... Vegas was right again...they always are.