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  1. Just got a frowny face for something that was a month old!  We need a statute of limitations!  HAHAHA

    1. brophog


      I get double digits a post. You’ll never catch me at this rate.

    2. Scarlet Overkill
  2. You would be punctilious in assuming that.
  3. I basically only speak in Kingpin and Airplane.
  4. teachercd

    Taj Griffin

    When in Rome...
  5. Over/Under on questions to Fred about being recruited by TO to play football for the Huskers at his introductory presser.  I will set the line at 2.5.

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Maybe 2.5 if he has never even played football. But if he's ever put on a helmet....Katy bar the door.

    2. FreddyIce


      I’ll only answer it once, so bet the unders.

  6. teachercd

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    You make an interesting point about the camps.
  7. teachercd

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    Anyone else get the feeling that if this kid was from...South Carolina...with the same ranking...that there would not be 4 pages of posts about him?
  8. Stranger Things is great but this (what seems like) long lay off between seasons is not helping keep my interest.
  9. It is tourney play now...no reason to sit guys with 2 fouls. You have to win to keep playing and you can't bench your best players to put in doods that would make the "B" Team for most UNL frats.
  10. teachercd

    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach?

    Good point BRB... Also...fans need to stop acting like the Skers might lose LeBron, MJ, Pip and George Muresan.
  11. teachercd

    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach?

    Would it really matter? There is not one person on the team that is going to make/break next season. If Fred ends up with the job...in 3 years at this time you will be filling out a bracket and finding ways as to how the 6 seed Huskers will make it to the sweet 16.
  12. teachercd

    Stress - Is life more stressful today?

    This would stress me out! I hate phone calls...seems like they are always bad news. I do love seeing the ... pop up on my iPhone as I wait for a text!
  13. teachercd

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    This story went from the fake moral outrage story of the day to almost nothing at all.
  14. teachercd

    WR Zavier Betts

    So...even kids who at the time were about 12-13 years old knew that Riley was a bad hire. Think about that for a second.