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  1. Han greeting Lando Han: "D-Day Mate"
  2. Yeah, I think he was painting houses or something. And him and Harrison have also had very similar movie careers. Ha
  3. HAHAHAHA! I hate that I started reading that as a serious post at first! For 100 Huskerboard points...What was Paul Hogan's line of work before acting?
  4. Anyone ever have a confrontation where someone pulled out a knife? My neighbor told me he brought one with him to his door the other night when some kids were knocking on it late at night.
  5. Yeah, I agree with both you guys.
  6. Dear Super Weirdos, Please do not stand around elementary, no matter what your "cause" is, and start trying to spout off your ideas to a bunch of kids that are just trying to go home. You know better and you should be beaten with a rubber hose. All the best, Normal people.
  7. I have students that have part time jobs and they told me that people offer them extra money to let them come in to the place to eat without wearing a mask. I feel like I would rather just keep the mask on and buy more food and go home.
  8. Something I just thought about, what would you have done if you were there, in person, with the floyd thing. Filmed it? Attempt to break it up? Yell? I would have probably done nothing, I am a huge sissy. There is no way I would have yelled or tried to break it up and I would have had no desire to film it. What about you guys?
  9. There is no way I did not have it. I was around 3 people that tested positive for it and I am at least 25% of the students had/have it. I am just lucky that i did not feel it. I got the shot so I am all good!
  10. I was at a bar once...dude got mad for some reason, smashed a glass over another dudes head and for about 45 seconds they went at it...the dude that started it then ran off... Nothing and I mean nothing was going to calm him down when it started. I really had never seen anything liked it and it got my adrenaline going. Now, I am a huge vag so I did nothing but watch, but stil..
  11. Yeah...I think the problem is that "deescalation" is not as easy as people think. In my teaching career I have about 3 instances where nothing we were going to say or do was going to calm the person down. It is almost like they don't even hear you. It is scary. Luckily I was teaching kindergarten at the time so once I threatened to take away snack time, things calmed down and those kids knew that s#!t was real now.
  12. I will say it again, I would hate to be a cop. I could not imagine pulling up to a scene like that.
  13. So you are saying that old white guys, thinking back on their youth, understand what it like for black kids today?
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