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  1. Dang...there is not telling that she is yellen. Ugggg, DON'T BREAK THIS. ONE!
  2. Yep! I was thinking Labor Day too, I think we even posted our thoughts about that back then. Now OPS is about to go all back in...after all their students have been dicking around during the day and weekends without masks and not distancing. I coach a winter sport and there is no distancing (well, in Lincoln they were more strict about it) at all. Masks, sure, but zero distancing. Oh but they did decide not to have coaches hospitality rooms because of Covid, f#&%ers!
  3. I have no idea what the voter turnout was like for the 18-30 year old range this year but I think Bernie would have grabbed a lot of them (I would guess Trump did as well).
  4. Not as a R but does Mark Cuban get (more) interested in maybe running? I actually think he has some interesting ideas.
  5. Yeah, but in 2016 and 20, it would have been "Extreme Bernie" vs "Extreme Trump" Oh well, we will never know now.
  6. This is interesting. I don't know if I agree just because I am not sure if I know one Bernie supporter but I think in 2016, had it been Bern vs Don, it would have been one of the most interesting elections ever. But you are probably right about 2020 as well, I think the D's could have run anyone (but Hillary) and won with ease. Corona and Floyd ruined any change Trump had to win. Now, Bernie dealing with Corona would have made a lot of Americans (that ones that did not lose their jobs) really happy, because that dude would have been passing out money. It
  7. Honestly, I think a lot of it, of opening up, is driven by people being "over it".
  8. Dude, it is because they care sooooo much about the lives of gays and trans people that they don't want them to get killed while serving, come on!
  9. What restrictions would change? That makes no sense, pretty much the only thing that can change is the masks. And it doesn't seem to make sense to change that yet.
  10. Joe has got to be loving this! Now is the time for him to use the media for any message he wants to get out and now is the time to get congress to do what he wants.
  11. No kidding, it makes no sense to me either. I know this much, I don't want to go fight.
  12. Yeah the opening and closing flip flopping was and has been crazy. My biggest issue is that kids don't get tested, kids lie about who they were with, kids don't feel sick, kids are bad with masks (once out of the school), kids are bad with distancing and most kids want to be in the building. So now you have tons of germy kids in the building, spreading it to each other and to adults, but since they are either not feeling sick, not getting tested and/or not being honest about their mask use and distancing none of the data really matters. When I was a kid
  13. I mean, everyone saw this move coming, it should not be a surprise and really it is a smart move on their part. I would do the same exact thing. I think next will be schools opening up, which I think will end up being a mistake.
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