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  1. I hope he gets the gig. I think that he's a quality DC, especially with SEC talent. It's also a better fit than head coach. People's opinion of him is clouded by their own emotions about his time here. If he gets the LSU job do we somehow get Tunnel Walk of Shame again?
  2. "Pulled the kids out of school. Having a great time traveling with the family. Business and pleasure. #playcaller #moresoon "
  3. I guess it is better than nothing at all.
  4. At least we still have plenty of people making stuff up.
  5. Huskerboard has the worst insiders ever.
  6. Joe Brady going to be OC 4 Carolina Panthers. Mickey Joseph isn't leaving LSU. He's getting a promotion
  7. Are we just waiting on a Twitter edit?
  8. How many different threads are carrying the Dewitt, Dawson, Walters, Beckton discussion?

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      All of them.

    2. macroboy


      We need some more.

  9. There is at least 1 goblin in there.
  10. I heard Trev hired him to run the football program at UNO. This post is as useful as most of the last 4+ pages.
  11. There is no way Rusty Trombone is a real account.
  12. It was discussed here. A number of people weren't really into it but we're tolerant of the idea as long as he didn't do the stupid thing he had done before. Maybe you missed it.
  13. You would be very wrong about that. More than 4-5 people cared at the time. Even more would now.
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