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  1. impressive detective work
  2. Explain to me limp-wristed.
  3. It’s why so many of us moved.
  4. You don’t think Nebraska is full of racists already?
  5. You kids get off my lawn!!
  6. I think 2001 was the last time we were good enough.
  7. Backup Qb is always the most popular player on the team.
  8. It was Thompkins. I thought one of the RB's from the previous class, that had bad knee problems walked on. Maybe he was put on scholly later? Or maybe I hallunicated the whole thing.
  9. I thought he walked on bc/ of the injuries.
  10. Can someone msg me some volleyball video hookups?

  11. It really is. Everything about it is.
  12. you have to do the math to find out.
  13. Giving the ball away is definitely one of the ways to lose a football game. They also finished with more wins than we did...and they played 2 more games. Tell you what, you do the math on win percentage with our record and theirs and you come on back and tell me what you found. I have banana stickers.
  14. They beat Oklahoma last year.
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