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  1. You know what guys, I just foolishly wandered into the Legrone/ Hunt thread. There is a preponderance of stupid rape culture victim blaming in there. I was thinking about retracting my earlier opinion but...... nope, still the dumbest thing I've seen today.
  2. I second that. Absolutely the dumbest thing I've read today.
  3. Between Riley's last year and Frost's 1st year we have 2 years of almost empty recruiting class. Damn.
  4. I've been a member of huskerboard for over a decade. This might be the most true thing I've ever seen.
  5. During that Texas game I looked at my buddy and said 'it makes me nervous when we have the ball.' He said 'yeah. I'm worried Texas will score.' Kind of a weird testament to how good that D was.
  6. Yeah, Melvin Gordon just ran untouched across my lawn.
  7. One of the most baffling displays I can remember.
  8. Qb draw on 2nd and 20 says they dont trust Martinez to throw.

    1. HuskerInLostWages


      You forgot, then he runs out of bounds to stop the clock.  He's made a bunch of mistakes this year but that was by far the most bone headed of the season.

    2. macroboy


      @HuskerInLostWages the thing that is frustrating about that is the lack of plan from the coaches. we are trying to score, but not enough to throw, but we're not intentionally killing the clock so........good luck out there kid.

    3. HuskerInLostWages


      Even worse during the post game Frost didn't even tell Adrian we were playing for OT with a kicker who has kicked in live games for a whopping 2 weeks.  Extremely frustrating.

  9. Bitch about the D all you want but they outscored the offense. Poor qb play tops the LONG list of problems we have.
  10. It's aggravating how poor our offense is, including play calling.
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