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  1. Someone doesn't understand 'sunshine pumping.'
  2. That's so cryptic. Is that your top 10? Or 10 players you know we are working on?
  3. Frost did throw quite a bit of shade....which isn't a great look in hindsight.
  4. I am glad the staff is trying to get him to move. That dude is a great athlete and not a QB. If we lose him bc/ of trying to get him to move, sucks, but I'm way more OK with this than losing Wan'dale. I could even see LMC being a really solid QB at Greeley in whatever conference they play in but he isn't a Big10 Qb
  5. Not even remotely what I said. C- for reading comprehension.
  6. You can tell yourselves that this is about family and health, and distance and Covid, or whatever, but you're fooling yourselves. Those things are important but if we were winning, or had a functional offense that featured him properly, or we had a QB that could get him the ball, he'd still be here. I'm not part of the fire Frost crowd bc/ changing coaches every 3-4 years is partially why we are here but you are wearing Frosted rosy glasses if you think he is living up to expectations. There are legit issues right now. This is not OK. The attrition in gener
  7. I told those guys they were tempting fate in that thread and they mocked it. Now look! It's all their fault!
  8. Team performs badly, underachieves, especially on offense. Lacks play makers. Best player about to enter the portal. Some jabronies on Huskerboard "He isn't really that good."
  9. Pretty sure I have the 'rona.


    Daughter tested + yesterday.


    here we go!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. suh_fan93


      Hoping you test negative and sorry to hear macro.  Get better soon.  

    3. SECHusker


      Sending prayers man

    4. BigRedN


      Stopped by to pray for you and your family.  Get well soon!


  10. I’m just saying. Those fools better sacrifice a chicken or something. They put bad juju on us.
  11. People are tempting fate here.....
  12. He seems like he would be a UDFA to me but he was a 2* out of college with only 2 P5 offers (I think?) and worked his way into starting a lot of games. maybe he can work himself onto a roster as a slot nickel.
  13. Today I threw a ball of wadded up wrapping paper at my daughter’s boyfriend but missed. 
     “You are just like Nebraska’s quarterback.” He said.

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    2. teachercd


      His wad will not miss...

    3. Stone Cold

      Stone Cold

      @teachercd dam bro, thats pretty harsh.  Those of us with little ladies already know what were up against.

    4. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Must have been over 15 yards away 

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