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  1. Hill must be an athletic freak bc he has been given chances and multiple schools w multiple staffs. The patience shown him by Rhule and Co is something that looked foolish to me and it is paying off. Cudos to the staff for whatever they are doing to get the most out of Hill.
  2. I've been one of the people thinking Sims should get another shot. HH has been really bad. He'd have as many or more turnovers if the staff didn't put the training wheels on the offense for him. And those fumbles were unacceptable.... But you're right. Sims got another chance and he peed down his leg. And almost hitting the motion guy with the snap again?!?!? Wtf. HH QB play is occasionally OK, mostly pretty bad, sometimes downright awful but he's winning. Ride him the rest of the year.
  3. If you told me we'd be 5-3 right now, I'd take it 10 out of 10 times. Purdue has some nice D-ends. The woman sitting at the table next to me at the Husker watch site I was at needed cutoff about 4 drinks before she was...she reminded me of some posters on here. Reminded me why i usually watch games alone. Emmett Johnson has a little wiggle and burst to him. When your Oline isn't very good, you can change them out and not notice very much. Those of you complaining about coaching and play calling need to admit that the long drive on our first TD was great scheme and play calling...with only 3 of our original starters even! Our 2nd TD, the shot after the turnover- we did that a couple weeks ago but missed and then went 3 and out. That day Satt was an idiot that needed fired, so it was still a bad idea yesterday, right? We should've run the ball? Right? The development of players that we all gave up on has been one of the many impressive aspects of this staff. Coaches are informed and play the long game. Fans can be uninformed and impatient. Defense is balling! They are fast, swarm to the ball, tackle well! I really like how many guys see the field. Ugly winning is better than losing. If Rhule gets this team to a bowl it goes to show how bad previous coaching was. Each week we get a little closer to ugly winning the west and I'm all about it!
  4. Chtchgchtchgchtchtchgchgcutfouhlijjhvhfxgezfezcjhblijpinkjgjgchfsgeziyhpinljbkhchrxgezcjhvlj;ojljgjtdhrsggd
  5. He was pretty good. Most of the BTN announcers are cringe but I thought he was solid.
  6. Yeah. Who knew? I thought it was cool to hear in the post game presser to hear how coach White and Coach Knighton schemed up a 5 man front for this game. Good coaching.
  7. Good kick. caught a break on that pass beyond the line of scrimmage.
  8. Missing wide open receivers to force the ball to Fidoneā€¦.when we should be running anyways. sigh. The start of this game is looking Frost era.
  9. One play closer to getting Jeff Simms back.
  10. I watched most of Iowa @ Wisc. Gives me reason to believe we can be in both of those games. Good defense and bad offense by both. Looks familiar. Also, Illinois beating Maryland is a surprise that makes our win look better.
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