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  1. I would appreciate it if you would stop bringing rational thought to this thread. Clearly this thread is for hyperbolic doom and gloom ‘they don’t have a plan’ ‘no one wants to come here’ posting only.
  2. It’s amazing isn’t it? pole… assassin. with a pet monkey
  3. At least this hasn’t happened yet. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32788408/texas-assistant-football-coach-jeff-banks-girlfriend-sued-monkey-allegedly-bites-child #poleassassin
  4. I was making jokes about the picks. That mesh point though- that thing gets blown up in the BIG all day long.
  5. Should we really be worried about anyone leaving a 3-9 team with 4 years of losing?
  6. Wake Forest qb throwing picks in crunch time. Bring that oc here! We know how this works! Also, they hold the read option meshpoint a really long time.
  7. I’m watching Utah pound the rock right now. I’m in for that guy based on two drives in a blow out game.
  8. did you just reset your password?
  9. The losing had started making fans say dumb things. This thread is exhibit A….actually is probably exhibit M or N but it is evidence for sure.
  10. We need more yolo bombs.

  11. ‘you are either coaching it, or allowing it’
  12. If  I were a member of this defense I would start a fight in the locker room

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    2. macroboy
    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Ironman football. Defense plays both ways. Or get somebody who actually doesn’t fear failure to call the offense.

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      They should give Martinez a swirly every time he loses us a game.

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