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  1. There is quality work being put in on those last 3-4 pages. I feel like once the new guy talked s#!t, people really upped their game. pretty sure I’m having burnt ends tomorrow.
  2. I think his work destroying the Texans roster has been nothing short of extraordinary
  3. And the same people that will b!^@h that journalists weren't doing their job reporting on this stuff would largely be the same people calling it fake news if the media did report it without stating their sources.
  4. Fire Bill Moos!!!

  5. I just stopped by to see if Mickey has fired anyone yet.....
    I'll check back later.

    1. admo


      He got rid of a GA coach.  Not enough puke buckets for the Deee Line, LBs and DBs  chuckleshuffle


      Yeah, but no... 

    2. Decked


      Really think Chin will be gone tomorrow. Good riddance. 

    3. admo


      @Decked Really?  Can he not put in a different game plan?  I would think he has no choice.  If he cannot, then yeah Fisher up next.  


      But I would rather we have a new ILB coach and DL coach ASAP.  We don't have time for that, and also, they are coaching the way EC wants them too (scheme).  


      I would guess after the OU game, there could be a change at DC.  Gives us a BYE week before B1G

  6. Kind of sad about all this, guys.

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    2. ladyhawke


      Everyone had so much hope back when he decided to come home. I’ll never forget that Mega Thread we had going! It was like 84 pages long!!

    3. admo


      Same.  I know it is not a popular emotion RN, but I feel a littled saddened still.... :(


      But, I am also totally behind Mickey Jo.


      I hate feeling down tho...



    4. ladyhawke


      I’m behind Mickey too. I really hope he does well and that he is selected to be our new HC. 

  7. Can we at least all agree that we hate the Eagles?
  8. I thought Yant picked wrong gap on 1st. the fact that I’m excited about a reasonable punt shows how bad things were last year.
  9. Holy $#!+ guys. that looked like real grown up football I know it’s early but I’m almost crying.
  10. I think they should only give out 11 but they should give them to all of the players in various packages. They just cut them into pieces. If Nelson and Tannor and Ochuan all get black shirts but there are only 2 of them for Edge, then they each get 2/3 of a black shirt. #tradition #mockingyou #offseasonequalsslowdeath
  11. It’s happening in the Blackshirts thread, it happened in the puke thread, I mean the offensive line thread. It’s almost always the same people too I hope we win some football games so this settles down
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