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  1. macroboy

    S Noa Pola-Gates

    An almost crystal ball. We've reached a new level.
  2. Did you fill out your volleyball brackets?

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Still got a few days.

  3. macroboy

    Chinander by the numbers

    Op: I'm not saying fire the guy, just that we are eventually going to have to fire the guy. I get it. Watching this defense is painful for me too. Let's try stability for a minute. Then we can graduate to "fire xxxxxc" hot takes.
  4. Probably ought to look at who else is playing that week as well.
  5. macroboy

    OG Michael Lynn [Nebraska Commit]

    Watching this kids play on TV right now. Pomona v Creek
  6. macroboy

    Morgan Breaks Career Receptions Record

    I think even Stan has said that JD will be coming for any record he sets. Congrats to Morgan though. A bright light in years of coaching chaos.
  7. I wonder if, in the next round of conference expansion, they end up in a P5
  8. I've watched a few of their games. That team def has more talent than we do, especially speed and depth of talent. Although we're getting there, they play faster and more physical than we do as well. As to the OP question- don't know, don't care. They score a lot and fast, so things are similar . I like what they do. I like watching them.
  9. macroboy

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    That's not even real cold.
  10. macroboy

    Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 50% off on Black Friday

    Pretty sure I explained why I could see it happen.
  11. macroboy

    Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 50% off on Black Friday

    If we finish 5-7 and there are bowl slots left I know APR is supposedly the rule but..... the NCAA is dirty AF and all about $. Because we travel so well, and bc/ it would be better TV I could see us getting an invite regardless of 'the rules.'
  12. The ghost of fo-fity strikes twice!!

  13. macroboy

    OT Bryce Benhart [Nebraska Commit]

    I look forward to a day when we have enough OL depth that talk of incoming freshman starting isn't even a thing.
  14. macroboy

    Bethune-Cookman Game Highlights

    I know he's not on our team but the chubby kicker celebrating should be in here.