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  1. Husker in WI

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    Except a Diaco-led defense. Their goal was to let you score, but make it take a little bit longer than it could have.
  2. Husker in WI

    ILB Choe Bryant-Strother

    I think the 'tall LBs' being referenced would include Bryant-Strother - he's 6'3, same as Hannah and an inch shorter than Henrich. All taller than Young and Barry, we should definitely have better size at MLB moving forward. Miller is a step that way too, I think he's 6'3 as well. Does anyone know for sure how to pronounce his name? Co?
  3. Husker in WI

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Colorado (Game 2) **

    I would love a couple plays designed entirely to get Farniok and Wilson to #44. No intent to actually gain yards and no cheap shots, just make sure they get the chance to pancake him.
  4. Husker in WI

    Martinez for Heisman

    Not to take anything away from Martinez, but I hate all comments coming from "coaches at Manning Camp" because they convinced me Tanner Lee was our savior. Big difference is Martinez has already backed up the hype on the field to some degree, but still.
  5. Husker in WI

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Colorado (Game 2) **

    Historically we have obviously done way more than Colorado, and even the last 10 years we've been better. But I took the comments to mean recently, and for the last five years averaging 6 wins a year isn't a lot better than Colorado averaging 5 - more bowl games I guess. The draft picks depend on the year you choose as a starting place - the last 3 years they have 6 picks and we have 2. They didn't have any picks in '15 or '16, so draft picks over the last 5 years we crush them again. But I think these comments will be hilarious at the end of the year and over the next few years, because I don't see Colorado going anywhere fast.
  6. Husker in WI

    Martinez for Heisman

    Lamar Jackson won it on a 9-3 Lousiville team in 2016, Bryce Love was second in 2017 on a 9-4 team. If he puts up big enough numbers the fact we went 4-8 last year will be an even bigger selling point for the voters. It'll be a player putting up great numbers and willing a 4-8 team to a winning season, even though that's not fair to the contributions of other players. Again that's assuming he puts up huge numbers, but the track record of Frost's offense there is excellent. No one will be shocked if Martinez isn't a finalist, it's impossible to predict at this point. But no one should be surprised if he is, he's set up for it as well as anyone that's not a Bama/Clemson skill position player.
  7. Husker in WI

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Colorado (Game 2) **

    He's not exactly wrong, but it should definitely still be motivation. Also show a few replays of the Martinez injury, and we'll be ready to kick their teeth in.
  8. Husker in WI

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Ohio State (Game 5) **

    It's still going to be a spread offense, Day just prefers less qb running. It'll be what they ran last year with Haskins, although it might be more like the JT Barrett offenses while Fields is there.
  9. Husker in WI

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    3 recent teams, 4 wins or worse to 11-12 wins. So it can be done, but not super likely.
  10. Husker in WI

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    It's just too much of a non-color: Jersey/pants/helmet the same color can work, but it has to be a color IMO. These ones?
  11. Husker in WI

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    I personally hate the all-white look - the ones we wore against NW were the best by far, I could tolerate those. But in general I just don't like the look, if we go all one color I prefer red. I feel like it has to be black if it's true though, "third team jersey color" implies not red or white. We don't have a tertiary color, and black is really the only other color that makes sense with the blackshirts. Anything other than black or a gray/silver probably just clashes too hard with the traditional red.
  12. Husker in WI

    California Kicked out of NCAA

    True, but they jumped to the playoff pretty quick once enough people were upset with the old system. I know fans had been talking about it for a while, but it seemed like a pretty quick turnaround from when the NCAA said they were doing it to the first year it happened.
  13. Husker in WI

    California Kicked out of NCAA

    I like how the NCAA is asking them to wait on the bill until they (the NCAA) review their own rules. This bill wouldn't take effect until 2023! That's not enough time for the NCAA? I know it's not something that can change overnight, but that's a ways off.
  14. Husker in WI

    ILB Malik Reed [Wisconsin Commit]

    And Chryst won 11, 10, and 13 before last years drop to 8. It's usually a quicker drop if an inferior coach takes over. They'll be fine, I'm more worried about them over the next 5 years than I am Minnesota, Iowa, or Purdue. On a Reed note, hard to fault him for choosing Wisconsin - they've pretty much been LB University, 7 drafted since 2016.
  15. Husker in WI

    Get with The Program

    A huge chunk was culture, but they probably had more talent relative to their conference than we did. And you can't really ignore a few key recruits making huge impacts, like Killins and obviously Milton. A culture change is necessary but not sufficient to turn most programs around.