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  1. You can pretty much assume anyone who started their career as a walk-on (even if they were on scholarship at one point) and most of the guys transferring in each year are not technically on scholarship. Also guys coming back for 5th/6th years - my understanding is guys who sign out of high school get that scholarship for 4 years, but after that they could be taken off. Several high school guys are not on scholarship either. There are a lot more than 10 guys in those buckets.
  2. I don't think any QBs in the portal will be interested in coming here. Sure it's only 3 scholarship QBs, but we're clearly planning on Raiola winning the job so there's not a path to playing time. The portal QB ship sailed for this year when we didn't push for McCord.
  3. There are just some dudes with a natural feel for it - Dejuan Groce comes to mind, and then most recently Demornay Pierson-El. Haven't had one of those guys since. Nation deserves more of a chance, but gotta say he didn't look 'different' than the other guys back there so I don't have super high hopes with those two options. I know there's more to a punt return than pure speed, but I don't understand why Lloyd, Charles, Barney, or even Brice Turner aren't in the mix. Can they not catch a punt or something?
  4. I imagine it's like those DB drills where they aren't allowed to use their hands - you have to use the right footwork this way. And it's easier to work the hold in than it would be to take it out when you've been relying on it and get a ref who decides he's going to call it. Still kinda weird, but I'm sure the selling point for the next level is their technique must be phenomenal to have any degree of success at this level without holding. Should be easy to teach them to hold "correctly" if their footwork and hand placement is good.
  5. Rhule dropped some moderately interesting nuggets today: Mazzccua working second team at the moment JEJ is starting at Guard and then working some at Center Lutovsky is starting at Guard but also repping some tackle Knaak is doing well I don't think this contradicts the quoted statement either, I imagine Mazzccua is with the 2's right now due to a combination of deference to the guys who have been here and him not showing up in great shape, and potentially some motivation. You can afford to work guys in different spots when the first game is still months away. Also really surprised by Lutovsky at tackle, but we don't have a lot of depth there and Rhule said some guys look like Guards and just play more naturally at Tackle and vice versa. Also said Brix is a Tackle, and basically they will keep guys at Tackle if there's a chance they can handle it because they're hard to find.
  6. There were a few others buried in there - I'm pretty sure the numbers he lists are from the pro day as well, and it's clear why they aren't getting drafted: Anthony Grant (#53 RB) - 4.71 40 with a 26" vert and an 8'11" broad - not exactly explosive. Josh Fleeks (#63 RB) - 4.63 40 at 205 lbs Billy Kemp - 4.78 40 at 180 lbs Nouredin Nouili (#45 G) Casey Rogers (#30 DT, transferred to Oregon) got a priority free agent grade Isaiah Stalbird (#40 LB, transferred to SDSU) tested well - 4.49 40 - but is small Luke Reimer (#62 LB) - 4.7 40, only ~220 lbs, short arms and lots of injuries Quinton Newsome - 4.57 is pretty slow, at least for 6' 185
  7. Would love to have two legitimate road-graders on the inside, I just hope Lutovsky has improved his mobility a lot. Curious if Buckley can make a move or if he's just going to be one of the culture guys but not a major on-field contributor.
  8. We absolutely should be, but I honestly expect like we'll be sitting at 5-2 and the season will be a real test of the teams ability to push through the "here we go again" collapse. Winning 1 (or more) out of UCLA, @USC, Wisconsin, and @Iowa is totally possible, but the added pressure of bowl eligibility is significant. Getting ahead of ourselves obviously, but getting to 6-1 or 7-0 seems too easy for us.
  9. It's going to be interesting for sure. Shurmur will have them running the ball a little more (they went from 42% run to 46% after he took over), but they're still going to sling it. Shedeur was also whining about Lewis's offense having too many in-play adjustments, so he might be able to get the ball out quicker with Shurmur. But to my mind at least, the more static plays are easier to defend. And they did not address the OL in a noticeable better way than last year. Jordan Seaton is probably going to be a stud, but LT as a true freshman is incredibly difficult. Proctor at Alabama last year at least had great size, and he got bullied for the first half of the year. He's definitely athletic enough that none of our edge guys are going to consistently beat him with speed, but I don't think he will be physically prepared to withstand bull rushes from 22-23 year old men. The rest are transfers from G5, Juco, or meh starters from Indiana and Houston. Probably an all new line with no continuity. I don't think we'll get 8 sacks again, but I think we're better equipped to turn some of the havoc into turnovers this year.
  10. I don't doubt the coaches never explicitly asked him to move to WR, but I think that was because they promised he could play QB and they didn't know how to walk that back. I used to be a little bitter that he didn't move here, but thinking it through - why would he? And would it really have changed anything? Maybe the "greatest 3-9 team of all time" wins a few more games with another WR to pair with Toure, maybe they don't. But would that have been enough to turn around the Frost era? I doubt it. Walters was fired in 2019, and Lubick would leave at the end of 2021. Then you get the 2022 MJ experience, and then everyone is fired. I don't blame him for looking for stability and playing time elsewhere - even if you knew we would fire Frost and hire Rhule, are you sticking around for the dumpster fires of 21/22 to get one year of that in '23? He would have been nice to have last year, but when he transferred he was still trying to play QB and a G5 school made sense for that. And I wouldn't wish the 21/22 seasons on anyone, as thankful as I am for the players that did stick around and give it their all here.
  11. Yeah, I noticed that as well and I think it's a good sign. I still like him as an H-Back type, but it's in everyone's best interest to make sure he develops WR skills and isn't just an unusually athletic FB who we only use for a handful of snaps per game. I would think the year at FB gave him enough of a foundation that he can focus on WR and still play FB in certain packages. I don't think the reverse (working mostly at FB and then playing WR) works. The good news is I don't think they put a ton of bad weight on him to play FB, physically he looks like Quincy Enunwa and that will play at WR and as a light situational FB.
  12. They don't, but someone has to throw the ball for the WRs. A lot of times it's alumni or the current QB, we just don't really have any of those. Martinez coming back would be a bit odd, Thompson is somewhere else, and the guys working out in front of scouts would have been wise to politely decline Haarberg throwing to them.
  13. I think it's going to be similar to last year - they did marginally better in the portal at OL this year, and they signed a 5-star OT. But it'll be a totally new line again, and just ask Alabama how rough the transition can be even for uber-talented true freshman Tackles. I expect a potentially explosive offense with a bad OL that isn't going to run the ball, and a very bad defense. Sheduer also seems to be channeling 2018-19 Aaron Rodgers where he just will not risk interceptions, which leads to terrific TD/INT ratios but also extra sacks and a mediocre yards per attempt. Bad OL + QB who is obsessed with his passing stats is how you end up allowing almost 5 sacks a game, and that hasn't changed.
  14. I wonder how they figure out the 85 - is it first come first serve? Feel like it would have to be, I don't think they would bump a guy because he's down on the depth chart and a starter signs up. But it's clearly not limited to scholarship guys which is interesting. Most teams won't have the same degree of this problem, but we have ~45 guys not on the 85 and most of them would jump at the chance to be included in the game. Like no offense to Derek Branch, but if he's in the game and Marques Buford isn't because he was the 86th guy to try and opt in that's not great for the consumer. Sticking with 85 man rosters is kinda dumb IMO anyway - I don't need complete realism in roster management, but it seems like implementing walk-ons would not be difficult. Instead of only getting walk-ons when you don't have enough players at a position (and them counting against your 85), you should also get a set number of walk-ons based on prestige level (who do not count against the 85). If they hit a certain overall or play more than a handful of snaps, you can either add them to the 85 or they'll transfer. Have a very low but non-zero chance of a generated walk-on actually being a decent player and/or developing super quickly.
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