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  1. If that's your metric, we did own Penn State.
  2. I'm just saying offensively we easily have the most yards against NW, and the second most against OSU. Penn State was weird, we were rolling and then went hyper-conservative but it was not a good offensive output overall. Illinois was a disaster across the board. And I can't help but notice that the easy common factor in the better games was AM at QB. Those yards need to be points, absolutely. But our game against Illinois didn't match anything I saw in the first 3 games, so I'm expecting a much better performance this week - which may still not be enough to win.
  3. We need more guys getting kicked off the team?
  4. We were top 30ish in defense the year he got fired, in retrospect I think the Iowa game was weighed against him way too heavily. Especially considering the stories around the strength program and practice structure, he did an incredible job. But statistically, he was clearly better than Diaco and at least do far, Chinander. And actually 2016 was better than any of Bo's post-2010 defenses. That was a weird year though, felt like everyone other than OSU was down and we stumbled to a good record.
  5. Also no offence, but of course they're going to be more excited about an SDSU offer because it's an actual offer. They don't have Nebraska offers, so obviously they won't be as excited. If you can point me to a single kid who has had committable offers to both SDSU and Nebraska and chosen SDSU, I will eat my words. But of course they're more excited about a committable offer to a good FCS school than they are about no offer from a FBS school. And to Wistrom Disciple's point, going back to the Big 12 solves nothing.
  6. I hadn't even dug back into it much, I'd definitely suppressed some of this. Did not remember Vedral playing, very much remembered the KO return and long TDs. I think our defense is better, but Goodson is a stud and has improved. I think our offense is worse, and their defense has actually improved. So I could see us getting trampled, but I could also see a game very much like the last two years, down to the wire. And I still don't trust our offense or defense to come through in the clutch, unfortunately. Or the least likely scenario - the offense clicks, the defense slows the run
  7. Eh, people are going to find reasons to be mad at Chins no matter what. Take out a single missed gap and a reverse where the backside bit way too hard, and the YPC drops to 4.3. Not great, but not what I'd call "jamming it down our throats." We also just don't have the guys to be a legitimate shut down defense, so they pick what we're trying to take away. Last year Iowa went 11/25 passing for 99 yards and a pick. I don't really care if they run for 200, we shut down their passing game (which was statistically better than their running game) and forced a fumble to give our offense t
  8. I think we played reasonably well in each game until Illinois, which made that one even more frustrating. People point to the yards against Penn State, but to my admittedly kool-aid drunk eyes that had more to do with a decision to try and waste the second half than poor play. NW is currently #1, #1, and #3 in the defensive metrics here. If Illinois was the outlier I'm hoping it was, Friday will be a lot better than people think. That's a gigantic if though, it could just as easily be a negative turning point as it could be the outlier.
  9. To be fair, is there anything they could say at this point that would give us confidence? We're well past the point where there is a right thing to say.
  10. I do think given time this staff will figure it out. But I think many fans feel this way about letting some of the coaches continue:
  11. Largely due to a miscalculated coaching decision to let Penn State run as much as they wanted. If we call that game the same way in the second half on offense and defense, it's a whole different ball game. We were basically playing prevent defense for most of the second half, you're going to give up yards that way if the opposing team is willing to run, and Penn State was.
  12. Right, and my point is I don't think the captains are the issue. We need widespread leadership - no offence to the guys, but looking down the list of captains in the 90s many were not even close to the best players on the team. If the contention is Warner shouldn't be a captain because he's bad and has the audacity to grow a mustache after a bad loss, and that the captains in the 90s were the best players, I just don't buy it. We don't need the best players to be captains, we do need better leadership whether guys are captains or not.
  13. Frazier was not a captain - guys like Mark Gilman and Phil Ellis were. Along with guys like Aaron Graham, Christian Peter, etc - but it's not like we ever picked the 4-5 best players and they were the captains. We're missing consistent leadership beyond the captains, and I don't think that's solved by changing who the captains are. Scott Frost was also not a captain, unless the record books are wrong. https://static.huskers.com/custompages/attachments1/files/100/611634.pdf?&db_oem_id=100
  14. My only problem with it is Warner should be smart enough to not mention it in a presser. He was asked about his mustache, it's not like this was unprompted "we're going to beat Iowa by growing mustaches!" - but it opens the door for morons like that guy to make an article out of it and get a bunch of angry Nebraska fan clicks. Team bonding is often weird, they just need to keep it within the team. If they didn't say anything, we had a good game against Iowa (big if but still), this would be lauded as a team coming together in any way they can. But the optics are pretty bad a couple days after
  15. The Illinois game was inexcusable, but I think we've got to see the rest of the year before calling for heads to roll. I was very encouraged by the DL/LBs overall in the first couple games, if they play like that in the last 3 I'm still on board with the defense. It reminded me a lot of the Minnesota game last year though, and you can't have a game like that each year. Has he though? Scoring points in the AAC/Pac-12 is one thing, I'd argue consistently underperforming our expected point totals based on yardage is Frost's calling card in the Big Ten so far. He has proven
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