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  1. This is true, and very frustrating since we always play you late in the year. How has Potts been doing with Ibrahim out? I see he's getting his yards, but there was a massive drop off when Ibrahim was out against OSU - which is to be expected, Ibrahim is a stud. But he was by far the scariest guy on the team, and if Potts is only decent instead of very good that makes life tougher for Morgan.
  2. Similar to Penn State, I think last year affected them more than most for some reason. They have more talent than anyone not named OSU in the Big Ten, and seem to have finally found an offensive identity. I don't think they're a top 10 team, but top 20 seems like a safe bet. We'll really only know more about their offense when they play Wisconsin the week before us though.
  3. I think this is my last one for this game - Manning toasts the safety here and it might have been 6. But there's an unblocked defender in Martinez's face right when Manning makes his break. The live broadcast showed an end zone view, pretty sure Martinez couldn't even see Manning with the defender right there. Even if he could, can't make the throw through him. We had 5 to block 4, just couldn't get it done. Toure beats his guy a little later too, this was a huge missed opportunity.
  4. I think it's more our style to win this, then beat NW and have a ton of hype going into Michigan. Where they get blown out in front of a national audience. But that's what I was dreading against OU and it didn't happen, so who knows! This week we could definitely lose as well, I go back and forth on this game. We've played well back to back weeks, just not well enough to win back to back weeks. Last year 2 of our better games were Iowa and Purdue, with Iowa obviously being an L. 2019 we came off of a blowout win against Maryland and played pretty well against Iowa, but still lost. If we beat Oklahoma I'd be very worried about a letdown this week, as it is I'm only moderately worried.
  5. Nebraska55fan: We should do this! Mavric: We did do that this year. Nebraska55fan: Oh, so you're on board doing exactly what we've been doing and obviously disagree with me about a totally separate special teams suggestion! Just stop dude. We all agree the special teams sucks, and has sucked for Frost's tenure. Many people agree with you that we should have a dedicated special teams coach. But most people, when informed that their idea had actually already been implemented would say something like "well I'm glad they are at least trying some new things, but given the results I still think a dedicated coach and other steps are needed." Not flip out at the person pointing out that we've been doing the practice suggestion and accusing them of not being on board with any special teams changes.
  6. The other matchup thing I forgot - apparently the secondary is their weak point on defense, and with Toure playing well and Betts/Manning getting some momentum that's good for us. I'd feel better if Martin was 100% and the OL was protecting well. But I'm more confident in us being able to take advantage of a porous pass defense than a bad run defense.
  7. I really don't even know with this team. I expect a win for several reasons - I think MSU is riding high after beating some teams that are just not as good as people thought, our players seem to have then right attitude coming off the close loss, and on paper we match up well. Our DL can hold up against anyone, and I'm no longer worried about guys just missing gap fills. We don't always tackle well, which could become a problem with Walker. But we should be in position to slow them down. And for all the complaints about our pass D (or CTB I guess), it's been really good this year. I don't think Michigan State has a better passing game than OU. But I just have no clue with this team.
  8. Finally rewatching it play by play, and man that first drive was frustrating. So close to getting them off the field so many times! 2nd and 7 swing pass could've been a 4 yard loss, but Domann can't make the tackle (don't see that often) and Henrich whiffs (do see that quite a bit) instead it's 3rd and 5. I like 3rd and 11 a lot more. Which we do actually get thanks to a false start! Could've potentially been 3rd and 16 though, if the defensive movement worked the same. Give up 3rd and 11 on a very nice throw. Not terribly mad about it. Another 2nd and 7, Reimer almost makes a pick - didn't realize how close he was during the game. I think he might've boxed out better if he knew the receiver was right on him. 3rd and 7, the infamous pick play. As discussed in another thread and on the air, the receiver ducks back behind the LOS so Stoops can block downfield. Still not sure it's a legal block - it's been weirdly difficult for me to find the actual wording of the rule. But in the NFL, any block initiated where the blocker is moving parallel to or toward his one end line is a blindside block. So even though CTB is running toward him, his head is turned and Stoops is definitely running parallel to the end zone and even steps back toward the OU end zone. I don't know the exact wording of the college rule. But teeing off on a guy chasing the receiver is exactly what they're trying to get out of the game. I hate QB sneaks. On the overhead view, I'm not convince Rattler made it - it's too easy to just push into the pile, and then down or not you can work the ball forward while the run up and peel guys off the pile. I don't think we would've stopped them twice more in a row, but you never know.
  9. Who would have guessed playing Northwestern would be the common factor in the top 2? Most of Durant's came against Charlotte, but he had a chunk against NW too. And a lot of Walker's yards came against NW. Not to take anything away from them, Walker in particular looks like on of the best backs in the country. Just crazy - I expected NW to have problems this year, but not quite like this.
  10. I remember being very frustrated in hindsight because the next play Ervin tore up his knee with the first down in reach, and then we had a penalty so it was 3rd and 7. But looking through the drives again Adrian converted and we scored, and there was no way of knowing we'd turn a 2nd and 2 into a 3rd and 7. So yeah, I'm ok with it but also would've liked to see a fall forward for a couple more.
  11. I don't disagree, it's just that we are already doing that.. We got one of our top RBs (Stepp), 2 of our top WRs (Toure and Martin) our Kicker who until this season started was an absolute home run, and a bunch of guys who have started or are poised to contribute (Kolarevic, Brewington, Tyreke Johnson). We've utilized the portal a lot, and probably would have utilized it more if it had happened a little earlier in Frost's tenure. It started partway through his first year, but the type of guys you can get has evolved a bit IMO. I would love for one of the transfers to be having as much success as Walker leading the country in rushing. But honestly Toure was close in receiving before being mostly shut down by OU, and Martin was excellent in the one game he was healthy for. Stepp has had his moments - and if you look at the timing, I'd bet we tried to get Walker before landing on Stepp.
  12. I'm not sure how #3 is fixed with a run stopper, but it does need to get better. People can disagree with this if they want because I can't prove it, but it really seems like we sold out to stop Oklahoma's passing game and didn't really care if they ran it down the field. In the other games I thought the run defense was good, we just have a frustrating habit of giving up chunk plays which make the numbers worse. I know those plays still count, but I'd much rather have that than a team that just bleeds yards all the way down the field. Pass rush getting home and stopping the chunk plays are the steps we need to take to go from a good defense to a great one, I don't think we need another DL to take the run stopping step. That's on the 2nd and 3rd level guys filling more consistently. To illustrate my point: Team YPC YPC minus longest 2 runs Illinois 3.5 2.3 Fordham 4.6 3.0 Buffalo 4.1 2.8 Oklahoma 5.5 4.8 To me it's just a consistency thing. We still gave up the yards, and I'm not trying to claim we're a top end run defense. But I think we're solid, and we were last year as well. You can really look at it either way, if people want to say the run defense is mediocre the numbers don't disagree. But I do think looking a little deeper we're a mostly excellent run defense that will get gashed once or twice a game.
  13. Have you looked up any numbers yourself, or do you just move the goalposts when the numbers others look up don't match your thoughts? That's not really play action, we definitely didn't do any rollouts before that one, etc.
  14. Well Culp has missed 3 in the 30-39 range (probably actually made one of them) and one in the 40-49, along with missing 3 extra points. So I'm gonna say we're worse - the 2/5 for their kicker jumped out, but it's a lot less concerning than our deal. Weird note from looking up some of the stats - our opponents are somehow 1/7 kicking field goals against us. So frankly field goal kicking has probably been a wash, it just wasn't last week where we were -8 and Oklahoma only missed one for -3.
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