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  1. Their season has been over for a while now.
  2. There are a lot of D1 schools in Michigan so the state is split to start out with. Even Michigan state lost their territory prior to losing to Michigan, so in state they just have their initial partition. EDIT: man, I was way too slow.
  3. I suppose this belongs in the hot take thread, but for at least the last half of the year he was our best lineman. Don't have a current membership and also don't totally buy their methodology, but I think I read PFF agrees or had him 2nd at least. We need to improve the OL across the board no doubt. But the last half of the year the interior was much worse than the tackles, and Corcoran was worse than Benhart.
  4. If we are going to be the "premier development program" in the country though, this is exactly the kind of kid you need - elite athlete who needs a lot of work on the actual football part of his game. Programs that are great at developing kids are able to recruit and develop kids with traits that give them a high ceiling. No amount of development will turn a team of subpar athletes into a great team.
  5. For OL coach, hear me out. Rhule is tight with Belichick. Belichick knows a lot of coaches very well, including one with OL coaching experience who may be looking for a new job - He's a little out of his depth in his current one. Brings Big ten experience, all that jazz. Our new OL coach is.. Brian Ferentz. Please don't hurt me.
  6. Ah got it. Yeah I definitely agree then, I'd rather have the element of surprise for our scheme and catch them before their line really gels and a lead back emerges.
  7. Or, you know.. "Everyone I had a relationship with there is gone. Maybe I should take a step back while I get to know the new staff to make sure it's still a good fit."
  8. They pretty much are.. I think the only 2 scholarship receivers left are Diante Vines (8 catches last year) and Brody Brecht (9). Brecht is an in state kid who also plays baseball so he might stick around, and there's always a chance they think "if I'm the only one here, they have to throw me the ball!" But it's bad, McNamara better be out personally recruiting for some weapons.
  9. I'm still holding out hope he comes back, guessing it's probably official that Ruud won't be back and then the MJ news makes wanting some distance reasonable. He would definitely do well at K State or somewhere, but of the guys in the portal so far he's the one I'd be re-recruiting the hardest. Hard to do without his position coach lined up though.
  10. They do, but they'll still be ahead of us because the system has been in place. Not saying we can't win, but they will be favored and will likely win. Unfortunate for us that Morgan got hurt this year to be honest, I don't think Fleck would willingly sit him and it's given the backup some experience. They'll lose Morgan, Ibrahim, and their best lineman along with likely their TE and LBs. But they'll return a couple big guys, decent RBs are easy to find, and the QB has more mobility. I don't expect them to contend to win the West, but neither will we.
  11. I was actually impressed by a few Grant blocks in the Iowa game, but yeah for the most part it was bad. And not being able to make him understand the times he needed to get upfield and when he could dance. And agreed on Ervin, plus I would say Rahmir showed against Iowa that he really could be effective as well. He had the highlight reel stuff early, but as an armchair coach forcing the lead back role to Grant hurt us later in the year.
  12. Official for Keagan Johnson: We should probably prioritize hiring a WR coach, whether or not we go after Keagan.
  13. I don't know what to tell you other than edge is literally the only place Nelson can be successful. The marginal lateral quickness and general athleticism would be exploited incredibly easily if he played ILB. There's a reason you don't see many 250 lb ILBs nowadays, and the ones you do are freak athletes.
  14. I can't link the follow up tweet from mobile, but this is wrong. He corrected himself like an hour after this tweet, it's 7 million not including S&C.
  15. I was definitely in the "Fickell won't leave unless it's OSU" camp, took me by surprise. But I think if you consider this a rebuild and look at some metrics there is a case for Rhule. I can't find it over Fickell's entire tenure, but Cincy was 3-8-1 against the spread this year. Rhule's teams consistently beat the spread. Alberts mentioned rebuilding multiple places in different ways as a factor, because this rebuild is different than Cincy, or Baylor, or Temple. I'm sure there's more, "extremely specific" does fit the vibe that Alberts gave when listing some of the metrics they looked at. I think Fickell absolutely should have been (and probably was) considered, but whether he said not interested or we didn't offer there are some metrics that could point to Rhule as the right choice. Time will tell. Hope is a funny thing, a month ago I'd have been pissed if you told me the coaches each school would hire - but for now I'm actually excited.
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