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  1. Are you implying playing Indiana is easier than Ohio state or Penn state? How dare you, they're going to put that on their bulletin board!
  2. I think they're all back, I just don't really know how good they are. They demolished us (not that hard) and Auburn (much more impressive), but they had some weirdly bad games too. Mostly early though, so maybe they jelled. I think they're phenomenal zone blocking and meh in pass pro, but if you're having to sell out to stop the run you don't need to be great in pass pro to get big plays. I know their big guard was temporarily in the portal, but I think he rejoined the team.
  3. It's been a hell of a rise for Reimer - I think some people had him tagged as an impact walk-on, but cracking the 2 deep in year 2 as a walk-on is impressive. My two cents on Washington - we have multiple old topics people can dig up if we're going to go over all that again.
  4. He looked better to me as a freshman, I'm not totally sold. And I think a lot of their running game effectiveness had to do with having 3 guys - they were always fresh. Ibrahim is very good, I don't think they'll fall off a cliff or anything. But I could see a similar running game that maybe can't wear people down quite as well (Ibrahim isn't a bruiser), and a step back in the passing game. Of course their freshamn RB could be a stud rotation with Ibrahim, Autman-Bell could take a step along with any of their young receivers and I'll look like a complete idiot.
  5. I'm hesitant to say this because my last big "he's overrated!" rant was about Zack Baun before last year, and turns our he was an All-American. But I agree, I think Morgan is solid but unspectacular. Fleck's got a good scheme, and the combination of Johnson across the middle, Bateman deep, and 3 good running backs/giant offensive line wearing people down was lethal. But I think Morgan is a point guard, and the positions around him have a lot more questions than last year. Even if Bateman can play - the signing with an agent figures to be an obstacle, but maybe the Big Ten 'this will not be revisited' statement can buy these guys some leniency when it was in fact revisited - it's similar to us losing Stanley Morgan and Ozigbo last year in my mind. JD still got his, and Bateman will as well, but the offense as whole won't take a step forward unless other receivers step up.
  6. Also I thought BTN was included in all of the basic cable packages in Nebraska, so I doubt many people dropped it. And even if they did, if you're proposing PPV - people would rather pick BTN back up via Sling or something which is less per month than a single PPV game. Even if they did drop BTN, they will pick it back up as readily if not more so than paying for PPV.
  7. I doubt it. He didn't transfer just to play this year, and he's already committed to FAU. I'd like to think more of the Florida kids would have stayed if this was a normal year, but being able to play doesn't completely fix the isolation and difficulty being away from home without the normal college life to enjoy. I don't think he ever specifically said why he left, but I'm sure it was more than the season being postponed.
  8. It is a pretty awkward looking gait, but sure looks like he's moving. Just wait until he's 250-260!
  9. If we're willing to ignore all of the other guesses. He's not dumbt, he only floated plausible timelines. But his method was just to chuck out enough reasonable stuff that something was bound to be true eventually. Then sidestep the bad guesses and focus on the ones that were right!
  10. There was a series on Sunday against the Saints where they got the ball around midfield - short punt and a decent return, big chance for momentum for the Saints. The drive went TFL by David, TFL by David, Pressure by David forcing a throw away, and punt. He is so good. And yet, even with Brady, their offense sucks.
  11. I think Decked is right - this is an insane situation for all of the players, and it's tougher for the ones who took a leap out of their comfort zones. I don't even want to list them out and risk jinxing it, but there are quite a few Florida kids still here. Some of them have to stick, right?
  12. Yeah, that is bizarre. I'd rather see a vote on "should each school be allowed to decide when to play?" - I'm sure the ones that don't want to play now don't want to be left out later, but if they have the information on testing and protocols now or soon that's no reason to prevent the others from playing.
  13. Not to be overly negative about the recruit, but how many guys have to commit elsewhere before he would get the green light here? Or have we already hit that point?
  14. I like the part where they say "The Big Ten Return to Competition Task Force will continue to be transparent as it actively considers options to get back to competition.." - I have some doubts about how much they're actively considering options, and claiming they have been and will be transparent is a joke. We've had to resort to random wannabe reporters on twitter for any information on what they're considering.
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