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  1. Agreed, and I expect Darrion to get picked at some point. But Lamar is probably the only one with a chance to be picked relatively high.
  2. Breon Dixon says... you're probably right.
  3. As long as we're drawing conclusions from their situation, there are interesting parallels with Chinander there. 3rd year DC with the team, first 2 years underwhelming but with slight improvements. Much of our fanbase would've wanted Saleh gone before this year, but in this case sticking with him worked. Hopefully it's the same with Chins.
  4. Got it. I guess for now I still trust Frost and Co. to develop the talent more than I trusted Callahan, or at least his defensive assistants. I do recognize there's not a ton to back up that view at the moment.
  5. Based on what? He's probably not as bad as some people claim, but in what world is 2 losing seasons out of 4 and one conference title game appearance better than Pelini's track record?
  6. I wouldn't say way more vital, but probably equally important. If the LBs were great and the Dline was terrible, it would look just as bad.
  7. And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't linemen being allowed 3 yards downfield for RPOs relatively new? Or did no one take advantage of it until recently?
  8. I just don't think that's true. Yeah, people love to throw that out there when special teams costs/wins a team a game. But no one is going to spend a third of their time and effort on special teams. Special teams is important, and I think in certain games really good or bad special teams can have a huge impact. But I don't think anyone truly believes it's a third of the game, whether they say it or not. Our special teams absolutely needs to get better, don't get me wrong. But some of our special teams issues are a symptom of our lack of talent more than anything IMO. Could special teams have been the difference against Iowa? Sure, but there were a ton of offensive and defensive plays that also could've been the difference.
  9. I'm not that surprised by no Iowa, they lose a lot of their difference makers. I am surprised by Minnesota at 11 and Purdue being ranked. Minnesota's offense will still be good, but they had a very easy schedule last year and still almost lost all of their non-conference games. I've been burned before expecting a team who looked great in their bowl game to be the same team that takes the field the next year. And I know Rondale Moore is great and Purdue is probably better than they showed last year, but having 2 really good receivers doesn't make you a top-25 team. These lists are all pretty wack at this time of year anyway.
  10. That would probably be a good move - we'll never really know how much of their season was Burrow, Brady, Ensminger, or the receivers. A lot of the credit is going to Brady, and much of it probably deserved. But I'd guess the others and just the combination of all those people is being understated. And if you can use one magical year to jump from a college passing game coordinator to an NFL OC, that's a nice play.
  11. At this point, I don't think announcing a week earlier or later matters. We're not in on any OLBs for the last spot in the Feb signing day as far as I know, and an extra week of contact with a coach in January is not making or breaking a recruits decision for December. Plus I think it's the dead period until the end of this week anyway. If there's any chunk of time where it does not matter whether a coach is officially hired or not, it's now.
  12. To the people claiming or d-line will take a step back next year - I'm not saying Stille/Keem/Rogers/Robinson/etc are better than the Davis's. But the have much better frames for the position which I think will compensate for any areas where they're worse than them. Carlos and Khalil did a hell of a job playing a position they shouldn't have been, and I'm grateful they stuck around to do it while we recruited guys who fit there. Now they can go do what they were meant to do, wreak havoc as 3-techs.
  13. Ah, got it. Feels like East/West isn't actually "all star" talent even though it is an all star game for one thing. There are some really good players, but the 1st/2nd round talents don't bother with all star games. And props to Khalil for putting up the performances he did here out of position, but he likely would've showed up more this year if we were running a 4-3.
  14. Freshman: 4 games, 4 tackles (2 for loss), 0 sacks Sophomore: 9 games, 15 tackles (3.5 for loss), 2 sacks Junior: 12 games, 41 tackles (7.5 for loss), 3 sacks Senior: 11 games, 44 tackles (11 for loss), 8 sacks (led team) Not sure what more you wanted from him, particularly for a d-lineman that's the path you hope for. Redshirt, get your feet wet as a freshman, contribute as a sophomore, and play a lot as an upperclassman. Especially the last 2 years, if you're legitimately asking where he's been you must not have been watching the games closely. Especially considering they're out of position as 3-4 ends, the Davis twins were both good. I think they could catch on in the NFL as rotational 4-3 DTs, especially Khalil.
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