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  1. It's more of an opportunity to get noticed, and Martinez will actually be a counselor - the camp itself is for high schoolers. The college guys participate in a lot of challenges though, so it's a good opportunity to get noticed. But it's not a camp where coaches will be trying to change his throwing motion or anything.
  2. Husker in WI

    The Running Back Room

    I think the embarrassment of not getting into certain schools was enough motivation for him. A somewhat ambiguous "grade concerns" is different than stating a GPA the athlete is below - nobody specifically reported the thresholds Barry didn't meet. There's enough embarrassment in the first example, even if there are good reasons for whatever issues like transferring schools. It's fair to report on potential issues but there's no need to get that specific, and really weird for it to come from the JUCO coach. There's no reason for him to be commenting on admission requirements for a college he doesn't work for, and really no reason for him to comment on a former player's grades at all.
  3. Husker in WI

    The "Suuuuuuuuuuh" Thread

    Well the Bucs defense is at least interesting now, particularly from a Nebraska perspective with David there too. Hopefully Vita Vea can actually play and let Suh be a 3-technique - honestly I think a lot of the Suh criticism is because he just eats up blockers as the nose. He doesn't really go for sacks the way some guys do - McCoy did, and he still has fewer sacks in his career than Suh.
  4. Husker in WI

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Wisconsin (Game 10) **

    I think he meant Minnesota for the "certainly better than," but yeah that is not a great sentence. Pretty much every one of these has a "huh?" line, although it's usually something like terrible picks for impact players. From living here I don't think anyone actually believes Zack Baun is their best defensive player, and that was his pick. It is tough to do good previews for every team though, any fairly serious fan of a team could pick out issues with their team's preview. At least he doesn't talk about players no longer with the team like some previews do, those are always funny.
  5. Husker in WI

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Minnesota (Game 7) **

    Yeah fair enough, didn't realize it was the bowl game ring. Intentionally misleading tweet, and I fell for it. I still just don't know about Annexstad - he was thrown in as a freshman, so I'm sure he'll improve. Fleck's Western Michigan QB improved a lot freshman-sophmore years, and doesn't look like he was much of a runner either. But Annexstad did get benched, so it seems like he'll have to win the job back to start. They've got some receivers in any case, Johnson is a stud.
  6. Husker in WI

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Minnesota (Game 7) **

    It's just a weird culture Fleck is building there - clearly it can work to some degree, he won at Western Michigan. They really need that defensive turnaround to be real though, and a QB to take huge steps forward.
  7. Husker in WI

    Huskers Land Grad Transfer WR From Cal

    That still seems like a pretty extreme opinion - I'm excited to see what the new guys can do, but I don't even see a silver lining in Stanley being gone. He's the kind of receiver you can force the ball to. I don't recall seeing wide open receivers on plays where it was forced to Stanley, but I'm sure it did happen. I can't blame Martinez though, and frankly more experienced QBs probably would have forced it to him more, not less.
  8. Husker in WI

    Huskers Land Grad Transfer WR From Cal

    I think Warner will take a step forward this year, and he contributed last year where some of the expected guys did not - particularly the JUCOs. I'm just saying that's a low bar if we're considering Warner's production proven. I definitely expect him to have a role, can't have enough skill position guys in this offense and you can trust him to block and catch - that's probably more what was meant by saying "proven." In any case, I'm excited about Noa. I'm sure at least a couple out of Warner, Williams, Woodyard, Hunt, and McQuitty (not to mention the freshmen) will take big steps forward this year, but I like adding someone with P5 production.
  9. Husker in WI

    Huskers Land Grad Transfer WR From Cal

    I hope he's unproven. Because if we're saying his current numbers prove who he is, he's a receiver who averages 5.6 yards per catch. I think another year with S&C will help, and ideally he's not the target on bubble screens as we get more athletes like Wan'Dale. But I'm definitely hoping Warner takes his game to another level, because we're not competing if 17 catches for less than 100 yards is considered proven depth.
  10. Husker in WI

    Huskers in 2019....

    It's very likely to be in tumult at the start of this year too, but the overall talent will be better.
  11. Husker in WI

    All hail the transfer portal....

    Think his roommate was accused, not Steele. I'm sure the coaches do a character check before reaching out to any potential transfers in any case, but I'd be surprised if he had any interest here. Interestingly one of his recruiters to Florida was Charlton Warren.
  12. Husker in WI

    ILB Kendrick Blackshire

    I don't think he's actually 250 lbs yet, but this dude is a man. He's the kind of ILB I'd love to see in the 3-4, a Carlos Polk-size thumper. Looks like he has offers from just about everyone though, so I'm guessing somehwere like Bama or Texas.
  13. Husker in WI

    ESPN: First 2019 Way-Too-Early Top 25

    No, obviously there was a ton of talent there. But that team just quit - plenty of the blame goes to Fickell for that, but there's a difference between your coach and several star players being removed from the team, and your coach stepping down and appointing his successor. That second piece doesn't always work well, so I guess we'll see. We have no idea how good/bad of a coach Day is but he doesn't need to be elite for OSU to win 10 games a year, at least as long as he has Meyer's talent pool. Fickell is actually the reigning AAC coach of the year, so he seems to have rebounded well enough. Interestingly Day has about as much experience as Fickell did, so maybe it will be the same situation.
  14. Husker in WI

    ESPN: First 2019 Way-Too-Early Top 25

    I don't expect OSU to take a huge step back this year. 2011 was a complete dumpster fire for them, this is just a slightly awkward handoff coaching wise. I don't necessarily think Day can keep them at their current level, but who knows. Fickell wouldn't have gone 6-6 with this years team.
  15. Husker in WI

    From Bad Defense to Good Defense

    Suggs didn't play at ASU until 2000, it wasn't him in 1996. Nothing humps out to me as a big change to make their defense that much better - the only name I recognize on the defense is Pat Tillman. Second year DC, fifth year HC. Can't say I remember anything else unique about ASU that year, they just out of nowhere had a phenomenal year. They probably weren't as bad as they looked in 1995 either - we just stunned them early (11:00 am game too) and didn't let up. Their other losses were 3 points @ ranked Washington, 31 points at top-5 USC, 2 points at ranked Stanford, and 3 points in a rivalry game to Arizona.