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  1. Yeah, I guess I was more thinking about the downstream effects. Maybe normally we'd take our 1st and 2nd options, and then 3/4/5 go to other schools. But now our #2 doesn't come here, and takes up a spot that 3 or 4 could've had at another school. They don't get their first choice and take a lesser option, and maybe 5 gets left without a spot anywhere. So less about the guys who just miss coming here this year, and more about the guys who have their low-end P5/G5 offers taken by the first 'cuts' from our class. Do they end up FCS, or walk-on where they want and try to outperform g
  2. The preseason ones are kind of a joke - their second team QB hasn't thrown a pass and has one career rushing attempt. Now he did take that 48 yards for a TD and is throwing to what would probably be an above average NFL receiving corps, so he probably will be great. But yeah 4th team preseason all-conference is ridiculous and a bit of a dubious honor. It is interesting to see the conference talent at certain positions though - 2 of the 4 QBs are projections (Stroud and Mertz), and Penix is good but maybe not "best in the conference" good unless it's a pretty weak season for QB pla
  3. As much as it sucked for some of last year's kids needing to commit without seeing the campus/meeting the coaches in person, it's worse for the 2022 kids. Nobody is taking a big class unless there's some quick movement on the limits moving forward, a lot of kids who would normally get offers aren't going to get committable ones.
  4. Right, somebody asked a question yesterday about the size of newer recruits (including QB) and Frost went out of his way to say it isn't something they specifically look for in QBs. I think it's more of a coincidence than a trend that Haarberg and Torres are giants.
  5. Looks like around 30 last year for the Manning, maybe a few more for the O'Brien -I don't think it's a set amount. But acknowledging that he's underperformed at times, not many guys have 5,000+ passing yards, 1,700+ rushing yards, and 50+ TDs. Not to mention 5 games of 400+ total yards.
  6. Martinez will probably make the Manning and O'Brien lists, and I expect him to have a great year for what it's worth. IIRC the Rimington list starts out pretty huge, and Jurgens is going into his 3rd year as a P5 starting Center. And then yeah, CTB and Culp are probably locks for watch lists.
  7. This wasn't addressed to the kids in the program though. It's being blown way out of proportion, and Sherman did not help anything in the way he chose to present it. But I don't get bringing up guys that aren't in the program anymore at a public event. When he left here, sure - that directly affects the team and if the coaches want to comment on the pitfalls of that individual decision no problem. But once we get further down the line and neither of the schools involved are us, I'd rather leave it alone. Frost is not wrong, and this should not be a big deal. Not like he bad mouthe
  8. Yeah, I don't think I would've done it exactly the same but I also thought it was unnecessary for Frost to throw out a comment about former players. It was very clearly about Luke, he didn't need to say his name to make that obvious. It's a fair point, he has transferred multiple times now and probably didn't plan on doing that. He's far from the only guy in the country to be in that situation, so to me it was uncalled for - he's gone, move on. There's a kid at USC who transferred twice before fall camp. They've made a big deal out of "we're going to worry about the guys that are
  9. This seems like it will go well, Brohm named 3 guys defensive coordinator. I'd assume it's effectively the guy with the playcalling duties, but it's a weird move and doesn't inspire a lot of confidence that their defense will improve. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31644832/head-coach-jeff-brohm-revamps-purdue-boilermakers-defensive-staff So it's been: 1. Bring along your WKU DC, fire him when his great first season is a fluke 2. Hire a con man, realize your mistake and fire him immediately 3. Take one job and split it between 3 guys who have
  10. The 13 per game is including Illinois where he only played a little and ran it twice - it's basically 15 per game if you take that out. And we were more run heavy with McCaffrey - it includes a handful of carries when McCaffrey wasn't the QB, but overall QBs were 46% of our carries, and averaged about 19 per game. We also ran the ball a lot more overall in 1995 - 57 times per game compared to 42. So in 1995 QBs ran it 20% of the time, which I'm fine with. 46% is way too much.
  11. It would be fun and I'm sure I would be cheering for the underdog, but I've always felt the championship should be for the best season, not the best team. Which not everyone agrees with. But I don't like early season bad losses being swept away when the team turns it on down the stretch. Playoffs absolutely make it easier to crown the best team at the end of the year, and I won't miss deserving teams not even having a shot. But I wouldn't particularly enjoy a 3-loss champion, because it's hard to argue they had the best season even if they got hot at the end. I do think I'm in the
  12. I didn't go back to 2017, that one did have quite a few good teams. 2019 3-loss Auburn was 12th along with 3-loss Wisconsin at 8th, but I didn't look really deeply at the criteria so maybe they would've been out. So probably not as big of an issue as I'm claiming either, but I agree - 8 teams > 12 teams > 4 teams. It's annoying that this would basically be the same 4 team playoff, you just tack on 8 'wild card' teams who beat up on each other and give the top 4 an easier road. Although it is an extra game for the top 4, so another chance to slip up I guess. I think they just
  13. I hear you and it's obviously not 6-loss teams, but looking at in season rankings the past couple years a 12 team playoff likely has at least two and as many as four 3-loss teams. The selection wouldn't be just the top-12 ranked teams, so maybe they can cut those out. But while it won't be as watered down as many people are claiming, it will be watered down. I think you can find 8 teams that deserve a shot - 12, I'm less convinced in an average year.
  14. I'm sure he's a walk-on, even Culp from LSU was. They're not taking a scholarship kicker unless he's proven, and even then probably not until Culp is gone.
  15. I would regretfully put Iowa up there with them, but yeah. You know both of them will be solid based on their defenses and track record. Wisconsin has way more talent on offense but they have to put it together, even all things Covid considered their offense was miserable at the end of last year. For everyone else - including Nebraska - no one has any idea.
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