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  1. Eh, QB is a position where I don't think we'll ever be going for the same guys as Minnesota and Iowa. Just looking for totally different traits - this isn't one I'm concerned about. One of them pulls Hegerle from ND and I'll worry about it being an in-radius miss.
  2. I don't think it's been that often - 2022 is going to sting, at best we're signing 2 of the top 5. But the rest of the Frost era has been pretty solid. There will always be occasional kids having a different dream school (Watts/ND) or just wanting to leave the state (Dickerson, most of the 2022 guys). But I think Frost will clean up the other conspicuous misses, kids like Bryson Williams being offered too late or not offering any of Clester's kids. And if we start winning, even the ones planning on leaving the state will start giving us a chance. But in state overall: 2018 -
  3. I don't think I really agree with the bold, although I guess it just depends on which 2017 game you're talking about. Minnesota last year felt like a lot of 2018-2020 games - letting a team we should have beat handily build a lead and not being able to work our way all the way back. My lasting memory of 2017 will always be letting a QB who was essentially cut and couldn't even get a QB job at a Juco run rampant. 100% agree on the last piece though. I don't think I differ that much from the more pessimistic (realistic?) fans on what I need to see this year - I just do believe we'll
  4. I would, absolutely. These past 3 teams have been incredibly frustrating with their ability to shoot themselves in the foot, 2017 (at least the second half) just didn't even look like they belonged or wanted to be on the field. 2018-2020 were not good teams. 2017 was an abomination, despite ending up with a similar record.
  5. I do agree there, I'm just optimistic the wins will turn around this year because of the underlying improvements implied by SP+ and things. But yeah, this year it needs to start actually showing in the W's. And if it doesn't in the next 2 years, no SP+ rating will justify the record.
  6. I agree, but that was in response to people saying there has been no progress. At some point the progress needs to be reflected in the wins, but let's not pretend there's no evidence of improvement at all. Not all 4 win teams are created equal, and the ones with a better SP+ are the ones I'd bet on to improve from 4 wins.
  7. The one that has had 3 losing seasons in 4 chances? I admit the winning season was phenomenal, but I think it had a lot to do with a stellar defense and a generational TE. I think most styles of offense can work if you get the right pieces, but IMO the ones that utilize a fullback have a smaller margin for error. I don't know how to measure that so pretty clearly subjective - I don't mind it as a change up, but I just don't see it working as well as it used to. Definitely limits the ceiling on a team, although over the past couple years I've started caring more about the floor. The ceiling see
  8. He fits what our system was last year with tons of QB runs, I don't think he fits what the offense is supposed to be at all. He'd definitely help us take some deep shots but I don't think he's a fit as the point guard style distributor this offense needs. It would be nice to have a somewhat experienced guy come in, but I don't see it with Milton.
  9. I don't doubt he'll be on scholarship eventually. I imagine scholly/walk-on affects the numbers they can take, and he will probably need to sit out anyway. Probably not as sought after he thought, but I don't think it's a shock or an extra slap in the face to have to walk on for a year.
  10. I hear you, but there's a noticeable uptick in talent independent of whether our coaching staffs have been paying attention. There's a big difference between classes like Henrich/Hickman/Snodgrass/Nelson/Piper, Dickerson/Johnson/Prochazka/Carnie/Rollins/Haarberg/Bretz, and Woods/Jackson/Riley/Helms/Hausmann compared to say 2015 (Neal/Decker/Strong/CJ Johnson), 2016 (Fant/Stille/Bubak), or 2017 (Walker/Allen/Kitrell/Bradley/Vedral). Focusing on in state kids helps, but there was a pretty good stretch of pretty bad in-state classes. Obviously a stud like Fant, and many of them turned
  11. Hopefully they buy the "you don't get to pick where you play in the NFL, get used to the cold weather argument" then but honestly I wouldn't. I'd rather "get used to it" at 21-22 getting paid instead of at 18, might as well enjoy a couple years of warm weather games. But yeah, also probably not the only reason. Factoring a potential NFL future into your college choice is smart, but I've never really bought that the weather you practice/play in during college makes a big difference.
  12. Given our history I understand the laugh emoji but I was also curious. If there was a year to take a step forward, even just to prove to ourselves that we can slow their run game under ideal circumstances it was last year. Wisconsin's Season YPC 2018: 6.2 2019: 5.4 2020: 3.9 They had a very good running game against Michigan, good enough against Minnesota, and not good in the other games. I am worried about next year when it's less Groshek/Watson and more Berger. We missed them the year they didn't have a consistent stud back, and I expect Berger to seiz
  13. Lamar Jackson (ours, not the Heisman winner) made it into the first round of a mock draft at some point early his senior year. Early on and when dealing with non-eligible players, they just look for measurables and ok stats and chuck them in the first round without looking into it further. If the player does turn out to be worth it they can say they were on them first, if not everyone forgets because early mocks are terrible. I think he's probably better than than it's being claimed, I dunno. Just wouldn't necessarily use a mock draft at this point when he's not draft eligible so i
  14. Wisconsin would be the better win for sure, and I wouldn't mind sticking to Chryst one bit. But I've got to say I feel more rivalry-type dislike of Iowa - that could come with living in Wisconsin though, I dunno. Gotta start beating them both once at least.
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