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  1. Right, but really the coaching staffs don't either. Staffs will find some guys before recruiting services (especially this year), and other times it's a recruiting service camp or two that puts a guy on schools' radar. I just don't see many cases where the services grade a guy low and P5 schools have the same kid high on their boards. Maybe the services have just gotten better at covering their @$$es and factoring P5 interest into their ratings though - looks pretty dumb to keep a guy rated low if big name schools would take him. Really curious what Webb's 247 rating will be, but my guess is this won't look like a reach by the time signing day rolls around.
  2. True, but now there are recruiting rankings and they're pretty good at their job as well. I think this is a case of people getting too upset before he's even rated, but as a fanbase we've been burned by a lot of low-rated "diamond in the rough" signees. I don't have a problem questioning why we're taking a low ranked kid, as long as it's the actual ranking and not just that he hasn't been rated yet. Webb is the latter, and seems like a good take to me. To their credit this staff actually seems to be doing well with the lower rated guys in their classes, and this year in particular is one where the ranking services can't really do a lot of what they need to be accurate.
  3. I'm pretty confident he doesn't end up at Tennessee! I'm holding put hope since he genuinely seems to like the staff and we seem to still be working hard, but I'd still guess somewhere else. I don't know what Tennessee is selling, but I just can't see them keeping the 4th ranked class. Not that we're better, but their home stretch of games was a joke. Their only SEC win over a team with a winning record was Kentucky, and they lost to Georgia Southern. They played 3 very good teams and got blown out in each of them. I've seen them on a few sleeper team lists, and I just don't see it. Which I'm sure is how most other fans feel about us always showing up on this lists as well.
  4. The thing with bowls is they want teams in them. So if things are to the point in December where bowls can easily happen, they'll probably take anyone who played. There were already exceptions for when not enough teams hit 6 wins, and if nobody is playing 12 games/none against FCS schools, 4 wins might do it.
  5. True, but I think Rugby prepares you well for catching and not being intimidated by live tacklers as well. But it is a different game, so we'll see. Potentially a better tackler than most punters too! I'd be fine if it's Przystup as well, I don't think Armstrong was bad if that's the level he punts at - just need some consistency, his bad punts seemed like they were always at the worst times.
  6. I'd be moderately surprised if he gets here and doesn't win the job. Those rugby dudes know how to kick, and nothing against Przystup but I feel like people forget he was a 5th string walk-on at MSU. He stepped in and performed well enough when they got hit with injuries, but he averaged about what Armstrong did last year. He's probably gotten better, but if Cerni's nearly 5 second hang times are legit and he can hit the ball consistently he's going to run away with it. The fact that this is enough to make the list shows how bad special teams have been.
  7. Famous parents, not that often. But that's just because there aren't many Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, etc types. I think it's fairly often kids outperform their successful athlete parents, just not the in the argument for best of all time successful parents. There's no rule of thumb for athletes being better/worse than their parents, it's just almost impossible to top the great ones whether you're their kid or not.I guess to rephrase it, how often do great players have parents who were a bit worse than them? I'd say at least as often as the other way around. There are a few good examples related to the team - Frost was better than his dad, and I'd say Christian is well on his way to being better than Ed. No idea if Luke will follow that trend. I think bloodlines are fun and not a negative, but I doubt this has much to do with that - the coaches evaluate the talent, and decide based on that. Bloodlines can help with things like knowing the family and thus some of the kid's character, but beyond that I think we as fans care much more about it than coaches do.
  8. Yeah I didn't really differentiate the teams, if I could see them squeaking onto 3rd team I'm calling it all-conference. Also didn't take into account other teams - looking back on 2018 I still think Martinez could be great, but he could play at an all-american level and still not get a first-team all-conference vote because of Fields. So it's pretty subjective - most people here would agree Spielman played at an all-conference level, and he only got honorable mention which I wouldn't generally count. Many here would throw a fit if I said Lamar Jackson played at an all-conference level, and he was 2nd team behind an all-american in Okudah and a 2018 third-team all-american in Lavert Hill. I happen to think he did play at that level last year, but my point is trying to judge the level they're playing at as opposed to whether they'll actually make those teams.
  9. A similar way I was thinking about this the other day is for each position, what is the starter's ceiling? Obviously that's a little subjective, and can change - nobody would've pegged Abdullah as an all-american coming in. But based on performance and some of their recruiting rankings, I think we can see that for quite a few players. This also wouldn't be the 99th percentile outcome for the ceiling (most players could turn out to be incredible), but something like 90th. The way I see it, ceilings for the offense are something like this: Martinez - All-American Mills - All-Conference Wan'Dale - All-American Manning - too early to say, potentially All-American type talent but lets say All-Conference because we really don't know much Warner - Decent starter Stoll/Allen - Decent Starters Jaimes - All-Conference Farniok - Decent starter (maybe All-Conference at Guard, but that's probably a stretch) Jurgens - All-Conference Wilson - Decent Starter Benhart - All-Conference Again, not to say they are playing at or will reach those levels. And guys can outperform these, but this is how I see their realistic ceilings. Still a lot of guys starting who probably won't come close to even 3rd team All-Conference, which isn't where we want to be. But even by next year, I expect every starter to be talented enough to think about them being All-Conference players. I don't think 40th is too much of a stretch, top third nationally? We've got the experience and by end of last year I'd say we were close to that level on the OLine. And I expect them to be better this year.
  10. I've heard the "it has to get better, it can't get any worse" too many times to believe it. Props to Fitz for moving on from his OC (about 10 years too late), but I don't think it was just scheme. They have so little offensive talent it's not even funny - Ramsey will help, but they need some skill guys. At a glance, Bajakian doesn't look super impressive. Decent offenses at Cincy, not great at Tennessee, and then QB coach in Tampa where Winston's development was less than stellar. Last year BC was really good running the ball, but not great at scoring some of which does come down to shorter games with the clock always running. But he doesn't have a pair of freakish 240 lb RBs and 4 all-conference (one 1st team, two 2nd, one third) offensive lineman. Long term a pound it down your throat offense is a much better fit with their defense than whatever the hell McCall was trying to do, but I just don't see it this year. Of course I didn't see it 2 years ago when they somehow won the West, so who knows.
  11. Yeah, I'm as excited for Gunnerson as anyone but they sure got over Green quickly. Seems like a Junior who would probably be in the SEC if not for technicalities around online classes is a better bet than a true freshman coming off of an injury and without spring ball. I bet Gunnerson gets his 4 games in and wouldn't be shocked if they burned his redshirt, but that really depends on what we can get out of Cooper, Nelson, and Tannor. And if anybody like Alston or Graham can make a leap.
  12. True, but he also has the McCaffrey name and was pretty highly regarded as an athlete. No offense to Petras and Lombardi but they were not, and Vedral has at least outperformed Lombardi. It is tough to figure out where to put guys who haven't played much for sure, and a lot of the list comes down to how much you value production vs potential, and ranking guys on good teams higher. I do think it's funny their justification for Vedral last is he was 3rd on a bad teams depth chart - but they ranked the starter fifth, so it's a little weird to consider the bad team instead of the above average guy(s) in front of him. I'm also not very objective about this, so there's that.
  13. How you put Petras above anyone is beyond me, he's thrown 11 passes. McCaffrey has 35, but at least he has the pedigree. Vedral has at least played well in a little more action. And Lombardi should be last, he's actually played enough to make some judgment and has a completion percentage of 42%.
  14. I get your point, but that's still a bit of a stretch. He is taller, but a lot leaner. And we really don't have proof one way or another who the better athlete is. Trotter would look like an incredible athlete playing 8 man, and Malcom wouldn't look so freakish playing better competition. I think Malcom is underrated for sure, and I'm super excited we got him. I would be more excited to get Trotter, even though he's a little short.
  15. I think this will be the first year in a looong time that it won't be a weakness. At times last year it wasn't, but many times it was. Also excited to see who steps up as well, got some interesting young guys
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