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  1. Riley seemed like a poor fit at nose anyway, and was dropping down the depth chart at end. Wondering if it's too late for Silvera to reconsider now that a bunch of the ASU staff got canned - although I think it was mostly offensive guys, and they probably knew it was coming. I do really like Hutmacher, but the only other guy who has any business playing nose is Marquis Black. An older guy in there would be nice for sure.
  2. So is it concerning that our new OL coach is the only college coach teaching line play like they did in the 80s? I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because I'm sure Raiola's college, NFL, and assistant coaching experience under some really good coaches have informed his style. But at first glance "he teaches like I was taught back in the 80s! No one does that any more!" is maybe not the ringing endorsement Bob thinks it is.
  3. Worth pointing out what he was taking over - UMass in 2013 averaged 11.7 points per game, good for 123rd. They were also 122nd in YPG. A one year jump to 27ppg/78th was incredibly impressive and unsustainable, which is why they dropped back down a bit (still double what he took over) before the sustained growth. 2018 Pitt was 94th in ppg (25.6), and 98th in YPG. Also had to replace 2 1,000 yard rushers. Meanwhile as you pointed out, we were below average PPG but also 21st in YPG - so he's working from a better starting place, and I'm optimistic it can be a quicker fix. He does have to replace a 4-year starter at QB but the portal made that a lot easier.
  4. If you look at the 'Historical' tab on the roster, he was 6'8 until 2021 when he magically grew an inch. They're just doing the round up and add an inch to that method. He's not the only one either - Noa Pola-Gates measured just over 5'10 and a half at the all-american bowl. Then he's listed at 5'11 on the initial roster, and now he's 6'! Which is at least a little more believable given his age than Allen growing as a 23 year old. But yeah, most of the guys are smaller than listed - I was actually curious if Allen was going to be more like 6'7 flat. He's basically 6'8, no idea why they randomly add more height. Maybe just to see it show up on message board roster analyses.
  5. Same HS as Neil Smith! Have we offered all of the D1 prospects from Louisiana yet?
  6. Losing Ho'ohuli sucks, but at least it's a position with quite a bit of young talent - I like Gbayor and Kpai. Never good to lose your top rated recruits though, and a Hawaii connection is always fun. Maybe Raiola can get us back in there, seems like there's always a few really solid players from Hawaii.
  7. To my novice eye the problems were more on the edge and 2nd/3rd level the last few games. Against Wisconsin everyone got blown off the ball including the DL, but the rest of that game (and Iowa) was a lot of bad tackling on the back end. We really missed Williams and Domann - a lot of 5-10 yard gains broke a lot longer. And CTB's hit stick attempt cost us something like 60 yards. I could definitely be wrong, and either way I would've wanted Silvera. But I think the Daniels > Hutmacher downgrade was at most the 3rd biggest reason the run defense got worse down the stretch. Give him another year of S&C and I think we're ok. Problem is reasons 1 and 2 for the run D regression also need to be replaced.
  8. A NT would make me feel a lot better, but I'm not that worried about the DL as a whole. We've got a lot of DE depth, and Hutmacher got some good experience last year. Not sure who the #2 nose is though - Marquis Black? I know Jordon Riley and Ty Robinson have played there some, but both are pretty tall and Riley has been somewhat uninspiring at nose and end. Silvera would've been helpful, but I'm not losing sleep over the DL.
  9. Yeah, I know we're all tired of hearing how close the team is but they are. Fair to question whether the current staff can get them over that hump, but I'm hopeful. Especially with the new guys.
  10. We were 21st in YPG, T-16th in Yards per Play. Should lead to a lot higher than 71st in scoring, but didn't.
  11. I'm willing to wait and see - I don't know what they were being taught, but they were not being put in positions to succeed. IIRC he looked pretty solid as a freshman, and then looked worse each year. I think he'd probably be fine with better coaching - same with Piper, Corcoran, and Benhart. There's enough talent there. @WVhuskerXX beat me to it - I know he's listed at 6'6, but he's shorter. 6'6 is what you want your tackles to be, so that's what they get listed at if they're anywhere close. @Blackshirt316 - I don't think 32 snaps is enough to say Miller is good, and I'm a little skeptical of some of the specifics in their OL grading. Piper needs to show a lot of improvement before getting penciled back into the lineup, to me he looked about the same as the tackles. Benhart and Corcoran were terrible, no argument there - but they're both very talented and I expect better coaching (and competition) to bring out better results. Back to Miller, I don't think I've heard a peep about him being a LT - I think he's RT or G only. Kinda circling this back to the actual topic - I'd love another tackle from the portal, but I don't see one worth grabbing. And we made the wrong hire if Raiola can't get 2 serviceable tackles out of Corcoran, Benhart, Prochazka, Miller, Anthony, and Bando. I lol'ed, mostly because it's already being reported that one of them (Androff) is moving to OL. He is actually 6'6 though, so not Center.
  12. I think it's pretty much try everyone who could play there, and settle on who fits best. If Teddy's back some people have been floating Corcoran, and then really any of the interior guys could do it. The switch to Center went really well for Farmer a few years ago, and Matt Farniok is on an NFL roster as a Center. Developing guys there is not as hard as we've made it look, I think Austin just never bothered developing a backup because Cam was good and any potential backups were more likely to be needed at G/T. Personally I like the sounds of Teddy at LT and Corcoran at C, but my guess is Nouili or Hixson. I think Lutovsky, Williams (transfer from Northern Colorado), and the losers of the Tackle battles are probably too big to be Centers and we'll find 2 Guards out of that group. Hixson has already played some Center, and Nouili was a pleasant surprise -for the most part.
  13. Yeah, I just don't see teams being able to keep more than 3 scholarship QBs at this point. I don't think we take Thompson if we don't expect him to be the guy, and he blocks Smothers for 2 of his 3 potential years. Then you have Haarberg, Torres, and Purdy all with 4 years to play (I think), so something's got to give there. Maybe not this year, but by the end of next year one of those 3 is gone.
  14. I think they floated the Androff to OL when Beckton was on sports nightly, and he said something along the lines of "I'm a team player, but I do not want that." But maybe getting Tagaloa eases the sting a bit, and we could use some athleticism at tackle. TE is pretty crowded as far as underclassmen go anyway.
  15. Bando did rotate at RT in one of the last games - think it was Iowa. But yeah, I think the walk-ons going on scholarship could be pretty easily be not renewed. They're generally a reward for working into the two-deep, and I don't think Liewer and Martin are there any more. Martin is super confusing to me - he was one of the few offensive bright spots against Illinois in the opener, and then nothing. I know he was hurt some, but I expected a lot more after that first game.
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