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  1. Husker in WI

    LB Jamin Graham [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Is his senior tape available anywhere? Didn't see it on Hudl and I'm intrigued.
  2. Husker in WI

    OLB Dylan Jordan

    Well he's not playing DE at 250 either. He might grow into DE, but I think Graham is athletic enough to play OLB. It feels like the staff wants a smaller OLB (Gifford) and a bigger one as a pass rusher. Obviously the smaller one still needs to be able to set the edge and rush the passer and the bigger guy needs to be able to drop in coverage some, but I don't get the sense that ~230 is their ideal weight for both OLBs. Agreed he's not quite the athlete Jordan is, but not a lot of people are. Jordan would give more flexibility because you could try and have him in man coverage at times, but I don't think they're requiring that out of the OLBs. You're not going to find many guys who are equally good at rushing the passer, setting the edge, and covering backs/slot receivers.
  3. Husker in WI

    OLB Steven Parker

    What has he rated his other visits? Maybe he's just realistic about rating his visits, some of these guys won't give anything lower than a 9.
  4. Husker in WI

    OLine Work in Progress

    Kinda surprised to see Gaylord mentioned as the potential starter, but hopefully he's the next guy who puts it all together at the end of his career. Finally some depth developing at least, but I'd feel a lot better if someone like Raridon or Bando starting making some noise. Tackle is still a little scary too, but Gaylord and Sichterman have at least seen the field and Benhart has a lot of talent, so I feel a little better than last year there.
  5. Husker in WI

    MLB 2019 Season

    I know they could technically afford it, but the Cubs have the 2nd highest payroll in the league currently. They also had a team good enough to compete for championship last year, and while obviously Harper/Machado/any other $20+ million a year player make you better, I don't know how much they increase you World Series odds on an already stacked team. They'll be fine. They're also going to have to start paying Bryant and Rizzo more than 13 and 11 million soon, and I don't think you want them to pay Harper if it means they can't pay those 2.
  6. Husker in WI

    Dedrick Mills - LOI Signed

    He did sign, he's just replying to the folks who are still worried about him actually making it to campus after signing. I agree, I don't think the coaches let him sign if they weren't sure he would make it on campus. Could be wrong, there was that DB that either never showed up or left after a week or two last summer.
  7. Husker in WI

    Ozigbo to Play in East-West Shrine Game

    Calling my shots now! Morgan - 3rd round Ozigbo - 5th round - might be the better prospect than Stan, but RBs are undervalued unless they're Zeke/Gurley type talents. Foster - 6th round Farmer - 7th round - both these lineman are better than they're being given credit for IMO. Young, Neal, Freedom, Reed, Aaron Williams, and Gifford are UDFAs, and I think Young/Reed at least stick on practice squads.
  8. Husker in WI


    I definitely do! Comparing guys who are currently healthy: Nebraska 1) Martinez - scholarship, 3 years remaining, stud 2) Vedral - scholarship, 3 years remaining 3)* Bunch - walk-on w/experience, 2 years remaining 4) McCaffrey - scholarship, 4 years remaining (5 w/redshirt) * Bunch could leave before the year UCF 1) Mack Jr. - scholarship, 3 years remaining, showed some flashes 2) Gabriel? - scholarship, 4 years remaining (5 w/redshirt) 3) Kingston- walk-on 1 game experience (no stats), 2 years remaining 4) Jones - walk-on no experience, 4 years remaining Also worth pointing out the #2-4 guys for UCF would all slot behind McCaffrey, and you could argue Mack would slot around Bunch. We're better at the top (Martinez > Mack) and have more experience and talent in our depth. If you replaced Vedral and Bunch with less experienced walk-ons, we're in a roughly similar situation but I would still like McCaffrey more than Gabriel. Wimbush is only there for a year, so the chances of somebody transferring out are pretty low - he'll be gone by the time they could play for their new school.
  9. Husker in WI


    I don't see it that way at all - it's about making sure there's always competition. You can't count on Milton coming back quickly, and it looks the only other QBs are a true freshman and a couple walk-ons. Assuming Milton isn't a full go for a while, you at least want some competition for Mack through spring and fall camp. They got real thin a QB in a hurry, so as long as Mack doesn't take it personally I'm fully onboard and believe any coach would be looking for a transfer or juco in the same situation.
  10. Husker in WI

    Chinander by the numbers

    I think we know the answer for Iowa, we just haven't had the horses on the d-line and at LB. If you can stop them from averaging 5+ yards every time they run outside zone, they can't use their changeups as much or as well. I guess we won't know that for sure until we see it, but I'm a lot more confident we do that this year. Their o-line is always good, but that's not enough without some playmakers and I just don't see any without Fant and Hockenson.
  11. Husker in WI

    Chinander by the numbers

    Yeah, they had something going last year with the 2 stud tight ends but now what? I don't see them replicating their success from this year, especially if our d-line continues to develop.
  12. Husker in WI

    Noah Fant leaving early for the NFL

    Hockenson, Amani Hooker, and Anthony Nelson are all leaving early as well. I thought Iowa was probably the favorite in the West next year before the departures. I was picking Nebraska anyway, but I thought they had a chance to be pretty good. Losing their top 2 offensive weapons, 2 really good D-linemen and 2 starters in the secondary is a lot though. Seems like they'll be a pretty standard Iowa offense next year, which isn't great if teams can match them in the trenches like I expect us to next year. A couple solid but not elite running backs, a good O-line, and some inconsistent athletes at WR. Having the TEs they did took them up a level, but it's basically Wisky Lite.
  13. Husker in WI

    Well this is interesting...

    Potential is great, but we'll see. Bart Houston was rated about the same coming out of high school, and he's not making anyone's list of great Wisconsin QBs. Injuries may have been a factor there, I don't really remember - but not every 4 star QB becomes a stud. He's also rated pretty close to what Martinez was (although I think it's easier for dual-threat QBs to make an immediate college impact), so maybe he will be phenomenal. I'm intrigued, and clearly the Wisconsin coaches love him because they were willing to burn Coan's redshirt for a low-mid tier bowl game. He shouldn't be asked to do too much with their run game, but not every freshman QB is ready right away.
  14. Husker in WI

    Huskers in 2019....

    Probably still OSU. Michigan loses some pieces on defense, and I think at this point they really don't believe they can beat OSU. The Buckeyes lose some too but they're in a better position to reload, so unless Day is a horrible coach they're the easy favorite. Penn State just isn't scary, and Michigan State hasn't had an offense since Le'veon Bell and Kirk Cousins.
  15. Husker in WI

    2018 NFL Playoffs

    I would expect the biggest Vikings/Cowboys memory to be Staubach's Hail Mary, but I guess that was a long time ago.