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  1. What's hilarious, and finally becoming evident, is a lot of offensive/defensive metrics have Iowa and Wisconsin as basically the same team with Wisconsin actually being better. The big difference has been turnovers on both sides of the ball, and then the schedules. Definitely speaks to the importance of turnovers - turn it over against great defense and it doesn't matter how bad their offense is. I have no idea what's going to happen in this game, but I like that CTB seems to be peaking and that Purdue benched their QB with 0 INTs in favor of the one who's thrown 8.
  2. To me it's a recruiting issue. Ideally the guys recruited in the last couple years are the ones sliding into the two-deep when injuries happen, not the ones already composing the entire two-deep. But looking back beyond the last couple, we just didn't hit on any tackles. Willie Canty didn't make it in 2018, he was the only tackle in the class. For 2019 Benhart is there, but now Banks is at Guard, Anderson and Fritzsche transferred, and Lynn I think is a Guard. You'd hope for a couple 17/18 kids in the two deep, but Jaimes (NFL) and Walker (DL) were the 2017 Tackles under a different staff, and Austin got no one in 2018. When that's the case '19 needed to be big for Tackle and of the 5, who all at least had the height, only one is still here and playing tackle. Could be lack of development, definitely poor recruiting though.
  3. Probably something to do with the #1 RT being on shaky ground, and everyone likes a walk-on story. #2 is a pretty big step up from the vague mass of walk-on lineman that we don't really expect to contribute. Prochazka - out for the year Yager - didn't show up Corcoran - #1 LT Conn - Guard I think? Either way, 2nd year player Miller - Working his way back into shape, I think he's the #2 LT? Benhart - #1 RT Banks - Injured So I mean the ones that are here are in the 2 deep or hurt. Not too shocking that once you get past these guys a 4th year walk-on is one of the best remaining options.
  4. What else is he going to do? I think he'll get a look in the NFL, but he'd get a longer and better paying look if he comes back and puts together another good year. He's only 21, this isn't like he's running out of time. Wouldn't shock me if he moves on but I expect him to come back.
  5. The minnesota fans who come around sometimes can correct if I'm wrong here, but I think his weight has been a constant issue. Especially where we pull a fair amount, I would think he'd have to convince our staff that he can keep it under control. Plenty of smaller schools where he could just bully people without worrying about conditioning as much.
  6. Iowa and OSU don't need multiple LB coaches because they run a 4-3 - less difference between ILB/OLB. Georgia and Bama technically split OLB/ILB, but they each have their DC taking one of those so doesn't use up a whole spot.
  7. Yeah, I don't think Vokolek's block on 12 would be as easy as it looks either - he kinda trips on Corcoran right after this screenshot. I imagine knowing it was only a yard, Martinez made a smart call to just get the yardage. But you've gotta hang onto the ball. One small thing that could've made a big difference in this game honestly is our lineman pushing piles. The play before this, looks like Rahmir has a crease to the first down but gets stonewalled - Jurgens and Sichterman are there but really don't look like they're pushing. Maybe it's all they can do to hold their ground, but some push there would be nice. And then on the fumble, Sichterman, Jurgen, and Benhart are all close enough to push the pile and don't. It's a lot harder to rip the ball away from a guy being pushed forward. Again, Adrian has to hold onto it - but we could've made it easier, or not even put ourselves in a 3rd and 1 where we needed a QB run.
  8. Lol, "implied" that he spoke directly to him? He flat out said "spoke with Devin" and "here is a quote from him." Terrible journalism, just making up a cookie cutter quote so you have one. Probably happens a fair amount to be honest, they all say very similar things. Doesn't make it ok though.
  9. Not sure why McKewon threw "in camp" in there, pretty sure Frost said he's been more consistent in the games than he had been in practice overall. Not just camp. It is a challenging balance, hard to trust guys or accurately evaluate how they compare to the other competitors if they don't practice well.
  10. Frost seemed to be in good spirits at least, in retrospect he was frequently pretty pissy in the weekday pressers when guys weren't preparing well. Just one day of practice so far though.
  11. I think it's going to be ugly at first. Even after last week I trust the defense - but with the injuries and general discombobulation of the Minnesota offense this year, I suspect Fleck and co. have done a lot of soul searching and will have quite a few wrinkles. I don't think their defense is as good as the numbers say, but they're not bad and we don't want to be playing from behind for long. I'd guess they'll have a package for the #2 QB like Michigan did, and I expect some deep shots from them. This is still a game we should win, and win handily. But we've got to be able to adjust to things like forcing the dive read on the option before an entire half of football has happened.
  12. The one I saw the Penn State guy clearly shouldn't have stood up, and when it was clear he wasn't making it to the sideline his teammates told him to go back down. There's nothing boo-able about that, and while flops definitely happen it's almost always to slow down the pace. Which is not a concern against Iowa.
  13. The decision to put Braelon Allen (freakishly athletic 6'2, 240 lb 17 year old) at RB instead of LB when he arrived is looking pretty smart now. They don't need help at LB, and getting 3 RBs thrown off the team hurts your depth a bit. He's still just an athlete playing RB, but I'm sure he's ahead of where he would be if they moved him in season. I don't think it matters a ton though, because Mertz has lost all confidence and fans are realizing their WRs were in fact overrated. OL has also been pretty shaky, but some of that is teams know exactly what's coming and Mertz isn't much of a scramble threat. They're like Iowa if Iowa wasn't forcing an incredible number of TOs and Petras actually had to try and make a play.
  14. Do y'all remember how much crap Frost took when he mentioned Iowa's clapping? Harbaugh is a clown, but when you win you can get away with it.
  15. Because when given his chances he whiffed on a protection, and didn't convert a 2nd and 2 because he went the wrong way. We ended up punting. Probably also doesn't end up with 105 yards receiving like Johnson did. Don't get me wrong, I would've liked to see more of him. But he's getting in his own way.
  16. The last one the LBs recognized it right as he released, but were so deep it was a tough tackle attempt by the time Henrich got there. It's tough because if you don't get some depth as an LB they're probably dropping it over your head, but we needed to adjust better. Henrich is around the ball a lot more than he used to be, but actual tackling is not his strength.
  17. That is what worries me a bit. It's been a grind these past few weeks for us, and Saturday was another emotionally devastating loss. Minnesota has the extra week, and despite not really playing great they control their own destiny. Fleck is a really good motivator and has time to get weird with the game plan. This is a game we need to have (like every game at this point) and should win, but there are definitely some worrying factors.
  18. I also don't see them scoring 45, but Wisconsin was giving up 1.0 YPC going into that game. ND had 32 carries for 3 yards, 20/39 if you take out the QBs. It was a pretty decent performance taking that into account. But Rutgers also held Michigan to 2.9 YPC, and while their defense looks much improved I think ours is better. I wouldn't guarantee less than 3 YPC because all it takes is one long run to break the average, but they're not going to get the 350 yards/7 per carry they were getting in the first 3 games.
  19. I just want to head this off now - there were definitely plays this year when both players were beyond the LOS, which is what Mav is talking about. There might have been plays where only the back was beyond the LOS which would be what 55 is talking about. We all understand the rules, announcers are dumb, we get it.
  20. Nationally, it would be he had an off night for Hutchinson. Here, Prochazka would obviously be the new frontrunner for the Outland trophy and should probably be a Heisman candidate.
  21. No doubt - have we ever really had a universally loved QB though? T-Mart probably got the most uncalled for flak, and AM is closing in on that. But Armstrong also took more hate than he earned. Lee and Lee maybe took more hate than they deserved, but they weren't very good so I feel like the consensus was against them in the first place. Ganz I suppose? Zac Taylor? Although people were probably still mad we didn't have a dual threat when Taylor was playing. But yeah, T-Mart, Armstrong, and Lord all got hated on way too much. None of them were perfect, but a lot of fans would ignore all positives to focus on the weak spots.
  22. This could really go either way, but I think Michigan's defense is probably the best overall unit in this game. NW is not only pretty bad this year, I think we caught them completely off guard with the game plan - we need to do that again. I like the matchup for our defense. Rutgers and Wisconsin showed the Michigan running game isn't unstoppable, and I like our secondary more than Wisky's tbh. So if we play clean, I think we can pull it out. But if we turn it over 2-3 times and hand them short fields, they could run away with it. The OL looked a lot better last week, but if we go down a couple scores they will tee off on Martinez.
  23. The benching was a knee-jerk reaction to one too many forced throws IMO. He played fairly well against OSU, and picked right back up playing well when he got in against Illinois. His numbers against NW were pretty bad, but they held a lot of QBs to ugly lines all year. If you like QBR, he actually played a lot better against NW last year than against Illinois this year, for example. There's always going to be some subjectivity here for sure, but I don't agree with people lumping his Soph/Junior years together and then saying this year is wildly different. He was playing pretty darn well last year. He has been another step up this year, but the difference between 2019 > 2020 was greater than the difference between 2020 > 2021 IMO. In the end all that matters is he's playing really well right now - gotta clean up a few overthrows per game and I'll really have nothing to critique.
  24. Not making changes on the OL until being forced is a disturbing trend. 2018, we got a lot better once Conrad got hurt and Austin was forced to move Farmer to Center. I have no inside info but really seemed like Frost was the one pushing to move Farniok to Guard. And then this year, maybe Prochaska and Nouili really weren't ready to take the jobs until this week. But considering how well they played it seems like it would've been worth a shot earlier. You don't want a revolving door, but feels like maybe he's just too loyal to the guys who win the job initially and doesn't want to drop them down the depth chart.
  25. I just still think their offense is bad enough for them to lose to anyone, ala 2009 for us. One of these days they're going to run into a team that won't just hand them the ball, and they'll get beat pretty handily. Not sure it'll be us, but we're on the right track. Penn State could blow them out, but I'm also not that confident in Clifford - if Iowa gets their turnovers it might be enough. Their schedule looked reasonably difficult going into the year, but man - Indiana hasn't looked good, Iowa State is down from last year, Wisky actually has a worse offense than them, and Penn State is probably the most favorable matchup for them of the really good East teams (OSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State). I hope they lose to Penn State, and obviously us. If they don't, they are going to get flat out embarrassed in the championship/bowl games though.
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