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  1. Wynn was on campus before fall camp. Drew was finishing up classes at Texas Tech so we knew he would be late, but then I think there were some unexpected admissions issues that made him even later than planned.
  2. Maybe thinking of Nick Gates? Although he did 3 under Riley and left early so didn't play for Frost.
  3. He did have them 2018-2020. But Farniok did not look like an NFL guy for much of his time here, and by all accounts he's solid in the league. You'd hope that talent would've been more evident here. And Jaimes went from Austin saying he could be one of the top tackles in the country to a 5th round pick - I think those guys got drafted on talent more than polish.
  4. Yeah, I guess. I'm just saying, both the players and a section of the fanbase would like something different. If you've already got a wall full of Penn State jerseys, I don't see the incentive for one with the slight differences here. Sure, some will buy it. But I think more would buy something unique. Whether it would be enough more to outweigh the fans who are pissed that they messed with the uniform, I dunno.
  5. 247 has Bill Busch as one of his primary recruiters from LSU.
  6. I'm sure the Austin/Raiola style difference is probably overblown a bit, but I don't think you can call Austin a scapegoat. Run blocking was nothing special but probably not that bad, but pass pro was atrocious and it's not like the guys in the OL room lack talent. That's on him.
  7. I understand they are iconic, but you need to do something more if you're Penn State or just don't bother. People will notice helmet numbers, which they do every year I believe. Otherwise - slightly different font for numbers! A patch and some words that are a slightly darker blue than the rest of the uniform and therefore unreadable! White trim on the sleeves, conveniently hidden because they are elastic! A blue stripe on the pants, which even some Penn State fans probably think are part of the normal uniform! Gray facemasks, which a tiny chunk of the fanbase cares about and will notice!
  8. Pitt also had 3 guys with over 500 yards, and ran the ball 37 times per game compared to 40 for us. I like a bell cow back, but I'm much more concerned about the totals and I'm not worried. We might run slightly less than 37 a game - Pitt ran ~7 more plays a game than we did, and it's just hard to get the volume of plays when you're facing Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. But this isn't going to be the air raid offense or anything.
  9. I think he actually referred the question to Mark - I just don't know if that's Whipple who was also speaking with the media that day, a member of the training staff, or a media relations guy who could tell them the full story and make sure they don't publish it.
  10. Is that for both teams, or does NW get to treat it like a true home game and suit up everyone?
  11. Interesting look here with Rahmir in an old school wingback alignment while we're under center. I assume there will be a fair amount more under center with Whipple, and that could open up some cool play designs that wouldn't have been worth pursuing when our under center game was limited to sneaks and an option package. EDIT: Actually looks like Rahmir was with the WRs today - he wasn't in the RB drill later on, and was in a WR drill.
  12. Hate to break it to you, but the system isn't changing. We'll be in more 4-2-5 looks than 3-4, but since the edge guys were OLBs it's actually one less big body than before. And I actually expect Wisconsin to be one of the teams where we do more of the 3 down lineman looks than normal. Depth was a big problem last year for sure- Allen is going to make some plays, but it helps when our nose tackle and best tackling safety were hurt, we were down to our 4th/5th string edge guys, and our 2 ILBs were running on fumes because they never got subbed out. Not to mention boneheaded plays like trying to body check tackle a RB that outweighs you by 40 pounds.
  13. Frost has always been able to scheme up yards against Wisconsin, but scoring has been a different matter. Hopefully the new coaches can help figure that out - gaining 518, 493, and 452 yards has to score more than 24, 21, and 28 points. That's been a problem in general the past 4 years, but it really shows up against Wisconsin. We have put up the most yards of any team they've faced each of the last 3 years we've played, and they were only ever threatened on the scoreboard this last time out.
  14. Reimer was also shouting him out, said he's had a great camp and is the best blitzer in the room.
  15. Sounds like as of now, Rahmir is on each of the core 4 special teams units which is very interesting for a RB. Ervin as well.
  16. He was not 280 lbs when he got here. Jurgens and Damion Daniels both said he was close to 400 - I think something like 393 is what Daniels ended up saying.
  17. I really don't buy Purdue and Minnesota as tougher games than Wisconsin and Iowa. We've got in our own way against each of those teams, but Iowa and Wisconsin can actually make plays on defense instead of just waiting for us to hand them the game. I think Purdue is going to be much worse than expected this year. I wish Minnesota would be as well, but they have a longer track record of their defense being solid and a more foolproof offense.
  18. Because by the end of the year last year we had Brody Belt playing significant snaps at RB. You need depth, and I don't think anyone is arguing that Rahmir will be our greatest running back of all time or anything. I think he can produce as the #1, but you need depth and competition. Trying to recruit over guys doesn't mean they're bad, that's just how you get better. I really have no idea how it's going to shake out though, I tend to pick the wrong horse in these kinds of things so I'm trying to not even speculate. Aaron Green and Braylon Heard were going to be an incredible duo, and that 3-star kid from Alabama was just a depth guy who wouldn't be able to get on the field.
  19. It's usually assistants, sometimes they get a quote or two from the head coaches but mostly they don't do this kind of thing. When the Athletic does this kind of thing they actually try to list the roles, like "Head coach in the Big Ten West" or "WR coach," but depending on what those guys say they have to make it pretty vague and there's rarely more than one or two head coaches. I'd be surprised if this was any different.
  20. Definitely a concern until proven otherwise, but I'm optimistic. These are talented dudes, and they do have some experience. Maybe I'm gullible, but the narrative that Austin ran a passive just get a body on a body style 1) seems to match what I saw on the field, and 2) would also seem to be easier to fix than issues with talent level or guys not fitting the scheme.
  21. I'm not overly concerned with Wynn - would've been better if he showed up ready to roll, but I expect he'll be in the top group by conference play. This would've have been last year, but Jurgens has to be talking about Weaver here: I am curious where the coaches want him to be weight-wise, and maybe it's not even a specific weight. Just needs to be able to take more than a few reps without getting gassed. But I wouldn't be shocked if it's this group week 0, with Drew and Wynn hopefully pushing to replace Feist/Hutmacher in the top group. I get the sense they like Hutmacher right now more than some of the fans do though.
  22. I think you're talking about Palmer being on a watch list and Manning not - but the watch list Palmer is on (Hornung award) is basically for KR/PRs. I think both could have huge years, but neither have the past numbers to get on a preseason all conference team or the Biletnikoff watch list.
  23. Looking back it was a little more consistent than I thought. Non conference was a mess - Ervin was sort of the starter but then Stepp got the Fordham game and Morrison was looking like the number 3. Then Rahmir came out of nowhere and it was pretty much him and Yant when available. But the availability of Yant was weird - I understand the game plans probably dictated some things, but he had 4 carries against Michigan and 0 against OSU. Think he was suspended for Wisconsin? It felt like his usage was all over the place, but without being part of the team not sure whether that's totally on him or what. Seems on a better track this year at least.
  24. Yeah that seems about right. This is also the coach who called Brody Belt the best football player on the team, so if somebody goes down or underperforms he's probably #7.
  25. Really happy to hear Omar Manning being the first name out of Mickey's mouth when asked about who was impressing so far. Also don't think I'd heard him specify that he's looking for 6 ready to play, but that does make sense. Gonna be competitive to get on the field. Mickey wasn't happy with today's practice though, and listed himself as the most consistent in the room which I think is pretty hilarious.
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