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  1. Allen has been vocal in his support of Chryst and Leonhard and did answer the rumors with something along the lines of "as long as Leonhard is at Wisconsin I'll be there too," so wouldn't shock me. But he's also a Wisconsin kid so I would bet on him sticking around once things have cooled down and he gets to talk to the new staff. They didn't make the decision to fire Chryst or not hire Leonhard, and he'll have to decide whether sticking it to the AD is worth the fans turning on him. Pretty sure he'll at least check out the portal though, and some opportunity might be too good to pass up.
  2. Right, I'm not. Just saying they ended up being better than I expected given the start of the year - I can't blame the defense for many of our post-Chins losses. But I think we can recognize and give them credit for the job they did and still be fine with bringing in new coaches.
  3. Early in the year I would also be rejoicing wholeheartedly. But my opinion of both improved a lot with Busch as DC, so I do wonder how much Chinander's style was affecting our perception. Even the returning guys like Reimer, Henrich, Feist, and Robinson looked terrible early on, and the young guys like Hausmann were totally lost. They all improved dramatically with Busch, and I don't think you can attribute all of that to the DC. I suspect Ruud and Dawson are solid coaches who were limited by Chins vision for the defense, but I won't be super bummed when they're gone. Ruud has sentimental appeal, but there are good coaches out there and neither seem to be the recruiters Rhule is looking for.
  4. He was not, actually. He was Rhule's OC at Temple and they actually ran more two-back offense, and I haven't watched a lot of South Carolina but didn't seem similar to Temple. Not sure if that's due to Satterfield changing his style, or just adapting the the team and competition.
  5. Gatorade Track player of the year for Nebraska, had a 10.54 100m at State and apparently a 10.43 PR. Fits the Rhule/Baylor model of getting athletes and developing them, his 100m time is about what Trey's was last year - and he's in high school. Seems worth a shot to me! https://playeroftheyear.gatorade.com/winner/jaylen-lloyd/39271
  6. I don't think Thornton kept ran track after HS, so quite possible he would have a better PR if he had. I'm excited to see what Palmer does, probably our only decent bet to get drafted this year. But yeah, he has questions that need answered at the combine.
  7. For sure there's exaggeration, I thought he was listed at 6'2. But he's listed at 6'1 so 5'11 and a half is probably right. I would put money on sub 4.4 though - he's a track guy, and he runs by people on the field. There's a not a direct 100m-40yard dash correlation, but for comparison Tyquan Thornton from Baylor went 4.28 in the 40 and has a 10.5 100m personal best. Palmer has a 10.42 pr in the 100. We've had plenty of football-fast guys who don't have track speed, Palmer has both.
  8. He's over 6 feet tall and will run 4.3, they'll like the measurables. There will be questions about focus drops and ability to play through contact, but he will rise through the draft process and be fine. Not top couple rounds after he was shut down a fair amount by Illinois/michigan/minnesota, but he'll be fine.
  9. Harbaugh did go to 3 conference championships and a super bowl in his 4 years in the NFL, so he's not a great example. But I do agree with you.
  10. Can Carolina actually prevent it from going forward? I could see them being pissed off and potentially suing the university if they think they can prove we're underpaying him, but can they actually veto a deal? I am not familiar with coaching contracts but that seems crazy if so.
  11. I wonder about that - he's a much hotter commodity than Joseph, so I definitely thought they would. But the way they just started hemorrhaging recruits I wonder if they settled on a different guy and word is getting out to the recruits.
  12. He also left the door open for those walking to still come back, saying they could just walk again next year and he'd rather they not miss the chance if they do end up leaving. Pretty safe assumption that those not walking want to come back, but those that do walk and still have eligibility may just be on the fence.
  13. I'm hopeful that MJ got through to Whipple this week. He talked a lot about the QBs needing to prove they can lead in a game, and Smothers has been better in the games. I get that guys have to show something in practice, but you have to weigh whether what they do in practice actually carries over into the games. Seems like it hasn't been for Chubba, and I'm hoping MJ talking about proving in game leadership is a sign it'll be more Smothers.
  14. Yeah, but we needed a break. The outside two were supposed to be on the line - farthest outside seems to think he was ineligible since he only went ~1 yard downfield. If you go frame by frame the slot who was on the line is maybe a hair past 3 yards out when the ball is released and does a good job letting the DB hit him, he doesn't initiate contact. He's also moving forward, so it looks worse in full speed because he's more like 5 yards out when it's caught. I know it was an illegal formation, but what bothered me is the whiners insisted that's the only reason the play worked. Maybe they align differently if they know the slot isn't a receiver, but Allen was clearly off the line and an eligible receiver. It's embarrassing for refs to miss an alignment penalty but they miss worse things.
  15. bUt tHiS waS aN iLLegAl fOrMaTiOn!!@! Heard that from a few people. It was, but also who cares. And I never saw if the receivers checked with the ref, a lot of times the refs don't care enough to actually make the receivers get in position and just make sure the right number of them check that they are on/off the line of scrimmage.
  16. Combination of the passing play percentage not including UND (41 runs versus 21 passes) and passing play percentage counts sacks as passing plays instead of runs. I don't know that it account for scrambles, because taking out UND and swapping sacks over to passes gets to the 48%. But even then, 65th in passing play percentage is not extreme. I would like to see it a bit higher, but really just consistency would be nice. Whipple will run the ball for stretches, and then hit a point where we'll abandon it for a drive or several as soon as one run is stuffed.
  17. MJ was making 600k as our WR coach, and the guy Southern hired as HC is making 310k. I don't think it was totally about money for MJ, but yeah he was overqualified there. Why would they hire a guy who would probably leave for a better opportunity they couldn't match within 2 years?
  18. I can understand people tuning out when the product on the field is bad. But you would be out forever based on an underwhelming coach? It's a crapshoot, home run hires fail and questionable ones succeed. Fans can be upset about whoever we hire but tuning out completely based on it is shortsighted.
  19. And leave $49 million on the table? Brian will probably take another job this offseason instead of technically being fired, and if they want Kirk gone they'll have to fire him.
  20. Nobody coaches under a 1 year deal nowadays, no matter how good the opportunity is. Fickell was specifically an interim. I also don't understand sitting out a year to wait for an NFL coach who may or may not be fired. Anyone worth hiring next year that might actually say yes would say yes this year for the right price.
  21. Grant didn't do himself any favors either, I think he also wants to get it back in one play. Or maybe just wants to maximize every touch because he knows they can dry up. But two examples, first of which I can't find in any videos but it was this play: He could've put his head down and got the first down, but he tried to bounce it and got cut down 2 yards short. Then a poorly executed rollout and we punt. Weirdly on the 10 yard run that got called back he did cut it upfield and had the first down. Second example is his fumble - maybe he fumbles anyway, but he had no business trying to reverse field here and put himself in a bad position. This wasn't going to be a huge play or anything, but we've got a hat for a hat here and he just bails. Again, some of that is probably trying to maximize the touches he gets and time was not on our side. You don't want to totally coach the cutbacks out of him because he's had some really good ones, but these were two bad decisions and they both hurt.
  22. Allick is the only freshman that played extensively, and she was easily our best player all night. It was a weird one.
  23. He was solid for them when he got on the field, just couldn't stay healthy.
  24. Current FEI Rankings for non-conference opponents: Nebraska Michigan Colorado - 121 East Carolina - 47 NIU - 103 UNLV - 106 La. Tech - 114 Bowling Green - 111 Pretty similar, but they do have a legitimately decent opponent and we don't. You can argue Colorado should have been the best team on either schedule when these were put on the calendars, but right now we have the easier non-conference schedule.
  25. Per Busch today, Garrett Snodgrass is finally healthy. He's not a game changer by any means but I thought he played well in the little time he had in 20/21, and we are desperate for some depth at LB.
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