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  1. @Undone I meant that more for BigRedBuster's "everyone had to deal with the same issues" comment.
  2. I ain't talking about the Huskers, I'm talking about the entirety of college football in 2020. It was a bulls#!t season, and pretending that it affected every team in the country equally is also bulls#!t.
  3. Not to take away anyone's trophies or anything, but I still mostly think of the 2020 season in general as a series of exhibition games - don't read too much into it.
  4. Ugh, don't put a 3-year average as the last point on a line graph!
  5. Here's a newspaper clipping from 1919 for "The Nebraska Aggies - University School of Agriculture" showing players and coaches with names: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/14039876/ If you view the full page, there's also an advertisement for a Nebraska vs Kansas homecoming football game. If you're curious, we won that game 19-7.
  6. So basically you're saying that... Frost should talk to Lubick during the game? I dunno, man, seems sus.
  7. He did mention our Senior Offensive Analyst Frank Verducci, though. (He works primarily with the offensive line.) https://huskers.com/staff-directory/frank-verducci/488
  8. @Gorillahawk And Martinez seemed to have little trouble finding Stanley Morgan on deep balls in his freshman year. Kinda funny how the problem started when Stanley left, huh? But a lot of people here prefer the explanation that Verduzco cast a voodoo mind control spell on Adrian to turn him into a terrible QB.
  9. Or maybe he just wants to switch up the play-calling to change things up on opposing defenses and make our tendencies harder to judge?
  10. He's been here since Pelini, and how many of us even know his name? I notice he doesn't have Cavanaugh on his thank-you list though - apparently needed to have his love of the game rekindled after that guy.
  11. Toe

    Staff Changes

    If you go back & look at overall classes (not just Nebraska), I think there's been some grade inflation in general with the recruiting sites over the years - the average grade has drifted upward.
  12. Yep. Luke's deep throws lack any semblance of touch, he doesn't get a good spiral on the ball on those. Usually comes down to weak mechanics due to trying to compensate for a lack of arm strength.
  13. It's also kinda hard to hold onto the ball in this position:
  14. Including his (soon to be former?) head coach. If he really wants to stay at QB, I could see him landing at a G5 school on name alone. On passing ability, probably more FCS. Was Justin Fields in a losing/dispassionate/apathetic environment at Georgia? Or Joe Burrow at Ohio State? For most guys, wins and losses really don't matter nearly as much as their personal situation. If a guy ain't happy being the backup, he's gonna bail no matter what.
  15. Just the rumor mill. But with his brother Dylan leaving Michigan, well...
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