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  1. No kidding. Let's not forget that he did just lose his position coach a few months ago, and hasn't been able to spend much quality time with the new coach...
  2. Well this turn was a kick in the nuts. We lost a bunch of territories where we were favored. Wisconsin took Lincoln with just 20% odds, and Wyoming on 39%. Georgia Tech took KU on 39%. A total of five teams went after Missouri, and it went to Texas on 16% chance. We were hoping Oklahoma would pour into Missouri, since that was the only non-allied/NAP territory they bordered, but they didn't send much. I think OU is basically just turtling in their home state at this point. We were thinking we might be able to eliminate Stanford this turn. Instead, OSU basically pulled out of the northwest and left their territories to be claimed by Stanford. So now we've ended up with our territories really scattered. I assume that most of the fight tomorrow will be to retake the middle so that our territories are contiguous.
  3. Important: Make sure that you see the little green popup that confirms your move each day! They've been having problems with some moves not registering on the site. To double-check, refresh the page, and your move should still be highlighted in the Actions area at the bottom.
  4. @deedsker Hells to the yeah! Damn, it took me like sixty-five turns (including last game) to get an MVP. Anyway, tonight's update: now that's more like it! As I expected, we pretty much annexed all of Stanford's adjacent territories, and we gained Minnesota on the eastern front. Texas is gone, replaced by Georgia Tech. There's reports that they're working with Wisky and OSU, so they might try to hit us hard. We border OSU and Meatchicken out west, but the eastern front is still a much bigger concern right now.
  5. Alright, I had to make one myself. When you have the most star power in the game, but only nine territories.
  6. Our territories are about the same in number tonight, but shifted more to the north and west as we see more pressure from Texas. Oddly though, there was hardly any fighting in Lincoln tonight. We, uhh, might wanna defend that a bit more tonight. Holy crap, Meatchicken got reamed tonight! They went from holding 15 territories down to 9. Notable that we don't border any of their territories at the moment, so that's one less thing to worry about. Stanford's territories on our west are probably the easiest target this turn, although grabbing the territories in Utah would put us in closer contact with OSU and Michigan. We'll need plenty of defense against Texas and Wisconsin on our east (Nebraska, Wyoming, and KU territories), and hopefully we can push them back a bit. Thankfully, we're still not seeing any aggression from OU, so that's one less thing to worry about. (Of course, there's one nut on Discord who wants us to ally with Texas, which would almost certainly bring war from OU and A&M, so...)
  7. Welp, time to go cow shootin' - the Longhorns just took Missouri. Glad to see we took Wyoming, but we'll have to defend it well with Ohio State, Stanford, Meatchicken, and Wisconsin all bordering it. If you're not sure on a move today, either of those would be a good suggestion.
  8. A&M just declared war on Meatchicken. We're not allied with A&M anymore, but we're still neutral with them and against Michigan. Might be a good time to grab some territories from the Wolverines... Also, we're still not sure how much of an attack we're gonna see from Georgia Tech tonight. But again, we're mostly playing neutral for the moment, except for vs Wisconsin. We're hoping for some new alliance opportunities to open up as the landscape changes.
  9. Tonight's update: We recaptured Madison! Georgia Tech took Missouri from us, and it wasn't a small rogue force. We've largely been neutral toward them previously, so we'll see where this is going... We've lost the last of our foothold on the west coast. California and Nevada currently look like a hotdog stand.
  10. Lincoln is looking like friggin' Stalingrad. It might be the overall most contested territory at this point. (You can see where the biggest battles were on the leaderboard.) We held onto it again tonight, but we had just a 20% chance to do so.
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