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  1. Against FBS teams, it's only about a 1.6 PPG advantage, and pretty much all of that is just from the Northwestern blowout. If you also exclude Northwestern, we scored 22.7 PPG vs giving up 25.8 PPG.
  2. From all accounts I've heard, the offensive plan is Whipple's passing scheme and Frost's running scheme, ie the overall running scheme is basically the same as before. And from what I've heard, most of improvement is on the running side. So if the overall running scheme hasn't changed but performance has improved there, wouldn't that mean that it's the OL coaching philosophy change that made the difference? And let's not pretend that the problems with the offensive line were all schematic. The number of penalties they racked up were arguably an even bigger problem than the blocking. That falls squarely on Austin.
  3. I don't know if I buy that. How many offensive linemen have we had leave with eligibility remaining?
  4. @BigRedBuster I like that trend line for the defense, at least...
  5. And Collin Wilson's betting power ratings has us at #16. https://www.actionnetwork.com/ncaaf/2022-college-football-betting-power-ratings
  6. The outlier team that made the playoff without being one of the top two recruiters in their division would be Michigan State (Ohio State and Michigan are the top two recruiters in the Big Ten East).
  7. Was that supposed to be sarcastic? Because that sounds like standard coachspeak, and almost identical to some things Frost has said, like this:
  8. Yeah, I think he's probably the weakest link in the secondary. He's got the skills, but not the speed.
  9. Feels like there's probably more to the story than what we're hearing...
  10. The last couple years, we've basically been a decent pass rush away from being pretty salty on defense. With the addition of Mathis and with Nelson and Tannor continuing to develop, I'm cautiously optimistic about the defense being able to reach the next level this year.
  11. I think it's gonna be a mixed bag with the O-line this year. On one hand, we lost some talent that we don't really have a replacement for, and coaching up the other guys won't happen overnight. On the other hand, I think we'll benefit from a change in philosophy in coaching, especially on run blocking.
  12. Yeah, from the sound of things, there won't be a single guy who's the direct replacement for Jojo's role this year. Which isn't much of a surprise, really.
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