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  1. Toe

    The best hit ever

    Oh, hello new person bumping a thread from three years ago.
  2. "A temptingly tasteful comedy for adults who can count." Damn kids, get off my Tom Osborne Field! *shakes cane menacingly*
  3. TBH I'm surprised to see Armstrong listed as a QB and not some other position. Other QBs on their roster: Grayson, Garrett (Colorado State, 2015 3rd-round draft pic, played on practice squads for Saints and Falcons) Linehan, Matt (Idaho, son of Cowboys OC Scott Linehan) McQueary, Quinn (Montana Tech) Pujals, Peter (Holy Cross, 2018 Vikings free agent signee, cut in August) So where do you see Armstrong on that list? I would think at least behind the two guys who got a shot at being NFL QBs. What kind of offense does Erickson run?
  4. Toe

    Minnesota Week Pressers

    @PlzCoolerMe Looks like the nails to hold it up are spaced wrong, might have something to do with why it's not hung.
  5. Toe

    Minnesota Week Pressers

    TBH, I'd say quitting when things got tough is exactly what happened against Michigan. Whether it's really improved that much in the last few weeks, I don't know.
  6. Ditto previous comments from those who didn't think Ozigbo would amount to much in this offense. He was a 3* tho. https://247sports.com/Player/Devine-Ozigbo-27459/high-school-45331/
  7. Bowling Green just fired head coach Mike Jinks, and named Carl Pelini their new interim head coach. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/10/14/17969238/mike-jinks-fired-bowling-green
  8. Toe

    Defensive Issues - Who's more at fault?

    This I think is our most glaring weakness. First of all, for anyone who doesn't know, 3-4 D-linemen are usually not expected to get a whole lot of pressure or make a ton of plays on their own. That should be obvious just from the numbers: 3 DL vs 5 OL - it's kind of a thankless job, really. So yeah, you need some real edge rushing OLBs to be the attack dogs. But uhhh... we don't have any. Northwestern was picking up everything we threw at them all day long. And TBH, I doubt that our current guys will ever really develop into them, regardless of coaching. I hope we're in on some JUCOs who can step in and fill that role next year. That, or find a scheme that works for the guys we've got...
  9. Toe

    Face facts. This is the worst Husker team in history.

    @chamrocck Add 'thinks' to my post or leave it off as you like, it's true either way.
  10. Toe

    Face facts. This is the worst Husker team in history.

    @chamrocck No, not every team is 'better than their record' or 'one play away from winning'. Last year's team, for example, really was every bit as bad as its record. This year's team is not.
  11. Toe

    Face facts. This is the worst Husker team in history.

    For all its problems, this team is nowhere near as bad as its record. Wisconsin was tough, but the only game that was totally out of reach was Michigan. This team is 0-6 when it could easily be more like 5-2. Now if they could just stop finding ways to lose the games they should be winning. Really, in a way it reminds me of Riley's first year: those players were nowhere near as bad as their record. The difference this year is that I still feel like we're heading in the right direction, whereas I never really felt that way when Riley was here.
  12. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/24973188/noah-vedral-quarterback-nebraska-cornhuskers-eligible-saturday
  13. Toe

    Hot Sauces

    Ditto Tapatio, a little better than Cholula IMO. Tabasco is too damn vinegary, though their chipotle sauce ain't bad. Shark is my favorite Thai sriracha, especially the 'strong' version, although the American-made Huy Fong rooster stuff is good too. Sometimes I just grab whatever sounds good at the store. The other day I bought a couple bottles of Torched hot sauces that I found on the clearance rack at Home Goods. Pretty good, I might go back & try the other flavors, but I wouldn't pay the regular price for them.
  14. Toe

    Beaver tampering(not the good kind)

    I think the general consensus is that it's fine as long as the player makes first contact, right? That's the way it supposedly was with Vedral.