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  1. Toe


    If you're using Firefox, it's probably because you have tracking protection set to Strict. Try opening the Menu, go to Content Blocking, and set it to Standard instead of Strict.
  2. Toe


    @knapplc Sure, rearranging things would mostly just be a matter of changing the order attributes above, and this would make avatars square: .cAuthorPane_photo img { border-radius: 0; }
  3. Toe

    Intro song suggestion

    Ahh, that time of year for another thread like this again, eh? I'll reiterate my previous stance on this: something from this century, please.
  4. Toe


    I could give you some CSS to change the layout if you want. It would just need to be copied & pasted in. Just as a quick & dirty test in my browser, this is what I came up with. If you're interested, I could polish it up a little more. /* user info container */ .cAuthorPane_info { display: flex; flex-direction: row; flex-wrap: wrap; width: 170px; } .cAuthorPane_info li { order: 20; } /* user title icon container */ .cAuthorPane_info li:nth-child(2) { order: 0; } /* user title icon */ .cAuthorPane_info li:nth-child(2) img { width: 20px; } /* user title text */ .cAuthorPane_info li:nth-child(1) { /*! width: 100px; */ flex: 0 0 150px; text-align: left; order: 1; box-sizing: border-box; padding-left: 1em; } /* user group text (members/donors/mods/admins) */ .cAuthorPane_info li:nth-child(4) { flex: 0 0 150px; text-align: left; order: 3; box-sizing: border-box; padding-left: 1em; } /* user group icon container */ .cAuthorPane_info li:nth-child(5) { order: 2; } /* user group icon */ .cAuthorGroupIcon { width: 20px; } /* avatar container */ .cAuthorPane_photo { flex: 0 0 100%; order: 10; }
  5. Toe

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    And then there's also the part where they kicked #2 Ohio State's a$$ all over the place.
  6. Toe

    The era of "All Gas, No Brakes"

    There appears to be a few rap songs with that name. This one was uploaded in 2009:
  7. Toe

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    I was OK with having Penn State as an annual cross-division matchup, as brief as that was...
  8. Toe

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    Are you a Penn State fan or something?
  9. Toe

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    @knapplc What's supposed to be the thing to watch is that Oklahoma's third-tier media rights expire in 2022, and a new post-2022 deal is supposed to be announced next year. Supposedly Fox Sports is going in hard on that deal to help ease OU's path into the Big Ten and BTN. Supposedly.
  10. Hello, CD listeners. We've come to the point in this album where those listening on cassette (or records) will have to stand up (or sit down) and turn over the record (or tape). In fairness to those listeners, we'll now take a few seconds before we begin side two.


    Thank you. Here's side two.

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    2. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      Yeah, I know, but it was trippy reading that only to hear a song from the album come on.

    3. OH HSKR FAN


      Full Moon Fever album?

    4. Toe


      @OH HSKR FAN Yep! Played after Runnin' Down a Dream at the end of Side 1 on the CD version (and in turn most versions you find online).

  11. I never understood why, after all the work they've done, they couldn't put something over those corners...
  12. Toe

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    Uhh, little off on the dates there, Gerry. We officially joined on July 1, 2011, which will be 8 years ago next month. The agreement to join was on June 11, 2010, ie 9 years ago tomorrow (I can remember the date because it's my brother's birthday, and I remember talking about the news with him.)
  13. Toe

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    The charges might not amount to much, legally, but at this point you have to at least consider Washington unreliable because his decisonmaking is suspect. We need to have somebody ready to step up as the new #1, at the start of the season or at any time Washington is here.