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  1. Well there it is, the dumbest thing I'll read all day.
  2. Time to flip the calendar over to Year 3...
  3. I keep seeing his name and wanting to yell "Hey Mister Williams!"
  4. Seriously, I can understand being critical of the defense, but I really don't get how some of you are so damn blind to the fact that the offense was just as bad, and arguably even worse. #71 scoring offense, #66 scoring defense.
  5. Minnesota held us completely scoreless save for one TD in garbage time. I mean hell, even Maryland put up 10 points against Minnesota. Did you lose all faith that you kinda still had in Frost that day?
  6. I get that you're cherry-picking one single stat out of many to fit your narrative, sure. Here, since you like them so much, have some other cherry-picked stats: #116 in red-zone conversion, #99 in 4th-down conversions, #86 in sacks allowed, #82 in passing offense.
  7. If you took a survey, I would bet that more of them dream of collecting fat NFL paychecks than being in college record books.
  8. @FrostedTips You only need to paste the link to the tweet on here, like this: https://twitter.com/CoachAshby2/status/1202054455329533952?s=20 If you're on Twitter, hit the share button under the tweet and then copy link to tweet. Paste that in the box on here and it'll automatically embed it.
  9. We also broke even on turnover margin. We've only finished even or positive on turnovers one other time in the last decade.
  10. I can think of a lot of guys I'd rather have in a role like that...
  11. TLDR: The defense improved a bit while the offense took a nosedive, but people still wanna blame Chinander...
  12. When your entire linebacker corps needs an overhaul like ours does, well, there's certainly an opportunity for guys to play right away...
  13. @BIG ERN 247 and Rivals both show him visiting this weekend, FWIW.
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