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  1. Toe

    2019 AP Preseason Top 25

    A round of Kool-Aid for Athlon for putting us at #17!
  2. Toe

    Maximum Football 19

    I think I'd rather just play NCAA Football '14 with a roster update. I doubt this new game will be as good. https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/ncaa-football-rosters/
  3. Toe

    5 programs primed for resurgence: Nebraska

    Yeah, you only have a handful of posts here, and you've been pimping same obscure site here for four years now, all articles written by the same guy. I'm guessing you're Clint?
  4. Toe

    5 programs primed for resurgence: Nebraska

    Time for another 'here's a link to my blog post' thread, eh?
  5. Toe

    Springtime in Husker Nation

    Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this son of York Wood River.
  6. Toe

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    (edit: wrong thread)
  7. @ZMagers22 I think @B.B. Hemingway was referring to the development of the brain itself, which doesn't finish growing until you're around 24. You might stop getting taller at around 18 or so, but your body - and especially your brain - isn't fully developed until your mid-20s.
  8. So it sounds like the same thing is happening in Nebraska as what's been happening here in Texas? Texas legalized low-THC hemp crops recently. But now a lot of the county DAs are saying "There's no way for an officer to legitimately distinguish between the legal and illegal stuff. The only way to tell is to have a lab test it, and we ain't got the labs for that, nor do we have the money to send it to outside labs for testing. So unless it's a felony or there's other major crimes involved, we aren't gonna prosecute it." Effectively, it's been decriminalized in much of the state. Is that what's going on in NE?
  9. Toe

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    Nah, Banker ran a 4-3, with a lot of quarters coverage. His scheme was a little like Michigan State's, except s#!tty.
  10. @ttkpga If you're getting some sort of interference on your wifi, or if you're streaming video to all of the TVs in your house at the same time, maybe. I would say probably not, though. Remember that your wifi is just one link in the signal chain. Data sent across the internet will typically go through ten or more different systems (routers/switches/etc) before if gets to its final destination, and any one of them could theoretically be the weakest link.
  11. Toe

    Huskers in the NFL - 2018

    @knapplc It's the one right below this one.
  12. Toe

    Huskers in the NFL - 2018

    I beat @knapplc to posting this news in the Huskers in the NFL 2019 thread, so he had to go bump last year's thread so he'd have a place to post it.
  13. Toe

    Huskers in 2019....

    I think ESPN still has first dibs on most games, don't they? EDIT: This article is a couple years old, but it says ESPN/ABC airs 27 Big Ten football games, with at least six of them being in prime time. Fox/FS1 airs 24-27, nine of which will be in prime time, plus the B1G Championship. Fox gets first pick most weeks, but ESPN has priority in some weeks. https://awfulannouncing.com/ncaa/know-new-big-ten-rights-deal.html
  14. Toe

    Huskers in the NFL - 2019

    Yeah, definitely best to not get too excited. The only question is what took so long...
  15. Toe

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    Assuming you meant Farmageddon, that's already used for K-State vs Iowa State.