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  1. Backwards passes/laterals that the receiver doesn't catch count as fumbles too, don't they? Hence why it's a live ball.
  2. My other thought was some kind of legal action over last year's covid debacle, but I can't imagine anyone would announce that sort of thing over Twitter.
  3. No idea who this guy is. Something to do with NIL stuff, maybe? Dunno why B1G HQ would be upset, though.
  4. OK, but it's worth remembering that basketball season has three times as many games as football.
  5. *wonders how long it will take people to learn how to spell Ervin's name*
  6. Yeah, watching in slow-mo, I'm pretty sure his jersey says Riley.
  7. Another way to look at potential teams is to look at their athletic department revenues. An obvious caveat, though: a lot of that comes from a team's conference and its TV contracts, which would change if the school changed conferences. So it's only really an apples to apples comparison if you compare two teams from the same conference - you're looking more for potential revenue than anything. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances Couple things that stand out from that: the Pac-12 only has one team in the top 25. Trying to run a network on their own (without partner
  8. Good to hear, considering that reports from spring about him were less than stellar. (Tons of physical talent, but reportedly wasn't picking up the offense well.) And more broadly, it's good to hear that because of the number of WRs we've had in the last few years who bailed at the first sign of adversity!
  9. I mean, the guy we had navigating the last conference realignment wasn't exactly young...
  10. Spelling and knowing your homophones are important, too. *Capital letters
  11. Now if Tom Rathman decided he wanted a job at Nebraska, I'd be OK with that...
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