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  1. OK, I haven't been following things too closely, but this ESPN headline gave me a heart attack there for a second! https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/recap?gameId=401166189
  2. They forgot 'Athletic Director hellbent on remaking the program in his image'.
  3. I learned not to f#&% with Cats twenty years ago!
  4. Toe

    Bo to LSU?

    Somebody on Reddit said "Judging how Nebraska has done since Bo Pelini was fired for winning 9 games, I’d say it’s a good hire." I can't disagree with that logic... :|
  5. Did you mean 2015? Because I know trying to minimize how good Bo's teams were is a popular passtime for some around here, but that's factually incorrect. In 2012, Spencer Long was consensus first team All-Conference, Taylor Martinez was on coaches first team list, and Brett Maher, Eric Martin, and Damion Stafford were on the media first team list. In 2013, Ameer Abdullah and Randy Gregory were consensus, and Ciante Evans was on the coaches list. In 2014, Randy Gregory was consensus and Kenny Bell was on the coaches team. After that, it's just Sam Foltz's consensus 2015 pick. No offensive or defensive players have from Nebraska have been a first team selection on either list since Bo left.
  6. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28569438/kobe-bryant-dead-helicopter-crash
  7. Don't women have enough to worry about without spreading made-up BS like this around?
  8. "NCAA president Mark Emmert said a consensus is growing among college sports leaders that college athletes will soon be allowed to make money from business ventures that aren't directly related to their athletic ability." https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/28550350/mark-emmert-clear-consensus-need-change-athlete-pay-rules
  9. BTN is coming to Sling! It'll be available in time for football season this fall. At $45/mo, this would be the cheapest option with all of the major sports chanels. https://247sports.com/Article/Big-Ten-Network-college-football-streaming-service-Sling-TV-prices-raised-Fox-News-141025566/
  10. @knapplc More like hard to believe he's still around. He'll be a redshirt junior, fourth year. And apparently still an undeclared major, lol. Though he did get honor roll in spring; I remember there was originally a lot of question of whether he would qualify academically. https://huskers.com/sports/football/roster/jaylin-bradley/41587
  11. Toe

    QB Taron Dickens

    Well, he's certainly aiming high with his Twitter handle!
  12. Toe

    RB Zachary Evans

    He's right at the top of the list of guys Frost is following: https://twitter.com/coach_frost/following
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