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  1. The computers like Michigan State but the humans like Nebraska. As weak as our rushing defense has been, their rushing offense is worse: it's currently ranked #117. What I'm worried about is guys on our side who are dinged up and might not play on Saturday...
  2. Toe

    Guy Thomas gone?

    We need to have like a final death toll thread on the 2017 class when the season is over.
  3. Toe


    IDK about other browsers, but if you're using Firefox and have tracking protection turned on, it'll show a text-only version of the tweet.
  4. Toe


    ^ fixed
  5. Huh, guess I'm on the rep points leaderboard now. Looks like I'm the only one with more points than posts, too. (Fru is pretty close, though.)



  6. Toe

    Brohm gone?

    Expanded quote: “I’ve heard the noise just like everyone,” Brohm said. “Unfortunately, it’s important for me to not comment on any speculation. Right now, I have a job and we’ve got work to do. We’re going to put forth the effort to do that. We have a tough opponent this week then we have to go to IU. We’re going to have to play well. We have to play much better than we did last week. I’m going to stay focused on that. I’m very appreciative of the job I have right now.” Certainly a non-denial...
  7. Toe

    Anyone Remember This?

    This is no ordinary necroposting. This is... Advanced Necroposting.
  8. Toe

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    2 wins in their last five games. In one of those wins, they put up 15 points, and in the other, they put up 14 points. That's an offense you wanna play for! Good enough for 2nd in the SEC East!
  9. Well, we're both teams capable of beating up on Minnesota, we can say that at least. (53-28 vs us, 55-31 vs Illinois)
  10. Toe

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    I usually stay out of this board, but since I happened to notice the thread title...
  11. Toe

    Mo Washington

    He actually meant Walter Camp. Common misunderstanding.
  12. Toe

    May as well get hypothetical today..

    Not happening. Even if we won out and managed to sneak into a bowl and win it, we ain't gonna be ranked in the preseason. Maybe receiving a a few votes, but that's about it.