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  1. You might as well throw out any thoughts about who is the best RB on the team, because it's probably just going to come down to who is healthy.
  2. Most of what I've heard about Yant made him sound like more of a physically imposing goalline back.
  3. Ehh, it kinda depends what you mean by 'horrible'. Like if you look at the ratings & rankings, Riley & Keith Williams were absolutely outstanding WR recruiters. But in terms of recruiting guys who actually stick around, yeah, that was horrible - it left us with a huge void in the offense that we're still trying to fill. And frankly, so far it's been the same story for Frost - he's recruited some highly rated WRs, yet here we are heading into year four trying to break in what's practically a whole new squad.
  4. $5 bits of broken... guitar? Will be going up for auction this fall to benefit Team Jack.
  5. @BigRedBuster I would say the problem is more the athletes not involved in the screen. Screen passes are a lot harder to defend (and hence more likely to be successful) when you've got a legit deep threat that defenders have to respect.
  6. Or for that matter any other year. Recruiting doesn't mean s#!t if the talent doesn't stick around, and that's been a rather large problem at certain positions. Emphasis on that last part - it's been a particularly big problem with the WRs, where we'll be fielding a squad that's almost entirely new this year.
  7. That, and fact that they weren't able to do an in-person evaluation due to covid.
  8. @lo country AFAICT the story with the RBs is injuries everywhere. Like damn near all of them have missed at least some of this spring due to injuries. I swear we're gonna have to keep them in bubble wrap until August. Heading into this year, my biggest concern by far was our WRs, but if we can't keep dudes healthy, RB could be our biggest problem.
  9. ^ This! Get some legit deep threats at WR, and you fix about 3/4 of the problems with this offense, and 1/2 the problems with the team as a whole. Waaay too many people wanna blame Martinez (and Verduzco by extension), and don't really seem to grasp just how dogs#!t godawful a lot of the players surrounding him have been.
  10. Yeah, I'm pretty much thinking Toure will look like a better version of Spielman in the slot. In theory, anyway.
  11. @MyBloodIsRed16 Yeah, he was originally recruited by Cav.
  12. Too bad he'd probably be flagged for interference for having his hand on the shoulder like that...
  13. Ahem. I believe you mean Nebraska Drill.
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