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  1. chamrocck

    DT Jamar Sekona

    Suh 2
  2. chamrocck

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    Watched the spring game casually. Three takeaways: 1). Cam Taylor looks like he will be one of our better defenders. Excited about his potential. 2). Luke McCaffrey is a serious running threat. Has that TMart extra gear once he gets passed first level. Needs to work on his passing game. 3). Pickering made his kicks and was solid. GBR!
  3. chamrocck

    WR Zavier Betts [Nebraska Commit]

    I think it has more to do with this. Welcome Mr. Betts!
  4. 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Saw/heard this and had to look it up. Perfect for this skater...mesmerizing. Links here: and an earlier performance:
  5. chamrocck

    OLB Raesjon Davis

    Football factory HS in SoCal. Lots of USC recruits. Was Cameron Meredith our last recruit from this HS? Here is a Mater Dei recruit that if he doesn't end up going to USC or UCLA would be a good pull for us. https://247sports.com/Player/George-Miki-Han-46050950/
  6. chamrocck

    OT Turner Corcoran [Nebraska Commit]

    Many excellent OL recruits within geography for 2020...Corcoran, Gentry, Atteberry.
  7. chamrocck

    OLB Eugene Asante [North Carolina - Signed LOI]

    I wanted Asante more than the other OLB's we spent so much time on. Assumption was he was solid to VA Tech so we weren't pursuing him as much? This one hurts that NC gets him.
  8. chamrocck

    R Burkhead

    I was rooting for the Rams but glad to see Rex do well.
  9. chamrocck

    Other College Football Recruiting News

    Well done so far at #13. I have always said we need top 15 classes year in and year out. If we get them, we will play and win our fair share of Big Ten Championships. After that anything can happen in the playoff. This is what I am looking for Frost to build for a long, long time.
  10. Line play on both sides of the ball. If it is good we can be a dangerous and ranked team. If it is poor we should still be fun to watch.
  11. chamrocck

    OLB Eugene Asante [North Carolina - Signed LOI]

    I hope this means we are getting the other OLB's on our board bc I like this kid...legacy and a wrecker on defense and ST.
  12. In the Alabama vs Clemson 4 games whichever team wore white won.