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  1. chamrocck


    I heard that on today's broadcast. This is jaw dropping! Is this for real...if so it would be very interesting to see how this compares across the rest of college football. I wasn't really into the conspiracy theory before but if this stat is true then I have changed my mind...that is crazy. To add to the theory I am wondering if Riley's nice guy, awe shucks they missed that call has emboldened these calls not to happen for us? Pelini would have kicked their a$$ so maybe this is some weird payback against the program. Not ready to put on the tin foil hat just yet but definitely think this should be looked at. If we are at 21 games is the next program even half of that?
  2. chamrocck

    First Frost-Era Win - Congratulations!

    I am amazed when I watch other college football games at the number of empty seats. OU at TCU today...lots of empty seats. Michigan at Michigan St...empty seats. I know there was weather at that game but really Sparty? The Rose Bowl is vacant tonight as UCLA plays Arizona. Despite a rough start to this season our fans show up at other stadiums and pack Memorial. I live in CA so go to the games when NU plays out here. But I give our fans mad props...AWESOME support and Frost and the players know it.
  3. Offense really showing some good progress especially in the running game. I like our Thunder and Lightning approach with Ozigbo and Washington. Martinez had a great game. Our offense should consistently dominate lesser opponents but still needs improvement against better teams. Would like to see another receiver (outside of JD and Stan) step up; also to see the TE as more of a weapon. The defense and special teams are still works in progress. It is easy to see we just have more of the pieces on offense right now vs defense.
  4. chamrocck

    Purdue 49 Ohio State 20

    Ohio State sucks...who can we steal?
  5. chamrocck

    Stealing Nebraska's identity

    If we can perform on offense like some of the Oregon and UCF teams then I will be very happy with that identity. Defense is also an area where our brand has suffered. New rules will dictate that we won't have big hitters in the secondary like the days gone by, but edge rushers and speed to make TFL's will do a lot to re-brand the defense. Defense is getting less and less about big hits and more about INT's, creating turnovers, and getting sacks/TFL's. Basically playmakers needed on defense.
  6. chamrocck

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    I don't have the data but it feels to me like we have won some skill player battles against better schools while OL and DL not as much beating good schools in recruiting. Somebody probably has the average score by position. One thing I have not seen despite the great need for several years is the recruitment of a monster pass rusher. A guy that is brought in especially for that skill. Randy Gregory is the last one I recall. There has not been speed off the edge since and we have suffered for that dearly. Instead of recruiting zero edge rushers, it must be a priority to get multiple pass rushers. You can't continue to strike out in this area and I contend we have.
  7. chamrocck

    Rank the alternates

    2013 with shout out to the boneyard/skull/skeleton/blackshirts/throw the bones theme. At least that is what I got from it.
  8. chamrocck

    *** Minnesota Prediction Contest ***

    The Chair Is Ours Nebby 31 Minny 27 Air 243 Ground 171
  9. chamrocck

    Call your shot: How many wins left?

    Went with 3. After our first 2 losses I have not picked us to win again so I am on a 4 game winning losing streak. But I am calling an end to it this weekend. We are taking Minny down. And I also really want that chair back!
  10. chamrocck

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    I'm not disagreeing we need to recruit all positions. But I am saying we have had an overemphasis on skill positions and not much focus on OL and DL. I'm glad we won some battles for some skill guys (great job in getting our QB) but it is obvious we lack with line play on both sides. With lines as the foundation of your team we basically are lacking severely so yes that is a lot of positions to recruit for. This is an obvious fact especially at high school and college. You can have great QB's and some stud receivers but without any OL to protect and block you are going to lose. Without a DL you make the other team look fantastic with worse QB's and skill players. This has been Nebraska football for the last several years (losing while making other offenses look great against us). So yes Frost and Co. need to fix it...no apologies for that.
  11. chamrocck

    Face facts. This is the worst Husker team in history.

    "Thinks" their better than their record. "Thinks" being the key word. We are better than our record but not so good that we have a winning record. We have no one on either LOS that is next level at all. Tough way to try to win games.
  12. chamrocck

    Face facts. This is the worst Husker team in history.

    I don't think we are as bad as our record but 5-2 is pure kool-aid. We should have won today, we should have won at least one other game and that's it. It's not like other teams don't say "we were one play away from winning" when they lose. Everyone thinks their better than their record and while we are better than our record it still is like a 2-4 team with a ton to fix.
  13. chamrocck

    Defensive Issues - Who's more at fault?

    This post is so much what I would say it is scary. +1 for you.
  14. chamrocck

    Northwestern Post-Game Presser

    Frost...we need to cover better, get a pass rush, and recruit. Glad we at least know the major problems. Lots to fix.
  15. chamrocck

    Defensive Issues - Who's more at fault?

    Never fails. Watch teams that play coverage this way...they typically lose games in both college and pro. Very few DB's have the talent to play this style well so the coaching of this garbage man coverage concept has to go. With the way reffing is going to favor the offense these days, why coach this?