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  1. As Horns Down is now a taunt, if other teams Throw The Bones when they make a defensive play on us, is that a taunt?  Just sayin'...but also not expecting favors like Texass. 

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    2. NoKoolAidForME


      The funny thing about this whole this is TX did not complain or whine as people are saying. Lincoln Riley requested a clarification on if a penalty would be called before the game and the Texas conference said like any taunting call or unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, it would be the refs discretion. 

    3. Enhance


      Didn't an opposing player get a penalty for Throwing the Bones sometime during the Pelini era?

    4. GSG


      I hope throwing the bones becomes a penalty against us for murdering offenses

  2. chamrocck

    Big announcement coming?

    How are we flying the balloons under the dome? Retractable escape hatch? Or I got...instead the balloons are non-helium and in a big net at the top of the dome. When we win the balloons are released and fall from the sky.
  3. chamrocck

    2018 College Football Playoff Rankings

    1) Alabama 2) Clemson 3) Notre Dame 4) Oklahoma 5) Ohio State 6) Georgia 7) UCF 8) Washington This is how I 'd stack them up. Georgia is a good team but can't believe all the love for them losing. You drop when you lose and teams behind you win their conference championships. They had their shot and lost. Just last week same pundits were saying OSU because look how they took care of Michigan. Well, OSU is not going to make it. So how does Georgia get in when they somewhat choked away the game and let Bama's "back-up" QB beat them. Not happening. OSU to the Rose. And Georgia to the Sugar is not bad for either team. And I am not for a 8 team playoff. It just diminishes the regular season and bowl games.
  4. chamrocck

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska Commit]

    You mean did he give Wandale the finger point? That's all we need to know.
  5. chamrocck

    DE Ty Robinson

    Would be a huge get and help draw other recruits in for the final month...so this makes too much sense if true. He can help the class finish strong.
  6. chamrocck

    ATH Zay Flowers

    Zay it ain't zo!
  7. chamrocck

    Guy Thomas gone

    I like Dismuke as a contributor in future. Also like Dixon and Davis. Hope all these guys stay as they get better in this defense.
  8. chamrocck

    DE Ty Robinson

    Lovin' our chances! GBR!
  9. chamrocck

    LB Maninoa Tufono [USC Commit]

    Time to try this guy again. USC is a mess and most are very unhappy Helton was retained. Most of the USC assistants are rumored to be on the chopping block.
  10. chamrocck

    ATH Jalen Cropper [Fresno State]

    So does this mean we are still in on Wandale?
  11. chamrocck

    JUCO S Markquese Bell

    What's the latest on this kid? Who's our competition?
  12. chamrocck

    Huskers in 2019....

    I think we can get to 8-9 wins next season. We should have had 6 wins and a bowl game this year but stuff happened. The offense is on its way. We need to get to that Oregon level when Frost was there and the points just keep coming. Lots of depth still needed before we get there but you can see it's headed in the right direction. Defense has lots of holes to fill. In today's football it favors the offenses. Look at how the speed of OSU just killed the vaunted Michigan defense. If OU and WVU could play some defense they would be scary. Oregon never won it all because they never had the defense to do so. Alabama, Clemson, and OSU have figured it out. We need to create a top 20 defense and we will be in the hunt every year. Those teams all have had dominant DL's over the years making high powered offenses uncomfortable. We need some wreckers on the DL and watch how good the secondary suddenly becomes. We need some stud Blackshirts to bring that back. Mo Barry had it consistently this year. Recruiting is where it is at. I have always said we need to finish in the top 15 in recruiting if we want to be contending year in and year out for Big 10 Championships. Not settle for a top 23 class...top 15. We should NOT have trouble recruiting: 1) Probably have the most stable coaching staff in the country. Frost is here to stay. Look around the BIG...Franklin, Meyer, Brohm, Harbaugh, Smith...all likely gone before the next class of freshman complete their college careers. 2) When we recruit top freshman they play big time, hello Adrian Martinez and Maurice Washington. 3) We can contend to win our division every year. 4) Unparalleled fan base and support. 5) Every game on national TV. 6) High powered offense to play in. 7) Attacking defense to play in (Blackshirts not there yet). 8) Tremendous tradition. It's time to get our recruits
  13. chamrocck

    CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Oklahoma - Signed LOI]

    I have ended up watching him a lot this year. He is just not a playmaker like I expected. I had him pegged as a Tyrann Mathieu type baller. But he is neither that strong in coverage and certainly is not a big hitter/strong tackler. He ends up covering a lot of grass and is never really the main tackler, comes in late as the play ends. Has been burned against good teams. They never use him to play up and stop the run. I thought we'd see highlight type stuff from him. OU's knock is their defense is terrible, their liability...I just never expected him to be part of the problem. Kinda funny Diaco is on their defensive staff.
  14. chamrocck

    DE Ty Robinson

    With the season over, it's time to get the recruiting season cooking...and this guy is my #1 target!