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  1. Greg Bell undrafted but signed with Lions. Good for him.
  2. Lots of unknown OLB’s coming off the board ahead of JoJo. Like seriously what are these jokers watching?
  3. Nice to hear praise and props for Whipple on draft night for his work with Pickett and Big Ben. Coverage I saw on ESPN and NFL Network was all positive for our new OC/QB coach. Difference maker at the QB position.  :thumbs

  4. I love it. There surely has to be a NIL deal here. Entire OL with DQ milkshake mustaches or something. Or QB throws the Frosty Whip shake to WR, of course nothing spills…brought to you by Sonic.
  5. White end zones with red letters could be cool.
  6. Very sorry to read this news. I was at the 2019 Rose Bowl where Haskins shined.
  7. He's high on my big board. We can be a good fit.
  8. https://www.si.com/college/oklahoma/football/former-ucf-qb-mckenzie-milton-dumps-on-oklahoma-nebraska-and-the-whole-midwest Somewhat surprised and disappointed to see this. I always liked the kid and pulled for him. But this comes off as a bad look. Come to the baby bouncy house over college football historic programs. Nah, I don’t think so. If dude could pull off what he did at UCF at NU, OU, or FSU his future would look a lot different.
  9. I used to wear Nike a lot. But their stuff now is overpriced garbage mostly. They now rely on branding alone and the quality of the product has gone down. For shoes Adidas wins easily. I do wish Adidas made better apparel though. Under Armour wins there. But a kid should not base where he goes to school on the brand of gear. Seems wrong-sighted to me. I do not like the Jordan brand on football stuff. I do know some who like it a lot but I can’t get over the you have a basketball logo on your football gear look, it just looks stupid IMO.
  10. Herbie’s the man. This is much better than the Cleveland Guardians and Washington Football Team. Both groveling and pathetic.
  11. Special teams can win or lose big games for you. Ask the Packers!

  12. Dye is a baller and would be worth a couple wins. Unique player.
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