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  1. Committed to USC. How did they pull this guy from the SEC? NIL?
  2. Get their arse off the green.
  3. I feel like this thread needs a Seinfeld George Costanza jerk store meme.
  4. Time for Raiola to bring in the talent!
  5. This was a really bad match up. We are small and can’t defend, A&M is jumping through the roof and number 1 offensive rebounding team. Their 3’s are all open looks as our guys are small and can’t jump. They are not concerned about any contested shots inside or outside. We have no bigs that can do anything either.
  6. Our 3’s are not even close. We have an open look and turn it into a more difficult shot.
  7. I don’t really follow b-ball but it doesn’t look very good. A&M athletes seem bigger, stronger, faster.
  8. This guy looks like he has had more success with football programs than Alberts ever had.
  9. With buzz about Clemson and FSU wanting out of the ACC, I present to you the BIG with 4 six team pods. Not sure if Notre Dame fits anymore but I’d prioritize them. If Notre Dame is out then take both North Carolina and Miami. Football and basketball are set with this. Or can we just kick Rutgers out, haha. USC UCLA Washington Oregon Stanford Utah or Colorado Nebraska Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota Illinois Northwestern Ohio State Michigan Michigan State Indiana Purdue Penn State Maryland Rutgers Clemson Florida State Notre Dame? North Carolina or Miami If Notre Dame is in you could put them in the other pod with the Indiana schools and swap Penn State. But the Irish are more national presence so to play in NY and FL works too.
  10. Both men and women’s basketball playing Texas A&M!? Troll city. Let’s whip them!
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