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  1. I named over half a dozen earlier in the thread.
  2. Yes he’s out. 55 yards on 29 carries vs App State. This guy has beaten no one. He plays in the minor leagues.
  3. If he wears the Aflacket to the interview then that would be based.
  4. I’m not saying Frost should stay but Chadwell is not the answer as there are better candidates if Frost is out. Coastal had 55 yards rushing last night. This is against App St, not OSU, Michigan, Iowa.
  5. And I see Chadwell’s stock has dropped with a big thud. Like I said, someone sell me on this guy most had never heard of before this year. No thank you. We need someone who has done it before and knows what it takes. There is no way Frost is out for the next so called sure thing.
  6. Well then if true that tells me a lot. If you’re not willing to bring in great coaches because your ego is fragile then you aren’t winning. I liked Frost as the hire but the performance review is due and there’s a lot to be fixed. Frankly there are many that don’t want to fix it but instead move on to a new model. That may be the best way forward. Everyone knows the record. Have you seen our recruiting class? I’ve said it before. Do we want to play football at Nebraska or not? History is littered with former great players that don’t cut it as coaches.
  7. If Herman succeeds at OC, yes we probably lose him down the line. But it would be attractive to him because he gets back in the BIG and likely gets a head coaching job in the BIG if he shows he was a major part of bringing Nebraska’s offense back to life. Frost weathers the storm and improves. Everyone wins.
  8. Exactly, we have to aim high. If we can’t land our big guy, then Frost stays but upgrade staff with the likes of Herman.
  9. Herman is basically sitting on the sidelines right now. Pluck him now before he gets offered a head coaching job. He can help with recruiting this year also before it’s too late. Allows Frost to stay but improves the staff which is like a win-win compromise for both sides.
  10. I see many people shooting low. Quotes like “why would they want to come?”. Ok we just killed the sale and our standards only get lower. If that’s the case then roll with Frost but let’s at least try. We have money and whoever rebuilds this thing is going to be a college football legend. Win the PAC 12, meh. USC is already floating Cristobal. Reminds me of Petersen years ago that he’ll never leave Boise St, and then he did. I am not saying we will land Cristobal but we have to have a list and vet it. If we knock the best names off the list before we start then what are we even trying to accomplish? If we get no’s then I would pull in Tom Herman as OC as next best option. Knows the BIG, knows offense. Chin stays with his defense continuity.
  11. I’m going to add another name that could sneak up, Mario Cristobal. He seems like a Big 10 fit. His offense is built around the offense line in which he takes pride. His teams are physical, he recruits well, he would run to set up the pass. Has a competitiveness swagger that we frankly need back. Don’t overlook him. He remembers when we were good. I think he has more of an old school feel that fits the Big 10 and wanting to play OSU, Michigan, Penn State.
  12. Bills gonna bill. :nutz

    1. ladyhawke


      But did you notice that their qb tripped on like the 1 yard line? Here is a professional football player, making millions of dollars and he tripped! On 4th down no less!  Our guy Yant did the same thing and people were ready to crucify him!  
      People make mistakes-even professionals. GBR!

  13. Agree. Other teams have a bad year or two and fix it. Coaches come and go and they figure it out. We have not done this. So the whole “what will others think if we move onto another coach” argument is lame fear. We have given coaches a long leash that USC, LSU, OSU, Bama, FSU, Oregon, Texas would never tolerate. It’s not like we are .500 and playing in bowls either. We stink, bottom of barrel stink. Best players leave stink. What really is starting to irk me is in this day and age with all the technology and NIL we should have cultivated a rich brand and easily been top 10 here. We have the history to do it and we don’t showcase that. Kids want to be a part of something big and positive and we have the fan base to rival anyone yet they still want to go play for other schools that draw half of our gate. What the hell? Our recruiting is not good. That is failure. We are becoming irrelevant. It’s been 20 years since we did anything. We need a big hire and a staff to eliminate this losing culture. Build it and they will come. Do we want to play college football in 2021 and beyond or just look at the past and call it all good?
  14. I’m not a LSU fan but this is college football now. They are way better than us coming off an upset win and they still send their coach packing! You try to find the right coach and if he doesn’t work out you move onto the next one. If he wins and fits then you say “look at us we did it the right way”. No not really. Sure I wish Frost had worked out but it didn’t and we are in the basement of CFB. We can easily get out but need too ask ourselves what are we prepared to do? This game isn’t for the weak or cheap.
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