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  1. What the hell is going on? College football is changing and getting to be a bit of a joke with all the player movement. If we are going to lose some of our best players let's at least get some dudes to replace them.
  2. I think we need to get good fast with the portal. It certainly can fill some weapons fast and shore up the team with depth also. I don't think we are looking at these QB's but the 2 guys from OU who Rattler beat out are going to SMU and TCU, I don't consider either a better destination than Nebraska but the programs and players find a match/fit and it can benefit both player and program. Pledger is a legit RB and would be the #1 feature back if he came to Nebraska, being the number one back for a historic program playing BIG boy football and knowing we want to crank up this off
  3. I am not aware of any injury or high mileage that would limit these targets. The OU guys are legit and think maybe they are deeper on OU depth chart than they'd like. Man those guys are proven good players. How can you not like them? Instant upgrades. The Illinois DE seems like a rental but guy had sacks and TFL's earning second team all BIG 10. He knows our conference/division. OSU receiver is like a bulkier Wandale. Versatile weapon. Seems like he got lost in the talent at OSU. Frost needs these types of weapons to make his offense work. Notre Dame DB
  4. Guys in the portal I'd target: Oklahoma RB Pledger Oklahoma WR Rambo Ohio St. WR Cooper Illinois DE Carney (second team all BIG 10) Notre Dame DB Rutherford Colorado DE Harris Michigan OLB Savage The 5 top guys could play right away IMO.
  5. Kentucky QB Terry Wilson in the portal. Don't really get this one?
  6. Salty! Now who plays at the other CB? Lock down CB's and a pass rush can win some games, just sayin'.
  7. Former Wisconsin QB Jack Coan to Notre Dame.
  8. I just spent some time looking in the portal...up until this point have not paid too much attention. Lots of good players in the portal. T.J. Pledger? We could grab like 3 offensive playmakers and spark this offense to the next level. With this year not counting against eligibility now is the time to upgrade immediately!
  9. Qb Morris is TCU bound. I would definitely take Wr Rambo.
  10. Let's get some receivers to stretch and spread the field. How many years do these transfer portal guys have left?
  11. Can this guy stretch the field because we need that badly!
  12. Did Chin do better against OSU than Venables?  I think Venables is the new Bud Foster. :lol:

    1. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Doubtful. I think our offense got some "garbage" time against tOSU, but I doubt Clemson was given the same.

    2. ZRod


      Saw something on Reddit about OSU switching up their signals as Venables was stealing them in the first half. Don't know how true it is but...

  13. Humble Dabo > Cocky Dabo

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