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  1. Okie State QB Sanders and Pitt QB Slovis to the portal. QB’s are hired guns now in this day and age. Too much on the line to sit and wait your turn or lose your job and become a backup. I don’t really like it but it is what it is. If Rhule is the talent evaluator we keep hearing about he needs to make sure we have viable QB’s. So many are in the portal now. Who does he target?
  2. Clemson QB DJ U. in the portal. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/35189787/clemson-tigers-qb-dj-uiagalelei-enters-transfer-portal https://www.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/35189743/dj-uiagalelei-enters-transfer-portal-best-fits-former-clemson-qb
  3. This was the lure of Deion, your recruiting goes way up but how does he do with no coaching in a major conference, player development, in game management, X and O’s, is his staff legit, etc. Whoever got Deion was going to change the culture and get an immediate excitement boost. I would have been fine with Deion too. Rhule has really got to show his chops out of the gate. The off season game is recruiting. This is his first big game to win. We need to do very well because we are building the foundations here and need really good materials that will build us back to where everyone wants us to be. While we need to trust the process I will trust it much more if we recruit well and win the battles against other schools. Rhule and his staff needs to have kids choose us over other programs, whether high school or portal. Let’s go. The time is now!
  4. Interesting approach. They were terrible and I assume he said if you hire me this is what I am doing. Essentially both he and Rhule have to rebuild rosters. I strike Deion is going to completely upset the apple cart while Rhule is going to change some apples. Heck let's take some Colorado apples if they make sense. This is where I hope our staff can evaluate and build sustained team depth. Whereas Deion seems to be quick fix with I got the a better QB, a better RB than you and some other 5 star guys so I am beating you. Winning brings more winnings so if it works it will snowball for him but if it doesn’t work he’ll flame out. I’ll be really interested to see their recruiting ranking but wow he makes no bones about getting weak players out of there as he knows he can replace them with better ones. Totoise snd the hare approach. He’s going to jump out to a fast start and then we’ll see what the end rosters look like and how translates to the field with results. CU has nothing to lose though. It’s boom or bust for them.
  5. Carolina had a bye week. Seems like we should have heard more. Are we possibly interviewing for some of these last positions and thus no announcement yet? Or maybe he planned for Snow and has to pivot if Snow or others had change of plans? Once the conference championships are done these things move fast. We’ll see tomorrow I guess.
  6. I somewhat like 8. The top 4 get home games. Then final 4 in neutral sites. I don’t like teams getting a bye. Take a team like KState. They win their conference championship today. They then would have to win 4 more games to win it all? Round of 12, round of 8, final 4, final 2. Are the conference championships going away? That seems like an insane gauntlet to run.
  7. Completely agree. We should do better than teams like this but we haven’t built like they have. Take things like special teams, abysmal last several years. Or an identity on defense which we haven’t done. If we could have focused and developed some toughness and soundness just in those two areas we would have gone bowling a few times. We put all of our chips on a couple offensive players and it has not served us well. If we would have built around them at least there would be something to build upon but Rhule has to start it over, not easy and likely why Trev centered on him as the guy for rebuilding and a long contract.
  8. LSU special teams. LOL :laughpound

  9. Yep Fickell is getting nearly $8 million. If he only got $6 mil then his agent would be doing a very bad job. Leonhard has been on that staff so long so not completely surprised he is staying. Would have liked to have stolen him though! Wisconsin will continue to do their regional thing. We seem to be going more of a heavy NFL staff with Rhule. I do think there are some Callahan comparisons. Hopefully it helps with recruiting and a national NIL profile. If we don’t make the same mistakes Cally did and sure up the defense I think it can work for us.
  10. We have seen all sorts of crazy things happen. Heck Rhule was rumored to be off and then on. We have to get it right for DC and OL. These are arguably the two most important staff positions to fill so I hope we are waiting for some homeruns here.
  11. How about Leonhard won’t leave Wisconsin? He may be doing just that and I think we should lock him up as our next DC and punch Wisconsin in the face at the same time!
  12. I would love for us to get Leonhard. I am surprised Wisconsin is moving on from him. But Fickell probably doesn’t want divided loyalties. Their loss, our gain. Knows the B1G and is one of the best DC’s in the B1G. We need to elevate this program with big hires like this. I will be disappointed if we retain Raiola and whiff on DC. Raiola is only here due to his Nebraska family ties and the chance to recruit his nephew. Seriously would anyone else have hired him? This is amateur hour stuff. He should be out and someone like Leonhard in. Let’s get going!
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