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  1. Odds Bill O'Brien is still the Texans coach in 2 years? Wow what a bad trade.
  2. C'mon my Big Board is itching for a hit!
  3. Time to own the state of Colorado!
  4. Stanford offered. Stanford lean. Add Stanford and pretty much book the Cardinal from in the know.
  5. Don’t forget your power towel!
  6. We've needed 2 edge rushers for the last decade so it may not be what we need but how soon we can get it.
  7. Nice find. I was not aware they were so dominant in ST. I'd be all over this to improve NU's ST as we have been sorely lacking in this area. When you aren't cracking the top 10 in recruiting you gotta be "special" in other areas of the game to compete for championships.
  8. The more I read on this it is just so unfair to those who played by the rules. World Series, MVPs, player career paths were all ruined because of these cheaters. Why wouldn’t Altuve, Bregman, and others involved be kicked out of the game? Good riddance. It really gets me because I saw the Astros a lot because I am an Angels fan. I always couldn’t understand how Altuve and Bregman and the Astros always seemed to play above their heads. I was often like how did these guys get this good? Now I know...what a bunch of punks.
  9. Wow, this is really cool! My son knows this kid and played against him freshman year. Wilkins then transferred to a much more prominent program in Orange County, CA after his freshman year as you knew he was a legit talent. Looks like it paid off with some nice offers. He played DE and TE and was a nightmare match-up at TE against my son's school when their freshman squads squared off. Good for him...hope he finds the right place for him...maybe it's ebraska!
  10. I used to really enjoy watching OBJ but dude has jumped the shark. When you are making more headlines for your antics off the field than for your play on the field, it's not a good sign.
  11. As an Angels fan the Astros have been a thorn in our side and now I know why. Poster who said Houston Asterisks is right. And what's up with Massachusetts? All they produce is a bunch of cheaters and liars...Patriots, Red Sox, Elizabeth Warren (haha couldn't resist).
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