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  1. chamrocck

    OT Turner Corcoran

    Many excellent OL recruits within geography for 2020...Corcoran, Gentry, Atteberry.
  2. chamrocck

    OLB Eugene Asante [North Carolina - Signed LOI]

    I wanted Asante more than the other OLB's we spent so much time on. Assumption was he was solid to VA Tech so we weren't pursuing him as much? This one hurts that NC gets him.
  3. chamrocck

    R Burkhead

    I was rooting for the Rams but glad to see Rex do well.
  4. chamrocck

    Other College Football Recruiting News

    Well done so far at #13. I have always said we need top 15 classes year in and year out. If we get them, we will play and win our fair share of Big Ten Championships. After that anything can happen in the playoff. This is what I am looking for Frost to build for a long, long time.
  5. Line play on both sides of the ball. If it is good we can be a dangerous and ranked team. If it is poor we should still be fun to watch.
  6. chamrocck

    OLB Eugene Asante [North Carolina - Signed LOI]

    I hope this means we are getting the other OLB's on our board bc I like this kid...legacy and a wrecker on defense and ST.
  7. In the Alabama vs Clemson 4 games whichever team wore white won.  

  8. chamrocck

    OLB Eugene Asante [North Carolina - Signed LOI]

    With Lakia Henry's decommit, Tennessee has now offered Asante. Shouldn't we be the leader here if we truly want him? I'd take him as we need some guys that can punish.
  9. Going to the Rose Bowl!  My dad is a UW alum.  Go Dawgs!  #PurpleReign

    1. suh_fan93


      On my bucket list.  That is awesome.

    2. Scarlet Overkill

      Scarlet Overkill

      Wonderful!  Enjoy!

  10. Zac Taylor NFL Head Coach?  

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Broncos are going to talk to him.....along with anyone else who has ever seen a football, according to reports today.

    2. ColoradoHusk


      He's riding the Sean McVay train to a head coaching gig.  Good for him!!!

  11. chamrocck

    OLB Eugene Asante [North Carolina - Signed LOI]

    This is what we need, an all out attacking Blackshirt legacy. What competition is he playing against? The other teams don't block him as it seems they want no part of him. How many punts can you block with barely being touched?
  12. As Horns Down is now a taunt, if other teams Throw The Bones when they make a defensive play on us, is that a taunt?  Just sayin'...but also not expecting favors like Texass. 

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    2. NoKoolAidForME


      The funny thing about this whole this is TX did not complain or whine as people are saying. Lincoln Riley requested a clarification on if a penalty would be called before the game and the Texas conference said like any taunting call or unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, it would be the refs discretion. 

    3. Enhance


      Didn't an opposing player get a penalty for Throwing the Bones sometime during the Pelini era?

    4. GSG


      I hope throwing the bones becomes a penalty against us for murdering offenses

  13. chamrocck

    Big announcement coming?

    How are we flying the balloons under the dome? Retractable escape hatch? Or I got...instead the balloons are non-helium and in a big net at the top of the dome. When we win the balloons are released and fall from the sky.