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  1. When I read the topic line I figured this would be the discussion. I’ll play devil’s advocate because I don’t think the OP is off base. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Fool me going on 20 years? The sellout streak is cutesy stuff. I’d rather be known for actually having a good football team. I’m not saying don’t show up but this streak is one of the last things I care about. There could even be an argument that who cares how the team plays because the fans keep selling it out. At some point I don’t blame fans for saying screw this. I do the same thing watching games from CA. I used to watch every snap of every game but when you see the same poor play year after year there are just better things to do. I’m glad we have a great fan base but don’t think the OP has no merit.
  2. We have to trust the Frostcess. But I could have never imagined it would look this bad now in year 2. Last year the shock of starting 0-6 and this year there has been really no game outside of NIU that we took control of and the losses were all ugly. Blowing it vs rival Colorado, getting murdered in the game of the week vs OSU, and then today's s-show vs. Minny. If Jackson doesn't get that INT then NW is a loss also against a really bad NW team. We showed some heart in coming back on Illinois. But why are we not controlling the Illinois game in the first place? I completely think Frost is the person (nobody cares more) but disappointed this is not a 2 or 3 year turnaround but probably some length of time no one considered. I have not seen the improvement I thought I would with this team. And I have not seen an offense that resembles Oregon or UCF. Where is this in year 2? Is it just the OL is that bad? It starts with recruiting and we just have to win in recruiting especially on the OL and DL. Our lines have been really bad for too long. Glad to see some emphasis on recruiting OL. But unless we are inside the top 15 in recruiting it'll be a failure. No more of being OK with yay we signed the #23 class! It's not working. The lack of accountability and effort on the field is another issue I just never imagined would be a problem on a Frost team. But we have all seen it and it is disappointing. Poor tackling, poor fundamentals. Huh? It is really telling our offense runs through a freshman. I don't understand why other guys are not contributing...there's a bunch of hyped WR's we have brought on over the years but only Wandale and JD ever do anything. These other guys including the TE's have no play making ability. Warner should be in full-time if he is over his injury. Heck I'd still take an injured Warner over others. Then when we need someone to pound the rock, we don't have it? Love Wandale and Maurice but these are not in between the tackles RB's. Mills is average. Don't think he'd play much on the teams that have beaten us and are better than us. The defense...any NFL drafted players out there? I don't really see any. The tackling has not been good and Minny pushed us all over the field. I am scared to watch the Wisconsin game...they are going to kill us. So at this point play for a bowl but if AM is out and it is not looking like it is going to happen then let's just move to the younger players now. The older guys have had their chance and it hasn't worked. This is the accountability I'd like to see. I could also care less about the sell out streak. And the lame kool-aid hype every off-season when nothing ever changes. It's like fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me...fool me going on 20 years, I will let you call that what you'd like but it's not good. Just show improvement (and this does not mean winning every game) and accountability. But at this point it still looks like we haven't even poured the foundation. Look for recruits that can play now and in 3-4 years we'll have something. We have had the offense last year run through a true freshman in AM and now again this year with Wandale. We need more of these level of players on the field. Like honestly who's position other than those two would you not rather have a blue chip recruit starting at? And then there's always the transfer portal...I wouldn't be surprised to see if we can gain some starting players through there. GBR.
  3. Plus 1 for you sir. There are things happening with Frost that I just did not even account for and now they are serious issues. Never thought accountability would be an issue. Never thought our offense would be so pathetic. Yes Riley left a lot of holes but our results are extremely lacking. I’m not looking for a A but we should be at like a B level. No not beating OSU but not starting f’n 0-6, losing to a bad Colorado team twice, barely beating a crappy NW team, and getting destroyed by Minny. I like Frost and think he’s the right hire but we all have to go through job performance reviews and his is not good.
  4. PSU v Iowa and FL v LSU some good games going on!
  5. End the stupid sell out streak and stop buying the hype. I think that might be the only thing that will provide any accountability. Turned this crap off.
  6. This may be the most disappointing thing this year. I thought we’d lose some games but still have a fairly good offense. We basically have turned our offense over to one lone freshman.
  7. Yep noticed we like to catch it inside the 10. Clown show.
  8. Tired of watching this s-show while missing other good games. No way I watch Wisconsin this year.
  9. Hate to say but Fleck’s row the boat schtik works for them. Every run they are pushing our soft a$$ defense.
  10. Taylor Britt needs to move to LB. He can’t cover in the secondary.
  11. What did he say? I turned over to FL V LSU.
  12. OL and DL need immediate help. But agree the lack of depth at RB and WR has been shocking. I mean Mo and Wandale aren’t power backs to play in the BIG. I love them both but they are more slot players. We need a power back that can tote the rock and run down hill, break tackles, and block.
  13. Agree. This team is not very good and just hoping to make a bowl. Love to see Wandale playing so much. That would be my strategy that you will play early. Look at the roster. There are no high NFL caliber players. Turn this thing over to the younger players now.
  14. Back up QB, same crap result. Doesn’t matter who is back there this OL is one of the worst in CFB.
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