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  1. JD is a real head scratcher for me. Played above his talent for us and became a fan favorite. I loved watching and cheering for him. What the hell happened? Bitter? Soft? None of these strike me as the JD I watched. I loved him while he was here but he got some bad advice or made a bad decision.
  2. Any chance we flip this kid? Calling my shot now...we beat Minny this season.
  3. Yep. I was a little struck seeing the schedule but then was like OK bring it. This is a weird season. Let’s see what we can do. Make some noise. The opportunities to upset some programs ahead of us is ripe for the taking! #DayByDay
  4. So did Desmond Howard weigh in?
  5. 2020 just sucks. Prayers to the Frost family.
  6. Maybe the Big 12 should have sat out the season. :lol:

  7. Wow. I am saying October. This is getting idiotic for the Big. https://www.si.com/college/michigan/football/michigan-football-wolverines-an-open-letter-to-big-ten-kevin-warren-college-football-covid-coronavirus
  8. He should have told the Big 10 to Git R Done!
  9. Good letter. Nice to see we now have players and parents calling these buffoons to account.
  10. Say what you will. I liked that we supported our team and looked for real options on what could be done. Meanwhile the BIG had zero plan. And now Desmond Howard is bashing us saying we owe a public apology and then he’d kick our a$$ out of the BIG still? Really? How about the BIG offers an apology due to their poor handling of the situation offering no real medical information as to why the teams couldn’t proceed throwing up hands because of too many unknowns? Damn, college football players are at nearly zero risk. You gotta come up with a better plan than that.
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