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  1. Agree with this. I have said for years finishing 19 or 23 in recruiting is not getting it done. I think Rhule will continue this trend for a couple years but what will change is if he wins and shows player development getting guys to the league. Previous staffs failed miserably in this regard. He has to correct that and then the recruiting will be a byproduct of that success where we start reaching top 15 classes consistently and finishing seasons rankled with winning records.
  2. Where’s the eye roll emoji when it’s needed? Lots of Nelson hate on this thread. I never said he was going to crush it and move his draft stock way up. But stop the complete BS that Rhule wouldn’t have liked him back and likely would have helped his pro prospects. If heathy he would have been a significant contributor on the defense and garnered more attention. That’s it, why so hard to understand as that is what would have happened barring any injury. No doubt he had to make a tough decision. Does he learn one more year under a completely new college staff or since he is going to go through a change anyway just try to make the jump. My bet is he made the jump because someone was telling him he’d get drafted. I doubt it was well I guess am going to have to sit at NU or transfer to play college, I guess I’ll try the pros instead.
  3. If he is the leader on an improved defense, gets all conference type accolades, improves his stats, improves his skill under better development there are enough teams. If the team has an improved season he would get much of that praise and world garner more attention. Of course his odds of getting drafted would improve if the above happens as teams would have further evidence he has NFL potential. There’s no guarantees as he could get hurt too. But to say his draft stock would not have improved is short-sighted if he would have played another full season here.
  4. I hear this guy plays a really smooth safety.
  5. I disagree on Nelson. He was getting older but another year and he would have been drafted. He was on a bad football team and still somewhat shined and flashed at times. He would have absolutely been the face of the defense this season. If they play better he would have benefited. Some of the guys taken ahead of him this draft don’t seem as good as him. Good luck to him on the Dolphins.
  6. I forgot he was in this draft. Why did he leave early? I think he would have had a good upcoming season and really helped himself.
  7. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/10073630-colorados-deion-sanders-loses-18-players-to-transfer-portal-after-spring-game.amp.html Lots of Buffs hitting the portal.
  8. Sure USC is great but they have jettisoned a lot of QBs lately. It’s a revolving door so who’s to say Riley won’t just move onto the next 5 star or big time transfer? I don’t know any insider stuff but we do legitimately have a family connection others don’t and he will get every opportunity to be the guy here. Not sure at USC or UGA.
  9. Don’t feed the clickbait, got me a couple of times last year.
  10. Been saying for years. If we can’t recruit top 15 classes we can’t expect to play for conference championships. That simple. Rhule needs to get in top 15 and then develop into top 10. This is the way.
  11. This guy has a great name for an edge rusher. Heck his initials are ER.
  12. I was rooting for the Chiefs. But did Suh even play for the Eagles? I didn’t really see him but I was at a large gathering and didn’t watch every snap closely,
  13. Raiola is an immediate starter here. Our QB room shapes up nicely for him.
  14. https://huskercorner.com/2023/02/06/nebraska-football-recruiting-jujuan-johnson/amp/ Clickbait got me. Headline made it sound like we had a serious battle with Colorado. But after MJ left, I don’t think we pursued him further? Probably more of CU stealing a LSU kid.
  15. What’s with Frank Reich to Carolina? Hope Rhule took all the good coaching talent. That is a very uninspiring hire.
  16. Bosco is no joke, beat Mater Dei and are consistently a top team in CA. I like this addition. Pipeline into Bosco would be a good thing. I expect this kid to play solid, tough. He’s gone against the best HS talent in CA.
  17. Feel bad for Coach Taylor and CTB but dang you can’t make that late hit. Cannot happen period.
  18. I think in general WR is thin. No Palmer, no Martin. Manning to me never did well. Decoldest is out in the cold, wonder if he wished he could have reconsidered. I don’t know about the couple others from the 2O22 class and how they are progressing? I like how Rhule found some portal guys and HS recruits for this class, good mix IMO.
  19. This is a pretty good recipe IMO. C. Williams held the ball a ton but was very gifted with his ability to elude and run for yards. Most don’t have a QB with this ability.
  20. This team can’t have enough good LBs, DL, and OL. Keep rebuilding!
  21. Sean Payton may be the next coach of the Chargers. Top candidate.
  22. Staley will be fired. Let off the gas and played not to lose. And the most overrated player in the NFL, Joey Bosa. Dude made critical errors and could not hold the edge. Trade this bum while he may have some value.
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