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  1. https://huskercorner.com/2023/02/06/nebraska-football-recruiting-jujuan-johnson/amp/ Clickbait got me. Headline made it sound like we had a serious battle with Colorado. But after MJ left, I don’t think we pursued him further? Probably more of CU stealing a LSU kid.
  2. What’s with Frank Reich to Carolina? Hope Rhule took all the good coaching talent. That is a very uninspiring hire.
  3. Bosco is no joke, beat Mater Dei and are consistently a top team in CA. I like this addition. Pipeline into Bosco would be a good thing. I expect this kid to play solid, tough. He’s gone against the best HS talent in CA.
  4. Feel bad for Coach Taylor and CTB but dang you can’t make that late hit. Cannot happen period.
  5. I think in general WR is thin. No Palmer, no Martin. Manning to me never did well. Decoldest is out in the cold, wonder if he wished he could have reconsidered. I don’t know about the couple others from the 2O22 class and how they are progressing? I like how Rhule found some portal guys and HS recruits for this class, good mix IMO.
  6. This is a pretty good recipe IMO. C. Williams held the ball a ton but was very gifted with his ability to elude and run for yards. Most don’t have a QB with this ability.
  7. This team can’t have enough good LBs, DL, and OL. Keep rebuilding!
  8. Sean Payton may be the next coach of the Chargers. Top candidate.
  9. Staley will be fired. Let off the gas and played not to lose. And the most overrated player in the NFL, Joey Bosa. Dude made critical errors and could not hold the edge. Trade this bum while he may have some value.
  10. His commitment is worthless, a guy saying one thing with fanfare only to change days later is low character. Heck maybe he’ll change again next week! This is very different than a guy who went to a school and it didn’t work out for whatever reason (coach change, got buried on the depth chart, graduated, looking for a new opportunity, etc). This reeks of hey baby I know I invited you to prom but I found someone hotter. Low character.
  11. Win some lose some, it is just the way it is now. It seemed like Rhule was going after high character guys. This guy doesn’t fit that bill. His loss.
  12. https://amp.thestate.com/sports/college/acc/clemson-university/article271149897.html Clemson poaches TCU. I thought maybe Riley would be a head coach next but all the jobs were filled by the time TCU finished their season.
  13. I’m good, new one looks fresh and better designed. The old one will always be nostalgic and old school. It’s like Herbie and other things I suppose. Bridge to new but never forget what made you great.
  14. Lots on the line first 2 games of the season. If we can win those 2 there would be some really good momentum. Would grab a lot of the early headlines.
  15. Winning cures the geography problem.
  16. Calling my shot, CU will beat TCU in the opener next season.
  17. How the hell did Michigan lose to this clown show? Those two pick 6’s were sooooooooooo costly. Seriously all of TCU’s momentum is gone. They are going to be remembered as the worst beat down in championship history. Time to hit that Dallas Fort Worth area boys!
  18. TCU attacking Georgia edges is both suicidal and stupid.
  19. I feel the reporting was poor on Hornsby. Lots of clickbait and hype. One of the top QBs in the portal and he ends up at Texas State? And we are asking him to play WR? Did anyone other than Texas State offer him as QB?
  20. Did we ever have a chance with Carter or Chestnut? Their D coordinator comes over here but they go to OSU and LSU?
  21. Hornsby. You could line him up many places, traditional QB, wildcat, sweep, slot, wide. Versatile guy.
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