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  1. Urban, he has no buyout. I like Aranda, Gundy, and Stoops but you have to buy them out.
  2. Last year USC was in not the same but a similar situation as us. The coach they started the season with, Clay Helton, was on the hottest of seats. He was fired early in the season and replaced in the interim with the ace recruiter, high energy, relates to the players coach in Donte Williams. They finished a disappointing season but shocked the CFB world by hiring Lincoln Riley. Their recruiting and portal players went through the roof. Now they have made a huge comeback this season and are in the discussion of the elites of college football. That quickly it turned. And by the way they retained Donte Williams on staff. And not to mention they now are going to move to the B1G where they would be a clear favorite in the west. We start this season with our coach on the hottest of seats. Ironically he loses to Helton in a game NU was a big favorite so he is fired literally like the same time of the season when USC dismissed Helton last year. Much like USC we turn to our ace recruiter, high energy, relates to the platers coach in Mickey Joseph to take over as interim. Much like Donte Williams, unless he wins more than expected it is unlikely he will get the head job next season but rather he is a stop gap and to keep players going throughout the season while we find our next big guy. USC went all in and is basically saying they are coming to wage war on the B1G. What does Trev do? Will he up the stakes and counter USC? He has to counter big or essentially know a team like USC is going to soundly thump us consistently in the near future. The stakes are high. Can NU football make a huge comeback quickly? I think Urban is the only coach in this unique time that will allow us to go toe to toe with USC and other giants of the B1G. I don’t want to see USC and OSU dominating all the coverage where we are relegated to an afterthought. So here we are. It has come to this. I would hire Urban, try our best to keep Mickey on staff to signal we are here to compete. As the B1G changes we need to grab the mantle that we are here. The next decade would be epic. This is Trev’s biggest opportunity to get Nebraska football back on the map quickly, take coverage from other programs, bring in elite players, and actually win meaningful games. If we don’t do this I think we are mired forever in mediocrity and will never reach our goals again. So will Trev follow USC’s playbook? I hope he does as ironically it will be the only way to compete with USC and others quickly in the new B1G.
  3. How about we just hire Urban Meyer so we don’t have to end the sellout streak. I’d like to see a future where USC and Lincoln Riley roll into town in the top 5 to take on Urban Meyer and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Watch GameDay and Big Noon battling for who can get there first.
  4. Silver lining is a redshirt hopefully?
  5. This guy is singing my tune! The part about having to buy out Campbell or Stoops and no buyout to get Urb is a strong point. Urb will kill it in recruiting and the portal. Urb is falling in our lap but we may bungle this! If Notre Dame comes in and swoops him I will be so pissed. I could see Notre Dame hiring Urb and keeping their current young coach around and selling it as a feel good story. Trev, Git R Done before it’s too late!
  6. A big time coach gets you the 500 mile radius plus national presence. You automatically become top dog and a beacon to all bordering states to draw those players in plus more. Right now we are fighting wars in neighboring states and certainly don’t have the record to win those fights. So Nebraska brings in ho-hum coach and those kids are staying local to go to K-State, Wisconsin, Minny, Iowa, Colorado. How are we going to win like that with USC joining with all their 5 star guys? I like retaining MJ as a recruiter but we need a national winning name.
  7. That’s what I’m afraid of recruiting to the area. We don’t expand nationally like we need to with Campbell. This is a unique reset in College Football and the B1G. If we don’t go big now we are stuck in the starting gate. If Trev goes local yocal I’ll be disappointed and the win ceiling will be like 7 or 8. Urban is the clear difference maker. Tebow’s comments were right on about what he could do with Nebraska. We have to get a coach that wants to play for it all in the B1G. I think we will go north of $10 million to lure in a serious coach. Mike Gundy seemed pretty sour that Bedlam is ending. I’d go after him, Aranda, and Stoops. Petersen would be hard to get. Fickell is a maybe for me. If we are going lower tier like Campbell, Leopold, or Chadwell then maybe Chadwell because he’d bring something unique in regard to identity. Would it win? Probably not but you could build it up and get unique recruits if you saw it had some hope after a couple of years.
  8. Dang this guy read all the threads and compiled them into one article!
  9. Yes I am fine with it in a contested game with back and forth and see it a lot. But no, I don’t see it when the WR has owned you the whole game and then you celebrate. It’s a really bad look. OU is dominating and you pull that crap. Or Georgia Southern has put up 600 yards on you and you do that? Get on the bench. Can you imagine Alabama getting dominated and Saban putting up with that garbage? Culture matters.
  10. Doeren is not high on my list. Would be underwhelming. Aranda is high on my list. I think he’d always field a good defense.
  11. Honestly Frost still might be here if he had some Gruden Grinders on the roster to win those close games. We are a soft football team that folds at the first sign of adversity.
  12. Urban is the clear leader. Other guys next up: Stoops (Bob, then Mark) Dave Aranda Mike Gundy Chris Petersen Next level down: Matt Campbell Matt Rhule Dan Mullen Bill O’Brien Wild cards if this goes on way too long: Deion Sanders Jon Gruden
  13. Yes I am concerned about it because it speaks to a s#!tty undisciplined culture. It’s like “hey look at me” when you have been getting your a$$ kicked the whole game. No good teams do this garbage, not even at the high school level.
  14. Agree with Ruud and Duval. But please Dawson, that guy is completely overrated. Probably a matter of how many coaches we need to finish out the season.
  15. The next DC absolutely has to get rid of the garbage celebrations when their QB misfires an open receiver and our DBs celebrate like Neon Deion that we just broke up the play when we are down by 3 scores already.
  16. I didn’t expect big time changes. I didn’t think we would win despite two of Fox’s commentators picking us. Did I expect better effort? Yes. Did I expect some new wrinkles? Yes. Did I expect not quitting? Yes. Did I expect a closer score? Yes. We got demolished. Face it. If our team put up a better effort and game yesterday, many would be singing Mickey’s praises and I think that would be fair. The fact is he has these games to go on his resume. At the end of the year a good showing vs OU would have been worth something. It was a big missed opportunity and he said it was on him. Next game up.
  17. I didn’t expect a win but we had to show more effort and we didn’t. We got hit in the mouth and folded. I didn’t expect that. No fight. I’m all in on a new staff. I hope Mickey can remain on staff. I like him but this was a huge missed opportunity to show well and provide some hope.
  18. Sadly I agree. I did not expect NU to win but I did expect seeing something different, better effort, tackling, inspiration. May have as well been Frost out there today as the result was the same. So it was a huge missed opportunity for MJ as he shot his shot in the first series but when OU punched back we hit the canvas fast. Like seriously grade F today. What was there to like? This team needs a serious head coach and not coaches in training.
  19. I’d argue more athleticism is needed. Plenty of big guys right now but too slow and no football IQ.
  20. I say a rebuild either through existing player development or new players. It’s likely some of both. It’s painfully obvious our LBs are not conference material. Not sure they would start on my son’s HS team. Could someone come in and develop some of the DL and secondary? I think probably.
  21. This is short sighted. He brings top coaches and one could likely take over if he only has a short tenure.
  22. Way tired of the money argument. We just flushed millions down the toilet so OU would only beat us by 35 instead of 38?
  23. This is lame. It’s not like he’s hiding out running from the law. He’s the featured commentator on the game of the week! I am actually losing respect for us if we are this narrow minded. If we start taking a •we are too good for him approach”, we are a complete joke!
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