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  1. Special teams can win or lose big games for you. Ask the Packers!

  2. Dye is a baller and would be worth a couple wins. Unique player.
  3. Excited to see what Trey can do with an improved special teams. We have to actually return punts now!
  4. Yep when it’s just not there on certain days we need OL and run game. For certain this will be worth some W’s vs L’s.
  5. I’d be shocked if he didn’t end up at USC.
  6. Let’s stop the nonsense and grab Dart or Thompson. This musical chairs is getting annoying.
  7. How about Jaxson Dart come on down!? Kid is too much of a gamer to sit behind Williams at USC. Whipple could turn him into a stud. That kid gives effort Nebraska fans would love.
  8. I like the geographic divisions. They got it right after legends and leaders was confusing. I could live with 8 team playoff. First round higher seeds get home game. Final four is neutral offsite. I think if you go higher than 8 playoff teams you water down the regular season. The regular season in college football means something whereas I’d argue the NFL mid season is somewhat boring. Also if you make the playoff too many teams you are adding in extra game weeks that may mean shorter regular season. That may mean one less Nebraska game per year and unintended consequence could be the rich get richer. Would prefer some more uniformity across conferences on how many conferences games are played, 8 or 9. I do like a regular 12 game total season. If teams are scheduling cream puffs then I might be against that and say 9 conference games.
  9. I made a point to watch some of the games where matchups were of interest. UCF v Florida. The Oregon v OU game. That Purdue v Tenn game was good. Michigan St vs Pitt too. The playoff games were duds. I would have watched UCLA v NC State had it not been cancelled. I make a point to watch the Rose Bowl. The Fiesta and Sugar Bowls were not bad.
  10. I like the NFL just fine. But my point was college football has a built in playoff through its regular season. To say the regular season NFL games are as meaningful is silly. Sure you will get some of that naturally but when the Cowboys lose in week 14 and still win their puny division it is not the same as when OSU loses to Michigan and and the winner makes the playoff and the loser does not. I don’t want college to go to meaningless games. Cincy had to win every freaking week, that’s exciting for that fanbase and college football fans. Every single game mattered. Yet some 8-8 team makes the NFL playoffs. Meh.
  11. I would hate the playoff to go beyond 8 teams which seems inevitable. College football is great because every game matters. It is must watch TV every Saturday because that school that is having a hu-hum year can rise up and create the big upset and knock that big name team out of the playoff. Don’t mess that up! I watch very little NFL. Why? Because a week 7 game between the Packers and Vikings doesn’t mean anything. Or a week 10 game between the Cowboys and Giants probably doesn’t matter. But if Ohio State loses in week 2 or Alabama loses in week 8 it is huge. I was shocked hearing how many OSU players sat out the Rose Bowl. This is not the Gasparilla Bowl, it’s the freakin’ Rose Bowl! I’m concerned we could be losing a very special thing. Don’t screw it up!
  12. chamrocck

    B1G Bowls

    Utah’s defense was horrid. Fun game to watch though.
  13. Utah’s defense sUcks!

  14. JT Daniels? Or just go after any Bama backup QB since who wants to sit behind a 4 year starter anymore? Plus Mr. Whipple can now turn you into a Heisman contender and 1st round draft pick. Gotta get with the times.
  15. I think we could take Cincy! :stir

    1. TonyStalloni


      Or at least only lose by 3!

    2. admo


      It would so close!  Def a one score game!



    3. chamrocck


      Watching Cincy reminded me of watching us. Fickell was wise to stay at Cincy. They can be a top 25 team every year in a weak conference. Power 5 jump

      would be too much. 

  16. I was rooting for Purdue, but Tennessee got jobbed on that goal line call in OT. 

    1. krc1995


      Forward progress! 

  17. He does remind me of AM. Let him and Smothers battle it out.
  18. Like I said Luke should have had some running packages for him at QB and that’s it. Could we have used Luke more in the role that Wandale had between the tackles? Then use Wandale in his more natural position. Instead both left, not good.
  19. I was ok giving Luke some QB packages but not sure if it was Luke or our staff but we did not use him to his strengths and best abilities.
  20. Was Spielman portal? I do think if we had Spielman, Wandale, and even Luke, then Frost would definitely have some more wins under his belt. If AM gets these guys the ball usually good things would happen. These were weapons in our offense that we lost. Is what it is though.
  21. Ugh does he know their OC and QB coach is no longer there?
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