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  1. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Replacements for Miles

    Musselman, Oats, and Majerle If Dan D'antoni was a little bit younger I'd push for him too Slick Rick ending up in Vegas is too good of a story for it not to happen.
  2. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    2019 Husker Football Schedule

    I wonder what odds are of replacing Cincy on the schedule in 2020? That's a clunker of a marquee game from Silent E
  3. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    What if Nebraska went the Notre Dame route...

    I'm thankful Nebraska is in the Big Ten. The future looks to me moneywise that the best place to be is in the Big Ten or the SEC. The money is going to significantly outpace what the Big XII and Pac-12 can do and it remains to be seen whether the ACC network is viable. That's huge for facilities, paying coaches, and recruiting. We have already seen signs of weakened recruiting for the Big XII and Pac-12. I'm also very thankful for Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne. If it wasn't for their success, especially T.O. because of recency, Nebraska could easily be hoping the Big XII survives, otherwise they are staring at the Mountain West for an invitation. I also think Mizzou would trade places with the 'Huskers in a heartbeat. Academics, stability, leadership, prestigious universities are all great things about the Big Ten. Sure, it stinks that there are less schools for the average fan to drive to and baseball will likely never count again on the national stage. However, the positives far outweight the negatives and truth be told I don't really care about the Big XII anyway, the Big 8 was tradition and what mattered, not the Big XII. The Texas schools don't mean a hill of beans to me and Nebraska could not survive as an Independent. Notre Dame has a following of Catholics around the world. Look at Notre Dame's endowment compared to Nebraska's as another example where they don't compare.
  4. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    DL Coach Mike Dawson Takes Job with Giants

    Didn't he get poached by Nick Saban already? I thought he was at Alabama now.
  5. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Replacements for Miles

    Thanks for the clarification but what were the jobs paying per year? If Nebraska come through with a big boy offer in a big boy league...He's a competitor, at some point you would want to play the best, which I think most years is the ACC and Big Ten. WAC is probably close to the same level as UNO in the Summit League.
  6. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Replacements for Miles

    I like Thunder Dan at GCU. I think people would be excited over that hire, especially if he had assistants with good recruiting ties to the area. The chances of him leaving the state of Arizona? Not sure about that.
  7. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Replacements for Miles

    With his ties to Miles, I am sure Craig Smith at Utah State is probably not even on the radar. The Aggies are having a heck of a year though.
  8. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Youngstown AD expects Bo Pelini to stay on as head coach

    Yep, I thought Oklahoma would be a nice landing spot before the Grinch stole Christmas....er the job
  9. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Suh Back At Nebraska After Long Absense

  10. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Big announcement coming?

    800? that would even be about the same number of coaching analysts Alabama has.
  11. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Discontent in the AD?

    Didn't Florida balk at Scott Frost bringing all his assistants? Maybe it was just a story for UF brass to save face?
  12. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Discontent in the AD?

    Yes, and some of it is media desperation. I'm sure they noticed the purge at BuzzFeed and the seeming endless RIFs in the industry. It's got to be frustrating as a journalist or legit media member when terrible sites like Saturday Down South throw crap against the wall to draw attention and stir the pot, (the Frost buyout garbage is one example) and they aren't really penalized for it in viewership.
  13. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Discontent in the AD?

    I have no problem with AD Moos putting football front and center for importance. It drives the bus. It's just like a CEO taking care of his million dollar customers with extra time and attention compared to a small customer who orders 5-10 K a year of widgets. I also like AD Moos is front and center and not afraid to be candid. Much better than Silent E who had a handler/gatekeeper to talk to him and mostly hid in his office. As for baseball, I'm not going to blame Erstad much. He's coaching in a mid-major baseball conference. It isn't going to change unless they move the season back a month or a month and a half. Fat chance of SEC and ACC agreeing to that. I also think if Coach Miles misses the NCAA tournament this year he his done and Moos will certainly be tempted to go in another direction if they flame out in the First Round.
  14. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    OLB Eugene Asante [North Carolina - Signed LOI]

    I hope he goes somewhere other than the trash fire that is the Willie Taggart FSU program. Decent recruiter, subpar coach.
  15. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    New tunnel walk theme? #offseason

    "Can you feel it" became an Amazon ad this holiday season. I don't blame them for changing it.