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  1. He wasn't working with his good friend Scott Frost in Washington though. Relationships matter. It's less of a grind when you enjoy what you are doing and the people and culture of the organization fit what you are looking for. Plus, it's a lot closer to Fort Collins in Lincoln than Seattle. I was trying to remember who the Iowa coach was who left to run a pizza parlor?
  2. Vince Marrow! Get back in Ohio on the recruiting front* *Kidding
  3. Yep, in this day and age, there never was an offer if they don't accept, whether there was or not doesn't matter.
  4. D'erik King of Houston, the QB that Dana H. punted the season for next year, entered the portal.
  5. 7 top ten teams in the final rankings? I don't care what they were ranked when they played them, that is meaningless. I see 5. #2 Clemson, #4 UGA, #6 Florida, #7 Oklahoma, #8 Alabama. They also beat #14 Auburn and 5-loss Texas at #25.
  6. Yep, Joe Brady who learned under Sean Payton, him and Kyle Shanahan are the best playcallers in the NFL IMO.
  7. Yep, I hope Coach O gets his title tonight, he got shortchanged with USC IMO. It worked out well for him in the end, you can see how emotional the Larose, LA native gets when talking about accomplishments at LSU. Pepperidge Farm remembers when the Nebraska rumor mill had gone wild that he was a candidate for the Nebraska DL job until Coach Riley "aw shucks'd" the talk away a few years back.
  8. That's a good point about being the play caller. Change would not surprise me. I think Coach Frost knew the Big Ten was going to be quite a big hill to climb in Lincoln but I don't think he expected a 4-8, 5-7 start. With the schedule in the back half of 2020 and all of 2021 being extremely difficult, there is certainly a sense of urgency to get it turned around. It would be interesting to see what the fanbase thinks if they start 6-1 or 7-0 and end up 6-6 or 7-5 with a couple of blowouts in the the 5 game tailspin. Would it be enough of an improvement to keep the positive mood? Especially if there were no coaching changes other than Dewitt for Dawson. A bowl game would certainly be welcomed after 3 years in the wilderness.
  9. Baylor, plus Missouri State and McNeese State. Doesn't Oregon have an OC opening as well? I think Moorhead is interviewing there. I could see that being appealing to Walters too.
  10. I'd rather have Christian McCaffrey. The deserved Heisman winner from 2015
  11. Didn't he list his address as Memorial Stadium which was one of the "stupid things" ? As in falsely reprensenting the views of the University.
  12. Recruiting ties to MS and the Southeast would be nice as well. Ole Miss is facing a rebuild with Kiffin and State will have a new coach with the decline from Mullen to Moorhead in Starkville. When the two big programs in the state are down, there's an opportunity there IMO.
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