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  1. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Morgan Breaks Career Receptions Record

    I hope Stan and his wonderful mother Monique get to celebrate being drafted by the beloved hometown New Orleans Saints. I would be very happy to see it, although I'd say Devine's odds are just as good or slightly better. Hopefully, the Saints don't hold the Stanley Jean-Baptiste pick against NU and both players join Dre Breezy for one final run.
  2. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    OLB Quandarrius Robinson

    I always partly read it as Lincoln is a modern city and the University of Nebraska is a metropolitan campus. The stadium isn't in the middle of a giant corn field as the media promos on national television sometimes like to portray.
  3. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley


    I would think we would see some new Field of 64 projections soon.
  4. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Worst CFB Hires of the Past Decade

    I remember nationally respected college football radio man Bill King said it was the worst hire in the last 10+ years.
  5. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Replacements for Miles

    The whole NBA was changed by Mike D'antoni and his system, especially the 7SOL days in Phoenix. They may make fun of his defense at times but there's no doubt he's been the architect of the new NBA, passing schemes, interchangeable players with no set position, teams valuing the 3 point shot at a much higher clip and lesser emphasis on big man post play. It is funny how he uses more iso these days with a generational talent in James Harden though, adapting to his roster. That Suns team that played at a "lightning quick pace" at that time would be near the bottom these days though which is remarkable, so far removed from the goon ball of the '90s Heat and Knicks that almost became unwatchable basketball.
  6. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    MLB 2019 Season

    I wonder how many Toronto Blue Jays fans there are in the state of Nebraska? I remember being excited as a kid to find a hat (difficult pre-internet) and purchase a Fred "Crime Dog" McGriff Upper Deck figurine.
  7. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach

    Yeah there was a sports pundit that was commenting today about Hoiberg should wait for the Alabama job to come open before accepting the Nebraska one and I just scratched my head. The Alabama job isn't better. Alabama basketball does not matter on the national scene anymore than Nebraska does. Alabama is Antonio McDyess, Roy Rogers, Collin Sexton and no hardware. Nebraska is Ty Lue, Eric Piatkowski, Mikki Moore and no trophies. I understand that Nebraska hasn't won a tourney game and Alabama has but it's barely a blip to me. Nobody talks about Crimson Tide basketball. They live in the shadow of their football program and always will. Sometimes I think it's a gag reflex to elevate an SEC program before even thinking about the logic behind it.
  8. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Replacements for Miles

    Thanks! He's certainly one of the best to ever wear the scarlet & cream.
  9. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Replacements for Miles

    Lots of people have confusion regaring reporting versus public relations on several Nebraska basketball comment boards online. Lars Anderson and others aren't obligated to carry water for the university. Lars is reporting information as should be expected. If you want PR, look to columns from Randy York. Coach Miles also knows what the game and business is, win games and develop student athletes to the best of their ability. When you don't do that at a high level consistently with comparison to peers, scrutiny comes and replacement talks commence. If AD Bill Moos waits and Fred Hoiberg ends up in Westwood or elsewhere, the same people would be criticizing him for not moving fast enough. I'm thankful we have a proactive and not reactive leader at AD, there are enough dime-a-dozen leaders at businesses around the country who don't have the foresight or willingness to spend money to be greater. It's refreshing to see Nebraska, flush with new Big Ten money as a fully vested member, not treat basketball as an afterthough to football. A willingness to pay market value and try to get the program to the best it can be. It hasn't been that way throughout the years. It's exciting times as a #GBR fan.
  10. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    CANCELLED! New Mexico State Game 17-19

    Yep, I probably should have just said #HailState or #Clanga
  11. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    CANCELLED! New Mexico State Game 17-19

    I wonder if they investigated the possibility of playing in Las Cruces? Thankfully they still have a measuring stick in Arizona State left on the sked. Losing MSU and NMSU hurts though.
  12. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Randy Gregory violates terms of reinstatement, suspended indefinitely

    It's not so much the weed, it's the poor decision making with so much at stake. Wouldn't you want to at least fake it for awhile for generational wealth?
  13. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Tony Tuioti Hired as New DL Coach

    I think this is going to be more commonplace as the Pac-12 and Big XII fall further behind the rest. It also remains to be seen whether the ACC network is successful. There could be a G5, a P3, and a Super P2 in the Big Ten and SEC moneywise.
  14. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Tony Tuioti Hired as New DL Coach

    Did anyone tell him about the weather? I hope he signed the contract already.
  15. DrinkinwitTerrellFarley

    Replacements for Miles

    Musselman, Oats, and Majerle If Dan D'antoni was a little bit younger I'd push for him too Slick Rick ending up in Vegas is too good of a story for it not to happen.