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  1. I'm going to stay Louisiana and think about Trevell Dixon.
  2. The Dylan Raiola obsession on social media is not helping things. Listing positive "forecasts" for joining the recruiting class in Lincoln this far in advance is about as valuable as a weather forecast for signing day. It's dumb and lazy media people need to find something else for engagement.
  3. Maybe he fills the Tosh Lupoi role? Playstation Online and XBOX recruiting guru. Nah, I will wait and see how the season goes before too much judgment
  4. Both the AFC South and the NFC South are terrible. The corresponding AFC East and NFC East should probably get their playoff spots.
  5. The longer this takes for WR coach seems like it was Mickey's job until his conduct took him out of the running.
  6. Nah I am not giving up on the game against Colorado. Deion is also a first year coach going from FCS to P5. Rhule at least has some experience at a P5 school. Also Colorado was a bigger trash fire than Nebraska on the field and with so many new players in Boulder it will take time to get it figured out.
  7. I imagine recruiting was difficult at times the first year. I mean convincing the parents of players that the culture had changed after taking out the trash of Ken Starr and Art Briles covering up sexual assaults on campus. That school already the stench of Dave Bliss and murder prior.
  8. Well Coach Freeze's way in Oxford was a lot less expensive but it's kind of frowned upon. *Hugh Freeze searching his own name* "Bless You Brother"
  9. Cale Gundy? Saw a tweet earlier about Tulsa being behind Nebraska in seeking out position coaches for Wilson's staff. I think Gundy should have to meet Ernie Chambers and have a good discussion before approval though.
  10. Now I hope it gets to the point that it is home games of the better seed on campus until the semi-finals. Campus environment is better for the fans.
  11. There were rumblings that Lane was upset with attendance and NIL money in Oxford. The one thing I think why Lincoln would appeal to Lane other than the NIL money and the fan base is the challenge to a high achiever of getting a blue blood back right. He would be immortal if he was able to.
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